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A member of the U.S. military was killed in Somalia during an operation against extremist group al-Shabab.美国军方成员在索马里一次针对极端组织青年党的行动中被杀。According to a statement from U.S. Africa Command, the service member was killed late Thursday during a mission advising Somali National Army forces.据美国非洲司令部的一份声明,周四晚些时候该役人员在索马里国家军队的一次任务中被杀害。A spokesperson for U.S. Africa Command told reporters this is the first American combat death in Somalia in more than two decades.美军驻索马里司令部发言人告诉记者,这是20多年来美国在索马里的第一次战斗死亡。In 1993, two U.S. Army UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters were shot down in Mogadishu, killing 18 soldiers.1993年,两架美国陆军UH-60黑鹰直升机在Mogadishu被击落,造成18名士兵死亡。But the U.S. has recently stepped up its activities to fight al-Shabab in Somalia.但美国最近加强了在索马里打击青年党的活动。In March, President Donald Trump approved expanded operations against the groups militants, including more aggressive airstrikes.今年3月,唐纳德·特朗普总统批准扩大对该组织武装分子的打击行动,包括更积极的空袭。译文属。201705/508212。

Just get a branch like this.就拿这样一个树枝Then into these gaps,Im just gonna push a lot of these birch-bark shavings.然后在这缺口里 塞进一些桦树皮屑But Im not gonna light this unless I really need to.但不到万不得已 我不会点燃它A least with this,I know I can instantly have a flaming torch in my hand.有了这个的话 我就能确保自己手上随时都有火炬了I just heard a noise out there.我听到点声响You know, Im not gonna take any chance with this.Im just gonna get this torch flaming.跟你说 我不会抱侥幸心理的 我要把这火炬点燃There you go. Hear that?就是这个 听见了吗I was once shown by a woodsman how to get a response from wolves.一个樵夫曾经教过我 如何与狼产生共鸣And if I can at least hear a response,then at least I know what Im dealing with.如果我能得到回应的话 我就知道我要对付的是什么了Okay. Hear that?That,that sounds a very long way away, there.听见了吗 这声音是从很远处传来的There you go. Hear that?Gonna try and get some sleep.又来了 听见了吗 我得试着睡会儿觉Try and slow the heart rate back down again.让砰砰乱跳的心平静一会The morning light signals the end to what has been a long, restless night.晨曦预示着 这个不安宁的长夜的结束The shelter worked well, that fire.大本营的作用发挥得不错 那火也是To be honest, though,the weak link last night was in my mind.但是说实话 昨晚那微弱的共鸣一直在我脑海徘徊You know, I really found it hard just to get back to sleep after hearing those noises.在听到那种声响以后 我真的很难入睡The fire gave me a sense of security,and Ive spotted something that means I can start another one at a moments notice.Tinder fungus!火给了我安全的感觉 我偶然一瞥 发现了让我能够再次生火的宝贝 火焰菌201704/506844。

The UNs High Commissioner for Refugees has called on Europe to help Italy with its growing migrant crisis.联合国难民事务高级专员呼吁欧洲帮助意大利应对日益严重的移民危机。So far this year, more than 83,000 asylum seekers have arrived in Italy by sea. Thats a 20 percent increase from the same period last year. 到目前为止,今年已有83,000多名寻求庇护者乘船抵达意大利。这比去年同期增长了20%。And in the past week alone, over 12,000 migrants were rescued in the Mediterranean Sea.仅在过去的一周,地中海就有12,000多名移民获救。That influx has left some Italian politicians threatening to close some ports to rescue ships, forcing other Mediterranean countries to take in more migrants.大批移民的涌入使得一些意大利政客威胁关闭一些港口,迫使其它地中海国家吸收更多的移民。Italys prime minister has accused other European countries of ;looking the other way; when it comes to the migrant crisis.意大利总理指责其它欧洲国家在谈到移民危机时“故意朝另一边看”。But the threat to shut out other nations rescue ships might just be a bargaining chip — talks between France, Germany and Italy on the migrant crisis start Sunday in Paris. 但封锁其它国家救援船只的威胁可能只是谈判的筹码——法国、德国和意大利周日就移民危机在巴黎展开谈判。The Mediterranean crossing is a dangerous one. The UN estimates 2,030 migrants have died or gone missing since the beginning of the year. Many of the migrants crossing are minors.穿越地中海是危险的。联合国估计自年初以来已有2,030名移民死亡或失踪。许多过境的移民是未成年人。The EU has pledged more financial support for Italy, but it hasnt followed through on a previous plan to relieve the countrys migrant crisis. A 2015 plan promised to move 160,000 asylum seekers from Italy and Greece. So far, less than one-fifth of those have been moved.欧盟已经承诺为意大利提供更多的财政持,但它并没有遵循先前的计划来缓解该国的移民危机。2015年的计划承诺从意大利和希腊转移160,000名寻求庇护者。到目前为止,只有不到五分之一的人被转移了。译文属。201707/516113。

It was Christmas Eve, and everyone in the Thomas family was dreaming sweet dreams. Nicky and Debbie were dreaming about what Santa would bring them. Mr. Thomas was dreaming of a new bat. Mrs. Thomas was dreaming of...something else. Finally, of course, we have Mog. Mog was not dreaming sweet dreams. Mog was having a nightmare.那是圣诞节前夕,托马斯家每个人都在做着香甜美梦。尼克和黛比梦着圣诞老人会带给他们什么礼物。托马斯先生梦到一新球棒。托马斯太太梦到...其它东西。最后,当然,我们有莫可。莫可不是在做好梦。莫可做了个恶梦。Hello, fire service. Hello? Hello?喂,消防局。喂?喂?Follow that cat!跟着那只猫!All clear, boss!没问题了,老大!As the neighbors gathered, the fireman told everyone how Mog had saved the day.当邻居们聚集,消防员告诉所有人莫可是怎样化险为夷。She deserves a medal.她应该得到一个勋章。I think shed rather have an egg.我想她会比较喜欢得到一颗蛋。But there was no egg for Mog. There was no Christmas at all. At least thats what they thought. But everyone else thought if the Thomases and Mog cant have a Christmas, they can share ours. So thats exactly what they all did.不过没有蛋能给莫可。完全没有圣诞节了。至少托马斯家的人那样认为。但其他人想,如果托马斯一家人和莫可不能过圣诞节,那他们可以分享我们的啊。那正是他们所有人做的事。There you go, Mog.给你,莫可。201611/479864。

About ten years ago, I was sitting outside...downtown at a restaurant, and it must have been 11 oclock at night.大概是十年前有一天,我坐在下城的一下餐厅外面那会儿大概是夜里十一点。And all of a sudden, there goes Bill Cunningham on his bike.忽然我看见Bill和他的自行车。I thought, ;Oh, I want to say hello,; but he was gone in a fleeting moment.我正想着和他打个招呼,但是他一下就从我面前骑了过去。And all I could see was his blue coat and the bike go by.然后我只能看见他和他蓝色的外套远去是身影。And I knew where he was headed.我大概知道他是赶着去哪里。He goes to many events in one evening.他一天晚上要参加很多的活动和派对。Hes in one event uptown, and hes downtown at another event.可能去上城参加一个活动然后又要赶去下城参加另一个。Its rigorous work.这样的工作节奏很紧。This is too early to be at one of these downtown parties.我们是不是来的太早了。Were the only ones here.现在只有我们到了。Bills gonna be here for five minutes and leave.Bill只能待五分钟,然后就要走了。Big smiles. Come on, Annie!笑一个嘿,Annie!Beautiful, guys.很好看。Thats a classic Schwinn.这是我的老Schwinn车。Someone gave it to me.别人送给我的。Thats my 29th. Wonderful.这是我的第29辆车了好的。Ive had 28 stolen.前28辆都被偷了。28 stolen bikes?28辆自行车?Yeah. Thats the 29th.是的…这是第29辆。Oh, my goodness, the kids are all here.哦,天呐,你们都来了。The kids are here.你们都来了…I came out from L.A.With Annie.我从洛杉矶和Annie一起过来的。Oh, how wonderful. -Shes ensconced down there.哦,那真好。-她住在这边。Oh, arent you kids beautiful? Look at you.你看,你们这样很好看啊。;You kids.; Never changes.你还是叫我;孩子;。Look at you two kids. -You gonna take?看你们两个…-你要拍照么?Yes. -Of us?是的-给我们两个拍?Yes. In basic black? Are you kidding?是的…你穿的黑色,开玩笑么?A very special one too. Yes.不过这也很特别。Bill is a true egalitarian.Bill对每个人都是一样的。201609/460743。

栏目简介:How new technologies can change the way we live at home? Some of the latest products of this field are being shown at this years Consumer Electronic Show, or CES Asia. The new technologies will bring you a new home that is safer, cleaner and more convenient to your life. Wu Ying has more...201703/492626。

Think about how your favorite stories hook you.想想你最喜爱的故事是如何吸引你的。;When he was nearly 13, my brother Jim got his arm badly broken at the elbow.我兄弟吉姆在他13岁左右时胳膊受伤了,挺严重的。When it healed, and Jims fears of never being able to play football were assuaged,伤口恢复后,他对以后都不能踢球的担心也减缓了,he was seldom self conscious about his injury.;他自己几乎没有意识到自己的伤。;All this happened, more or less.所有的一切,或多或少都发生过。The war parts, anyway, are pretty much true.但是战争那部分内容是千真万确的。One guy I knew really was shot in Dresden for taking a teapot that wasnt his.;我认识的一个朋友在德累斯顿真的被射中了,就因为他拿了个不属于他的茶壶。;My fathers family name being Pirrip, and my Christian name Philip,我父亲姓皮日普,我的教名是菲利普,my infant tongue could make of both names nothing longer or more explicit than Pip.我在小时候两个名字都叫不准,顶多叫成;皮普;So I called myself Pip, and came to be called Pip.;所以我叫自己皮普,后来就真的成了皮普。Imagery, intrigue, emotion: each introduction makes you want to more.富含想象力,情节,情感因素的引言,都会让你想读下去。If you have an assignment to write a literary analysis, your introduction will be just as important.如果你有一篇文学作品分析的作业,引言也一样重要。There will be four elements in your essay: your introduction, thesis statement, analysis and conclusion.你的文章需由四部分组成:引言,主题论述,分析和结论。If you begin writing a literary analysis with the introduction, you may be discouraged.如果你的文学分析和引言一起开始写,那你可能会大受打击。Heres a tip for writing a great introduction: Write it last, and write your thesis first.以下是写好一篇引言的技巧:先写论题,最后写引言。Figure out what you want to analyze before you actually analyze it.在你真正进行分析前,明确你想要分析什么。Your thesis is the foundation for the rest of your essay, including your introduction.你的论题是文章的基础,包括引言在内。So how do you find your thesis? Start by asking questions.那么,如何确定论题呢?由问问题开始。To Charles Dickens you may ask, ;why do you draw attention to characters hands?;拿查尔斯·狄更斯来说,你可能会问,;你为什么专注于描写角色的手呢?;;Whats up with their names?; ;Pumblechook? Really?;;他们的名字有什么寓意?;;彭波契克,真的吗?;To narrow your concept for analysis, answer the questions yourself.试着缩小主题分析的范围,自己来回答问题。;Estella ridicules Pips hands, Jaggers constantly washes his hands,;埃斯特拉嘲笑皮普的手,贾格斯不停的洗手,Pip insufferably burns his hands, Mrs. Joe brings Pip up by hand.;皮普难以忍受地灼烧双手,乔伊亲手带大皮普。;Are there patterns in your answers?这有你要的吗?Estellas comments smack of cruelty, while Jaggers cleanses his immoral conscience.艾斯黛拉的带有冷酷的味道,然而,贾格斯却掩盖他邪恶的良心?Pip finds a second chance, while Mrs. Joe abuses a child under the guise of love and dedication.;当乔夫人在爱和奉献的伪装下虐待一个孩子时,皮普找到了第二次机会。What can you analyze with this pattern?你从这个图案中分析到什么?;Hands symbolize social class inequities, and through Dickens criticism,手象征社会阶级不平等,通过狄更斯的批判,he exposes the dire need for reform in Victorian London.他揭露了在维多利亚时代的伦敦的改革的必要性。What you will do next, which is an entirely different lesson, is to draft and revise your analysis.接下来你要做的是完全不同的课程,那就是设计并修正你的分析。Only after you write your analysis, return to your introduction.只有在你写出你的分析之后,才能回到你的引言Like authors earlier, try to intrigue and inspire your er.就像早期的作者,试着去激发和鼓励读者Avoid starting with famous ations, dictionary definitions or rhetorical questions.避免用名人名言、字典的定义或夸张的问题来开头。Consider the historical context of your topic, or an anecdote or some larger idea or concept. Heres an example:仔细想一下你的主题的历史背景、趣闻,或一些大的想法或观点。举个例子;27 bones in the hand and wrist allow humans to concurrently create and destroy.手上和手腕的27块骨头,使人们能够同时创造和破坏。Thousands of hands have been behind historys astounding creations.成千上万只手能够创造出历史上惊人的作品。Hands represent a powerful symbol, one that was not lost on Charles Dickens.在查尔斯·狄更斯笔下,手一直是强有力的象征。In Great Expectations, Dickens uses hands to symbolize social class inequities,在《远大前程》一书中,狄更斯用手来象征着社会阶级的不平等and through his criticism, he exposes the dire need for social reform in Victorian London.;通过批判,他揭露了维多利亚时代的伦敦的社会改革的必要性。Take time crafting and revising your thesis and introduction.花些时间制作并修改你的论点和引言Remember, if you are bored while writing, your er will be bored while ing.记住,如果你在写作时感到厌烦,那么你的读者也会在阅读你的作品时感到无聊。By the way, did you notice the introduction to this lesson?顺便说一下,你注意到本课的引言了吗?It didnt start with ;heres how to write a thesis and introduction. Would that have hooked you?它并不是以怎样写论点和引言开始的。如果是的话,那还会吸引你吗?201706/514834。

In or out of the European Union?留欧还是脱欧?The question on the ballot paper was simple, but the divisions exposed by last years referendum cut far deeper.选票上的问题很简单,但去年公投所暴露的分歧却进一步加深了。One of the best predictors of how you voted in the referendum was what values you hold,全民公投中,你如何投票的的最佳预测指标之一,是你所持有的价值观,whether you’re a social liberal or a social conservative.无论你是社会自由民主党还是保守党。One of the best predictors of a vote for Brexit was whether you believed in the death penalty or not.是否投票持脱离欧盟的最佳预测指标之一,是你是否相信和赞同死刑。And thats very American, I mean, values didn’t really figure in our politics up to now.这一点特别美国化。我的意思是,到现在为止,我们的价值观并没有真正体现在政治立场上。Britain’s general election earlier this month underlined the country’s political realignment.本月初举行的英国大选凸显了其政治格局的调整与改变。The ancient city of Canterbury had been a stronghold of the ruling Conservative party since 1918自1918年起,坎特伯雷古城一直是执政党保守党的传统选区,but fell to socialist Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, the primary reason? Revenge for Brexit.但杰里米·科尔宾领导的工党最后赢得了这一选区。这其中的主要原因是什么呢?对脱欧采取的一种报复方式。Brexit has played an enormous role here.脱欧发挥了巨大的作用。I think young people who, for the most part voted to remain and then saw to their astonishment that, you know,我认为,大多数投票希望英国留在欧盟的年轻人真的很失望,尤其让他们感到惊讶的是,the rest of the ed Kingdom and indeed Kent, you know, voted to leave, were genuinely disappointed.英国其他地区,包括肯特郡的选民投票脱离欧盟。Brexit was widely seen as part of 2016’s populist surge that swept Donald Trump to power in the ed States.英国脱欧被广泛认为是2016年民粹主义浪潮的一部分,这也使得唐纳德·特朗普在美国掌权。In calling this month’s election, British Prime Minister Theresa May appears to have mis that surge.在本月的选举中,英国首相特蕾莎·梅似乎误读了这一浪潮。The parties are struggling to align themselves with how the British people vote or feel about issues.各党派正在努力使自身与英国民众的投票立场或看待问题的感受一致。Are we seeing a move toward a more values-based political system? Yes, to some extent, just like in the ed States.我们是在朝着建立在价值观基础上的政治制度迈进吗?在某种程度上,是的,这和美国很像。And we’re seeing that all over the democratic world as well, to varying degrees.”而且我们在不同程度上,可以看到在整个民主化的世界也是这样。”Even as traditional party loyalties break down, support for the two established parties,虽然英国民众对传统党派的持减弱,但人们对两大老牌政党,Conservatives and Labour — hit 82 percent, the highest since 1970.保守党和工党的持率仍高达百分之八十二,这是自1970年以来的最高纪录。Compare that to France where the two traditional parties,而在法国,两大传统政党,the Republicans and Socialists, were heavily defeated by centrist newcomer Emmanuel Macron.共和党和社会党双双溃败,最终,中间派候选人埃马纽埃尔·马克龙后来居上,赢得法国大选。Henry Ridgwell, for VOA News, London.VOA新闻,亨利·里奇维尔于伦敦为您播报。201707/516806。

What we found in the ACE study involving seventeen and a half thousand middle-class adults wasACE研究通过对17500名中产阶级成人的观察发现that life experiences in childhood that are lost in time童年经历会随着时间的流逝在他们的记忆中逐渐丢失and then further protected by shame and by secrecy and by social taboos against inquiry into certain realms of human experience,但那些由于羞耻 保密和社会禁忌等原因不愿意被人盘问的经历反而会被保护从而遗留在人的记忆的某个角落that those life experiences play out powerfully and proportionately a half century later以致于即便是很多年后这些人生经历对其影响深远in terms of emotional state,in terms of biomedical disease, in terms of life expectancy.它们会在自身情绪状况、生物医学疾病、或寿命方面成比例地对人生造成影响In 1985, I first became interested in developmental life experiences in early childhood really by accident.In the major obesity program we were running,a young woman came into the program.在我们着重研究的肥胖问题中 一个年轻姑娘来到我们这She was twenty-eight years old, and weighed 408 pounds,她28岁 重达408磅and asked us if we could help her with her problem.向我们求助And in fifty-one weeks, we took her from 408 to 132.在接下来的51周中 我们帮她从408磅减到132磅And we thought, well my god, we’ve got this problem licked.我们想 谢天谢地 终于解决这个问题了This is going to be a world-famous department here!这次胜利将举世闻名She maintained her weight at 132 for several weeks,她将她的体重稳定在132磅几周的时间and then in one three-week period regained 37 pounds in three weeks,which I had not previously conceived as being physiologically possible.我之前压根没想到会有这种可能性That was triggered by being sexually propositioned at work by a much older man,as she described him.这是由工作中一个比她大的多的人对其性暗示导致的(当然)她是这么描述的That was triggered by being sexually propositioned at work by a much older man,as she described him.这是由工作中一个比她大的多的人对其性暗示导致的(当然)她是这么描述的And in short order, she was back over 400 pounds faster than she had lost the weight.很快 她就就增肥到400磅 比她减重快多了I remember asking her why the extreme response.我记得问过她为什么会出现这种极端反弹情况After initially claiming not to have any understanding of why the extreme response,她起初一直说她也不知道she told me of a lengthy incest history with her grandfather from age 10 to age 21.后来 她告诉了我 祖父对她漫长的乱伦经历从10岁直到21岁Ultimately it turned out that fifty-five percent of the people in our obesity program最终得到实 在我们这项对肥胖研究中有55%的人acknowledged a history of childhood sexual abuse.都有童年时被性侵的经历I mean that obviously is not the only issue going on but it was where we began.我想说 显然问题不止一个但我们就是从那个问题起步的And as we went down that trail, then we discovered other forms of abuse随着我们的继续追查 发现在很多机能失调家庭(或其他家庭)中also growing up in massively dysfunctional households, etc.其他形式的侵害也大幅增加the ACE study was really designed to see whether these things existed at all in the general population,ACE研究目的就在于确认是否大多数人都经历过这些侵害and if so, how did they play out over time?果真如此 那它们(指侵害)又如何随着时间的推移造成影响?We studied 10 categories of adverse life experiences我们研究选择了了十类有害生活经历that were chosen because of their prevalence in the weight program因为它们都与体重研究紧密相关childhood sexual abuse, heavy-duty childhood physical abuse这些包括童年性侵 严重的童年身体伤害Im not talking spanking—我不是指打屁股um, major emotional abuse, recurrent humiliation, two categories of neglect还有严重的情感伤害 经常性的精神羞辱 以及两类忽视growing up in a home孩子童年和青春期成长过程中where one of the members of the household,家庭中有人uh, was chronically depressed, suicidal, mentally ill, or in the state hospital;长期抑郁 自杀 患精神疾病 或长期住院的家庭环境中growing up in a home without both biological parents;或者是 没能与亲生父母生活在一起growing up in a home where, um, one of the members of your household was alcoholic or a drug user;或者是 有家人嗜酒或吸毒growing up in a home where mother was beaten;或者是 妈妈被家暴growing up in a home where one of the members of your household was imprisoned during your childhood or adolescence.或有家人入狱Those were the 10 categories.以上就是这十类In a middle-class population, one in 11 people has experienced six or more of those adverse life experiences in childhood.中产阶级群体中 每11人中就有一人经历过以上六类或更多So this is very common totally unrecognized.这种情况非常普遍却完全不被注意到It was difficult for us to accept their commonness.让我们接受他们的共性很难But on the other hand, these are issues that most people never touch.但另一方面 大多数人从未接触过这些问题And so who would know without routinely asking?如果没有例行公事的询问又有谁会知道呢But at a so-called ACE score of six, experiencing any six of the ten categories that we studied,但在ACE六类测评分中 (如果一个人)经历了我们研究得出的10类中的任何六类that person was 4,600% more likely to become an IV drug user than a person那他就会有4600%更可能变成静脉注射毒品的瘾君子who had experienced none of those ten categories.相较于什么都没经历过的正常人Okay? Now, you know,好吧 现在 你知道了you think, you the newspaper, the latest cancer scare of the week,你想 你看报纸 本周最新的癌症恐慌you think, you the newspaper, the latest cancer scare of the week,你想 你看报纸 本周最新的癌症恐慌prostate cancer or breast cancer increases 30%, and everyone goes nuts.前列腺癌或乳腺癌上升了30% 每个人就都不淡定了I’m talking 4,600% increase.我说的可是4600%的上涨率The same ACE score of six produces a likelihood of attempting suicide同样的 ACE研究也暗示了这些人的潜在自杀可能性that is between 3,100% and 5,000% greater than the likelihood of suicide attempts in someone with none of those life experiences.比没有这些人生经历的人要高3100%到5000%的自杀率So the power of this relationship is enormous.所以这种联系的影响力是巨大的So ultimately the question arises: how do life experiences in childhood end up with那么 最后 问题来了 童年的阴影是如何with disease states a half century later?影响到接下来的生活的There are at least two big categories to account for that.主要有两大方面原因One is through the use of various coping devices.一种是通过各种各样的应对方法One smokes to feel better;如通过吸烟来安抚自己one overeats to feel better; one drinks to relax, etc..通过暴食 喝酒 等等And those things carried out in heavy amounts have major destructive patterns,这些行为(如果)过度都会有极恶劣的影响even though they may be immediately beneficial.即使可能短期内很有效果The other broad category has to do with另一种是必须处理the effect of chronic major unrelieved stress on the workings of one’s brain and central nervous system.慢性难除刺激对这个人的大脑或中枢神经系统产生的影响In recent years, this is relatively new,近年来 这些研究不断发展it’s become clear that chronic major unrelieved stress研究结果也逐渐清晰——慢性难除刺激can produce the release of pro-inflammatory chemicals in a person’s body,会产生促炎性细胞活素and also can suppress immune system function.也会抑制免疫系统功能Of the ten categories that we studied,我们研究的十类中any six of them produces a shortening in life expectancy of almost twenty years.其中任何六类都会削减大概20年寿命The magnitude of this problem is so huge,这个问题的影响太深远了and the complexity of dealing with it after the fact is so huge,处理这影响也太复杂了that realistically, the only serious approach is going to have to involve primary prevention.唯一可行的方法就是防患于未然No one knows how to do that, but it’s the right question to focus on.没有人知道如何做 但我们仍需关注它201706/512187。

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201609/464431。