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The Three Musketeers《三个火手精对白 --6 :19: 来源: The Three Musketeers《三个火手Athos: All one.Musketeers: And one all.Milady: So, what's next?Athos: Back to Paris, I guess.Milady: And then what?Athos: Wherever they send us, whatever France needs.Aramis: It's who we are. It's what we do.Milady: I too love you.Athos: I know.Milady: Then please try and understand that this isn't personal. It's strictly business. He made me a better offer.Duke of Buckingham: Ah. Athos.Athos: Buckingham.Duke of Buckingham: A toxin. In case you were wondering, it wasn't in your drink, it was on your cup. Inactive until it came into contact with the liquid. Don't worry. It isn't fatal. Although I suspect a part of you wishes it was. You take all the risk and I get the reward. Hardly seems fair. Well, just so you don't leave empty-handed...a word of advice. Trust no one, especially women. You'll live longer. Telling him you loved him right bee you betrayed him. I must say, that was cruel, even by my standards. I only took away his prize. You took a lot more than that. At last, the war machine.****************************D'Artagnan’s father: Look down. It's a trick an old friend taught me. Your adversary will not always be as noble as you. Remember that...and I have nothing left to teach you.D'Artagnan: I doubt that, Father.D'Artagnan’s father: Keep it. It's passed down from generation to generation, from father to son. It's yours now.D'Artagnan: The weapon of a Musketeer.D'Artagnan’s father: The real weapon of a Musketeer... is here. All one.D'Artagnan: And one all.D'Artagnan’s father: You remind me of somebody.D'Artagnan: Let me guess. You.D'Artagnan’s father: No, no. The man I wish I was when I was your age. Well, you should really be on your way. Take this purse. There's crowns in it. It's enough to get you to Paris. And you'll need a mount. Your mother's insisting you take Buttercup. I know it's not much, and....D'Artagnan: It's plenty.D'Artagnan’s mother: Take care of yourself, my son. Try not to get into any fights.D'Artagnan: If I'm to be a musketeer, I think I might have to do a little bit of fighting.D'Artagnan’s mother: Stay at the back if you can.D'Artagnan: Yes, Mother.D'Artagnan’s father: There's one more piece of advice.D'Artagnan: I know. I know. Don't get into any trouble.D'Artagnan’s father: Wrong. Get into trouble. Make mistakes. Fight, love, live. And remember, always, you're a Gascon and our son. Now go. Go.*******************************Captain Rochet: In the name of God, what kind of beast is that? And the beast he's riding doesn't look much either.D'Artagnan: Ostler.Ostler: Sir?D'Artagnan: Please see that my horse is watered and fed.Captain Rochet: Oh, it's a horse, is it? My friends here thought it was a cow.D'Artagnan: Excuse me. See, I know you men are just kidding around. Buttercup...well, she gets a little sensitive. I'm afraid I must ask you to apologize.Captain Rochet: Well, I'm afraid I'm not in the habit of apologizing to Gascon yokels.D'Artagnan: Not to me. To my horse. You've hurt her feelings.Captain Rochet: And if I don't?D'Artagnan: I shall have to kill you. You shot me!Captain Rochet: Most observant of you, young man. But the real question is, why are you not dead? Flesh wound. Sight must be off. Who takes care of my pistols?Man: Captain Rochet, I....Cart driver: Whoa, whoa, steady.Captain Rochet: Wouldn't want to dirty my blade with peasant blood. So, boy...consider this a lesson. Your last.Milady: No. He's too pretty that.Captain Rochet: As you wish, Milady.Milady: Rochet, come. We're expected in Paris.D'Artagnan: Thank you. 《三个火手精对白

周末庆祝国庆游行活动- 18::7 A:There will be a parade to celebrate National Day this weekend.本周末有庆祝国庆游行活动.B:What's the route?路线怎么走?A:From Zhongshan Circus to City Bank.从中山广场到市B:If only I could join it!我要是能参加就好了!

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 Assume tools create connections认为社交工具真的有用Twitter followers, Facebook friends, and Linked inconnections are great—if you do something with those connections. In all likelihood your Twitter followers arent ing your tweets. Your Facebook friends rarely visit your page. Your Linked in connections arent checking your updates.在推特上有粉丝,在脸谱网上有好友,在关系网上有联络,这些挺好—如果你能够很好的利用的话 但是十有八九,你推特上的粉丝不会阅读你的状态,脸谱上的好友也不会来访你的主页,关系网的连接对你的近况也没有兴趣Tools provide a convenient way to establish connections, but to maintain those connections you still have to put in the work. Any tool that is easy or automated wont establish the connections you really need.这些社交工具让社交变得更加方便,但是要维持这些关系需要投入真功夫任何简易或是自动的工具都不能帮你建立起真正需要的人际网络Twitter(中文称:推特)是国外的一个社交网络及微务的网站likelihood 可能的update 更新automate 自动化[本节目属] 5956

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 How are you burdening yourself?自己该如何负担? If you feel like your back is breaking from the weight your mind is carrying, perhaps it time to lighten the load you carry.There are many burdens you can easily let go of if youre willing.如果你觉得后背快持不住自己的大脑了,那是时候减轻一下自己的压力重担了只要你愿意,下面这些是你可以轻易摆脱的负担Start by leaving your worries behind you; worries only fill your mind with negativity. Instead take constructive action – get involved in something worthwhile that takes your mind off of things. Grudges and resentments simply suck energy and time away from you without any positive return. 别再让担忧困扰着你,担心只会让思绪消极下去不妨来点有建设性的行动:做那些真正值得的事情,可以把脑海中的消极情绪赶出去怨恨只会耗费精力时间,不会给你带来任何好处Once youve gotten this far, it time to stop pretending like you know everything. And bee you wrap things up, let go of your impatience. Two of the most vital virtues of your personal growth will be your patience to wait the right moment and your courage to make the best ofit.一旦丢掉了怨恨,接下来就不要再装着自己懂得任何事情啦处理事情之前别不耐烦成长过程中最重要的两大财富,莫过于等到合适时机的耐心以及好好利用时机的勇气As you can see, dropping burdensome negativity from your life is fairly easy once you realize how much of it youre carrying around with you. Do yourself a favor today and lighten your load.看吧,只要你意识到到底负担了些什么,丢到这些生活中消极的包袱是如此简单现在就丢掉这些包袱轻装上路吧[本节目属] 37559

问路的英语对话:你能告诉我在哪儿吗- :1:30 A:Excuse me,Miss,can you tell me where the bank is?打扰一下,,你能告诉我在哪儿吗?B:Yes,the bus doesn’t go there directly.You have to take the No.6 bus five stops and then change to a No. bus and get off at the third stop.When you get off,you can see the bank.可以,但是车不能直接到那儿你得坐5站6路公共汽车,然后换乘路公共汽车,在第三站下车后你就能看到这家了A:How long will it take me to get there?到那儿需要多少时间?B:It’s about an hour.大约一个小时A:I see.Thank you.我知道了,谢谢B:Not at all.不用谢

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