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For the third time in a week, President Barack Obama is campaigning for his jobs plan in a state that could be crucial to his re-election effort. Meanwhile, a new poll shows that more than half of Americans do not think the plan will help reduce unemployment.奥巴马总统本星期在同一个州里,三度推广他的就业计划。这是他竞选连任努力中,非常关键的部分。同时,一项新的民调显示,一半以上的美国民众,并不认为他的计划将有助于减低失业率。President Obama took his economic message to the southern state of North Carolina. At North Carolina State University in Raleigh, the president again urged his audience to contact their lawmakers and express their support for his jobs initiative. 奥巴马将他的经济讯息,带到美国南方的北卡罗来纳州。他在北卡罗来纳州立大学罗里市分校再次呼吁他的听众,向议员们表明他们持总统的就业计划。"We have got to kick off our bedroom slippers and put on our marching shoes," said Obama. "We have got to get to work."他说:“我们必须踢掉卧房里的拖鞋,穿上行军的鞋子,我们必须开始做事了。”Obama's 7-billion program is intended to boost growth in the sluggish U.S. economy and to reduce the 9.1-percent unemployment rate.奥巴马这项耗资4千470亿美元美元的计划,是要用来振兴美国迟缓的经济增长,并且降低百分之9.1的失业率。The president faces opposition from Republicans and some Democrats in Congress to his plan to raise taxes on wealthy individuals and corporations to pay for some of the initiatives.奥巴马提出对富人及公司增税,以解决就业计划的部分经费来源,这个建议受到共和党以及部分民主党员的反对。In Raleigh, Obama called for citizens to back the plan. "Do you want to keep tax loopholes for oil companies or do you want to renovate more schools and rebuild more roads and bridges so construction workers have jobs again?" he asked.奥巴马总统在北卡罗莱纳州,呼吁民众持他的方案。他说:“你们原意让石油公司继续享有税法的漏洞,还是原意让更多的学校可以翻新,更多的道路桥梁可以重建,使建筑工人可以再度就业?”201109/153864

Food scandals in Taiwan台湾爆发食品丑闻Plastic unfantastic塑化剂事件Tainted products also poison the president’s chances of re-election 食品受到污染给总统争取连任的前景蒙上阴影Jun 16th 2011 | TAIPEI | from the print edition TAIWAN’S biggest-ever food scare began when government inspectors testing sports drinks and soft drinks last month detected dangerous levels of industrial plasticisers. These are normally used to make everything from shoes to hosepipes more flexible. Since then, the plasticisers have been found in a range of foods and drinks. The crisis has also gone firmly international as China, Hong Kong, South Korea and the Philippines have withdrawn Taiwanese products from supermarket shelves. Taiwanese commentators are wondering how the government can live the scandal down.上个月,台湾政府负责食品检验的工作人员在一些运动饮料及软饮料中检测出了含量足以对人体产生危害的工业塑化剂成分,由此引发了台湾最大的一次食品恐慌。通常情况下,塑化剂被广泛应用于鞋类、塑料软管等产品中,可起到增加柔韧度的作用。事件发生后,又相继在一系列食品和饮料中发现了塑化剂的身影。随着中国,香港,韩国和菲律宾纷纷将台湾产品从自己的超市中下架,这次危机毫无疑问已经造成了国际性的影响。台湾的家们都在琢磨政府将如何从这桩丑闻中脱身。Some 900 products have been pulled from nearly 40,000 Taiwanese shops. Hospitals have been flooded with worried parents seeking check-ups for their children. Diets have swiftly changed. Out have gone processed drinks and even ice cream.约有900中商品已在台湾近40000家店铺中撤柜,医院里也挤满了忧心忡忡的来给孩子做检查的父母。人们的饮食习惯顷刻间发生了改变,含添加剂的饮料,甚至是冰激凌都已在市面上消失。The problems have been traced to two upstream suppliers of food additives, Yu Shen Chemical and Pin Han Perfumery. Among other things, plasticisers were substituted for palm oil as clouding agents in drinks. One plasticiser, known as DEHP, is a possible carcinogen, and thought capable of wreaking havoc with children’s reproductive organs. The inspectors discovered levels far in excess of the daily allowed intake. Insiders have told investigators that products may have been doctored for decades.引发这次塑化剂风波的源头被锁定在两家食品添加剂上游供货商身上:昱申化工和品汉香料。塑化剂用在饮料中可替代棕榈油起到混浊剂的作用。一种可能致癌的叫做DEHP的塑化剂,被认为会对儿童的生殖器官产生严重损害。食品安全检验人员在被检查的食品中发现了含量远超过每日允许摄入量的该种塑化剂。有内幕人士告诉调查人员,或许早在几十年前就存在向食品中掺入有害添加剂的行为。201106/141576

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Pentagon Cautious on Reported Pakistani Plan to Arm Tribal Militias巴基斯坦拟武装民兵?美谨慎回应 U.S. defense officials responded cautiously Thursday to a report that Pakistan plans to give weapons to thousands of men in its western region so they can join the fight against militants who have taken refuge in the area. 美国国防部官员星期四对一篇媒体报导小心地做出回应,这篇报导说巴基斯坦计划将武器给西部区域的数千个人,好让他们能加入对抗藏匿在该区域武装份子的战斗行列。A senior U.S. military official told VOA he was not aware of the Pakistani plan reported by The Washington Post, and is not sure if the report is accurate. Speaking on condition of anonymity, the officer also could also not confirm the Post's claim that the ed States supports the Pakistani plan, but he said U.S. military leaders do, in general, support what he called "innovative ideas" to deal with militant safe havens in western Pakistan. 一名高级美军官员对美国之音说,他不知道华盛顿邮报关于巴基斯坦这项计划的报导,他不能确定报导是否实属。这名官员以匿名方式受访,他还表示不能确认美国持巴基斯坦这项计划,但他说美军领导人大致上持任何用来对付巴基斯坦西部武装份子藏身之处的“有创意的想法”。Pentagon Spokesman Brian Whitman had a similar view.  五角大楼发言人惠特曼也有类似的看法。"What we support is efforts by the Pakistani government to deal with these extremist threats that are not only a threat to their own country, but also to, in particular, the bordering country of Afghanistan, where we've seen an increased activity along that border. So I would say that we are supportive of the Pakistani government acknowledging and dealing with these internal extremist threats in their country," he said. 他说:“我们持的是巴基斯坦政府对抗这些激进分子威胁的努力。这些激进份子威胁的不仅是巴基斯坦,还尤其威胁与阿富汗接壤的国家。我们在这个边境上已经看到了日益增长的武装活动。所以我会说,我们持巴基斯坦政府承认以及处理在他们国家内部的激进分子的威胁。”Whitman could not comment on the specific program reported by The Washington Post, but he said any effort that addresses extremists in Pakistan in an "effective" and "meaningful" way "is good." 惠特曼不愿对华盛顿邮报有关巴基斯坦计划的报导发表,但他说,任何以“有效”以及“有意义”的方式对付巴基斯坦境内激进分子的努力都是好的。The Post report says Pakistan plans to provide Chinese-made AK-47 rifles to thousands of fighters in new local militias, whose leaders say they will fight the Taliban. Top officials of the militant movement that used to rule Afghanistan, and allies in other groups including al-Qaida, have taken refuge in western Pakistan, and U.S. officials say they use the safe haven to plan attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and possibly elsewhere. “华盛顿邮报”报道说,巴基斯坦计划提供中国制AK-47型给成千上万名当地新招的民兵,这些民兵的领导人说他们会打击塔利班。曾经统治阿富汗的这个激进团体的高级官员,及包括基地组织在内的其他团伙的高级官员,都藏匿在巴基斯坦西部。美国官员表示,他们利用这些藏匿处策划向巴基斯坦、阿富汗以及其他地方发动攻击。A Pakistani effort to control militants in the western tribal areas through agreements with local leaders failed last year, and was sharply criticized by U.S. officials. The officials believe that effort delayed the kind of more-decisive moves into the western region by Pakistan's army that have only happened in recent months. Those operations have earned praise from many of the same U.S. officials who criticized the earlier approach. 巴基斯坦为了控制西部部落地区的武装分子曾试图与当地领导人通过协议合作,但这项举动在去年失败,巴基斯坦政府因而遭到美国官员猛烈批评。官员相信,这项举动延误了巴基斯坦政府军队对西部区域采取更果断进攻行动的时机。而这些果断的行动最近几个月才开始进行。这些行动受到美国官员的称赞。而同样是这些美国官员,早些时候曾经批评巴基斯坦与部落合作的措施。Some experts point out that Pakistan's tribesmen are generally well armed aly. The experts say the more important question is how the tribes use their weapons. American strategists believe local forces can play a key role in fighting insurgents and terrorists, as they did in Iraq, particularly in its Anbar Province, where tribal leaders decided to oppose al-Qaida early last year and helped turn the tide of that conflict. But they also caution that it is a difficult and potentially dangerous process. 一些专家指出,巴基斯坦部落人士总的说来装备精良。专家说,更重要的问题是部落民兵如何运用他们的武器。美国战略专家相信,当地民兵武装可以在打击叛乱分子以及恐怖分子上起重要的作用,就像在伊拉克,尤其在安巴尔省的部落武装一样。安巴尔省的部落领导人今年早些时候决定反抗基地组织,在他们协助下扭转了冲突势头。不过专家同时警告,这个过程会是困难的,而且可能有潜在危险。The officer who spoke on condition of anonymity Thursday said, "the devil is in the details." He said if Pakistan is going to arm local militiamen, the success or failure of the program will depend on who has the power to make key decisions, and exactly who they decide to give the weapons. 这位不愿意透露姓名的官员星期四表示,“细节决定成败”。他说,如果巴基斯坦要武装当地的民兵,那么这个计划的成败将取决于谁拥有关键的决策权,精确地说,取决于他们决定把武器分配给谁。200810/53806

Indonesian leaders and academics gathered today in Jakarta to discuss how U.S. President Barack Obama's upcoming visit could help build better bilateral relations in areas such as education, climate change and trade.印度尼西亚领导人和学者今天聚集在雅加达,讨论美国总统奥巴马的来访将如何帮助两国在教育、气候变化和贸易等方面建立更好的双边关系。Relations between the ed States and Indonesia have seen highs and lows, over the years, but with the election of President Obama - who spent part of his childhood in Indonesia - leaders here saw a new opportunity to re-evaluate their relationship with the ed States and work toward building better cooperation. 这些年来,美国和印度尼西亚的关系几经起伏,但是当曾在印尼度过部分童年时期的奥巴马当选总统之后,印尼领导人看到一个新的契机,重新评估他们与美国的关系,并努力建立更好的合作关系。Dino Patti Djalal, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's special advisor on international affairs, says the current relationship is not based on sentiments, but national interests and that the ed States needs to work toward achieving its own goals, while also respecting Indonesian sovereignty.迪诺.巴迪是总统苏西洛国际事务特别顾问。他表示,目前两国关系不是基于情感,而是国家利益,以及美国为了达成自己的目标、同时又要尊重印尼主权的需要。"In our relationship, we are very proud that we are an independent nation," he said. "We cannot have an alliance with anybody, not the ed States, not our neighbors. So we have always been independent and that is part of our diplomatic culture and national psyche and, as we get on with this relationship, this diplomatic partnership it is important for America to respect that." 迪诺说:“在两国关系中,我们对于我们是一个独立国家感到非常自豪。我们不能与任何国家成为联盟,包括美国,包括我们的邻国。所以我们一直就是独立的,而这是我们的外交文化和国民心态的一部分。在我们发展两国关系,发展这种外交伙伴关系的时候,美国能够尊重这一点是很重要的。”The U.S. image in Indonesia has taken a beating, in the past decade, after the ed States withdrew investments in the wake of the 1997 Asian financial crisis and slapped sanctions on weapons sales to the Indonesian military, because of alleged human rights abuses. 美国在印尼的形象在过去10年受到重创。之前美国在1997年亚洲金融危机之后撤出了投资,同时美国还由于印尼被控违反人权而对印尼军方的武器销售实施制裁。201003/97737

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