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6. The Constitution is Committed to Liberty and Equality6.宪法以保人们的自由和平等为前提Same sex couples have the right to the very same benefits that heterosexual or non-LGBT couples enjoy, as they are citizens of the same place. If a city allows its citizens to get married, why should a legal citizen be excluded from the same right simply because of their sexual identification? This is especially true because the American Constitution is committed to liberty and equality for its citizens. Gay marriage is covered under this, as demonstrated in the 1974 Supreme Court ruling that ;freedom of personal choice in matters of marriage and family life is one of the liberties protected by the Due Process Clause;. To promote anti-gay marriage sentiments as well as the banning of same-sex marriage are unconstitutional actions.作为生活在同一地方的居民,同性伴侣应该和异性恋伴侣或者非同志群体享有相同的权利。若一个城市允许其居民结婚的话,那么同样是合法居民,为什么仅仅因为这类人的性取向有所不同就将他们的婚姻视为非法呢?在这种背景下,同性恋婚姻应运而生,以下这点便印了美国宪法是以保公民的自由和平等为前提的。1974年最高法院规定,任何公民都有选择婚姻和家庭生活的自由,而这项自由受到正当程序条款的保护。促使反同性恋婚姻情绪的高涨的行为和颁布同性恋婚姻禁令都是违宪的行为。注:本文转载自前十网,译者:落月,小飞侠,刘洋,瓜瓜,旭旭 /201504/368118庆阳市人民医院胃肠症状口臭胃胀便秘胃下垂Gone Shopping购物Our supermarket had a sald on boneless chicken breasts,and a woman I know ontended to stock up .我们的超级市,场在廉价拍卖无骨鸡胸,我认识的某位女士打算去多买一些。At the store,However,she was disappointed to find only a few skimpy prepackaged portopns of the poultry,然而,到了这家肉店的时候她感到很失望,因为只找到一点点事先就包装好的鸡肉,so she complained to the butcher.所以她就向这位肉店老板抱怨。;don#39;t worry,lady,; he said.他说:“,别担心,;I will pack some more trays and have them y for you by the time you finish shopping.;我会替你多包几盘,在你买完东西的时候把它们准备好。”Several aisles later ,my friend heard the butcher#39;s voice boom over th public-address system:逛完几个走道之后,我的朋友听到肉店老板的声音透过公共广播系统隆隆地说;Will the lady who wanted bigger breasts please meet me at the back of the store?;“那位想要大胸部的请到本店后方来见我好吗?” /201503/361458三门峡市市中心医院肠胃科电话预约Two sisters wrecking their bedroomThe search for Britain#39;s most mischievous toddler is on after parents shared hilarious photos of their children causing havoc.英国熊孩子大赛正在拉开帷幕,父母们纷纷寄来了他们家孩子大搞破坏的滑稽照片。From #39;exploding#39; beanbags and covering themselves in talc, to covering themselves in paint, images have been coming in thick and fast to organisers of a national competition.从打翻装满豆子的袋子,全身铺满滑石粉,到把自己也粉刷了一遍,一打打的照片飞快传送到这场全国大赛的组织者手里。A selection of the top entries so far - including two tots busily painting their pet dog with orange and white spots, a lad stuck down the loo and two sisters wrecking their bedroom - have been revealed.到目前为止进了前几名的组图——包括俩孩子忙不迭地把自家涂成了橙色和带着白斑点的,一小家伙被卡在马桶,还有两在卧室里搞破坏——已经闪亮发布。 /201504/369735陕西肚子右下边隐隐作痛

西安交大二附院胃病胃肠地址西安交大一附院肠胃科官网专家在线咨询Avengers: Age Of Ultron Inspired Iron Man Glove Shoots Real Laser Beams带激光特效的钢铁侠手套If Stark Industries were a real company, chances are Patrick Priebe would be Tony Stark#39;s go-to man for all new gizmos. In fact, this young man#39;s creations are so impressive that any superhero would be proud to be seen with them.如果Stark工厂真实存在,那么他们所有装置的制作现在都可以托付给Patrick Priebe了。事实上,这些发明既逼真又炫酷,超级英雄们会为自己佩戴上他的发明而感到自豪的。In anticipation of the recently released Avengers: Age of Ultron, the young inventor created an ;Iron Man; glove. In keeping with the Stark Industries theme, the aluminum exterior of the glove is spray-painted with metallic and candy red primer. While that is indeed cool, what#39;s even more impressive is the laser-firing mechanism fitted inside. Made from brass, it can shoot a high-powered beam from the palm when the wearer merely flexes his/her hand. Another, slightly weaker laser that shoots from the knuckles can be deployed using a controller. Both are accompanied by exciting sound effects.在《复联2》即将上映之际,这个年轻的发明家创造出了一款“钢铁侠”手套。为了与Stark工厂的主题搭调,手套铝制的外皮喷上了金属色,而雷管是糖果红的,这很酷吧?但更赞的是手套内置的镭射装置。镭射管由黄铜制成,只要轻轻弯曲下手掌,就会从掌部射出高能光束。关节处也可用调控装置射出弱一点的激光,而且射出时都伴有很酷的音效。Although not powerful enough to defeat Ultron, the glove can do enough damage to impress your friends. The bright blue 700-milliwatt laser that emanates from the palm can burn patterns in wood. The 300-milliwatt red laser that blasts from the top is weaker, with just enough strength to burst balloons. However, according to Priebe, that#39;s just a distraction to enable the release of a slug capable of causing serious damage. What#39;s stunning is that this impressive gadget took the young inventor just three weeks to build.手套的威力虽不足以对付奥创,但足以让我伙呆。掌部700豪特的蓝色激光能烧着木头,顶部300豪特较弱的红色激光只能打爆气球。据Priebe讲,这些只是为了发出破坏性较大的散弹而分散别人注意力用的。更令人震惊的是,制造这么赞的道具只花了Priebe三周时间。But then this is not the first superhero gizmo Priebe has created. His past masterpieces include an Iron Man-like gauntlet that launches real rockets and a laser watch inspired by the James Bond franchise. Similar to the Iron Man glove, the laser shooting from the watch is powerful enough to burn through objects.这并不是Priebe发明的第一款超级英雄道具。他还发明过钢铁侠可以发射的火箭的镭射手臂,James Bond式的镭射手表,和这款钢铁侠手套一样,也能发射破坏性的激光。Priebe#39;s movie-inspired inventions don#39;t stop there. His repertoire also includes a Spiderman web shooter, Wolverine claws, wrist bows, laser rifles, and numerous other cool gadgets! 然而上述只是九牛一毛,他还发明过蛛网发射器、金刚狼爪、腕带弓箭、镭射步和其他炫酷的道具。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201507/382389咸阳市第一人民医院看胃肠胃痛胃病If you’re sending out résumés and not getting many calls to interview, there’s a good chance that your résumé is the problem. If you’re like most people, your résumé could use some work – and like most people, you’re probably not sure where to start。如果投了简历却没接到多少面试电话,很可能是简历有问题。如果你也是这些人中的一员,你的简历可以做些修改——你可能不知道从哪里开始改。But you probably don’t need to start from scratch. You can often significantly improve your résumé by just making a handful of changes. Here are five small changes you can make that will have a big impact。不过你不需要从头修改。只做些小改变通常就能大大改善简历。下面的五处修改会让简历有很好效果。1. Get rid of the objective. Résumé objectives never help and often hurt. Not only do they feel outdated at this point, but they#39;re all about what you want, rather than what the employer wants. Your résumé should be focused on showing your experience, skills and accomplishments. It’s not the place to talk about what you’re seeking in your next job。1. 不要写求职目标。在简历上写求职目标从来没用,还会有坏处。它们不仅落伍过时,而且都是有关你想要的而不是雇主想要的东西。简历应该集中展现你的经历、技能和成就。不应该商量你在下一份工作中想得到什么。2. Focus on work accomplishments, not job duties. If you’re like most job seekers, your résumé lists what you were responsible for at each job you held, but doesn#39;t explain what you actually achieved there. Rewriting to focus on accomplishments will make it more likely to catch a hiring manager’s eye. For instance, get rid of lines like “managed email list” and replace them with lines like “increased email subscribers by 20 percent in six months” – in other words, something that explains how you performed, not just what your job was。2. 关注工作成就,而不是工作职责。你的简历是不是和大多数求职者一样只写每份工作的职责,却没写结果?写好成就是关键,这样更有可能抓住招聘经理的眼球。例如,别写像“整理邮件”之类的话,用“6个月内邮件用户增加了20%”代替——换句话说,写清楚你的工作表现,而不只是写工作内容。3. Get rid of big blocks of text. If your résumé is filled with large blocks of text – as opposed to bullet points – there’s a good chance that you’re putting hiring managers to sleep. They want to quickly skim the first time they look at your résumé, and big blocks of text make that difficult and make most hiring managers’ eyes glaze over. They’ll pay more attention and absorb more information about you if your résumé is arranged in bullet points rather than paragraphs。3. 不要有大段文字。如果你的简历都是大段文字——而不是按要点写——招聘经理很可能没兴趣看了。他们看简历时想快速浏览,大段文字看起来困难,他们眼睛都要看花了。如果你的简历排出了要点而不是有很多段落,他们会看得更仔细,也能了解到更多信息。4. Shorten it. If your résumé is multiple pages, you might be diluting the impact of its contents. With a shorter résumé, you’ll ensure that in an initial quick scan, the hiring manager’s eyes fall on the most important things. Plus, long résumés can make you come across as someone who can’t edit and doesn’t know what information is essential and what’s less important. As a general rule, your résumé shouldn’t be longer than two pages, maximum. (And if you’re a recent grad, it should only be one page, because you haven’t yet had enough work experience to justify a second one。)4. 减少页数。如果你的简历有很多页,你可能把不重要的内容也写上去了。短小精悍的简历能确保招聘经理快速扫视时能看到最重要的东西。另外,长简历会让别人觉得你不会编辑文档,也不会区分信息的重要程度。一般来说,简历最多不能超过两页。(如果你是应届毕业生,应该一页就够了,因为你还没有足够的工作经验去写第二页。)5. Give yourself permission to remove things that don’t strengthen your candidacy. You don’t need three lines explaining boring job duties – especially if these responsibilities are going to be implied by your title. Similarly, you don’t need to include that summer job from eight years ago, that job you did for three weeks that didn’t work out or every skill you can think of. Your résumé is a marketing document, not a comprehensive listing of everything about you; include the things that strengthen your candidacy and pare down the rest。5. 删掉不够有竞争力的内容。你不需要用三行字说明无聊的工作职责——尤其是这些责任可以从职位名称中看出来的时候。同样,你不需要写八年前的暑期工作,以及做了三个星期却没学到什么技能的工作。你的简历是用来推销自己的,不要像写清单一样把每件事都列下来,请写能加强竞争力和能把别人比下去的事情吧。 /201506/381762榆林市胃肠科地址官网

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