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Day 第天My Father Was My Hero我父亲是我的英雄My father was my hero, all throughout my life.我的父亲就是我的英雄,从始至终The father of eight children, he saw his share of strife.身为八个孩子的父亲,他明白自己重任在身When I was very little, he appeared to be so large.我小的时候觉得他的身躯是那样伟岸In my eyes he could do anything, we all knew he was in charge.在我眼里他无所不能,我们都知道他能掌控一切He was a man of great strength both physically and in mind,他的身体和头脑都充满了力量but in him there was a gentleness, he found ways to be outgoing and kind.但他刚中带柔,他懂得怎样做到随和与友善Many days of childhood were greeted with a kiss,童年的一天常以他的吻开始and songs to me as I awoke, those days I surely miss.醒来便伴着歌声,我着实怀念那些日子He made me feel so special, ;Miss America; he would sing.他给我唱;美国;,让我觉得自己与众不同I knew I had my father love. It gave me courage to do almost anything.我知道我拥有我父亲的爱,这让我有勇气面对世上所有的挑战From him I learned to stand up tall, to be proud of who I am.从他那里我学到做人要挺直腰板,要为自己骄傲Strength and determination were the qualities of this fine man.力量与决心是这个好人的特质As the years of his life dwindled down, that strength kept him alive.当他渐渐老去,这种力量让他保持生机Plus the unfailing determination to help my ailing mother have the care she needed to survive.这种不败的决心还帮助我体弱多病的母亲得到了必要的照顾He loved her and his children, so much he gave up years of his life他爱他的妻子和孩子,他愿意为了他们放弃自己的生活caring this woman, his soul mate, his wife.他花时间照顾这个女人,他的灵魂伴侣,他的妻子Day and night he struggled years with her disease.夜以继日,他与她的疾病抗争A lesser man would have been brought down to his knees.若是一个意志薄弱的人恐怕早已被打倒With illnesses of his own, he still stood by her side但哪怕自己也疾病缠身,他依旧站在她的身旁caring her and loving her until the day she died.照顾她爱她直到她的生命终止Twenty days later his own time was at an end.天后他随她而去I lost my hero, my father, a man who was my friend.我失去了我的英雄,我的父亲,我的朋友A few years have passed, and life just isnt the same.许多年过去了,生活变了样But as Father Day approaches, I will celebrate his name.但每当父亲节临近,我还是会在心里念他的名字With prayers to him and God above to stay by my side,我为他祈祷,相信上帝会在我身旁to watch over me and guide me, to look down on me with pride.他看护我、指引着我、骄傲地望着我 I am my father daughter, one day we will meet again.我是我父亲的女儿,总有一天我们会再见But until then I will remember, and the love will never end.到那时我还会记得,这份爱永远不会结束 658Anastasia: This is the best club in the city. Grace brought me here last month. Youre going to love it.安娜塔西雅:这是城里最好的俱乐部格雷斯上个月带我来过你会爱上这里的Joshua: What?!乔舒亚:什么?!Anastasia: Youre going to love this club. It has the best DJ in town. She spins the best mixes.安娜塔西雅:你将会爱上这里这里的DJ是城里最棒的她能调试出效果最好的混音Joshua: Did you say youre going to get us some mixed drinks?乔舒亚:你是说你要为我们拿些混合饮料吗?Anastasia: No, I said that this DJ is great. She plays music that gets people pumped up. Oh, I love this song. It samples from two of my favorite songs and it my favorite track on this CD.安娜塔西雅:不,我是说DJ很棒她播放的音乐能让人们兴奋起来啊,我喜欢这首歌它是我最喜欢的两首歌其中之一,也是这张唱片里我最喜欢的曲目Joshua: Did you say that you want to buy this CD?乔舒亚:你是说你想买这张CD?Anastasia: No, I said I like this song. It got a pounding beat and I can really feel the music. I love dancing to it. Do you want to get out onto the dance floor?安娜塔西雅:不,我说我爱这首歌这首歌里有重音节拍,听着很有感觉我喜欢伴着这首歌跳舞你想不想去舞池跳一会?Joshua: Let wait until she segues into something mellower. I dont really like dancing to this kind of club music.乔舒亚:等音乐演变得柔和点时再去跳吧我真的不太喜欢伴着这种俱乐部音乐跳舞Anastasia: What?! You love club music? That great. Let go dance!安娜塔西雅:什么?!你爱俱乐部音乐?太好了我们去跳舞吧!Joshua: I think Ill sit this one out. Dont you think that the volume is a little loud in here?乔舒亚:我想这轮舞我们就不参加了吧你不觉得这里的音响声太吵了吗?Anastasia: What?! You want the music to be louder? Ill go ask the DJ to turn it up.安娜塔西雅:什么?!你觉得声音还不够大?我会去让DJ把声音调大原文译文属! 68Children One and All童年Some of us live in big white housesSome of us live in smallSome of our names are written on blackboardsSome are written on wallsSome of our daddies work in factoriesSome of them stand in lineSome of our daddies buy us marblesSome of them just buy wineBut at night you cant tell Sunday suitsFrom tattered overallsBut then were only childrenChildren one and all我们有些人住在大白房子里有些人蜗居着有些人的名字写在黑板上有些人的名字写在墙上有些人的父亲在工厂上班有些父亲排队找工作有些人的父亲会给孩子买弹珠有些父亲却只是酒鬼而当夜晚降临无人分辨谁穿着盛装谁穿破旧工装我们那时都只是孩童那是我们所有人的童年Some of us take our lunch in boxesSome in paper sacksSome of us kids join in the laughterSome hear it at their backsSome of our mothers sew fine linenSome cant sew a stitchSome of our mothers dress up poorlyAnd some of them dress up richBut at night you cant tell party dressesFrom hand me downs too smallBut then were only childrenChildren one and all我们有些人带着盒饭有些人随便用纸袋装饭有些孩子聚在一起欢笑有些人只能在其它孩子后面听别人笑我们有些人的妈妈是缝得一手好衣有些妈妈连个补丁都不会缝有些人的妈妈穿着寒酸有些妈妈打扮得珠光宝气而当夜幕降临无人区别谁穿着宴会礼谁衣裳褴褛我们那时都只是孩子那是我们所有人的童年Some of us learn our lessons poorlySome of us learn them wellSome of us find an earthly heavenSome of us live in hellSome of us go right on apreachinWithout making too much senseSome of us hide behind a wallSome behind a fenceBut at night you cant you tell picket fencesFrom bricks a tower tallBut then were only childrenChildren one and all我们有些人不善于读书有些人善于学习我们有些人活在人间仙境有些人活在地狱我们有些人满嘴仁义道德却不知道那些话的意义我们有些人家有围墙有些人家只有篱笆而当夜幕降临你无法辨别那到底是篱笆还是塔一般高的围墙我们那时都只是孩子那是我们所有人的童年Some of us grow up tall and handsomeSome of us grow up plainSome of us own the world in ransomSome of us just our nameSome of our people die in miserySome of them die in peaceSome of our people die nothingBut dying doesnt ceaseAnd at night you cant tell fancy coffinsFrom boxes in the hallBut then were only childrenChildren one and allChildren我们有些人长的高大帅有些人长的矮矬穷有些人拥有全世界有些人只拥有自己的名字有些人悲催地死去有些人安详的离开有些人死得不明不白而死亡不会停止当夜幕降临你无法分辨那是精致的棺材抑或不过是放在大厅的大盒子我们那时都只是孩子那是我们所有人的童年我们的童年更多美文内容,请关注微信公众号:pansvoice本专辑原创朗读版权归潘之声所有 5595Women of Today今日妇女Women are playing an increasingly important part in society today.妇女在当今社会中扮演着越来越重要的角色Not restricted to their roles as wives and mothers anymore,她们不再局限于扮演妻子和母亲的角色they now work and have become the equal partners of men.她们现在外出工作,并成为男性同等地位的伙伴In many countries, more and more women are serving as workers,teachers,在许多国家,越来越多的妇女走上了工人,教师,scientists and even leaders.科学家甚至领导的岗位We can say that almost all jobs which men can do我们可以说,男人能做到的事,are done perfectly by women.妇女也完全能够做到Women are no longer looked down upon by society.妇女不再受到社会的歧视With the changes in their social role,随着社会角色的变化,women position in the family has improved as well.妇女在家庭中的角色也得到了改善Husband and wife are now equal in the family.在家中,夫妻平等,The cope with problems of daily life together,他们共同处理日常生活中的问题,and share happiness with each other.同甘共苦It is also unusual in today world to find a woman busy with dinner在现今的家庭中,几乎看不到妇女一个人在忙于做饭,while her husband sits in an armchair and s a newspaper.而丈夫却舒地躺在椅子上看报纸的情景In spite of these changes,尽管有了一些变化,there are still a lot of inequalities between men and women.但男性和女性之间仍然存在着许多不平等The liberation of women has not been completely realized.妇女还没有被完全解放,A number of men still jealously guard their rights.大部分男人仍有夫权思想The contribution and demands of women have been degraded and ignored.女性的贡献和要求一向被贬低和忽视In general the image of women has changed a lot.但总的来说,妇女的形象已经改变了很多Women of today have, on their own,come a long way.当今的妇女已靠自己向前迈进了很多 0


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