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And what struck me most, as the red notes were being counted out, was that almost every one of them has on it the portrait of Chairman Mao.现代中国也有着同样的情形:红色的通用货币上印着毛主席的头像。Its ironic isnt it, that this spectacularly successful capitalist economy carries on its currency the portrait of a dead Communist revolutionary?如今,中国经济已是成功的市场经济模式,他们的货币仍使用了已故革命领袖的头像,其原因显而易见。We all know why: Mao reminds the Chinese people of the heroic achievements of the Communist Party, which is still in power.毛泽东的头像提醒着中国人民如今的执政党共产党当年的英雄壮举。He stands for the recovery of Chinese unity at home and prestige abroad, and every Chinese government wants to be seen as the inheritor of his authority.他代表着中国的统一、复兴与国际声望。每一届中国政府都希望能继承他的威信。Of course this kind of appropriation of the past, this kind of exploitation of an image, is nothing new.利用前人的成就及过世领导人的画像不是什么新鲜事。In the world of high politics, its been around for thousands of years, and whats happening today to Maos image on the Chinese currency was happening over two thousand years ago to the image of another great ruler.这样的方式已沿用了几千年。今天毛泽东的头像发挥着与2000多年前亚历山大头像一样的作用。Todays object is one of the earliest coins that we know with the image of a leader on it这枚银币是已知最早的带有领袖头像的硬币。its from around 2,300 years ago and it carries the head of the most glamorised military ruler of his age-and possibly of all time-Alexander the Great.这枚来自于2300年前的银币,上面的亚历山大大帝是当时,甚至是整个人类史上最伟大的军事指挥家。Hes on a coin about an inch and a half (3.8 cm) in diameter, so slightly larger than a two penny piece.银币直径约三厘米,比英国的两便士硬币略大些。201410/336609

Sharon lives in Kentucky and was brought up as a Catholic.莎伦在肯塔基州长大 是一名天主教徒She didnt worry about her diet,她从不节制饮食loved meat, particularly pork and fatty foods.喜欢吃肉 尤其是猪肉和富含脂肪的食物Oh, look. Alligator AND pork!快看 鳄鱼拌猪肉She also did very little exercise.她很少参加锻炼Debbie eats fish but not meat.黛比吃鱼 但是不吃肉She lives in New Jersey and was brought up as a Jew.她住在新泽西州 被当作犹太人抚养Unlike her twin sister, she和她的双胞胎不同exercises regularly and is very health-conscious.她定期锻炼并有很强的健康意识Sharon and Debbie are the perfect experiment.莎伦和黛比就是绝妙的实验Carbon copies of each other,作为对方的翻版they are living proof of the power of genes.她们就是基因力量的鲜活明Their separate environments have hardly influenced their weight.不同环境几乎没有影响她们的体重It seems they were born to be slim.似乎她们生来就是苗条的If it really is the case that some如果的确有人生而苗条people are born to be thin, could the opposite also be true?那么反过来是不是同样成立呢By looking at my family and the large number -审视我的家庭和庞大数量的 no pun intended -不是在讽刺of fat people in my family,肥胖家族成员it just to me seems inevitable that I would be large.我似乎注定是个大块头201306/245974


  I personally can attest to having heard Each of them我能实我亲耳听见他们互相朝对方say very nasty things about the other丢了非常恶劣的话语Off the record in private over the years.在早期的一些非公开场合.I think the antipathy partly grew out of two things.我认为这种反感和互相憎恶部分来自于两个方面On jobs side, he believed that microsoft在乔布斯那方面,他坚信微软Had stolen the basic ideas in the mac.盗窃了 Mac最基本的想法From the point of view of gates, I think,从盖茨的角度看He found jobs difficult to deal with.我觉得他会认为乔布斯是个很难相处的家伙Steve is so know for his restraint.史蒂夫非常清楚自己的控制欲I think gates felt that jobs got more credit我认为盖茨会觉得乔布斯获得了太多赞赏Than he might have deserved as being the great technologist.那些本该属于他这个伟大的技术派的赞赏Neither person is hugely likable.这两个家伙都不那么可爱Certainly steve jobs is an acquired taste,乔布斯当然是一个极其难缠的家伙And so is bill gates for that matter.当然盖茨也好不到那里去Um, they both have their moments.他们各自有着各自的优点Bill gates is a better friend than steve jobs,相比乔布斯,盖茨更适合成为好朋友But steve jobs is more fun than bill gates.但是乔布斯却比盖茨要有趣许多Narrator: jobs had glamour and dynamism.乔布斯有着迷人的魅力和By the mid 1980s, he was one of the richest Self-made men in america.直到80年代中期,乔布斯是美国最有钱的王老五之一He was just 29.他那时才29岁Jobs: people are going to bring them home over the weekend人们可以把它们带回家To work on something sunday morning.在星期天的早上做一些工作Theyre not going to be able to get their kids away from them,他们不必离开自己的孩子,And maybe someday theyll even buy a second one To leave at home.甚至将来某一天他们可以 再买一台留在家里which made him a natural subject for ;playboy.;这些让他有了一个;;的外号Interviewing jobs was a unique experience For writer david sheff.对于作家大卫席夫来说采访乔布斯是一次非常独特的经历The phone rung one day,有一天一个电话打过来And it was not a pr person who called,对方不是那些被称作公共关系专员的人,But it was jobs himself,而是乔布斯本人and it really was An indication of the way that he did business这确确实实是乔布斯之前处理商业事务的方式And really continued to do business.这种方式也延续到了后来Apple was very different.苹果公司非常的与众不同The second you walked in the door,从你走进门的那一刻,You felt like you were in a completely new environment.你就会感觉你进入了一个完全崭新的环境The conference rooms instead of, you know, Of number 103c会议室的编号不是我们通常使用的什么;NO.103C;were called da vinci and michelangelo And picasso,而是达尔文,米开朗基罗和毕加索这样的名字and indeed it was picasso That I was escorted to to see jobs for the first time.我与乔布斯的第一次会面就是被安排在毕加索厅 /201309/256107。

  Former US NBA player has arrived in the DPRKs capital Pyongyang, with a team of retired basketball players.前美国NBA球星丹尼斯·罗德曼与一队退役球员抵达朝鲜首都平壤。Earlier we spoke to our reporter Zhao Shuguang in Pyongyang, she told us details of Rodmans visit.驻平壤记者——赵曙光就罗德曼来访细节与我们进行了分享。;This is Rodmans fourth trip to the DPRK, where he and his team of former NBA stars are expected to play several basketball games to mark Kim Jong Uns birthday, which is believed to fall on Wednesday. Rodman is calling it ;basketball diplomacy.; He has brought a dozen former NBA players including Vin Baker and Cliff Robinson. Although Rodman said he will not interfere in the countrys politics, he told a press that his visit is aimed at helping develop ties between the US and the DPRK. On previous visits, Rodman was seen dinning and attending a local basketball game with Kim Jong Un, with whom he says he has a genuine friendship,; said Zhao.“这就是罗德曼的第四次平壤之行,他和他的前NBA球星队友将会进行几场比赛以庆祝金正恩的生日,据有关信息透露金正恩生日宴会将很可能在周三进行。罗德曼称此为 “篮球外交”。罗德曼此趟平壤之行带来了包括维恩·贝克与罗宾逊在内的众多前NBA球星。尽管罗德曼表示不会介入朝鲜国家政治,但他对媒体表示,他的平壤之行旨在帮助发展美-朝关系。此前的朝鲜之行,罗德曼曾与金正恩一同用餐并观看朝鲜当地篮球比赛,罗德曼称与金正恩之间存在真挚友谊。201401/271816

  India feels impact of weakening rupee CNNs Mallika Kapur reports how Indias weakening rupee is having an impact on its economy.It’s not just financial pundits and currency experts who are talking about the rupee. It’s a hot topic across India. Take a look at those papers, the Indian Express says on its front page: Another day, a new low. The rupee has fallen around 20% versus the dollars since the beginning of this year, and it’s currently hovering around a record all time low. Why is there such a sell off? General fears about global instability, particularly how a U.S.-led strike on Syria could affect oil supplies in the Middle East. That’s affected all emerging markets. But the reason it’s hit the rupee so hard is that India is aly struggling with a massive current account deficit because it imports a large more it exports. The biggest imports, oil and gold, both are priced in dollars and prices of both commodities surged this week. But basically anyone paying for anything priced in dollars including an education is struggling.Mumbai’s Aditya Hurry has just started college in Boston. We caught up with him before he left. Hurry says the rupee was at 55 against the dollar when he applied to college. Not even a year later it’s around 70. Luckily, he says, he’s got a bit of scholarship and he plans to get a student job to ease the financial burden. “Working as a research assistant or as a teaching assistant, working in a coffee shop on campus or working in a cafeteria, that kind of thing.”His parents too are figuring out how to deal with this unexpected fall in the rupee’s value.;We dip into our savings a little more. We encourage him to keep up his grades so this scholarship continues.;It’s a financial strain, but Kavita Hurry says she believes its worth it. ;These are once in the life. You do this only once and I think of all the things I would want to give the kids, its a decent education.;As Aditya started his college career, she has some advice for him.;If you are going now to a foreign country, then make it good and start working in that country because if you come back to India and start earning in rupees, its never going to pay that amount that you spent.; Kavita Hurry says a few years ago she would have insisted her son come home after college. She says India was shining then. It isnt anymore.Mallika Kapur, CNN, Mumbai. /201309/255643

  This is the launch of the Macintosh computer in 1984.这是1984年Mac电脑发布会An early glimpse of the way Apple has marketed itself to the world ever since.苹果此后面向全球的商业运作手段 从这里可见一斑The Macintosh was the first computer with a mouse that was meant for all of us.Mac是第一台带鼠标的平民电脑It has turned out insanely great.它的确无与伦比We were all very idealistic and passionate.我们当时都是充满的理想主义青年This was our personal cause.这不止是一份工作 而是一个梦想In this auditorium, three crucial factors came together for the first time.在这个礼堂里 苹果首次同时呈现了三个至关重要的卖点A new computer designed to be easier to use than any that had come before.一台易于操作的革命性新型电脑Sold with an audacious message of revolution.“技术革命”的响亮口号And hyped by Steve Jobs himself.以及乔布斯亲自进行的宣传推广Id like to open the meeting with part of an old poem by Dylan. Thats Bob Dylan.我想以一首迪伦的旧诗来开场 唔 是鲍勃·迪伦Come writers and critics who prophesises with your pens\自命先知的作家和家们And keep your eyes wide...请睁大双眼…What started here in 1984,1984年的Mac电脑发布会with the launch of the Mac became the template that certainly got improved upon as为苹果此后发布新产品的模式定了型Apple became one of the great marketing companies that the world has ever seen.在这个基础上 苹果逐渐成长为了业内翘楚..for the loser now will be later to win笑到最后的才是真正的赢家for the times they are a-changin.因为时代正在改变The whole auditorium of about 2,500 people整个礼堂坐着约2500名观众gave it a standing ovation.大家都全体起立鼓掌It was a very, very emotional moment这是一个非常激动人心的时刻 because it was no longer ours.因为它不再属于我们From that day forward, it was no longer ours,从那天起 它不再只属于我们we couldnt change it.我们改变不了这一点 /201307/249757

  But this time,it was not meant to be.但这一次,上天另有安排。For after this win aganst Ghana in last sixteen, they were eliminated by the French。在本场1/8决赛战胜了加纳之后,便被法国队淘汰。重点词汇:mean to be 注定例:This regulation is meant to be boring.视频介绍:夺冠热门巴西队在1/8决赛中顺利战胜加纳,然而却在1/4决赛中遭遇法国队,被1:0淘汰出局。201403/278954

  Its going to be cold for a while, but you can still look hot. Consider the ways you can brighten your face and distract yourself from the doldrums of a long winter.寒冷的天气将会持续一段时间,但是你仍然可以看上去热情似火。考虑下面的方法,可以让面部熠熠生辉,转移漫漫寒冬的暗淡无光。You Will Need你需要Oil-based moisturizer油性保湿霜Foundation primer美白隔离底霜Foundation粉底Eye shadow眼影Concealer遮瑕膏Lip gloss唇Sunscreen (optional)防晒霜(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Put on moisturizer1.涂抹保湿霜Use an oil-based moisturizer, rather than mineral-based, before applying your makeup. Minerals can dry skin and offer little protection against cold and low humidity. Look for moisturizer that provides essential vitamins that can rejuvenate the skin.化妆之前先涂抹油性保湿霜,而不是矿物质成份的保湿霜。矿物质会导致皮肤干燥,而且在寒冷干燥的空气中不能保护皮肤。寻找能够恢复皮肤活力,可以提供必需维他命的保湿霜。Put on sunscreen to further protect yourself if you are going to be out in the sun a lot. The sun can still burn when it reflects off snow.如果曝露在阳光下的时间比较长,涂抹一层防晒霜,进一步保护皮肤。在雪的反射下,阳光仍然会灼伤皮肤。Step 2 Build the foundation2.打粉底Smooth on a foundation primer before your foundation, which will make it last longer without fading. Light foundation in winter works well with all skin types. Then apply a moisturizing foundation to further combat the effects of dry winter weather.涂抹粉底之前先涂一层美白隔离底霜,可以让妆容保持更长时间。冬季,轻薄的粉底适合所有皮肤类型。然后涂抹一层保湿效果的粉底,进一步抵抗寒冷干燥的天气。Step 3 Counteract winter effects3.抵消冬季影响Counteract winters effects on under-eye circles by working in concealer a shade or two lighter than your skin tone under each eye.眼袋部位涂抹比皮肤颜色稍浅一点的眼影,抵消冬季的影响。Lip gloss tends to stay on longer than plain lip balm.唇的持续时间比普通润唇膏的持续时间更长。Step 4 Go for neutral shades4.选择中性眼影In general, opt for neutral shades of winter makeup. Choose light browns, grays, and pinks, and matte eye shadows in gray and brown.总体来说,冬季妆容选择比较中性的眼影。选择淡棕色,灰色,粉红色,灰色和棕色的无光泽眼影。American women, influenced by Hollywood, began using suntanning powders after 1920.受好莱坞电影影响,美国女性从1920年以后开始使用晒黑粉。视频听力由。201402/274901。


  Doctors Condemn Hunt In No Confidence Vote Anger at the Governments NHS policies is laid bare at the British Medical Associations conference in Edinburgh.英国NHS(英国国家医疗务体系)平均每天有8名病人因医护人员的工作失误而死亡。英国卫生大臣杰里米·亨特对此表示,这是令人震惊的失误。尽管如此,卫生大臣还是乐观地对NHS的未来表示了肯定,NHS还是会成为世界上最安全的卫生系统。只是实现这一目标需要一系列的改进,包括加强检查制度;公布更多的检查数据;更好地度量免费医疗的程度……“最重要的是,要创建一种全新的体制,能够更好地管理一线医护人员。”杰里米·亨特说。Today marks twelve weeks since the Health and Social Care in England came fully into force. Were still a long way from seeing the full impact of this unwanted legislation that does nothing to address the very real problems of quality, safety and financial constraints that we all know exist. The governement inflicted such unnecessary pain on the NHS as you cant help wondering if its on the few public servants the government wants to see pension off at 65. By the governments own reckoning, the NHS reforms have caused 1.6 billion pounds and other estimates are considerably higher, but in immeasurable numbers the staff hours have been squandered(浪费). To achieve what? Increased competition. Even the government seems to have been playing it down(贬低) recently. Integration seems to be the new mantra(颂歌;咒语;曼特罗), laudable. But how deep does that really go. Taking the politics at the day-to-day running of the Health Service, I think not. We only have to look at the governments and the oppositions recent response to the pressures on the Emergency Medicine Department to see how well thats gone. Putting inclination in the driving seat, we put this to the test. We asked doctors how many of them feel more empowered compared to a year ago. Do you know how many? Four percent. /201306/245944

  Having zits, pimples and spots isnt easy and even the most confident of people can become self-conscious and upset. Whether you suffer from a lot of spots or just the occasional breakout, follow our advice to help you cover up even the most noticable of acne.面部有痘痘,粉刺和斑点是让人难以轻松的事情,即使最自信的人也会自惭形秽。无论你的面部有许多斑点还是偶尔出现,遵循我们的建议,帮助你遮掩最明显的粉刺。Step 1: Prepare1.准备Before you even contemplate techniques to cover spots it is important to prepare correctly. This means always washing your face thoroughly before going to bed. Also make sure you moisturise any blemishes as it will be easier to cover red skin than to cover dry skin.在你苦思冥想遮掩斑点的技巧之前,正确的准备是非常重要的。上床睡觉之前彻底洁面。确保任何部位充分保湿,因为遮掩红肿的皮肤比遮掩干燥皮肤更加容易。Step 2: Foundation2.粉底霜Depending on what suits your skin, you could use either a foundation or a tinted moisturiser on your face, and for smaller blemishes and spots this can sometimes be enough. This isnt a neccessity but if you normally use these products then they should be applied before any concealer is used.取决于皮肤的类型,你可以选择使用粉底或者浅色保湿霜,对于较小的瑕疵或斑点来说,有时这样就足够了。这并不是必须的,但是如果你平时使用这些护肤品,应该在遮瑕膏之前使用。Step 3: Concealer3.遮瑕膏Warm a small amount of concealer on the back of your hand, and using a small brush or cotton bud apply it directly onto the spot. You can get medicated concealers which will help to heal blemishes and decrease their redness.在手背上挤上少量遮瑕膏,用小刷子或棉签直接涂在斑点上。药用遮瑕膏可以治愈斑点,减少红肿。Step 4: Blend4.调和Finally, using a small brush, blend the concealer at the edges of the spot onto the rest of the skin to give a more even finish.最后,使用小刷子在斑点周围的皮肤涂抹一点遮瑕膏,使肤色看上去更加均匀。Thanks for watching How To Cover A Spot.感谢收看“怎样遮盖面部斑点”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。201306/245574

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