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The moment you’ve all been waiting for it here — possibly. LG Electronics has rolled out what it says is the first mobile device that can be bent out of shape or pressed flat onto a desk.这个时刻,大家都在等待这款手机——或许是。LG电子推出了其自称的全球第一款柔性手机,该手机可弯曲,也可放在桌面上压平。It’s a neat party trick, but LG along with that other flexi-phone frontrunner Samsung, will be carefully watching how consumers take these devices up before spending more to make them bend any further.这非常吸引人,但LG和另一家柔性手机领域的先锋企业三星在花更多心思让它们能进一步弯曲之前,将谨慎观察消费者对此类设备的接受程度。This week, LG Electronics launched what it’s calling the world’s first flexible smartphone, the six-inch, gently-curving G Flex. It went on sale in South Korea and will stay on the shelves for 10 days, with a not-so-gentle price of 0. If and when LG brings it to the U.S. in early 2014, a spokesman says the price with carrier contracts would be on par with other high-end smartphones. It goes on sale in Hong Kong on Dec. 13, and France in February 2014 with France Telecom本周,LG电子发布了它称之为全球首款柔性智能手机的最新产品——G Flex,该6英寸屏手机可轻微弯曲,将在韩国销售,上架时间为10天,售价高达940美元。一位发言人表示,如果LG在2014年初在美国发售这款手机,合约机价格会与其他高端智能机相当。在香港的发售时间为12月13日,在法国会由法国电信公司Orange在2014年2月发售。LG representatives stopped by Forbes’s San Francisco office on Wednesday to give a demo of the G Flex, and show off its flexible qualities.LG的代表周三拜访了福布斯位于旧金山的办公室,对G Flex进行了一番演示,并展示了它的柔性特色。Actually, “flexible” is a subjective here. Place the curved phone face down on a level surface and you can press it flat. Try to bend each end with your fingers and it will give way somewhat. When I asked if the device could bend right the other way, LG spokesman Chaz Abbott managed, with some effort, to get it to give a little more.实际上,这里的“柔性”具有主观性。把弯起的手机面朝下放在水平表面上,你就能把它压平。用你的手指握住手机的两端向内弯折,手机会在一定程度上弯曲。当我问到这款设备是否能在另一个方向弯曲时,LG发言人查斯·阿特(Chaz Abbott)用了点力气,让手机更弯了一点。The G Flex is the product of years of research and development, with LG and arch rival Samsung the big device makers rushing to be the first to bring a curved phone to market. There had been rumors in 2012 that such phones would hit shelves earlier than now, and there are various reasons why it’s taken this long. First, executives need to be confident these kinds of devices will actually sell. LG’s CTO Skott Ahn told me earlier this year that it was hard to tell if consumers wanted phones with curved screens, never mind phones that were flexible.G FLEX是多年研发的成果,LG和主要竞争对手三星这两大生产商争着要做第一个推出曲面手机的公司。2012年时曾有传言称,此类手机将早于现在这个时间上架,而为何花了这么久才最终推出,存在多种原因。首先,高管们需要确信,这类设备实际上将能够销售。LG的首席技术官安承权(Skott Ahn)今年早些时候曾告诉我,很难说消费者是否会想要一款曲面手机,更不要提柔性手机了。Curved phones fit the face nicely when you’re talking, they bring the mic closer so that your voice sounds clear, and the curved display makes for a slightly more enjoyable movie-watching experience. Plus that pliability makes the G Flex a little more durable when it’s dropped or knocked. It’s an open question, though, whether LG’s manufacturing efforts will pay off in sales, and they were big efforts.当你打电话时,曲面手机能很好地贴合面部线条,你的嘴离通话麦克风更近,这样你的声音听起来会更清晰,而且曲面显示屏可略微提升在手机上观看视频的体验。此外,在掉落或磕碰的情况下,手机的柔韧性可让G Flex更耐用。然而,销售是否能弥补LG在制造工艺上付出的努力——是艰巨的努力——仍然没有定论。“It took a while to get the manufacturing tools in place, ” said Abbott, adding that LG had to buy and make its own machinery to manufacture the flexible phones.“准备好制造工具就花了一段时间。”阿特说,他补充说,LG不得不购买并制造自己的机器设备,以生产柔性手机。Another challenge was in creating displays that can bend over and over. The G Flex contains a plastic OLED display, covered by a thin glass coating from LG Chem另一个挑战就是制造出能一再被弯折的显示屏。G Flex采用塑料OLED显示屏,上面覆盖薄薄的一层由LG化学公司生产的玻璃涂层,最后的大猩猩玻璃层由康宁公司(Corning)生产。Universal Display, which does joint development on flexible screens with Samsung and LG. The other challenge is making sure plastic OLED displays can withstand the temperatures for processing substrates on top.美国通用显示器公司(Universal Display)技术商品化副总裁贾尼斯·马翁(Janice Mahon)表示,像LG这样的显示屏生产商花了多年时间,才打造出最初的一款足够密封、不会轻易让气体和水汽透过屏幕的塑料OLED层。通用显示器公司与三星和LG联合开发柔性屏幕。另一个挑战是要确保塑料OLED显示屏能够经受住加工叠加在其上的基板时的温度。Samsung’s own curved device, the Round, curves horizontally and is in a fixed position, making it an early step in the gradual evolution flexible devices. “We look at the whole flexible whole opportunity as being akin to learning to crawl, then walk, then learning to run a marathon, ” said Universal Display’s Mahon. “The first flexible displays on the market will be put into a fixed, rigid embodiment, curved into a smartphone.” They’ll aim to be better on form factor and ergonomics. “Those are benefits at the first stage, ” she said. Eventually the technology will become more robust and manufacturers can take small steps towards something more advanced, like a pen with a screen that rolls out. (See the concept image from Universal Display below.)三星自己的曲面设备GALAXY Round为横向弯曲,且弯曲弧度固定,在向柔性设备的逐渐演化中迈出了较早的一步。“我们将整个研发柔性屏的过程看成这样一个过程:先学习爬、然后学会走、然后学会跑马拉松。”通用显示器公司的马翁表示,“市场上第一批柔性显示屏将采用固定弧度,不能自由弯曲,在智能手机中使用。”这种显示屏具有更出色的硬件规格和人体工程学设计。“这些是第一阶段就能实现的好处。”她说。最终,该技术将更为可靠稳健,制造商可采取小步走的方式,生产出某种更先进的产品,比如在一笔上,屏幕可以展开(参见下面的通用显示器公司的概念产品图片)。Mahon believes the world is three to five years away from something like this concept pen. In fact, a recent patent filing by Samsung shoes a very similar, pen-like device with a pull-out, flexible display. Mahon says researchers are currently looking at use cases for flexible displays in pens, wearable technology and even fabrics.马翁相信,再过三至五年,类似这种概念钢笔的某样东西就会出现。事实上,最近由三星提交的一份专利申请就是一款与之非常类似、像钢笔一样的设备,上面有一块可以拉出的柔性显示屏。马翁说,研究人员目前正在研究柔性显示屏在钢笔、可穿戴技术甚至织物上的使用案例。LG’s Ramchan Woo, head of the company’s mobile product planning division, said at a launch event for the G Flex on Tuesday that he saw smartphones moving towards “curved, bendable, foldable, and wearable” devices, but he didn’t elaborate on how LG would further develop its flexible device technology.LG移动产品策划部门主管Ramchan Woo在本周二G Flex的发布会上表示,他看到智能手机正向“曲面、可弯曲、可折叠、可穿戴”设备的方向发展,但他未详细说明LG柔性设备技术会如何进一步发展。Might LG bring out a smaller version of a bendable phone? “The engineers figure that the six-inch display is optimal for that curvature, ” Abbott answered.可能LG会推出一款较小型的可弯曲智能手机?“工程师们认为,6英寸显示屏对这类可弯曲手机来说是最合适的。”阿特回答道。For now LG is targeting early adopters and people who like watching movies or playing games on their phones. “That content could be viewed more easily in an immersive display, ” he added. The proof will be in unit sales, which is probably why LG is sitting tight, and not saying very much about where the G Flex might go from here.眼下,LG的目标是早期采用者和喜欢用手机看电影或玩游戏的人。“那类内容在一款沉浸式显示屏上看起来会更加轻松。”他补充说。据就是销量,这可能是LG为何采取观望态度,没有对G Flex未来的发展方向做太多说明的原因。 /201312/269044

Ryan Hoover is the envy of entrepreneurs around the country. Many startups toil for years, burning through millions of investment dollars, to get the kind of recognition Hoover’s startup has garnered in just nine months. What’s worse, he’s done it with a flimsy Reddit knock-off website his team built in less than a week. That site, called Product Hunt, has captured the attention, and as of today, the investment dollars, of Silicon Valley’s most influential power brokers.莱恩·胡佛是全美所有企业家艳羡的对象。许多初创公司摸爬滚打数年、烧掉数百万美元的投资才能得到的认可度,胡佛的初创公司却在短短九个月内就已牢牢在握。更让人不忿的是,他做到这一切所凭借的,不过是一个抄袭社交新闻网站Reddit创意的粗劣网站,而且他的团队只用了不到一个星期就搭建起了这个网站。但是这个名为Product Hunt的网站却得到了硅谷最有影响力的权力掮客们的关注,最近更是从他们那里获得了真金白银的投资。Venture investors like Hunter Walk, Dave McClure, David Tisch, and Mashable founder Pete Cashmore use Product Hunt to discover new products, and founders like Dennis Crowley (Foursquare), Dave Morin (Path), and Mark Cuban (AXS TV) have jumped in to discuss their products. The site has 250,000 monthly unique visitors and has sent 1.7 million visits to products in the last month. More than 51,000 people the site’s newsletter with a 41% open rate.像亨特o沃克、戴夫o麦克卢尔、大卫o蒂希、互联网新闻客Mashable创始人皮特o卡什莫尔等,这些风险投资人会利用Product Hunt来发现新产品;而丹尼斯o克罗利(Foursquare)、大卫o莫林(Path)、马克o库班(AXS TV)等创始人则会参与其中,讨论自己的产品。该网站每月的绝对访客达到了25万人,并在过去一个月里,为各类产品总共输送了170万次的访问量。网站推送的新闻通讯邮件读者逾5.1万人,点击率达41%。Anecdotally, the purveyors of the top products of each day report they’ve been flooded with inbound interest from investors and potential partners. Aly dozens of members have hacked together Web tools based on the site’s API. The site grows by 70% each month. Founders are whispering that placement on Product Hunt has replaced TechCrunch as their preferred method of announcing their launch.有意思的是,那些每日精选的顶尖产品的出品方们纷纷表示,投资者和潜在合作伙伴纷沓而来,对他们倾注的兴趣简直足以将他们淹没。已有数十名该网站的用户利用该网站的API做成了各式各样的衍生网络工具。网站以每个月70%的速度保持着增长。各方创始人私下表示,在Product Hunt上发布消息已经取代科技客TechCrunch,成为了他们更为青睐的公布产品上线的方式。So how did Hoover do it? Good timing, mixed with some email hustle and community-building prowess, topped off with a master class in positivity.那么胡佛是怎么做到这一切的?就是:好的时机加上若干电子邮件推送技巧,以及出色的社区建设能力,最后再借助一批形象正面的大师级人物的帮助。As it turns out, the tech community was hungry for a new gathering place, and Product Hunt played directly into its desire. Hacker News, the message board of accelerator program Y Combinator, has long been the de facto online community for Silicon Valley startups. Earlier this year, Y Combinator’s president, Sam Altman, said he thought the message board might be with 0 million.事实表明,科技界亟需一处新的聚集地,而Product Hunt的出现正好满足了这一需求。长久以来,企业孵化器Y Combinator设立的网络留言板Hacker News一直是硅谷各初创公司实际上的线上社区。今年上半年,Y Combinator的总裁萨姆o阿尔特曼就曾说过,他估计这个留言板上的用户群体整体价值可能有5亿美元。But in recent years, the community has devolved into petty negativity and occasionally hostile commentary. Last month, the prominent venture capitalist Marc Andreessen took to the message board to ask how it had evolved from a Y Combinator discussion board to “the discussion board where the first comment on any post involving a YC company is reliably someone crapping on it.”但是近几年来,这处线上社区已经沦落为一处充斥着负面情绪的地方,不时还会出现一些带有敌意的。上个月,知名风险投资家马克o安德里森在这处留言板上诘问道,这里怎么从Y Combinator的讨论板演变成了“任何YC公司相关帖下的第一条一定是有人在对该公司狂喷的讨论板”。“What an amazing shift,” he wrote.“这实在是种很神奇的转变。”他写道。Product Hunt did not intend to be the anti-Hacker News, but in many ways that’s what it has become. It is hardly a freewheeling anonymous community. The site has grown very carefully, by inviting a group of Valley influencers curated by Hoover and his team to join and comment. Outsiders can up-vote products, but only invitees can comment. Because the commenters are mostly public-facing figures like investors, journalists, and prominent founders in the tech community, they’re more likely to keep negative comments to themselves rather than trash something. That doesn’t scale well, so Hoover has decided the best way to grow is to let commenters invite friends into the commenting pool.Product Hunt并没有打算在各方面与Hacker News反其道而行,但是就很多方面而言,它现在所扮演的却正是这样的角色。这里基本不是一个自由自在的匿名社区。该网站发展得十分谨慎,在胡佛及其团队的精心策划下,邀请了一批硅谷的影响力人士成为用户并发表。其他人可以投票赞同某产品,但只有受邀用户才能发表。由于者多为投资者、记者和科技界知名创始人这样的公众人物,他们更愿意收起自己的负面,而不是随意乱喷。但是这种模式并不利于网站的拓展,因此胡佛决定,最佳的发展方式就是允许这些者邀请自己的朋友参与。The infectious positive attitude of Hoover and his nine-person team comes through on the site and in its community. They chime in frequently with positive feedback, curate themed newsletters, host personal, jokey podcasts, and gather influencers together for brunch events. You can tell they genuinely love apps, and in turn, they’ve attracted a community of app-lovers.胡佛及其9人团队的积极态度成功地感染了整个网站和社区。他们经常在讨论中插入一些正面的回应,策划不同主题的新闻通讯,主持轻松幽默的个人播客,还召集影响力人士聚餐。你可以看出他们是发自真心地热爱应用程序,并因此吸引了另一批应用程序的爱好者。Product Hunt hasn’t gone without notice on Hacker News. A post on Hacker News announcing the site was met with criticism of its design. When the company joined Y Combinator, the top comment on Hacker News asked, “How is Product Hunt even a business?” calling the decision “another disappointing move.”Product Hunt的发展也在Hacker News上引起了关注。Hacker News上一个公布Product Hunt上线消息的帖子里,者们对其网站设计进行了抨击。在公司在加入Y Combinator时,Hacker News上被顶到首位的质问道:“Product Hunt竟然也能算得上是一项业务?”并称这一决策为“又一次令人失望的行动”。Ever positive, Hoover says the business question is “a valid piece of criticism.” He acknowledges that a business catering to the small tech and startup community doesn’t seem like a billion-dollar idea. Further, “[Hacker News members] might see Product Hunt as a copycat,” he says. “We’re not solving a clear, obvious need, like ‘This saves lives,’ or, ‘This has X million in revenue per month.’ Obviously there is skepticism.” But he counters that any investment in a consumer-facing tech startup, including Facebook and Twitter, is less obvious in the beginning. “It’s very much based on emotions,” he says.永远保持积极态度的胡佛表示,大家提到的业务问题是“一条有意义的批评”。他承认,Product Hunt只是为科技界和初创界的小规模社区提供务,这听起来确实不像一个价值百万美元的创意。不仅如此,“(Hacker News的用户)可能把Product Hunt看作是山寨货,”他说,“我们并不是在解决一项清晰明确的需求,类似于‘这能拯救生命’或者‘这能在每个月创收几百万’等等。这自然会引发外界的质疑。”但是他反驳道,包括Facebook和Twitter在内,任何投给面向消费者的科技初创公司的投资,在最初都是比较盲目的。“这是很受情感驱使的决定。”他说。He has plans to expand Product Hunt into other categories, including gaming, an industry he’s familiar with as a consumer and as director of product at PlayHaven. As for the business model, Hoover imagines Product Hunt will monetize with a fairly straightforward advertising model. Today the site makes opportunistic revenue through job postings. Eventually, Hoover says he’d like to see Product Hunt own the transaction part of its recommendations, allowing people to directly buy the digital products they find on the site.他计划进一步拓展Product Hunt,涉足其他数个领域,其中也包括游戏。作为一名消费者和手游平台PlayHaven的产品总监,他对这个行业十分熟悉。至于具体的商业模式,胡佛的设想是,Product Hunt会通过相当直接的广告模式来实现货币化。目前,该网站是通过发布招聘信息获取投机收入的。胡佛表示,他希望Product Hunt到最后能够实现站内推荐产品的交易环节,让人们能在站内直接购买他们在这里找到的数码产品。But Hoover doesn’t have to worry about money just yet. Today, he will reveal that Product Hunt has raised million in venture funding from A-Grade Investments (the investment fund of Ashton Kutcher), Cowboy Ventures, CrunchFund, Google Ventures, Greylock Discovery Fund, Slow Ventures, SV Angel, betaworks, Tradecraft, Vayner RSE, and Ludlow Ventures as well as angel investors Abdur Chowdhury, Andrew Chen, Brenden Mulligan, Jack Altman, Naval Ravikant, NirEyal and Y Combinator (summer 2014 batch; its sum includes the standard YC investment.) The company also announced an iPhone app, built by iOS developer David McKinney, which adapts the site’s functions for mobile devices.不过胡佛目前还不必为钱的事发愁。他在8月21日公开宣布,Product Hunt已经募得了100万美元的资金,投资方有A级投资(A-Grade Investments,阿什顿o库彻创立的投资基金)、牛仔风投(Cowboy Ventures)、CrunchFund、谷歌风投(Google Ventures)、格雷洛克发现基金(Greylock Discovery Fund)、慢风投(Slow Ventures)、天使投资公司SV Angel、创业工厂兼风投公司Betaworks、Tradecraft、Vayner RSE和勒德洛风投(Ludlow Ventures),此外还有天使投资方阿卜杜勒o乔杜里、陈春、布伦登o穆里根、杰克o奥尔特曼、纳瓦尔o拉维坎特、尼尔o厄雅和Y Combinator(2014年夏季入驻;总额中包括标准的YC投资额)。该公司还发布了一款iPhone应用,开发方为iOS开发人员戴维o麦金尼,让该网站的功能在移动设备上也能正常使用。Product Hunt’s beauty is in its simplicity, which means the site can easily be copied. Hoover believes its real value is in the high-quality community he’s attracted. Keeping the community’s quality high as he attempts to break into the mainstream may be his greatest challenge. He believes Product Hunt can tap into a market of app-lovers who don’t consider themselves early adopters but are anyway. Given how pervasive smartphones are today, “the early adopter thing is shrinking,” he says.Product Hunt之美在于一切从简,而这意味着该网站很容易遭到复制。胡佛认为,Product Hunt的真正价值在于他所吸引来的高质量用户社区。在试图打入主流领域的同时继续保持社区的高质量水准,这或许就是他所面对的最大挑战。他相信Product Hunt能够打入应用爱好者的市场,这些爱好者并不把自己视作早期采用者(译注:指具有冒险精神、喜欢尝试新产品的人),但不管怎样他们的确就是。鉴于智能手机如今已是如此无处不在,“所谓的早期采用者已经越来越少了,”他说道。 /201408/323611

BlackBerry is making its latest attempt to regain its once-trusted place in the pockets of the business user with an unusual square-shaped smartphone designed for ing spsheets and documents.黑莓(BlackBerry)发布了一款外形独特的方屏智能手机,该手机专为读取电子表格和文档而设计,这是黑莓重获商业用户信赖的最新尝试。Revealed yesterday at events in Toronto, London and Dubai, the Passport is the company’s first global phone launch since John Chen took over as chief executive in November.黑莓Passport昨日在多伦多、伦敦和迪拜的发布会上亮相,这是自程守宗(John Chen)去年11月接任黑莓首席执行官以来,该公司首次举行全球手机发布会。The company hopes to win back its following among office workers with a large 4.5 inch square screen for viewing and creating content such as emails and business documents.该公司希望凭借4.5英寸的方形大屏幕,赢回上班族的认可,这款屏幕适于查看和创建电子邮件及业务文档等内容。The much-loved tap keyboard is also back, but this time with a second use as a touch pad, while a digital assistant can help organise meetings and manage apps. The wide screen of the Passport can display the details of a Microsoft Excel document for an office worker, for example, or an X-ray image for a doctor.Passport重新启用了倍受欢迎的实体键盘,但这次的按键还带有触控功能,它还搭载了数字助理,可以帮助组织会议和管理应用。Passport的宽屏可为办公室职员显示微软(Microsoft) Excel文件的详细信息,或为医生显示X射线图像。BlackBerry said that it wanted to “arm mobile professionals with tools that make them more productive”.黑莓表示,它希望“为流动性专业人群提供工具,让他们更有效率”。Mr Chen has made clear that the device is not aimed at the consumer market, where its share has dwindled to a negligible level over the past few years. Its success will be closely monitored by investors as the Canadian group attempts to claw back sales in a market dominated by rivals such as Apple and Samsung.程守宗明确表示,该设备不针对消费市场,黑莓在该市场的份额已在过去几年里缩水至微不足道的水平。这家加拿大公司试图在苹果(Apple)、三星(Samsung)等竞争对手主导的市场上夺回销量之际,Passport的成功与否将受到投资者密切关注。The phone met with broadly positive reviews on launch, even if some analysts warned that it could end up only taking a small share of its target market of the “regulated industries” of finance, healthcare, and government.Passport发布后获得广泛好评,即使一些分析师警告称,它最终可能只能在金融、医疗和政府等“受监管产业”的目标市场取得少量份额。 /201409/332257

No matter how careful you are, it’s impossible to cover all your tracks when having an affair–US general David Petraeus found out the hard way.不管你有多小心,想要完全掩盖掉婚外情行径也是不可能的,美国上将大卫#8226;彼得雷乌斯以身试法,教训惨痛。Petraeus, 60, was caught having an extramarital relationship with his 40-year-old biographer Paula Broadwell, who is also married. The scandal forced him to resign as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) on Nov 9.现年60岁的彼得雷乌斯被爆出出轨丑闻,对方是40岁的已婚传记作家保拉#8226;德维。这桩丑闻迫使他不得不在11月9日辞去了美国中央情报局局长一职。The affair was exposed after the FBI found intimate content in e-mails sent between the two. The scandal not only raised moral issues, but also threw online privacy and surveillance into the spotlight.此前,联邦调查局发现了二人之间亲密暧昧的电子邮件,使得这段婚外情曝光。这桩丑闻不仅引发了道德问题,更是让网络隐私以及网络监控成为人们关注的焦点。If a spymaster can’t prevent his personal e-mails from being snooped, what hope is there for the rest of us? Is online privacy just an illusion?如果就连间谍头头都无法保自己的私人电邮不被偷看,剩下我们这些普通人还指望什么呢?难道网络隐私压根不存在?In fact, Petraeus and Broadwell were very discreet when communicating by e-mail. Not only were they using pseudonyms, they were also using a method known in the intelligence community as the “dead drop”.事实上,彼得雷乌斯和德维之间的在互通电邮时十分谨慎小心。他们不仅使用化名,还采取了情报机构非常熟悉的手段,即“情报秘密传递点”。According to Slate magazine, a dead drop is a tactic favored by terrorists trying to evade government surveillance of their communication networks.美国《石板》杂志称,情报秘密传递点是恐怖分子在试图摆脱政府对其通讯网络的监控时,所采用的一种策略。Before the Internet, dead drops, often used by spies, would involve hiding a written message or package in a secret location or letterbox that only fellow operatives would know about.在互联网出现之前,间谍通常采用这种方法,比如将信件或是包裹藏在一个只有自己人知道的秘密地点或信箱中。According to an AP report, Petraeus and Broadwell used a high-tech version of this technique. Rather than sending messages by e-mail, they left them in a draft folder or in an electronic “dropbox”. The other person could then log on to the same account and the draft e-mails there. This avoids creating an e-mail trail that is easier to trace.美联社的一份报告称,彼得雷乌斯和德维使用了高科技的情报秘密传递点。他们不通过电邮传递信息,而是将信息存放在草稿夹或秘密的电子邮箱里。另一个人便可以登陆同一账号并读取草稿邮件。从而避免产生更易于追踪的电子邮件发送记录。But Petraeus should probably have known better. Using the dead drop tactic is not exactly secure. The same method was used by the perpetrators of the Madrid train bombing in 2004, which killed 191 people.但是彼得雷乌斯本该更精于此道。使用这种秘密传递点的方法并不完全保险。制造2004年“马德里火车爆炸案”的凶犯曾用过相同手法,该事件致使191人丧生。Over the years, law enforcement agencies have grown accustomed to terrorists using the dead drop, and technologies have been developed to counter it.这些年来,执法机构已经对恐怖分子采用该方法习以为常了,也研究出了应对手法。The FBI also captured Broadwell’s IP address. With this, the identity of the person who sent an e-mail or visited a website can be tracked.联邦调查局还获取了德维的IP地址。通过该地址,发件人或访问网站者的身份都可以被追踪到。Someone trying to remain anonymous can hide e-mails by routing them through different servers or using public computers that don’t keep activity logs. But often people make mistakes, leaving their e-mails traceable by investigators.一些想要匿名的人可以使用不同的务器,或是那些不记录活动日志的公用电脑来发送邮件。但是人们经常犯错,使自己的邮件能够被调查者追踪到。With cloud services and more storage capabilities, thousands of pages of e-mails that users think no longer exist may simply be stored out of sight but within easy reach of watchful authorities.随着云务的出现以及存储容量的增加,用户以为不存在的成百上千封的电邮,只是被保存在你看不到的地方罢了,而警觉的政府部门则可以轻而易举地获得它们。In Petraeus’ case, experts believe Google cooperated with authorities to access the e-mail accounts he and Broadwell used.在彼得雷乌斯事件中,专家相信谷歌与政府部门合作,获取了彼得雷乌斯与德维的电邮账户。Google acknowledges that it receives requests from government agencies around the world to “provide information about users of our services and products”, according to a policy statement it posted online.从谷歌的一份网络政策声明中我们可以获知,谷歌承认收到过全球许多政府机构关于“提供使用谷歌各种务以及产品的用户信息”的要求。Of all the free webmail services, Google collects the most data from users of its Gmail service, including IP addresses, key words in e-mail text, information from search queries and webpage visits.在所有免费电邮务中,谷歌收集了最为全面Gmail用户数据信息,包括IP地址、电邮内容的关键字、搜索信息和网页访问记录。So what are the lessons to be drawn from the general’s downfall? First, never cheat. Second, e-mails offer only limited privacy. Once an e-mail is sent, or even just saved as a draft, things are out of your control.所以,我们可以从这位彼得雷乌斯上将的垮台中学到什么呢?第一,永远不要欺骗。第二,电邮只提供有限的隐私。一旦电邮发出去,哪怕即使是存到草稿箱,一切就由不得你了。 /201211/210758

For internet addicts, it could be the ultimate way to stay in touch - an entire apartment turned into a giant, online screen.对于“网虫族”而言,足不出户又能保持跟外界联系的最高境界就是住在一间巨大的、由在线屏幕组成的智能住宅里。The walls show Facebook updates, and life-sized friends during chats.房屋墙壁不仅能显示社交网络Facebook的实时内容,还能在跟朋友视频聊天时显示真人大小的投影。It can also be controlled from anywhere - even bed - using gestures or speech.该系统利用手势或语音控制,随时随地都可进行操作,甚至躺在床上也可以。The system works uses projectors and sensors aly available.系统使用投影仪和传感器工作。#39;The hardware is complete but only 40 percent of the software is finished,#39; said Ion Cuervas-Mons, director of Think Big Factory, a Spanish design agency which created the project.“野心工厂”的主管伊翁?库艾尔巴斯-蒙斯介绍说:“该项目的硬件目前已基本完成,但软件开发工作只完成了40%。”智能住宅出自这家西班牙的设计机构。#39;Everything in the house can be used to communicate, the interface is ubiquitous.“屋内的任何物品都能用来交流互动,界面无处不在。”#39;Through projections that are activated by the presence of a person, we can control everything with the movement of the hands: the lights; turning on any electrical household appliances; music; even connecting to Skype for a conference from any part of the house.#39;“屋里有人时会激活投射,我们可以以此利用双手完成一切操作,包括开关电灯、打开家电、播放音乐等,甚至可以在屋内任意一处连接到Skype,召开网络视频会议。”The system aims to replace the current slew of keyboards and remote controls needed to interact with technology.该系统旨在取代键盘和遥控器的大量使用,键盘和遥控器需要一定的技术手段才能使用。However, Mr Cuervas-Mons claims much of the technology will be invisible.不过库艾尔巴斯-蒙斯表示,大部分技术设备都会是隐形的。#39;I don’t think that an Openarch home is going to look any different,#39; he said.他说:“欧本雅奇智能住宅看起来跟普通住宅没什么两样。“#39;New technologies must be non-intrusive and natural.#39;“因为新技术都是自然融入而非介入式的。”Mr Cuervas-Mons says the first inhabitant has aly moved into the experimental apartment.库艾尔巴斯-蒙斯表示,目前第一位体验者已经入住“实验公寓”。#39;He is using some parts of the house, and we are learning from that.“他正在使用房屋的部分功能,我们正对他的使用状况进行研究。”#39;The main interface is in the living room, where you can see social networks, magazines, and play music just using gestures,#39; he said.他说:“整个系统的主界面设在客厅,使用者可以在这里用手势操作打开社交网站、浏览杂志或播放音乐。”The prototype uses sensing cameras such as Microsoft#39;s Kinect to track users, allowing them to swipe in mid air to move through s.系统原型利用了诸如微软的Kinect外设等传感摄像头来追踪使用者,使得使用者能够在半空中滑动选择程序菜单。The project started three years ago, and the prototype built in an apartment in the North of Spain, all using existing technology.项目始于三年前,住宅原型建立在西班牙北部的一套公寓里,全部使用已有技术。#39;Now we have around 40% of the applications actually running - and we hope to finish soon, then begin developing products so people can actually begin using it.#39;“目前实际运行的应用程序大约有40%,我们希望能尽快完成,然后开始投入产品生产,这样人们就能住进去了。” /201302/227530

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