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Tracy Anderson#39;s Best Moves for Killer Legs特蕾西·安德森关于迷人长腿的最佳动作Want killer legs?想要迷人长腿吗?When it comes to fighting flab, your legs are your secret weapon. Let me explain: Some of your body#39;s biggest muscles are in your legs, and working those is going to net you a much larger calorie burn than exercising the smaller muscles (and help you look great in short skirts!). Make sense? That#39;s why I try to always involve the legs in every movement I do, whether I#39;m holding them in a fixed position for a specified amount of time or constantly kicking them up or out. And this sequence is no different. It gets you out of your comfort zone of doing old-school squats and lunges, and challenges your brain, which is also a key factor in shaping up. Now let#39;s build some long, lean legs you#39;ll love.当谈到战胜松弛的肌肉时,你的双腿就是你的秘密武器。容我解释:身体中一些最大的肌肉就在你的双腿上,相比锻炼更小的肌肉,作用于这些肌肉能燃烧更多的卡路里(并且帮助你在穿短裙时更迷人!)有道理?这就是我每做一个动作都要涉及到腿部的原因,不管我是在具体的一段时间将腿放于固定位置还是频繁的踢来踢去。这个顺序没有什么不同。它使你从做老式深蹲和弓步这些舒区走出来,挑战你的大脑,大脑在塑造过程中也是重要的因素。现在,让我们塑造你将会爱上的瘦长腿吧。Knee pull amp; kick膝盖拉伸和踢Start on all fours; pull left knee forward so it#39;s slightly in front of right (A). Rotate torso, balancing on right hand; drop hips slightly as you kick left leg up (B). Return to start and repeat.四肢开始放在地上;左膝盖向前拉,这样就会在右膝前一点(A)。旋转身躯,用右手保持平衡;左腿向上抬的时候臀部也上抬一些(B)。重新开始然后重复。Tracy#39;s tip: Don#39;t let hips touch the floor. You may also want to wear 1? to 2?-pound ankle weights for these moves.特蕾西的建议:不要让臀部触地。做这些动作的时候,脚踝上也可以绑上1.5-2.5英镑的重量物。Hip dip amp; extend臀部倾斜和伸展Start on all fours, then drop hips to the right; they should be stacked (A). Lift up onto right knee as you extend left leg straight up and out (B). Bring left leg back down, return to ;A; and repeat.四肢开始放在地上,然后把臀部放在右边;臀部要叠在一起(A)。你在将左腿向外伸直时,右膝抬起来(B)。左腿收回放下,重新做;A;姿势,然后重复。Inverted twist amp; kick反向扭和踢Lie on left side with legs bent, hips stacked and left leg slightly behind right. Rotate torso so left palm and right forearm are on the floor (A). Keeping right forearm and left palm down, roll onto right hip and extend left leg, swinging it up and back (B). Return to ;A; and repeat.左侧卧,双腿弯曲,臀部叠放在一起,左腿放在右腿后面一点点。旋转身躯,这样左手掌和右前臂就当在地板上了(A)。右前臂和左手掌保持放下的姿势,滚动右臀并伸展左腿,将腿前后摆动(B)。重新做;A;姿势,然后重复。译文属 /201606/450026

PARIS — For years, lovestruck visitors to Paris had affixed locks, often inscribed with their initials or names, to the wire mesh panels along the Pont des Arts, flinging the keys into the Seine River below. But last year, after a section of the bridge’s railing collapsed under the weight of some 700,000 declarations of fidelity, the city removed the locks, citing reasons of aesthetics and security.巴黎——曾经有很多年,来巴黎游玩的恋人们把大多刻着自己名字或名字首字母的锁挂在艺术桥(Pont des Arts)的铁丝网上,把钥匙抛入桥下的塞纳河(Seine River)。但是去年,桥的一段栏杆在约70万把表达爱情忠诚的锁的重压下垮掉了,市政府鉴于美观和安全方面的原因移除了那些锁。Some people were pleased that what they considered a blight on the city was being eliminated. Others, however, expressed regret that they would not be able to participate in what had become a cherished Parisian ritual. City officials, while acknowledging the sensitivity of the issue, said at the time that they wanted to restore views of the Seine, which the locks had obscured. The pedestrian bridge connects the Institut de France and the central square of the Palais du Louvre.有些人认为这些锁影响市容,为锁的移除感到高兴。也有些人为不能参与这项受到珍视的巴黎活动而感到遗憾。市政府官员虽然承认此事比较敏感,但是表示,当时他们想要恢复被锁破坏的塞纳河风景。这座步行桥连接法兰西学会(Institut de France)和卢浮宫(Palais du Louvre)中央广场。Now the Pont des Arts, its iron grillwork freshly painted and protected by plexiglass panes, has taken on a new role, as the setting for an exhibition of sculptures by the contemporary artist Daniel Hourdé.艺术桥上的铁丝网被粉刷一新,用有机玻璃板保护起来。现在它有了一个新用途:这里正在举办当代艺术家丹尼尔·乌尔代(Daniel Hourdé)的雕塑展。The installation, “The Enchanted Footbridge,” opened last week and was to be formally dedicated on Wednesday evening. There are seven pedestals, eight statues, 10 reflective metal “trees” and a kinetic statue of a figure engaged in what appears to be a violent movement or struggle.装置作品《施了魔法的步行桥》(The Enchanted Footbridge)上周揭幕,周三晚上举行正式典礼。展览包括7个垫座、8个雕塑、10个反光金属“树”,以及一个活动雕塑——表现的是一个人好像在进行剧烈的运动或挣扎。“I imagined a kind of hanging garden,” Mr. Hourdé said in a telephone interview on Wednesday, adding that the works made for a “metallic transition” from when the bridge was weighed down by the locks to its newly lightened state.“我想像出一种空中花园,”周三乌尔代在电话采访中说。他又补充,这些作品是一种“金属过渡”——从这座桥被锁重压的状态过渡到它全新的轻盈状态。“All sculptures are on the verge of equilibrium, on the verge of rupture,” he said.“所有的雕塑都处于平衡和断裂的边缘,”他说。But, much as they were when the locks were removed, opinions were divided.不过,很像锁被移除时那样,人们对这些雕塑的观点也存在分歧。“I don’t know if I like it,” Cornelia Katsikotoulou, 24, a tourist from Greece, said Tuesday evening as she gazed at a gilded figure of Actaeon, a mythological hunter shown in the company of his dogs, baring their teeth.“我不确定自己是否喜欢它,”周二晚上,24岁的希腊游客科尔内莉娅·卡茨科图鲁(Cornelia Katsikotoulou)注视着亚克托安(Actaeon)镀金雕塑说。这位神话传说中的猎人被自己的一群围着,那些露出锋利的牙齿。“I get mythology, I get ‘Apocalypse Now,’ I get Olympics,” Ms. Katsikotoulou said. “I have to understand what it means.”“我感受到了神话,感受到了《现代启示录》(Apocalypse Now),也感受到了奥林匹克运动会,”卡茨科图鲁说,“我得弄明白它究竟什么意思。”Charlie Saco, 70, a retiree visiting from New Jersey, offered his own interpretation of one of the works.70岁的查理·索科(Charlie Saco)是来自新泽西州的退休游客。他给出了自己对其中一件作品的理解。“That has to be something antiwar,” Mr. Saco said of a piece entitled “Le Ciel lui tombe sur la tête,” or “The sky is falling down on him.”“那应该是表达反战的意思,”索克谈起一件名为《天塌下来砸向他》(The sky is falling down on him)的作品时说。“Is that a plane?” he asked, pointing at a jumble of steel figures tumbling onto a sculpture of a man. Mr. Hourdé said that, in fact, the figures were letters spelling out the Greek word for sky.“那是飞机吗?”他指着一堆砸向人物雕塑的乱糟糟的钢铁图形问道。乌尔代说,那些图形实际上是构成了希腊单词“天空”。Mr. Saco did not lament the loss of the love locks, citing the danger their weight posed to the bridge.索科先生没有为爱情锁的移除感到惋惜,认为锁的重量会给桥带来危险。Neither did Nicolas A., 31, a French photographer who would not give his last name. “When you have the locks, you have a wall,” he said. “Try putting a notebook in front of your eyes and now choose what you prefer.”31岁的法国摄影师尼古拉斯·A(Nicolas A.)也是同感。他没有透露自己的姓。“那些锁就像一堵墙,”他说,“你试试在眼前放一个笔记本,然后把它拿开,然后再选择你更喜欢什么。”With the see-through panels on the bridge, he said, “The place has been reclaimed.”他说,桥上现在安装的透明玻璃板让这个“地方焕然一新”。On the Left Bank side of the bridge, a photographer for Dior photographed a woman wearing a salmon-colored dress.在桥的左岸,迪奥(Dior)的一名摄影师在给一名穿着浅橙色连衣裙的女人拍照。The photographer, Zhang Jie, 29, who lives in Paris, said he missed the locks. He recalled one engraved with Chinese characters that : “We’re not together anymore.”这名29岁的摄影师名叫张杰(音),住在巴黎。他说,他怀念那些锁。他记得有一把锁上刻着一行中文字:“我们分手了。” /201605/446370Wresting摔跤Wrestling is a sport event widely loved by men. Normally, there are 256 wrestlers participating in the banner-class wrestling contests and the wrestling attire is the strong processed cowskin vest, Mongolian boots, broad-crotch trousers and leggings with auspicious cloud patterns. In addition ,the wrestlers need also to wear a colorful belt and a necklace.摔跤是男人广范喜爱的体育赛事。通常情况下,有256个选手参加旗帜级摔跤比赛,摔跤装束是加工过的牛皮背心,蒙古靴,宽裆裤和紧身裤与祥云图案。此外,选手也需要佩戴五颜六色的皮带和项链。Before the contest, the wrestlers must line up in two rows, while the commander and four singers dispatched by various sides will sing loudly. When the song is sung for the third time, the wrestlers enter the field. Then, the presenter will declare the name and hometown of the wrestlers. The wrestlers then bow before the contest stage and turn right around the field and start to compete.比赛前,选手必须排队两排,指挥官和四位歌手由各方派出,会大声唱歌。当歌曲唱到第三次时,选手入场。随后,主持人将宣布参赛者的名称和家乡。比赛前摔跤手鞠躬,向右走,并开始展开竞争。 /201608/460073

Women using the Tinder dating app are getting what they want from men - and it’s not necessarily fancy dinners or one-night stands. 使用约会软件Tinder的女性们现在从男性那儿得到她们想要的东西,而这并不一定是丰盛的晚餐或一夜情。Rather than seeking the perfect partner, a growing number of women are said to be ‘swiping right’ to find a man to do their household chores and DIY. 相较于寻找完美的伴侣,越来越多的女性“刷一刷”来找到一个男人帮她做家务活或者做手工活。Tinder users have told how they use the App to find men to fit air conditioners, shovel snow and move furniture - all with no strings attached. Tinder用户讲述了她们如何使用此款软件来找到合适的男性帮她们装空调、铲雪和搬家具。所有的这些事情都没有任何附加条件。Now experts believe the trend could sp to the UK. 专家们认为英国也会有这种趋势。Disillusioned by her efforts to find a suitable date on Tinder, one user, Fiona Bloom, 47, decided to try another tack. 四十七岁的菲奥娜#8226;布卢姆对在Tinder上找到一个合适的约会对象不再抱幻想,因此她决定换换样。‘I’ve tried speed dating and all the dating Apps, but every time I put my real age, all I get are idiots and losers,’ she told the New York Post.‘I figured, why not make them useful and have them help me around the house?’ 她告诉《纽约邮报》:“我试过闪电约会以及各种交友软件。但是每次我把自己的真实年龄放上去,我找到的不是白痴就是失败者。我就想,为什么不让他们变得有用,让他们帮我在家里做点事儿?”She found a match with a man wearing overalls and wielding a hammer in his profile photo and invited him over to install her air conditioning. 她和一个在简介照片中身穿工装裤、手持榔头的男人配对成功,然后邀请他来帮她装空调。‘I wasn’t attracted to him, but he was very forthcoming,’ she explained. “我没有诱惑他,但他很愿意来。”她解释道。After he successfully carried out the installation, Bloom asked him to leave and didn’t answer his messages asking her to go on a proper date. 在他成功安装完后,布卢姆请他离开,并没有理会他试图邀请她约会的信息。‘Men are hard-wired to feel strong and be a provider, she told the New York Post. ‘I don’t feel guilty using them for a little help.’ “男性给人的感觉就是强壮,应该养家糊口。我不觉得让他们帮点小忙有什么问题,” 她对《纽约邮报》说。Susan Zalkind, 27, managed to find two men on Tinder to help dig her car out after it was twice buried in snow in Boston last winter. 去年冬天在波士顿,27岁的苏珊#8226;扎尔金德成功地在Tinder上找到两个男人帮她把两次陷在雪里的车抬出来。‘In less than 15 minutes I got eleven matches and three offers,’ she said, referring to a Tinder request she posted that : ‘Looking for someone to shovel out my car. Nothing complicated, no strings attached, just please shovel out my car. Thanks so much.’ “不到十五分钟我就有十一次配对成功,还有三个人愿意帮忙。”她在Tinder上的请求是这样的:“想要找人帮忙把我的车铲出来。事情不难,也没有任何附加条件,只是想请人帮我把车从雪里铲出来。太感谢了!”Ted, the first volunteer, showed up ‘with a shovel and an ice pick and did not kill me,’ she said. 泰德是第一个愿意帮忙的人,“他过来时手持铁锹和冰镐,并没有对我造成伤害”,扎尔金德如是说。In fact, he freed her car and appeared to be happy as a reward with coffee and scones. After a second storm, she was less lucky. 实际上,泰德帮她把车解救出来,并且对收到咖啡和烤饼作为报答感到高兴。但在第二次遇到暴风雪后,扎尔金德就没那么幸运了。‘I made 74 right swipes, got 35 matches, and 11 offers to shovel,’ she wrote. ‘There were only two reliable contenders. 扎尔金德说:“我刷了74次,成功配对35次,有11个人愿意帮忙铲雪。但那里面只有两个人是靠谱的。”‘I tried to keep an open mind - that is, until he told me he had a wife,’ added Miss Zalkind. “我曾试着一直保持开放的心态,直到他告诉我他有妻子了,”她补充说。‘In another situation, the wife thing would have been a deal-breaker. But so long as he kept digging, at least it wasn’t a total waste of my time.’“在其他情况下,有妻子可能就很煞风景。但是只要他一直挖雪,至少不算浪费我的时间。”扎尔金德女士补充道。Lori, a 24-year-old social media editor from New York, found her current boyfriend by asking on Tinder for someone to install her air conditioner. 洛里今年24岁,是来自纽约的社交媒体编辑。她现在的男朋友就是她在Tinder上找人帮忙装空调的时候认识的。‘I sent him a selfie of me sweating in my room, and he came over like a knight in shining armour,’ she said of her now-boyfriend, Andrew, 28, whom she met on Tinder in 2014. 当洛里谈到她28岁的男朋友安德鲁时说:“我发给他一张我在房间里流汗的自拍。他来的时候就像穿着闪亮盔甲的骑士。”2014年他们在Tinder上遇到。‘I think men really like a damsel in distress.’ “我认为男人都会喜欢一个陷入苦恼的少女。”Expert opinion was split over whether the App should be used to choose men for odd jobs rather than romance. 手机软件是应该用来选择男人让他们做奇奇怪怪的事情,还是开始一段浪漫情缘,专家们对此意见不一。Dating site expert Marni Kinrys said she couldn’t see the harm as long as the woman was upfront about her practical needs, saying: ‘If a man thinks waxing a woman’s floors will get him action, why not? This could be a great starting point for both parties to get to know each other.’ 交友网站专家马尼#8226;金瑞思认为女性坦诚自己的实际需求,这并没有任何危害:“如果一个男人愿意帮女人的地板打蜡,那为什么不让他帮忙?这会是让双方了解对方的一个好的开始。”Los Angeles-based dating coach Evan Marc Katz wasn’t so sure.‘It just seems so transparently selfish,’ he said. ‘It’s equivalent to the guy who has sex with a stranger and never calls her again. 洛杉矶的约会教练艾文#8226;马尔克#8226;卡茨却不那么认为:“这显然很自私,就像有些男人和陌生人发生关系但却再也不会再找那个女孩。”‘You get the wrong guy on the wrong day, and he has anger issues and yeah - it could be a bad situation,’ Katz told the Post. “如果哪天你找错了人,他有情绪管理问题,那情况就很糟糕了。”卡茨这样告诉《纽约邮报》。Kinrys warned men not to try the same trick by swiping right to get women over to cook or do the ironing. 金瑞思警告男性不要使用相同的技巧,刷软件只为让女性过来帮忙烧饭或烫衣。‘I know no single woman in New York City who would ever do a man’s chores…they should go on Craigslist instead.’ “据我所知纽约没有一个单身女性会帮男人做家务……男人们应该去克雷格列表网上找。” /201607/454753Torch Festival火把节Torch Festival,a traditional festival of the Yi,Bai, Lisu, Na xi,Pumi,Hani and some other minority nationalities inhabiting southwest China, falls a- round the 24th of the 6th lunar month.火把节是彝族,白族,傈僳,纳西,普米,哈尼等一些居住中国西南地区的少数民族的一个传统节日,从农历6月24日开始。On the day of the festival,the Yis and Bais of the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province would build in villages big,pagoda-shaped pine torches wrapped up with layers of dried firewood and pine branches. In addition, there stand small torches at the doorway of every household. At dusk,carrying small torches,villagers gather around a big torch and wait for the exciting moment to come when the big torch is lit. Then, holding their flaming torches high,the villagers walk around their houses and fields. The flaming torches make the night a bright day. People then meet at a bonfire, singing,dancing or drinking through the night in the hope of bountiful crops in the coming year.在节日当天,彝族和云南省大理自治州的白族将在村庄里建立包裹着干木柴和松枝层的大宝塔,完成后并用松木火把点亮。此外,在每家每户的门口都有站立的小火把。黄昏时分,带着小火把,村民们聚集在一个大火炬旁,等待激动人心的时刻来临当大火炬点亮时。然后,他们高举火把,村民们在他们的房屋和田地旁走动。火把夜晚照亮。于是人们通宵达旦在篝火旁唱歌,跳舞或喝酒,希望来年庄稼丰收。 /201608/458910The gravitational tug of large planets,like Jupiter and Saturn, could sling some planets on ;escapetrajectories;, propelling them off beyond their solar system into theempty space between stars.木星和土星等大行星的引力拖曳, 可把某些行星抛掷到“逃逸轨迹上”,把它们推出其自身的太阳系外,进入空旷的星际空间。That might seem to consign them to a coldand barren future. But some scientists believe that the first life on Earth wasnot powered by sunlight, but by volcanic energy released from the planet#39;sinterior at hot vents in the deep sea.这看起来似乎是把它们交付给了一个寒冷而荒芜的未来。但一些科学家认为,地球上最初的生命并不是由太阳提供能量的,而是由深海热液喷口喷出的地球内部释放的火山能量驱动的。All of the rocky planets in the inner solarsystem come with two internal heat sources.太阳系的所有岩态行星都有两个内部热源。First, each planet has a fiery core stillhot from the primordial fury of its formation. On top of that, they containradioactive elements. Primordial heat and radioactive decay inside rocky rogueplanets could warm them for billions of years – perhaps enough to keep theplanets volcanically active and provide the energy for life to start.第一,每个行星都有炙热核心,仍然保持着形成过程中的原始狂暴产生的热量。除此之外,它们还含有放射性元素。岩态的流浪行星内部的原始热能和放射性衰变,可温暖它们数十亿年– 也许足够保持行星上的火山活跃,为生命的开始提供能量。Rogue planets could also have dense,heat-retaining atmospheres. Compared with gas giants like Jupiter and Saturn,Earth#39;s atmosphere is thin and tenuous, because the Sun#39;s heat and light havestripped away lighter gases like hydrogen. Mercury is so close to the Sun thatit barely has any atmosphere at all.流浪行星还可有稠密储热的大气层。与木星和土星等气态巨星相比,地球的大气层稀薄,因为太阳的热和光除去了氢气等较轻的气体。水星离太阳如此之近,以致几乎没有任何大气层。Yet on an Earth-sized rogue planet, farbeyond its parent star#39;s influence, much of the original atmosphere mightremain in place. The resulting temperature and pressure could be enough tosustain liquid water at the surface, even without any sunlight.然而在地球大小的流浪行星上,因为远离母恒星的影响,原始大气层可能大体保持了原样。由此产生的气温和压力可能足以在星球表面维持液态水,即使没有任何阳光。What#39;s more, rogue planets would not beplagued by giant meteorite impacts, as Earth has been.而且,流浪行星不会受到巨陨石撞击的困扰,像地球曾经遭受的那样。If these ideas are right, then outside oursolar system rogue planets in interstellar space could be the closest placeswhere extraterrestrial life exists.若这些想法对头,那么在我们的太阳系外,星际空间的流浪行星可能是离我们最近的外星生命存在的地方。 /201605/440813

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