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【视频讲解】Most of Aarusha’s tenants are young, many of them taking first steps into the middle-class as IT or business-processing outsourcing professionals. Paying up to six months’ deposit for a city flat is beyond their means, as is the down payment for a motorbike that would allow them to live far from their employer.Aarusha的大部分租客是年轻人,其中有许多是IT或业务处理外包的专业人员,正向中产阶级迈出第一步。为一套城市公寓付高达六个月的押金已经超出他们的财力,为托车(这样就能住在离公司较远的地方)交首付款也一样。tenant n.租户- landlord n.房东outsourcing n.外包professional n.专业人员deposit n.押金flat n.公寓means n.收入,方式- A man of means- There are several means to reach the goal.Aarusha’s successful pitch is that its hostels are safer than slums or informal “guest houses”, especially for women. It now has 4,300 beds in 1,300 rooms sp out over 20 hostels in four cities. The typical tenant stays for six months. Satyanarayana Vejella, the firm’s co-founder, plans to raise another m to increase capacity by 12,000 beds in nearly 70 new hostels, all in the next two years. Operating-profit margins are in the mid-teens.Aarusha的成功卖点是它的旅舍比贫民窟或非正式的“招待所”更加安全,这对妇女尤其有吸引力。目前它在四座城市拥有20家旅舍、1300个房间和4300张床位。通常租客会住六个月。该公司的联合创始人萨提安娜拉雅娜#8226;维杰拉(Satyanarayana Vejella)计划再融资1,000万美元,在未来两年里开设近70家新旅舍、增加1.2万张床位。公司的营业利润率约为15%。pitch n.点 (point, degree)slum n.贫民窟capacity n.容量margin n.利润mid-teens 15-16The chain’s backers include investment funds who seek social as well as financial returns. The latter would be improved if the chain dodged taxes by operating in the informal economy, like much of its competition, but it sticks to the formal side. The problems it faces are those confronted by any Hilton or Hyatt: finding properties big enough to offer over 100 beds is hard. Tenants have to be chased for payments. An attempt to cater to blue-collar workers at an even lower price didn’t work out. So Aarusha is reliant on the IT and outsourcing sectors, which are hiring less eagerly than before.这家连锁店的投资方包括寻求社会收益和财务回报的投资基金。如果该连锁店像它的许多竞争者那样用地下经营来逃税的话,财务回报会有所改善,但它坚持规范经营。它面临的问题和希尔顿或凯悦这样的酒店一样:很难找到足以提供100多个床位的大型房产。它还必须得追着租客讨要房费。用更低价格来迎合蓝领工人的尝试并没有成功,因此,Aarusha还是得依赖IT业和外包业,而这些行业的招聘已经没有以前那么急切了。chain n.连锁backer n.赞助者latter n.后者dodge v.躲避 (avoid)stick to 坚持confront v.面临,面对attempt n.尝试cater to 迎合blue-collar 蓝领reliant adj.依赖的Aarusha can probably depend on continuing strong demand for a room from which to make sense of it all before people can get their own places. The hostels have something of a communal feel, and parents find them reassuring because residents put up with not being able to drink, smoke, or mingle with the opposite sex. Soon enough, they will have moved on, taking their aspirations and their posters with them.Aarusha也许能依赖人们对于这种房间持续的强烈需求——在他们找到自己的居所之前,在那里住一阵还是很合理的。旅舍有一种集体归属感,父母也认为旅舍令人安心,因为住客要忍住不喝酒、不吸烟、不与异性混住。很快,他们就将带上自己的抱负与海报继续前行。make sense 合理communal adj.公共的reassuring adj.放心的put up with 忍受mingle v.混一起,社交,交往- mingle wiht new friendsaspiration n.抱负- aspire v.渴望 Article/201706/512632

At number 15,it#39;s a magic moment with creating fire.第15名 是我钻木取火的魔法时刻Chihuahuan Desert, Western Texas,I was setting up camp for the night.在德克萨斯州西部的奇瓦瓦沙漠里 我当时在搭晚上睡觉的帐篷Look, there#39;s a whole cave up here.看呐 这有一个大洞窟My plan was to build a fire using an ancient survival technique,the hand drill.我计划用一种古老的方式 来生一个火堆 钻木取火No matches, no flints.Just two bits of wood.没有火柴 没有打火石 只有两条小木棍To start a fire in any environment without matches is a tough undertaking.在任何没有火柴的情况下生火 是个很艰难的过程Okay, that#39;s the rough shape of it,and then what you want is just a tiny, little pinch of sand.好的 雏形出来了 接下来要做的就是要加一点点沙子And that#39;s gonna add a little bit more friction.这样一来就能增加一点擦力It does take, you know,a good level of skill and craftsmanship.那的确很... 考验一个人的手艺 是技术活And what you want is a continuous plume of smoke coming from the ember pan,我们想要的效果呢 就是这个灰烬堆里 冒出缕缕青烟and then you know you got the potential to make fire.Come on.那个时候 你离生火 就不远了 给点力啊You do see it happening. You do the right techniques.真的能见到的 只要你手法正确It#39;s - it#39;s wonderful, wonderful to watch.Super gently with this, just tip that in.就能见到那个美好而神奇的场面 一定要慢慢来 小心地把它倒进来And what you want to do is tip it like this so it stays as one ember.接下来要做的就是 这样把它堆起来 弄成一团灰尽Okay, there we go.However many times you do it,nothing beats that feeling of creating fire.好了 成功了 无论你经历过多少次 成功生火的那种愉悦是无可替代的 Article/201612/482751

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