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A state of emergency has been declared in California as a massive storm has flooded areas and knocked over trees. 大规模暴风雨来袭,树木被吹断,加利福尼亚宣布进入紧急状态。Thousands of people were without power in Sonoma County, and worries of avalanches closed some ski areas in the Sierra Nevada. 在索诺玛县成千上万的人断电,因担心雪崩,内华达山脉的一些滑雪区关闭。About 1,300 people from 400 homes in a Reno, Nevada neighborhood were evacuated, 来自内华达州里诺400户家庭的约1,300人被疏散。and in San Francisco, some motorists had to be rescued from their cars on flooded roads. 在旧金山,一些驾车者不得不从被洪水淹没的道路上救出他们的汽车。One woman was killed Saturday by a falling tree in San Francisco, 周六,在旧金山一名妇女被倒下的树压死,and commuters in Los Angeles were warned of possible highway flooding and mudslides in hilly areas.来往洛杉矶的乘客被警告山区可能有洪水和泥石流。译文属。201701/487836

This is the final question最后一个问题Can you repeat the following after me你能重复我下面的话And then fill in the blank然后把句子填上The greatest thing about the game of basketball is篮球这一运动最美好的东西是The greatest thing about the game of basketball to me is the passion篮球这一运动最美好的东西是那份The love that I have for it我对它的那份热爱Because when you have love for anything因为当你对任何事情热爱时Youll go to extreme to maintain that love你会做任何事把这份爱延续下去Thats what love does爱会驱使你这样做and love drives you to do everything you need to maintain that connection是热爱驱使了你。为了维持这种热爱,你愿意去做任何努力If I didnt have the love for the game of basketball如果我没有对篮球的热爱All the things are just pan down to you所有我本来得到的东西In my career, wouldve never been achievable for me在我的篮球生涯里,都是不可能实现的But it was truely my love for the game that kept me pushing但真的是我对篮球的那份热爱一直驱使着我To be the best basketball player I can be尽我所能去成为最好的篮球运动员To be the best at anything要想在任何领域做到最好You got to have a certain love for that你必须对它真正热爱To make you overcome all the obstacles thats gonna be thrown in your way让你有勇气去克一切阻止你前进的障碍Jordan, a drive, hang, fires, Scores乔丹,突破,接着出手了,得分Thats what the game of basketball has been for me这就是篮球一直以来对我的意义更多精内容请关注微信公众号:篮球英文堂 新浪微:篮球英文堂201612/483644

Buddha once said: the trouble is, you think you have time.佛祖曾经说过这样一句话:我们最大的麻烦就是,总是认为还有时间可以作想做的事。Lily老师的公众微信账号:贵旅特(shanghai_greeters) /201508/395608

虽说动怒不是好的解决问题的方法,据说还很伤自己的身体,但总有一些时候,一些人或事会超出我们所能忍受的极限,不得不用爆发来宣泄情绪。英语当中有一个习语,bent out of shape, 它本意是指器具因外界原因导致变形,比如:The knives were bent out of shape. 那些刀已经弯曲变形了。Many things get bent out of shape usually by moisture. 很多东西通常因为潮湿而变形。发怒一定不是常态,所以,如果因为一些事情刺激的大发雷霆也算是我们out of shape了。所以,这个短语的引申含义是;怒发冲冠;或;情绪沮丧;。小对话:A: Whatrsquo;s wrong with Father. I just misspelled one word and he let me rewrite the whole page. 我爸怎么了?我就拼写错了一个单词,他让我把整页都重写。B: Oh, Honey, you donrsquo;t have to. Correct the word and go back to your bedroom. You dad had a bad day at work so he came home all bent out of shape. 哦,亲爱的,你不用都重写。把错的改过来然后回你自己房间吧。你爸爸今天大单位工作不顺,回来情绪很不好。更多例句:Its just a shirt! Are you really that bent out of shape over my borrowing a shirt? 只是一件衬衫而已!你真的就因为我去借了一件衬衫而大发雷霆吗?Donrsquo;t get so bent out of shape - calm down and let s think about what we can do. 不要如此烦乱不堪;;安静下来,让我们想想能做点什么。When hes playing golf, my impulsive friend always becomes bent out of shape if he starts to lose. 我那爱冲动的朋友在打高尔夫球时一输球就发火。Mother is bent out of shape because we came home so late last night. 因为我们昨天回去那幺晚,所以母亲大发雷霆。Im generally getting less bent out of shape when my wife and the kids spend money on things I consider a waste. 当我妻子和孩子们把钱花在我觉得不值的东西上时,我一般不会像以前那么动肝火了。能不动肝火还是少动为好。好了,本期内容我们就先听到这里吧。 /201203/175467

实用英语情景对话——Is there any place in the hotel where we can amuse ourselves? 旅馆里有场所吗?——If you want to take a walk, you can go to the garden. 如果您想散步,可以去花园。——There is a recreation center on the ground floor. 在一楼有个娱*乐中心。——You can play billiards, table tennis, bridge, and go bowling. 您可以去打打台球、乒乓球、桥牌和保龄球。单词记忆-amuse美 vt. 娱*乐;消*遣;使发笑;使愉快[ 过去式 amused 过去分词 amused 现在分词 amusing ]-recreation美 n. 娱*乐;消遣;休养-billiards美 n. 台球,桌球;-bridge美 n. 桥;桥牌;桥接器;船桥vt. 架桥;渡过n. (Bridge)人名;(英)布里奇[ 过去式 bridged 过去分词 bridged 现在分词 bridging ]公众微信账号:贵旅特(shanghai_greeters) 公众账号:meisi1949 /201701/487548

Employers moan that skilled workers are scarce, especially in industries like engineering and IT.雇主们抱怨道技术熟练工数量不足,尤其是工程设计与信息技术等行业。Tougher immigration restrictions, likely to be introduced when Britain leaves the EU, will exacerbate skills shortages.当英国脱离欧盟后可能会采取更加严格的移民限制,到时候技术工人缺乏的问题将会加重。The sector has struggled with shoddy qualifications.继续教育行业已经在与假冒伪劣的资质认作斗争。The six in ten 18-year-olds who do not take A-levels, academic school-leaving qualifications, are poorly served by a hotch-potch of some 13,000 courses of varying quality.没有拿到等级A(毕业的学历书)的18岁学生里有十分之六的人得到的是某些质量参差不齐的一万三千门课程里大杂烩,并没有得到很好的教学务。In 2015 the government commissioned Lord Sainsbury, a Labour peer, to examine the state of technical education in England.2015年英国政府委任Sainsbury勋爵视察英格兰的技术教育现状。His report, published last year, despaired that a wannabe plumber had to choose between 33 qualifications, offered at three different levels, by five awarding organisations.在他去年发布的报告中,绝望地称一个合格的水管工必须从来自五家授予机构的三个不同等级的三十三个职业书中做出选择。Many of the courses are too basic to be much use.其中许多课程太过于基础以至于没多大用处。Mr Hammond now aims to clear up this muddle.Hammond现在目的是清理这些混乱的局面。Following Lord Sainsburys recommendations, the government will introduce 15 subject areas, grouping together topics such as social care or transport and logistics.英国政府采纳了Sainsbury勋爵的建议,将引入十五个学科领域,将例如社会护理或运输物流等主题组合在一起。Students will work towards “T-levels” (for “technical” ) , developed with firms.学生们将由企业培养,朝向“T等级”工作(T表示“技术”)。Organisations will compete for the right to award the qualification.各个机构将通过竞争来获得授予资质的权力。The extra funding will provide more work placements.额外的资金将提供更多的工作实习。And those who go on to take degree-equivalent qualifications will have access to loans to cover the cost of living.并且那些继续获取同等学历将能获得贷款来应付生活成本。Some would rather the reforms offered a broader education to those going down a vocational path, with more of a focus on ensuring competency in maths and English.一些人宁愿改革为那些在求职之路上失败的人提供更多的教育机会,更多关注数学和英语能力的培养。But most agree that the first task is simply to resuscitate the sector.但是,大多数人认为,首要任务就是要去复兴继续教育这个领域。译文来源考研英语时事阅读201706/512537

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