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YOUR MONEY 理财:改善财务状况Take stock of your life and improve your financial future.Recycle Old Gadgets for Cash 通过废物再利用挣钱Choose 'Obama' Stocks 选择与奥巴马政策相关的公司股票Advance Your Career Online 通过在网上建立声誉来推动事业发展Put Your Cash in Safe Accounts 把现金放在安全的账户Start Your Own Nonprofit 成立自己的非营利组织Drink Screw-Topped Wines 喝有螺旋盖的葡萄酒Lose the 'Microwave' Mentality 抛开“微波炉式”急于求成的心理Make Friends at Work 结交职场好友Watch TV Free Online 在网上看免费电视Try That Home Before Buying 买房前先试住YOUR BODY 健康:追求健康生活Take a healthy approach to life. Bike to Work 骑自行车上班Use Glass to Store Food 用玻璃器皿储藏食物Take an Afternoon Nap 午后小憩Get Paid for Good Health 奖励有健康习惯的员工Walk the Cravings Away 用散步来赶走食欲Get a New Toothbrush 常换新牙刷Move to Vermont 搬到最有益身心的地方居住Get Your Eyes Checked 检查视力Add Obstacles to Your Jog 尝试“跑酷”这种有难度的跑步运动Get Fit as You Get Older 越活越健康YOUR MIND 心理:创新思维方式Challenge yourself to think in new ways. Read Up on Edgar Allan Poe 研读埃德加·爱伦·坡的作品Publish Your Book Yourself 自己出书Go Back to School for New Skills “回炉再造”、学习新技能Study Philosophy 研究哲学Save That November 5 Paper 保留某一天的报纸Silence Noise Pollution 远离“噪音污染”Finish a Crossword Puzzle 完成字谜游戏Start Using Twitter 开始使用Twitter(即时消息的一种变种)Learn Russian 学习俄语?一门外语Keep a 'Clothes Hanger' Journal 每天用一句话记录生活 /200901/60534新加坡《联合早报》记者:我想请问关于“十二五”规划的问题。我们留意到中国的知识界对于“十二五”规划给予了很高的评价,认为它为中国的未来指明了更好的方向。但是中国有一句话叫知易行难。转变经济增长方式这个概念从上个世纪90年代中期一直提到今天,请问温总理,您认为“十二五”规划要得到真正地实施,真正地贯彻落实,最难的地方在哪里?Lianhe Zaobao of Singapore: My question is about the 12th Five-Year Plan. We have seen that the academic community has spoken highly of this plan, holding the view that it charts the course for China#39;s future development. But we also know that as the Chinese saying goes, ;It is easy to identify a problem, but difficult to act on it;. The concept of transforming the economic development pattern has been repeatedly mentioned since the middle of the 1990s. Mr. Premier, what poses the biggest difficulty in ensuring the effective implementation of the 12th Five-Year Plan?温家宝:你提到转变发展方式知易行难,最难难在什么地方?我以为难在两个方面:一是观念,一是创新机制和干部考核的标准。所谓创新机制,就是要建立和完善鼓励科技进步、人才成长的机制,决定一个国家发展的主要在教育和科技。我一直强调,中国的振兴不单在经济总量,根本在人才和科技进步。通过改革促进产学研的结合。我以为有两个数字比GDP更为重要,一是教育经费占国内生产总值的比重;一是研发经费占国内生产总值的比重。这两条就决定了我们这个民族和国家的创新力量,这才是最有力、最持久、最可靠的发展因素。所谓观念,就是要彻底转变唯GDP的观念。推动经济社会发展,改善人民生活,需要不断地增加经济总量,但是这种总量的增加不能以过度地消耗资源、能源和污染环境为代价。那样不仅不可持续,而且会给我们子孙后代造成影响。与它相关的就是干部政绩的考核。我以为对干部政绩的考核,不仅要看一个地区的经济总量,而且要看经济与社会发展的协调,社会事业的发展和社会的进步,公平正义和人民生活的改善。如果不彻底从根本上解决这两条,我们现在制定的规划也是难以实现的.Premier Wen Jiabao: We have set the goal of transforming China#39;s economic development pattern. As you rightly put it in your question, it is easy to identify a problem, but it is difficult to act on it. You asked what poses the biggest difficulty in implementing the plan. The difficulty lies in two aspects. One is about the mindset. The other is innovation mechanism and criteria for evaluating the performance of government officials. With respect to innovation mechanisms, it is important to establish and improve mechanisms for encouraging science and technology advances and cultivating talents, as education, science and technology play an essential role in the development of a country. I have always emphasized that to achieve China#39;s revitalization, it is not just about how big the economy is. It is also, and more importantly, about the quality of our human resources and how much progress we have made in science and technology development. It is important that we carry out reform to combine the efforts of the industry, the academia and research institutions. I believe two figures are even more important than the GDP. One is the proportion of expenditure on education in GDP and the other is the proportion of research and development expenditure in GDP. Both determine the innovation capabilities of our country. They are the strongest and most reliable source of China#39;s sustained development. With respect to the mindset, it is important that we abandon the GDP worship mindset. To promote economic and social progress and improve people#39;s livelihood, it is important to grow the economy. However, our economic growth must not come at the expense of over-consumption of resources and energy and environmental pollution. That kind of development is not sustainable and will bring adverse impact to our children and grandchildren. A related aspect is the evaluation system for government officials#39; performance. We need to ensure that in evaluating their performance, we take into account not only the economic aggregates of the places where they work but also whether there is coordinated economic and social development, whether social programs have been advanced, whether social fairness and justice have been promoted, and whether the people are leading a better life. If we do not address these two aspects fundamentally, it will be difficult for us to achieve the full implementation of our plan. /201204/178584【中英对照】1. Forget about excuses 不要寻找借口No boss cares why an assignment wasn't done. It's your job to get it done and on time.没有老板在乎你没有完成职责的原因。因此及时完成工作是你的事。2. Don't aim for perfection 不要苛求“完美” Getting it done well and on time is much more important than doing it "Perfectly"及时把工作做好比做得“完美”重要得多。3. Carrying your share is not enough 只做份内事是不够的 Bosses value people who do their job and look around for, create or ask for more real work.上司看重那些不仅做份内事而且主动寻找、创造或要求更多工作的员工。4. Follow through 自始至终完成工作Tie up the loose ends of your assignments. Don't wait to be reminded, particularly by a Supervisor.对分配给你的工作做到有始有终,不要等到别人特别是你的主管来提醒你。5. Anticipate problems 预见到问题When your responsibilities depend on input from others, check their plans and their understanding of what you're requesting.当你的工作有赖于他人的参与时,要核对他们的计划并确认他们知道你的要求。6. Be resilient about problems 坚韧乐观地面对难题Part of carrying your responsibilities is understanding that unforeseeable failures by others are a routine part of work life. When problems occur, no one is picking on you and you can't excuse it as bad luck.发生别人无法预料到的失误是工作生涯中常见的事情。理解这一点就是你工作职责的一部分。当问题发生时,没有人怪罪于你,你也不能以运气不好作为借口。7. Don't take problems to your boss 别把问题留给你的上司If you lack the authority, come prepared with solutions when you broach the problem. Even though your boss may not use your solutions, you've made an impression as a problem solver - not as a problem collector.如果你权力有限,在去见上司以前要准备好解决问题的方案。即使你的上司可能不采纳你的解决方案,也已经给他留下了这样的印象:你是解决问题而不是收集问题的人。8. Attendance counts 出满勤People quickly become aware of who makes an effort to be there and who uses any excuse to miss a day.从出勤情况可以很快看出,谁在努力工作,谁在寻找理由混日子。 /200906/75664

The Mean Mans Party 吝啬鬼的聚会 The notorious cheap skate finally decided to have a party. Explaining to a friend how to find his apartment, he said, ;Come up to the fifth floor and ring the doorbell with your elbow. When the door open, push with your foot.; 一个声名狼藉的小气鬼终于决定要请一次客了。他在向一个朋友解释怎么找到他家时说:“你上到五楼,用你的胳膊肘按门铃。门开了后,再用你的脚把门推开。” ;Why use my elbow and foot?; “为什么我要用我的肘和脚呢?” ;Well, gosh,; was the reply, ;You#39;re not coming empty-handed, are you?; “天哪!” 吝啬鬼回答,“你总不会空着手来吧?” /201206/185520

The research shows men who spend even a few minutes in the company of an attractive woman perform less well in tests designed to measure brain function than those who chat to someone they do not find attractive.一项研究表明,男性在与迷人的女性聊上几分钟后,在脑功能测试中的表现要逊色于那些仅和相貌平庸的女性聊过天的男人。Researchers who carried out the study, published in the Journal of Experimental and Social Psychology, think the reason may be that men use up so much of their brain function or "cognitive resources" trying to impress beautiful women, they have little left for other tasks.研究结果发表在《实验与社会心理学期刊》上,研究人员认为也许是因为男性在想法设法吸引漂亮女性时,消耗了太多的脑功能或“认知资源”。The findings have implications for the performance of men who flirt with women in the workplace, or even exam results in mixed-sex schools.该发现或许可以有助于理解在工作场所与女性调情的男性的表现,或者甚至在男女混合学校的考试成绩。Women, however, were not affected by chatting to a handsome man.然而女人则不会因为和帅哥聊天而受到影响。This may be simply because men are programmed by evolution to think more about mating opportunities.这也许不过是因为男人在进化时就被设定为要为“交配机会”多操心一些。Psychologists at Radboud University in The Netherlands carried out the study after one of them was so struck on impressing an attractive woman he had never met before, that he could not remember his address when she asked him where he lived.荷兰内梅亨大学的心理学家们作此研究缘起他们中的一位在与一个从未谋面的美女搭讪时遇到了麻烦,当她问起他住哪时,他居然忘记了自己的住址! /200912/91780

Jogging for just an hour a week can increase your life expectancy by around six years, reveal scientists.科学家研究发现,每周慢跑一小时可延长寿命6年。Even better news is that a gentle jog is better for you than any sort of extreme workout, the study concludes.研究结果表明,相对于激烈运动慢跑更适合锻炼者。The results challenge previous studies into jogging which questioned whether it is healthy or hazardous, with the debate kicking off in the 70s when middle aged men began taking an interest in the exercise. However, following the death of a few men who died while out on a run, the media suggested jogging might be too strenuous for middle aged people, casting doubts over the past-time.此前,人们在关于慢跑对身体有无益处这个观点上有过争论。一位中年男子曾经在慢跑的过程中猝死,媒体认为慢跑对于中老年人不太适用,因为程度过于激烈。As part of the Copenhagen City Heart study, a cardiovascular study of around 20,000 men and women aged 20 to 93, researchers set about quashing previous suggestions that jogging is bad for people#39;s health. The study has so far resulted in over 750 papers, and has previously explored associations for longevity with different forms of exercise and other factors. Researchers believe jogging delivers multiple health benefits, improving oxygen uptake, lowering blood pressure, preventing obesity, improving cardiac function and improving psychological function, as well as many more benefits.之后哥本哈根心脏研究中心在对两万名20至93岁的居民进行探访后得出结论:慢跑能够增加摄氧量,降低血压,预防肥胖,增强心脏功能,有益于身体健康。 /201205/181319

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