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长春阳光医院做无痛人流怎么样辽源妇幼保健妇保医院的权威医生It takes some variety of wilful ignorance to dismiss the need for action to avert the threat of climate change.只有某些故意愚昧的人,才会认为针对气候变化威胁采取行动是没有必要的。From imaginings of vast conspiracies to complacency that global warming can only be benign, the arguments against taking the danger seriously are rooted in a refusal to face reality. The climate is a complex system, of course, and forecasting it fraught with uncertainty. But the evidence is strong enough to make it clear that the risk of catastrophe cannot be dismissed.反对严肃应对气候变化威胁的观点各式各样,从各种大阴谋论,到满不在乎地认为全球变暖可能没什么大不了的,其根源是不愿面对现实。当然,气候是个复杂的系统,对气候进行预测也充满了不确定性。但已有足够充分的据表明,发生气候灾难的风险不容忽视。Yet advocates of action on climate change often display their own varieties of irrationality. The campaign for universities, charities, local governments and others to sell their holdings in fossil fuel companies, which has been gathering momentum in recent years, is a case in point.然而,主张就气候变化采取行动的人往往也表现出他们自身的种种不理性。一个例子是撤资运动(divestment campaign),这场运动呼吁大学、慈善机构、地方政府、其他组织和个人出售所持化石燃料企业股份,其声势近年来不断增强。The campaigners’ zeal is understandable. The potential consequences of unrestrained fossil fuel development are alarming, and if you are looking for someone to blame, the oil, gas and coal industries are an obvious target.撤资运动人士的热忱可以理解。不受限制的化石燃料开发可能导致的后果令人担心,如果你试图就此责备谁,那么石油、天然气和煤炭行业是明摆着的靶子。By focusing on divestment, however, the campaigners are channelling their efforts into an issue that is largely irrelevant to the ultimate objective of minimising the threat of climate change.然而,我们最终的目标是要最大程度降低气候变化威胁,撤资运动人士一门心思呼吁人们出售上述企业的股票,是把力气使到了一个基本无关这个最终目标的问题上。The financial impact of divestment is likely to be negligible. If charities sell their holdings in fossil fuel companies, other investors will buy them. If enough funds sell, the shares may fall, raising the companies’ cost of capital, but evidence from the divestment campaign over South Africa suggests the effect is unlikely to be large.撤资的经济影响很可能微乎其微。如果慈善机构出售所持化石燃料企业股份,那么其他投资者会接盘。如果卖盘足够多,股价可能会下降,从而提高这些企业的资金成本,但南非撤资运动的经验明,这种做法不太可能取得很大效果。Divestment campaigners often say their objective is not so much financial as symbolic: they want to send a signal that fossil fuels are morally unacceptable. It is hard to see, however, how the world can be persuaded to shun voluntarily the source of more than 80 per cent of its energy. Fossil fuels offer enormous benefits as well as great risks, and their role in sustaining standards of living worldwide is for the time being irreplaceable.撤资运动人士往往说,他们的目标更多是象征性的、而非经济上的:他们希望传递一个讯号,即化石燃料在道德上是不可接受的。然而,化石燃料占世界能源使用量的80%以上,很难想象他们如何能说全世界主动弃用化石燃料。化石燃料带来了巨大的益处,也造成了巨大的风险,就目前而言,化石燃料在维持全世界民众生活水准方面发挥的作用仍是不可替代的。Nor is it reasonable to expect fossil fuel companies to be the pioneers of the transition to other sources of energy; they have tried that many times in the past, always with disappointing results. The real advances recently in low-carbon energy, such as the plunging cost of solar power systems and progress in battery technology, have all come from outside the fossil fuel industries.期待化石燃料企业充当向新能源转型的先锋也是不理智的。这些企业过去已尝试过那么多次,每次的结果都令人失望。低碳能源领域最近取得的实质性进步,比如太阳能发电系统成本的大幅下降以及电池技术取得的进展,都来自化石燃料行业以外。It is true that as the world shifts away from high-carbon energy, the oil, gas and coal companies will become less attractive investments, but shareholders can take their own views about the timing and consequences of that transition. Divestment should be seen as an outcome, not an instrument.没错,世界在逐步改用高碳能源以外的能源,这会使得石油、天然气和煤炭企业的投资吸引力下降,但持股人对这种转变的时机和后果可以拥有自己的看法。撤资应该被视为一种结果,而非一种手段。If global greenhouse gas emissions are to be brought under control, governments will have to play a central role. That does not mean the state takeover of the economy sometimes imagined by climate sceptics, but there will have to be a framework, including taxes and other incentives, that changes the behaviour of both businesses and consumers.如果想控制住全球温室气体排放,各国政府就必须发挥核心作用。这并不意味着如气候变化怀疑论者有时想象的那样,由国家来接管经济,而是意味着要建立一个包含税收激励和其他激励的框架,以改变企业和消费者的行为。A genuine solution to the threat of climate change will require a price on greenhouse gas emissions, greater investment in energy innovation, switching from coal to gas to power generation, cost-effective means of storing carbon dioxide, and a global framework that encourages all the countries of the world to participate. Divestment helps with none of those.要真正化解气候变化威胁,就必须对温室气体排放定价,加大能源创新投资,从使用煤炭发电改为使用天然气发电,找到划算的二氧化碳储存办法,建立一个全球性框架、以鼓励世界各国参与。撤资对这些都没有帮助。At best, the divestment campaign will encourage a wider debate about those practical measures that are needed. At worst it will fool people, including the campaigners themselves, into believing that something significant is being achieved.在最好的情况下,撤资运动会鼓励人们对有必要采取的那些切实措施展开更广泛的辩论。在最差的情况下,撤资运动会让民众(包括撤资运动人士自己)产生一种错觉,以为抗击气候变化之战正在取得什么重大的成果。 /201504/367491蛟河看妇科多少钱 二道区中医医院是不是三甲医院

长春超导可视保宫人流Are you saving too much for retirement? Can you believe I#39;m even asking that question?你的养老金是不是存得太多了?或者你认为这个问题本身就很无厘头?Full disclosure: The folks at Morningstar Investment Management, specifically head of retirement research David Blanchett, asked it first. He found that for many people the answer is yes -- by an average of 20%. That, as Blanchett acknowledges, is a big deal. ;Retirement is, by and large, the most expensive purchase of anyone#39;s lifetime,; he says. ;For people who think they need million but find they only need 0,000, it is a big difference.;而事实是这样的:晨星投资管理公司(Morningstar Investment Management)退休研究部主管大卫?布兰切特率先提出了这个问题,而且他发现, 20%左右的人对这个问题的回答是肯定的。布兰切特认为情况有些严重,他说:“养老储蓄金毫无疑问是大多数人人生最大的一笔投入。但想象和现实差距很大,人们以为自己需要存上100万美元来养老,实际上只要80万就够了。”So how do you figure out whether it applies to you? You have to take a step back and look at both the retirement saving goals you#39;ve set for yourself and your current spending.那么,这种情况是否也出现在你身上?大家最好还是重新审视一下自己的养老储蓄计划,以及目前的开销。There has long been a rule of thumb that says you should plan to replace 70% to 80% of your pre-retirement income (that is, your final annual salary before you retire) in retirement -- and that that number should be adjusted upward, with inflation, each year. In real life, data from the Survey of Consumer Finances shows, spending, and therefore the amount you#39;ll need, isn#39;t that linear.长期以来,根据概测法,人们应该存下退休前收入(即退休前的最终年收入)的70%到80%作为养老金。而且,算上通货膨胀的话,这个比例还应该逐年上调。但美国消费者金融调查报告(Survey of Consumer Finances)的数据显示,人们的实际开销并不会因为通胀的影响而上涨。People in their mid-40s to 50s spend the most. (As someone right in the middle of that range with one child in college and another starting in 18 months, I can totally see why that#39;s the case.) From there, spending starts to decline as -- typically -- the kids leave the nest, you downsize, retire the mortgage (although that#39;s getting less common), ditch the extra car, etc., etc., until medical needs drive expenses up again toward the end of life. Bottom line, the amount people need to replace varies from under 54% of pre-retirement income to over 87%.通常,四十五至五十岁的人群开销最大。(这个年龄段的人通常要负担一个上大学的孩子,同时抚养一个一两岁的小家伙。)但之后,开就逐渐减少了,尤其是等到孩子们都成年以后,父母们就会缩减开销,取消房贷抵押(尽管这种情况越来越少),处理掉多余的汽车。这种状态一直持续到晚年,直到医疗和交通方面的开销出现增长。根据年龄段的不同,人们退休后的年均最低花费在退休前收入中的占比从低于54%到超过87%不等。For average earners, whose pre-retirement income is roughly ,000, this is welcome news, says Michael Falcon, Head of Retirement at JP Morgan Asset Management. Their annual spending in retirement seems not to be escalating as previously thought from around ,000 at age 65 to nearly ,000 at age 90 (due to inflation); instead, it climbs only to around ,000. Social Security can cover a significant chunk of that.根大通资产管理公司(JP Morgan Asset Management)退休部的主管迈克尔?法尔孔说,这对于年收入约5.6万美元的中等收入人群是个鼓舞人心的消息:这部分人群退休后的年度开并没有像当初预料的那样,从65岁时所需的4.3万美元增长到90岁时的8万美元(受通胀影响),而是仅仅止步于5万美元左右。其中,社保资金弥补了相当大的缺口。But higher earners -- particularly those who earn more than the median income but below what the country considers wealthy -- should be cautious before taking their feet off the gas. Their spending actually declines in retirement -- but that still doesn#39;t mean they#39;ll have saved enough to cover it.但收入更高的人群,尤其是高于平均水平,但称不上富豪的那些人,在决定养老储蓄时不能掉以轻心。他们退休后的开当然会较之退休前减少,但这并不意味着他们的储蓄足以维持这些开。;Having to save more is an affluent problem,; Falcon says. And here#39;s why: ;If I make 0,000 to 0,000 a year, I#39;m probably spending a lower percentage of my gross income pre-retirement because of saving and taxes,; Falcon says. ;I may be spending only 50% of my gross salary.; Still, because of the higher take-home, Social Security will not replace the same percentage of pre-retirement income. And taxes -- including those on withdrawals from retirement accounts -- will take a bigger bite.法尔孔说:“多攒钱是‘富人’不得不面对的问题。”他的解释是:“如果我一年能挣20万到30万美元,那么在退休前,我的开销可能是收入中较小的一部分,因为我得存钱,还得交税。我大概只会花掉总收入的50%。”而由于扣除各种费用后的实际收入更高,社会保险所能承担的退休后开占退休前收入的比例也无法达到与较低收入人群相同的比例。而税款也是很大一笔开,包括从退休账户取款需要缴纳的税款。Of course it pays to figure out if indeed you#39;re over-saving. That would free you up to use the money in the present, whether you put it toward defraying student loan debt for your kids or enjoying yourselves. Blanchett recommends a personal touch. ;Nothing can substitute for spending five hours with a CFP,; he says. ;But the percent of the population that will do that ... is a definite minority.; For people who are not going to engage, utilizing the online tools and retirement calculators available is a step in the right direction.当然,确定自己是否过度储蓄是明智之举。这样的话,你就不会在当下急需开时瞻前顾后。比如,你可以把一部分储蓄用来替孩子还掉助学贷款,也可以把它用于休闲。布兰切特给出了一条私人建议:“和金融理财师交流5小时绝对有必要。遗憾的是,很少有人这么做。”如果你不想聘请理财师,利用网络工具和退休计算器也不失为明智的做法。And remember, one thing this paper shows is that this is not a one-and-done experience. Your spending is not static. Neither is your health, earning potential, or -- even further from your control -- the sequence of your investment returns. Even if you#39;ve set retirement goals and are working toward them, revisiting the process every couple of years will pay off. Not just in how you#39;re able to live in the long run, but in how you#39;re able to live today.另外,请记住,这篇文章要说明的道理之一是,制定退休储蓄计划不是一劳永逸的事。你的花销并不是一成不变,同样,你的健康状况、赚钱能力以及你的投资回报顺序也不是一成不变的,未来它们甚至会失去控制。即使你已设定了退休目标,而且正在为之奋斗,每隔几年重新评估一下也是相当重要的。这样做不仅有益于未来的生活,也有助于过好当前的生活。 /201401/273437长春妇科B超检查去那家好 吉林大学第一附属医院是私立的吗

长春人流要多钱NEW DELHI — Please mark the answer that best represents the truth (as this is not to ascertain your ideology, but your aptitude for a job with great perks).新德里——请标出最能代表事实的一个(这道题所要考察的并不是你的意识形态,而是你是否具有从事一项待遇超赞的工作所需的资质)。English is a foreign language.英语是一门外语。A) True. It came from outside India.A) 对。它来自印度之外。B) False. The former prime minister Manmohan Singh and the former deputy prime minister L.K. Advani also came from elsewhere, but they are Indian now. A language belongs where it lives.B) 错。印度前总理曼莫汉·辛格(Manmohan Singh)和前副总理L·K·阿德瓦尼(L. K. Advani)也来自别的地方,但现在他们都是印度人。一门语言存在于哪里就属于哪里。C) True. English is foreign because it is not the mother tongue of the vast majority of Indians.C) 对。英语是外语,因为它并非绝大多数印度人的母语。D) False. English is in fact India’s only national language, far more influential than even Hindi.D) 错。英语是印度的官方语言,其影响力甚至比印地语还大得多。E) All of the above.E) 以上皆对。This question has yet to appear in any objective-type exam, but it has long bothered Indian society and is at the heart of a protest by hundreds of young Indians who are objecting to, among other things, the intrusion of English in one of India’s most prestigious tests — the civil services examination. To be precise, they are protesting one of the two screening tests that hundreds of thousands take every year to qualify for the “main” exams. Only a few hundred survive, to be inducted into a system that may eventually take them to the top levels of bureaucracy.这个题目迄今尚未在任何客观题考试中出现过,但它长期以来一直困扰着印度社会,现在还成了一场示威活动的中心议题。示威活动的发起者是数百名印度青年,他们正就英语对印度最富盛名的考试之一——公务员考试——的入侵以及其他一些事项提出抗议。确切地说,他们抗议的是每年都有数十万人为取得进入“主试”的资格而参加的两场初试中的一场。只有数百名人能在公务员考试中幸存下来,进而被吸纳进一个最终有可能会把他们带到官僚体制顶端的体系。Candidates have the option of taking the screening tests in English or Hindi, but even the Hindi version has passages in English to test their comprehension of that language. Hundreds of candidates who have taken the tests and failed, or aspire to take the tests, have hit the streets of the capital protesting the English passages, which they say put those who are not proficient in English at a disadvantage. They have thrown stones and burned buses. They have also, oddly, held up protest signs in English.考生可以选择以英语或者印地语参加初试,但为了考察他们对英语的理解力,即便是印地语版本的试卷里也有英语短文。数百名参加了初试但没能考过或者有意参加初试的考生已走上首都街头,就试卷里的英语短文提出抗议,他们说这些短文让他们这样的对英语并不精通的人处于劣势。除了扔石头、烧汽车,他们还举着以英语写就的抗议标语——让人感觉有点奇怪。Any battle against English in India is at once a battle of the poor against the rich, the village against the city, tradition against modernity and the regional elite against a more cosmopolitan elite. On Monday, the government tried to placate the mobs by announcing that the English passages would be scrapped, but as the protesters have other demands, they have not ended their agitation.在印度,任何反对英语的战斗都会立刻演变成穷人反对富人的战斗、农村反对城市的战斗、传统反对现代的战斗,以及地方精英反对更为国际化的精英群体的战斗。周一,印度政府试图通过宣布将把英文短文从试卷中删除的消息来安抚民心。但示威者还有其他诉求,骚动并未得到平息。The general opinion among bureaucrats is that the protesters are a disgrace. Srivatsa Krishna, a civil servant, wrote in The Times of India that the government should study the footage of the protesters, “identify the specific culprits and ban them for life” from taking the exams. He found it ridiculous that the exam’s candidates would protest a requirement to possess “English skills of 10th-class levels.”印度官僚普遍认为抗议者很丢脸。一个名叫施瑞瓦察·克里希纳(Srivatsa Krishna)的公务员在《印度时报》(The Times of India)上撰文称,政府应该研究一下示威者的录像,“锁定具体的犯事者,罚他们终身禁考”。他认为,考生们要是反对一条要求其“英语能力达到10年级水平”的规定,那简直太荒唐了。In almost every state in India, the guardians of culture have tried to restrain the growth of English, but its power has only grown because of its promise of material and social benefits. Most of the cultural guardians themselves send their children to English-language schools. The medium of instruction for higher education in India is almost entirely English.几乎在印度的每一个邦,文化卫道士们都在竭力抵制英语的崛起,但这门语言的影响力反而不断扩大,因为它能带来物质利益和社会效益。大多数文化卫道士本人也会把孩子送进英语学校学习。印度的高等教育学府所采用的教学语言几乎全都是英语。A politician, Yogendra Yadav, lamented in The Indian Express that “the entire system of higher education that controls white-collar jobs” is loaded against students who did not attend English-language schools. But then, that is the reality of the nation. The dominance of English dims the prospects of students who are too poor to attend an English-language school. But the government, for various reasons, including cultural prejudice, has not done enough to take English to its poorest. Most of its free or cheap schools do not have English as the medium of instruction.政治学家约根德拉·亚达夫(Yogendra Yadav)曾在《印度快报》(The Indian Express)上感慨:“培养未来白领的整个高等教育体系”让没上过英语学校的学生处于劣势。但这就是这个国家的现实。英语的主导地位让因为太穷而无法在英语学校就读的学生前途无“亮”。然而,出于各种各样的原因——其中包括文化偏见,在让最为贫困的学生接触到英语这件事上,印度政府做得还不够。该国大多数免费或者费用便宜的学校所采用的教学语言都不是英语。In South India, there have been no protests against the English passages. Historically, that region has protested against the supremacy of Hindi. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave his first public speech in the south after assuming office, he spoke in English.印度南部并未发生针对英语短文的抗议活动。从历史上看,该地区一直在抗议印地语的一家独大。纳伦德拉·莫迪(Narendra Modi)总理上任后首次在南部地区发表公开演讲时,说的是英语。English is indisputably Indian now, and the most useful language in India. But it is not the most beloved, nor the medium of abuse during road rage. That special place Indians will always grant only to their mother tongues.英语现在是印度人的语言,同时也是印度国内最实用的语言,这一点毫无争议。但它并不是最受喜爱的语言;路怒症发作时,人们也不会用英语骂人。在这种特别的情境下,印度人永远只会说母语。So the correct answer is “E.”所以,正确应该是“E”。 /201410/336863 吉大二院民康医院妇科医生九台市妇幼保健站做药物流产多少钱



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