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杭州第六医院网上预约咨询下城区妇幼保健院地址April Fool's Day 愚人节 -- :31: 来源: April Fool's Day 愚人节  April 1 every year is April Fool's Day. It is the happiest day the people in western countries. On April 1, you can tell a lie, make a joke to others, or cheat them, but they will not be angry with you.  If it were April 1 today, you could tell your good friends, "I hear there is an important exam tomorrow. Don't tell others about it". And the people who believe you are called April Fools.  This custom started in France during the th century. It sp to England in the 18th century, and then to the ed States.  每年月1日是愚人节,它是西方国家人们最开心的日子在月1日,你可以跟别人说谎、开玩笑,或者骗他们,而他们并不与你生气  假如今天是月1日,你可以告诉你的好朋友:“我听说明天有一次重要的考试可别告诉别人!”而相信你的花的人被称为愚人  这个风俗是在世纪在法国开始的,在18世纪传到英国,后来又传到美国海宁市人民医院做彩超多少钱 寒假英语日记作文 寒假一天 -- :: 来源: Things Happened in Spring Festival Today, I went shopping with my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. It was a rare occasion because we hardly only get together few times in a year as a big family. On the way to the shopping mall, we watched the lion dance. Overall, we had an ungettable day.湖边小屋精对白:Kate给Alex的第一封信 -- :: 来源:kekenet 本文是经典爱情电影对白系列The Lake House(湖边小屋,又叫“触不到的恋人”)的第三段对白 一个清冷的早晨,Kate离开伊利诺伊州美丽的湖边小屋,去繁忙的芝加哥医院工作其实她不愿离开这个宽敞明亮、甚至还能在房中看到湖景的地方Kate离开时在门外的信箱里留下了一封信,希望小屋的下一个住客能转交她的信件,还顺便解释说前门擦不掉的爪印早在自己搬进的时候就已存在,希望不要介意……Kate:Dear new tenant, welcome to your new home. As the previous tenant, let me say, I hope you'll like living here as much as I did. I filed the change of address with the post office but, you know what a crapshoot that can be. So if anything slips through, would you do me a favor and ward my mail? I'd appreciate it. My new address is below. Thanks in advance. P.S.:Alex:Sorry about the paw prints by the front door. They were there when l moved in. Same with the box in the attic. Paw prints? What the hell is she talking a bout? Kate:Hey, baby girl. Hi. Hi. Hey. Fix the light. Get dog food, huh? Get human food.注释:1. tenant:n. 房客. crapshoot:有风险的事业这里指Kate担心邮局会出错,仍然把她的信寄到旧的地址3. do me a favor:帮我一个忙. I'd appreciate it.:这句是在美国口语里经常用到的表示“感谢、感激”的话5. in advance:提前,预先6. attic:n. 阁楼,顶楼7. what the hell:(用以加强语气或咒骂)究竟,到底,也是口语里常用的 湖边 对白 小屋 精 第一封信 Kate萧山无痛人流那那个医院较好

萧山哪家男科好我朋友的一家 My Friend's Family -- :5:50 来源: I have a good friend. Her name is Hou Qingqing. She comes from the north of China. But she grows up in Tianjing. She's very beautiful. Her mom is very beautiful too. Her dad is very kind. She likes singing and swimming. Her mom likes listening to music. Her dad likes swimming.我有一个好朋友她的名字叫侯清清她来自中国北方不过她是在天津长大的她非常漂亮她妈妈也很美她爸爸很和蔼她喜欢唱歌和游泳她妈妈喜欢听音乐她爸爸喜欢游泳Sometimes we go shopping. Usually we ride a bike and go to the cinema. This is fun.有时候我们会去购物我们常常骑自行车,看电影这很有趣She doesn't have sisters or brothers, so in the morning we go to school together. I want to be a designer. She wants to be a policewoman.她没有兄弟,所以我们早上是一起去学校的我想成为一名设计师她想成为一名警察萧山人流需多少钱 The Great Wall 长城 --5 :: 来源: The Great Wall 长城  The Great Wall is the longest wall in the world, and it has a history of more than ,000 years. It is one of the seven wonders in the world.  It is over 6,000 kilometres long, 6 to 7 metres high and to 5 metres wide. It is wide enough seven horses to walk side by side. Now the Great Wall has become a place of interest. Visitors from all parts of the world come to visit the Great Wall every day.  长城是世界上最长的墙,它有,000多年的历史它是世界上七大奇观之一  长城有6,000多公里长,高达6-7米,宽-5米,七匹马能并排齐走现在长城已经成为一个名胜,每天都有来自世界各地的游客来参观杭州在哪个医院做人流好

浙江省二院做血常规检查家门口的一颗小草 The Grass in Front of my House -- :: 来源: There is a little grass in front of myhouse. As the ground in front of my house is concrete, the only grass becomesvery outstanding. It is very strong. It grows well exposing to the weather. Thereis nothing objects can protect it. example, last night, there was a strongthunderstorm. Now it is tired but still never gives up from growing up. I thinkI have to learn its spirit. I need to be strong in my life.我家门前有一棵小草因为我家门前的地面是水泥地,所以这唯一的一颗小草就变得很显眼它很坚强风吹日晒,没有任何的保护物,它仍然能长得好好的例如,昨天晚上,有一场很大的雷阵雨现在它现在很累,但是仍然没有放弃生命我觉得我应该要学习它的精神我要在生活中学坚强 日常聊天口语对话篇:()可乐瘾君Coke Addict-- :7:1 Mike:: Let's go get a coke. I gotta have some caffeine.Susan: How many cokes have you had today?Mike: This is my third. I have 3 or cokes everyday. I'm a Coke addict..Susan: You should really try to cut down. Mike: Why? I love it. Okay. I admit it. I'm hooked on caffeine..Susan: It's not just the caffeine, but the amount of sugar that's in soft drinks. All that sugar and caffeine can't be good you.Mike: Oh, I know it. But I just can't stop. I've had this caffeine habit years.Susan: Have you ever tried to cut down?Mike: Actually I have. If I go a day without a coke my body gets shaky and I feel tense.Susan: It sounds like you've got a real problem. But you're not alone. Have you ever gone to a doctor or tried to get help?Mike: I never have. I've thought about it, but just haven't taken the time.Susan: What are you doing after work? I'll take you to a place that can help you.Mike: You sure seem to know a lot about addictive habits.Susan: I do. I used to drink 5 cokes a day myself!Mike: Hey, I appreciate you helping me. I really do.Susan: No problem. That's what friends are .萧山区萧然综合医院专家预约萧山检查妇科病多少钱



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