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Curse Words in ShakespeareThe works of William Shakespeare are often held up as the epitome of good English. However what most people aren't aware of is that they are full of sexual innuendo and that they even contain the odd curse word. In fact there are even references to the C-word, with it being alluded to three times in Shakespeare's plays. Once in Hamlet, once in Henry V and most blatantly of all in Twelfth Night, where the character Malvolio actually spells the word out.CIA/MI6 Overthrowing Democratic GovernmentsIn the west we're taught at school that we are the good guys and that the rest of the world are the bad guys, and that it's our job to sp our “democratic values” around the globe. However what we're not taught is that our governments (namely the British and American) have actually at times masterminded the overthrow of democratic governments in order to pursue their own nefarious ambitions. There are numerous examples of this, particularly in South America and the Middle East, one of the most notable being the ousting of Iran's democratically elected government in the early 1950's.College Drop OutsAnother thing not often spoken about at school is that many of the worlds most successful and intelligent people didn't actually like education and in some cases left it altogether. In fact, Albert Einstein, the very poster boy of intellectualism, intensely disliked school. He compared being at school to like being in the army and resented the way it tried to put boundaries and constraints on people. Other famous people who were critical of organised education include Victor Hugo, Leonardo da Vinci and the writer Alexandre Dumas.Historic PornographyIn history class, when we learnt about ancient Greece and Rome, we were taught about the wars, literature, art and invention of those classical civilisations. However what was never mentioned was the obsession the ancient world had with sex. It permeated almost every aspect of society and was graphically represented in much of their artwork. In fact when places such as Pompeii and Herculaneum were excavated they were found to be covered in erotic frescoes and sexual inscriptions. So much so that the discoveries were kept from public view and sometimes even vandalised so as to obscure their explicit nature.Fascist Coup Planned for AmericaAnother piece of history that you probably weren't taught about at school concerns a little known plot to implement a fascist takeover in the ed States. The plot, recently investigated by B Radio 4, was led by wealthy industrialists and bankers, including Prescott Bush (grandfather of George W. Bush), who were displeased with Franklin D. Roosevelt's progressive political policies in the early 1930's. The plan may have succeeded were it not for a Marine Corps Major General named Smedley Butler, who blew the whistle on the plot after being approached by the influential power brokers who wanted him to lead the uprising.Columbus Didn't Discover AmericaThe truth is that Columbus wasn't even close to being the first to discover the New World. The Vikings visited the Americas some 500 years before Columbus did and there are also people who believe that the Chinese beat him to it as well. On top of this there is the simple fact that there were people in the Americas before Columbus arrived. It's only a vestige of Eurocentric imperialism that leads us to think of America as having been “discovered” in the traditional sense and it's left many people who are native to the continent with the feeling that their pre-Columbus history has been ignored and devalued.Playing Video Games is Good For YouChildren are often chastised for wasting their time playing computer games. However research shows that games can help improve reflexes, eyesight and intelligence. Shoot-em-up games in particular were shown to aid visual skills. There is even a doctor from New York's Beth Israel Medical Center, named James C. Rosser, who co-authored a study suggesting that surgeons that played games were faster and less prone to making mistakes than their non-game playing counterparts.TV is EducationalTV, like games, is another thing that is often seen as being a bad influence on people. The criticism it gets however couldn't be more misguided, as television is in fact one of the most educational things ever invented. It allows people to learn about the entire world from the comfort of their own living room and has been responsible for the collective education of a large chunk of humanity for the last fifty years. The fall of the Berlin Wall, the Moon Landings, the plight of Africa and global warming are just a few of the things we've been informed and updated about by television. May it continue to entertain and illuminate us long into the future.Fractional Reserve BankingFractional Reserve Banking is a system of banking that essentially allows banks to lend out money that they don't actually possess. It's legal and operates to varying degrees across the planet. It's the root cause of inflation and is something that few people know about and even fewer people understand. If people were educated about it, they wouldn't allow it to continue. However as our education systems are more concerned with the superficial than the essential, we'll probably all continue in ignorance of it until the world economy collapses under the weight of our collective debt.The Drug Use of Poets and WritersOne of the greatest ironies of education is the way children are constantly told of the dangers of drugs and alcohol while at the same time being encouraged, and sometimes forced, to learn about poets and writers, most of which were notorious drug users, alcoholics and womanisers. Famous figures in literature who are associated with drugs include Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Thomas de Quincey and Jack Kerouac. One popular drug of choice amongst writers was laudanum, a solution of opium in alcohol, and was commonly used for both medicinal and recreational purposes, particularly during the Romantic period. Author Aldous Huxley was also open about his drug use, writing about his experiences with LSD. In fact I'm sure that in a hundred years time teachers will be forcing children to learn about Marilyn Manson and Pete Doherty in much the same way that they try to teach them about writers of poetry and fiction today. /200804/359245.Why Do Birds Migrate?5.为何鸟儿会迁徙?We know that birds migrate over really long distances every year to lay eggs or to escape harsh winters. What we don#39;t know is how they do it at all. The migration of birds remains one of the most mysterious animal behaviors known to science, and even though they#39;ve been trying hard to solve it for a long time, answers haven#39;t been easy to come by.鸟儿每年都会迁徙至很远的城市繁殖、过冬,没有人可以解释它们这样做的原因。鸟儿的迁徙至今仍为科学界未解之谜,即便多年来人们想尽办法去研究这个问题,仍未揭晓。Consider this: Cuckoos migrate and lay their eggs in other birds#39; nests, then just fly away to their own business. When the young ones grow up, they make their way to their ancestral lands without any help whatsoever. Scientists do believe that they are able to use a variety of compasses based on the stars and the Earth#39;s magnetic field, but a compass can only guide you—it can#39;t tell you the coordinates of a location you should have no idea about. Clearly, cuckoos are one species you don#39;t want to mess with.试想一下,布谷鸟迁徙,将蛋产于别种鸟的巢中,便过着自由自在的日子。而布谷鸟的幼子长大后,却可以在没有父母的指引下,飞回它们祖先栖息的土地。科学家相信布谷鸟可以借助星星的位置或者地球磁场来辨别南北方向,但指南针只可以引导方向而不能带领你去一个你根本不知道的地方。显然,布谷鸟会是一个你并不想惹的物种。4.What Causes Gravity?4.引力是如何产生的?Newton pioneered the study of gravity over 350 years ago, and you#39;d think that we#39;d have it all figured out by now. But the more we#39;ve progressed in our knowledge of the world, the more baffling gravity has become for researchers. For starters, we know the causing particle for each of the four fundamental forces of the universe—except gravity. A graviton is believed to be that particle, but we#39;re pretty far from actually finding it.牛顿在350年前开创了力学研究,你可能会认为人类已研究清楚所有关于力学的问题。但当人类对世界了解得更多,令人疑惑的力学问题也随之增多。一开始,人类甚至不知道四大基本力(万有引力,电磁相互作用力,弱相互作用力,强相互作用力)中的万有引力。很多人认为万有引力是微粒,但人类所掌握的知识远远未能明此设想。Another thing about gravity is that it is the weakest of all the other fundamental forces, yet if we look around the world, that doesn#39;t seem to be the case at all. Gravity keeps galaxies together, and it is about 1040 times weaker than the electromagnetic force. The fact that it#39;s so weak makes it all the more difficult to study it in the lab.另一个有关引力的说法是:引力在四大基本力中最弱。当我们仔细观察这个世界时,这一说法似乎不可信。引力使星系聚集,但引力却比电磁相互作用力弱1040倍,亦因为引力微弱,在实验室难以研究。3.How Do We Store And Retrieve Memories?3.人类如何储存与检索大脑中的信息?Science has come a long way toward understanding how our bodies work, but memories are still one of the most perplexing problems of the human anatomy. We just have no idea exactly what parts of the brain are involved in the storage of our memories, though we do know that a lot of areas of the brain are involved in the process. Even more confusing than memory storage is memory retrieval. Scientists have been looking into how our brains trace a particular memory from our memory bank since at least the #39;20s, but it#39;s still not clear how we do it.科学研究人类身体机能运作已取得很大进展,但大脑记忆仍是人体解剖学中最复杂的问题。即便我们已经知道大脑很多区域都参与记忆,大脑哪一部位与记忆有直接关系则仍未知晓。相比之下,记忆检索比记忆储存更令人费解。科学家在20世纪前已开始研究脑部如何检索特定记忆,至今仍无结论。What we do know for sure is that it has something to do with neurons and the connections between them. When we see something that triggers a memory to be traced, many parts of the brain interact with each other simultaneously to make us remember it. Beyond that, though, the whole thing is a mystery.可以确定的是,记忆检索与神经元和两者之间的联系有关。当我们看见触发记忆的事物,在大脑各领域的相互作用下,大脑做出记忆。除此之外,一切都只是一个谜。2.Why Do Women Go Through Menopause?2.为何女性有更年期?Menopause defies all the rules of evolution. The ability to reproduce in the animal kingdom ensures that the species are able to pass on their superior genes, but in humans, something weird happens. Women decisively lose their ability to pass on their lineage at the age of about 45–50, and science just doesn#39;t have any idea why. From an evolutionary perspective, it is always harmful for a species to completely give up their ability to reproduce, as survival by natural selection ceases to take place once that happens.更年期不符合演变规律。在动物王国中,再生功能使物种传递优异基因。但奇怪的事情发生了,人类女性在45~50岁时失去了传递基因的能力。从进化论的观点来看,放弃生育能力对于任何一个物种来说都是有害的。一旦这种情况发生,自然选择不再有效。One explanation is the grandmother hypothesis, which says that after a point, women should spend more time caring for their grandchildren than their children, but the benefits of that are far inferior to the benefits of giving birth to your own children. It#39;s also not abundantly found in the animal kingdom. Apart from humans, only two species of whale completely stop breeding at a certain age and go on to live for a significant amount of time. Other animals that experience deteriorating sexual abilities, however, often die out soon after.一种解释是祖母假说:当女性到了一定年龄时,应花费更多的时间去照顾孙辈而不是儿女,但这样做并没有比生育自己的孩子得到更多的好处。“祖母假说”也很少出现在动物世界当中。除了人类,只有两类鲸会在在特定年龄完全失去生育能力,并能生存很长一段时间,而其他动物性功能衰退后很快就会死去。1.What Are Dreams?1.梦是什么?Dreaming is one thing that#39;s common to us all. It might differ in the way it happens for some of us, but it#39;s definitely a resident feature of all of our brains. You#39;d think that science would be able to figure out why our brains decide to go in LSD mode every night, but sadly, there are no definite answers as to what exactly dreams are. Some people believe that they#39;re just random images which serve no purpose, while others believe that they carry a deeper meaning, though we#39;re all pretty much guessing here.梦对于所有人来说都不陌生。对于我们的大脑来说,梦是一个固有特征,不同的只是梦的内容。也许你认为科学可以解释大脑为何每晚都大屏幕播放图像,不幸的是,科学也无法给出梦的定义。一些人相信,梦只是一些没有意义的随机影像,而有人则认为梦有更深的含义,但大家的猜想并无根据。Some theories suggest that dreams are a manifestation of things we#39;d rather not think about during the day, like sexual fantasies, though many modern scientists don#39;t agree with that. What they do agree with, however, is that dreams are most likely symbolic of something deep in our psyche, though no one can decisively say what. The jury is divided on whether they serve any purpose at all, and it looks like it#39;s going to take a long time for us to come to a universally accepted answer.有理论提出梦展现了我们在白天不会想的事情,例如性幻想。但许多近代科学家并不认同此理论。大部分人则认为梦是人类灵魂深处的象征,但没有人可以准确说出是什么。人们对梦是否有意义的看法仍有分歧,普遍接受的理论出现还需要一段时间。翻译:陈夏瑾 来源:前十网 /201508/395775

Apple Inc announced an update to its music-making app GarageBand.苹果公司近日宣布更新其音乐制作应用GarageBand。Users of the GarageBand can now create their own customized sounds on newly-added Chinese instruments, including pipa, erhu and Chinese percussions.GarageBand的用户现在可以使用新增的中式乐器来创作自己的个性化音乐,如琵琶、二胡和中式打击乐器等。The update has also added more than 300 Apple-created music loops built with a variety of Chinese instruments, such as guzheng, yangqin and flute, to the library of Chinese music content in the app.此次更新还在中式音乐资源库中增加了由苹果公司用古筝、扬琴和笛子等各种中式乐器制作的300多个音乐循环乐段。Besides, users also get two new Chinese templates for Live Loops, as well as new sharing options to popular Chinese social networking platforms.除此之外,用户还可获得两个全新的中式实时循环乐段的模板和新添的共享选项,可分享至中国热门社交网络平台。Apple CEO, Tim Cook, posted a on his Twitter account showing him playing the updated GarageBand with Singaporean singer JJ Lin in Beijing.苹果公司CEO蒂姆·库克在他的推特账户上上传了一段视频,该视频显示的是他在北京和新加披歌手林俊杰一起使用更新的GarageBand。;Here#39;s the incredibly talented @JJ_Lin on the erhu as we jam with the new GarageBand, out today,; he twitted.他在推文中写道:“GarageBand加入全新元素,来看看才华横溢的林俊杰如何用二胡即兴演绎吧。”The update is seen as the latest move by the California-based tech giant to woo users in China, where the company has seen a sales decline of 26 percent over the latest quarter.此次更新被视为这家位于加利福尼亚的科技巨头吸引中国用户的最新举措。在中国市场,该公司在最近一个季度的销售额下降了26%。The company has also recently invested 1 billion U.S. dollars in Didi Chuxing, a Chinese taxi-hailing and ride-sharing company.此外,苹果公司最近还向中国打车、拼车公司滴滴出行投资了10亿美元。 /201606/447359

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