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Health officials in Puerto Rico reported the islands first case of Zika, a mosquito-borne virus recently linked to the rise of a serious neurological disorder among newborns in Brazil. 波多黎各卫生官员报告了岛上首例Zika病毒,这种蚊传播病毒使巴西新生儿患严重神经系统疾病的数量上升。Puerto Rican Congressman Pedro Pierluisi said in a statement on Thursday, ;There is no reason for alarm, and the public should continue to take commonsense steps to avoid mosquito bites.; 波多黎各议员佩德罗周四在一份声明中表示,“没有理由恐慌,公众应继续采取常识性的措施避免蚊虫叮咬。”He added that he expects experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to visit the island in early January to educate local physicians to ;properly diagnose and treat the virus.; 他还表示希望疾病控制和预防中心的专家一月早些时候能访问该岛,教育当地医生“正确诊断和治疗该病毒。”The CDC has issued a warning to tourists traveling to Puerto Rico and other affected areas, asking them to protect themselves from the mosquitoes that sp the virus -- especially pregnant women.疾病预防控制中心向前往波多黎各和其它受影响地区的游客发出警告,要求他们保护自己免受传播病毒蚊子的伤害,特别是妇。译文属。201601/419282Junior doctors in England went on strike again in their prolonged dispute with the government over new contracts covering weekend work. The walkout was the fifth this year but the first in which support was not provided for emergency care.英格兰政府制定新政,内容包括周末工作,为抗议此新政,英格兰初级医生发起了自今年以来的第五次罢工。初级医生与政府的争论已持续很久,但因罢工而中断紧急护理务还是首次。Aleksandar Vucic, the prime minister of Serbia, won another term in elections. He is likely to continue many of the reforms needed for Serbia to join the EU. But the bigger challenge is the economy, which last year grew by only 0.7%.塞尔维亚总理亚历山大·武契奇(Aleksandar Vucic) 赢得大选,顺利连任。他很有可能继续推进多项改革措施促使塞尔维亚加入欧盟。但更大的挑战来自于经济,去年该国经济增幅仅为0.7%。In Spain King Felipe announced that, after exhaustive talks following the countrys inconclusive election in December, he had not been able to find a new prime minister. Instead it is likely that new elections will be held on June 26th. The polls indicate that the result may be the same.继去年12月份选举未果以来,西班牙国王菲利普(Felipe)与各派进行详尽会谈,近日他宣布无法提出新的首相人选。新一轮选举或将在6月26日举行,但民调显示这次选举结果可能与之前如出一辙。挪威政府认定法院对布雷维克的裁决侵权The government of Norway launched an appeal against a court ruling that it had violated the human rights of Anders Breivik, a far-right extremist who killed 77 people in 2011. Mr. Breivik lives in a three-room cell with windows, a tmill and a television.挪威政府认为法院关于安德斯·布雷维克(Anders Breivik)的裁决侵犯了其人权,遂提起上述。安德斯·布雷维克是一名极右派激进分子,曾在2011年杀害77人。她现今被关押在一个三室带窗的牢房内,同时狱方还为其配置了跑步机和电视。A leading gay-rights activist in Bangladesh was hacked to death along with a friend. The prime minister blamed the killings on the opposition, but the local branch of al-Qaeda claimed responsibility. Two days earlier, Islamic State said it was behind a similar murder, of a professor of English. Four Bangladeshi liberals have now been murdered by Islamists this month.一位知名孟加拉国同性恋权益活跃分子与其同伴惨遭砍杀身亡。该国总理指责反对党是该案凶手,但当地基地组织宣称对此事件负责。两天前,IS宣称用同样的方式杀害一名英文教授。至此,伊斯兰极端分子4月份共杀害了4名孟加拉自由派人士。India made an embarrassing diplomatic U-turn when it reneged on issuing a visa to Dolkun Isa, a peaceful Uighur activist whom China regards as a terrorist. The Indians had seemed y to welcome Mr. Isa in a tit-for-tat measure: they were angry that China was reluctant to apply the terrorist label to a man they blame for actual terror attacks in India.印度外交政策发生令人尴尬的大转变,撤销发给多里坤·艾沙(Dolkun Isa)的赴印签。艾沙是“世维会”的积极分子(译者注:西方国家普遍认为“世维会”是一个旨在争取维吾尔族独立的、和平的少数民族团体),但中国将其列为恐怖分子。早先中国不愿认定一名对印度实施恐怖袭击的人士为恐怖分子,印度政府对此感到愤怒,欲借欢迎艾沙来印与中国针锋相对。North Korea declared the launch of a ballistic missile from a submarine off its coast to be a “great success”. The rogue states foreign minister said it would suspend its programme of nuclear tests if America ceased its joint military exercises with South Korea. Barack Obama refused.朝鲜通过潜水艇在其海岸附近发射了潜射弹道导弹,并称其是一个“巨大的成功”。这个流氓国家的外交部长表示如果美国中断与韩国的联合军演,朝鲜将推迟其核试验计划。奥巴马拒绝这一提议。Papua New Guineas Supreme Court ruled that Australias controversial detention camp for migrants on its Manus Island was illegal. The judges said the privately run camp, which houses around 850 men, breached PNGs constitutional guarantee of personal liberty. Australia said there would be no change in its policy.澳大利亚在马努斯岛(Manus Island)为移民搭建收容所一直以来都饱受争议,该岛是巴布亚新几内亚(Papua New Guinea)的属岛。近日巴布亚新几内亚最高法院裁定这一行为违法。法官表示这一私人经营的收容所大约可容下850人,这违背了巴布亚新几内亚宪法保的人身自由。澳大利亚则表示不会对这一政策作出任何修改。Saudi Arabias deputy crown prince published what he called a “vision” for the kingdom in 2030. The plan aims to curb dependence on oil by boosting non-oil businesses, and to part-privatise Saudi Aramco in order to set up a huge sovereign-wealth fund that will invest at home and abroad. Prince Muhammad bin Salman also wants to raise the participation rate of women in the workplace from a paltry 22% now to a still-paltry 30% by 2030.沙特副王储穆罕默德·本·萨尔曼(Muhammad bin Salman)公布了“沙特2030愿景”。计划旨在推动非石油产业的发展,逐渐摆脱对石油的依赖,并部分私有化沙特阿美石油公司(Saudi Aramco)以便筹集巨额主权财富基金进行国内外投资。王子同时还表示希望到2030年将妇女在劳动力市场的比重由现在的22%提高到30%,但这一比重仍然微不足道。Hopes were tentatively raised that a durable peace might break out in South Sudan when the fledgling countrys chief rebel, Riek Machar, returned to Juba, the capital, after more than two years away. Standing next to the president, Salva Kiir, with whom he has been in bitter dispute, he was sworn in as vice-president. A unity government was supposed to take shape within days.新兴国家南苏丹反对派领导人芮克·马沙尔(Riek Machar)结束两年多的逃亡生涯后重返首都朱巴(Juba),这为南苏丹实现长久和平带来一线转机。一直以来,马沙尔与总统萨尔瓦·基尔(Salva Kiir)两人之间冲突不断,现今马沙尔在基尔的见下宣誓就任副总统一职。联合政府将在未来几天内组建完毕。In a rare conviction for corruption, a former member of a Nigerian state legislature was sentenced to 154 years in jail. But the judge ruled that he should serve his sentences concurrently for 77 crimes, including the embezzlement of around m, so he should be free in two years.尼日利亚前国家立法机构成员涉嫌贪污被判处154年监禁,这一判决实属罕见。但法官裁决该成员同时还须因包括挪用约700万美元等在内的其他77项罪名刑,如此一来,该名官员将于两年后释放。翻译:张力文amp;殷美玲 译文属译生译世201605/442791

Fertility rates have fallen in countries with woeful economies, such as Greece and Italy. But they have also fallen in countries that sailed through the financial crisis, such as Australia and Norway. Although the American baby bust was expected, the lack of recovery after seven years seems odd. “I was fairly confident that women were just delaying births, and that we would see a rebound,” says Mr Johnson. “Im beginning to wonder now.” In Britain the drop came late: the fertility rate fell from 1.92 to 1.81 between 2012 and 2014. Then there is France, where couples looked at the economic slump and shrugged. The fertility rate there has barely moved.在经济状况糟糕至极的国家中,如希腊和意大利,它们的生育率已经下跌。但在平稳度过金融危机的国家中,如澳大利亚和挪威,该指标也下降了。尽管美国出现生育低谷在意料之中,但过了七年也没有得到恢复,着实离奇。“我相当有信心,女性们只是延迟生育,我们将会看到恢复,”约翰逊先生说道。“我现在开始感到好奇。”在英国,生育率下跌得晚了些:2012年至2014年间,生育率从1.92降至1.81。然后在法国,夫妻们看着经济衰落,也表示无奈。但该国的生育率几乎没有发生变化。If some of the international trends are hard to fathom, so is the strange uniformity within countries. Trude Lappegard, a Norwegian demographer, says that her countrys baby bust, which has been going on for six years, might be easy to explain if it had hit one group especially hard. Instead, women of all ages and all levels of education are having fewer children如果说一些国际趋势很难准确探寻,那么对于国际间奇怪的一致性也很难了解清楚。一位来自挪威名叫褚德兰培格的人口统计学家说道,该国的生育低谷已经持续六年,这可能很容易的解释成是否是特别严重的冲击了某个阶层的女性。但恰恰相反,不同年龄层及受教育程度不同的女性所生育的孩子都越来越少。One possible explanation is that immigrants are not boosting birth rates much these days, and might even be dragging them down. Some demographers suggest that cuts to welfare might have made poor mothers warier of having children. But that does not explain the behaviour of middle-class women. And family support has actually become more generous in some countries with falling fertility.一个可能的解释是这些年移民并没有提高出生率,甚至有可能拉低出生率。部分人口统计学家称,削减福利可能会使家境贫困的母亲在考虑是否生育小孩这个问题上更加谨慎。但是这不能解释中产阶级女性不生育的行为。另外,在部分生育率下降的国家,家庭持实际上变得更加充足。Ann Berrington of Southampton University points to housing. Young and even not-so-young couples find it hard to buy property in England and Wales: 46% of 25- to 34-year-olds lived in private rented accommodation in 2014-15, up from 24% a decade earlier. Four in ten 24-year-olds still live with their parents. Home-ownership rates have fallen in America and Australia, too. The rate is rising in France, where fertility has held steady—though that might be thanks to strong pro-natalist policies.南安普敦大学的安柏林顿把焦点指向住房。在英格兰和威尔士,对年轻夫妇以及不太年轻的夫妇来说,购买房产很困难:2014-2015年期间,有46%年龄在25-34岁之间的夫妇居住在私人出租屋里,而十年前租房比率为24%。在24岁的年轻人中,有五分之二和父母同住。住房拥有率在美国和澳大利亚也有所下降,然而在生育率保持稳定的法国,住房拥有率却在上升,尽管这有可能归因于法国强有力的鼓励生育的政策。You can have a baby in a rented flat, of course. But in a country like Britain, where earlier generations found it easy to buy homes, that seems to flout a psychological rule for some. In the 1960s Richard Easterlin, an American economist, suggested that people would avoid having children if they felt unable to bring them up in a style that at least matched the way they were raised. It might be time to dust off that idea.当然,你可以在一个出租屋里养育小孩。但是在英国这样的国家,对前几代人来说买房子很容易,这似乎是在嘲笑某种心理规律。在20世纪60年代美国经济学家理查德?伊斯特林提出建议,如果父母们感觉到至少在方式上不能与他们自己从小被养育长大一样,他们就不会生小孩。现在也许是时候放弃这种想法了。Some couples could be delaying having babies not because they cannot afford them, but because of a vague feeling that family life is harder than it used to be. A Pew poll of 11 rich countries last year found that 64% believe that todays children will be worse off than their parents. Perhaps the gloom has sp even to countries with strong economies. Mr Sobotka suggests that Scandinavians could have overreacted to repeated news reports about hard times elsewhere in Europe. “It gets below peoples skins,” he says.有些夫妇延迟生小孩并不是因为他们没有能力抚育小孩,而是因为他们模模糊糊地感觉到家庭生活会比以往更难。去年,佩尤对11个富裕国家进行的民意调查发现,64%的被调查者相信如今的孩子会比父母更加拮据。也许这种悲观情绪甚至已经蔓延到经济实力强大的国家。索特卡先生认为斯堪的纳维亚人可能对欧洲以外国家关于困难时期的反复报道反应过度。他说:“这会让人很害怕。”In this, childbirth might be a little like politics. When a surly, anti-politics mood first took hold in Europe and America after the financial crisis, it was tempting to think it would dissipate as economic growth returned. Today Donald Trump is the probable Republican presidential nominee in America, the National Front is rampant in France and the British government is fighting both Scottish separatism and Europhobia. Bad moods can linger.在这一点上,生育可能有点像政治。在金融危机之后,阴郁、反政治的氛围笼罩欧洲和美国,人们很容易认为,这种氛围会随着经济恢复增长而消散。如今,唐纳德·特朗普大有希望成为美国共和党总统候选人,在法国,国民阵线肆虐,英国正与苏格兰的分裂主义和排斥欧盟行动相斗争。这阴沉的氛围将久久不散。Whether and when birth rates bounce back, and how high, has broad consequences. Americas Census Bureau simply assumes that current fertility rates will persist. Since 2008 it has slashed its prediction for the countrys population in 2050 from 439m to 398m. If lower fertility lasts, it would help balance government accounts in the short term, because there would be fewer children to educate, but hurt in the long term. A fertility rate of 1.8 would mean twice as large an annual social-security deficit by 2089 as one of 2.2, as a percentage of the social-security tax base.出生率是否会反弹,在什么时候反弹,反弹多少,结果不定。美国人口普查局作出简单假设,目前的生育率将持续一段时间。自2008年以来生育率削减,该国对于2050年的人口预测从4.39亿下降到3.98亿。如果生育率持续低下,在短期来看,将有利于平衡政府收,因为将会有更少的孩子需要接受教育,但是长期来看损失较大。1.8的生育率意味着到2089年社保赤字将是生育率为2.2的两倍,同时生育率也是社会保障百分比的税基。A persistent slump would also be bad news for nappy-makers. But the overall effect on the market for baby gear might be surprisingly slight. Marcus Tagesson, the boss of Babyshop, a Stockholm-based retailer, says that the important thing is that couples have at least one child. The first baby is the most profitable, he explains. Parents want everything to be new and perfect; besides, they make mistakes with their first-born that they do not repeat. Such as? “White clothes,” says Mr Tagesson, a little ruefully.生育率持续下降对于尿布湿制造商无疑是个坏消息。但是总的来说对婴儿用品市场的影响可能会小的令人惊讶。宝贝天地(婴儿用品制造商)的老板马库斯是来自斯德哥尔的零售商,认为重要的是夫妻至少有一个孩子。他解释道,第一个孩子是最赚钱的。父母希望一切都是崭新的,完美的;此外,父母们不想重复犯他们出生时父母所犯下的错误。例如马库斯有点悲伤地提到的“白衣”。翻译:许佳amp;周玮 校对:赵容 译文属译生译世 /201605/444818The rising water temperature also sets the conditions for the most remarkable events on the reef.升高的水温也为珊瑚礁最壮观的景色提供了温床。On only a few summer nights each year, and triggered by particular phase of the moon, the corals spawn.在每年的几个仲夏月圆之夜,大堡礁中所有的珊瑚虫开始集体排卵排精。This is the worlds largest synchronized breeding event.这种同步繁殖景象是地球上最为宏大的。On any one of these nights, trillions of eggs and sperms are released, flooding the entire 2000-kilometer length of the reef.仅一个这样的晚上,就会有上万亿的卵子和精子排出,漂浮在绵延2000公里的珊瑚礁海岸线上。By spawning at this precise moment, the corals have caught ally in the tide, allowing sperms and eggs of the same species to meet and fertilize.这种精准的同步产卵机制让珊瑚虫抓住了短暂的潮汐间隙,完成同种内的受精。They form baby corals as the tide currents pick up, they are sp far and wide.等潮汐来临的时候珊瑚虫已经成形,幼虫随潮汐散布到更广的海域。The young corals join billions of other baby creatures floating in the plankton.同珊瑚幼虫一起的还有上亿的其他幼小生命,它们和浮游生物一同漂浮。 201412/351259I cant believe no one else stopped.我不敢相信当时居然没人停车But really its a good thing that you happened to be driving by at that moment.不过碰巧你开车经过 真是太好了So you were driving by and you saw the car.所以你开车经过 然后看到了这辆车Was it on fire when you saw it or just smoking?那时候车已经着火了吗 还是只是冒烟No, it was just smoking.And a lot of black smoke came out of it没着火 只在冒烟 有很多黑烟so you just pulled over which is the right thing to do所以你做了一件正确的事 把车停在路边and go up to her and how quickly did it...uh catch on fire?朝她走过去 车子过了多久就着火了呢Ah, within seconds.We were in the middle.就是几秒钟的事 当时我们正在Shes in the middle of telling me that she needs to get to her destination.她正忙着跟我讲 她得去她要去的地方And I keep telling her um you need to get away from this car.而我一直在劝说她 要远离那辆车You know, it can explode.Its not just in movies.因为它随时可能爆炸 这可不止在电影里才有Yeah, right. There is gas in there. All kind of things.是的 没错 车里有汽油之类的东西So, you knew it could explode and yet her purse is in there, her sons medical records.这么说 你知道车可能爆炸 但是她的钱包和她儿子的医疗记录都还在车里And you put your respirator on and went in after that.所以你就戴上呼吸面罩进去拿了Yeah. - Really brave of you, really amazing.对 -你太勇敢了 简直帅呆了-I mean... - Thank you.Yeah.And this, I dont even think you know this.我是说 -谢谢 嗯 哦对了 有一件事 你肯定都不知道So the...after you left them at the...I think the gas station right?就是 你把他们送到那个 是加油站 对吧Yes. - So you were-waiting for your dad to come and pick you up.Tell her what you did.对 -你在那 等你爸爸来接你们 告诉她你都干了什么 /201510/406015

Housing楼市Modest plans温和战略The government goes back into housebuilding政府重回地产建设WHEN George Osborne is spotted outsideWestminster, he is very often making an appearance on a building site, wearing a fluorescent safety jacket. It was no surprise to hear him claim once again, in his budget speech on March 19th, that “Were gettingBritainbuilding”. Sadly, given the huge extent ofBritains housing shortage, the chancellors proposed interventions do not add up to much.当财政大臣乔治·奥斯本不在威斯特敏斯特宫(英国议会所在地)时,他经常穿着荧光安全出现在某个建筑工地上。在他3月19日发布的预算报告中,听到其再次宣布“我们正在振兴英国”这番言论并不令人惊讶。可惜的是,由于英国巨大的楼市缺口,奥斯本提议的政府干预收效甚微。The biggest announcement was that the government will extend Help to Buy, a scheme that guarantees mortgages for people purchasing newly built homes. Mr Osborne also hopes to build a new town at Ebbsfleet, a patch of post-industrial land in the Thames estuary, and promises to speed up the redevelopment of several rotting 1960s and 1970s social housing estates inLondon.报告中最重要的一份公告是政府计划延长“购房持计划”,一项为新屋购房者提供的住房抵押贷款政府担保政策。奥斯本同时还希望在埃贝斯福利特市建造一个新城镇,该市位于泰晤士河口,是一小片后工业用地,奥斯本还承诺加速重新开发几个伦敦上世纪六七十年代烂尾的社会住宅小区。By making it easier for housebuilders to shift their stock, Help to Buy has probably helped boost building slightly, especially in northern cities where construction had all but ceased. Extending the programme will boostBritains housing stock by 120,000 by 2020, the Treasury claims, though it will also expose taxpayers to any future house-price crash. Mr Osborne also announced a new fund to support lending to small housebuilders—who have struggled to get financing in recent years—which ought to have a similar effect.通过使住建商更容易卖出存量房,购房持计划很有可能会对刺激楼市略有作用,尤其是在建造工程全部停止的北部城市而言。财政部表示,到2020年,延长购房持计划预计能为英国新增12万套新房供给,虽然纳税人会有承担未来房价崩盘的风险。奥斯本还宣布新增一项政府资金用以持小微住建商,这类住建商近年苦于不能获得融资,这项政策与前者有异曲同工之妙。The new town is more adventurous. Ebbsfleet, where a high-speed rail link toLondonopened in 2007, has had plans for new homes for almost 20 years. Few have been built, mostly because the site is a partially flooded quarry with little in the way of shops, public transport or infrastructure. The governments new idea is to create a development corporation with control over planning and the ability to borrow to clean up and prepare the site. That was how post-war new towns such as Milton Keynes andStevenagewere built.新建城镇得方案更为大胆。2007年,一条连接埃贝斯福利特市与伦敦的高铁线路开通了,该市新增住房的计划已有将近20年,但却几乎毫无所成,大部分原因是这个部分积水地区曾经是个采石场,几乎没有地方给超市、公共运输设施或者公共基础设施用以建设。政府新出台的政策旨在创建开发公司控制规划,以及贷款能力来清理该地做好准备。这就是战后新城------米尔顿凯恩斯和斯蒂夫尼奇建成之法。A similar interventionism is visible in the plan to rebuild 1960s estates. Many of these, such as the Aylesbury Estate in Southwark and Robin Hood Gardens in Tower Hamlets, are crumbling. By increasing the density on the sites, and using the proceeds of selling the extra houses built, it ought to be possible to cover the cost of reconstruction. But councils have been short of money to do much themselves, and private developers extract high returns in exchange for putting up capital. With central-government money, those projects ought to move quicker and councils ought to get more for their land.这个重建上世纪六十年代房屋的计划明显与干涉主义颇为相似。很多这样的住宅区诸如南部萨瑟克区的埃尔斯伯里地产以及东部陶尔哈姆莱茨区的罗宾伍德花园正面临拆除。通过增加拆除点的数量密度以及使用出售额外已建房屋的收入,政府应该可以收回重建的成本。但地方政府因资金短缺而力不从心,而私营开发商以收取高额回报作为注入资本的交换条件。有了中央政府划拨的资金,这些项目得以进行得更为迅速,并且地方政府可以从他们的用地中获利更多。These are decent measures—but nowhere near enough. To accommodate population growth,Englandalone needs to increase its supply of homes to around 230,000 per year, more than twice the number built last year. The real restriction onBritains construction sector is planning policy, which constrains building near existing infrastructure at the edge of cities. The chancellor has been unable to change that. Instead, he is in effect adopting a milder version of 1960s-style grand planning: using government money to boost construction on marginal, unpopular sites. It is an improvement, but only just.这些措施还不错,但还远远不够。为适应人口增长,仅仅只是英格兰地区每年就需要增加约23万套房屋供应,是去年已建成数量的两倍。英国建筑业真正的限制是规划政策,其中包括了城市边缘已落成的公共基础设施附近的建筑。财政大臣奥斯本无权改变。相反,实际上他采取了一个更温和的上世纪六十年代的宏伟规划:用政府的钱刺激边缘、偏远地带的城市建设。这是一种进步,但不仅仅是进步。译者 周雨晴 校对 邵夏沁译文属译生译世 /201510/402278

Chinese property中国房地产For whom the bubble blows泡沫为谁而破House prices are soaring in big cities, but oversupply plagues much of the country大城市房价飙涨,但产能过剩才是全国性的问题SHANGHAI, China’s financial centre, does not make it easy on outsiders wishing to buy homes. Non-residents who are single are banned from buying property. The married are welcome but only so long as they have paid local taxes for two years and make nearly a third of the purchase in cash. Shenyang, China’s biggest northern city, is far more welcoming. Anyone can buy a home there. All to little effect: housing prices in Shanghai, five times more expensive than those in Shenyang, have risen by 20% over the past year; those in the northern city have edged down.上海是中国的金融中心,对于外来打工者来说,想在这里安家置业绝对不是一件容易的事。单身的非长驻居民不允许在这里买房。已婚人士购房是欢迎的,但前提是已经向地方政府上缴了两年税款并现金付至少三分之一的购房款。中国北方最大的城市沈阳远比上海“热情好客”。任何人都可以在沈阳买房。但仍然无济于事,上海的房价比沈阳贵5倍,并且在去年一年里增长了20%,与此同时,北方城市房价却小幅下降。This bifurcation is a worry for the government, which wants to spur growth without inflating bubbles. A divergence in housing prices between wealthy cities and the hinterland is a familiar problem in other countries—just look at London and Lincolnshire, say, or New York and Nebraska. But the divisions are starker in China. In its most prosperous cities, aly giddy prices continue to shoot up, while unsold flats pile up in markets where valuations were low to begin with. Moreover, construction has long been one of the economy’s main engines, accounting for as much as a quarter of GDP growth until recently. This makes it especially important that the government get the balance right. Doing so is proving hard.政府希望既能刺激经济又不引发通胀,因此对两极分化的现象感到担忧。一线城市和欠发达地区的房价分化现象在其他国家也不少见:例如伦敦和林肯郡、纽约和内布拉斯加州。然而这种分化在中国表现得更明显。一边是在中国最繁华的城市里持续飙涨的房价,另一边则是本来市值就低的房子待售成堆。而且建筑行业一直是国家经济增长的主要引擎之一,直到最近仍占GDP增长的四分之一。因此,对于政府来说,保持平衡至关重要却也困难重重。Over the past half-year, the government has unveiled a series of measures to support the housing market that specifically exclude China’s five hottest markets (Beijing, Guangzhou, Sanya, Shanghai and Shenzhen). People buying homes need only make a 20% down-payment to obtain a mortgage, except in the five conurbations, where they must put down 30%. By the same token, in most of the country transaction taxes have been cut by as much as two-thirds for people buying second homes; in the five outliers they have been left unchanged. In Shenzhen, a southern tech hub that is the frothiest market, with prices up by 53% in the past year alone, local officials have vowed to crack down on speculators and expand the supply of affordable housing.在过去半年里,政府出台了一系列政策来稳住大部分城市的房地产市场(北京、广州、三亚、上海和深圳这五个房地产最火的城市除外)。购房者只需付20%的首付款即可获得房屋贷款(这五个城市则需要付30%);二套房购买者所要上缴的交易契税也减免了2/3(这五个城市保持不变)。深圳作为南方的科技中心,房价在去年一年上涨53%,成为泡沫最严重的城市,当地政府发誓要严控房产投机并加大可负担住房的供应。 译文属译生译世 /201604/437289

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