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8Xv*Be9pJpXA3GS)Uswt@u_8!%QkQcp,oJ7LTSeJThe journey is tough but the goings good.旅途艰苦,但过程还算顺利Zb%CC|9kriIN)1K1YJ。Tamsen Donner writes in her journal:I could never believe we could have traveled so far with so little difficulty.塔姆森·唐纳在日志中写道:我简直不敢相信,虽然行进了如此之远,途中却鲜有磨难|pZ0c~[ZW]。Indeed if we do not experience anything worse, I shall say the trouble is all in getting started.要是前方没有更大的磨难的话,我不得不说这一路也就启程之时最为艰难.HKfUVKH#DR0。But as leader of the wagon train, Tamsens husband, George Donner, is aware theres one final obstacle to their journey. The Sierra Nevada.然而,作为马车队的队长,塔姆森的丈夫乔治·唐纳知道最后一道天险横亘在他们的旅途上,那就是内华达山脉ODNI;9S(Wg]]。Peaks up to 14,000 feet. Fail to clear the mountain passes before the first snow falls and the consequences are terrifying.海拔高达14000英尺,若在初雪之前不能穿过山路后果将不堪设想9yKn!AiCD3PGgG%。But as the Donner Party approaches Utah, George Donner makes a fateful decision, leading a splinter group off from the main party.但当唐纳一行快到犹他州时,乔治·唐纳作出了一个致命的决定,脱离大队另辟蹊径wE3!Mg7b,ZEzN022vn。Hes one of the many new trail guidebooks, showing a shortcut that claims to shave two weeks off the journey time. Hastings Cutoff is said to be a saving of 400 miles.当时路线指南盛行,他读过其中一本书,书上介绍了一条捷径声称能够缩短两周的行程,据说黑斯廷斯捷径可以缩短400里的脚程.Pe)oAht#AqRoB2ZsJ。We are informed it is a fine, level road with plenty of water and grass. But Donners information is wrong.书中说那条路平坦易行并且沿途水草丰美,然而唐纳的信息大错特错FMX*o@Cu.0FLv。In fact, the ;Shortcut; adds 100 miles to the journey.实际上,这条所谓的捷径反而增加了100里的行程4F+SS-60ww)B+QtIF(h*。High in the Sierra Nevada, the Donner Party ente rs the Truckee Pass.在内华达山脉深处,唐纳一行踏上了塔基山道,Theyre only 30 miles from the California plains.此时他们离加利福尼亚平原只有30英里,But supplies are dangerously low, and traveling through the mountains is taking its toll.A broken axle.但是食物已经所剩无几,并且长期的山路颠簸也初现恶果,一根车轴断了)cuuj[0!WWi*YGa!。The Donner Party stops to make repairs. But that night... 5 feet of snow falls.唐纳一行停下来修理马车,但就在那天晚上大雪从天而降,积雪足有5英尺Q7bDl;_~KIp#,8G8)r。7sASv]kp8wmhE*m%fi#+6mGroBI2)OJ*@V!QXaq.b_J /201208/197108。

As important an accessory as a handbag, a belt doesn’t just hold up your pants or pull in your tummy. Change your look by creatively matching your belt with your outfit.像手袋一样,腰带也是重要的配饰,而不仅仅用于束住裤子或肚子。巧妙搭配腰带和外套,改变你的形象。You Will Need你需要A measuring tape卷尺A variety of belts各种各样的腰带A selection of outfits全套装A mens tie (optional)男士领带(可选)Velcro (optional)尼龙搭扣(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Try outfit first1.试穿装Try on the outfit and decide where you want the belt to sit – hips or waist. Use a measuring tape to determine the proper belt length.试穿装,决定腰带佩戴在哪个位置——臀部还是腰部。用卷尺测量一下来决定合适的腰带长度。Belts generally come with five holes; a comfortable fit will use the third hole. Tightening further can cause an unattractive ;muffin top; effect.腰带通常有五个孔;舒适的腰带一般使用第三个孔。再紧的话可能造成不那么美观的“松饼”效果。Step 2 Determine width2.宽度Determine the width you need. A belt worn over a dress or shirt can be any width. If you’re wearing it around your hips, use a belt that is narrow at the top and follows the contour of your hips.决定所需要的宽度。佩戴在裙子或衬衣上的腰带可以是任何宽度。如果是佩戴在臀部,可以使用顶部较窄,符合臀部轮廓的腰带。Step 3 Choose a color3.选择颜色Select a belt that is the same color as your outfit. Or, if you choose a belt for contrast, make sure it complements colors or design elsewhere in the outfit.选择与外套颜色相同的腰带。或者,如果选择造成鲜明对比的腰带,一定要选择在颜色上或款式上对衣起到补充作用。Step 4 Enhance but don’t clash4.强调但不冲突Enhance your outfit with a fancy-cut or textured belt, but avoid clashing. For a conservative ensemble the belt should be less noticeable.用有剪裁别致的腰带或编织腰带来强调你的着装,但要避免腰带与衣冲突。一个保守的穿法就是,弱化腰带在整体造型中的地位。Create a belt using a men’s tie, fastening it with three-inch strips of adhesive Velcro.试试用男士领带来做腰带,在一头的3英寸处用尼龙搭扣固定。Step 5 Highlight your waist5.强调腰部Highlight your waist when wearing separates by tucking your shirt in. Add a belt that best fits the belt loop width.把衬衫束进裤子中,这样分体装扮时要强调腰部。选择腰带和腰带环一样宽的腰带最好。Step 6 Try fun alternatives6.选择有趣的腰带Wear metal belts with segments, Indian beads and leather, fancy fabric weaves, even scarves, for a fun look when going casual.休闲装扮时佩带金属质感腰带,印度珠带,皮带,有个性的编织腰带,甚至是围巾做的腰带,这样看上去活泼有趣。Did you know? Belt buckles date back to the Bronze Age.你知道吗?腰带扣的起源要追溯到铜器时代。视频听力栏目译文属。201304/235314。


Every master chef has a wooden cutting board in the kitchen. But since wood is porous, it absorbs the color, odor and the bacteria of the foods cut on the board. Harsh chemicals arent good for you or your cutting board.每一个大厨在厨房中都有一个木制砧板。由于木材是多孔的,容易吸附食物的颜色,异味和细菌。使用强力化学品来清洁对人体和砧板都不好。Step 1: You will need1.你需要1/2 Cup Salt,Bowl of hot water,Sponge,Towel半杯盐,一碗热水,海绵,毛巾Step 2: A Dash Of Salt2.撒盐Take a handful of salt and sprinkle it onto the board. Since salt is a natural disinfectant, it will absorb the color, flavor and odors on your board.抓一把盐撒在砧板上。由于盐是天然的杀菌剂,可以吸收砧板上的颜色,香料和异味。Step 3: In Hot Water3.热水Use the sponge and rub hot water over the salt. You can continue to sprinkle in the salt and use the sponge as a natural abrasive until all the stains and odors are gone.撒上盐之后,用海绵蘸着热水擦砧板。可以继续撒盐,然后用海绵作为天然的研磨料,直到消除砧板上所有污渍和异味。Step 4: Dry Your Board4.擦干Wipe off the salt and water with a towel. To make sure your board doesnt warp, set it on its side when you are finished cleaning.用毛巾擦干盐和水。为了保砧板不变形,清洁工作完成之后将砧板侧放。Step 5: Done.5.完成。Thanks for watching How To Organically Clean Your Cutting Board.感谢收看“怎样使用有机方法清洁砧板”视频节目。201211/211539。