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2019年09月23日 18:14:36 | 作者:快乐活动 | 来源:新华社
Here is an excerpt taken from J. Eric Oliver’s Fat Politics: The Real Story Behind America’s Obesity Epidemic.…there is no clear evidence that schools are contributing to the growth in obesity. The obesity-related complaints about school lunches, vending machines, and physical education are based largely on the assumption that these factors are causing our kids to get fat. Yet, I find little evidence to support this claim. For example, in looking at survey data on the health behavior of middle and high school students, the factor I found that best predicted whether or not a kid was obese was tooth brushing . More important than how much junk food they ate, soda they drank, or physical education they received was whether or not they brushed their teeth. Among fourteen- to seventeen-year-olds, only 16 percent of kids who brushed their teeth more than once a day were overweight compared to 24 percent who brushed less than once a day. Of course, other factors were important as well — teenagers who play more computer games, eat more fast-food, and drink less whole milk were also more likely to be obese — but these factors were tiny in comparison with tooth brushing. Meanwhile school policies, such as whether the kid was in physical education or ate school lunches, had no predictive power for whether or not a child was obese.Now obviously the act of brushing one’s teeth plays little direct role in a child’s weight, but it is a good indicator of something else — in what type of household the child lives. Children who brush their teeth more often are more likely to come from homes where health and hygiene are a priority…In other words, outside of genetics, the biggest factor predicting a child’s weight is what type of parenting they receive .I don’t know about you, but I know that after I brush my teeth, I am less likely to put food in my mouth! It’s that fresh, minty taste on my teeth and tongue that makes the thought of adding food not very appealing. What a great way to fight off cravings and if it can help with the child obesity epidemic that we are facing..what a plus!If you are looking for a great NEW toothbrush, Oral-B has just come out with a new toothbrush-the CrossAction Pro-Health. I have recently purchased this toothbrush and really love it! There are two rows of soft gum stimulators, positioned on either side of the brush head that massage the gums. At first it was weird, but after I realized what it was for, I really like how my mouth felt after using it. I also like that it has a built-in tongue cleaner on the reverse side of the brush head–great way to insure you won’t have bad breath! 没有据显示学校是导致肥胖增长的罪魁祸首。我们将大部分导致孩子变胖的假定原因推到学校伙食、自动售货机和体育锻炼上,因而出现了和肥胖有关的诸多抱怨。然而,我觉得这样的说法毫无根据。譬如说,在观察了一份有关中学生和大学生健康行为的调查后,我发现一个孩子是否肥胖的最佳预知方法是看刷牙。比他们吃了多少垃圾食品,喝了多少苏打饮料,进行了多少体育锻炼更为重要的是他们是否刷牙。14到17岁间每天刷牙超过一次的孩子中,仅有16%得了肥胖症,而刷牙次数每天少于一次的孩子,肥胖率为24%。当然,其他因素也很重要——玩电脑次数过多,吃过多的快餐食品,喝牛奶太少的孩子也很可能得肥胖症。但是这些因素和刷牙比起来,微不足道。同时,学校政策,比如孩子是否接受体育锻炼,是否在学校吃午餐不能成为他是否会得肥胖症的预兆。目前明显的是,刷牙行为对于孩子的体重起到的直接作用很小,但是它能很好地揭示些其他东西——孩子生活的家庭是怎样的。更勤于刷牙的孩子更可能来自于将健康和卫生保健放在优先位置的家庭……也就是说,除了遗传的因素外,预示孩子重量的最大因素是他们所接受的家庭教育。我对你没有了解,但至少我知道,我在刷完牙后就不想要再吃东西!牙齿和口腔里清新薄荷的味道让我不会有再吃东西的欲望。这是抵制食欲的好方法,如果它能帮助遏制我们面临的儿童肥胖症的蔓延……那真是锦上添花!如果你在寻找一种新型的牙刷,欧乐B刚推出了一款新牙刷——多动向健康牙刷。我最近刚买了这款牙刷,十分喜欢!它有两排刺激牙床的软刷,在刷头的两旁为你的牙床做。刚开始用,会感觉有点奇怪,但当我明白他们的作用后,我很喜欢用了它之后口腔的感觉。我也很喜欢他刷头反面的内置口腔清洁器——它能很好的保你不会有口气! /200806/42274

Lenovo, the world’s biggest personal computer manufacturer, swung back into the black in the second quarter despite falling revenues.尽管营收下滑,全球最大个人电脑制造商联想(Lenovo)还是在第二季度重返盈利。Net profit improved to 2m for the three months to September 30 from a 7m loss during the same quarter in 2015. This was higher than the .6m profit forecast by analysts, according to Bloomberg. The results were boosted by a 6m gain from selling property and a m addition from the disposal of other assets.在截至9月30日的三个月里,联想的净利润从2015年同期的亏损7.17亿美元升至盈利1.52亿美元。根据彭(Bloomberg)的说法,这一数字超过了8760万美元的分析师预期。这一数字的提升,源自出售物业获得的2.06亿美元,以及处置其他资产所得的1200万美元利润。The improvement in profits came despite an 8 per cent fall in revenues in the quarter, to .2bn. For the first half as a whole, revenues were down 7 per cent versus a year earlier at .3bn.盈利好转之际,该季度营收却下滑8%至112亿美元。对上半财年总体而言,营收同比下滑7%至213亿美元。Revenues at the group’s core PC and smart device business fell 8 per cent in the first half to .8bn, as demand in the global industry was hit by uncertain macroeconomic conditions, while revenues at its mobile business was down 10 per cent year on year to .8bn.由于宏观经济不确定性对全球相关产业需求的打击,该集团上班财年核心的PC业务及智能手机业务营收下滑8%,跌至148亿美元。与此同时,联想移动业务同比下滑10%至38亿美元。Lenovo said it retained it number one market position in PCs and insisted its mobile business is making “good progress”. The group bought Motorola’s failing handset business for bn in 2014 and is aiming to perform the same turnaround with that business as it did with IBM’s PC unit, which it bought a decade ago.联想表示其保住了个人电脑市场第一的位置,并坚称其移动业务已“逐渐呈现势头”。2014年,该集团斥资30亿美元收购了托罗拉(Motorola)不断下滑的手机业务,打算在该部门上演曾在十年前收购的IBM个人电脑部门上演过的扭亏为盈。It said the mobile business has been “stabilising” and grew in the second compared to the previous three months, with profitability driven by new products.该集团表示移动业务已“逐渐稳定”,并在新产品带来的盈利帮助下,在该季度再次出现了环比增长。Lenovo, which also has a data centre business, said it pushed through a number of measures to improve competitiveness and efficiency during the second quarter. It expects to generate savings of around 7m from “headcount and other savings”. It booked 6m of costs in its second quarter in order to achieve those savings.联想表示,曾在第二季度推行一系列举措提高其竞争力和效益,预计通过“员工数目及其他项目”共节省约3.37亿美元。为省下这部分开的相关行动,在第二季度录得1.36亿美元开。The group said:;Despite challenging market conditions, Lenovo is executing strategy for continued profitable growth through new products, fast-growing segments, vertical markets;该集团表示:“尽管市场环境充满挑战,联想正执行战略并通过新产品及快速增长的细分市场和垂直市场以继续盈利增长。” /201611/476250

Onions may be one of the healthiest, most flavorful vegetables on the face of the Earth, but they’re definitely no fun to chop. However, your days of getting teary-eyed in the kitchen may be coming to an end as Japanese company House Foods Group prepares to launch the world’s first tear-free onion to the market.洋葱也许是世界上最健康可口的蔬菜了,但是切洋葱可不是什么好玩的活。然而,切洋葱“催人泪下”的历史终于要结束啦!因为日本House食品集团株式会社即将推出世界上首个“无泪洋葱”。Aptly named “Smile Ball”, because it puts a smile on your face rather than make you cry, this new type of onion is the result of two decades of research. In 2002, House Foods Group scientists published a paper in which they hypothesized that tear-inducing enzymes in onions could be weakened while retaining their full flavor and nutritional value. Their research actually won an Ig Nobel Prize – an award handed out to honor achievements organizers consider unintentionally funny – but last year the company announced that their theory had finally become reality. Although the announcement mentioned that House Foods Group had no intention of producing Smile Ball onions commercially anytime soon, it appears the wonder vegetables will hit Japanese stores this fall.这种名叫“微笑洋葱”的新洋葱可谓名副其实,因为它不会让你流泪,反而能令你微笑。研究者们花了二十多年才使其问世。2002年,House食品集团株式会社的科学家们发表了一篇文章,文章中提出一个假设,洋葱中催泪酶的功效可以被减弱,但其原有的口感和营养价值能被保留。这项研究获得了“搞笑诺贝尔奖”——这个奖是为了选出那些“无意之中达到搞笑效果”的研究。去年该食品集团宣布他们的理论已变成了现实。尽管当时该集团称不会在短期内商业化生产“微笑洋葱”,但是这种奇异洋葱有望在今年秋季进入日本商店。It has long been known that chopping onions induces tears due to a volatile gas released by onion cells when damaged by the knife. Chilling an onion reduces the movement of its atoms, resulting in less syn-propanethial-S-oxide – the tear-inducing lachrymatory agent – being released when cut, but that only reduces the number of tears you shed. Chopping the Smile Ball onion in any conditions is reportedly a tear-free experience.人们很早以前就知道,切洋葱时会熏到眼睛流泪,是因为被刀切到时洋葱细胞会释放出一种易挥发气体。将洋葱冷冻能减少洋葱原子的运动,从而减少顺式-丙硫醛-硫化物的释放,这种气体就是“催泪弹”——洋葱被切时就会释放。但是切冷冻洋葱只能减少流泪,切“微笑洋葱”,不管是冷冻还是常温,都能给你带来“无泪”体验。Last year, when it made its big announcement, House Foods Group revealed that it managed to suppress the production of syn-propanethial-S-oxide by bombarding onion bulbs with irradiating ions, which also made the vegetables less pungent. Full-grown Smile Ball onions release almost no tear-inducing compounds when chopped or eaten raw. Unlike regular onions, they are said to have a sweet taste reminiscent of apples or Asian nashi pears.去年,House食品集团隆重宣布,他们用辐射离子照射洋葱,已经成功抑制了顺式-丙硫醛-硫化物的生成,还能减少洋葱的刺鼻气味。不管是在切洋葱时还是生吃时,成熟的“微笑洋葱”几乎不会产生催泪成分。与普通洋葱不同的是,它们据说还带一点苹果和亚洲沙梨的甜味。About five tons of Smile Ball onions were sold in trial runs at Tokyo department stores and online shops this year, but come fall, they will be available at supermarkets nationwide, at a price of 450 yen (.30) for a pack of two. That’s twice as expensive as regular onions.今年已有约五吨“微笑洋葱”在东京百货商店和网店试销,等到秋季时将会进入日本各地超市,一包两个的售价是450日元(合4.3美元),比普通洋葱贵了一倍的价钱。The rate at which the trial batch of 5-6 tons of Smile Ball onions sold out signals that they will be a huge hit when they hit the market, but skeptics worry that they will have the same fate as apples, which many say have lost most of their original flavor after years of selective breeding.这批五六吨的“微笑洋葱”被抢购一空的速度,预示着它未来在市场的巨大成功,但是有怀疑论者担心新型洋葱会步苹果的后尘——苹果曾经经历了数年的选择性培育,以至于丧失了原有的风味。 /201608/458125

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