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四川去额头上的皱纹价格四川省治黄褐斑多少钱Did you know? There are a hundred million single Americans, but meeting the right one can seem impossible. So ladies, if you've ever needed advice on how to get the guy, then you'll wanna check this out. It's a new reality show on A that follows four young women looking for love in San Francisco.Helping them out in their manhunts are the show's two love coaches, if you will, Teresa Strasser and JD Robredo, (Hey) good morning to you both.Thanks for having us.Good morning,AliceYou've got the love coaches you?We are.All right Jeddy, this is,er, we are saying it's a reality show, but no one's getting voted off, no one's getting booted or anything like that.Totally.Talk about the women that are on the show.In this, it's very much the entire reality show, because our goal on this is really to document the dating lives of four single women in San Francisco, how long the way for Teresa and I to coach them along, give them some advice on meeting the right guy and it's not(hmm) it's not about how to get a guy, it's how to get the guy, (the guy)how to get the be-right guy for you. And another thing that makes our show different, a lot of these reality shows-- the girls are like 21, (yeah) it's a dinner list from Bakers' field, (ouch) our girls, they are not~our girls are women, they are in their 30s, they are professionals, and you know, when my mom got married at 24, she was about 5 minutes away from being an old maid, but you had to get married.Crack/Quite about the time, right.Gen(yeah)..generationally, that's really changed, now being single in your 30s and being a career person is totally normal, so dating in your 30s as a single women is really general, this is the first generation that you really face that.Yeah, it's...a sea change.Well, let me, let me put all...see what you bring to the table, (OK) with you guys er, you know, the love coaches,(yeah) I love that title. Er,Carrie Bradshaw, (Yeah,Yeah)Will you consider like Carrie Bradshaw, of course, from the Sex and the City.Why?That's right. Well, I'm about twice her size with half her shoes, but I am a single's columnist, I write about my own experiences. Every dating mistake he could make I've made it, written about it, processed it, and hopefully the girls can benefit from many of my dating tragedies. Ok, Jeddy, you got the guy's prospect, but you're happily married. I do. Well, You know I'm the married version of the single guys that these girls are dating, so I'm the only one that can really tell them what's going on in the mind of the guy across the table and how do you get the guy from single dater to happily married which is where I fortunately got to. What a new little baby boy! Yes, I do, the little baby boy. (Yes)A great and credible edition of my life, one of the things in my wife when I talk about a lot is that having our son, the most important thing we can offer him is our marriage, is our relationship, so it's even more important than ever(have a nice solid) that we have a great relationship because that's we have to offer him.Well, let's see you two love coaches in action how to get the guy, here it is.You could fill every seat in this stadium with an available guy, twice.* with all those guys how do you find the guy.Exactly.It's a number's game, you are gonna go in more dates and you could possibly imagine. You are cute teams and that's gonna be worn out.So consider yourselves off the bench and officially in the game.Off the bench, in the game, Get in the game.Let's get some tips now ,Teresa, ok, what's the~the single best piece of advice you can give woman when it comes to dating.Ok, I would say if you have a check list and every women I know has had one, I've had one, and it's six pages long, and it's every qualification a guy's gotta be a left-handed, kayaking, red hair, lawyer, over six feet, you know what I mean, chuck that, pick a few things that are, you know, non-negotiables, and open your mind because the universe could bring you something way better than what you could have planned for yourself.You never know what love is gonna look like, so assuming (what) you do is the first mistake.And it's a number's game, I heard you say.Oh, absolutely, volume dating is something we recommend, I mean you wouldn't apply for one job, not get in and then decide I'm unemployable, I'm gonna stay home.Yeah,ok, Jeddy,for the......from the guy's point of view(yeah),er,what do you bring to the table where,where this is concerned, to keep the light?Well, you know what, on a, on a first date especially don't bring a lot of baggage with you, it's one of the tough things about being a single woman in your 30s is that you have a lot of dating experience. On the first date, I don't particularly wanna hear about your ex-boyfriends,(very good) I don't wanna hear about the fact that cheese cake makes you gassy, (leave out all these disorders.Yeah!we know,what the~),you would be amazed when people talk about in their first dates, as a guy keep it light, have a good time, if you start talking about your dating history, I'm probably never gonna call.And chivalry is not dead, right?Chivalry is not dead, it's very tough for a guy, most of the time a guy wants to buy a date on the first meal, on the first dinner, but I don't know if that's ok with you, if I buy you a dinner, is that gonna make you feel like I think you can buy your own dinner, let me buy a dinner, guys pick up the check, women let us pick up the check, we want to.Add a compliment. You gotta, gotta get the guys feel~Yes I learn this from Jeddy, (I didn't know that). Yes, I know. He taught me this and I use it all the time on my boyfriend and it never fails.You know If you~you spend so much time as a woman getting y for a date, wanna look good, so do we, and we are incredibly insecure about how we dress, how we look, (oh, please) we are, we wanna look good, pay us a complimentAll right. 200809/49929四川腿部脱毛价格 A missile strike against a suspected militant hideout in a Pakistan tribal region bordering Afghanistan on Sunday is said to have killed at least 18 people.  在巴基斯坦接近阿富汗的边境地区,星期天早上对一个部落地区内的疑似激进分子藏身地进行的导弹袭击,据信打死了至少16人。The attack took place in Wana, the administrative center of the South Waziristan tribal region. Residents say the missile strike destroyed the house of a suspected militant tribal leader identified as Noorullah, and most of the deaths occurred immediately.  袭击发生在瓦纳,这是南瓦济里斯坦部落地区的行政中心。居民们说,导弹袭击摧毁了一个据怀疑是一名部落的激进派领导人的房屋,这名领导人叫努鲁拉,多数被导弹打死的人都是在攻击当时死亡的。Local media reports there were foreign nationals, including some Arabs present in the compound when the attack took place.  当地媒体报导说,袭击发生时当地有外国人在场,其中包括一些阿拉伯人。It is not clear who fired the missiles, but U.S-led coalition forces based in Afghanistan have in the past carried out attacks inside the Pakistani border region, a known safe haven for al-Qaida and Taliban militants.  目前还不清楚是谁发射的导弹,但是美国领导的驻阿富汗联军过去曾经对巴基斯坦边境地区进行过袭击,那里被外界称作是基地组织和塔利班激进分子的藏身地。Officials of the coalition forces across the Afghan border have not commented on the incident.  在边界对面的联军官员还没有就这次事件发表。Speaking to VOA, army spokesman Major-General Athar Abbas distanced the Pakistani military from the incident.  巴基斯坦陆军发言人阿塔尔.阿巴斯对美国之音表示,巴基斯坦军队和这次袭击无关。"About five to six explosions were heard from this area of Wana," Abbas said. "And exactly what is the nature of the explosion, and whether there are casualties or not I have not got any confirmed information."  他说:“瓦纳地区传出了大约五至六次爆炸的声音,但是到底是什么爆炸,有没有人伤亡等等,我还没有得到任何经过实的消息。”General Abbas says a military team has been sent to the scene to investigate the blast. 阿巴斯将军说,军方小组已经被派往事发地点对爆炸进行调查。A suspected U.S missile strike in January in the adjoining North Waziristan region killed a senior al-Qaida leader, Abu Laith al-Libi. The details of his death are still uncertain, but media reports at that time ed un-named American officials as saying an un-manned CIA drone carried out the missile attack.  一次被怀疑是美国的导弹袭击在今年1月发生在与北瓦济里斯坦相连的地带,打死了一名基地组织高级领导人利比,他的死亡细节仍不能肯定。但是当时媒体的报导引述不愿透露姓名的美国官员的话说,一架无人驾驶的美国中央情报局的飞机执行了那次导弹袭击任务。Pakistani authorities described that incident as an accidental explosion in a militant hideout and did not confirm the killing of al-Libi.  巴基斯坦当局称那次袭击是在激进分子藏身地的意外爆炸,没有实利比被炸死。Analysts say both Pakistan and the ed States fear that any official confirmation of such missile strikes inside the Pakistani border may fuel anti-American sentiment.  分析人士说,巴基斯坦和美国都害怕实这种在巴基斯坦边界境内的袭击,担心会引发民众的反美情绪。200803/30923Script:Fear once again took hold, starting in Asia, following on into Europe. Even after Tuesday's strong showing, Europe opened sharply lower, when the credit crunch sp beyond a few US specialty mortgage funds. With an Australian Bank warning some of its investors might lose money, people seem no longer willing to risk the gains they made earlier in the year.I think at the moment, we are trading on fear. We are looking into the abyss, and you know, the worst fear is that this sps, and instead of being a US housing market problem, it becomes a credit cycle problem and the trigger for a weaker global growth.The panic began in the US mortgage markets last month, when complex trades in mortgages tied to people with poor credits started to falter. This has caused the collapse of some hedge funds. The bottom line is if this leads to the cost of credit or loans going up for companies, firms have to pay more to do business, especially in the mergers and acquisition field. And Mamp;A has been driving much of the recent froth and the long bull markets.That the US stock market in particular has been going up for more than four and a half years now, in Europe we've been rising slightly less than four and a half years, but it gained fairly steady gains. As we know, no market, um, goes up forever.Wednesday's early falls in Europe came on the first day of the trading month, a month that is usually the quietest of the year. But thin volumes can exaggerate big swings in the market, so it may be a few holidays are cancelled or curtailed this August.I think it's hard to say the blackberry of the bear minimum is going to be in much use around the holiday resorts of Europe and ed States. August could set the tone for the rest of the year, and it started out on shaky ground.European markets did begin to pare their losses around lunchtime. But in these days of sharp swings, heavy volumes, and uncertainty of whether this is just a blip or the beginning of a bear market. Volatility is expected to continue throughout August. Jim Boulden , CNN, London. Notes:Mamp;A: Merger and Aquisition Hedge fund: A hedge fund is a private investment fund charging a performance fee and typically open to only a limited number of investors200807/44308重庆星宸整形美容医院切眼袋多少钱

重庆西南医院去痣多少钱四川省双眼皮多少钱 Well, hearing that Odyssey had found subsurface water on Mars was enormously exciting for somebody who is involved in planning to send humans to Mars. Water has a number of important uses for us. At the most basic, it provides drinking water once it's been purified, and it provides water for hygiene purposes as well. More important than that, we can electrolyze it, we can actually split it into hydrogen and oxygen, oxygen obviously we can use for breathing and we can also use it as a fuel stock with the hydrogen for our vehicle to come back home. And we can also use the hydrogen itself in fuel cells to power our rover vehicles. So the ability to use water that exists on Mars is tremendously important to human missions on Mars. But any colonizing of Mars would require extreme action. Some believe it would need what scientists call'terraforming', transforming the entire planet into an artificial Earth. This involves growing plants to create more oxygen, and an atmosphere.It requires raising the temperature of the planet, raising the atmospheric density through melting the icecaps and freeing up the carbon dioxide. But the key thing about the water ice on Mars is once we've done that, then we can let that water exist free form on surface of the planet, it again will create rivers, lakes, oceans which we can use and the plants can use to survive. But plants grown on Mars may be very different from those on Earth. The lower gravity on Mars, one third of that on Earth means that both plants and animals might grow taller and thinner. I think we're all familiar with seeing the giant redwood trees of California. They are somewhat unusual here on Earth. They only occur in a few localized places. On Mars, it would be the norm. You would see these tremendously tall, slim trees, possibly with very high canopies on them as well. Animal life could be affected the same way as well. We could see new breeds of animal that we haven't seen before, very tall, thin sheep living on Mars. But again early days, very much speculative.This lower gravity would also have implications for any people born there.If humans live on Mars for many generations, they might develop into different forms than humans on Earth. They might be taller, they might be thinner, they might have weaker muscles and weaker bones. It might even be possible that they would not be able to function very effectively on the gravity of Earth. In that case, Mars' society and Earth's society might split and become effectively two different species.subsurface water(also underground water): water that is found in cavities beneath the surface of the landelectrolyze(also electrolyse): separate a substance using electric currents, chemically separate a substanceterraforming: is the theoretical process of modifying a planet, moon, or other body to a more habitable atmosphere, temperature, or ecology. It is a type of planetary engineering. The term is sometimes used broadly as a synonym for planetary engineering in general. The concepts of terraforming are rooted both in science fiction and actual sciencelocalized(also localised): confined to a particular place; concentrated in particular locationcanopy: The uppermost layer in a forest, formed by the crowns of the trees. Also called crown canopy200809/48975重庆星宸整形医院电波拉皮好不好

大坪医院韩式三点双眼皮多少钱 British children are among the highest users of tobacco, alcohol and drugs in Europe, but the current approach to teaching them about the dangers is not working. That's the view of the government's own advisors, who now say drugs and alcohol education has little if any impact on children's future behaviour. The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs believes a better approach will be to ban alcohol advertising on television, raise the smoking age to 18 and lower the drink-drive limit. Our social affairs correspondent Victoria Macdonald reports.Dirty Pretty Things, that's the name of the band signing the autographs at Carling Lager (a beer's brand), sponsors of the Reading and Leeds music festivals, but in today's report by the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, those cans of Lager would disappear as would all alcohol industry sponsorship for venues and events attracting young people. That's one of the proposals aimed at dealing with what the authors portray as a nation of binge drinking, cigarette puffing, drug taking, hedonistic youth.If you sum up the damages to their health and to, er, things like, you know, social cohesion, jumps of violence and, and so on. Ah, and if you look at the prospects for them in the future, when they're heavy drinkers, lifelong drinkers, when they are smoking, then the damage to society as a whole, caused by these drugs is immense and the time has come for us to really take overall stock and to do things to reverse this trend.The authors of today's report have divided it firstly into the problems. Of the nearly 7 million 16 to 24 -year-olds in the UK, nearly 30% drink more than twice the recommended daily alcohol limit at least once a week, almost a third are daily smokers and one million have used an illegal drug in the past month. The second part of the report is the solutions.Reduce the maximum legal blood alcohol level from 80 milligrams to 50 milligrams per milliliter, ban alcohol advertising on television and in most cinemas, raise the excise duty on alcohol, raise the legal age for buying cigarettes from 16 to 18, and do more to control the supply of illegal drugs.While the government is minded to change the rules on buying cigarettes, it rejects reducing the drink-drive limit.We aren't in favor of ah, of changing the rules on, on drink-drive at the moment, what matters is very tough enforcement and tough penalties, and by international standards we are very good at both of those in England. The report also stresses the importance of tobacco misuse and we're consulting at the moment on raising the legal age for tobacco sales from 16 to 18.Greg, we are gonna get some pills for the weekend, you're in?It's a decision time.The government's Frank anti-drugs ads. But the report says drug education programs on the whole had little if any impact on children's future drug use.Talk to Frank.Taking the lure off the alcohol industry from whika to wine, from ale to alcopops, the authors say the government is not doing enough to enforce the voluntary codes. The industry insists it can monitor itself.The 18 to 24 age group is a very important age group as far as drinks companies are concerned. You will have a lot of, ah, relatively heavy drinking going on within this age group, ah, but the alcohol, ah, rules actually prevent people even under the age of 25 being shown in advertising. Ah, as a sort of buffer to ensure that advertising doesn't appeal to under 18s.In Scotland, the smoking ban has been hailed as a success and Channel 4 News has learned that the Scottish Executive is now turning its sights to alcohol, looking at enforcing restrictions on such things as sales in the supermarkets, the report's authors hope, is that this trend would sp across the border.venueA place for large gatherings, as a sports stadium.会场大型集会的地点,如体育馆puffTo take puffs on smoking material:吸烟从吸烟类物品中吸或呼hedonistic快乐主义者的cohesionThe act, process, or condition of cohering 内聚性whikaa mixture of vodka and whiskyale淡色啤酒(较一般啤酒含更多的酒精)alcopopa term coined by the popular media to describe bottled alcoholic beverages that resemble drinks such as soft drinks and lemonadebufferSomething that lessens or absorbs the shock of an impact.缓冲器可以减轻或吸收冲击的震动的东西 200805/39452重庆星宸整形美容医院注射祛皱怎么样四川去痤疮多少钱



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