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The Simuwu Rectangle Ding司母戊大方鼎In 1939, a bronze ding which is an ancient cooking vessel with two loop handles and four legs was unearthed in Anyang, Henan Province. This four-legged ding known as the Simuwu Rectangle Ding was so big and heavy that it could not be moved after it was unearthed. The Japanese invaders tried several times to plunder it. To protect this rare cultural relic, the local people reburied it and then unearthed it again after China won the Anti-Japanese War in 1945. The Simuwu Rectangle Ding is now collected in the National Museum of Chinese History. The opening of the Simuwu Rectangle Ding is 110cm long and 78cm wide,its sides are 6cm thick and the loop handles are 133cm high. The whole ding weighs 875 kilograms and is the heaviest bronze ware in the world. The casting of this huge bronze vessel used over l ,000 kilograms of metal and needed 70 t0 80 crafts-men to work on it. It is the biggest bronze ware unearthed in China and also a treasure in the world#39;s bronze ware collection. Though the ding is big and heavy,its workmanship is exquisite.Relief of Kui (a one legged mythical animal) was carved on the four sides of the body of the ding. The animal figures are portrayed with artistic exaggeration and create a ferocious, mysterious and dignified atmosphere. Dings were used in the primitive society in China as cooking utensils. At first they were made of pottery clay. Then, as metallurgy emerged and developed, the material was changed to bronze at the end of the Shang Dynasty some 3, 000 years ago. By that time, dings had changed function to become sacrificial vessels and the symbol of their owners#39; power and wealth. The Simuwu Rectangle Ding reveals a high level of casting technique and artistry. It represents the highest casting achievement of the Shang Dynasty. According to the archeologists, the King of the Shang Dynasty had the Simuwu Rectangle Ding made to commemorate his mother.1939年,在河南省安阳市出土了一件青铜鼎,该鼎为我国古代一种炊食器,有两个立耳和四足。这件被称为司母戊大方鼎的四足方鼎出土后,因为又大又重,一时无法搬运。日本侵略者多次强索该鼎,为避免这件珍稀文物惨遭掠夺,当地人们再次把它埋人地下,直到1945年抗战胜利后,才重新将其出土。司母戊大方鼎现收藏于中国历史物馆。司母戊大方鼎口长110厘米,宽78厘米,壁厚6厘米,立耳高133厘米。整尊鼎重达875公斤,是世界上最重的青铜器。铸造这件大型的青铜器皿使用金属原料1000多公斤,需要七八十名工匠操作完成。它是中国出土的最大一件青铜器,也是世界青铜器收藏中的一件珍品。大方鼎虽然形大体重,但制作工艺非常精美,鼎身四周用浮雕刻出夔龙(想象中的一种单足动物)纹样。这些动物纹样是经过艺术夸张而刻划出来的,纹样衬托出一种狰狞、神秘、威严的气氛。鼎在原始社会时期的中国用作炊食器,最先由陶土烧制。随着冶金技术的出现和发展,在约3000年前的商代后期鼎改用青铜浇铸而成,而且,这时的鼎已经改变用途,成为一种礼器,是权力和财富的象征。司母戊大方鼎展现出一种高超的铸造工艺和艺术水平,代表了商代铸造技术的最高成就。据考古专家考,商王铸造这尊司母戊大方鼎是为了纪念自己的母亲。 /201601/419346泉州比较好的流产手术医院News that India’s High Court of Delhi issued an injunction against Chinese smartphone upstart Xiaomi was a reminder of how much Chinese smartphone makers still have to grow. It was not, however, an indication that the Chinese can’t grow into international brands.印度德里高等法院下达针对中国智能手机新贵小米公司(Xiaomi)的一项禁令,这则消息提醒了我们,中国智能手机制造商还有多长的路要走。不过,这并不意味着中国手机无法成长为国际品牌。The Swedish telecom giant Ericsson filed suit in India complaining that Xiaomi did not pay royalties on its wireless technology patents. The court agreed and instructed Xiaomi to stop selling and importing in the country until February, when the court hears the case.瑞典电讯巨头爱立信(Ericsson)在印度将小米告上法庭,理由是小米使用了爱立信的无线科技专利却没有付专利费。法院方面已经通过了爱立信提交的申请,并宣布在明年二月开庭审理之前禁止小米在印度销售和进口智能手机。“Ericsson’s commitment to the global support of technology and innovation is undisputed. It is unfair for Xiaomi to benefit from our substantial Ramp;D investment without paying a reasonable licensee fee for our technology,” Ericsson said in a statement.爱立信发言人在一份声明中表示,“爱立信一直致力于全球范围内的科技发展和创新,这一点是毫无争议的。小米使用了我们大量的科研成果,却没有付合理的技术授权费用,这是不公平的。”Xiaomi had been on a roll in India. In October Xiaomi said it sold 40,000 phones in just four seconds in an online flash sale. Hugo Barra, vice president of Xiaomi global, said in a posting on Google Plus today the company had 150,000 registrations for its Redmi Note on the e-commerce site Flipkart just as the injunction came down.小米手机在印度的发展势头如火如荼。10月份时该公司曾宣称,在一次网上限时抢购活动中,开售仅4秒钟就有4万台手机售出。12月12日,小米全球副总裁雨果o巴拉在社交网站Google+上表示,就在禁令下达时,公司通过电子商务网站Flipkart收到了15万份红米Note手机的订购单。That momentum is halted for now, but not quashed. Patent disputes in the smartphone industry are as common as hot specs on a new phone. The litigious history of Apple and Samsung, which included injunctions before the two sides agreed to a ceasefire, is but one example. According to Ericsson, Xiaomi had been unresponsive during three years of attempts by the Swedish company to get compensation for its standard essential patents (those essential in connecting a phone to a wireless standard) for GSM, EDGE, and UMTS/WCDMA standards. A Xiaomi spokeswoman did not respond to a request for comment.虽然小米的发展势头被暂时遏止,但并不意味着就此偃旗息鼓。专利纠纷在智能手机业内相当常见,和新款手机的热门配置一样层出不穷。苹果(Apple)和三星(Samsung)的诉讼史就是其中一例,这两大巨头在决定停战前也曾多次向对方发出禁令。爱立信指出,三年来它一直要求小米对GSM、EDGE、UMTS/WCDMA标准产品的标准核心专利(将手机连接无线设备的关键专利)方面的侵权活动进行赔偿,但对方从未回应。小米公司的一位女性发言人拒绝就此发表任何看法。“Xiaomi needs to act fast to reverse the injunction to protect its brand image in the country,” Canalys analyst Rushabh Doshi said in an email. According to Canalys, Xiaomi shipped close to 340,000 units to India in the third quarter.“小米要迅速设法撤销这一禁令,才能维护它在印度的品牌形象,” 市场研究公司Canalys的分析师拉沙布o多什在一封电子邮件中写道。根据Canalys的资料,第三季度已有近34万台小米手机运到了印度。A quick settlement is likely. Xiaomi doesn’t want to face Ericsson in court—a state-run Chinese newspaper reported last week Xiaomi only holds 12 authorized patents in China—and the smartphone newcomer wants to continue its early momentum in India.双方有希望迅速达成和解。一家中国官方报纸上周报道称,小米在国内仅拥有12项授权专利,它并不想与爱立信对簿公堂,这位智能手机后起之秀希望保持它在印度的发展势头。Xiaomi can end an injunction quickly enough if it chooses. It can offer Ericsson a percentage of every device it sells in India. That will crimp operating margins, aly slim on Xiaomi’s smartphones that sell for as low as in the country, but allow Xiaomi to keep selling. By the time Xiaomi expands to Brazil and Mexico next year, as it has previously said it intends to, its patent portfolio and Ramp;D could be expanded to give it more bargaining power in future patent lawsuits.如果小米愿意,它能够迅速让法院撤销这项禁令,比如将印度销售的手机收入分一部分给爱立信。不过,此举将减少小米的经营利润率,让这款在印度售价仅96美元的手机利润进一步压低,但这样小米至少还能继续其销售业务。根据小米宣布的计划,明年小米将进军巴西和墨西哥市场,小米将扩展专利组合和研发范围,从而在今后的专利纠纷中获得更多的议价能力。Xiaomi’s case in India isn’t isolated. Ericsson ERIC -1.31% has filed suits against Indian-firms including Micromax and a separate Chinese smartphone maker Gionee, which has run a successful business in India for years. Gionee’s president William Lu told me about the case in a November interview at Gionee headquarters in Shenzhen. I asked him if Chinese smartphone vendors had expanded to India because like China, it has a reputation for lax patent enforcement when compared to Western Europe or the U.S. Lu stopped me. “Being in India, you cannot avoid the IP issue,” he said, and offered the Ericsson dispute as proof.小米在印度的诉讼并非个案。爱立信也曾对印度企业Micromax和另一家中国智能手机制造商金立(Gionee)提出过诉讼。金立手机近年来在印度的经营也相当成功。该公司总裁卢伟冰11月份在深圳总部接受笔者采访时,提到了他们和爱立信的诉讼案。当被问到中国手机制造商纷纷开拓印度市场,是否是因为印度和中国一样,在专利管理方面没有西欧或美国那么严格时,卢先生打断了记者的提问,表示“在印度,你是不能回避知识产权问题的”,并举出爱立信的诉讼案作为例。Xiaomi must have realized the same thing this week.小米应该也意识到了这一点。The Chinese smartphone makers’ lack of patents has been known for years. Ericsson’s suit in India is the first taste of the IP hurdle Xiaomi faces outside the favorable confines of China, where the court system established low royalty rates in a case involving the U.S. company InterDigital and under Qualcomm’s terms, the smartphone makers don’t file disputes against one another if they use Qualcomm chips (which almost all do).多年来,中国的智能手机制造商缺乏专利已经是业内共知的事实。爱立信在印度的诉讼是小米在中国这一有利的市场边界之外,首尝知识产权障碍。中国的法院系统在美国公司InterDigital一案中中设定了非常低的专利使用费,而根据高通公司(Qualcomm)的条款,使用高通公司芯片(几乎所有公司都是如此)的各智能手机制造商之间不能互相提起争端。If Xiaomi quickly settles with Ericsson in India, the episode might be seen as just a hurdle in Xiaomi’s global expansion.如果小米能够和爱立信迅速了结在印度的争端,那么这一段插曲只会被当作小米全球扩张途中掀起的一道波澜。(财富中文网) /201412/349378泉州妇幼保健院儿童医院泉州妇女医院门诊挂号

泉州市第一人民医院阴道紧缩泉州无痛人流哪家医院最好Baidu, China’s equivalent of Google, said Friday that it had received a nonbinding proposal to acquire its majority stake in the Chinese streaming website Qiyi.com, valuing the business at about .8 billion.百度在周五表示收到一份收购其流媒体视频网站爱奇艺(Qiyi.com)多数股份的非约束性提议,对公司估值约为28亿美元。百度在中国的地位相当于谷歌(Google)。Robin Yanhong Li, the Baidu chairman and chief executive, and Yu Gong, the chief executive of Qiyi, offered to acquire the 80.5 percent stake in Qiyi owned by Baidu.百度董事长兼首席执行官李彦宏和爱奇艺首席执行官龚宇提议,收购百度所持有的80.5%的爱奇艺股份。The consolidation of ownership by Mr. Li and Mr. Gong could be a first step toward an initial public offering of stock for iQiyi. In recent years, iQiyi’s executives have said repeatedly that they are planning to list the company in the ed States in the next few years. Listing the site, which Baidu acquired in 2012, allows it to retain talent by offering new stock incentives and greater independence to the company’s leaders.李彦宏和龚宇此次获取所有权的举措可能是推动爱奇艺首次公开募股的第一步。近些年来,爱奇艺高管曾多次表示,他们计划未来几年在美国上市。百度于2012年收购该视频网站,网站上市后可以提供新的股票激励,给予公司领导层更多独立空间,从而留住人才。Qiyi, now known as iQiyi, started in 2010 with investments from Baidu and Providence Equity Partners. Baidu bought out Providence’s stake for an undisclosed amount in 2012.百度与普罗维登斯投资(Providence Equity Partners)在2010年共同投资创办了视频网站奇艺,后更名为爱奇艺。百度于2012年收购了普罗维登斯所持股份,没有透露交易金额。Baidu competes with its Chinese rivals Alibaba and Tencent to invest in online-to-offline services, the sorts of businesses where the Chinese use smartphones to order things as diverse as meals and massages brought to their homes. This has been an expensive undertaking, with Baidu operating profit for the quarter ended Sept. 30 falling by more than a third from a year ago in part because of rising costs.百度与中国竞争对手阿里巴巴及腾讯争相投资在线-线下务领域,中国人通过智能手机订购各种商品,享受送货到家的务,比如送餐和务。这是一项成本高昂的业务,在截至9月30日的第三季度中,百度的运营利润同比下降超过三分之一,部分是因为成本增加。The buyers would expect that Qiyi would remain a strategic partner after the transaction and enter into cooperation agreements with Baidu if the deal were consummated, Baidu said.百度表示,如果交易达成,买主会希望此后爱奇艺仍然是百度的战略合作伙伴,与百度签订合作协议。“The board cautions Baidu’s shareholders and others considering trading in its securities that the board recently received the nonbinding proposal and no decisions have been made with respect to Baidu’s response to the proposal,” Baidu said in a news release.百度发布新闻稿称,“百度董事会提醒公司股东和其他考虑交易公司股票的投资者,公司目前只是接到了这份收购提议,尚未作出任何决定。”“There can be no assurance that any definitive offer will be made, that any legally binding agreement will be executed or that this or any other transaction will be approved or consummated,” Baidu added.百度还表示,“不能保买方会给出最终的正式报价,也不能确保会实施任何具有法律约束力的协议,将来会达成任何交易。”Such a transaction by a management-involved group for iQiyi would lighten Baidu’s burden in another expensive area: streaming . Baidu competes with Alibaba, Tencent and other Chinese companies to create or buy movies and television shows — both foreign and domestic, with iQiyi showing a range of programs from Chinese costume dramas to American shows like “Homeland” — that Chinese viewers stream through their smartphones, tablets and computers. Baidu has told investors it expects the costs of buying and producing content to continue to rise as a percentage of its income.这项由爱奇艺管理层开展的交易会减轻百度在另一个高成本领域的负担:流媒体视频。百度与阿里巴巴、腾讯及其他中国公司开展竞争,制作或购买国内外电影及电视节目,供中国观众通过智能手机、平板电脑及电脑观看。爱奇艺拥有很多节目,从中国古装剧到《国土安全》(Homeland)等美剧。百度告诉投资者,公司希望继续增加购买及制作节目的出在收入中所占的比重。Baidu said its board had formed a special committee of three independent directors to evaluate the transaction. The law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher amp; Flom has been hired to advise the committee.百度表示,董事会已经成立由三名独立董事组成的特别委员会,对该交易进行评估。该委员会已经聘请世达律师事务所(Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagheramp;Flom)提供顾问务。 /201602/425878泉州哪家医院不用预约就可以去做人流的晋江妇幼保健院是公立医院么

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