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重庆星宸整形美容医院做祛疤手术好吗重庆星宸整形美容医院治疗痘坑多少钱Business Frankfurt Motor Show Autoficial intelligence商业 法兰克福车展 自动的智慧Where does the car end and the phone begin?哪里是手动的终结,自动的开始?SHARON can park herself.SHARON能自己停车。At a signal from a smartphone, a system of tiny computers activates her engine, gearbox and steering—and she reverses smoothly into a parking space. Sensors stop her from bumping into other cars or people.从智能手机发出信号,一个微型电脑的系统会启动她的引擎,变速器和转向系统——她便能安安稳稳地倒到停车位。Pilotless cars, such as the Volkswagen Sharan (nicknamed Sharon), are no distant dream.传感系统能阻止她撞到别的车或行人。像大众Sharan(绰号Sharon)这类无人驾驶汽车,已经不是遥不可及的梦。Many people at this weeks Frankfurt Motor Show were asking not only how the cars of the future will be powered, but who or what will drive them.在这周的Frankfurt Motor展览会上,许多顾客并不仅仅询问未来汽车的动力如何,也开始关心由什么来操纵它们。;Where does the car end and the phone begin?; asked Chris Anderson, the editor of Wired magazine, at a brain-storming session organised by Audi, a carmaker.在一个由汽车制造商Audi组织的研讨会上,;哪里是人工的终结,智能的开始?;Wired杂志的主编Chris Anderson问道。A future car will be more like a computer on wheels, networked with the surrounding infrastructure and other vehicles.未来的汽车更像是一台带轮子的电脑,与周围的建筑物和车辆联网。Even if it comes with a steering wheel, the ;driver; will have the Knight-Rider-esque option of being piloted while he -conferences, answers e-mails or looks on a screen at an annotated view of the world whizzing by.就算有方向盘,汽车在呼啸而过的同时,;驾驶者;可以启动守护骑士这一选项来导航,从而方便驾驶者视频会议,回复邮件或者以透视的视角来看地图。The threat to the taxi drivers parked outside the show is obvious.但是对停在Frankfurt展览会外面等活的出租车司机们来说,这是不靠谱的。But Frankfurts cabbies are a sceptical bunch.未来汽车对他们的威胁是显而易见的。Driverless taxis? Not in my lifetime, says one.无人驾驶的出租?我这辈子是看不到了,一个司机师傅说到。;Its science fiction,; scoffs another.;科幻小说吧,;另一个讽刺道。In tough times, many carmakers are innovating like fury.在汽车行业不景气的时候,不少汽车制造商都在疯狂地创新。Some are recasting themselves as ;mobility service providers;.一些厂商把自己打造为;移动务供应商;。This means hawking car-related software and other add-ons.这意味着以汽车相关软件和附加装置为卖点。For example, for those who prefer to hire or share cars—as young city-slickers increasingly do—there is software to make them feel at home in any vehicle, by instantly switching the radio and other settings to their tastes.举个例子,随着爱赶时髦的年轻人越来越愿意以租车或者合用方式驾车——因为可以通过迅速地调换电台和其他的设置满足自己的口味,应用软件能让他们在任何车辆里随心所欲。Some carmakers are also tempting buyers with more mundane services, such as priority parking or cheap deals on fuel (whether petrol, hydrogen or electricity).一些汽车制造商也用更多的普通务来吸引买家,比如提供优先停车位和便宜的燃料方案(不管是汽油,氢还是电力)。Or, to help them let off steam, they might offer an annual spin with that gas-guzzling sports-utility vehicle of their dreams.要么,为了给顾客缓解压力,厂商每年举办短途游,车型都是买家梦寐以求的大排量SUV。Even in changing times, there is still plenty of passion for a flash motor.即使在人们观念在发生变化的今天,人们依旧对名车抱有极大热情。Hence the covetous sighs that greeted the new Ferrari 458 Spider (pictured), which was unveiled on September 13th.于是在9月13日,伴随着人们的渴望和欢呼声,人们迎来了新款法拉利458Spider(如图所示)。Alongside it was Ferraris first four-wheel drive four-seater.同时这也是法拉利首款四轮驱动的四座跑车。;Different Ferraris for different Ferraristi!; exclaimed Luca di Montezemolo, Ferraris boss.;与众不同的法拉利给与与众不同的法拉利人;法拉利的总裁Luca di Montezemolo宣称。Even Volkswagens new single-seater electric commuter, with its narrow body and wide wheelbase, looks rather like a 1950s racing-car.就连大众的新款单座通勤概念车,窄窄的车身和宽宽的轴距,怎么看怎么像19世纪50年代的赛车。 /201211/211486重庆激光脱毛哪个医院好 重庆做激光去毛多少钱

重庆星宸整形医院溶脂针Science and Technology Monitor Caught in a BEAR hug科技 观察家 落入BEAR怀抱Robotics: A newly designed robot can recover casualties from battlefields, and might also be able to make itself useful to soldiers in other ways机器人技术:一种新型机器人能够从战场上救回伤员,或许还能以其他方式为士兵务KILLING a soldier removes one enemy from the fray. Wounding him removes three: the victim and the two who have to carry him from the battlefield. T杀一名士兵会使冲突中减少一个敌人,而伤一名士兵却会减少三个敌人:伤兵及运送伤兵撤离战场的两名士兵。hat cynical calculation lies behind the design of many weapons that are intended to incapacitate rather than annihilate.许多武器在设计时就运用了这种乖张的算计思维,它们的目的不是消灭敌人而是使敌人丧失作战能力。But robotics may change the equation.不过,机器人技术或许能改变这种格局。The Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot, or BEAR for short, is, in the words of Gary Gilbert of the ed States Armys Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Centre (TATRC),在美国陆军远程医疗与先进技术研究中心(TATRC)工作的加里?吉尔伯特(Gary Gilbert)说:战场协助撤离机器人(Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot,简称BEAR)是;a highly agile and powerful mobile robot capable of lifting and carrying a combat casualty from a hazardous area across uneven terrain;.;一种极其敏捷且功能强大的移动式机器人,它能够抱起并运送战场上的伤员,穿越崎岖不平的地带将其带离险境。;When it is not saving lives, it can perform difficult and repetitive tasks, such as loading and unloading ammunition.不在战场上拯救生命时,它还可以执行棘手及重复单调的任务,如装缷弹药。The current prototype BEAR is a small, tracked vehicle with two hydraulic arms and a set of cameras that provide a view of its surroundings to its operator via a wireless link.现在这款BEAR的原型是一种小型的履带车,具有两个液压臂和一组摄像机,可以将其周围环境的图像以无线链接方式传送给它的操作者,It has been developed by TATRC in collaboration with Vecna Technologies, a company based in Maryland that invented the robot.它由TATR与Vecna Technologies公司合作开发,该公司位于马里兰州,首款BEAR就是该公司发明的。Daniel Theobald, BEARs inventor and Vecnas boss, says versatility is at the heart of the robots design.BEAR的发明者兼Vecna老板丹尼尔?西奥尔德(Daniel Theobald)说多功能性是该机器人的设计核心。;It would be completely impractical if you had robots with a sole duty to rescue soldiers, because they would spend most of their time unused,; he says.;如果只让机器人执行拯救士兵这一种任务,那太不实用了,因为它们大部分时间都将处于无用状态,;他说,;The whole idea from the start was to design a general-purpose robot.;;从一开始,整个设计理念就是设计出一种多用途机器人。;The BEARs operator can control the robot in two ways.BEAR的操作者可以通过两种方式控制机器人。One, a joystick, can be embedded into the grip of a rifle and manoeuvred by the soldiers fingertip when he is holding his weapon to his shoulder.一种是操纵杆,它可以嵌入步的把中,当士兵将步扛在肩上时,可以用指尖操纵此操纵杆。The advantage of this is that he does not need to put his gun down to rescue his comrades.这样设计的好处是士兵无需丢下就可以救他的战友。The other means of control, a special glove designed by AnthroTronix, another Maryland firm, can sense the wearers hand movements and direct the BEAR accordingly.另一种控制方式是使用马里兰州另外一家公司AnthroTronix设计的专用手套。该手套可以感知佩带者的手部运动,以此指挥BEAR做相应的运动。If, for example, the gloved hand moves to the left, the robot will follow.举例来说,如果戴着手套的手向左移动,机器人也会跟着向左移动。If the hand moves backwards, the robot will slow down or stop.如果戴着手套的手向后移动,机器人就会降低移动速度或者停止移动。If the gloves wearer closes his fist, the robot takes that as an instruction to grip an object with its arms.如果带手套的人握紧拳头,机器人就会认为该指令是让它用手臂抓住某个物体。Over the past year BEAR has been tested at the armys Infantry Centre Manoeuvre Battle Laboratory in Fort Benning, Georgia. It has shown that it can travel at around 12mph (19kph) across a flat surface.过去一年里,BEAR在位于佐治亚州本宁堡的陆军步兵中心机动作战实验室里接受测试,结果显示它能以每小时12英里(即每小时19公里)左右的速度通过平坦路面。It can also move over soil, sand and gravel, through trees and inside buildings, albeit at lower speeds.此外,它还能在泥地、沙地和砾石路面上移动,能穿越树林及建筑物内部,尽管速度要低一些。Several more years of tests are planned (this is the army, after all), but Dr Gilbert is optimistic that BEAR will come through them.按计划,BEAR还要再接受几年的测试(毕竟这是在部队),不过吉尔伯特士非常乐观,他相信BEAR能通过所有测试。If it does, soldiers will be able to get on with their primary job of killing the enemy, without having to worry so much about what the enemy has done to their friends.如果事实果真如此,士兵们就能够专心执行杀敌这个首要任务,而无需太担心敌人对他们的战友下了什么毒手。 /201212/217294四川哪里割双眼皮好 大坪医院割双眼皮手术多少钱

重庆去除胎记要多少钱Whats a Fly Doing in Antarctica?南极有苍蝇?Sometimes the biggest finds are the smallest finds. Researchers examining a segment of siltstone taken from ground along the Beardmore glacier in Antarctica found something unexpected. They found a fly.有时候,重大发现源于很小的发现。研究人员在南极比尔德莫尔冰川采集回来的一块粉砂岩中意外地发现了苍蝇。Well, not exactly a fly. They found a fly fossil–its a segment of the exoskeleton, the protective shell, of a fly larva. While the larvae are still growing, they are protected by a thin shell. And where theres larval shell, there are flies. So what are flies doing in Antarctica? Its much too cold there for flies. And the closest fly-friendly location, South America, is thousands of miles away.准确地说,不是苍蝇,而是苍蝇的化石。一块保护幼虫的外骨骼。在薄壳的保护下,幼虫还在发育。幼虫的蛹壳明了苍蝇的存在。那么,苍蝇怎么会在南极呢?南极冰冷的气候不适宜苍蝇生长啊!反而,最适宜苍蝇生存的地方——南非,却远在几千里之外。Part of the answer is that the fly fossil is ancient–it was found with a number of other fossilized things that have been dated between three million and seventeen million years old. Its possible that the fly lived during a period when sea levels were much lower there than they now are. Lower sea levels means wider continents –think of standing on the edge of a beach and having the water pull back. And wider continents means its more likely that living things might travel across the gap.正解可能是因为这块苍蝇的化石和一起发现的其它化石可以追溯到300万到700万年前了。很可能,苍蝇生长的那个时期,海水没有现在那么高,这意味着陆地面积更大。想象自己站在海边,浪打回来。广阔的陆地面积让生物更有可能跨越于大陆间。Or maybe not. Maybe flies are much older than anyone thought. We know that what we now call Antarctica was once connected to both South America and Australia. But that was around eighty million years ago, and flies arent thought to be that old.另种可能是苍蝇在地球上生存的时间比我们想象的还要久远。要知道,现在的南极曾经和南美大陆及澳大利亚大陆是接壤的。但这也是8000万年前的事了,那时候,苍蝇已经在地球上了?Whatever the answer is, something in our understanding of the continents, the seas, or fly evolution has to be fixed. Thats one of the best things about science–a really big change can come from the discovery of something really small.不管究竟是什么,我们所认识的大陆、海洋、苍蝇进化的常识之一要得以修正。这就是科学的妙处,一个小小的发现或许能推翻重大定论。 /201301/220747 With his miniature model of an adult Trex for reference, along with the growing patterns of close relatives of tyrannosaurs, its possible to work out the likely proportions of the baby. The starting point for the sculpture is a simple illustration.以成年恐龙的微缩模型为例,随着霸王龙的近亲属的类型增多,计算出大致的婴儿比例是有可能的。雕塑的出发点是一个简答的例。So, lets start up. Trex usually an adult, its skull is a great weight to measure because its so big. But in babies, the skulls gonna be thinner. The rule is always that the orbit is gonna be larger. Also when you look at human babies, we notice theyre about three heads tall, whereas in an adult human which is anywhere from seven to nine depending on how tall they are.所以,我们开始吧。头盖骨很重因为它太大了。但是恐龙宝宝,头骨就轻多了。规律是头骨会随着时间长大。至于人类的婴儿,我们能注意到婴儿的身长大约是头部长度的三倍,而成人的身高是头部长度的7倍到9倍不等,这取决于他们有多高。Do you find yourself as youre looking at other peoples reconstructions and thinking, ;oh god, theyve got that wrong?;你会在看到别人的重建作品时,思考:“哦,上帝,他们怎么都错了,不是吗?”Yes. There are a bunch of people who are out there, who were coming from maybe film or special effects or something like that. They are doing this kind of work from a lessonformed background. So Im very privileged to work with a scientist. And thats definitely an asset that I dont dare forget.是的,那里有很多这样的人,他们来自电影或者特效之类的。他们学过一些和恐龙有关的课程。所以我很荣幸能和科学家一起工作。这肯定算是我财富了,我不敢忘记。He is looking nice, this little Trex.他看上去不错,这个宝贝龙。But with limited fossil remains, the reconstruction has room for creative license.但是有限的化石使得创造在重建工作中发挥作用。Can you draw me another baby Trex based on the same evidence but taking it off from a bit of a different direction?你能依据相同的据,从一个不同的方向画出另一个宝贝龙吗?Sure. Lets do the same thing. We have a head. Theres a lot of evidence that some of them might have feathers, and that maybe some of them, when they were young, would have had some sort of downy covering that would have left in adulthood so that it would have been shed before they were fully grown.当然,我们来做同样的事情。有很多据表明,它们中的一些可能有羽毛,可能还有一些,在它们年轻的时候,身上有层柔软的绒毛,在成年的时候就会脱落,在完全长大之前没有了羽毛。This little baby is looking extraordinarily birdlike. It has really long legs. Is this a reasonable interpretation?这个宝贝龙看上去非常像鸟。它有很长的腿。这算是一个合理的解释吗?There is nothing that says that it cant be this way.没有人说不可能是这样的。Right. They are fantastic. The same creature but they are very different. Even without the feathers here, the length of the legs is quite extraordinary in this one. And I love the feathers. I mean that just immediately makes it look like a completely different creature. It shows you that theres quite a bit of room for artistic maneuver, I think, in these reconstructions.没错,它们都很棒。同样的生物却大不相同。即使宝贝龙没有羽毛,但是腿的长度却是非常特别的。我爱羽毛。我是说有了羽毛宝贝龙就变成一个完全不同的生物。我认为,这些重建为你提供了相当大的艺术机动空间。Yes. Definitely. Definitely.是的。就是这样的。201301/220132重庆星宸胎记多少钱重庆激光点痣多少钱



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