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Volkswagen#39;s chief executive, Martin Winterkorn, has gone and shareholders are slightly more optimistic today after a bruising start to the week. fastFT has done a quick round-up of how the German media is assessing the diesel emissions crisis at the world#39;s second biggest carmaker.大众汽车(Volkswagen)首席执行官文德恩(Martin Winterkorn)已经辞职,在经过本周前几天令人伤心的日子后,股东们现在的心情略微好了一些。英国《金融时报》fastFT栏目快速梳理了一下德国媒体对这家全球第二大汽车制造商尾气造假危机的。Die Welt laments that Winterkorn could have been VW#39;s most successful chief executive in the carmaker#39;s history. 《世界报》(Die Welt)哀叹道,文德恩原本可以成为大众历史上最成功的一位首席执行官。The newspaper#39;s business editor, Nikolaus Doll, points out that the President of VW#39;s supervisory board had been searching for a way through the diesel disaster all week and had wanted to know how much Winterkorn knew about the plot to fit some models with devices capable of cheating US emissions tests. 该报商业编辑尼古劳斯·多尔(Nikolaus Doll)指出,大众监事会主席整周都在寻找解决这场“尾气造假”危机的方法,并且希望了解文德恩对在某些车型上安装能骗过美国尾气检测系统的装置一事知道多少。;The answer to that question was no longer important at the end of the day,; he writes (see first picture below). 他写道:“结果,这个问题的已经不再重要了。”Handelsblatt concentrates on the value of Mr Winterkorn#39;s pension, claiming that during his tenure, he built up a pension worth 29m euros (see second picture).德国商报(Handelsblatt)关注的是文德恩退休金的金额。该报声称,文德恩在任内为自己积累了价值2900万欧元的退休金。Die Zeit, whose website is predominantly devoted to Europe#39;s refugee crisis, makes the obvious but valid point that Mr Winterkorn may have gone but the ;problem remains;.《时代周报》(Die Zeit)明确而正确地表示,文德恩或许走了,但“问题还在”。The tabloid newspaper Bild concentrates on the legal assistance VW will need in the US. VW faces billions of dollars in fines and warranty costs and class action lawsuits from drivers in America.德国小报《图片报》(Bild)关注的是大众在美国需要的法律援助。大众将面临数十亿美元罚款以及保修费用,还可能遭遇美国车主发起的集体诉讼。 /201510/403349

A Chinese company has become the biggest wind turbine maker, putting an end to more than a decade of European and US dominance.一家中国公司成为世界最大的风力涡轮机制造商,结束了10多年来欧美公司在该领域的主导地位。Hong Kong-listed Goldwind installed so much turbine capacity in 2015 that it overtook the long-time market leader, Denmark’s Vestas, as well as General Electric , according to FTI Consulting, a business advisory firm.根据商业咨询公司富事高商务咨询(FTI Consulting)的数据,在香港上市的金风科技(Goldwind)2015年风电装机总容量超过了长期以来的市场领导者——丹麦公司维斯塔斯(Vestas)和通用电气(General Electric)。“For the wind industry, 2015 is the year of China,” Feng Zhao, a senior director in FTI’s energy practice, said. “China not only helped make 2015 another record year for the wind industry, it was home to five of the top 10 turbine manufacturers.” The companies have ridden a surge in wind power in China, site of nearly half of turbine capacity installed last year.“对于风力行业而言,2015年是中国年,”富事高能源业务高级总监赵峰表示,“中国不仅让2015年成为了风力行业再创记录的一年,还是十大风机制造商中5家的所在地。”这些企业乘上了中国的风电发展热潮,去年近一半风电装机容量都来自中国。China last year edged past the EU’s much older wind market with a cumulative capacity of 145 gigawatts that the government aims to boost to 200GW by 2020 as it strives to cut the smog choking its biggest cities. The EU had 141.6GW of cumulative capacity at the end of 2015, according to the Global Wind Energy Council.去年,中国以145GW的累积风电装机容量略微超过历史长得多的欧盟(EU)风电市场。努力减轻困扰中国大城市雾霾问题的中国政府设定了目标,到2020年时将这个数字提高到200GW。根据全球风能理事会(Global Wind Energy Council)的数据,欧盟2015年底累积风电装机容量为141.6GW。Goldwind dominates its home market, accounting for more than a quarter of new turbines, according to Bloom-berg New Energy Finance. But the group has set its sights further afield to the US, Chile, Ecuador, Pakistan and Ethiopia.据彭新能源财经(Bloomberg New Energy Finance)的数据,金风科技成为本土市场的龙头,在新增装机中的占比超过四分之一。该集团还将眼光投向海外,包括美国、智利、厄瓜多尔、巴基斯坦和埃塞俄比亚。The growing presence of Chinese turbines is a factor in a round of consolidation in the wind industry.在风电行业的这一轮整合中,一个影响因素是中国造的风力机占据越来越大的市场。The latest move came last month when it emerged that Siemens, ranked the fourth biggest turbine maker by FTI, was in talks to acquire Spain’s Gamesa, a step that could create the biggest wind turbine maker by market share. If sealed, that deal would add pressure on Vestas and GE, ranked numbers two and three, respectively.风电行业的最新整合动作发生在上个月,被富事高列为第四大风机制造商的西门子(Siemens)传出在洽购西班牙Gamesa,此举可能打造出以市场份额计的最大风机制造商。该收购协议一旦达成,将给分列第二、第三大风机制造商的维斯塔斯和通用电气带来更多压力。Wind power accounted for 44 per cent of all new electricity generation added in the EU in 2015, FTI said, more than any other source of energy. It overtook natural gas as the largest power generation source installed in the US last year, according to Bloomberg data.据富事高表示,欧盟2015年新增发电中,风力发电占44%,超过其它所有发电方式。根据彭的数据,去年风电还超过天然气成为美国最大的发电来源。 /201602/428238

KULIM, Malaysia — Tucked away in this former tin-mining town, past the small farms of banana trees and oil palms, is one of the solar industry’s best-kept secrets.马来西亚居林——越过小型香蕉园和油棕园,这座有过锡矿开采历史的城镇,隐藏着太阳能行业被保守得最好的秘密之一。The six factories here with cavernous rooms up to one-third of a mile long constitute the production backbone of First Solar. Working alongside minivan-size robots adapted from car assembly plants and other industries, 3,700 employees produce five-sixths of the American company’s solar panels. Workers in Ohio make the rest.这里的六家工厂构成了第一太阳能公司(First Solar)的生产主力。这些工厂的厂房如洞穴般空旷,长可达三分之一英里(约合540米)。这家美国公司有六分之五的太阳能电池组件,是由这里的3700名员工,连同小货车大小的机器人生产的。这些机器人是参照汽车组装厂和其他一些行业的做法改造而成的。另外六分之一产品,则是由俄亥俄州的工人生产的。The list of manufacturers is long. Panasonic of Japan has a solar panel factory a mile down the road. SunEdison makes wafers 60 miles away in Chemor. Hanwha Q Cells and SunPower have giant factories even farther south, while Solexel, a Silicon Valley start-up, is preparing to build an 0 million solar panel factory in stages.这里还有其他很多制造商。日本松下电器(Panasonic)的一座太阳能组件厂位于这条路上一英里开外的地方,SunEdison的晶片工厂位于60英里(约97公里)外的朱毛,韩华Q Cells和SunPower巨大的工厂位于更南边的地方,而硅谷创业公司Solexel正准备分阶段地修建一座投资8.1亿美元(约合50亿元人民币)的太阳能组件工厂。Malaysia, a Southeast Asian nation with just 30 million people, is the biggest winner in the trade wars that have embroiled the solar sector. As Chinese companies have been hit with American tariffs and European as, Malaysia has increasingly attracted multinationals with its relatively low labor costs, lucrative tax breaks, warm relations with the West and abundance of English-speaking engineering talent.在令太阳能产业陷入混乱的这场贸易战中,仅有3000万人口的东南亚国家马来西亚,成了最大的赢家。随着中国公司遭到美国关税和欧洲配额制的打击,马来西亚凭借其相对低廉的劳动力成本、划算的减税政策、与西方的友好关系,以及大量会说英语的工程人才,吸引了越来越多的跨国公司。Malaysia is now the world’s third-largest producer of solar equipment, trailing China by a wide margin but catching up rapidly with the European Union. And Malaysia’s role in the global solar trade is only likely to increase in the coming months if the American government broadens tariffs on panels made in China next Tuesday as expected.马来西亚现在是世界第三大太阳能设备生产国。虽然与中国的差距还很大,但它正在迅速追赶欧盟。同时,如果美国政府如预料的那样,在下周二针对中国制造的太阳能组件,扩大关税征收范围,马来西亚在全球太阳能贸易中的份额,在未来几个月里肯定会进一步扩大。“We liked Malaysia because it was a cross between just a straight low-cost play and a high-engineering play — it was sort of in the middle, where it was lower-cost but good engineering,” said Tom Werner, the chief executive of the California-based SunPower, which manufactures half its solar panels in Malacca, Malaysia.“我们喜欢马来西亚,因为它在低成本的优势和高工程水平的优势之间,是一个交叉点。它在一定程度上处于中间位置,成本较低,工程水平也不错,”总部位于加利福尼亚州的SunPower公司首席执行官汤姆·维尔纳(Tom Werner)说。该公司一半的太阳能组件是在马来西亚的马六甲制造的。The solar manufacturing boom in Malaysia has been almost invisible, a rarity in an industry known for heavily promoting even the smallest factory opening or new solar panel farm as progress toward cleaner energy.马来西亚太阳能设备制造的繁荣几乎不为人知。这一点颇为罕见,因为在这个惯于大力宣传的行业,即便是开设了一家非常小的工厂,或是新建了一座太阳能电厂,都会被描绘成迈向清洁能源的进步。Manufacturers don’t want to draw attention to moving production offshore. The factories here are almost entirely owned by American, European, South Korean and Japanese companies that much prefer to talk about operations in their home countries.制造企业不希望外界注意到它们把生产转移到了海外。这里的工厂几乎完全由美国、欧洲、韩国和日本的公司所有,但这些企业更喜欢谈论它们在本国的业务。Hanwha Q Cells, for example, produces 1,100 megawatts a year worth of panels in Malaysia and just 200 megawatts in its home market in Germany. But the company highlights that the engineering work is still done at its headquarters in Thalheim, Germany.例如,韩华Q Cells每年在马来西亚生产1100兆瓦的太阳能板,在德国本国的产量仅为200兆瓦。但这家公司强调,工程设计工作仍然由位于德国塔尔海姆的总部来完成。Production in Malaysia “gives us the flexibility to reliably address very different and dynamic international market needs with high-quality products ‘Engineered in Germany,’ ” said Jochen Endle, a company spokesman.在马来西亚的产量“让我们拥有了充分的灵活性,能够以德国设计的高质量产品,可靠地应对非常不同且不断变化的国际市场需求,”该公司发言人约亨·恩德尔(Jochen Endle)说。It is a common theme. The technology comes from overseas, but the employees and most of the materials are Malaysian.这种情况很普遍。技术来自海外,但员工和多数原材料来自马来西亚本土。Except for two expatriates in the finance department, all of First Solar’s 3,700 employees on three shifts are local hires. A few materials are imported from the ed States, like certain electrical cables. But most others are now bought from Malaysian suppliers, like cord plates.除了财务部有两名外国人,第一太阳能的3700名员工都是在马来西亚本地招聘的,他们需要接受三班倒的工作制度。只有少数原材料是从美国进口的,比如某些电缆。多数其他原材料目前是从马来西亚的供应商那里采购,比如线板。“Localization of materials is part of our strategy of continuous cost reduction,” said AR. Jeyaganesh, First Solar’s plant manager, walking across an immaculate floor at one of the 24 production lines here, each an exact replica of the company’s four lines in Perrysburg, Ohio.“原材料的本地化是我们不断削减成本的策略中的一环,”第一太阳能公司的经理AR·杰亚格奈什(AR. Jeyaganesh)一边说着,一边从生产线光洁的地板上走过。这样的生产线在马来西亚有24条,每条都跟公司在俄亥俄州佩里斯堡的四条生产线一模一样。Multinationals are also hustling to introduce their latest inventions just as quickly here as in their home markets, to maintain standardized production techniques and quality. “When the decision is made” to add more robots or make other production changes, Mr. Jeyaganesh said, “it happens almost simultaneously in Perrysburg and here.”跨国公司在这里争相引进他们最新的发明,速度和在本国市场一样快,从而维持标准化的生产工艺和质量。杰亚格奈什说,“当我们做出决定的时候”,比如增加机器人数量,或在生产方面做出改变,“在这里和佩里斯堡几乎是同步进行的。”Malaysia’s surge in the solar industry has irritated some of the original backers of American trade action against China. Critics say the goal was to create jobs in the ed States, not Southeast Asia.马来西亚太阳能行业的增长,激怒了一些原本持美国对中国采取贸易行动的人。批评人士说,这么做的目标是在美国创造就业,不是在东南亚。“In solar, a key technology to achieve our energy efficiency goals, the administration needs to implement a more aggressive and comprehensive trade strategy,” said Michael R. Wessel, a member of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, an advisory group created by Congress. “If not, we’ll simply trade our historical dependence on foreign oil for a dependence on foreign energy technologies and products.”“太阳能是实现节能目标的关键技术,在这个行业,政府需要采取更加积极和全面的贸易政策,”美国国会设立的顾问机构美中经济安全审查委员会(U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission)的成员迈克尔·R·韦赛尔(Michael R. Wessel)说。“否则,我们只是从对外国石油的长期依赖,转变成对外国能源技术和产品的依赖。”Malaysia is a beneficiary of the complex interaction of global trade rules, economic competitiveness and environmental policies in the solar industry. Tariffs have had the most immediate effect.全球贸易规则、经济竞争力和太阳能行业环保政策之间的复杂关系,让马来西亚从中受益。其中关税带来的影响最直接。Solar prices started plummeting during the global financial crisis in 2009, as Chinese factories swiftly increased production, buoyed by large loans from state-owned banks at preferential interest rates, and free or nearly free land from local governments. Chinese manufacturers were also dumping panels, or selling them for less than it cost to make and ship them.中国工厂曾以优惠的利率从国有获得大量贷款,并从当地政府那里免费或者近乎免费地获得土地使用权,它们的产量迅速提高,在2009年全球金融危机期间,太阳能产品价格开始急剧下降。中国制造商也开始倾销电池板,即以低于制造和运输成本的价格出售它们。A flood of cheap Chinese exports caused two dozen solar manufacturers in the ed States and Europe to go bankrupt or close factories. The ed States responded in 2012 by imposing stiff anti-subsidy and anti-dumping duties totaling about 30 percent on panels from China. The European Union set import as and minimum prices for Chinese panels last year.廉价的中国产品像洪水一样涌来,导致美国和欧洲二十几家太阳能制造商破产或停产。美国在2012年做出回应,对中国太阳能电池板征收反补贴和反倾销税,总计约30%。去年,欧盟也针对中国太阳能电池板设定了进口配额和最低价格。On Tuesday, the Commerce Department is widely expected to broaden its steep duties on solar panels from China. Pending litigation would impose duties on panels made partly in China and partly in Taiwan, closing a loophole that allowed some Chinese companies to bypass the original duties.本周二,市场普遍预期美国商务部将进一步提高中国太阳能电池板的关税。未决诉讼将对那些部分在中国,部分在台湾生产的电池板征收关税,从而堵住中国公司绕过原关税的漏洞。The plunge in prices through 2013, which leveled off as Chinese giants like Suntech Power and LDK Solar began going bankrupt from underpricing their panels, put a heavy emphasis on cost competitiveness. China’s rapidly rising wages, together with mounting geopolitical tensions, prompted multinationals to look elsewhere as well.在低价销售电池板的尚德电力和江西赛维等中国太阳能巨头走向破产后,2013年的价格暴跌趋于平稳,它突显了成本竞争的巨大重要性。中国工资水平的迅速上升,再加上日益紧张的地缘政治局势,促使跨国公司把目光投向了别处。That gave an edge to Malaysia, with its fairly low pay for skilled engineers and machinery operators.这给马来西亚带来了机会,在当地,技能熟练的工程师和机械操作工工资相当低。One of Malaysia’s biggest attractions is the 10-year exemption from corporate taxes for large domestic and foreign investors. While some American states offer breaks, comparable holidays from federal taxes are not available.马来西亚最有吸引力的地方是,对国内外大型投资者免征10年企业税。尽管美国一些州提供税收减免措施,但却没有类似的联邦免税政策。The Office of the ed States Trade Representative expressed concern this year about Malaysia’s tax breaks in a review of trade policies. The White House agency has asked Malaysia to provide details of how they work so other countries can assess whether the tax breaks violate a World Trade Organization ban on export subsidies.在今年的一次贸易政策调查中,美国贸易代表对马来西亚的税收减免政策表达了关注。白宫机构已经要求马来西亚提交相关材料,以便其他国家评估这些政策是否违反了世贸组织的出口补贴禁令。Malaysia denies breaking any trade rules. “All of the incentives, all the things that we do, are W.T.O.-compliant,” said Senator Idris Jala, Malaysia’s minister for economic development and efficiency.马来西亚否认自己违反了任何贸易规则。“我们提供的各种激励方式,做的各种事情,全都符合世贸组织标准,”参议员伊特利斯·亚拉(Idris Jala)说,他是马来西亚负责经济发展和效率的部长。The tax break cinched the deal for First Solar to set up most of its production here, said Maja Wessels, an executive vice president at the company.在税收减免政策的激励下,第一太阳能公司决定把大部分生产环节安排在这里,该公司的执行副总裁玛雅·威尔斯(Maja Wessels)表示。“That’s easy, the 10-year tax holiday,” she said. “When you look at solar manufacturing, and our manufacturing in particular, low labor costs contribute, but those taxes are critical.”“这个决定毫不困难,马来西亚有10年的免税期,”她说。“对于太阳能生产,特别是我们公司的生产而言,低廉的劳动力成本很有好处,但至关重要的是税收政策。” /201412/348637

You#39;re watching the latest season of Orange is the New Black on Netflix when, all of a sudden, the jerks to a stop—and the endless buffering begins. It#39;s frustrating when your network slows down, but there are a few tricks you can use boost your Wi-Fi signal.你在看Netflix最新一季的《女子监狱》,突然视频戛然而止,无休无止的缓冲开始了。网络速度变慢着实恼人,但有些小秘笈可以提升Wi-Fi信号。1.DON#39;T HIDE YOUR ROUTER.1.不要把路由器藏起来Most people hide their routers because they#39;re unsightly or in the way, but placing a router in a closet is a one-way ticket to slow Wi-Fi: Walls and doors can degrade and absorb signal strength. Find a central location in your home and put your router on a table or bookshelf. Because some routers are designed to project a Wi-Fi signal slightly downward, keeping it higher off the ground will evenly distribute a Wi-Fi signal throughout your home.多数人会嫌路由器有碍观瞻,或因挡道占地方而把路由器藏起来,但把路由器放橱柜里只会减弱Wi-Fi信号:墙壁和门会吸收信号、降低信号强度。在你家找个中心位置,把路由器放桌上或者放书架上。因为有些路由器的设计是把无线信号稍稍向下发送,把路由器高置可以让信号在你家均匀分布。2.STAY AWAY FROM APPLIANCES AND METAL OBJECTS.2.远离电器和金属物件Microwaves, cordless telephones, flourescent lights, and even other routers may interfere with your Wi-Fi signal.Place your router away from household appliances and set it to a different wireless channel and frequency. You should also avoid placing your router near metal objects, which can absorb signal strength.微波炉、无线电话和日光灯乃至其它路由器都会影响你的无线信号。让路由器远离家用电器,设置不同的无线频道和频率。同样也要避免把路由器放在金属物件周围,因为金属物件会吸收信号强度。3.RESET ON A SCHEDULE3.定期重置路由A majority of tech support problems can be cleared up by simply resetting or rebooting your router or modem on a regular basis. And if you buy an outlet timer, set the timer to reset your router once a day at an off-peak time.多数技术持问题只要定期重置路由器或者重启调制解调器就可以解决。你要是买定时插座,就设置好每天避开高峰时段重置路由器。4.UPDATE YOUR FIRMWARE4.升级固件Running firmware updates is annoying and time consuming. But if you have an older router, those updates ensure your router#39;s software is running at its best and most efficient. It#39;s best to buy a new router every seven or eight years.升级固件糟心且耗时。可要是你的路由器较旧,升级可以确保其软件高效有效地运行。每七八年就买个新路由器最好不过了。5.ADJUST YOUR ROUTER#39;S ANTENNAS.5.调节路由器的天线Most routers have two adjustable antennas on top. If yours are parallel, it#39;s time to switch things up and go perpendicular. Wi-Fi works best when signals are parallel to a device#39;s internal antenna, which are horizontal in laptops and vertical in desktop computers. Internal antennas vary in mobile devices, depending on how you#39;re holding them (in portrait or landscape mode). Keeping a router#39;s antennas perpendicular to each other will ensure a solid connection between your home network and your smartphones and laptops.多数路由器顶上有两根可调节天线。如果你的路由器天线是平行的,就该转动下,让天线相互垂直。无线信号和设备内置天线平行时运行最佳,而手提电脑内置天线呈水平状态,台式电脑是竖直的。手机内置天线方向不一,取决于你怎么拿手机(竖直还是横向)。路由器的两根天线保持垂直可以确保家庭网络和手机、手提都连得上且信号佳。6.USE BEER CANS6.用啤酒罐The aluminum in beer reflects and extend the signal farther than the router itself.比起路由器本身,啤酒的铝罐能把信号反射延伸得更远。Remove the pop top and cut around the bottom of the can to remove it. Repeat the process for the top of the can, just below the mouth, but don#39;t cut all the way around—make sure the mouth of the can is still attached. Then, from the bottom, cut down the middle of the can. Fan out the flaps to create a curve or parabola and turn the can upside down to stand it up. Stick one of the router#39;s antennas through the mouth of the beer can and use a small piece of duct tape or blu-tack to keep it in place, then repeat the process for the other antenna. Although your router might look messy, your signal strength should greatly improve.把拉环去掉,把罐底去掉。易拉罐顶部紧贴罐口的地方同样方式操作,但不要切断,确保罐口还连着。然后,从底部把易拉罐从中间破开,展开铝皮呈一定抛物线弧度,把易拉罐倒置起来。把路由器一根天线从罐口穿出来,再用一小块强力胶布或者蓝丁胶固定住,另一根天线同样方法处理。尽管这样你的路由器看上去乱作一团,但信号强度会大幅提升。7.PASSWORD-PROTECT YOUR NETWORK7.给网络设置密码Because home Wi-Fi speeds are dependent on how many people are using it at one time, a strong password is key: It will ensure that only authorized people are using your network. Select a password that is a hard-to-figure-out combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.因为家用无线网络速度取决于同一时间有多少人在用,强密码是关键:这样可以确保只有得到许可的人在使用你的网络。选难以破解的字母、数字和符号的组合作为密码。8.AND STGER HEAVY BANDWIDTH USEE8.阻止重度使用宽带者If too many people on your home network are using heavy bandwidth at the same time, like playing online games, watching Netflix, and downloading movies and music from iTunes, then your entire network will slow down for everyone.要是同时间有很多人在使用你的家庭网络宽带,如在线打游戏、看Netflix、从iTunes下载电影和音乐,那么你整个网络都会速度减缓。9.BUY A REPEATER9.买台无线中继器Most routers have a range of about 150 feet. The easiest fix to boost the signal in those rooms is to buy a Wi-Fi repeater, which can plug into any wall outlet and will increases a signal#39;s range and strength.多数路由器的射程在150英尺。增加信号强度最简单的方法就是买个无线中继器,可以插入任何一个壁式终端,能扩大信号范围、增加信号强度。 /201510/406836

For most people, gadgets like smart phones and wearables are nothing more than the magical little machines that make it easier to do things like Facebook-stalk an ex in that Monday morning meeting. However, they probably don’t know who invented the first smart watch or the person who paved the way for “smart refrigerators” that can tell you when you’re out of milk。对于大多数人来说,像智能手机和便携式计算机这样的小玩意只是一些神奇的小电器,它们能为人们提供便利,比如让你在周一的会议上用脸书网人肉搜索前任的踪迹。可是,人们大概并不知道是谁发明了第一款电子手表,也不知道谁为能告诉你什么时候没牛奶了的“智能冰箱”发明铺平了路。Many of the world’s biggest inventions that have made life possible and transformed entire industries came from the minds of overlooked and underrated geniuses. Meet the men and women who’ve shaped our reliance on and expectations for technology, but aren’t as widely known as they should be。世界上有许多最伟大的发明,它们为我们实现了新的生活方式,革新了整个工业系统,而它们却都是源于一些被众人忽略,怀才不遇的天才头脑。了解一下这些天才吧,是他们促生了我们对科技的依赖和期望,他们本应名声斐然,却鲜为人知。1.Bertha Benz, Mother of Motoring (1849-1944) 贝尔塔-本茨 汽车之母Bertha Benz was the trailblazing wife of the German engineer, Karl Benz, credited today with inventing the first modern car. Karl was apparently a genius engineer, but he didn’t have the same business acumen or vision as his wife (he didn’t even think to fit the vehicle with a fuel tank)。贝尔塔-本茨是德国机械师卡尔·本茨的妻子,她是名具有开拓精神的女子,她为第一辆现代汽车的发明做了不小的贡献。她的丈夫卡尔确实是个天才的机械师,但他却不如妻子那样具有商业头脑和远见(他甚至没想到在汽车上装上油箱。)2. Florence Parpart, Creator of The Modern Refrigerator (Early 20th Century) 佛罗伦萨-帕帕特,现代冰箱的发明者In 1914, Florence Parpart - a housewife from New Jersey - won a patent for the first modern refrigerator that used electricity, rendering the icebox obsolete. It is believed that she may have used her fiancé’s expertise in electrical circuitry to assist with the first prototype。在1914年,佛罗伦萨-帕帕特——一位来自美国新泽西的家庭妇女——为自己的发明获得了一项专利,她发明了第一台电力驱使的现代冰箱,淘汰了冷藏库。人们相信她在研制第一代冰箱原型的时候一定借助了她的未婚夫在电路上的专业优势。3. Marie Van Brittan Brown, Home Security Siren (1922-1999)玛丽-范-布里坦-布朗,家用安保系统As a nurse who worked odd hours, she was concerned about the recent uptick in crime and wanted to easily identify visitors at the door。作为一名上班时间不固定的护士,玛丽对当时犯罪率的不断上升感到忧虑,她希望能够在家门口就能辨别来访的人是否安全。She and husband Albert Brown, an electronics technician, devised a mechanism featuring four peep holes and a motorized camera, which could slide up and down to look out each one. The surveillance device also gave a homeowner the ability to unlock the door with a remote control, or press a button to alert a nearby neighbor or security firm。她和作为电子机械师的丈夫艾伯特·布朗发明了一种机械,这种机械备有四个监控口,还有一个可活动的摄像头,摄像头可以上下移动,观测四个监控口中的情况。这种监控设备还能让家中主人遥控开门,或者触动按钮向周围邻居或安全公司发出警示。Patented in 1969, the Browns’ invention is now the framework for modern home security, crime prevention, and traffic monitoring。设备在1969年获得了专利,布朗的这项发明成为了现代家庭安保设备,社会预防犯罪设施,交通监控设施得以发展的基本架构。4. Edward Thorp, Father of Wearable Computing 爱德华-索普,可穿戴式电脑之父MIT mathematics professor and hedge fund manager Edward Thorp loved beating the odds so much that in 1961 he invented the world’s first wearable computer to help him win at casinos。麻省理工大学的数学教授和对冲基金经理——爱德华-索普喜欢战胜困难,就此在1961年,他发明了世界上第一台可穿戴式电脑,帮助他在里赢钱。Thorp and his co-conspirator, professor Claude Shannon, who had worked on cryptography and code-breaking during World War II, created what is widely regarded as the first wearable computer。索普和自己的合作者——在二战时期致力于密码编写和破译的相关研究的克劳德-香农共同发明了被公认为世界上第一台的可穿戴式电脑。 /201508/393747

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