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Tim Cook#39;s public apology to Apple#39;s (AAPL) Chinese customers was being ed at length Tuesday in the very print and broadcast media that for a fortnight had been ripping the company apart for its greed, dishonesty and ;unparalleled arrogance.;过去两周以来,国内的平面媒体和广播媒体都对苹果公司(Apple)进行了强烈的抨击,谴责它贪婪、不诚实和“无与伦比的傲慢”;周二,这些媒体用大量篇幅引用了苹果CEO蒂姆?库克向中国消费者发出的公开道歉信。;The company#39;s apology letter has eased the situation, softening the tense relationship between Apple and the Chinese market,; wrote theGlobal Times. ;Its reaction is worth respect compared with other American companies.;《环球时报》(the Global Times)发表文章指出,“苹果公司的道歉信让局势得到了缓解,使苹果与中国市场的紧张关系有所改善。在这一点上,苹果公司比有些美国公司更值得尊重。”The Foreign Ministry praised Apple for ;conscientiously; responding to consumers#39; demands, according to Reuters. ;We approve of what Apple said,; spokesman Hong Lei told reporters at his daily news briefing.路透社(Reuters)报道称,中国外交部(The Foreign Ministry)对苹果“认真”回应消费者的需求表示赞扬。外交部发言人洪磊在例行记者会上称:“我们认可苹果公司的道歉”。There were plenty of critics Monday who said Cook#39;s letter and the changes he made in Apple#39;s repair policies in China were a big mistake. Steve Jobs, they said, would never have apologized for customer service that, as most of Apple#39;s customers in China know, is second to none.但是,许多批评人士指出,库克的道歉信和对苹果在华维修政策的调整是严重的错误。他们认为,如果史蒂夫?乔布斯在世,他绝对不会因为售后务道歉,因为苹果的大多数中国消费者知道,苹果的售后务是首屈一指的。But Jobs never set foot in China. Cook, on the other hand, built Apple#39;s Asian supply chain, and he knows something about navigating the complexities of official relations in the Far East.但是,乔布斯从未来过中国。而库克打造了苹果在亚洲的供应链,对于如何处理远东地区复杂的正式关系,他心里更有数。It won#39;t cost the company very much to repair broken iPhones with new parts or extend their warranties -- basically giving China#39;s state-run media everything they asked for.更换问题iPhone手机部件,或者延长保修期,并不会花费苹果太多资金,这么做主要是为了满足中国国家媒体。It cost Cook nothing ;sincerely apologize; and to say, as he did in his letter:“真诚地道歉”以及道歉信中的措辞(如下文),并不会让库克有所损失:;We recognize that we have much to learn about operating and communicating in China, but we want to assure everyone that we bring the same deep commitment and passion to China as we do to any other part of the world. This commitment, a desire to delight all of our customers and provide them with an extremely high-quality experience, is deeply rooted in the culture of our company. And we will not rest until we achieve this goal.;“我们意识到,关于在华运营和沟通工作,还有许多需要我们学习的地方。在此,我们向大家保,苹果对于中国的承诺和热情与其他国家别无二致。为消费者带来最佳用户体验及满意的务,是我们的理想,更是我们的承诺,它已深深植根于苹果的公司文化之中。我们会不懈努力,以实现这一目标。”That kind of language can save a lot of face, on both sides of the Pacific.这种措辞能让双方都极大地保留了颜面。 /201304/233777A computer simulation has suggested that global temperatures could rise by 1.4-3.0C above levels for late last century by 2050, the B reported. 据英国广播公司报道,电脑模拟显示,到2050年全球气温可比上世纪的水平升高1.4至3.0摄氏度。Almost 10,000 climate simulations were run on volunteers#39; home computers. The researchers aimed to explore a wider range of possible futures, which they say helps ;get a handle; on the uncertainties of the climate system. 志愿者的家用电脑上运行了近万个模拟程序。研究人员的目标是探索未来气温更为广泛的可能性,他们表示,这有助于;理解;气候系统诸多的不确定性。The projections are somewhat higher than those from other models. 这次预测的气温变化比其它模型的预测结果要高一些。The low end of their range is similar to that of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in its 2007 report, but the high end is somewhat above the range their analysis produced.变化范围的底端和政府间气候变化专门委员会2007年报告中的结论相似,但是顶端略高于专门委员会分析的结果。 /201203/175488

Alibaba is looking to transform state-dominated sectors of the Chinese economy, such as financial services and healthcare, a senior executive said yesterday, as Chinese consumers set a new record for online sales on Singles’ Day.中国消费者创下“光棍节”网上购物的新纪录之际,阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的一位高管昨日表示,该公司正努力转变金融务和医疗等国家主导的行业。Joe Tsai, executive vice-chairman of Alibaba, told the Financial Times that financial services and healthcare were large but “very antiquated” industries where ecommerce could “roll out to reform the current system”.阿里巴巴副董事长蔡崇信(Joe Tsai)对英国《金融时报》表示,金融务和医疗保健产业很大,但“非常陈旧”,电子商务在这些行业可以“推动对当前体系的改革”。Alibaba executives used Singles’ Day, the company’s biggest event since its initial public offering in September, to lay out its next steps. “Aside from ecommerce in goods we’re also looking at ecommerce in services, in entertainment, in different types of content over the internet,” said Mr Tsai.阿里巴巴的高管们利用光棍节来阐述下一步计划,光棍节是该公司自9月首次公开发行(IPO)以来最大的活动。蔡崇信说:“除了商品电子商务,我们还着眼于务、及互联网上各类内容的电子商务。”The raw power of ecommerce to change China was on display yesterday as an auditorium-sized billboard at Alibaba headquarters blinked massive sales totals for the day. The company – now almost bn larger than Walmart by market capitalisation – said a record bn worth of goods had been sold via its services, up from .8bn last year.昨天电子商务展现出了改变中国的原始力量,在阿里巴巴总部,一块巨大的电子屏幕闪烁着当天的销售总额。如今市值高出沃尔玛(Walmart)近400亿美元的阿里巴巴表示,共有价值571亿元人民币(约93亿美元)的商品通过其务售出,超过了去年的362亿元人民币(约59亿美元),创下了销售额纪录。The Singles’ Day holiday, when unattached adults buy gifts for themselves, was created by students in 1993, but Alibaba has turned it into a festival of conspicuous consumption that has surpassed world shopping records. “The Chinese economy was traditionally based on exports,” Mr Tsai said. “Now we’re witnessing the shift of the economy from [one] driven by [the] state sector to one focused on the consumer.”光棍节是单身成年人为自己购买礼物的节日,原本由学生群体在1993年创建,但阿里巴巴已将它转变成一个炫耀性消费节日,创下了购物的世界纪录。蔡崇信说:“中国经济传统以出口为基础。现在我们正见着这个经济体从国有部门带动转型为专注于消费者的经济。”But he acknowledged Alibaba’s moves into state-dominated industries have not been as smooth as it hoped. He admitted the group’s plans for rolling into financial services, such as online money market fund Yu’e Bao, had been dealt “a setback” by the Central Bank’s decision to block plans for a virtual credit card last spring. Internet competition would have hurt Union Pay, the state credit card monopoly.但他承认阿里巴巴进入国家主导行业并没有它希望的那么顺利。他承认由于中国央行今年春天否决虚拟信用卡计划,该集团推进金融务(如在线货币市场基金余额宝)的计划已“受挫”。互联网竞争会损害国家信用卡垄断体系银联(UnionPay)的利益。“The central bank obviously said, ‘Let’s slow things down a bit. Let’s understand what these innovations are really about and let’s bring reform rather than disruption’,” said Mr Tsai.蔡崇信说:“央行显然是说,‘让我们慢一点。让我们了解下这些创新的实质,我们要的是改革而不是破坏。’”Plans to list Alipay, Alibaba’s PayPal-like payments service, he added, would focus on an IPO in China due to government regulations limiting foreign ownership in banking.他又说道,阿里巴巴旗下类似贝宝(PayPal)的付务付宝(Alipay)的上市计划将专注于在中国IPO,因为政府规定限制外资持股。 /201411/342242

Seventeen-year-old Nick D#39;Aloisio is taking some time off from school in London, where he lives with his parents. He will let mom and dad manage his money.17岁的达洛西奥(Nick D#39;Aloisio)与父母在伦敦一起生活,这段时间他请了假,没去上学。他会让父母管理自己的钱。Those are the decisions of a newly minted teenage millionaire.这些都是一位刚刚晋身千万富豪的少年所做的决定。Mr. D#39;Aloisio has sold the free newser app he began developing at age 15 to Yahoo Inc., which announced on Monday it bought Summly without disclosing a price. A person familiar with the situation said Yahoo paid tens of millions of dollars for the company.达洛西奥把自己15岁时开始开发的免费新闻阅读软件卖给了雅虎公司(Yahoo Inc.)。雅虎周一公布了买下Summly的消息,不过没有披露交易价格。知情人士说,雅虎为收购这个公司付了数千万美元。Not bad for a team that will bring just two other employees to Yahoo and generates no revenue.对于一个仅会给雅虎增添两名员工而且还没有收入的团队来说,这是个不错的价码。Plenty of teenage entrepreneurs have built companies that later have success, but very few strike it rich so quickly.青少年时期创立公司、后来公司获得成功的人有很多,但很少有人会如此迅速地致富。Yahoo was attracted to Summly#39;s core technology for automatically summarizing news articles. The technology, which included an algorithm for deriving the summaries, was created with help from SRI International, a Silicon Valley research-and development firm that has an artificial-intelligence lab and has an ownership stake in the startup.吸引雅虎的是Summly可自动将新闻稿件浓缩成概要的核心技术。该技术是在硅谷研发机构SRI International的帮助下开发出来的,其中包括一种生成摘要的算法。该研发机构有人工智能实验室,并持有这个初创企业的股权。Behind the app was Mr. D#39;Aloisio, who taught himself how to create computer programs at age 12, and previously created several apps, including Facemood, which analyzed a person#39;s Facebook FB -2.33% account to determine their mood, and a service that helps people discover new music.软件的幕后英雄是达洛西奥,一位从12岁开始自学计算机编程的少年。他以前也开发了几款应用程序,如分析一个人Facebook账户以判断其心情的Facemood,还有一种帮助人们发现新音乐的应用。In 2011, Mr. D#39;Aloisio founded his company, at the time called Trimit. He redesigned the app to automatically boil news articles down to 400-word summaries and re-launched it as Summly in late 2012 with help from SRI.2011年,达洛西奥创建了自己的公司,当时叫作Trimit。在SRI的帮助下,他重新设计了那款软件,使之能自动将新闻浓缩为400字的摘要,并在2012年底将其命名为Summly再次推出。To help with the launch, Mr. D#39;Aloisio raised funding from Zynga Inc. ZNGA -0.29% CEO Mark Pincus and the investment firm owned by Hong Kong business mogul Li Ka-shing, who Mr. D#39;Aloisio said #39;contacted me out of the blue#39; after Trimit began to receive accolades.为协助这次软件发布,达洛西奥从在线游戏开发商Zynga Inc.首席执行长平克斯(Mark Pincus)以及香港商业巨头李嘉诚(Li Ka-shing)持有的某投资公司那里募集到了资金。达洛西奥说,Trimit受到好评后,李嘉诚突然联系了我。That opened the door to other high-profile investors, who collectively gave him a total of .5 million in funding, including actors Ashton Kutcher and Stephen Fry. Besides its effectiveness in summarizing content, Summly has drawn attention for its slick design. The colorful app#39;s features different types of news content that are refreshed by swiping them to the side.此举引来了其它知名投资者,其中包括演员艾什顿?库彻(Ashton Kutcher)和斯蒂芬?弗雷(Stephen Fry)。他们投给达洛西奥提供的资金总额为150万美元。除在总结内容方面具有很高的效率外,Summly的巧妙设计也吸引了人们的注意。这款色鲜艳的软件菜单上有各种不同类型的新闻内容,向侧面划动即可刷新。Mr. D#39;Aloisio became a minor tech celebrity, and his efforts garnered numerous print-media articles and TV appearances.达洛西奥成了年少有为的科技界明星,他也成为了众多纸媒文章报道的对象并在电视上露面。#39;It#39;s been an amazing journey,#39; he said of the past few months. #39;I didn#39;t expect this to happen after launching [Summly] in November.#39;他说:过去几个月是一段美妙的旅程,去年11月推出Summly后,我没想到会有这样的事。Mr. D#39;Aloisio, who lives with his parents and younger brother near the southwest London suburb of Wimbledon, said he will stay at home for the time being and remain on a kind of sabbatical from King#39;s College School while continuing to take some #39;exams outside of school#39; in order to prepare for eventual university enrollment. He said he is planning to study humanities rather than computer science.达洛西奥现在与父母和弟弟生活在伦敦西南郊区温布尔登(Wimbledon)附近。他说,自己还会在家住一段时间,会继续从学校King#39;s College School告假,同时为准备最后的大学入学参加一些校外考试。他说,自己打算读人文专业,而不是计算机科学。Mr. D#39;Aloisio said his parents are Australian and that he spent ages one to seven there before returning to the U.K., where his father works as an analyst for a commodities division of Morgan Stanley MS -0.95% . His mother is a lawyer.达洛西奥说,他的父母是澳大利亚人,他七岁以前一直生活在澳大利亚,后来才回到英国。他的父亲在英国是根士丹利( Morgan Stanley)大宗商品部门的一名分析师。母亲是律师。He said he doesn#39;t have any special plans for the funds he will earn from the acquisition other than to work with his parents to manage it.他说,对于从这笔收购中获得的收入,他将和父母共同管理,没有什么特别的计划。He also said it would be #39;reasonable#39; to spend a few years at Yahoo but added that #39;I have no limits on time. I want to go in with open eyes and try to innovate.#39;他还说,在雅虎待上几年是理所当然的,但是他补充说,我对自己没有时间限制。我想要在那里观察学习和努力创新。Last fall, when Mr. D#39;Aloisio was seeking financing, he said #39;a number of companies approached us#39; about a possible acquisition. Mr. D#39;Aloisio was attracted to Yahoo because of its #39;scale#39; and Chief Executive Marissa Mayer#39;s #39;real focus to beautify content when you#39;re on a mobile device.#39;达洛西奥说,去年秋天寻找融资时,多家公司主动与我们接触,洽谈收购交易的可能性。达洛西奥之所以被雅虎所吸引,是因为雅虎的规模,而且首席执行长梅耶尔(Marissa Mayer)真正地专注于美化移动设备上的内容。The deal is at least the sixth startup acquisition since Ms. Mayer became Yahoo#39;s CEO last year. Yahoo said it is shutting down the Summly app, which was downloaded less than one million times, and incorporating its technology into other Yahoo services.这笔交易是梅耶尔去年担任雅虎CEO以来的第六宗收购初创公司的交易。雅虎说,该公司将关闭Summly应用程序,并把该技术整合于雅虎的其他务。这款应用程序的下载次数不到100万次。Adam Cahan, a Yahoo senior vice president, said in an interview on Monday that Mr. D#39;Aloisio was an #39;exceptional#39; talent and that Yahoo did #39;extensive#39; testing of Summly#39;s algorithm, or mathematical formula, for condensing news articles.雅虎的高级副总裁卡恩(Adam Cahan)周一在接受采访时说,达洛西奥是一个杰出的人才,雅虎对Summly压缩新闻报道的算法进行了大量测试。Mr. D#39;Aloisio has met with a number of Valley luminaries, including Apple#39;s senior vice president of industrial design Jonathan Ive, according to people familiar with the conservations.熟悉这些谈话的人士说,达洛西奥已经与不少硅谷名人见了面,包括苹果负责工业设计的高级副总裁伊夫(Jonathan Ive)。Other investors in Summly, Mr. D#39;Aloisio said, include Wendi Murdoch, wife of Rupert Murdoch, the chief executive and chairman of Wall Street Journal owner News Corp., NWSA +0.33% which signed a deal with the startup so that its content could easily be integrated with the app.达洛西奥说,Summly的投资者还包括默多克(Rupert Murdoch)的妻子邓文迪(Wendi Murdoch)。默多克是《华尔街日报》的母公司新闻集团(News Corp.)的首席执行长和董事长。新闻集团已经与这家初创公司签订了协议,以使该公司的内容能够轻易地整合进这款应用程序。Ms. Mayer has said the company is looking to create services for mobile devices that fit into people#39;s #39;daily habits.#39; She said she is focused on increasing the amount of time people spend on Yahoo, which in time will lead to greater revenue.梅耶尔说,公司正打算推出能够融入人们日常生活的移动设备的务。她说,她正在专注于增加人们在Yahoo上所花费的时间,进而制造更多营收。The company also is in talks to buy a controlling stake in France Télécom SA#39;s FTE.FR -1.88% online- site Dailymotion, which is valued at around 0 million, according to people familiar with the talks. If the deal materializes, it would be Ms. Mayer#39;s first major acquisition since taking over the Internet pioneer last year.雅虎还在就购买法国电信(France Télécom)旗下在线视频网站Dailymotion的控股权进行谈判。熟悉谈判的人士说,Dailymotion的估值大约在3亿美元左右。如果交易达成,这将是梅耶尔接掌这家互联网先锋公司后实施的第一笔大规模收购交易。Yahoo, which generates the bulk of its billion in annual revenue from selling ad space on its websites and apps, also has been examining numerous advertising-technology firms that it could snap up, people familiar with the matter have said.知情人士说,雅虎50亿美元的年度营收中,大部分来自网站和应用程序上广告空间的销售,雅虎正在对大量广告技术公司进行研究,以寻找收购目标。The move by Yahoo into news-ing technology for mobile devices comes less than a year after the company shut down its Livestand app, which it created in 2011 to compete with companies such as Flipboard Inc. and Alphonso Labs Inc., the maker of the Pulse app.此前不到一年,雅虎关闭了应用程序Livestand,该公司2011年打造了Livestand,目的是与Flipboard Inc.和Alphonso Labs Inc.竞争。Alphonso Labs Inc.开发了应用程序Pulse。#39;There is a consumer behavior around ing and finding information and articles on mobile devices, and lots of people have innovated in this space,#39; Mr. Cahan said.卡恩说,在移动设备上阅读以及寻找信息和文章会产生一种消费者行为。许多人已经在该领域进行创新。 /201303/232417Facebook’s value briefly passed the 0 billion mark on Monday, placing the social media giant in a rarefied club. By Tuesday’s close, however, it shares fell slightly, and the company’s market capitalization dipped just below the threshold.本周一,社交媒体巨头Facebook的市值一度越过2000亿美元,跻身高端科技企业行列。但截至周二收盘,该公司股价小幅下跌,总市值稍低于该俱乐部的入门标准。Still, Facebook reached the 0 billion mark in just two years since its initial public offering, faster than Google, Microsoft and Apple, according to Money.It’s also surpassed the value of legacy tech companies like IBM, Intel and Oracle.尽管如此,据Money报道,Facebook公司自IPO(即首次公开发行股票)以来,仅用两年时间就越过了2000亿美元门槛,速度快于谷歌、微软和苹果,公司的价值也超过了IBM、英特尔和甲骨文等传统高科技企业。Facebook is now No. 18 on the list of U.S. companies by value. For tech companies, it’s No. 5.就市值而言,Facebook公司目前在美国企业中排名第18位,在高科技企业中排名第5位。But interesting to note: Facebook was also worth much more at the time of its initial public offering than some of its rivals, notes Money. For example, Facebook was valued at 0 million just after its IPO in 2012, while Microsoft was below billion for its IPO in 1986.但Money指出,值得注意的是,Facebook公司在启动IPO之时,估值也远远超过了竞争对手。例如,Facebook在2012年上市后估值达到1000亿美元,而微软在1986年的IPO估值还不到10亿美元。Apple tops the charts with a market cap of 7 billion. But it took a while to get there. It first passed 0 billion on March 2010, according to MacRumors, nearly 30 years after its IPO – and around the time it introduced the iPad.苹果公司名列榜首,市值为5870亿美元,但他们历时多年才达到这一水平。据MacRumors报道,2010年3月苹果市值首次超过2000亿美元,此时距离该公司IPO已近30年,同时也恰逢iPad面世之际。Trailing behind Apple among U.S. tech companies is Google (it’s actually third overall behind ExxonMobil). Google, which took nearly seven years to hit the 0 billion mark after going public in 2004, has a market cap of about 6 billion.紧随苹果之后的美国科技公司是谷歌(实际上,谷歌的整体排名为第三,前一位是埃克森美孚公司)。自2004年上市以来,谷歌用了近七年时间才达到2000亿美元,现在其市值约为4060亿美元。The next tech company to go well beyond the 0 billion mark? Microsoft, which did so in 1998, a little under 11 years after its IPO, according to CNN.下一家市值超过2000亿美元的科技巨头是哪家公司呢?根据CNN的报道,微软在1998年达到2000亿美元市值,距其上市近11年时间。Only two more tech companies rank above Facebook on the list: China Mobile at 3 billion and Verizon at 5 billion, which rank at the No. 9 and No. 17 spots. Facebook rounds out the list at No. 18 currently.另外还有两家高科技企业排在Facebook之前:市值2630亿美元的中国移动和2050亿美元的威瑞森,分别位列第9位和第17位。Facebook目前排在第18位。Here’s a full list of the top 20 tech companies as of September 8 when Facebook first surpassed the 0 billion mark.*截至9月8日Facebook市值首次突破2000亿美元时,排名前20位的科技企业的完整名单如下:*1. Apple1. 苹果Market cap: 9 billion市值:5890亿美元3. Google3. 谷歌Market cap: 6 billion市值:4060亿美元4. Microsoft4. 微软Market cap: 2 billion市值:3820亿美元9. China Mobile9. 中国移动Market cap: 3 billion市值:2630亿美元17. Verizon17. 威瑞森Market cap: 5 billion市值:2050亿美元18. Facebook18. FacebookMarket cap: 2 billion市值:2020亿美元 * Information compiled from Dogs of the Dow which charts companies by market cap.*上述信息根据道指股(Dogs of the Dow)的市值排名而编撰。 /201409/327711

Companies are quickly introducing an array of smart home appliances that let you use your smartphone to open your blinds or turn off your lights, and, yes, tweet from your fridge. (Thank you Samsung.)各公司正在迅速地推出一系列智能家庭设备,可以让你用智能手机打开百叶窗或关灯,或是利用你的电冰箱发微。【感谢三星(Samsung)吧。】At Fortune, we waded through the piles of gadgets and gizmos, comparing user reviews and product descriptions, to list seven of the most useful smart home devices on the market. We skipped over some popular products like locks (you can open and close them with your smartphone) and light bulbs (you can turn them on or off or dim them with your phone), because we couldn’t find anything hitting the sweet spot in combining automation with simplicity. Here’s what did make our wish list.《财富》(Fortune)杂志仔细研究了一堆新产品,对比了用户的和产品描述,列出了7款市面上最好用的智能家居设备。我们略过了一些流行产品,比如锁具(可以用智能手机控制开关)和灯泡(可以用智能手机开关或调节其亮度),因为我们没有在其中看到将自动化和简洁结合于一体的亮点。以下的产品确实是我们很想拥有的。Home Surveillance: Canary (9)家庭监控:Canary(249美元)A consumer survey by research firm IHS found that most desired smarthome device is is something that detects intruders. The second is for a device that detect hazards like fires, water leaks, and carbon monoxide. Start-up Canary kills two birds with one machine by packaging an HD camera, microphone, motion detector, and a temperature and humidity sensor into a sleek cylinder. When the machine, also called Canary, senses something out of the ordinary happening when you’re away from home, you get an alert with footage and options for responding. Canary, also automatically changes its settings when you get home so the motion detector doesn’t go off when you want some late night milk and cookies.研究公司IHS进行的一项消费者调查发现,人们最想要的智能家居设备需要能够发现家中的入侵者。排名第二的是一些能够发现着火、漏水和一氧化碳的设备。初创公司Canary推出的这款产品同时满足了这两个要求,可谓一箭双雕。其光滑的圆柱体中配有高清摄影机、麦克风、运动检测器,以及温度与湿度感应器。这款设备也叫做Canary,它能够在你离家时察觉异常状况。随后你会收到附带录像片段的警报,还可以选择处理方式。当你到家时,Canary也会自动改变设置,以免在你晚上想来点牛奶和饼干时,被运动检测器发现并示警。Temperature Control: Nest Thermostat (9)/Honeywell Wifi Smart Thermostat (9)温度控制:Nest恒温器(249美元)/霍尼韦尔无线智能恒温器(249美元)Both of these thermostats let you control your home#39;s temperature from anywhere in the world using your smartphone. Furthermore, these two products automatically learn your temperature preferences based on your behavior and adjust your thermostat accordingly. We’re not going to take sides on the Honeywell vs. Google Nest debate. Nest fanatics rave about the ease of installation and minimalistic design, while Honeywell fans like the more nuanced control of Honeywell#39;s Smart Thermostat. Honeywell just introduced a new product, the Lyric (9), which piggybacks off of Nest’s design, with the additional ability use your smartphone’s location to adjust the temperature as you come and go in real-time. However, users are saying it’s still riddled with bugs and to stick to the more useable (but clunkier) Honeywell Smart Thermostat.这两款恒温器都可以让你用智能手机控制家里的温度,无论你在世界的哪个角落。此外,这两款产品还会根据你的行为,自动获悉你的温度偏好,并相应地调整温度。在有关霍尼韦尔(Honeywell)或谷歌Nest(Google Nest)的论战中,我们不会有所偏袒。Nest的拥趸沉醉于其便捷的安装过程和简约的设计,霍尼韦尔的粉丝则喜欢该公司产品更为细致的控制功能。霍尼韦尔最近还推出了一款新产品Lyric(279美元),它模仿了Nest的设计,能够利用你手机的定位功能,在你离家和回家时即刻调节温度。然而,用户表示它仍然存在许多漏洞,还是愿意继续使用更实用(也更笨重)的老款霍尼韦尔智能恒温器。 Hazard Detection: Nest Protect ()危害检测:Nest Protect(99美元)Nest Protect is a home fire alarm that will tell you if there’s smoke or CO in your house and where it’s coming from. You can get phone alerts whenever it goes off or when the battery needs to be changed. Better yet, the phone app lets you create an emergency plan ahead of time (because, be honest now, who among us has gotten around to creating an emergency plan?). In the event of an emergency the app will send you a customized list of useful tips. And for those who care about design, it has the sweet minimalism that’s characteristic of all of Nest#39;s products.Nest Protect是一款家用火灾报警器,如果房间里有烟雾或一氧化碳,它会报警并告知它们的源头。一旦出现这类异常状况,或是设备的电池需要更换,你的智能手机都会发出提醒。更妙的是,手机应用还可以让你预先设定紧急措施。(因为,老实说,我们当中有谁能够在紧急情况下当机立断?)出现紧急状况后,该应用会给你发一份定制的实用指南清单。Protect也拥有所有Nest产品所共有的极简风格,可以满足那些注重设计的顾客的需求。Sprinkler System: RainMachine (9)洒水系统:RainMachine(249美元)This little guy is cuter than the surveillance robot EVE from the Pixar film Wall-E, but it detects water leaks and mold instead of vegetation. SNUPI Technologies’ Wally comes with sensors that you can place anywhere around your house to monitor temperature, moisture and humidity. The sensors send you an alert when they detect leaks. If they find anything outside of an acceptable range they also send you an alert so you can fix the problem before it causes major damage like frozen pipes or mold beneath the drywall.这个小东西比皮克斯动画工作室(Pixar)的电影《机器人总动员》(Wall-E)中的监控机器人EVE更加可爱,但它监控的不是植物,而是漏水和发霉现象。SNUPI Technologies的Wally配备了很多感应器,你可以把它们放在房子周围的任何地方,用来监控温度、水分和湿度。感应器一旦发现漏水情况,就会对你发出警报。如果它们发现外界有任何情况超出了合理范围,也会向你报警,这样你就能在水管结冰或干板墙发霉前防患于未然。Temperature Control: Aros Smart Window Air Conditioner (9)温度控制:Aros智能窗式空调(279美元)For people who want smart cooling without central air, or who just want to switch over to cooling a single room to cut down on energy costs, the Aros window unit by Quirky and GE covers all your bases. Really! Not only does it track your routine and learn when you want to get your cool on, it also tracks your usage and suggests how to adjust the settings so you can save money. It can also automatically turn itself off when you leave and turn back on as you near home - based on your phone#39;s GPS - so it’s the perfect temperature when you walk in the door.对于那些没有中央空调却想要智能制冷,或是只想让一个房间变得凉快以节省能耗的人来说,由Quirky和通用电气公司(GE)联手开发的Aros窗式空调能满足他们的所有需求。真的。它不仅可以追踪你的生活习惯,了解到你想什么时候开始制冷,还能追踪你的使用习惯,给出调整设置的建议来帮你省钱。它还可以利用手机的全球定位系统,在你离家或回家时自动关机或开机,这样当你进门时,家里就能有让你满意的温度。Cooking: Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker (9.99)烹饪:Crock-Pot智能慢炖锅(129.99美元)This slow cooker brought to you by The Crock-Pot and Belkin WeMo barely needs you. Just put the food in, set the temperature, and then monitor the cooking from anywhere in the world with your phone. You can change the crock pot#39;s settings remotely— to turn the heat up or add more cooking time. No matter where you are and when you get home, you can make sure dinner will be warm and waiting for you. It doesn’t let you tweet or check Google calendar like Samsung’s infamous smart fridge, but then who has the time for all that, when dinner is waiting?The Crock-Pot公司推出的这款慢炖锅,搭载了贝尔金公司(Belkin)的WeMo无线开关系统,几乎不需要你进行控制。你只需要把食物放进去,设定烹饪温度,就可以利用你的手机在全球任何地方监控烹饪过程了。你可以远程改变慢炖锅的设定,比如提高温度或者增加烹饪时间。无论你在哪里,何时回家,都可以保热气腾腾的晚餐在等着你。它不能像三星智能冰箱一样让你发微或查看谷歌日历,但当晚餐正在等待你大快朵颐的时候,谁会有空做这些事呢? /201410/337920

Always have a reliable backup. You never know when disaster will strike. But mark my words: Every hard drive fails eventually, and if you don’t have a good backup of your personal data (pictures, music, documents) then when your drive does fail, all that data will be gone forever. I recommend a dual backup. Use an external hard drive and a simple backup program so you have easy access to your stuff if you need it, but also spend a little money on a cloud backup solution like Mozy or Carbonite. That way, if your computer is ever stolen or it bursts into flames, you have a reliable copy of your data stored online.总是有一个可靠的备份。你永远不知道灾难什么时候会发生。但是记住我的话:每个硬盘最终都会失效,如果你的个人数据(图片、音乐、文件)没有一个好的备份,那么当你的驱动器失效时,所有数据将永远消失。我推荐双重备份。使用一个外置硬盘和一个简单的备份程序,以便你在需要时轻松地访问你的东西,但也花一点钱在像Mozy 或Carbonite那样的云备份解决方案上。这样,一旦你的电脑被盗或起火,你在线存储的数据就有一个可靠的复制。Keep a recovery checklist. If you ever have to “rebuild” a computer – reinstall programs, set up email, reconnect to your printer, and so on – I’m sorry. It’s no fun. But it’s even less fun not knowing what to do, or having to aimlessly browse the Internet looking for instructions. Here’s what to do instead: Take the time right now to write down all the steps you need to get a new PC up and running, including all the special settings. Keep that paper printed out (not just stored in your Documents folder) and in a location that you can easily get to when you need it.记录一份恢复清单。如果你曾经“重建”过电脑,重新安装程序,设置电子邮件,重新连接打印机等等——我很抱歉。这没有任何乐趣。但不知道做什么更无趣,或者不得不漫无目的地浏览互联网寻找指令。这是要做的事情:现在花时间写下你需要重启并运行电脑的所有步骤,包括所有特殊设置。把那张纸打印出来(不仅仅是储存在你的文件夹里)放在一个你需要时很容易找到的位置。Only change one thing at a time. Need to upgrade, fix, or replace a few things? Make changes to your PC or network one at a time. Adding new memory to your computer? Install it, make sure everything still works for a day or two, and then replace the card. If you change two or more things at once, it can be really hard to know how to troubleshoot the system when things go awry.一次只改变一件事情。需要升级、修理或更换一些东西吗?让你的电脑或网络每次只改变一件东西。要添加新的内存到你的电脑吗?安装吧,确保一切仍能正常运行一两天,然后更换显卡。如果你一次改变两个或两个以上的东西,当事情出错时很难知道如何解决系统故障。The simplest solution is usually the best solution. One of the problems with my home network was that it was needlessly complicated. My wireless extender made my entire network more fragile and convoluted. I tried troubleshooting for a spell, but in the end I did what I should have done to begin with: I replaced the router with a new, high quality model. Miraculously, the new router had the range to reach all around my house and solved all my glitchy network problems without the need for an extender.最简单的解决方案通常是最好的解决方案。我家庭网络的其中一个问题并没有那么复杂。无线扩展器使我的整个网络更加脆弱和复杂。我试着修复一段时间,但最后做了我一开始就应该做的事情:用一个新的高质量的路由器替换了原来的。奇迹般地,新的路由器覆盖了我房子的所有范围,在不需要扩展器的情况下我解决了所有缓慢的网络问题。Have a cookie. Having computer trouble? It can get really frustrating, really fast. Remember to occasionally walk away – take a break, have a cookie, and decompress. Then take a fresh look at the problem a bit later, knowing there are more cookies what last one came from.吃块饼干。遇到电脑麻烦?这真的会很快变得很沮丧。记得偶尔走开——休息一下,吃一块饼干,减一下压。然后稍晚会儿用新的眼光看待这个问题,清楚还有最后一个灵感到来的更多饼干。 /201303/229133Scrambling to keep pace with its U.S. and Asian rivals, Finnish phone maker Nokia Corp. NOK1V.HE -5.17% on Tuesday launched another addition to its Lumia Windows phone lineup, emphasizing high-end camera features, wireless charging and use of lightweight components.为努力追赶美国和亚洲竞争者的步伐,芬兰手机生产商诺基亚公司(Nokia Corp.)周二发布了搭载Windows操作系统的Lumia系列手机的又一成员,主打高品质拍照功能和无线充电,机身重量也更轻。While not considered a revolutionary product for Nokia, the Lumia 925 could help maintain momentum that Nokia has worked to create with the launch of a series of phones in recent weeks. By introducing a phone that incorporates aluminum in its construction and new photo apps into its operating system, the company is betting it can grab the attention of smartphone buyers who have a broader selection of mobile devices to choose from than ever before.虽然Lumia 925没有被认为是诺基亚的革命性产品,但它可能在一定程度上维持诺基亚这几周通过发布一系列手机所触发的良好势头。这款手机采用铝制机身,操作系统中加入了新的图像处理软件。诺基亚通过该手机的发布押注自己能获得智能手机买家的注意。买家现在可选择的移动产品比以往任何时候都更多。Nokia first launched its Lumia lineup in late 2011, as an attempt by Chief Executive Stephen Elop to spruce up the company#39;s line of smartphones as it was losing market share to the likes of Apple Inc. AAPL -2.39% and Samsung Electronics Co. 005930.SE +1.56% Ltd. Now, more than a dozen different Lumia models are sold around the world.2011年末,诺基亚首次发布Lumia系列产品。这是在诺基亚的市场份额被苹果(Apple Inc.)和三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)等夺去后,诺基亚首席执行长埃洛普(Stephen Elop)塑造其智能手机阵容的一次尝试。目前,全球范围内有十几款不同的Lumia手机在售。Lumia sales rose significantly on a quarterly basis during the first three months of 2013, helping offset a dramatic decline in the sales of Nokia#39;s basic mobile phones. But Nokia#39;s rivals are still way ahead in terms of sales. About 5.1 million Lumias were sold in the first quarter, compared with Samsung#39;s 64.7 million smartphone sales and Apple#39;s 38.3 million iPhone deliveries, according to data released by research firm Gartner Inc. IT +1.40% on Tuesday.2013年前三个月,Lumia销量较去年第四季度明显增加,这在一定程度上抵消了诺基亚基本款手机销量大幅下降的影响。但诺基亚的竞争对手在销量方面仍遥遥领先。研究公司Gartner Inc.周二发布的数据显示,今年第一季度诺基亚售出了约510万部Lumia,三星电子售出了6,470万部智能手机,苹果iPhone的出货量为3,830万部。Tuesday#39;s Lumia 925 launch, staged in London after months of speculation about Nokia#39;s plans, comes as the company continues to fall behind Samsung in global mobile device sales. In the first quarter of 2013, once-dominant Nokia held 14.8% of the market, far behind Samsung#39;s 23.6%, Gartner said.诺基亚周二在伦敦举行了Lumia 925发布会,此前外界曾连续数月猜测该公司的手机计划。在全球移动产品销售方面,诺基亚仍落后于三星。据Gartner 统计,2013年第一季度,曾为手机“霸主”的诺基亚占有14.8%的市场份额,远落后于三星的23.6%。The Lumia 925, a traditional smartphone with a 4.5-inch screen, was launched after months of speculation suggesting Nokia would enter the so-called phablet fray with a device that is a hybrid between a tablet and a phone. In terms of technical hardware and screen size, the Lumia 925 is very similar to the Lumia 920 flagship device that started selling in November last year.Lumia 925配有4.5英寸屏幕,属传统智能手机。该手机发布前,外界持续数月的猜测认为,诺基亚将携一种集平板电脑和手机为一体的混合产品进入所谓的“平板手机”领域。在技术硬件和屏幕尺寸方面,Lumia 925与旗舰产品Lumia 920非常相似,后者于去年11月发售。Jo Harlow, Nokia#39;s head of smart devices, said the company will continue evolving its Windows phones in the months to come. #39;Later this summer we will continue to bring innovation and new experience to our Lumia portfolio,#39; Ms. Harlow said, without giving more detail.诺基亚智能手机业务负责人哈洛(Jo Harlow)说,未来几个月公司将继续研发基于Windows系统的手机。她说,今年夏天晚些时候Lumia组合将继续带来创新和新体验。此外她没有透露更多细节。The Lumia 925 will go on sale in Europe and China in June, available through Vodafone Group VOD.LN 0.00% PLC in Europe for 469 (9) and two Chinese operators─China Moblie and China Unicom. It will launch in other markets, including the U.S. via T-Mobile Inc. stores, at a later date.Lumia 925将于今年6月在欧洲和中国发售。该手机的欧洲售价为469欧元(合609美元),其运营商为沃达丰空中通讯公司(Vodafone Group),在中国则由中国移动(China Moblie)和中国联通(China Unicom)销售。晚些时候,这款手机还将在美国等市场开售。美国市场将由运营商T-Mobile Inc.销售。The announcement follows two phone debuts last week─the Asha 501 for emerging markets and the Lumia 928 for U.S. consumers.Lumia 925问世前,诺基亚在上周刚刚发布了两款手机,分别是面向新兴市场的Asha 501和面向美国消费者的Lumia 928。Ms. Harlow, one of Mr. Elop#39;s top lieutenants, spent much of Tuesday#39;s news briefing discussing the Lumia 925#39;s abilities as a camera and photo publisher. A sixth lens, for instance, will assist photography in lowlight situations and a #39;Smart Camera#39; feature captures multiple features at once.在周二的新闻发布会上,身为埃洛普高级助理的哈洛主要都在介绍Lumia 925的拍照和图片发布功能。例如,该手机配备的第六个光学镜片可在光线较暗的环境下协助成像,而Smart Camera功能则能在极短时间内连拍多张照片。At one point, a Nokia executive joined Ms. Harlow on stage and said, #39;We push camera technology like crazy.#39;在发布会现场,诺基亚某高管有段时间与哈洛同时站在台上,并说诺基亚在疯狂推动拍照技术。Ms. Harlow also introduced a new photo app developed exclusively for Nokia#39;s new phone: Oggl. The app, developed by Hipstamatic, allows users put different filters to the images they have taken with their smartphones and upload their images easily to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.哈洛还介绍了一个专为Lumia 925研发的新图片应用程序:Oggl。该程序由Hipstamatic研发,用户可通过这款软件对手机拍摄的照片使用不同的滤镜,然后将图片轻松上传到Facebook、推特(Twitter)和Instagram等社交媒体平台。Stuart Robinson, an analyst at Strategy Analytics, called the new device #39;good,#39; but said it falls short of being #39;a leap forward in the industry.#39; He was disappointed by the new device#39;s 8.7-megapixel image sensor, which is aly available on the Lumia 920 that was launched late last year.Strategy Analytics的分析师鲁宾逊(Stuart Robinson)说,这款新手机不错,但还不是业界的跨越之作。他对Lumia 925配备的870万像素图像传感器感到失望。去年末发布的Lumia 920配备了同样的传感器。Mr. Robinson, however, applauded Nokia#39;s move to use aluminum to take about 25% of the weight out of the device, representing #39;a definite improvement.#39; The Lumia 925 also features a charging cover that attaches to the back of the device and refreshes the battery without the use of a cord.不过对于诺基亚使用铝材从而将整机重量减轻了约25%的做法,鲁宾逊却大加赞赏,说这是一大改进。此外,Lumia 925还有一个充电外壳,可附于机身后部进行无线充电。 /201305/240424

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