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视频参考文本:This short film, with Judi James our body language expert, shows you how to decode these signals and get ahead in the dating game. Try it out, see if she is attracted to you, and good luck!Step 1: The first glance 第一次目光接触This is the most vital part of the process. If a woman likes you, expect her to hold eye contact for a few seconds longer than normal. If she finds you attractive, she will look away and then look back. If she then smiles, she probably fancies you.Step 2: Sub-conscious mirroring 下意识的模仿When she starts to slightly copy your body movements and pace through sub-conscious mirroring, it usually means there is a degree of empathy there.Step 3: Change in posture 改变姿势Most women have a screen saver pose, but when she sees someone she fancies, she will arch her back slightly as it creates a better body shape, making her automatically more attractive to members of the opposite sex.Step 4: Self-grooming gestures 自我梳理的动作These self checks will take place when she sees someone attractive. Therefore small, checking movements signal a degree of attraction.Step 5: Face softening 面部温柔Normally women can look a bit angry or fed up without realising it. Yet when they see someone they fancy, their face softens and they look much more attractive. It is an animal signal of attraction, making her seem immediately more beautiful.Step 6: Touching 触碰She will not just touch herself, but she'll touch you too in subtle ways whilst you are in conversation. This signals to other women that you are taken.201005/103560Louis had been called the King of France since he was five,自5岁起路易就被称为法国国王but others ran the country in his name.但另有其人以他之名统治国家On his 12th birthday, it was time for him to take his crown,12岁生日时 他终于能够接过王冠and his place on the world stage.登上世界的舞台The coronation of Louis XV was a moment of great hope,路易十五的加冕仪式and expectation for the French people.为法国人民带来了巨大希望Theyd had long years of war,法国常年战乱and now the country was at peace,现在终于迎来了和平and it had a young king,新王登基in whom it was possible to invest every conceivable hope.民众将所有希望都寄托在他身上So, they couldprojecttheir ambitions and expectations,所以人们能将雄心与期望for the new reign on this young, as yet, untested king.寄予年轻而尚未经受考验的新国王But, there was a shadow over Louiss inheritance,但路易十五的继任阴影重重cast not by an eclipse, but by a mountain of debt.并非来自月食 而是堆积如山的债务Despite all his success in war and diplomacy,尽管路易十四能征善战 精通外交Louis XIV never managed to balance the books,他却不善经营国库or even pay for the building of his enormous palace.甚至无法付建造宫殿的花销Louis XIV, when he died, left France in absolutely dire straits.路易十四驾崩前让法国深陷困境After a long war he, of course, left France,常年战乱后 他留给法国的something like, 20-years revenue in debt,是相当于20年国库税收的债务2 billion livres in debt, at least.至少20亿里弗And this was going to be an absolutely massive problem.这必定会带来巨大危机2 billion livres. Thats 160 billion pounds in todays money.20亿里弗相当于现代的1600亿英镑But, before he could start work on that problem,但在新王着手解决这个危机前there was one other thing thatdemanded他还需要立刻解决the new Kings immediate attention,另一问题marriage.那就是婚姻201204/179853

Water is an essential for human life, but the balance between supply and demand is becoming a crucial issue. The amount of water we use, a waste, in day to day life has a direct impact on the environment.水是人们生活所必需的。但是供需平衡已经成为一个关键性的问题。我们日常生活中的用水浪费对环境有着直接的影响。Step 1: Shower Vs. Bath1.淋浴还是盆浴A bath can use up to 100 litres of water! Where as a shower will only use a third of this amount. The maths is simply - take a shower and save that water.盆浴要使用的水量高达100升!而淋浴使用的水量仅仅是盆浴的三分之一。对比结果非常简单——使用淋浴可以节水。Step 2: Running taps2.水龙头Do not let your taps run when you are not using them. That includes cleaning your teeth, a whopping 5 litres a minute can be saved if you switch off while you brush.不用水的时候不要开着水龙头让水肆意流淌。包括刷牙的时候。如果刷牙的时候关掉水龙头,你可以节约5升水,这个数量简直令人触目惊心!Step 3: Fix it3.修理水龙头Are any of the taps in your house dripping? If so, fix them fast. This could save up to 140 litres a week. Have a look at VideoJugs films on fixing a dripping tap to see how to do this the right way.你家的水龙头有没有滴水?如果有,尽快修理。这样每周可以节约140升水。可以查看VideoJugs的视频来了解怎样正确修理滴水的水龙头。Step 4: Washing machine4.洗衣机Running your washing machine when you only have a few items is a waste of energy as well as water. Use the economy setting or wait until you have enough to make a wash worth while只有几件衣的时候就开动洗衣机不仅浪费电,也浪费水。使用经济设置或直到有足够的脏衣,值得你开洗衣机的时候再洗。Step 5: Rainwater tank5.雨水贮存罐If you have a garden invest in a rainwater tank. With hosepipe bans becoming the norm you will still have a supply of water to use on your garden without draining resources.如果你有花园,可以准备一个雨水贮存罐。随着禁止使用软管成为常规,你仍然可以使用储存的雨水来浇灌花园。Thanks for watching How To Conserve Water感谢收看“怎样节约用水”视频节目。201210/202765

Today in History:Friday, June7, 2013历史上的今天:2013年6月7日,星期五June 7th, 1998In Jasper, Texas, three white men chain a black man James Byrd, Junior to a pickup truck, then drag him to his death. Two of the men who dragged Byrd are later sentenced to death for the crime. The third receives life in prison.1948,The Communists complete their takeover of Czechoslovakia, as the countrys president Edvard Benes resigns. Communist rule lasts until the collapse of the Iron Curtain across Eastern Europe more than four decades later.1981,Israeli military planes destroy a nuclear power plant in Iraq, then under Saddam Husseins rule. Israel charges the facility could have been used to make nuclear weapons.1972,In New York, the musical “Grease”, a teenage love story during high school in 1950s America, opens on Broadway.And 1958,Prince, the rock singer, songwriter and musician whose hits include Purple Rain, Kiss, and 1999, is born in Minneapolis.Today in History, June 7th, Tim Maguire, the Associated Press. /201306/243354

Today in History: Saturday, January 26, 2013历史上的今天:2013年1月26日,星期六On Jan. 26, 1998, President Bill Clinton denied having an affair with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, telling reporters, ;I did not have sexual relations with that woman.;1998年1月26日,比尔·克林顿总统否认与前白宫实习生莫尼卡·莱温斯基发生婚外情,他告诉记者“我没有和那个女人发生性关系。”1788 The first European settlers in Australia landed in present-day Sydney.1788年,澳大利亚第一批欧洲殖民者来到今天的悉尼。1802 Congress passed an act calling for a library to be established within the U.S. Capitol.1802年,国会通过了一项法案要求美国国会大厦内需建立图书馆。1837 Michigan became the 26th state.1837年,密歇根州成为美国第26个州。1861 Louisiana seceded from the Union.1861年,路易斯安那州脱离联邦政府。1870 Virginia rejoined the Union.1870年,维吉尼亚州加入联邦。1925 Actor Paul Newman was born in Cleveland, Ohio.1925年,演员保罗·纽曼在俄亥俄州的克利夫兰出生。1950 India proclaimed itself a republic.1950年,印度正式宣布自身是共和政体。1979 Former Vice President Nelson A. Rockefeller died at age 70.1979年,前副总统纳尔逊A·洛克菲勒去世,享年70岁。1988 The Andrew Lloyd Webber musical ;Phantom of the Opera,; the longest-running show in Broadway history, opened at the Majestic Theater in New York.1988年,安德鲁·劳埃德·韦伯的音乐剧《歌剧魅影》在纽约美琪大剧院上演,这是百老汇历史上播映最长的音乐剧。1993 Former Czechoslovak President Vaclav Havel was elected president of the new Czech Republic.1993年,前捷克斯洛伐克总统瓦茨拉夫·哈维尔当选新捷克共和国总统。2001 An earthquake hit the Indian subcontinent, killing more than 13,000 people.2001年,印度次大陆发生地震,造成13000多人死亡。2005 Condoleezza Rice was sworn in as secretary of state.2005年,赖斯宣誓就任美国国务卿。2006 Confronted by Oprah Winfrey on her syndicated talk show, author James Frey acknowledged lies in his addiction memoir ;A Million Little Pieces.;2006年,面对奥普拉·温弗瑞的脱口秀节目,作家詹姆斯·弗雷承认在他的回忆录《岁月如沙》中说谎。 ;Octomom; Nadya Suleman of Whittier, Calif., gave birth to octuplets conceived by in vitro fertilization. Suleman was aly a mother of six.年,加州惠蒂尔的Nadya Suleman通过体外受精生下了八胞胎。现在Suleman是6个孩子的母亲。 /201301/222664

Relieve Vomiting. This unpleasant sign of illness is uncomfortable to watch as well as experience. Learn how you can use several ways to relieve the symptoms.怎样缓解呕吐呢?呕吐是令人非常不快的疾病的征兆,病人和旁观者都很不舒。可以有几种方法来缓解呕吐。Step 1: You will need1.你需要1 cloth,drinking water1块布,饮用水Step 2: Comfort the person2.安抚病人Reassure the person if they are vomiting by rubbing their back or supporting them in a comfortable position.如果病人在呕吐,轻拍他们的背部,或者以比较舒的姿势抚慰持他们。Step 3: Use a warm cloth3.使用温暖的湿布Then dampen a cloth in warm water, wring it out and give it to the person to wipe their face.把一块布浸入温水中,拧干,让病人用来擦脸。Step 4: Drink plain fluids4.饮用温和的饮料Give the person plenty of clear fluids like water or still isotonic glucose drinks. Alternatively, add 1 teaspoon of salt per litre and 4-5 teaspoons of sugar per litre to water. They should sip slowly.给病人用足够的比较温和的液体,比如水或者等渗葡萄糖饮料。也可以向1升水中加入1茶匙盐或者4-5茶匙糖。让病人一小口一小口地饮用。Step 5: Avoid spicy food5.避免辛辣的食物For the next 24 hours if the person feels hungry, only give easily digested non-spicy foods.24小时之内,如果病人感到饥饿,只给他们食用容易消化的清淡的食物。If the vomiting persists, seek medical advice.如果呕吐症状没有缓解的话,寻求医疗救助。Thanks for watching How To Relieve Vomiting.感谢收看“怎样缓解呕吐”视频节目。 /201210/202766

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