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Todd: So Tres, can you introduce yourself. Where are you from?托德:特雷斯,请做一下自我介绍。你来自哪里?Tres: Hello everyone, my name is Tres Goodman. Im from Tulsa Oklahoma. I was originally born in St. Louis Missouri, but I spent most of my life in Tulsa Oklahoma and in Japan.特雷斯:大家好,我叫特雷斯·古德曼。我来自俄克拉荷马州图尔萨市。我出生在密苏里州圣路易斯市,不过我一生大部分时间是在图尔萨和日本度过的。Todd: Wow. Whats your city like back home Tulsa?托德:哇。你生活的图尔萨市是个什么样的城市?Tres: Tulsas an amazing city. We have about a half a million people, I think. Dont hold me to it. Theres a lot of culture. Many people from various parts of the world, who either immigrated to Oklahoma, or their parents immigrated there. And therefore, theyre first generation. So we have lots of foods from all over the world. Oklahoma used to be a part of a Mexican state. So we have a very strong Mexican heritage that still exists. Going into food, of course we have food thats similar to Northern Mexico, but we also have ribs which are probably the best youll ever find in the ed States.特雷斯:图尔萨是一个非常迷人的城市。我想图尔萨大约有50万人口。我不太确定。这座城市有多种文化。人们来自世界的不同地方,可能是他们移民至俄克拉荷马,或者是他们的父母移民到那里。所以他们是第一代。也正因如此,我们有世界各地的美食。俄克拉荷马曾是一个墨西哥州的一部分,那里现在仍保留着很强的墨西哥传统。比如食物,我们和墨西哥北部地区的食物非常相似,而我们这里的排骨是全美国最棒的。Todd: The ribs. Why are the ribs so good?托德:排骨。为什么那里的排骨这么好?Tres: Because theyre so juicy and soft. You dont need teeth.特雷斯:因为这些排骨多汁又软嫩。几乎可以不用牙嚼。Todd: Thats pretty good. So when you say ribs, thats beef ribs.托德:那真是太棒了。你指的是牛排吧。Tres: Beef ribs, we also have pork spare ribs.特雷斯:对,牛排,我们也有猪排。Todd: Whats the nightlife like in Tulsa?托德:图尔萨的夜生活是什么样的?Tres: Night life, I havent been back in many years, but when I grew up there, I remember there being many clubs in the area. Majority of adults are single, so everyones looking for a spouse. I grew up playing music, so I would visit nightclubs and bars to play in bands when I was under age. So I think people really found ways to enjoy themselves.特雷斯:夜生活,我有很多年没有回去了,不过我在那里生活时,我记得图尔萨有很多俱乐部。大多数成年人都是单身,所以所有人都要寻找另一半。音乐陪伴我长大,我未成年时就开始去各种俱乐部和酒吧,和乐队一起演奏。我想那里的人们找到了享受生活的方法。Todd: Ok, so you say you were in a band and you played an instrument. What instrument did you play?托德:你说你曾参加过乐队并和乐队一起演奏,你演奏的什么乐器?Tres: Im a drummer. Ive played drums ever since I was in junior high. And I love music, so Ive also played violin and I sang in a church choir ever sinceI was a little baby, growing up until university.特雷斯:我是鼓手。我从高中时开始打鼓。我热爱音乐,我还会拉小提琴,而且我从孩童时期就在教堂唱诗班演唱,这样一直坚持到上大学。Todd: Thats a lot of talent.托德:你真是多才多艺啊。Tres: Its a lot of fun.特雷斯:我得到了很多乐趣。Todd: What would you say is the best thing about Tulsa?托德:你觉得图尔萨最棒的是什么?Tres: The best thing about Tulsa, I would say, is the atmosphere. Once you go, people are so nice. Theyll invite you in to do anything that theyre doing. Its just an easy town to fit in. Its a large city, but its not too large. It still has a small town atmosphere like probably most middle-sized cities in the ed States.特雷斯:我认为图尔萨最棒的是气氛。你去那里就会发现那里的人们非常友善。他们会邀请你去家中做客并和他们一起做各种事情。要融入这个城市非常容易。图尔萨算是大城市,不过也不是很大。那里仍保留着那种小城镇的气氛,与美国大部分中型城市类似。Todd: Is there anything thats bad about Tulsa?托德:那图尔萨有没有不好的地方?Tres: Well, we do have our share of violent crimes. We have a river thats pretty much polluted. It would be nice if it were a clean river so that we could swim in it. I would say thats about it as far as I can remember.特雷斯:当然我们那里也有暴力犯罪。还有一条严重污染的河。如果那是条干净的河就好了,这样我们就可以在里面游泳了。这就是我能记得的事情了。Todd: Thats ok. That sounds like two big enough problems right there.托德:好的。听起来那里有两大严重问题。Tres: Yeah, pollution and crime.特雷斯:对,污染和犯罪。Todd: Thanks Tres.托德:特雷斯,谢谢你。 译文属 /201412/3492439. After I left the hospital, I ate a big meal.我痊愈出院后,大吃了一顿。还能这样说:My first outing after leaving the hospital was to eat heartily.I made a hearty meal after my discharge.谚语:Prevention is better than cure.宜未雨绸缪。10. Congratulations on your recovery!恭喜康复!还能这样说:Congratulations on your recovery from illness.Congratulate you on your recovery.应用:the recovery of a lost thing 失物的找回;make a quick recovery 迅速痊愈;recovery room 恢复室11. Im here to talk over the discharge with you.我是来和你商量出院事宜的。还能这样说:I want to discuss something about leaving hospital.Id like to discuss the discharge from hospital.谚语:One man may steal a horse while another may not look over a hedge.只许州官放火,不许百姓点灯。12. This is the discharge order for you.这是给你开的出院单。还能这样说:I have written a discharge order for you.Here is the discharge order for you.应用:apple-pie order 井井有条,十分整齐;call to order 请遵守会场秩序;请遵守议事规程;宣布开会 /201306/244627

经典句型: Something is wrong with the washing machine. 洗衣机出故障了。A:What happened?甲:怎么了?B:Something is wrong with the washing machine.乙:洗衣机出故障了。A:Lets have it repaired.甲:找人修修吧。经典句型:My car cant move. 我的车发动不了。A:My car cant move.甲:我的车发动不了。B:Let me have a look at it.乙:让我看看。A:Whats the matter?甲:出了什么问题?B:Something is wrong with the engine.乙:发动机出故障了。句型讲解:Something is wrong with…表示“出了故障”,也可以说It stops working.It doesnt work.to have sth.done 表示“请他人做某事”,done是过去分词,表示被动。A: 欢迎大家来到这期的美语训练班! 我是杨琳!B: 我是Mike! 杨琳,来告诉大家今天都要学什么?A: 没问题! 今天,我们要带你去看看在美国看病有什么不同,聊聊怎么为工作面试做准备,还要告诉你怎么说精挑细选!B: Yep. You were complaining about going to hospitals in China, but actually I think here is way worse. Its significantly more expensive, especially if you dont have insurance.A: 可不是嘛! 有一回等我约到医生,病都好了! 不过这个咱们等会再讨论,现在我们先来进入第一个单元,Learn a Word!Learn A Word - 1570 outsell今天我们要学的词是 outsell. outsell is spelled o-u-t-s-e-l-l; outsell. Outsell 销量超过。“格雷的50道阴影”这套书热卖。The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy is outselling the seven Harry Potter books to become the best selling book series on Amazon.co.uk.“格雷的50道阴影”三部曲销量超过哈里.波特的七本书,成为英国亚马逊网站上销量最好的系列书籍。Outsell 的过去时是 outsold. 电子书ebook的销量继续呈上升趋势。Publishers are reporting that in 2011, e-book versions of novels aimed at adults outsold hard covers for the first time. 出版商说,2011年,成年人小说类书籍的电子版销量首次超过精装本销量。好的,今天我们学习的词是 outsell, outsell, outsell....A: 说起outsell,最该提的就是iphone5了! iPhone 5 outsold all other smart phones! 我也特想要一部呢!B: Yeah, Apple said it got 2 million pre-orders for the iPhone 5 in just 24 hours. That nearly doubles the sales record of the previous version!A: 正好,你不是前两天在健身房马大哈把手机摔了吗? 你也去换个新的嘛!B: Well as you know, I like to be unique. I dont want to use the same phone as everybody else. So Ive been trying to ferret out which smart phone I should get by ing all the comments on tech web sites.A: Oh youre so smart! 你刚才提到了一个很好的词儿 ferret out, 咱们来听听这个习惯用语的用法吧!Words and Idioms-983现在播送美国习惯用语第 983讲。我是杨琳。M:我是Steve Baragona.最近我想去剪个新发型。虽然发廊很多,但是因为刚来到这个新城市,对哪家发廊好一点都没有概念。幸好有互联网,只要到特定的网站去搜索一下,哪些发型师的评价好就一目了然了。在美语里,我们可以用一个习惯用语来形容这种情形:M: Ferret out. Ferret is spelled f-e-r-r-e-t. Ferret-out.Ferret 作为动词,意思是搜寻,寻找。Ferret out 作为一个词组,是通过全面查找而搜寻出来的意思。在上面的例子里,通过网上的顾客: I can FERRET OUT the poor service providers from the good ones. 我能很容易找到好的和差的务。在下面的例子里,一名男子坚持要参加训练最严酷的特种部队,我们来听听他爸爸是怎么说的:M: ;I support my son wanting to enlist in the military. But hes determined to join one of the toughest units in the world. Their basic training involves physical, mental and emotional challenges that nearly impossible to endure. They FERRET OUT the weaker candidates within days.;这段话是说:[我持儿子想去参军的打算。但是他坚决要参加世界上训练最严酷的军种之一。他们的基本训练包括对体能,精神和情绪的极限挑战。他们在几天内就能把不够强壮的候选人淘汰掉。]这人说的一定是那些在泥里爬,冰水里游泳,然后每天只睡四个小时的特种部队。我真不明白人类怎么能忍受这些。我记得,原来我去参加一个钢琴比赛的选拔,The judges quickly FERRETED OUT everyone but the most exceptional talents. 评委们很快就挑选出了最杰出的人才。好了,让我们再来听听刚才那段话:M: ;I support my son wanting to enlist in the military. But hes determined to join one of the toughest units in the world. Their basic training involves physical, mental and emotional challenges that nearly impossible to endure. They FERRET OUT the weaker candidates within days.;在工作中,大家都讨厌那种干活拖拉,或者光拿钱不干事的人。在下面例子里,一间工厂就发生了这种事。让我们来听听他们的发言人是怎么说的:M: ;It was announced that some workers got paid overtime that they hadnt worked. The accounting department is reviewing all recent records. Theyre FERRENTING OUT any fraud. The employees responsible can expect to be punished.;[这段话是说:据称有些工人没加班就擅自领取加班费。现在会计部门正在审核所有纪录。他们将撤查任何舞弊行为。那些应当对此负责的人将受到惩罚。]干了缺德事,总是会被发现的。我记得原来大学在一间旅游公司实习,人们发现一些导游强行多收了游客的钱。It didnt take long for the boss to FERRET OUT abuses and fire those employees. 老板没过多久就发现了这种行为,炒了那些导游的鱿鱼。好的,让我们再来听听刚才那段话:M: ;It was announced that some workers got paid overtime that they hadnt worked. The accounting department is reviewing all recent records. Theyre FERRENTING OUT any fraud. The employees responsible can expect to be punished.;今天我们学习的习惯用语是ferret out, 意思是“搜寻出来,查找出来”。好的,这次[美国习惯用语]就到此结束,我是杨琳,我是Dan Markus。谢谢各位的收听。B: Speaking of ferret out, one of the reasons medical care is so costly in America is because medical school is so hard and expensive. Its extremely hard to get in, and they are constantly trying to ferret out the weaker candidates during the four years of study.A: 这样才能保最后出来的医生都是最优秀的呀! 不过我觉得美国呢,尖端医学确实特别发达,可是普通人要去看病可太贵啦!B: For sure. The worst part is that even with insurance sometimes the cost of medical care can be in the thousands.A: 就是! 记得吗,上回Helen也不想看医生,可病一点没好,所以这回不得不去了。咱们跟着她去看看美国医生有什么高招!B: Lets listen!Health: Intermediate大家好!今天我们为您播出“美语三级跳”节目“医药”单元的中级课程。Helen因为头疼和胃疼到药店买了一些药,可是不管用。所以她今天约了医生看病.Professor: Thats right, Winnie. In this first part, Helen is describing her symptoms to the doctor. Lets listen.Helen: I hope you can help me doctor. I really havent been feeling well the past few days.Doctor: I see. Can you describe your symptoms for me?Helen: Ive had a persistent pain in my stomach, and Ive been getting really bad headaches too.Doctor: Can you describe the stomach pain? Is it a dull pain or a sharp pain?Helen: Its mostly a dull pain. No matter what I do, nothing seems to make it go away.Professor, Helen说她的头疼和胃疼都是persistent是什么意思?Professor: You can call a symptom persistent if it wont go away. For example, ;I get a persistent headache every afternoon as soon as my children come home from school.;哦,persistent pain就是持续的疼痛。Professor: Exactly. And do you know what sharp and dull pains are?我知道,dull pain就是隐隐作痛,而sharp pain是剧烈疼痛。Doctor: Do you have a history of these kinds of symptoms?Helen: Well Ive had stomach aches and headaches before, but never this serious and for so long.Doctor: Right. How long have you been feeling ill? Is it every day?Helen: Its been on-and-off for a few months. Ive tried taking aspirin to lessen the pain, but it doesnt help.Professor: So Winnie, how long has Helen had these symptoms?她说已经疼了几个月了,不过,她说这些症状是on-an-off,这是什么意思呢?Professor: That means that sometimes she has them, and sometimes she doesnt.哦,on-and-off 就是说有时候疼,有时候不疼,时好时坏。Professor: Right. You can use this phrase for other things too. For example, ;Chris and Tammy keep breaking up, but then getting back together. Their relationship has been on-and-off for the past year.;哦,形容恋人的关系是on-and-off,就是说他们总是分分合合。Professor, 医生还问Helen是不是有a history of these symptoms,这就是问她是不是有这个病史,是不是老毛病吧?Professor: Right again! The doctor might also ask if you have a ;family history; of a disease, meaning that other people in your family have had the same thing.Family history of a disease? 也就是家族病史。Doctor: Im not sure what the problem is. I need to do some tests before I can diagnose you.Helen: How long will that take?Doctor: It will take about a week for the test results to come back. Until then, I can give you some pain killers to help alleviate the pain.Helen: Thanks doctor. I think that would be really helpful.看来,医生一时也不能判断Helen到底有什么病,所以要 do some tests 做一些化验,看看结果再说。Professor: Yes, Winnie. And what does the doctor say he will do to help Helen alleviate the pain while they are waiting for the test results?医生说先给Helen开一些pain killers--止痛药,希望这样能alleviate--缓解她的疼痛。Doctor: I have just one last question. Have there been any big changes in your life that have affected your mental health?Helen: Actually, my dog died a couple of weeks ago, and Ive been really sad about it.Doctor: You know, sometimes when you are under a lot of mental stress, it can cause physical health problems. Have you thought about talking to a therapist?Helen: No, I havent. Do you think that would help?Doctor: It might. You should think about it.原来,Helen的几个星期前死了,医生说,心理压力也可能引起身体不适,所以建议Helen去看看therapist--治疗师。Professor: Thats right. Usually when Americans mention ;therapist;, they refer to someone who you talk to about your mental health, but a ;physical therapist; is someone who helps people recover from physical injuries.哦,therapist一般指心理治疗师, “physical therapist”,就是物理治疗师了。Professor, 你说Helen会去看therapist么?Professor: Lets listen next time to find out!A: 医生问Helen身体有什么不适,她说她一直have a dull pain in her stomach, 肚子隐隐作痛,而且几个月来一直on and off, 时好时坏。医生问她有没有 a history of these symptoms, 家族病史。了解到没有之后,医生说得做些检察,先给了Helen一些止痛药来 alleviate the pain, 减轻疼痛。B: Yeah, she also mentioned that shes under a lot of mental stress. I guess that also contributed.A:我也是这么觉得,在美国要是生了病我可懒得去看医生,还得预约,太麻烦了!B: Not necessarily, a lot of cities have special clinics call ;Urgent Care Centers; where you can just walk in and see a doctor. No one wants to get sick, especially when you have something important to do. I remember once I got really sick before an important interview, and it nearly killed me! I was too dizzy to follow what the interviewer was saying!A: 啊? 要是我肯定就先取消了嘛!B: Well, sometimes you get sick suddenly and there is no time to cancel or maybe the interview is extremely important and you cant cancel.A: 也对也对! 在今天的Business Etiquette里, David得到了他一直梦寐以求的面试机会,咱们去看看他是怎么准备的!礼节美语-Prepare for Job Interview-part IMC: David 兴高烈地来找 Peter。让我们听听他有什么好消息。David: Peter! Have I got news for you!Peter: Wow, Dave...Ive never seen you so excited. Whats the occasion?D: Ok...youve known me for years, right?P: Uh huh.D: Whats the one job Ive been dreaming of having my whole life?P: Youve always wanted to work as a writer for PLAYERS Magazine.David 说,Have I got news for you! 在这里不是问句,而是要加强语气,意思是我有事要告诉你!So Whats the occasion? 是什么重大消息呢?Peter 故意卖关子,暗示 David ,跟他多年来的理想有关,那就是给 Players 杂志撰稿。D: Thats right!! And I landed a job interview with them!!! I go in to meet the boss next Tuesday!!P: Wow, man! Im so happy for you! Good for you!D: But, truth be told...Im terrified of the interview. How can I ace it?David 喜出望外地告诉 Peter, I landed a job interview with them. 他得到了面试的机会。Land, l-a-n-d, 在这里是动词,意思是得到。但是 David 承认,truth be told,说实话,他很怕,所以让 Peter 给他出主意,怎样才能 ace it. Ace it 是一种很口语化的说法,意思是得满分,一举拿下这次面试。P: Awww, everyone is terrified of job interviews, but there are some things you can do to help prepare.D: Such as?P: Well, for starters, you should do as much research as possible on PLAYERS Magazine.D: Yeah...Ill need to review some of their older issues and brush up on the magazines history. I need to know that company inside and out!P: Thats right. Bosses like the guy who does his homework.如何为面试做准备?Peter 说,for starters, 首先,要对 Players 杂志有一个彻底的了解。David 说,他准备回去 brush up on the magazines history. 重温一下这份杂志的历史,brush up on something 的意思是温故知新. David 还说,I need to know that company inside and out. 意思是把这家杂志从里到外了解个底儿透。Peter 表示赞成,因为 bosses like the guy who does his homework. 老板都喜欢认真的人。do ones homework 做好功课,就是事先做好准备工作的意思。D: I was thinking about asking you to play the role of the interviewer so I can rehearse my performance. Ive aly done it front of a mirror like a hundred times.P: (chuckle) Sure...Ill play the boss. But you know...youre going to have to fight to stay calm. It doesnt look good if you go into the interview too hyper. You gotta look calm and in control.David 让 Peter 扮演面试考官,play the role of the interviewer, 帮他模拟面试,so I can rehearse my performance. Rehearse, r-e-h-e-a-r-s-e, 是排的意思。Peter 建议 David 不能过于激动 too hyper, h-y-p-e-r, hyper 是高度兴奋的意思。You gotta look calm and in control. 要显得镇定自若。A: David得到了梦寐以求的面试机会,他决定好好准备,brush up on the magazines history, 熟悉杂志的历史,know the company inside and out, 透彻了解这家公司。Peter 说去面试的时候不能hyphy hyh hyper,过于兴奋,要 look calm and in control, 镇定自若。B: Those are all good tips. I think preparation is key. If you are fully prepared, you will have more confidence, and it will show through your gestures and words.A: Yep. 而且我觉得穿着和举止也特别重要! 一定得穿自己最舒最自信的衣,一走进去就让面试官感觉到你的自信!B: Yep, its better to be over-dress than under-dress! Lets continue to listen and see what kind of advice that Peter has for David!B:礼节美语-Prepare for Job Interview-part IIDavid 要去面试,他准备穿什么呢?我们一起听听他跟好朋友 Peter 的对话。D: Im going to get there early and make sure I have my best outfit all washed and ironed way ahead of time. If I wait for the last minute, I know Ill panic!P: Yeah, preparation is key. Remember to call the interviewer by their name. People like to hear their name spoken out loud. But dont over-do it. Ok...so what are you planning on wearing next Tuesday?D: Well, I want to look good, but I dont want to look too stuffy. I was thinking about nice jeans and a sports coat.David 准备提前到达面试地点,早早把要穿的衣洗好、熨好。way ahead of time 意思是早早的。If I wait for the last minute, 如果等到最后一分钟的话,就会 panic, p-a-n-i-c, 意思是感到慌乱。Peter 提醒 David 要称呼面试官的名字,但是 dont over-do it. 不要做得太过头。David 说,他不想显得乏味,古板,too stuffy, s-t-u-f-f-y, 所以想穿牛仔裤和休闲西装上衣去面试。P: Ummm...Id recommend erring on the conservative side when it comes to clothes. I somewhere that 55% of another persons perception of you is based on how you look. Id say go with a suit and tie.D: 55% huh? Then I guess its better to be over-dressed than under-dressed.P: Yeah. Id say a dark suit with a conservative tie.Peter 建议 David 选择相对正式的西装和领带。to err on the conservative side, 意思是宁可保守一点,因为别人对你的印象有百分之55都是根据你的外表得出的。Its better to be over-dressed than under-dressed. 宁可穿得过于正式 over-dressed,也不要穿得过于随便 under-dressed。P: But the one main thing that I cant stress enough is confidence. Look the person in the eye. If you need a clarification on something, speak up and ask...but dont turn into a blabbermouth.D: Do you think I should tell him how terrible it is working at Shimomatsu Publishing? I bet hed get a kick out of that!Peter 强调说,要 look the person in the eye 看着对方的眼睛。有什么问题尽管问,但不要喋喋不休 dont turn into a blabbermouth. B-l-a-b-b-e-r-m-o-u-t-h 是多嘴多舌的意思。David 想告诉面试官自己对现在的工作不满意。I bet hed get a kick out of that. 我想他听了一定很高兴。P: Actually, when I interview people, I hate it when they badmouth previous employers. I think its bad form and I also think ;Is this what youre going to do to me one day?;D: Good point. Peter, you are a true friend and I value your input.P: Call me right after the interview and tell me how it went, OK?D: Absolutely.Peter 觉得,最好不要 badmouth previous employers 说以前老板的坏话, badmouth 是说别人坏话的意思,因为 its bad form 这是一种粗鲁的表现,form 在这里是举止行为的意思。A: 听到没有,绝对不能说老板或者同事的坏话! So you need to stop being mean to me!B: Im not being mean, Im just being honest...A: There will be some serious consequences for your action mister! You just wait and see!B: HA! ok, Ill be waiting right here.A: a切! 好了同学们,这次节目时间就到这里了。 /201412/349186

high-maintenance------- 难伺候大家好,欢迎来到小强英语。最近有朋友跟小强君说,他的女朋友可真难伺候。不仅老花钱,还容不得他走开半步。那么,现在问题来了,如何来说一个人难伺候呢?我们可以用high-maintenance。 When describing a person, high-maintenance usually means that the individual is emotionally needy or prone to over-dramatizing a situation to gain attention. 比如说:She was a high-maintenance girl who needed lots of attention that I wasnt able to give her.她是一个很难伺候的女孩,需要很多关注,我给不了。不过,high-maintenance也可以用来形容那些很花时间、很烧钱、很费心思的事物。比如说:Small gardens can be high-maintenance.小花园也可以很难维护。好,这期我们学习了high-maintenance这个形容词,形容那些很花时间、金钱或者心思的人、事物。这里是小强英语,我们下期再会。搜索新浪微@小强爱英语,找到小强君!本栏目由原创,。 /201412/351155我们上次讲的习惯用语都来自一种craps。玩儿craps要掷两颗骰子,根据骰子落地的点数来决定输赢,而骰子的英文是dice。我们今天就来学由dice发展而来的两个习惯用语。第一个是: loaded dice。骰子可以用来玩儿游戏,也可以作。要赌就涉及金钱,而参加的人总得担输钱的风险,时常还有遭人诈骗暗算的可能。比方说,有些不老实的赌徒会在骰子的某一面里稍许灌点儿铅。由于这一面比较重,骰子落地时和它相对的那一面就有更多的机会往上。这种加铅的骰子就称为loaded dice。这一来这个在骰子里做手脚的人心中有数哪个点数出现的机率会更高;他在玩儿craps的时候就可以根据这个不公平地占对手的便宜了。逐渐地人们在业务交往中也用上了loaded dice这个说法。它的含义是什么呢?让我们通过一个例子来体会。说话的人要告诉我们loaded dice如何阻碍他得到一份工作。例句-1:This firm told me I was best qualified for the job. But I lost out; later I found out why. I was playing against loaded dice -- the big boss insisted they hire his nephew instead.这家公司起先说他最有资格担当那个职务,但是结果他却失去了那个机会。后来他才发现其中的内幕,原来是大主管非得把自己的侄子安插在这个职位上不可。这完全不是公平竞争;根本就是滥用职权、任人惟亲的做法。可见他说: I was playing against loaded dice,意思是他们用不正当手段占了我的上风,或者他们的不正当手段把我给坑了,而loaded dice这儿就指占人便宜的不正当做法。******我们再听个例子,里面也用了习惯用语loaded dice。这人的朋友Mike即将作一项投资,而他在给Mike一个忠告。例句-2:Mike, be careful about investing money in that outfit -- they play with loaded dice. Put money in with those guys and youll end up taking all the risk while they grab most of the profit.他说:Mike, 你把钱投给那个集团得小心啊。他们玩弄的手腕可不光明正大。把钱投给这伙人的结果会是你承担所有的风险,而他们却攫取大部分的盈利。这里的loaded dice也用来指不光明正大的生意手腕。******我们再学个包括dice这个词的习惯用语:no dice。习惯用语no dice有几种不同的意思。首先它可以用来表示你努力地试着去做一件事儿,却遭到彻底失败。比方说,下面例子里的男孩儿想借用爸妈的新车出出风头。他觉得自己的要求完全在理。当然了,你要是个十六岁男孩儿的话也会觉得他有理的,但是他的爸妈也这样想吗?我们来听听。请特别注意里面说到的no dice:例句-3:I was taking this gorgeous girl out for the first time and really wanted to impress her with my patents new car, but it was no dice -- Dad told me I was too young. He said to use the subway or take a bus.这男孩儿第一次跟一位漂亮姑娘出去约会,非常想开一辆崭新的汽车炫耀一下,给留下深刻的印象,但是他说了也没用,爸爸认为他年令太小不能开车,要他坐地铁或者搭公共汽车。这一来他的打算落空了。所以这里的no dice意思是白搭,没用。******人们还用no dice来表示断然拒绝,就等于是加强语气的no。我们来听个例子。说话人的表弟老问他借钱老不还。这回又向他开口借了。我们来听他怎么答复这位表弟。听听他的态度坚决吗?例句-4:What makes you think Id loan you money when you never paid back what I gave you three years ago? No dice, cousin! After you pay me back, Ill be glad to help you out again.他说:你连我三年前借给你的钱都还没还,怎么竟然觉得我会再借给你?我的表弟,这回绝对不行!我要等你把欠款还清了才会再乐意帮你。这里的no dice相当于“绝对不行。” /201406/301510pick on somebody ------- 找茬大家好,欢迎来到小强英语。生活中,有些人喜欢挑别人的毛病,也就是“找茬”,这个用英语怎么说呢?我们可以用pick on somebody。It means to treat somebody unfairly by criticizing or punishing him/her.我们来听一下例句:They always pick on him when anything goes wrong.一出什么差错,他们就找他的茬。生活当中,我们应该和身边的人友爱相处,而不是去找别人的茬。Dont picking on others!这里是小强英语,我们下期再会。关注新浪微@小强爱英语,获取更多英语资讯。本栏目由原创,。 /201412/348245

Remembering why we are doing something记住我们为什么做某事Sometimes I forget why Im doing, what Im doing.有时候我忘了为什么我在做,我在做什么。Have you ever done that?你曾有过这种经历吗?Im not just talking about a memory problem, although thats possible too.我并不仅仅是在谈论记忆问题,虽然那也是有可能的。I have called someone because I want to tell them something.我曾经打电话给某人,因为我想告诉他们什么。And then, after just choosing the place for a while, not talking about anything particular.然后,在选择合适的地方后,还没有谈论什么特别的东西的时候。well, I forget why I called that person in the first place.哦,我忘记了自己为什么要首先给那人打电话。Thats a memory problem.这是一个记忆问题。I guess that counts too.我想那很重要。But Im talking about a deeper problem, a bigger, why?但我在谈论一个更深层次的问题,而且更为重要,那就是为什么?At one point, there was a reason we do something.在某一个时期, 我们做某事会有一个理由,。For long-term projects, we need to remind ourselves of that reason.对于长期项目,我们需要提醒自己原因。Its always could to ask ourselves why.总是可以问问自己为什么。Why did I start to learn a language?为什么我开始学习一种语言?Why did I join this club?为什么我加入这个俱乐部?Why my friend was this person?为什么我的朋友是这个人?Why did I get married?为什么我要结婚?If we get lost in the doing, in the living, in the everyday of being, then we can not say why.如果我们迷失在做什么,在生命中,在每天的存在,那么我们不能说为什么。I think we need indeed remind us of why.我想我们需要确实提醒自己为什么。Or else its tough to finish what we started.否则很难完成我们所开始的。We stop starting. We quit the club.我们停止开始。我们退出俱乐部。We end our friendships. Our marriages get damaged.我们结束我们的友谊。我们的婚姻出现裂痕。Theres nothing wrong with asking why.问为什么没什么问题。In fact, sometimes I think it can be very healthy and help we appreciate what you have and what you are doing.事实上,我认为有时候它会很健康的帮助我们珍惜所拥有的及正在做的事情。Talk about it.谈论下面的话题:Is there something you are doing but youve forgotten why you starting it?你有过正在做某事但是你忘了为什么开始的经历吗?Is it a kind of distant memory?它是一种遥远的记忆?Did you ever forget why you are doing something...你曾经忘记你为什么做某事…How do you remind yourself why you are doing something?你如何提醒自己为什么会做某事吗?Do you write memos?你写备忘录吗?Does your mind ever go blank and yourself may forget what you are doing?你有过头脑空空而自己也许忘记你正在做什么的经历吗?What are some other methods for you to prevent yourself from forgetting?还有其他的方法来防止你忘记吗?What do you do when you see someone that you know, but have forgotten his name?你看到认识的某人,却忘记了名字,这种情况下你会怎么办? /201204/179454Todd: So, Eli, can you talk a little about England and maybe about its climate and its weather, its leaders, what people eat?托德:艾丽,你能谈谈英国吗,有关气候,天气,领导人,还有食物之类的?Eli: Well, Im not going to talk about leaders right now because thats a bit of a sore point but England weather, hmm, that is a bit of a sore point too. Its not the greatest weather in the world, especially compared to Japan where I am now, which the weather I just love. England is always cold, almost always cold even through the summer its quite cold I hear. This summer its been sort of jacket weather all summer with only a few days of sunshine and it rains a lot, so its pretty miserable as far as weathers concerned.艾丽:嗯,目前我并不想谈领导人,因为那算是伤心事,不过英国的天气,嗯,也算是痛处。那并不是世界上最好的天气,尤其是和日本比的话,我现在在日本生活,我很喜欢这里的天气。英国总是很冷,即使在夏天也很冷,我听说非常冷。今年整个夏天几乎都要穿夹克,只有几天有阳光,下了很多雨,所以就天气来说非常糟糕。Todd: Now, youre from Bristol right. Whats your hometown like?托德:你来自布里斯托尔,对吧?你的家乡怎么样?Eli: Bristols a great town. I used to live in London which is the capital of England and its very gray and big and unfriendly but when I moved to Bristol it was just great. It is a city but its a very small city so you can always bump into your friends, um, always meet people. Its got big green areas. Its got a place called the downs which is a big park, and its the architecture of the city is very old. Its very near Bath, which is a very famous old Roman town, where the Roman baths were, so all the sort of architecture of the city, the houses, all of its very pretty.艾丽:布里斯托尔是一个非常棒的城镇。我以前生活在伦敦,那是英国的首都,那儿的天空是灰色的,城市很大,而且并不友好,我搬到布里斯托尔以后非常棒。那是个城市,但是算是小城市,所以你经常能遇到朋友,嗯,经常能遇到熟人。而且那里有大面积的绿地。那里有个地方名为Downs,那是个大公园,城市的建筑很古老,就在巴斯附近,巴斯是一个非常著名的罗马风格城镇,就是巴斯罗马浴场的所在地,所以那个城市的所有建筑、所有房屋都非常漂亮。Todd: OK. What are the Downs like? You said the downs. Is that a park?托德:好。Downs什么样?你说过Downs,那是个公园吗?Eli: The downs. Its, its a big area of green basically. Its not a park as in lots of trees and trees and sort of shrubbery and stuff. Its just a big wide sp of greenery where you can play football. I mean theres football matches sort of every week. You can go fly your kites. You can take your kids there. And that joins on to the Avon-gorge, which is where the Bristol suspension bridge is, which is very famous as being I think the first ever suspension bridge built, and from standing on the bridge and looking out into the gorge, I mean youd think youre in the middle of the mountains, not in the middle of the city. Its a really pretty area.艾丽:The Downs,对,是公园,是一片大面积的绿地。其实不算公园,因为那里有许多树木,还有灌木之类的东西。那只是一片大面积的绿地,你可以在那里踢足球。我的意思是那里几乎每周都有足球比赛。你可以在那里放风筝。你可以带你的孩子去那儿玩。那里与埃文峡谷相连,峡谷里有布里斯托尔吊桥,这非常有名,我想可能是历史上建造的第一座吊桥,站在吊桥上眺望峡谷,你会以为你身处山区,而不是在城市里。那真是个非常漂亮的地方。Todd: Sounds like a nice place.托德:听起来是个不错的地方。 /201403/280700Todd: Sarah, so what sports do you like?托德:萨拉,你喜欢什么运动?Sarah: My favorite spectator sport is football. I support Newcastle ed in England.萨拉:我最喜欢的运动是足球。我持英国的纽卡斯尔联队。Todd: Newcastle ed.托德:纽卡斯尔联队。Sarah: Newcastle ed, Yeah.萨拉:对,纽卡斯尔联队。Todd: Are they a good team?托德:他们是一强队吗?Sarah: Um, yeah, I think theyre pretty good. They finished fifth in the premiership this year, so theyre near the top.萨拉:嗯,对,我认为他们非常好。他们在今年的英超联赛中获得了第五名的成绩,所以他们离冠军已经很近了。Todd: OK, so right now we have the Euro cup. And last night England played.托德:好,现在正在举行欧洲杯。昨晚有英国队的比赛。Sarah: They did.萨拉:是的。Todd: Yeah, did you see the game?托德:嗯,你看那场比赛了吗?Sarah: Ah, no I was going to watch it tonight actually in Shibuya but Im thinking maybe not now because we lost on penalties.萨拉:没有,我本来打算今晚去涉谷看比赛的,不过我现在可能不会去看了,因为我们在点球大战中落败了。Todd: Yeah, what was the score?托德:对,比分是多少?Sarah: Ah, the final score was 2 all (2-2) and then it went to penalties and I think it was 6-4. So England always lose on penalties.萨拉:啊,最终比分是2比2平,之后点球大战的结果好像是6比4。英国总是在点球大战中输球。Todd: They always lose on penalties?托德:他们总是在点球大战中输球吗?Sarah: Yeah.萨拉:是这样的。Todd: Well, sorry. Maybe in the World Cup, next time.托德:嗯,真遗憾。可能下次的世界杯会有好表现。Sarah: Maybe. Maybe. Yeah.萨拉:也许吧。也许。Todd: Now do you ever play football?托德:你踢足球吗?Sarah: No, Ive never played.萨拉:不,我从来没踢过。Todd: Never.托德:从来没有。Sarah: Never played, no.萨拉:对,从来没踢过。Todd: OK. Do you ever go and watch games in Newcastle?托德:好的。那你在纽卡斯尔看过足球比赛吗?Sarah: Um, its very difficult to watch games in Newcastle because its a big club and its Premiereship and you have to book in advance quite a few years but Ive seen some first division football clubs play against each other.萨拉:嗯,在纽卡斯尔看比赛非常难,因为它在英超联赛中算大的俱乐部,你必须要提前好几年订票,不过我看过几场甲级联赛的比赛。Todd: You have to get tickets two years in advance?托德:你要提前两年订票吗?Sarah: For the big clubs, yeah. Theyre booked up.萨拉:对大俱乐部来说,是这样的。那些票会订光的。Todd: Thats pretty intense. So when theres a game on TV then what do you do? Do you watch it at home? Do you go to a pub?托德:门票很紧张啊。那电视上放足球比赛时你会怎么做呢?在家里看吗?还是去酒吧看?Sarah: Ah, it depends on the game. I like it and I like Premeireship football, and I like World Cup football and Euro 2000 but I wouldnt watch particularly a first division game on the television, but normally I would go to the pub with friends and watch the game.萨拉:哦,这取决于是什么比赛。我喜欢看英超比赛,喜欢看世界杯,喜欢看2000年欧洲杯,但我不会在电视上看甲级联赛的比赛,一般我会和朋友一起去酒吧看比赛。Todd: Do you think that athletes make too much money?托德:你认为运动员赚的钱是不是过多?Sarah: I think footballers do. Yeah, I think they do. I think they do a good job but I think theyre incredibly overpaid.萨拉:我认为足球运动员赚的钱过多。对,我认为是。我认为他们表现很好,可是我觉得他们的收入过高。Todd: Yeah, I think it is the same thing in the states. I think they make too much money.托德:没错,我觉得美国也是这种情况。我认为他们的收入太高了。 /201401/271470

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