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Russian supermodel Kristina Pimenova is a beautiful girl. There#39;s no doubt about that, but the problem is her age, which let#39;s just say is quite young。俄罗斯超模克里斯汀娜·皮曼诺娃是个漂亮的女孩子。这毋庸置疑,但是问题是……她的年龄……真是太小了!Young Kristina, dubbed the ;World#39;s Youngest Supermodel; and the ;Most Beautiful Girl in the World; by fans, is years away from being a teenager。小克里斯汀娜被粉丝称为“世上第一年轻超模”和“世界第一美少女”——她离称为一个青少年还远远不够呢。That#39;s right, not an adult, a teenager. She#39;s nine. 9!! Single digits (!?!?)没错,未成年,青少年。她只有9岁!!!年龄个位数嗷嗷嗷嗷嗷(!?!?)Kristina#39;s mom, Glikeriya Shirokova, handles her social media accounts, which includes more than 2 million fans on Facebook and 400,000 on Instagram。克里斯汀娜的母亲吉莉科莉亚·施洛科娃掌管着她的社交媒体账号——脸书上她已有超过200万名粉丝,Instagram上则有40万。The mother, herself a former Russian model, has been criticized for her eyebrow-raising choices, like sharing photos of her little girl in short shorts。母亲本人就是名前任俄罗斯模特,她因为分享小女儿照片这样引人瞩目的举动被人喷的很惨。Some users have described her Kristina#39;s pictures as ;creepy; while others are sad, angry and concerned for the girl#39;s future。一些用户说克里斯汀娜的照片“令人发指的可怖”,而其他人则觉得可悲、气愤,并为小女孩的未来感到担忧。;Parents like you are the reason why girls grow up to have many issues... also there are so many sick people out their that look at these in sexual ways.;“就是因为有你这样的家长[微],小女孩长大以后才会有各种各样的问题……而且外面有很多病态的人会带着不良(色情)的眼光审视这些照片的!” /201509/396569。

Google is building two smartwatches that will use its AI voice assistant feature, a source close to the top-secret project has revealed. The devices, which are likely to be Nexus branded, are expected to hit shelves sometime early next year.据一绝密项目的知情人士透露,谷歌正在研发两款使用其AI语音助手功能的智能手表。这两款设备将作为Nexus旗下产品发售,预计将于明年早些时候与消费者见面。The top-secret specifications were revealed by #39;multiple sources#39; to gadget rumour site, Android Police. Code-named #39;Angelfish#39; and #39;Swordfish#39;, each offer a different wearable experience, the sources said.“多名消息人士”都在小道消息网址“Android Police”上透露了关于这一绝密项目的信息。据消息人士透露,两款设备分别代号“天使鱼”和“剑鱼”,分别提供不同的穿戴体验。#39;Angelfish#39; is rumored to be a larger, sportier, and app with LTE, GPS and a heart rate monitor, as well as the Google Assistant integration. It looks similar to the Moto 360 and LG#39;s Urbane 2nd Edition LTE.其中“天使鱼”将会更大、更运动,装载有LTE、GPS和心率监测仪等应用软件,还有一体化的谷歌助手。这款设备看起来很像Moto 360和LG的Urbane2代LTE。It will have a smooth circular shape that curves where the watch band touches the wrist and just three buttons. Possible colours include a dark matte grey branded #39;titanium#39;.它的形状将是一个光滑的弯曲圆形,用表带绑在手腕上,只有三个按键。有可能的配色方案包括一款名为“钛”的深灰色。The second watch, dubbed the #39;Swordfish#39; caters for gadget lovers looking for style over substance.第二款手表绰号“剑鱼”,迎合了粉丝们注重款式胜于材质的需求。It comes in silver, titanium or rose gold, the source disclosed. Smaller than the #39;Angelfish#39; it has a diameter of 42mm and thickness of just 10.6mm, making it almost 10mm thinner than the current Moto 360. Its straps are compatible with Google#39;s MODE bands too, unlike the #39;Angelfish#39;.据知情人士透露,这款手表的配色方案有银色、钛和玫瑰金。“剑鱼”比“天使鱼”略小,直径42毫米,厚度仅10.6毫米,比Moto 360要薄大约10毫米。和“天使鱼”不同,这款手表的表带型号和谷歌的标准表带一样。Both watches will offer Google Assistant integration, although details on exactly how this differentiates from current Android Wear devices is unclear.两款手表都将搭载一体化谷歌助手,但是目前在细节上尚不清楚它们和目前的安卓穿戴设备有什么不同。Following Apple#39;s Watch flop, many will be surprised that the search giant is making the investment in its own device when there are several Android wearables on the market.在Apple Watch已经失败的情况下,许多人都对谷歌感到惊讶,这家公司在市面上存在着多款安卓穿戴设备的情况下,仍然在发明自己的Android Watch。 /201607/454897。

Monday was something of a red-letter day for the tech industry. When the stock market closed, the five most valuable companies on the planet were, for the first time, technology concerns. And they all hailed from the West coast of the US, whether the San Francisco Bay Area (Apple, Alphabet and Facebook) or in and around Seattle (Microsoft and Amazon).对科技行业来说,上周一(8月1日)是个值得纪念的日子。股市收盘时,全球市值最高的5家企业头一次全部是科技企业。并且,它们全部来自美国西海岸,包括旧金山湾区的苹果(Apple)、Alphabet和Facebook,以及西雅图一带的微软(Microsoft)和亚马逊(Amazon)。In subsequent days, ExxonMobil — which held the title of world’s most valuable company until it was overhauled by Apple — edged back above Facebook and Amazon. But it may only be a temporary reprieve. A seemingly inexorable shift in business and stock market momentum is under way, as today’s technology leaders assume a more central place in personal and business life.随后几天,埃克森美孚(ExxonMobil)——曾是全球市值最高的企业,后来被苹果赶超——市值重新超过Facebook和亚马逊。但是,这可能只是昙花一现。随着科技领军企业在个人生活和商业事务中占据着更加核心的位置,商业和股市中也出现了一种似乎势不可挡的转变。Ten years ago, at the height of the PC era, Microsoft was the only tech company in the top 20. Now, though, the big five control a much wider array of digital platforms around which life and work revolve — from smartphones and cloud computing data centres to mobile messaging apps.10年前,在个人电脑(PC)时代的巅峰时期,微软是当时市值最高的20家企业中唯一一家科技公司。然而,如今五巨头控制着在人们生活和工作中占据重要位置、更加多种多样的数字化平台——从智能手机到云计算数据中心,再到移动通讯应用(App)。They are also racing each other to build the next platforms, from virtual reality headsets to driverless cars and digital assistants powered by artificial intelligence.它们还在竞相打造下一个平台,从虚拟现实头盔到无人驾驶汽车,再到由人工智能驱动的数字化助理。Only China, thanks to a domestic market that is hard for outsiders to penetrate, can lay claim to tech companies with the scale and ambition to compete.只有中国——有赖于外来者难以渗入的国内市场——能够拥有在规模和野心上可以与之一较高下的科技企业。That has been underlined by this week’s detente in the ride-hailing wars, which has seen Uber’s global expansion halted and a new Chinese digital champion crowned, in the shape of Didi Chuxing.上周叫车软件之战有所缓和就突显了这一点:优步(Uber)停住了全球扩张的脚步,而一家新的中国数字化冠军企业成功加冕,即滴滴出行(Didi Chuxing)。Today, the key question is: which markets are next in the big five’s sights, as they cast around more widely for growth?如今,关键问题在于:在五巨头在更大范围内寻找增长点之际,它们的下一个目标市场在哪?There is still plenty of room for them to expand in their core markets. Although Google and Facebook are aly the world’s biggest advertising-based businesses, only about 30 per cent of global advertising spend is digital. Two percentage points of this spend shifts from analogue to digital every year, leaving room for plenty of expansion.目前它们的核心市场仍然有足够空间供它们扩张。尽管谷歌(Google,上图为谷歌的总部)和Facebook已是全球最大的以广告业务为基础的企业,但是全球广告出仅有30%来自数字化领域。每年有2个百分点的广告出从模拟广告转向数字化广告,因此有足够的扩张空间。However, in other markets, such as smartphones, growth is harder to come by. For a company as big as Apple, the only hope for material expansion comes from breaking into a huge new business, like automobiles. Giant bets like this, or Google’s “moonshot” projects, are hard to assess. Closer to home, there are two areas that seem more likely to support growth in the short and medium term.然而,在智能手机等其他市场,要取得增长困难得多。对于像苹果这么大的企业,实现大规模扩张的唯一希望是进军一项市场庞大的新业务,例如汽车领域。诸如此类或者谷歌的Moonshot项目之类的豪赌,很难评估。目前有两个领域似乎更有可能撑中短期增长。One is building and running the infrastructure on which the digital economy runs. Companies that make hardware and software, or sell IT services, are facing disruption as their customers spend more on cloud services rather than extending their own IT systems.其中一个是为数字化经济打造和运行基础设施。由于用户选择增加在云务方面的出更不是升级IT系统,制造硬件和软件、或者提供IT务的企业正面临分崩离析的局面。Much of Amazon’s recent stock market advance reflects the huge opportunity that its cloud platform business, AWS, now has. Microsoft’s renewed relevance in the tech world, following the sidelining of the PC, reflects a similar shift to the cloud, where it is now Amazon’s closest competitor.亚马逊最近的股价升势在很大程度上反映出其云平台业务AWS眼下坐拥的巨大机遇。在PC业务边缘化后,微软调整了在科技领域的定位,同样转向云务。如今微软是亚马逊在云务领域实力最接近的对手。And the second promising growth area is in applications for the pervasive new platform emerging from developments in cloud and mobile computing. In the past, Microsoft, with Office, cornered the market for the main applications that ran on its PC operating system. But the next big digital applications will reach into many more corners of life and touch many more businesses.第二个前景不错的增长领域是App,也就是为那些随着云务和移动计算的发展而出现的无处不在的新平台打造App。过去,凭借Office软件,微软垄断了在其PC操作系统中运行的主要应用的市场。但是下一个重要的数字化App将更加深入生活的方方面面,触及更多领域。Uber’s use of a mobile app to invade the taxi business is the blueprint for this. It is now angling to become a new transport and logistics platform itself. Now, the big five — with their large user bases and control of their own platforms — should have an advantage when it comes to developing new applications like this. But it does not guarantee they will be the ones to grab the opportunities first.优步利用一款手机App侵入出租车业务,便反映了这一点。如今优步的目标是成为一个全新的运输和物流平台。在研发此类新App方面,五大巨头——以其巨大的用户基础和对各自平台的控制——应该拥有优势。但是这并不能保它们会最先抓住机遇。Facebook’s unveiling of a virtual clone of the rival Snapchat app is a sign of the justifiable paranoia that even the biggest digital companies can feel. While the social network has shown itself to be an effective fast-follower, it will struggle to outrun all the innovation unleashed by the new open digital platforms. Facebook发布了一款实质上复制竞争对手Snapchat的App,表明了即便是最大的数字化公司也会犯的无可非议的偏执。尽管这家社交网站已明自己是一个高效的快速模仿者,但是它将难以超越各种开放型的新数字平台带来的所有创新。Indeed, the history of other seemingly unstoppable tech companies, such as IBM and Microsoft, should give others hope. Competition regulations, as well as the increasing difficulty of staying on the cutting edge as they become giant companies, are among the factors that eventually weigh them down.IBM、微软等一些曾经看似势不可挡的科技企业的历史,应该会给其他企业带来希望。与竞争相关的法规,以及随着它们成为巨头后要保持在行业最前沿的难度日益加大,这些都是最终压制它们的因素。But for the other companies battling against their current stock market dominance, that may be cold comfort.但是对于其他正与当前在股市占主导地位的巨头相抗衡的企业来说,这或许起不到安慰作用。 /201608/459319。

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a goal that#39;s even more ambitious than connecting the entire world to the internet: He and his wife want to help eradicate all disease by the end of this century.与用互联网连接整个世界相比,社交网站脸谱首席执行官马克#8226;扎克伯格有更为雄心勃勃的目标:他和妻子想要在本世纪末帮助治愈人类所有疾病。Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan are committing billion over the next 10 years to accelerate basic scientific research, including the creation of research tools — from software to hardware to yet-undiscovered techniques — they hope will ultimately lead to scientific breakthroughs, the way the microscope and DNA sequencing have in generations past.扎克伯格和普莉希拉#8226;陈宣布在未来十年中,将投资30亿美元用于基础科学研究,包括软件、硬件以及新技术等研究工具的开发。他们希望最终能够实现像显微镜和DNA测序那样的巨大科学突破。The goal, which they are unlikely to live to see accomplished, is to #39;cure, prevent or manage all disease#39; in the next 80 or so years.这一目标旨在接下来80年的时间里治疗、预防或控制所有的疾病,尽管在两人有生之年不大可能看到目标实现。They acknowledge that this might sound crazy, but point to how far medicine and science have come in the last century — with vaccines, statins for heart disease, chemotherapy, and so on — following millennia with little progress.他们承认这听起来有点疯狂,但在过去一千年间未有明显进展的医药科学在疫苗、心脏病抑制素、化学治疗等方面取得重大进步也不过就是一个世纪的事情。He and Chan have spent the past two years speaking to scientists and other experts to plan the endeavor.过去两年间夫妇俩一直在同科学家和其它专家商讨此项计划。He emphasized #39;that this isn#39;t something where we just a book and decided we#39;re going to do.#39;扎克伯格强调这个计划并不是我们哪天看了一本书然后突然决定要做的。Through their philanthropic organization, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, the commitment includes 0 million to fund a new research center in San Francisco where scientific and medical researchers will work alongside engineers on long-term projects spanning years or even decades.二人通过自己的慈善组织陈#8226;扎克伯格基金会向旧金山新建的一所研究中心捐赠6亿美元,资助科学和医学研究人员和工程师进行长期项目的合作,该项目将延续好几年甚至几十年。The goal is not to focus narrowly on specific ailments, such as bone cancer or Parkinson#39;s disease, but rather to do basic research. 该项目的目标将不是局限于治疗像骨癌和帕金森氏症等一类的特殊疾病,而是致力于基础研究。One example: a cell atlas that maps out all the different types of cells in the body, which could help researchers create various types of drugs.例如:绘制细胞图谱。图谱包含了体内所有类型的细胞,可帮助研究人员研发出不同类型的药物。Chan#39;s work as a pediatrician seems to be a big driver in their couple#39;s decision to take up this latest cause.作为儿科医生,陈女士似乎在这项捐赠决定中起了非常大的推动作用。#39;I#39;ve been with families where we#39;ve hit the limit of what#39;s possible through medicine and science,#39; Chan said. 陈女士说:行医过程中,我曾遇到一些病患家庭,尽管我们已经尝试了当代医药科学的一切手段也无力回天。#39;I#39;ve had to tell families devastating diagnoses of leukemia, or that we just weren#39;t able to resuscitate their child.#39;而我能做的要么是通知家属孩子患上白血病的噩耗,要么是残忍地告诉他们我们无能为力。Zuckerberg and Chan hope that their effort will inspire other far-reaching efforts and collaboration in science, medicine and engineering, so that basic research is no longer relegated to the margins.扎克伯格和陈女士希望他们的努力能够启发其他人投入进来,在更广泛的领域促进科学、医药和工程的合作,让基础研究不再被边缘化。#39;We spend 50 times more on health care treating people who are sick than we spend on science research (to cure) diseases so that people don#39;t get sick in the first place,#39; Zuckerberg said.扎克伯格说,我们用于治疗身体不适的人群的保健资金比用于治疗疾病的科研资金多50倍,为的就是让人们从一开始就不得病。He added that the approach reflects a belief that #39;people are always going to suffer from disease so therefore we should focus on treating people who are sick.#39;他还说这反映出的是一种信念,人们早晚都要经历这些疾病,因此我们应该集中全力治疗身体不适但尚未得病的人。The two stressed that they believe that their goal can be accomplished, if not in their lifetime, then in their child#39;s lifetime.扎克伯格夫妇强调,他们相信目标一定能够实现,如果不是在他们的有生之年,就是在他们孩子生活的年代。It was Max#39;s birth last November that inspired the billionaire couple to give away nearly all their money to help solve the world#39;s problems.去年十一月份扎克伯格女儿麦柯斯的出生促使这对亿万富豪夫妇捐献出几乎全部财产,用于解决世界难题。 /201609/468704。

Xu Ye is a thoroughly modern metropolitan millennial. She s science and cultural articles on the way into work, takes and dispatches orders from her boss, lunches on organic produce in an NGO-run community garden and picks up artisanal b on the way home.徐烨(音译)是十分现代的都市“千禧一代”。她在上班途中阅读科学文化类的文章,到了公司听老板吩咐办事,午餐吃的是非政府组织(NGO)管理的一个社区花园生产的有机食物,下班后顺路买手工面包带回家。By Chinese standards, she says, her life in Shanghai is “peculiar”. But in one key respect it is utterly typical: like hundreds of millions of her compatriots, she carries out much of her daily life over Weixin, a wildly popular messaging app, on her smartphone.她说,按照中国人的标准,她在上海的生活有些“古怪”。但她在一个重要的方面却是再典型不过了:与数亿同胞一样,她每天花很长时间在她智能手机上安装的微信(Weixin)上度过,这是一款非常受欢迎的即时通讯应用。Her connected lifestyle is largely thanks to Tencent, a 5bn internet company whose social platforms have become a part of the very fabric of Chinese lives. For people like Ms Xu, Tencent’s myriad apps and services offer a way to work, play and pay.她的“互联生活”在很大程度上要归功于腾讯(Tencent),这是一家市值高达2250亿美元的互联网公司,它的社交平台已成为中国人生活中的一部分。对于徐烨等许许多多的人而言,腾讯的众多应用和务为他们提供了工作、玩乐和付款的手段。It is, says one banker, “a social enterprise powerhouse”: under one roof, it has amassed China’s answer to Facebook, WhatsApp, Spotify, Kindle and ApplePay. Chi Tsang, internet analyst at HS, says Tencent has “the most killer apps in the world”. Weixin, along with the WeChat app outside China, has 846m active monthly subscribers.一位人士表示,它是“社会企业巨擘”:单单一家公司就汇集了中国版的Facebook、WhatsApp、Spotify、Kindle和ApplePay。汇丰(HS)互联网分析师曾琪(Chi Tsang)表示,腾讯拥有“全球最多的杀手级应用”。微信加上海外版的WeChat总共拥有8.46亿月度活跃用户。Tencent also has a huge multibillion investment portfolio, ranging from stakes in Didi Chuxing, China’s biggest ride-sharing company, through to start-ups. It dabbles in artificial intelligence, electric cars and bike sharing. Its posse of champion hackers managed to gain remote control of Tesla’s Model S, forcing the US carmaker to roll out a security patch.腾讯还有为数众多的大手笔投资,持有中国最大驾乘共享公司滴滴出行(Didi Chuxing)的股份,也参股了多家初创企业。腾讯还涉足人工智能、电动汽车和共享单车领域。腾讯的顶级黑客成功地远程控制了特斯拉(Tesla)的Model S,迫使这家美国汽车制造商推出了一个安全补丁。“They started with distribution and now they are monetising everything they can,” says Scott Likens, a partner in the emerging tech practice at PwC. “It is the opposite of the traditional business where you’ve got the product and say, ‘Now let’s find the customers’.”“他们先从渠道做起,如今正试图在所有力所能及的业务上实现货币化,”普华永道(PwC)新兴技术业务合伙人李敬思(Scott Likens)表示,“传统企业先弄出产品,然后说‘现在让我们寻找客户吧’,腾讯却相反。”Fittingly, it is based in Shenzhen, a fishing backwater turned bustling metropolis across the border from Hong Kong. It was here that Deng Xiaoping in 1992 launched the then-isolated country on its rollicking ride into capitalism, and today it is China’s answer to Silicon Valley.总部在深圳和腾讯很相称。昔日落后渔村已成为毗邻香港的繁华大都市,1992年,邓小平就是在这里引领当时还被孤立的中国走上了生机勃勃的资本主义道路,如今,这里已成为中国的硅谷。The company employs 3,000 workers, more than half of whom are in research and development. While its home market is by far and away the largest, Tencent has an overseas presence in many sectors — its WeChat payments app can even be used at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.腾讯有3000名员工,其中超过一半从事研发工作。目前腾讯最大的市场在本土,但也在海外涉足众多行业,其WeChat付应用甚至可以在的凯撒宫酒店(Caesars Palace)使用。“They are everywhere, the US, Europe — especially among Chinese speakers because if you want to contact business or family in China there is only one way to contact them, and that’s WeChat,” says Elinor Leung, a research analyst at CLSA.里昂券(CLSA)研究分析师梁向奕(Elinor Leung)表示:“到处都在用,美国,欧洲——特别是在华语人群中,因为如果你想要联系中国的生意伙伴或家人,一般都只会用WeChat。”Alongside Baidu and Alibaba, it is one of China’s three largest internet groups (they are collectively known as BAT). But its Hong Kong listing, in June 2004, differentiates Tencent from its rivals, which headed to the US capital markets.腾讯和百度、阿里巴巴并称“中国互联网三巨头”(BAT)。但腾讯于2014年6月在香港上市,有别于都在美国上市的两家竞争对手。That decision alone won it accolades. “Tencent has a better corporate governance than Google or Facebook,” says Richard Windsor, founder of independent research company Radio Free Mobile, pointing to its spurning of the dual-class shareholding allowed in the US but banned in Hong Kong.腾讯选择香港为上市地受到了赞誉。独立研究公司Radio Free Mobile创始人理查德.温莎(Richard Windsor)表示:“腾讯的公司治理水平好于谷歌(Google)和Facebook。”他指的是腾讯放弃了在美国允许但在香港禁止的双重股权结构。Strategically, however, it has evolved along similar lines to its Silicon Valley peers, says one banker. “Tencent has had a typical US-style upbringing: for the first three to four years [after its initial public offering] it did nothing; [management] just delivered on what they said they would.”然而,一位人士表示,从战略上来说,腾讯的发展道路与硅谷同行类似。“腾讯的发展有典型的美式风格:(IPO后)头三四年,它什么都没做;(管理层)只是兑现了承诺。”That steady push up the ranks is typical of its founder, Pony Ma (his name is a pun: Ma means horse in Chinese). Unlike his namesake Jack Ma at Alibaba, Tencent’s Mr Ma shuns the limelight and favours a low-key sartorial style that colleagues and acquaintances say is emblematic of his nerdy persona.这种稳扎稳打的做法体现了腾讯创始人马化腾(Pony Ma)的风格,与同宗的阿里巴巴的马云(Jack Ma)不同,马化腾不喜欢成为公众关注的焦点,他衣着低调,同事和朋友说这符合他的书呆子形象。An engineer by training, the 45-year-old is listed as the world’s 46th richest man by Forbes, with a net worth of .9bn. But he prefers philanthropy over a splashy lifestyle, with the only conspicuous display of his wealth being a palatial home in Hong Kong.作为科班出身的工程师,45岁的马化腾位列《福布斯》(Forbes)全球富豪榜第46位,净资产为219亿美元。但与奢华的生活方式相比,他更喜欢从事慈善,唯一彰显个人财富的是他在香港的一幢豪宅。Paying for content付费内容Mr Ma started Tencent in 1998 as the messaging service QQ — not in a garage, Silicon Valley-style, but in a high-tech park in Shenzhen, jammed between hustlers selling pirated phones and PC repairs. Online gaming was added in 2004 and is now the group’s major revenue driver, accounting for Rmb18.2bn (.6bn), or almost half of its third-quarter sales. Unlike NetEase, its Chinese rival, Tencent has largely licensed rather than produced its own games.1998年,马化腾创办了腾讯,推出即时通讯务QQ,不是像硅谷公司那样在车库创办,而是在深圳的一个科技园,那里满是销售山寨手机的贩子和个人电脑(PC)维修商。2004年,腾讯涉足网络游戏,如今网游已成为其主要收入来源,今年第三季度实现销售额182亿元人民币 (合26亿美元),占集团近一半。与本土竞争对手网易(NetEase)不同,腾讯基本上只代理游戏,而不是自己制作。This year, however, it doubled down on its bet by paying .6bn for a majority stake in Clash of Clans developer Supercell, passing on some of the cost to a consortium of investors and keeping the Finnish developer’s management in place.不过今年腾讯加大了在游戏上的赌注,斥资86亿美元购入芬兰游戏开发公司Supercell多数股权,由一个投资者财团负担部分成本,并保持Supercell管理层不变。Supercell出品的游戏包括《部落冲突》(Clash of Clans)。“They have a long-term view on gaming,” says one banker, who reckons half of all deals they look at on a daily basis fall within the sector. “They are definitely looking outbound.”“他们在游戏领域有着长远眼光,”一位人士表示,“它们无疑放眼海外。”他估计,在他们日常考察的交易中,有一半在游戏领域。More generally, content — specifically exclusive, copyrighted content — is a top priority for Tencent. It operates on a “freemium” revenue model, offering some content free and charging at the premium end.腾讯把内容(特别是独家、有版权的内容)放在最重要位置上。它采用“免费增值”模式,免费提供部分内容,对高端内容收费。This, Mr Tsang says, plays into “the increasing propensity of China users to pay for content” — something they initially shunned, turning instead to pirated movies and music.汇丰的曾琪表示,这符合“中国用户日益愿意为内容付费的倾向”,中国用户最初不愿付费,宁可选择盗版电影和音乐。“Over the past two years the government has cracked down on pirated content and even the ones you still get, the quality is so bad relative to what you can get from Baidu and the others,” he says. “And the operators have got smarter about putting quality content behind the paywall.”“过去两年中,中国政府一直在打击盗版内容,即便你现在仍可以获得盗版内容,但与百度和其他供应商提供的内容相比,盗版的质量非常糟糕,”他表示,“对于怎么把优质内容放置在付费墙后面,运营商变得更加聪明了。”Thus Tencent, which has exclusive coverage in China of the NBA basketball championships, can charge viewers Rmb22 a month for a basic subscription and Rmb60 for premium viewing.拥有NBA中国大陆独家网络播放权的腾讯,对体育业务基础会员每月收费22元人民币,高端会员则收费60元人民币。Like Alibaba, Tencent “has gone well beyond copying [the west],” adds another banker. “They are inventing and reinventing what their businesses should be”. Tencent’s Moments feed on WeChat prefaced Facebook’s addition of Messenger and the bn acquisition of WhatsApp.另一位家补充称,与阿里巴巴一样,腾讯“远不止模仿(西方)”。“他们正在发明和再发明业务模式”。腾讯先推出了微信朋友圈,Facebook才增加Messenger功能和以220亿美元收购WhatsApp。Payments are another case in point. China’s online third-party smartphone payments market dwarfs that of the US: iResearch estimates it to be worth Rmb15.7tn in 2016 — 28 times the .5bn forecast by eMarketer for the US in 2017 — and Rmb28.5tn in 2018.付是另一个例子。中国的第三方智能手机在线付市场让美国市场相形见绌:艾瑞咨询(iResearch)估计,中国这个市场2016年价值15.7万亿元人民币——是eMarketer预测的美国市场2017年625亿美元价值的28倍——到2018年将达到28.5万亿元人民币。It is dominated by Alipay, which is operated by Alibaba affiliate Ant Financial and has more than half the market, but TenPay ranks second with a 38.3 per cent share in the third quarter, according to Citibank.付市场由付宝(Alipay)主导,后者由阿里巴巴旗下蚂蚁金(Ant Financial)运营,占有逾一半的市场份额,但花旗(Citibank)数据显示,今年第三季度财付通(Tenpay)以38.3%的份额排名第二。Tencent’s Mr Ma said in May that the average number of mobile transactions exceeded 500m a day, and that over Chinese new year — when it is traditional to hand out hong bao, or red envelopes of money — more than 2.5bn virtual packets were distributed across its platform.马化腾今年5月表示,腾讯移动付日均交易超过5亿笔,在有着发红包传统的中国农历新年期间,逾25亿个虚拟红包通过其平台发出。Tencent favours a cautious approach to monetising its database of active monthly users. Rather than blitz Moments with ads and risk the sort of backlash dished out to Facebook, Tencent has restricted itself for now to a maximum of one ad per user each day.腾讯对于从其月度活跃用户数据库获取盈利持谨慎态度。它目前限制每位用户每天最多发一条广告,而不是在朋友圈用广告狂轰滥炸,从而像Facebook那样遭受抵制。UBS estimates WeChat Moments’ ad load at about 1 per cent of non-advertising content, compared with 7-10 per cent for Facebook, leaving big scope for growth. In 2015, online advertising made up 17 per cent of revenues.瑞银(UBS)估计,微信朋友圈的广告量与非广告内容的比率大约是1%,而Facebook的这一比例是7%-10%,这让微信有了很大的增长空间。2015年,在线广告占到微信收入的17%。China’s mobile ad market was worth Rmb90bn in 2015, according to iResearch, up 178 per cent year on year, and is forecast to grow at a compound annual rate of 54 per cent from 2015 to 2018.艾瑞咨询表示,中国移动广告市场在2015年价值900亿元人民币,同比增长178%,并预计从2015年到2018年期间复合增长年率达到54%。Yet monetising the subscribers — and its database — offers the real keys to the kingdom for China’s BAT contingent and their global peers.然而,对中国互联网三巨头及其全球同行来说,从用户(及其数据库)身上盈利可以带来真正的开辟王朝之钥。Native ads are increasing in China, as elsewhere, and Tencent is helping to rewrite the rules of engagement for digital advertising. Take the entertainment show A Date with a Superstar, produced by Tencent and sponsored by L’Oréal, whose cosmetic products twirl across the screen. Ad Age describes the show as “essentially a giant commercial”.与其他地区一样,中国原生广告日益增长,腾讯正帮助改写数字广告的业务规则。以腾讯制作、欧莱雅(L#39;Oréal)赞助的节目《约吧,大明星》(A Date with a Superstar)为例,欧莱雅的化妆品飘浮在屏幕上。广告时代(Ad Age)将这个节目描述为“本质上是一部商业大片”。Other consumer goods companies are following suit with similar partnerships. “They’re attracting the big spenders who have been active in TV and are now embracing online advertising,” says one analyst.其他消费品公司纷纷效仿,展开类似的合作。一位分析师表示:“它们正在吸引以前活跃在电视上、现在拥抱在线广告的大金主。”Not everyone buys the monetisation story. Mr Windsor argues that Tencent’s different platforms make it harder to aggregate and exploit the big data they are sitting on. QQ and WeChat have yet to be fully integrated, for example.并非所有人都看好货币化故事。温莎指出,腾讯各个不同的平台让它更难整合利用它们坐拥的大数据。例如,QQ和微信迄今仍未完全整合。“I don’t see Tencent being y to grab this opportunity in 2017, and so in the short term a slowdown looks inevitable,” he says.他说:“我认为腾讯还没有准备好在2017年抓住这个机遇,因此短期内放缓显得不可避免。”Big data, Big brother大数据,老大哥Calling China home offers the BAT companies a huge advantage: international competitors are largely locked out and the trio owe at least part of their success to the absence of the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google.中国互联网三巨头的本土身份具有极大优势:国际竞争对手基本上被排除在外,三巨头的成功至少部分归因于没有面临Facebook、Twitter和谷歌等的竞争。However, calling communist China home has a darker side, and an Orwellian shadow hangs over the BAT.然而,在社会主义中国拥有本土身份也有不利的一面,极权阴影笼罩着互联网三巨头。The first is straightforward censorship. Usefully for its global expansion, Tencent’s WeChat operates two systems of censorship, with users registered outside China able to access more sensitive words than those inside the country.首先是明确的审查制度。腾讯的微信有两套审查制度,在中国境外注册的用户能够比国内注册用户看到更敏感的话语,这有利于其全球的扩张。Potentially more insidious are China’s plans to build a social credit rating system based on online behaviour. At face value, this plugs a glaring gap. China’s rapid but uneven development means only an estimated 20-30 per cent of the population is covered by the existing rating system, says Alfred Shang, a financial services partner at Bain amp; Co.更隐秘的审查可能来自中国基于在线行为建立社会信用评级体系的计划。表面看来,这能填补一个明显的空白。贝恩公司(Bain amp; Co)的金融务合伙人项安达(Alfred Shang)表示,中国快速但不均衡的发展意味着,估计只有20%-30%的人口被现有的评级体系覆盖。The fears in China go beyond being excluded from loans due to their online profile. Some fear the plan, published by Beijing last year and due to roll out nationwide by 2020, aims to use algorithms and big data to rate citizens’ “honesty” and “trustworthiness” alongside their creditworthiness. At the worst, say privacy advocates, the system is designed for mass surveillance.令人担忧的不只是因为在线记录不佳而无法获得贷款。一些人担心,中国政府去年发布的这份将会到2020年全国推行的计划,旨在使用算法和大数据对公民的“诚实”、“守信”和信誉进行评价。倡导保护隐私的人士表示,最糟糕的情况是该体系的目的可能是为了实施大规模的监控。“I kind of worry if Chinese users are going to push back against that,” says one analyst. “A credit score is one thing, but a social score seems a little bit overstepping that.”一位分析师表示:“我有点担心中国用户是否会反抗,信用评分是一方面,但社会评分似乎有点过头。”PwC’s Mr Likens adds: “I think there’s a dangerous slope. You are getting access to really personal data now. You are getting into who I am as a person and that does bring up some concerns.”普华永道的李敬思补充称:“我认为这是个危险的倾向。你现在能够获取真正的个人数据。你进入我私人的领域,这的确会引发一些担忧。”The plan is ambitious and observers question the ability to roll it out by 2020. Until then — and probably afterwards as well — the big data amassed by Tencent and its peers are primarily viewed at face value: a fabulous treasure trove of consumer information on shopping, eating, travelling and wealth.该计划雄心勃勃,观察者们怀疑到2020年是否能够全面推行。到时(或许2020年以后也是),腾讯及其同行收集的大数据会被认真看待:一个关于消费者购物、餐饮、旅游和财富的巨大信息宝藏。Additional reporting by Yuan Yang寻找独角兽企业:收购潮让硅谷风投黯然失色Looking for unicorns: Buying spree puts Valley VCs in shadeTencent is an avid dealmaker. In the past 18 months the company has spent .65bn on acquisitions, according to Dealogic data — more than the .6bn spent by Sequoia, the Silicon Valley venture capital group, over the same period.腾讯热衷于缔结交易。Dealogic数据显示,在过去18个月里,腾讯斥资376.5亿美元进行收购,超过了硅谷风险资本集团红杉资本(Sequoia)同期266亿美元的并购额。Supercell, the Finnish games group behind Clash of Clans, tops Tencent’s list. But there is a long tail of smaller deals that falls broadly into two categories — stakes in big tech players in China and smaller incubation-style deals. “They’re out there looking for unicorns,” as one banker puts it.腾讯最大规模的并购交易是收购了推出《部落战争》(Clash of Clans)的芬兰游戏集团Supercell。但还有其他一长串较小规模的交易,这基本上可以分为两类,一类是买进中国大型科技集团的股权,另一类是较小的孵化器风格的交易。一位家表示:“他们在那里寻找独角兽企业。”That makes it distinct from Alibaba, which is less keen on minority stakes. But there is another difference, notes Elinor Leung, an analyst at CLSA: Tencent is building a business ecosystem on top of a social network while Alibaba has a business ecosystem and is building a social platform.这让它不同于阿里巴巴,后者不太热衷于少数股权。但里昂券的梁向奕指出,另一点不同是,腾讯在社交网络的基础之上打造商业生态系统,而阿里巴巴已经有了商业生态系统,正在打造社交平台。Tencent’s stakes in China’s tech world include Didi Chuxing, the taxi hailing app now part owned by Uber and Apple; ecommerce website JD.com; the Craigslist-style 58.Com; and food delivery app Meituan-Dianping. All of these sites accept TenPay.腾讯入股的中国科技企业包括现在由优步(Uber)和苹果(Apple)部分持股的叫车务应用滴滴出行(Didi Chuxing);电商网站京东(JD.com);Craigslist风格的58同城(58.com)以及送餐应用美团点评(Meituan-Dianping)。所有这些网站都接受财付通付。“They are just putting everything on their platform,” says Ms Leung.梁向奕表示:“它们只是把一切东西放在自己的平台上。”Tencent is helped in its investment endeavours by having bankers at the top. Both Martin Lau, president, and James Mitchell, chief strategy officer, are Goldman Sachs alumni.腾讯有家担任高层职务,这有助于其投资活动。总裁刘炽平(Martin Lau)和首席战略官詹姆斯.米切尔(James Mitchell)都曾在高盛(Goldman Sachs)工作过。Rival lawyers and investment bankers express respect about Tencent’s approach to cutting deals. “No renegotiations, no dramas,” says one party who has sat around the table with them.竞争对手的律师和投行家们对腾讯缔结交易的方法表达了敬意。一位与他们谈判的当事人表示:“没有重新谈判,就没有峰回路转。”Adds another: “They are very principled, very progressive. and Chinese to just the right level.”另一人补充称:“他们非常有原则,非常开明,是非常得体的中国人。” /201612/484971。

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Your ego is likely to convey that underlying message that you shouldn’t speak in public anymore just to avoid the pain of getting hurt or disappointed again.Well, don’t beat yourself up over it. Be aware that this is your subsconscious’ way of protecting you. But despite the good intentions, choosing to run away from it is literally putting yourself on dystrophy mode. You’ll never be able to do well in public speaking not because it’s true you lacked the talent but rather because you’ve decided not to give yourself a second shot at it anymore!(2) Make a Decision amp; Watch Your Focus ShiftIn most of my cases, I realize my frustration and anxiety is at its worse when I’m split on a decision. Whether to take up the challenge or say “no”. The former requires some guts but whenever I do so, the negative energy caused by my frustration soon turned into proactive forces. I’ll start brainstorming ways to alleviate the situation. Such as putting in more effort to practice or research the skill I need to develop.Strangely at the same time, I’ll find comfort within myself. For example, even though I was worried about affecting the necktie sales, I eventually told myself that my assistance was actually to help my brother-in-law resolve an urgent resource issue, which was far more pressing than a slight drop in Sales.I find myself focusing on another aspect of the whole situation so much so that it takes the pressure off the results. Think of it this way. Assuming you’ve just taken an examination and the score for a pass is 50 marks. You got 45. If your focus is on passing, I’m sure you’ll feel terrible. But what if your plan is to do better than your previous grade, which was 20 marks? You’ll have achieved 125% improvement, way above what you’ve intended!(3) Observe gt; Practice gt; Review gt; PracticeWhen the focus is shifted and the stress to perform is greatly reduced, you’ll gradually build up that self belief that it’s probably not going to be that tough after all. By following up this school of thought with the 4 action steps of observe, practice, review and practice, trust me, you’ll be able to hone the skill that you thought you didn’t have the talent for. Just like what I did to be better in dancing.After my high school saga, I never really had a chance to dance again. Until my University hostel committee organized a party at a club where we were all invited to the dance floor after the dinner. I was initially reluctant to join them - mainly because I don’t want to embarrass myself - but when everyone at our table popped down to the dance floor, a friend just dragged me by the arm. I didn’t have time to say “no”.Under the music and shimmering lights, I suddenly realized that everyone was so busy having fun that no one would notice my obscure dance moves! I began to shift my focus. Instead of being conscious about my dance steps, I just concentrate on swaying my body with the music.And as I did so, I started taking note of how others danced, played copycat a little, review the response from my friend on my moves - well, she didn’t say anything bad - and quickly continued with it. At the end of the day, I was having so much fun that for the first time ever, I felt that dancing wasn’t totally beyond me! As much as I thought it was.(4) Have Fun In The Process!Once everything becomes almost second nature to you through your observation, practice, review and continuous practice, what determines if you’ll ever do well in that domain really depends on how much fun you’re beginning to derive from it. Nowadays, I’m usually the one initiating for a chillout at the clubs, occasionally receiving a bonus compliment that I dance quite naturally. And yes, none believed that I used to be so bad in dancing that I had to have remedial lessons.Do you now enjoy the attention of speaking on the stage? Are you gradually opening up to the idea of breaking ceilings of sales one after another? Will you like to go dancing to the tune of the music and sweating it out again? When you derive a lot of fun and satisfaction from that something didn’t know you could do well it, it will eventually develop an impetus for you to know more, learn more and practice more. That, in turn avalanches your achievement as you become skilled in it.Though I still face a lot of insecurities in reattempting stuff I used to do badly in - things that I totally felt I wasn’t born with the gift for - such little successes over the years have helped to mitigate that frustration and fear. I know there’s still a chance for me to do well in it. 对于阻碍人们直面挑战的缘由,一个最常听到的抱怨就是他们自以为不具备战胜挑战的“X-因子”。通常,这种结论要么是在经历过类似的事情上的失败后得出的要么就是面对一种全新的事物而使他们无从期待。他们会想“不,我可不再干了,我以前已经试过,不是失败了吗?”,“我不是那块料”或者“我永远不可能像他那么优秀”,所以他们就选择放弃来避免失败的尴尬,哪怕是那些只要他们再努力一次就会对他们的生命产生重大意义的事情。我承认我也是这些抱怨者中的一员。除了以前把判定自己在销售方面没有天赋之外,我曾经还常常认定自己是一个差劲的舞者。。。呵呵。在高中的时候,我是学校唱诗班中的一员。在一次海外音乐会的时候,我还选去参加全体女子表演项目。我们要同时唱一小段歌,跳一小段舞。我们中的一些人(包括我自己)很僵硬,以至于在音乐会前,每隔一晚上我们都要去我们的女指导员的酒店房间里接受矫正训练!是的,我们那时就是那么差劲。现在我和朋友去泡吧的时候,几乎没人说我是一个差劲的舞者了。或许你还会认为我没有参加过任何舞蹈培训班。我只是换了一种思维。实际上,当我自己看这件事,我想这种思维可能也会让我在销售领域取得成功。方式如下:(1) 做最坏的打算相信我,当你面临一些你已经给自己贴了“无此项天赋”标签的角色或工作的挑战时,你只要首先做好最坏的打算就可以了。比如,你会不可避免的回忆起在你不知所措的时候,别人对你的嘲笑。你的内心可能会有一个声音阻止你再在公开场合演讲以避免被伤害或失望的痛苦。不要为此自责。这是你潜意识里自我保护的表现。但是除去这些好的意愿,你选择逃避才是真正使你心情不好的原因。你再也不能在公众场合演讲了,不是因为你没有天赋,而是因为你不肯再给自己一次机会。(2) 做出决定 amp; 慎重考虑注意力的转移在我大多数经历中,我发现在我取消一个决定时,我的沮丧和忧虑会达到最糟糕的程度。要么选择面对挑战,要么选择逃避。选择前者需要一些勇气。可是每次我选择直面挑战时,由于的沮丧而产生的消极能量就会迅速变成积极的力量。于是我就开始以头脑风暴的方式去是我面临的处境好转。比如花更多的精力去实践,或者研究我需要的技术。同时也很奇怪,我会对自己的行为处境感到舒适。比如说,尽管我很担心领带销量被影响,我还是会告诉自己,我的助手去帮助夫解决一个紧急的原料问题,和销售量下降比起来,那可重要多了。我发现自己对整个情况的另外一方面如此专注,以至于清楚了结果带给我的压力。不妨这样想想,设想你只是在参加一场比赛,及格分数是50分。你的了45分。如果你的注意力集中在 “及格”上,我敢肯定你的心情会很糟。但是如果你的目标是超越自己上一次的分数—20分,感觉又会如何?你会觉得自己有了125%的提高,已经超过了你自己的预期!(3) 观察 gt; 实践 gt;揣 gt;再实践当你转移注意力之后,压力就会大大地减小。你会逐渐建立起自我信念,会发现可能建立自信根本就没那么难。按照这个思维训练的4步曲:观察,实践,揣,再实践,相信我,你一定会练就你原本以为自己所没有的天赋,就像我为提高自己舞蹈技能时所做的那样去做。在高中的传奇之后,我再也没有真正拥有过跳舞的机会了。直到我读大学,学校青年招待所委员会在一个俱乐部里组织了一个聚会。晚餐后,我们都应邀去了那个俱乐部的舞厅。一开始,我真不愿意加入-----主要是因为我不想让自己尴尬。但是当我们桌的人都涌入舞厅时,一个朋友抓住我的手臂,我来不及说“不”就被他拽入了舞池。在音乐声和闪烁的灯光之下,我突然意识到大家都忙着享受这欢快的时刻,根本就不会有人注意到我不雅的舞姿!我开始转移我的注意力。我不再紧盯着自己的舞步,而是随着音乐扭动着自己的身体。当我随着音乐舞动的时候,我开始注意别人的舞步,开始模仿,开始观察朋友对我的舞姿的反应------其实,她对我没有任何不好评价------我又迅速地继续这样的改进方式。最后,我在那天感觉到了前所未有的快乐!我觉得那天的舞蹈是自己的一个真实水平,和我想的差不多。(4) 享受过程!通过你的观察,实践,揣,和继续实践,一旦一切都成为你的第二天性的时候,你在这个领域做什么样的决定就真的要取决于你开始从中得到多少乐趣了。如今,我常常是俱乐部里第一个需要“冷却”的人类,时不时还能得到夸奖说我的舞跳得自然。自然,没人相信我曾经舞技烂到要上矫正课的地步。你现在享受在舞台上说话所得到的关注了吗?你逐渐形成了突破销售量层层困难的想法了吗?你愿意再次随着音乐舞到大汗淋漓吗?当你从自己不确信能做的事情中获得巨大喜悦和满足感时,那次经历就会成为你去做更多了解,更多锻炼的动力。那也会随着你技能的娴熟而打破你曾经的成绩。尽管我现在对重新尝试我曾经失败的那些事情-------我觉得自己天生就不是那块料的事情心存疑虑,这些年所取得的一些小的成功已经帮我减轻了那种沮丧和恐惧。我知道我还有机会去做好它。 /200806/42664。