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长春哪个医院做流产做好长春医大一院上环长春吉大医院做无痛人流 The deadliest mass shooting in US history has fallen, whether by chance or design, in the middle of the most volatile and divisive election year in living memory. ed as they are in outrage, Americans are bitterly divided in their view of the required response.无论是偶然还是蓄意策划,美国历史上最血腥的大规模击事件偏偏发生在人们记忆中最动荡最分裂的选举年中段。在一致表示愤怒的同时,美国人在应该做出什么回应的问题上看法严重分歧。Many Democrats hold that stricter gun control would help to prevent deranged killers, whatever their ideological bent, from accessing the weapons necessary to carry out atrocities. On the Republican right and in some other circles, there is an alarming propensity to view this crime through the prism of Islamophobia, even though it remains unclear what precisely drove the 29-year-old lone gunman, Omar Mateen, to slaughter more than 50 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando.许多民主党人认为,更严格的管制将有助于防止疯狂的杀手(无论他们有怎样的意识形态倾向)获得实施暴行所需的武器。在共和党右翼和其他一些圈子里,存在一个令人震惊的倾向,那就是透过伊斯兰恐惧症的棱镜来看待这起罪案,即便尚不清楚究竟是什么原因,驱使29岁的独狼手奥马#8226;马丁(Omar Mateen)在奥兰多一个同性恋夜总会杀9人。President Barack Obama has described the shootings as both an act of terror and a hate crime, the latter because lesbians and gays were targeted. There are also obvious echoes of the attack last year at the Bataclan theatre in Paris, where an organised Isis cell killed 89 people and injured many more. As well as various leads pointing to the possibility that Mateen was inspired by Isis, there are sufficient similarities between the Orlando and Paris attacks to warrant investigation.美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)形容这起击案既是恐怖行为,也是仇恨犯罪;说它是仇恨犯罪,是因为本案的杀戮对象是男女同性恋者。这起击案也明显让人回想到去年巴黎巴塔克兰剧院(Bataclan)恐袭;在那次恐袭中,一个有组织的ISIS恐怖小组杀死了89人,还有更多人受伤。除了各种线索指向马丁可能受到ISIS启发以外,奥兰多和巴黎恐袭之间还存在足够多的相似之处,值得好好调查。But the events at Orlando are also gruesomely reminiscent of other high-casualty mass shootings in the US carried out by lone gunmen. The warped motives of these individual mass murderers will always be hard to understand. One thing common to all of them is the ease with which they have accessed heavy automatic weapons.但是,奥兰多击事件也可怕地令人让人联想到美国发生的其他由单人手实施的大规模血腥击。这些独自行动的杀戮者的病态动机总是很难理解的。唯一的共同点是:他们都轻易获得了重型自动武器。This latest tragedy is one that cuts uniquely across the most polarising issues in America today gun control, terrorism and gay rights. For this reason, politicians will be tempted to exploit it for partisan advantage. Even by his own standards Donald Trump’s attempt to capitalise was disgraceful. Before the blood had even dried at the Pulse nightclub, the presumptive Republican nominee was issuing self-aggrandising tweets, making reference to his proposals to ban Muslims from entering the US.这起最新的悲剧有一个独特之处,那就是它贯穿了当今美国观点最极化的几个问题:管制、恐怖主义和同性恋权利。由于这个原因,政治人士将忍不住利用这件事做文章,为党派利益务。即使按照他自己的标准,唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)利用这起事件的企图也是可耻的。甚至在脉动(Pulse)夜总会的血迹未干之前,共和党的这位推定候选人就在Twitter上发帖自我吹捧,提到他禁止穆斯林入境美国的提议。Yet Mateen was American born and raised, a factor that underlines the futility of attempting to isolate the US from currents in the wider world through the draconian measures Mr Trump advocates. To tackle Isis effectively requires an understanding of its world view. It aims to provoke a backlash and repression against Muslims in the west to assist them in radicalising Muslim youth. By turning on Muslims at times like this, populist politicians, be they in France or the US, play directly to the Isis siren song.然而马丁是在美国出生和长大的,这个因素突显出,尝试用特朗普主张的严厉措施把美国与世界潮流隔离开来是徒劳的。要有效对付ISIS,就必须理解该组织的世界观。它的目的就是在西方挑起针对穆斯林的反弹和压制,帮助该组织煽动穆斯林青年走上激进道路。民粹主义政治人物(无论他们在法国还是美国)在这样的时刻把矛头对准穆斯林,正中ISIS的下怀。Europe and the US share many of the challenges of how best to combat terrorism in a free society. Vigilance and better intelligence capabilities are evidently required. But law enforcement agencies will never have sufficient sight of extremist activity to make society entirely safe. This is true in the case of organised terrorist groups like Isis. It is even more difficult to pre-empt the behaviour of lone wolves like Mateen.一个自由社会如何打击恐怖主义?欧洲和美国在这个问题上面临许多同样的挑战。警惕和更好的情报能力显然是必需的。但是,执法部门永远不可能充分掌握极端主义活动的动向,使社会完全安全。对付ISIS这样的恐怖组织是如此。要防范马丁这样的独狼就更难了。What society can do is make it harder for them to buy weapons. Since the 2005 terror attacks in London there have been very few successful terrorist incidents. Those which have occurred involved knives and single victims.社会可以做的是让他们更难买到武器。自2005年伦敦遭遇恐袭以来,英国发生的成功恐袭事件很少,而这些少数事件仅涉及刀子和单个受害者。One reason is that access to guns in the UK is very limited. By contrast, in the US, even assault rifles are easy to buy legally. They have been used in seven of eight high-casualty mass shootings since last July. In the past, the National Rifle Association has responded by calling for more guns not fewer. This is one more tragic occasion that argues, beyond reasonable doubt, the case for precisely the opposite.一个原因是在英国获得的渠道非常有限。相比之下,在美国,就连突击步也很容易合法买到。自去年7月以来发生的八次大规模血腥击事件中,有七起使用了突击步。全国步协NRA)以往的回应方式一直是,呼吁美国人买更多(而不是更少)。奥兰多事件是又一个悲剧的理由,充分有力地明应该采取恰好相反的对策。来 /201606/449269吉大二院民康医院妇科体检

长岭县白带异常哪家医院最好的吉林大学第四医院医生电话 Angela Merkel has decided to seek a fourth term as German chancellor, less than two weeks after Donald Trump’s election in the US left her as the west’s pre-eminent defender of liberal values.安格默克Angela Merkel)决定寻求第四个德国总理任期,不到两周前,唐纳德.特朗Donald Trump)当选美国总统,使她成为西方的头号自由派价值观捍卫者。The announcement to stand again came days after meetings with world leaders that underscored Ms Merkel’s importance to an international order rocked by Mr Trump’s electoral victory, and the rise of populist and nationalist parties across Europe.在她再次参选的声明发出几天前,默克尔与世界领导人的会晤突显了她对国际秩序的重要性,特朗普当选以及民粹主义和民族主义政党在欧洲各国崛起撼动了这一秩序。She announced her decision to seek re-election last night, ending months of speculation. 她昨晚宣布了她将再次参选的决定,从而结束了长达数月的猜测。She said that she had thought endlessly about whether to run again and described the decision as anything but trivial, not for the country, for the party and for me personally.她表示,她一直不停思考自己是否再次参选,她称这一决定不是小事,对于我的国家、我的政党以及我自己而言都是如此。Ms Merkel said that she wanted to serve Germany in these difficult and uncertain times.默克尔表示,她希望在当今艰难和不确定的时期为德国务。She said that the election would be more difficult than any since reunification in 1990, with society more polarised than when she began her third term in 2013, and her CDU party, facing challenges from the right and left.她表示,这场选举将比自(1990年)德国统一以来的任何选举都更艰难,社会两极分化程度比她在2013年开始第三任总理任期时更为严重,同时她所在的基民CDU)面临着来自右翼和左翼的挑战。Last week, the 62-year-old won the endorsement of Barack Obama, US president, who was in Berlin on the last leg of his final European tour for an informal summit with five EU heads of government. 上周2岁的默克尔获得了美国总统巴拉奥巴Barack Obama)的持,奥巴马当时在柏林,这是他任内最后一次欧洲访问的最后一站,他与5位欧盟政府首脑召开了一次非正式峰会。The outgoing president described Ms Merkel as his closest international partner, jesting that if he were German he would vote for her.这位即将卸任的美国总统称默克尔是他最密切的国际合作伙伴,并开玩笑说,如果他是德国人,他会投票给默克尔。Her decision to run is likely to be met with relief in EU capitals, where she is seen as a rock of stability at a time of tectonic shifts in European politics. 默克尔参选的决定可能会让欧盟各国松一口气,在欧盟内部,她被视为欧洲政治剧变时期稳住阵脚的磐石。In recent years EU leaders have looked to Ms Merkel and Germany to help solve the continent’s problems, ranging from the refugee crisis to the Greek bailout and Brexit.最近几年,欧盟领导人一直依靠默克尔和德国来帮助解决欧洲的问题,从难民危机到希腊纾困和英国退欧。Ms Merkel’s decision comes as the French yesterday went to the polls to select a centre-right candidate for next year’s election. 在默克尔宣布参选之际,法国昨日投票,将为明年总统大选选出一位中右翼候选人。Pollsters expect the winner to face far-right leader Marine Le Pen in the battle for the presidency.民调专家预计,获胜者将在总统大选中迎战极右翼领导人马琳.勒庞(Marine Le Pen)。来 /201611/479511长春检查怀孕多少钱

长春哪里人流便宜Russia has bombed targets in Syria from an air base in Iran for the first time, strengthening Moscow’s position in the Middle East and increasing pressure on the US to co-ordinate its Syrian military campaign with Russia.俄罗斯战机首次从伊朗一个空军基地起飞,执行轰炸叙利亚境内目标的任务,此举加强了莫斯科方面在中东的地位,并加大了美国承受的压力,要求其与俄罗斯协调叙利亚军事行动。The Russian defence ministry said a group of long-range Tupolev Tu-22 M3 bombers and Sukhoi Su-34 fighter bombers had taken off from Hamadan in the south-west of Tehran. The planes carried out strikes in the provinces of Aleppo, Deir Ezzor and Idlib against Islamist militants fighting for Isis and Jabhat al-Nusra, which has rebranded itself Jabhat Fatah al-Sham after revoking direct ties to al-Qaeda.俄罗斯国防部表示,一批图波列夫图-22M3远程轰炸机(Tu-22M3,北约代号:逆火C型)和苏霍伊34战斗轰炸机(Su-34,北约代号:后卫)从德黑兰西南方向上的哈马丹(Hamadan)起飞。这些战机在叙利亚阿勒颇、代尔祖尔和伊德利卜省执行了打击伊斯兰主义武装分子的任务,这些武装分子为“伊拉克与黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)和“征叙利亚阵线Jabhat Fateh al-Sham)效力,后者的前称是“努斯拉阵线Jabhat al-Nusra),为了撇清与基地组织(al-Qaeda)的关系而更名。Iran has no known record of allowing another state to use its territory as a base for fighting against a third country or foreign opposition groups.就外界所知,伊朗没有允许另一个国家使用其领土作为基地,打击第三国或境外反政府组织的过往记录。The move came as Moscow and Washington, which back opposing sides in the conflict, are locked in difficult talks. John Kerry, US secretary of state, prop-osed last month that the US co-ordinate strikes against al-Nusra with the Russian military in exchange for Moscow forcing Syria to ground its air force.此举出炉之际,在叙利亚冲突中持相互敌对的势力的莫斯科和华盛顿方面陷入艰难谈判。美国国务卿约翰#8226;克里(John Kerry)上月提议美国与俄军协调打击努斯拉阵线的行动,以换取莫斯科方面迫使叙利亚空军停飞。Sergei Shoigu, Russia’s defence minister, said yesterday the two sides were “moving step by step closer to a plan and I’m only talking about Aleppo here that would really allow us to start fighting together to bring peace俄罗斯国防部长谢尔盖#8226;绍伊Sergei Shoigu)昨日表示,双方正在“一步步接近一个计划——我这里说的只是阿勒颇战场——该计划将真正让我们开始一起为和平而战”。Colonel Christopher Garver, a US military spokesman, said Russia had notified the US of the flights from Iran under their agreement on flight safety in Syria.美国军方发言人克里斯托弗#8226;加弗上校(Colonel Christopher Garver)表示,俄罗斯根据美俄叙利亚飞行安全协议,在行动之前向美方通报了从伊朗起飞的飞行计划。“They did not impact coalition operations in either Iraq or Syria,he said. “They informed us they were coming through and we ensured safety of flight.”“他们没有影响联军在伊拉克或叙利亚的行动,”他说。“他们通知我方,他们将进入相关空域,我方确保了飞行安全。”One of the Kremlin’s motivations in becoming involved in Syria is believed to be a desire to deal with Washington as an equal in matters of global importance. There are also advantages for Russia to use Iran as a staging ground to facilitate the logistics for Moscow’s operations in Syria: Hamadan is only one-third of the distance from the base in southern Russia that the long-range bombers have been using so far.据信,克里姆林宫卷入叙利亚冲突的动机之一,是渴望在具有全球重要性的事务上与华盛顿方面平起平坐。对于俄军在叙利亚军事行动的后勤工作,利用伊朗作为集结地也有优势:相比俄军远程轰炸机此前使用的俄罗斯南方的基地,哈马丹可把距离缩短至三分之一。Iran has not yet confirmed Russian use of its air bases. But Ali Shamkhani, Iran’s top security official and secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, said: “Co-operation between Iran and Russia to fight against terrorism in Syria is strategic, for which we are exch-anging [military] capacities and facilities.”伊朗尚未实俄罗斯利用其空军基地。但伊朗最高安全官员、最高国家安全委员会(Supreme National Security Council)秘书阿里#8226;沙姆哈尼(Ali Shamkhani)表示:“伊朗与俄罗斯合作打击叙利亚境内的恐怖主义是战略性的,我们为此正在交换(军事)能力和设施。”来 /201608/461330 Thousands of Brits are so worried about losing their access to the European Union that theyre lining up for passports from other countries in the bloc.日前,由于成千上万的英国人担心自己无法自由出入欧盟国家,所以他们排着长队,等着办理这些国家的护照。Embassies and consulate offices for Germany, Italy, Sweden, Poland and Hungary all reported a surge in interest in the days immediately after the Brexit referendum.据报道,英国脱欧全民公投结束后不久,去德国,意大利,瑞典,波兰和匈牙利的大使馆及领事馆办公室办护照的人数就出现了激增。The German embassy in London was getting about 200 calls and emails a day immediately after the vote, a tenfold increase on normal levels, a spokesperson said. The pace has slowed a bit but about 100 people a day are still contacting the embassy.德国大使馆发言人表示,德国驻伦敦大使馆在公投后不久,就出现了一00个来电的和电子邮件的情况,这个数值是平时0倍。现在情况有所缓解,但是每天仍有大00人联系大使馆。The Italian embassy in the U.K. said it received about 500 calls after the referendum from people inquiring about Italian citizenship applications.意大利驻英国大使馆表示,在公投后他们累计接听00个电话,都是咨询如何申请意大利国籍的;We usually get 10 a year;, a spokesperson told CNN Money.一名发言人在接受CNN财经频道采访时表示:;我们通常一年也只能接到10个这样的电话;The Swedish Migration Agency also reported a sixfold surge in citizenship applications in the three weeks after the vote. It normally gets just 20 U.K. applications per week, but that quickly rose to nearly 120 per week.瑞典移民办事处也表示,公投后仅仅三周的时间,申请瑞典国籍的人数激增了6倍。正常情况下,一周仅0个英国人申请,但是很快这个人数就增加到了一周将20人。Poland and Hungary are also seeing elevated levels of interest. Dozens applied before the referendum, the Polish embassy reported. Since the vote, it has received nearly 350 emails asking about citizenship.英国人对申请波兰和匈牙利国籍也表现出了浓厚的兴趣。波兰大使馆表示,在公投前,已经有几十个人申请了波兰国籍。公投后到现在为止,他们已经收到50封咨询如何申请波兰国籍的电子邮件了。Hungarys consulate in London said it had been contacted by about 150 people in the wake of the Brexit vote, compared with fewer than two per month over the previous six months.匈牙利驻英国领事馆则表示,在脱欧公投后,已经50人来电咨询,而之前六个月,每个月只有不到两人咨询。Many have turned to the Republic of Ireland because U.K. citizens with Irish parents or grandparents are entitled to passports.还有许多英国人去了爱尔兰共和国领事馆,因为父母或祖父母是爱尔兰人的英国公民均可获得爱尔兰护照。Following the U.K. referendum, there has been a spike in interest in Irish passports in Northern Ireland, Great Britain and elsewhere, said Irelands minister for foreign affairs and trade, Charlie Flanagan, in late June.爱尔兰外交与贸易部部长查理·弗拉纳月底时表示:;在英国全名公投后,英国人突然对爱尔兰护照表现出浓厚的兴趣,不论是在北爱尔兰,还是在大不列颠或者英国别的地区,都是一样的情况;Armand Arton, founder of global citizenship advisory firm Arton Capital, said the main way people could get citizenship of another EU country is by proving they have ancestors or origins in the target country. But some may try to secure citizenship via investment programs, if necessary.阿顿全球公民金融咨询公司创始人阿曼德·阿顿表示,人们获得欧盟国家国籍的主要办法是提供材料,明自己的先祖来自这个国家,但是如果有必要的话,也可以通过投资项目获得国籍。来 /201608/458030长春哪里可以做处女膜修复长春中度慢性宫颈炎手术费用



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