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Obama: Signs of Economic Progress奥巴马称经济出现复苏迹象 U.S. President Barack Obama says the first signs of an economic recovery are beginning to emerge. But at the same time he warns the process is only beginning and much hard work lies ahead. 美国总统奥巴马说,经济复苏的最初迹象已经开始出现。但他同时警告说,复苏进程仅仅处于初始阶段,未来的任务仍然艰巨。With his administration about to reach the symbolic hundred day marker, the president went before the American people with an assessment of the economy. 奥巴马总统主政即将满一百天。在这个具有象征意义的时刻,他为美国公众评估了经济现状。He said the measures he has put in place in his first months in office are beginning to bear fruit. But he acknowledged will continue to be a difficult year. 奥巴马说,他在就任最初几个月采取的经济措施已经开始见效。但他承认,年仍将是艰巨的一年。"There is no doubt that times are still tough," said Mr. Obama. "By no means are we out of the woods just yet. But from where we stand, for the very first time, we are beginning to see glimmers of hope." “毫无疑问,形势仍然严峻,我们远未摆脱困境。但是,就我们目前所处的位置而言,我们第一次开始看到希望的曙光。”In a speech at Georgetown University, a short drive from the White House, President Obama mixed optimism with a dose of reality. 奥巴马在距离白宫只有一箭之遥的乔治敦大学发表了上述讲话。他在表达乐观情绪的同时,也提到现实情况。Sounding at times like a college professor, he spoke in great detail about action aly taken to stimulate the economy, free up credit, and repair the damaged financial sector. 在演讲过程中,奥巴马总统时而像大学教授一样,详细阐述美国政府在刺激经济,疏缓信贷、以及修复残破的金融系统方面采取的具体措施。"All of these actions - the Recovery Act, the bank capitalization program, the housing plan, the strengthening of the non-bank credit market, the auto plan, and our work at the G20 - all have been necessary pieces of the recovery puzzle," he said. “所有这些行动,包括经济恢复和再投资法案、注资项目、房主偿付能力和稳定计划、对非信贷市场的加强、汽车工业救助计划、以及我们在20国集团所做的工作,所有这些行动都是解决经济复苏这道难题的必要步骤。”But he said these efforts must be just the beginning of a sustained often difficult drive to put the economy on a sounder footing. 但是,奥巴马说,在巩固经济基础这个持久而艰难的过程中,所有这些努力都仅仅只是开端。Using a Bible story to make his point, he said America can not rebuild its economic foundation on a pile of sand."We must build our house upon a rock," continued President Obama. "We must lay a new foundation for growth and prosperity - a foundation that will move us from an era of borrow and spend to one where we save and invest; where we consume less at home and send more exports abroad." “我们必须把房屋建在磐石之上。我们必须为经济增长和繁荣打下坚实基础。这样的根基将把我们从借钱和消费的时代引入节省和投资,即减少消费和增加出口的时代。”President Obama said that stronger foundation will require new rules for Wall Street, and new investments in education, renewable energy and health care. 奥巴马总统说,更为坚实的经济基础意味着加强对华尔街的监管、以及增加教育、可更新能源和医疗保健等领域的投资。Critics charge he is advocating reckless government spending in tough economic times. 批评人士认为,奥巴马正在经济困难时期宣扬毫无节制的政府开。The president said that view is shortsighted. He said what is needed is the political will to make difficult decisions. 奥巴马说,这是一种短视的观点。他认为,美国现在需要的是做出艰难决定的政治意愿。"We have been called to govern in extraordinary times. And that requires an extraordinary sense of responsibility - to ourselves, to the men and women who sent us here, and to the many generation whose lives will be affected for good or for ill because of what we do here," he said. “我们临危受命。这要求我们具备不同寻常的责任感。这种责任感不仅仅是针对我们自己和赋予我们权力的广大选民,同时也是为了子孙后代。我们今天的所作所为将和他们的祸福得失息息相关。”The head of the U.S. central bank echoed some of Mr. Obama's remarks in a speech of his own on Tuesday. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said there have been signs that the sharp decline in economic activity may be slowing. But he also made clear a sustainable recovery hinges on the ability to stabilize financial markets, and get credit flowing freely again. 美联储主席伯南克在星期二的一次讲话中表达了和奥巴马总统类似的观点。他说,有迹象显示,美国经济活动的急剧下滑可能开始放慢。但是他同时强调,可持续的经济复苏将取决于美国能否稳定金融市场和恢复信贷流动。04/67152The magician魔术大师The revolution that Steve Jobs led is only just beginning乔布斯领导的革命只是刚刚开始WHEN it came to putting on a show, nobody else in the computer industry, or any other industry for that matter, could match Steve Jobs. His product launches, at which he would stand alone on a black stage and conjure up an “incredible” new electronic gadget in front of an awed crowd, were the performances of a master showman. All computers do is fetch and shuffle numbers, he once explained, but do it fast enough and “the results appear to be magic”. Mr Jobs, who died this week aged 56, spent his life packaging that magic into elegantly designed, easy-to-use products.就表现力而言,整个电脑行业,以及其它与之相关的产业都无能出乔布斯右者。在他的产品发布会上,乔布斯独自一人站在黑色的舞台上,在满怀敬畏之情的观众面前召唤出一件“不可思议”的新型电子设备,就像是一个大师级的魔术师在表演。乔布斯曾说过,所有的电脑都是用来读取和处理数字的,但要它足够快,要让结果就像魔法般显现出来。这个终其一生投入将魔术与设计雅致、宜于操作的产品相融合的男人,本周离开了人间,终年56岁。 The reaction to his death, with people leaving candles and flowers outside Apple stores and the internet humming with tributes from politicians, is proof that Mr Jobs had become something much more significant than just a clever money-maker. He stood out in three ways—as a technologist, as a corporate leader and as somebody who was able to make people love what had previously been impersonal, functional gadgets. Strangely, it is this last quality that may have the deepest effect on the way people live. The era of personal technology is in many ways just beginning.对于乔布斯的逝世,人们在苹果专卖店门外留下的蜡烛和鲜花和互联网上发布的各国政要的颂词足以明,他不仅仅只是个精明会赚钱的人。乔布斯的杰出在于三个方面,他既是一个技术专家、企业领导,同时还是一个能让人们对以前就有的非个性化、功能型的小玩意着迷的人。不可思议的是,乔布斯的第三个特点对人们的生活影响最为深远。在许多领域,技术个性化的大时代只是刚刚开始。Apple of his eye他眼中的苹果As a technologist, Mr Jobs was different because he was not an engineer—and that was his great strength. Instead he was obsessed with product design and aesthetics, and with making advanced technology simple to use. He repeatedly took an existing but half-formed idea—the mouse-driven computer, the digital music player, the smartphone, the tablet computer—and showed the rest of the industry how to do it properly. Rival firms scrambled to follow where he led. In the process he triggered upheavals in computing, music, telecoms and the news business that were painful for incumbent firms but welcomed by millions of consumers.作为一名技术专家,乔布斯的与众不同之处在于他并非工程师---而这正是其伟大之处。他真正迷恋的是产品设计、美学和先进技术的直接应用。他不断拿出已经存在但应用没有完全成形的产品---鼠标驱动电脑,数码音乐播放器,智能手机,平板电脑---来展示电子行业应如何将其发展完善。竞争对手们总是抢着跟随他指引的方向。在这个进程里,他打响了对计算、音乐、电信和新闻业升级发令让各家厂商都痛苦不已,但却受到了数以百万计的消费者的热捧。Within the wider business world, a man who liked to see himself as a hippy, permanently in revolt against big companies, ended up being hailed by many of those corporate giants as one of the greatest chief executives of his time. That was partly due to his talents: showmanship, strategic vision, an astonishing attention to detail and a dictatorial management style which many bosses must have envied. But most of all it was the extraordinary trajectory of his life (see article). His fall from grace in the 1980s, followed by his return to Apple in 1996 after a period in the wilderness, is an inspiration to any businessperson whose career has taken a turn for the worse. The way in which Mr Jobs revived the ailing company he had co-founded and turned it into the world’s biggest tech firm (bigger even than Bill Gates’s Microsoft, the company that had outsmarted Apple so dramatically in the 1980s), sounds like something from a Hollywood movie—which, no doubt, it soon will be.这个在更为宽广的商业世界里,更喜欢将自己当成一个嬉皮士,永远坚持向大公司挑战,被这些商业巨头们赞誉为当代最杰出的首席执行官的男人现在不在了。之所以拥有这样的赞誉部分源于他的天赋:表演能力,战略眼光,对细节惊人的洞察力,还有那一定让许多老板们都嫉妒的独裁式管理模式。不过最重要的还有他无以伦比的人生轨迹。80年代乔布斯在苹果失宠, 1996年又在沉寂之后重返,对于任何一个职业生涯走向颓势的生意人来说这都是一个很好的激励。乔布斯复兴他共同创建的境遇不佳的苹果公司,并将其发展成为全球最大的高科技公司(苹果现已全面超越曾在80年代里戏剧性地超越自己的比尔 盖茨的微软)的方法,听起来就像是好莱坞电影里的东西---毫无疑问,这样的影片很快就会有了。But what was perhaps most astonishing about Mr Jobs was the fanatical loyalty he managed to inspire in customers. Which other technology brand do you ever see on bumper stickers? Many Apple users feel themselves to be part of a community, with Mr Jobs as its leader. And there was indeed a personal link. Apple’s products were designed to accord with the boss’s tastes and to meet his obsessively high standards. Every iPhone or MacBook has his fingerprints all over it. His great achievement was to combine an emotional spark with computer technology, and make the resulting product feel personal. And that is what put Mr Jobs on the right side of history, as the epicentre of technological innovation has moved into consumer electronics over the past decade.然而最让人惊讶的还是乔布斯对启发消费者理念狂热的忠诚。谁曾在保险杠贴纸上看到过其它技术品牌?许多苹果用户都感觉自己是乔布斯领导的团体的一部分。而实际上苹果的确存在着一个独特的关联性。苹果的产品都是根据乔老板的品味设计的,并能够满足其苛刻的高标准。每一部iPhone电话和苹果笔记本电脑上都有他的印迹。乔布斯最伟大的成就在于将思想的火花与计算机技术融合在了一体,使产品更加个性化。还有,就是在技术创新涌入消费电子产品时代的大潮中,把乔布斯放置到了历史正确的一边,A world without Jobs乔布斯离去后的世界As our special report in this week’s issue (printed before Mr Jobs’s death) explains, innovation used to spill over from military and corporate laboratories to the consumer market, but lately this process has gone into reverse. Many people’s homes now have more powerful, and more flexible, devices than their offices do; consumer gizmos and online services are smarter and easier to use than most companies’ systems. Familiar consumer products are being adopted by businesses, government and the armed forces. 按照我们本期发行版(乔布斯逝世着印刷)特别报道中的解释,创新过去常常是从军事和企业实验室向消费市场传导,但是最近这个过程开始反转。现在很多人的家比起他们的办公室,变得更有能量,更灵活;消费类的小物品和在线务比起大多数公司系统更加智能,更便于操作。相似的消费产品也被公司、政府和军队采购。Companies are employing in-house versions of Facebook and creating their own “app stores” to deliver software to smartphone-toting employees. Doctors use tablet computers for their work in hospitals. Meanwhile, the number of consumers hungry for such gadgets continues to swell. Apple’s products are now being snapped up in Delhi and Dalian just as in Dublin and Dallas.很多公司正在使用脸谱网站的内部版本,并建立自己的“应用程序商店”用以向持有智能手机的雇员传输软件。医生们在其工作的医院内使用平板电脑。而同时,对此类设备如饥似渴的消费者队伍仍在膨胀。位于德里和大连的苹果专卖店与位于都伯林和达拉斯的一样,都被抢购一空。Mr Jobs had a reputation as a control freak, and his critics complained that the products and systems he designed were closed and inflexible, in the name of greater ease of use. Yet he also empowered millions of people by giving them access to cutting-edge technology. His insistence on putting users first, and focusing on elegance and simplicity, has become deeply ingrained in his own company, and is sping to rival firms too. It is no longer just at Apple that designers ask: “What would Steve Jobs do?”乔布斯有着限制狂人的名号,对其批评主要是指他所设计的产品和系统在更宜于使用的名义下,被封闭和不可修改。然而他同时也让几百万人触及到了尖端科技。他坚持用户首先,致力于雅致和简捷的做法已经在苹果公司根深蒂固,并感染到了竞争对手。现在,不仅仅只是在苹果公司才能听到设计师们这样问:“乔布斯会怎么做?”The gap between Apple and other tech firms is now likely to narrow. This week’s announcement of a new iPhone by a management team led by Tim Cook, who replaced Mr Jobs as chief executive in August, was generally regarded as competent but uninspiring. Without Mr Jobs to sprinkle his star dust on the event, it felt like just another product launch from just another technology firm. At the recent unveiling of a tablet computer by Jeff Bezos of Amazon, whose company is doing the best job of following Apple’s lead in combining hardware, software, content and services in an easy-to-use bundle, there were several swipes at Apple. But by doing his best to imitate Mr Jobs, Mr Bezos also flattered him. With Mr Jobs gone, Apple is just one of many technology firms trying to invoke his unruly spirit in new products.苹果和其竞争对手间的距离现在并不大。本周的新iPhone发布会是由Tim Cook为首的管理团队主办,Tim Cook于8月接替乔布斯的首席执行官职务,人们普通认其富有能力但缺乏创意。没有乔布斯上洒下星尘,苹果的发布会就像是其它公司在发布另一款产品。最近,Jeff Bezos的亚马逊公司也发布了一款平板电脑,亚马逊公司正尽全力跟随苹果倡导的集硬件、软件、内容和务于一体使之宜于使用的理念,这给了苹果公司极大的压力。然而除了全力模仿之外,Jeff Bezos也在吹捧乔布斯。乔布斯走了,苹果成了只不过是众多尽力将其不受约束的理念导入自己产品中高科技公司之一。Mr Jobs was said by an engineer in the early years of Apple to emit a “reality distortion field”, such were his powers of persuasion. But in the end he conjured up a reality of his own, channelling the magic of computing into products that reshaped entire industries. The man who said in his youth that he wanted to “put a ding in the universe” did just that.早年在苹果时,曾有位工程师评价乔布斯散发出“将现实扭曲的气场”,即他的说力。然而最终乔布斯编织了一个自己的现实,并将计算的魔力引入到了重塑整个工作的产品中去。这个年轻时曾扬言要“生而有番作为”的男人,实现了他的许诺。201110/157435UN: Global Foreign Direct Investment Continues to Slide联合国贸发会称全球外国直接投资急剧下滑The U.N. Conference on Trade and Development, or UNCTAD, reports that global foreign direct investment fell drastically last year and that it is expected to continue to slide this year, with significant recovery not forecast until 2011. But the UNCTAD World Investment Report says developing countries are doing better in attracting foreign direct investment, or FDI, than the developed countries.联合国贸易和发展会议说,全球外国直接投资(FDI)去年急剧下滑。预计,这个趋势将在今年继续,而且在2011年前不会有显著改善。不过,联合国贸发会年世界投资报告同时指出,发展中国家在吸引外国直接投资方面表现好过发达国家。The report estimates that foreign direct investment inflows will fall from .7 trillion in 2008 to less than .2 trillion this year. But it is expected to pick up slowly next year and gather momentum in 2011, approaching .8 trillion.联合国贸发会年世界投资报告估计,全球外国直接投资流入将从2008年的1万7千亿美元降至今年的1万2千亿美元。但是,外国直接投资将在明年缓慢回升,并将在2011年进一步加速,达到1万8千亿美元。UNCTAD says the crisis has changed, what it calls, the "FDI landscape". It says the large decline in FDI inflows to developed countries has resulted in a surge of foreign investments in developing and transition economies.联合国贸发会说,经济和金融危机改变了全球外国直接投资布局。报告说,流入发达国家外国直接投资的大幅度削减导致发展中国家和过渡经济体接受的外国直接投资急剧上升。Nevertheless, the report says the ed States remains the world's largest recipient of foreign direct investment, followed by France, China, the ed Kingdom and the Russian Federation. In previous years, cross border mergers and acquisitions were a major source of growth of FDI. These too, says the report, have declined considerably as financial markets seized up in the second half of 2008.过去几年里,跨境并购是外国直接投资增长的主要来源。但是联合国贸发会的报告说,由于金融市场2008年下半年陷于冻结,跨境并购也出现显著下降。The report notes a general absence in projectionist policies despite the global economic recession. But UNCTAD Secretary-General, Supachai Panitchpakdi says governments have pursued trade policies favorable to domestically-produced goods and services.报告说,全球经济陷入困境并未导致普遍的贸易保护主义政策。不过,联合国贸发会秘书长素帕猜表示,一些国家的政府的确寻求了偏向本国商品和务的贸易政策。"There are examples of the so-called 'covert protectionism,' which includes something like, as you can see, you know buy local, hire local, invest local, lend local, do anything local," he said. "So some of this economic nationalism trend favoring products with high domestic content with regard to government procurement. And you can see this is greatly linked to the stimulus measures, particularly in areas of public infrastructure projects." 他说:“有一些所谓‘隐性保护主义’的案例。这包括购买本国货、雇用本地人、向本土企业发放贷款,以及类似的政策。这种经济民族主义倾向还包括在政府采购方面向国产成分高的产品倾斜。这种情况主要和经济刺激计划有关,尤其是在公共基础设施建设方面。”The UNCTAD report also focuses on agriculture, including the crucial issues of fighting hunger, promoting food security and fostering sustainable agricultural development as a pre-requisite for economic growth. 联合国贸发会的报告还谈到农业问题。其中涉及的关键问题包括对抗饥饿、促进食品安全、以及把可持续农业发展作为经济增长的必要先决条件。The report says foreign direct investment can play a major role in helping developing countries enhance their agricultural sectors.报告说,外国直接投资可以在帮助发展中国家强化农业部门方面发挥重要作用。Supachai Panitchpakdi says investment funds from private sources could help spark a green revolution in Africa.素帕猜说,私营部门的投资可以在非洲引发一场绿色革命。"FDI by itself would not be able to do all this," said Supachai. "But I am sure it would help to give impetus to the government policies, to support government policies in areas that technology would be needed, to help create employment that would instill the sense of belief in the farming sector that could give the livelihood to the people and therefore people would remain involved in farming activities." “仅凭外国直接投资本身并不能实现这个目标。但是我相信,投资可以推动政府决策,持政府在技术领域的政策,帮助创造就业,从而增强人们对农业部门的信心。因为农业和人们的福祉息息相关,所以他们应该继续参与农业活动。”The UNCTAD Secretary-General says the green revolution in Asia during the 1960s was triggered when fertilizer, seeds and farming technology became ily available. He says Africa could achieve similar results if it invests private money into the technologies needed to increase food production in an environmentally sustainable way.素帕猜说,上个世纪60年代,化肥、种子、和农业技术的突破促成了亚洲的绿色革命。他说,如果非洲将私人投资引入可持续的粮食增产技术开发,那么非洲也可能实现类似的目标。09/84463国际足联今日强调没有发现任何关于尼日利亚的实质性据。B曾报道过一名欧足联官员在世界杯前警告国际足联,认为尼日利亚很可能参与。在希腊同尼日利亚赛前,这名欧足联官员担心尼日利亚的球员会操纵比赛,最终的比赛似乎印了他的判断,尼日利亚在先进一球的情况下被希腊逆转,凯塔主动申请红牌,奥巴西曾错失空门。FIFA对此作出了回应,表示迄今为止,他们没有获得关于任何这届杯赛的据。“正如大家所知,FIFA经过长时间的信息收集,并没有获得关于的情报。可以这么说,直到今天,没有任何据表明这届世界杯发生过的行为。” B News with David Austin. The US has announced for the elaborate spy swap with Russia has taken place successfully. 10 Russian agents arrested in US last month were flown to Vienna and exchanged for 4 people who've been jailed in Russia. David Villas reports from Washington.Shortly after private plights from Russia and America brought the spies to Vienna where they change planes and then took off, the American Justice Department announced the biggest spy swap since the Cold War had been successfully completed. The American plane carrying four spies from Russia stopped briefly at a British air-force base on its return to the US, and reports suggest that two of the four may have got off there. Senior US officials have the spy saga as important achievement, saying that by shutting down the network, they had demonstrated strong counter-intelligence capability and sent a warning to other countries that might be counter-planting spying on the US.The ed Nations Security Council has unanimously condemned the attack that caused the South Korean warship, the Cheonan, to sink earlier this year. But the statement drafted by the ed States stopped short of naming North Korea, despite the international inquiry which found that the communist country was to blame. The South Korean ambassador to the UN, Park In-kook welcomed the UN statement.I am sure that today's strong and unanimous statement will serve to make North Korea refrain from further attack or provocation.North Korea denies it carry out the attack.A massive police man hunting in North of England seems to be approaching its end after more than a week. Police negotiating with a man who matches the description of Raoul Moat who allegedly shot his ex-girlfriend, killed her new partner and shot a policeman after being released from prison last Thursday. A large number of armed police have surrounded the area in a town of Rothbury. Nick Ravenscroft has just filed this report.there are few confirmed details from police except a man fitting Raoul Moat description has been found near the centre of town. And they on a negotiating with him. And eyewitness Peter is watching events unfold from nearby and told the B what he could see.He moved from the lying down position to an upright position, he's sitting there, unfortunately got the short gun placing underneath his head.Earlier the public were urged to get in their homes by police officers who sealed off the roads.The American official overseeing the clear up operation for the oil spill in the gulf of Mexico says a new containment capped on the well with additional ship collecting oil could mean that the spill was effectively contained as early as Monday. Thad Allen, the national incident commander, said the existing cap which isn't stopping all of the oil would be replaced over the Weekend.this is the World News from the B. The Colombian politician, Ingrid Betancourt to spend six years as a hostage of the Farc guerrillas is seeking compensation from the Colombian government for her all deal. The government rejected the demand and expressed surprise and regret. James Reed reports.When Ingrid Betancourt was rescued by the Colombian army without a shot being fired, she described the operation as perfect. Now She and her family are seeking more than 6m dollars in damages for emotional distress and loss of earnings during her six years as a captive. The government says it sees no reason why it shall pay, noting that Colombian troops risked their lives to save hers. It said she ignored repeated warnings not to travel to the Rebel controlled area where she was kidnapped while campaigning to be president.The super model Naomi Campbell is to get evidence in the war crime's trial of the former president of Liberia, Charles Taylor. Earlier this month Mr Campbell was ordered to testify at the international criminal court in the Netherlands over allegations that she received a rough cut diamond as a gift from Mr Taylor, a former Liberian president has allegedly revealed such diamonds to buy weapon for rebels in Sierra Leone but has denied ever possessing them. Naomi Campbell spokeswoman said on Friday that the model wanted to help the dual process of law.The B has learned that the football's world governing body FIFA was warned before this year's world cup and fears that Nigeria's team could be vulnerable to match fixing. And investigator from UEFA, European football's top body raised concerns such as betting patterns, Nigeria went out the tournament to the first round losing to Greece. It's alleged certain Nigerian players came fouled during qualifying suggesting that their team was vulnerable to manipulation. FIFA doesn't deny getting a warning, but said it had no indication of match fixing in any World Cup matches.That's the latest B News. 201007/108768

Top Obama Administration Officials Speak Out On Pakistan, Afghanistan美官员:塔利班对南亚构成威胁  U.S. officials are stressing the threat posed to South Asia by Taliban militants, as they assess the results of the recent U.S.-Afghan-Pakistani summit in Washington. President Barack Obama met at the White House last Wednesday with Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari. 美国总统奥巴马上星期三在白宫会见了阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊和巴基斯坦总统扎尔达里。美国有关官员在评估这次会议所产生的结果时,强调塔利班激进分子对南亚地区构成的威胁。The U.S. commander responsible for American military operations in South Asia and the Middle East says an emboldened Taliban poses a true threat to Pakistan. 负责美国在南亚和中东地区军事行动的美军中央司令部将军彼得雷乌斯说,在巴基斯坦各地,越来越多的人意识到,必须阻止塔利班激进分子。General David Petraeus, head of the U.S. Central Command, says there is a growing awareness throughout Pakistan the Taliban militants must be stopped.During an appearance on the Fox News Sunday television program, he said the nation has been galvanized. 彼得雷乌斯将军在接受福克斯周日新闻电视节目采访时说,巴基斯坦群情激昂。"There is a degree of unanimity that there must be swift and effective action taken against the Taliban in Pakistan," he said. 他说:“巴基斯坦人民一致认为,必须采取快速有效的行动,对付那里的塔利班分子。”Pakistani President Zardari says his country's commitment is sound. But he says the Taliban threat goes beyond Pakistan, and should be a worldwide concern. 巴基斯坦总统扎尔达里说,巴基斯坦坚决致力于打击塔利班,不过他还说,塔利班的威胁并不局限在巴基斯坦,应当引起全世界的关注。He spoke in an interview with N's Meet the Press recorded after the White House summit. 他在白宫首脑会议结束后接受了美国全国广播公司“面对媒体”节目的采访。"I think the world need to understand that this is the new challenge of the 21st century, and this is the new war," said Mr. Zardari. 他说:“我认为,全世界都要明白,这是21世纪的新威胁,是一种新型战争。”Afghan President Karzai was also interviewed by Meet the Press following the talks. He said he has more confidence in Mr. Zardari than in the previous Pakistani president, Pervez Musharraf. 阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊也在会后接受了“面对媒体”的采访。他说,他对扎尔达里比对巴基斯坦上一任总统穆沙拉夫更有信心。"We had a very good meeting in Washington," said Mr. Karzai. "I hope this will be taken into further steps, meaning implementation on the ground. I am a lot more confident and a lot more hopeful."  他说:“我们在华盛顿召开了很有成效的会议。我希望会议的结果能够得到实施。我比以前更有信心,觉得更有希望了。”The White House summit was held during an investigation into the deaths of dozens of Afghan civilians who were said to have died in a U.S. bombing raid. 在白宫首脑会议召开的同时,有关人员正在调查几十名阿富汗平民据说在美国的轰炸袭击中丧生的事。President Karzai has called for the U.S. military to stop the air attacks. But White House National Security Advisor James Jones says further bombing raids are possible. 卡尔扎伊总统要求美军停止发动空中打击。不过白宫安全事务顾问琼斯说,美军有可能会再进行轰炸。"Certainly, to tie the hands of our commanders and say we are not going to conduct air strikes would be imprudent," said Jones. "That is part of the combined arms package so we probably would not do that." 他在美国广播公司“本周”节目中说:“当然,捆绑住指挥官们的手脚并说我们不会再考虑进行空袭将是轻率的做法。空袭是整体军事行动的一部分。所以美军不会取消空袭。”Jones spoke on the A television program This Week.05/69566

Over one third of our planet is frozen, and yet, the icy worlds of the Arctic and Antarctic are as alien to most of us as the surface of another planet.我们星球的三分之一是冰冻的,然而,南极和北极的冰冷世界对我们大多数人来说非常陌生,就像另一个星球一样。There are places of superlatives. From ice caps that hold nearly eighty percent of our planets fresh water to frozen forests that encircle the entire globe.这里是最高级的地方。从持有近百分之八十我们星球的淡水的冰帽到环抱整个星球的冰冻森林,这里应有尽有。These are places that feed our imaginations, places that seem to be borrowed from fairy tales. Theyre dominated and shaped by the ice, both by its coming and by its going.这些地方让我们的想象力天马行空,这些地方又好像来自童话故事中。一切都被奇形怪状难以捉摸,来无影去无踪的冰所统治着。This is our planets last true wilderness and one that is changing just as were beginning to understand it.这是我们星球上的最后一片真正的荒野,改变之一就是我们开始理解它。In this series, well be travelling to all parts of these lonely lands, both north and south, to witness its wonders perhaps for the last time and to discover some extraordinary examples of survival against all the odds, as can be found anywhere on the planet.在这个系列中,我们将前往这一孤独地域的所有地方,无论是北方还是南方,带领您见也许是最后一次的奇迹,去发现一些异乎寻常的反对世界常理生存下来的奇迹。The poles are permanently capped with ice. Nowhere is colder, windier or more hostile to life.两极被永久覆盖着冰。没有不冷的地方,而在这种条件下生命很难存活。166013

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