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青岛哪个盆腔炎最好山东省青岛妇幼保健院门诊正规吗TED演讲视频:走向简单的本质简单:见到即被理解。但是,它确切地是指什么?在这个幽默而又富含哲理的演讲中,George Whitesides找到了一个。201702/492845青岛妇幼保健院四维彩超网上预约 The message is then sent through a series of computers信息接下来发送给一系列计算机which have volunteered to act as relay points.这些志愿机充当中继点的角色As the message passes from computer to computer,随着信息在计算机之间传递a layer of encryption is removed.一层加密被剥开Each time it is removed,每次去除加密时all the relay computer can see所有中继点计算机能看到的is an order which tells it to pass the message on.只是传递信息的指令The final computer relay decrypts the innermost layer of encryption,最后一个计算机中继点解密最内层的加密revealing the content of the communication.这样就能显示通讯内容了However - importantly - the identity of the user is hidden.然而最重要的是 用户的身份是被隐藏的Somebody who wants to look at things around the Web想上网浏览的人and not necessarily have people know what hes interested in.未必有人知道他真正喜欢什么It might just be the local internet services provider,也许只是个本地互联网务供应商he doesnt want them to know which things hes looking at,他不想让别人知道他在网上看什么内容but it might be also the destination.但他也可能成为通讯终点Syversons system worked.赛福森的系统起作用了It was now possible to surf the net without being watched.不被人监视着上网变成了可能重点解释:1.a series of 一连串例句:The student always asks his teacher a series of questions.这个学生总是问他老师一连串的问题。2.look at (仔细地)看例句:Please raise your head and look at the blackboard.请抬起头来,看黑板。3.be interested in 对 ... 感兴趣例句:I think you may be interested in our new product.我想贵公司可能会对敝公司的新产品感兴趣。201701/490032Im Bear Grylls.Ive travelled to the end of the earth,to search the most extreme challenges.我是贝尔·格里尔斯 我历尽世界之极 探寻终极挑战to show you the skills you need to survive in worlds toughest environment.力求向你展现在最严峻的环境中 你所必需的生存技能Down here gonna be a nightmare.Upfold deadly animals,being dropped,frozen,bake.Its hot.and hunted.下去以后将是一场恶梦 直面致命的猛兽 被空投 在雪里受冻 灼人的炙热 好热啊 还有捕猎者Ive eaten the impossible,and slept in the unthinkable.我吃遍一切禁食之物 在难以想象的境地中休憩But in all of this,Im not alone.Keep with me. Keep with me.但这一路上 并非我孤身一人 跟上我 跟上我My small film crew are right behind me though every eventual.摄制组每次都随我出生入死And in this special episode,I gonna take you behind the scenes,在这篇特辑中 我将带领你们走进镜头后面的世界to meet this extrodinary team,and show how we operate.认识这个传奇般的团队 并展示其运转过程Being in the show is taking me to the edge of human existence.这个节目 引领我们触摸人类生存的极限Its never easy.Those danger,discomfort,and sometimes just bad.过程相当艰辛 它充满危险 以及不适感 有时令人崩溃But in the end, its a privilege to be part of the team who make this program.但说到底 能为录制 这部作品出一份力 实为好事一桩Although very small tiny crew,and that kind of amazing guys,you know, weve got all every extreme to the earth,我们的队伍并不庞大 但这帮优秀的弟兄与我一道 踏遍地球上所有极端环境and in my eyes, theyre really our heroes in the show,who is working when its tough,and gonna love that beside me.Good guys.在我眼中 他们是这部剧真正的英雄 不管条件多么恶劣 他们都甘之如饴 他们是最棒的201610/471632青岛市妇幼保健院无痛人流多少钱

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青岛那个医院体检好Last week...I issued a challenge...I ask the parents of America to pull a little holiday trick on their children.上周 我发起了一个挑战 我让父母过节的时候整一下自己的熊孩子们We did this on holloween with candy and got a lot of response to it.我们万圣节的时候用糖果做过这种事 并且反响很大So we did it again. This time for Christmas. I asked parents to tell their kids所以我们又做了一次 这次是圣诞节 我让父母告诉自己的孩子that they were gonna let them open one present a few weeks early .他们可以提前几周打开他们的礼物But instead of a good present, I said但我让父母们别放那些熊孩子们钟意的礼物Put something the kids wont like in the box and then upload a vedio of that而放一些他们绝对不会喜欢的礼物在盒子里toYutube labled ;hey Jimmy Kimmel, I gave my kids a terrible present;再拍一个视频上传到Youtube 注明“嗨 Jimmy Kimmel 我给了我孩子一个奇葩礼物”And a lot of people did do this and they did give their kids terrible presents.结果 真的有很多家长这样做了 给了孩子很‘别致’的礼物And a lot of the kids surprisingly reacted poorly to that.而且让我惊讶的是 好多孩子居然不喜欢那些礼物What is it? Your gift, Charlie. I dont want this.看着这是什么?你的礼物 查莉 我不想要这个Oh. What is it? An old banana.噢 看 这是啥?一根坏了的香蕉An old banana? Isnt that exciting? No.一根坏了的香蕉?哇 难道你不觉得很惊喜吗?不What are you doing? Pushing it! Ok.......你在干嘛呢?我要把它挤出来!呃呃好吧……Wow. A battery and an onion! Whats wrong? Her dont want an onion.噢!居然是一节电池跟一个洋葱诶!咋啦?她不想要洋葱Did you smell your onion? Here, smell it! I dont want to smell it.你闻过你的洋葱没?快 闻一下!我不想闻Eggs....eggs.. Open it! A hotdog. What is that?鸡蛋……鸡蛋……快打开看看!一个热 那是什么?I got a……a girl activity book with stickers. Im not a girl!我的居然是一……一本带贴纸的女生手工图册!我不是女孩儿好么!Me......Im not a boy. Im not a boy either.我……我也不是男生啊!我也不是男生Its the worst present ever. What is this?!天 这是我收到过最糟的礼物了 是个什么?Merisa, what do you tell me all the time about my cooking?美丽莎 你记得你是怎么评价我做的东西的吗?I love it. You love my cooking, so I made you something.我很喜欢 对啊 你说你喜欢我做的东西 所以我专门给你做的Then why is it like.......a sanwich thats like that.但为什么它长成这样……三明治也不是酱紫的啊You should appreci.....I appreciate ...I ...你应该感…感 我很感谢……我……I..I heard getting us a present but我…我只是听说是给我们一个礼物 但……I didnt know it would be like that. Yes...A sandwich...oh my.但没想到礼物是酱紫的 一个三明治…我…的…天…I love your cooking when you cook...... like.... dinners.我喜欢吃的是…比如…你…晚餐…时做的东西Like hot pockets...or..buffalo wings..something like that. Not just a sandwich.比如HOT POCKETS 布法罗鸡翅 像这些 而不仅仅是个三明治I dont want to eat off of it.我不想吃这个so Merisa, so you dont want that peanut butter jelly sandwich?所以 美丽莎 你是不想吃这块花生酱果冻三明治了是吧?I will eat it! I will eat it!我会把它吃掉的!我会吃掉它!Open it up! You dont want that for Christmas?快打开看看!难道你不喜欢这个圣诞礼物么?oh..you stinking parents! Take this back!喔 坏老爸!快把它拿回去!Take this back where? This is yours. I want a refund!拿回哪儿去?这是你的啊!我!要!退!货!Its a happy sandwich! Isnt that what you asked for?看呐!是个笑脸三明治诶!难道不是你想要的吗?No. I asked for a toy. What did you say about Santa?不是 我要的是玩具 你刚才说圣诞老人啥?You put me along an naughty list!! Why?你当我傻么?! 为什么?You just gave me a stupid Hello Kitty shirt.你居然给了我一件傻*的HELLO KITTY的衣What did you get Jasden?杰登 你得到的是什么啊?Some blackbeans cheese and a wolf house pan.哇 一些黑豆奶酪和一个华夫饼平底锅诶!Whats in there? A potatohead.里面是什么?一个土豆Oh you got Mr. Potatohead. They are all from Santa.哇 你的得到了一个土豆先生!都是圣诞老人送给你们的哦They are not. Santa did not have those things.才不是呢!圣诞老人才没有这些烂玩意儿呢!You...I saw you went out of the car at garage. Dont did it with the name of Santa claus.是你…我看到你从车库里出来的 别都赖在圣诞老人身上Are you upset? En.. You stupid parents!你不开心啦?嗯哼!你们这些笨家长!Oh.I hate you! I hate you all!! What I got?! Ponies?!啊!我恨你!我恨你们!我的是个啥?!玩具小矮马?!!That was your great grandpas hammer. I got ponies?!那是你曾祖父的锤子 我的居然是小矮马?!Thats nice. Whats wrong?礼物都不错啊 你们怎么了?You are not excited about your presents? I got ponies.你们不喜欢自己的礼物么?我的是小矮马I dont want ponies. They are gir..they are for girls.我不想要小矮马 我觉得太女孩…那应该是给女孩子的Guys...And mine is a stupid book.大家 我的是一本该死的书……We thought really hard about what to get you this year.我们真的想了很久今年该给你们准备什么礼物Well, you didnt do a very good job.那看来你们还是没想到位Its the worst present Ive ever had. A stand pot?这是我收过最差劲的礼物了 一个电水壶?!Charlis, What did you get? A cloth book.Charlis 你得到的是什么?一本装杂志……Maryo, what did you get? I dont know!梅奥 你呢?鬼知道这是个什么玩意儿!Its a visible fence for your dog.那是给你的准备的栅栏She would say that Im a joke.她会觉得我就是个笑话的(I think you will lose....)Well Jimmy Kimmel told me to do it.(我觉得你们会失去……)不怪我 是吉米·坎莫尔让我这么做的Well tell him suck mom balls. Noted.那就让他去吃屎吧 我记下来了哦Let me say. If Santa gives that kid anything, he is fired.我现在宣布 如果今年圣诞老人给那个孩子送了任何礼物 他就被开除了!Hes done. He will have no credibility any more.他就拜拜了!从此以后我对他的信任统统清零!201706/512376 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/467989青岛市无痛流产医院青岛人流较好医院



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