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青岛祛痘好不好在青岛地区市第五人民医院整形Dont bad-mouth your boss or any of your co-workers.不要说上司或者同事的坏话。bad-mouth直译过来就是:“坏嘴巴”,这个词的正确意思是:“说某人的坏话”。因此,当美国人说;Dont bad-mouth your boss or any of your co-workers.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;Dont speak ill of your boss or any of your colleagues.;、;Dont slander your boss or colleagues.;。情景对白:Shirley: Im really fed up with Linda. She is so inflexible and stubborn.雪莉:我受够琳达了,她办事拘泥固执、不知变通。Jane: Sweetie, dont bad-mouth your boss or any of your co-workers. Be careful! Walls have ears!简:亲爱的,不要讲上司和同事的坏话,当心点,隔墙有耳!搭配句积累:①You may be punished without your awarness.可能你不知不觉中就会受到惩罚。②This is one of the skills to survive the workplace.这是职场生存技能之一。③Thank you for your warning. Ill keep it in mind.谢谢你的警告,我会牢记于心的。④Oh, I know. I just cant bear it any more.哦,我知道了。我只是实在无法忍受而已。单词:1. slander vt. 诽谤He has been questioned on suspicion of slandering the Prime Minister.他由于涉嫌诽谤首相而受到了盘问。You sit and speak against your brother; you slander your own mothers son.你坐著毁谤你的兄弟,谗毁你亲母的儿子。2. inflexible adj. 顽固的His opponents viewed him as stubborn, dogmatic, and inflexible.他的反对者们认为他固执、教条、僵化。Workers insisted the new system was too inflexible.工人们坚持认为新的制度太死板。 /201212/213363青岛腋臭手术的医院 Put that in your pipe and smoke it.你好好琢磨琢磨吧!Put that in your pipe and smoke it直译过来就是:“把它放入烟袋里然后吸它”,这个短语的正确意思是:“你好好琢磨琢磨、你自己考虑考虑”。因此,当美国人说;Put that in your pipe and smoke it.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;Take some time to think it over.;、;Ponder it over and over again.;。情景对白:Boss: What on earth do customers want? Put that in your pipe and smoke it.老板:顾客的需求到底是什么?你好好琢磨琢磨吧!Benjamin: Yeah, uh...I will go into further investigation later.本杰明:恩,好的,稍后我会再做进一步调查的。搭配句积累:①If I were you, I would not make such a foolish decision.如果我是你,我才不会做出这样愚蠢的决定。②How can you betray your colleagues?你怎么可以背叛你的同事呢?③I advise you to give up the idea of job-hopping.我劝你还是放弃跳槽的念头吧。④I just dont want you to abandon yourself to vice.我只是不想看到你自甘堕落。单词:1. pipe n. 烟斗He filled the bowl of his pipe.他把烟斗装满烟。He proceeded to light his pipe.他开始点燃他的烟斗。2. ponder vt. 仔细考虑I found myself constantly pondering the question: How could anyone do these things?.我发现自己总在思考这个问题:“怎么会有人做出这样的事情呢?”Im continually pondering how to improve the team.我不住地在想如何提高队伍水平。3. vice n. 恶习Knowledge is the mother of all virtue, all vice proceeds from ignorance.知识是所有美德之本,无知是一切邪恶之源。Prosperity can best discover vice, but adversity can reveal virtue.富足最能显露恶习,而逆境能彰显美德。 /201301/219422Robert两年前开始打高尔夫球,在球场上积累了不少商业界的人脉。同事Mark问他:Mark: But how can you play with peoplewhove been golfing for 20 years? Isnt it embarrassing?R:Golf has a system called ;handicapping; and the systemdoes its best to level out the differences in skill. Its quite common for anovice to play alongside a more experienced golfer.M:Thats interesting. I an article once that says you can tell alot about a persons management style by how they play golf. Do you agree withthat?R:Actually, yes. Say for example you hit your ball into a sandtrap...the way you react to that demonstrates a great deal about yourcharacter.Robert告诉Mark, 打高尔夫球有所谓的handicapping system 差点系统,能level out the differences in skill 平衡不同选手的水平,让水平相对较差的新手novice能playalongside a more experienced golfer. 跟经验丰富的老手一起打球。在这里,新手novice还可以用rookie来代替。Robert说,从球风还能看出一个人的管理风格。M:So the executives on the golf course are all sort of sizing eachother up?R:Absolutely. So what about you? Do you play any sports?M:I was on the ping-pong team in high school. Ping-pong suits mytemperament. It requires high concentration and quick decision-making skills.Unfortunately, ping-pong is not a game of choice for most business executives.R:Yeah...I dont think CEOs like to get too sweaty. Are youinterested in trying your hand at golf?M:I thing I might be. Do I have to purchase a set of golf clubs tobegin with?既然从球风能看出一个人的经营管理风格,那球场上的公司主管们自然都会size each other up 相互打量,彼此观察。Robert 问Mark 喜欢什么运动项目,Mark说自己上高中的时候曾经打过乒乓球,因为It suits mytemperament. 乒乓球适合我的性情。temperamentis spelled t-e-m-p-e-r-a-m-e-n-t, temperament 是性格,性情的意思,可惜的是,乒乓球不是商界高层喜爱的运动,not a game of choice.Robert表示同意,因为公司CEO们可不愿意get toosweaty 出一身臭汗。Robert 问Mark 愿不愿意try his hand at golf 试着学打高尔夫球。to try ones hand at something 是尝试的意思。Mark问Robert要不要事先准备一套球杆。Robert回答说:R:Not in the beginning. Ill tell you what, lets go out to the cluband hit a few balls next Saturday morning. Who knows? You might get addicted.M:And like you said, playing golf is a good chance to expand mybusiness networks.R:It certain is. Well, Ive got to take off. How does 7:30 nextSaturday morning work for you?M:Sounds great! Thanks, Robert.R:Not at all. Ill see you next week.Robert告诉Mark, 先不用置备球杆,可以先去球场打几个球试试手。Who knows? You might get addicted. 意思是说不定你一下子就会上瘾呢。两人分手前,约好下星期六早上7点半一起去打球。 /201303/229665山东青岛诺德整形医院是最好的泉州妇科医院

青岛市妇女医院qq多少1. 你好,我是约翰*韦斯特。How do you do! I am John West.2. 不好意思,我叫希德尼*卡森。 Excuse me, my name is Sedney Karsen.3. 我来介绍一下自己,我姓沈。I'd like to introduce myself, my last name is Shen.4. 容我做一下自我介绍,我是麦琪。Let me introduce myself , I am maggie.5. 我先做一下自我介绍,大卫*埃默里-英语系主任。First, Let me introduce myself, David Emary, Director of English department.6. 叫我鲍勃就可以了。Just call me Bob.7. 我想我们以前没见过,我是南希。 I don't think we met before, I‘m Nancy.8. 我在MB公司的人事部工作. I empoying the personnel department of MB Company. /201104/133577枣庄疤痕痘坑多少钱 青岛祛疤

城阳区妇女医院双眼皮多少钱第一句:Do you realize I have been wating for nearly six months by now?到现在我已经等了将近半年了,你知道吗?A: Do you realize I have been wating for nearly six months by now?到现在我已经等了将近半年了,你知道吗?B: Thats not very long.你等的时间不算长。第二句:This, I suppose, is British efficency.这想必就是英国的工作效率。A: This, I suppose, is British efficency.这想必就是英国的工作效率。B: Lets not put it that way, please!请你不要这样说。A: Whats your saying?你怎么说?B: Shall we say its the efficiency of the British Immigration Office?是不是最好说这是英国移民局的效率?背诵句型:To put it bluntly, she doesnt like you.直截了当地说,她不喜欢你。If I was auditioning for a vocalist, let me put it this way, he wouldnt get to sing in my hand.这么说吧,如果我来面试歌手,我不会同意他到我的乐队唱歌的。 /201307/247501 九句话一场景系列几乎覆盖了普通一个人从白天到晚上常见的所有场景,大家认真学习后会发现,其实生活口语很简单,仅仅需要“九句话”!【打招呼九句】 : 打招呼,除Greetings 之外九句最常用的招呼语 。 只要是朋友都能用的: How's everything? 一切都好? What's up? 近况如何? What's new? 有什么新鲜事? What's happening? 在忙什么? 任何时后都可以用,但比较见外: How are you? 你好吗? 适用于第一次见面: Nice to meet you. 很高兴见到你。 适用于曾经见过,但不太熟的人: Nice to see you again. 很高兴再见到你。 适用于有一阵子没见面的朋友: How have you been? 你过得怎么样? 适用于很久没见的朋友: Long time no see. 好久不见。 /03/64785青岛中心医院是正规的吗青岛大学附属医院在线咨询



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