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A woman who lived in a coma for 42 years, meticulously cared for by her family, died Wednesday in her home in Miami Gardens, Fla., the Miami Herald reported。根据《迈阿密先驱报》的报道,一位昏迷长达42年的女性21日在位于迈阿密花园的家中辞世,终年59岁。在她昏迷的这么多年中,家人一直不离不弃悉心照料。Edwarda O’Bara was a 16-year-old high school student in 1970 when she became sick from her diabetes medication and slipped into a diabetic coma.1970年,当时16岁的爱德华达·欧贝拉还是个高中学生,因为糖尿病接受药物治疗,最后失去知觉陷入了昏迷,医学上称为糖尿病昏迷症。According to the Herald, just before she lost consciousness, Edwarda asked her mother, Kaye O’Bara, to never leave her side, and her family never did。《迈阿密先驱报》报道称,在她失去知觉前对母亲凯伊说的最后一句话,是让母亲不要丢下她。而在她昏迷的42年中,她的家人一直坚守当初的承诺。Edwarda’s father, Joe O’Bara, and Kaye took care of their daughter — ing to her, playing her music, making sure she was turned every two hours, bathed, given insulin and given nourishment through a feeding tube — until their deaths in 1976 and 2008, respectively. After that, Edwarda’s sister Colleen O’Bara took over。爱德华达的父亲乔和母亲凯伊一直悉心照顾女儿,读书给她听,为她弹奏音乐,每隔两小时帮她翻一次身,为她洗澡,为她注射胰岛素,用食管给她喂食,两位老人一直坚持做这些直到两人相继去世:1976年父亲乔因心脏病去世,2008年母亲凯伊去世。母亲去世后,科林恩接棒继续照顾她。Edwarda O’Bara spent more than four decades in a coma, but her family’s unending care for her became a story told across the world。爱德华达昏迷了40多年,而她的家人不离不弃的悉心照料也让她的故事传遍了世界。And visitors from across the world traveled to the Miami Gardens home, every year, sometimes appearing at the doorstep on random days, other times for Edwarda’s yearly birthday party, a boisterous affair with decorations, balloons and cake。每年都会有从世界各地来的人前往迈阿密花园拜访他们。有些人可能随时来,有一些人则会赶在每年爱德华达的生日聚会来。每年的生日聚会人们都会帮忙装饰,气球和蛋糕给家里带来欢乐的气氛。Through it all, Edwarda remained in a coma. But to her family and followers she remained vibrantly alive. Colleen O’Bara described her as “the best sister in the whole wide world。”虽然这些年爱德华达一直处于昏迷状态。但对她的家人和关注她的人来说,她一直都在充满活力的生活着。科林恩描述她是“这个世界上最好的”。“She taught me so much, and I’m talking about now, after she was in the coma,” Colleen O’Bara said. “She taught me so much about unconditional love that I couldn’t say I had it before. She taught me about patience, that I didn’t have before. I learned so much from taking care of my sister. It’s like I grew up overnight。”科林恩这样说道:“她教给了我很多,我指的是特别在她昏迷之后。她教会我要无条件地付出爱,这些我以前真的都没有做到;她教会我以前所没有的耐心。在照顾的这些年里我学到了很多,就算是一夜之间长大了一样。”In an announcement of Edwarda#39;s death posted Thursday on a website dedicated to her, Colleen O#39;Bara wrote: ;Yesterday while taking care of Edwarda I noticed her looking directly at me and gave me the biggest smile I had ever seen. She then closed her eyes and joined my Mom in Heaven.;周四科林恩将爱德华达去世的消息公布在专门为她设立的网站上,她在公告中写到:“昨天在照顾爱德华达的时候,我注意到她直直的看着我然后给了我一个大大的微笑,这是我见过她笑得最开心的一次。然后她闭上眼睛,去天堂和我的母亲相会了。” /201211/210994。

Wealthier motorists are ;too posh to wash; their cars, an AA survey reveals today.今日发布的一份汽车协会调查显示,有钱的驾驶者太优雅了,优雅得连车都懒得洗。They are more willing to drive dirtier vehicles for longer than poorer but prouder owners who prefer to keep their cars clean.他们更愿意长时间地开脏车,而不那么富有却更为其座驾自豪的车主则更喜欢保持车辆清洁。Only one in 17 car owners from professional and managerial backgrounds wash their vehicle once a week, reveals the survey. That compares with one in 12 among lower-income motorists, which includes manual and part-time workers.调查揭示,从事专业和管理岗位的车主当中,每17人中只有1人一星期洗一次车。相比之下,那些收入较低的车主(包括体力劳动者和兼职工作者在内)每12人中就有1人一周洗一次车。Overall, a grubby 3 percent of the 18,080 AA members surveyed admitted to washing their cars just once a year or not at all. Among women drivers, this figure doubled to 6 percent.总体来看,18080位汽车协会会员中有3%的邋遢车主承认他们一年才洗一次车,或从来不洗车。在女性车主中,这个数字翻倍至6%。The survey showed that drivers in Scotland and North-East England have the cleanest cars, with 11 percent of owners washing them every week. This compares to just 4 percent in London and South-West England.该调查显示,苏格兰和英格兰东北部车主的车最干净,11%的车主每周都洗车。而在伦敦和英格兰南部,只有4%的车主每周洗车。But the clean-car gap widens even more among those who clean their car twice a week.不过,洗车差距在每两周洗一次车的人当中更加明显。Some 1 in 6 of lower-income owners wash their vehicle fortnightly, but only around 1 in 8 (11.5% ) of wealthier owners do so.大概每6个低收入车主中有1人每两周洗一次车,但每8个有钱车主中只有1人(约11.5%)每两周洗一次车。The AA report notes: ;Professionals and managers prefer more to wash their cars every couple of months.;汽车协会的报告指出:;专业人士和管理人员更喜欢隔几个月洗一次车。;Some 35.5 percent of professionals and 29.5 percent of managers say this is the regular wash cycle for their cars.约35.5%的专业人士和29.5%的管理者说这是他们洗车的常规周期。Nearly half of all drivers wash their cars every couple of months or every six months.近半数驾驶者们隔几个月或半年才洗一次车。And across the age bands, young drivers are put to shame by older motorists. Only half as many younger drivers washed their car once a fortnight or weekly (22 percent) compared with those aged over 55 (44 percent).而从不同的年龄段上来看,年长车主们让年轻车主们相形见绌。年过55岁的车主有44%的人每两周或者每周洗车一次,但55岁以下的车主只有22%的人这样做。AA president Edmund King said: ;Many drivers do take pride in their cars and their Sunday morning car wash has become a ritual.;汽车协会主席埃德蒙#8226;金说:;很多司机确实很为他们的车骄傲,对于他们而言,周日早晨洗车已经成了一种惯例。;But our study suggests that you don#39;t need a Rolls Royce to show pride in your car.但我们的研究却显示,你并不需要一辆劳斯莱斯来展示你对自家车的骄傲。;The Victorian concept of the ;great unwashed; perhaps needs to be reversed as richer drivers have dirtier motors.;;维多利亚时代‘肮脏的下层人#39;的说法恐怕得改一下,因为有钱的人开的车反而更脏。; /201207/189815。

A number of matchmaking events involving Buddhist monks, who are permitted to marry and have families in Japan, have taken place in the capital.日本首都东京,佛教僧侣们正在参加一系列相亲活动。在日本僧侣是可以结婚组成家庭的。The daughters of temple owners without clear male successors have also been drawn to these events in order to meet potential monk husbands.一些没有明确男性继承人的寺庙主人也让尚未婚配的女儿来参加相亲会,看看能不能遇到合适的僧侣丈夫。Ageing populations and shrinking birthrates combined with the often solitary life of a monk have resulted in growing concerns surrounding the hereditary succession of temples.随着人口老龄化和出生率下降等问题加剧,再加上僧人们一直过着孤独的生活,日本僧侣们开始担心寺庙的继承问题。As a result, one such matchmaking event was recently organised by a consultation office at the headquarters of the Buddhist order Nichiren Shu.这些因素促使日莲宗(日本佛教宗派)的总部咨询办公室在最近组织了这样一场相亲盛事。We would like to give people the opportunity to find a good marriage match,; a spokesman for Nichiren Shu told The Telegraph.日莲宗的发言人告诉《每日电讯》的记者说希望能为僧侣们觅得良缘提供机会。;This is for the second or third male children of temple owners, monks from lay families and temple daughters who need to meet monks to take care of the temple for future generations.;这种相亲会的对象主要是寺庙主人的第二或第三位男性继承人,外来僧侣,以及为了下一代能继承寺庙而需要跟僧人结婚的寺庙主人的女儿们。;Followers who want to marry with monks can also attend.; Their most recent event took place on the 30th floor of a skyscraper in the Odaiba area of Tokyo and involved rows of shaven-haired monks in suits sitting at tables and being formally introduced to suitable young women. ;愿意与僧侣结婚的信徒们也可以参加。; 最近的一次相亲会安排在东京御台场(御台场是东京湾内的巨大人工岛)的一座天大楼的30层举行。一排排剃着光头、穿着西装的僧人们坐在桌旁,由主办方正式介绍给合适的年轻女性。Among the 51 participants was a 27-year-old monk from Kurashiki, Okayama prefecture, who told the Asahi Shimbun: ;It#39;s very hard to find a young women who wants to marry a monk unless we take very proactive approaches in meeting such women.;在此次参加活动的51位僧侣中,有一位来自冈山县仓敷市的27岁的僧人,他告诉《朝日新闻》的记者说:;想要遇到一位愿意跟僧人结婚的女性真的不容易,除非我们非常主动地去跟她们接触。; It was not just the monks who were concerned about the future of the family temples: another guest was a 24-year-old woman from Ichinomiya, Aichi Prefecture, who told the paper: ;My father is a temple mater and I have three elder sisters. I want to find someone who will take over my father#39;s temple.;担心家族寺庙未来命运的不只是这些僧人们。一位来自爱知县一宫市的24岁女性告诉我们:;我父亲是一座寺庙的主人,我有三个。我想找个愿意接管父亲寺庙的丈夫。;Meanwhile, another 37-year-old woman who attended without any temple connections in her family described the practical and financial appeal of potentially partnering a monk.另外还有一位37岁的女性来参加相亲会,她的家族与寺庙并没有什么关联。她向我们描述了与僧侣结婚的现实的经济吸引力:;If you marry a monk who owns a temple, as opposed to marrying a businessman, you do not need to worry about your husband being laid off as a result of his company#39;s restructuring,; she said.;要是跟管理一家寺庙的僧侣结婚,会比嫁给商人好,因为你不需要担心哪天你丈夫会因为公司重组而下岗。;Buddhism, the nation#39;s second major faith after Shinto, has suffered a steep decline in popularity in recent years, with many temples facing financial difficulties as a result.在日本,佛教是仅次于传统民族宗教神道教的第二大宗教。近些年由于佛教受欢迎程度急剧下降,众多寺庙都面临着财政困难。A growing number of innovative projects have been developed by Buddhist temples in Japan in order to revive interest and income;from opening jazz lounges and beauty salons to catwalk shows and hip hop concerts.为吸引人们的兴趣并增加收入,日本佛教寺庙目前开发了很多创新性的项目,主要包括爵士乐休息室、美容沙龙、时装秀和嘻哈音乐会。 /201111/161174。

ArcelorMittal has refused to rule out further plant closures in Europe as the global steel industry enters what some observers fear could be a five-year spell of overcapacity linked to signs of a severe slowdown in demand and consumption in China. 安赛乐米塔尔(ArcelorMittal)拒绝排除进一步关停在欧工厂的可能性。与此同时,全球钢铁行业正陷入某些观察人士担心可能长达五年的产能过剩期。人们可从中国钢铁消费及需求增长显著放缓影响的迹象中认识到这种产能过剩。 The unwillingness by the world#39;s biggest steelmaker to confirm previous pledges that it would keep its main European factories open has sparked speculation that it might be preparing to announce permanent shutdowns of some of its smaller units on the continent. 这家全球最大的钢铁制造商不愿确认其早前有关保持在欧主要工厂运转的承诺,人们因此纷纷猜测该公司或准备宣布永久关闭部分在欧的中小型工厂。 Lakshmi Mittal, chairman, chief executive and main owner of the company, told the Financial Times that the ;sustained collapse in European steel demand has created a severe imbalance with potential supply of the metal; and that the overall problems for the world economy remained ;very concerning;. 安赛乐米塔尔董事长、首席执行官和主要股东拉克希米#8226;米塔尔(Lakshmi Mittal)对英国《金融时报》表示,;欧洲(钢铁)需求持续下滑导致潜在供应与需求之间出现严重失衡;,而且世界经济面临的整体问题仍然;非常令人担忧;。 In answer to questions about whether ArcelorMittal was considering any further closures in Europe to add to the permanent shutdowns of two plant furnaces in Liege, Belgium, a company spokesperson would only say that ;no further plans have been announced;. 在被问及安塞乐米塔尔除永久性关闭两座位于比利时列日的工厂外是否还在考虑进一步关闭在欧工厂时,该公司一位发言人仅表示;目前尚未公布进一步的计划;。 Isabelle Barthes, policy adviser at Industriall, a Brussels-based trade union covering the metals industry, said she was ;concerned; about the possibility of ArcelorMittal making further large cuts in its European plant network. 钢铁行业贸易协会Industriall的政策顾问伊莎贝尔#8226;巴尔泰斯(Isabelle Barthes)表示,她对安塞乐米塔尔进一步大幅关停在欧工厂的可能性感到;忧虑;。Industriall的总部位于布鲁塞尔。 Hermann Reith, an analyst at BHF Bank in Germany, said the whole of the steel industry in the developed world was suffering from ;structural overcapacity; in which plant supply was about 20 per cent higher than likely demand. ;I can#39;t see any potential for improvement for some time,; Mr Reith said. 德国BHF分析师赫尔曼#8226;赖特(Hermann Reith)指出,发达国家的整个钢铁行业存在;结构性产能过剩;问题,工厂产能较潜在需求高出约20%。他表示:;短期内我看不到任何改善的可能。; If ArcelorMittal were to cut its European plant network in any sizeable way, it would signify a partial unravelling of the logic behind the bitterly fought acquisition by Mr Mittal in 2006 of Luxembourg-based Arcelor. The deal to create ArcelorMittal was driven by the Indian billionaire#39;s idea about uniting his Mittal Steel business – which had a big presence in the US and eastern Europe – with Arcelor#39;s high-tech steel making plants in western Europe. 若安塞乐米塔尔大幅关停在欧工厂,则表明拉克希米#8226;米塔尔2006年艰难收购总部位于卢森堡的安赛乐背后的逻辑已部分不复成立。安塞乐米塔尔的成立动机,来自于这位印度亿万富翁欲把安赛乐位于西欧的高科技钢铁产能与自己旗下的米塔尔钢铁业务联合在一起的构想。米塔尔钢铁在美国和东欧拥有大量业务。 The most likely candidates for plant closure would include several fairly small units in France, Germany and Spain – although it could also include facilities in Romania and Poland which he owned prior to the Arcelor acquisition. 最有可能被关停的工厂包括位于法国、德国以及西班牙的几家规模较小的工厂——拉克希米#8226;米塔尔在罗马尼亚和波兰的工厂(他在收购安赛乐之前已拥有这些工厂)也有关停可能。 Europe accounts for about half ArcelorMittal#39;s steel output but only about a sixth of its profits – a fact driven by higher costs in Europe plus the weakness of demand in the continent linked to difficult conditions for many industries that use steel such as construction, cars and white goods. 欧洲占安塞乐米塔尔钢铁产出的约二分之一,但仅占其利润的约六分之一—主要是受欧洲生产成本较高以及市场需求疲软影响。这种需求疲软与欧洲的建筑、汽车及白色家电等多个存在用钢需求的行业处境艰难有关。 This year world steel demand is forecast by Meps, a UK consultancy, to rise by only a weak 3.6 per cent, mainly due to a marked slowdown in the growth in demand for the commodity in China. Over the past three months, steel prices have fallen in most parts of the world, putting steel industry profitability under strain. 英国钢铁咨询公司Meps预计,今年全球钢铁需求将仅微弱增长3.6%,这主要是受中国钢铁需求增长显著放缓影响。过去三个月中,全球绝大部分地区的钢铁价格出现下跌,钢铁行业的盈利能力承受着压力。 /201207/189704。

Film star Jackie Chan joined other celebrities Sunday at a meeting of China#39;s highest-profile advisory body, a move seen by analysts as an attempt by the ruling Communist Party to cultivate ;soft power;.在上周日开幕的政协会议上,人们不仅见到了影星成龙,也见到了其他名流的身影。外媒援引分析人士的话称,执政党中国共产党试图以此培养“软实力”。Nobel literature prizewinner Mo Yan and basketball star Yao Ming also attended the annual meeting of the Chinese People#39;s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), organised by the party.诺贝尔文学奖得主莫言和篮球名将姚明也参加了政协会议。The 58-year-old, famous in the West for the ;Rush Hour; series and ;Police Story;, kept a low profile outside the meeting.58岁的成龙在会场外非常低调。他因《尖峰时刻》系列影片及《警察故事》而为西方观众所熟知。Chan, wearing a black shirt and glasses, said merely that he was ;very happy; before boarding a bus with Mo Yan.成龙身穿一件黑衬衫,戴着眼睛。在和莫言一起登车前,他仅对记者表示自己“很开心”。Professor Sonny Ho, co-director at Hong Kong#39;s Centre for Greater China Studies, has said Chan was selected to attend the CPPCC because it was thought his stardom could help promote ties with Hong Kong.香港教育学院大中华研究中心的教授卢兆兴说,选择成龙参加政协是因为认为他的明星身份有助于促进(内地)与香港的关系。 /201303/228209。

The 24 Solar Terms24节气The 24 solar terms is a gross name of the system that comprises of 12 major solar terms and 12 minor solar terms interlaced with each other.二十四节气是一个统称,其中包括十二个中气和十二个节气,中气和节气相间地排列。Starting from “vernal equinox”,the 12 major solar terms are “vernal equi-nox”,“corn rain”,“corn forms”,“summer solstice”,“great heat”,“end of heat”,“autumnal equinox”,“frost”,“light snow”,“winter solstice”,“severe cold” and “spring showers”. Each major solar term falls on one of the 12 lunarmonths designated by the 12 earthly branches.从春分起十二个中气分别是春分、谷雨、小满、夏至、 大暑、处暑、秋分、霜降、小雪、冬至、大寒和雨水,分属于12个以地排列的月份。The minor solar term after “vernal equinox” is “bright and dear”,and then in turn “summer commences”,“corn on ear”,“ moderate heat”,“autumn commences”,“white dew”,“cold dew”, “winter commences”,“heavy snow”,“ moderate cold ”,“spring commences” and “ insects waken”.春分后的节气是清明,其后的节气依次是立夏、芒种、小暑、立秋、白露、寒露、立冬、 大雪、小寒、立春和惊蛰。From the Earth’s perspective,the Sun moves through a year across the stars or celestial sphere along a path known as the ecliptic, which is measured in 360 degrees longitude.从地球上观测,太阳一年里在恒星间或天球划过的轨道称为黄道,以360度黄经来量度。The 24 solar terms divide the ecliptic into 24 equal segments, with 15 degrees of the Sun’s longitude between the terms.二十四节气正好把黄道分成24等份,即每个节气相差黄经15度。At“vernal equinox”,the Sun’s;s longitude is 0 degree; at “bright and clear”, the Sun’s;s longitude is 15 degrees; and so forth.春分时黄经为0度,清明时黄经为15度,依此类推。At “vernal equinox” and “autumnal equinox”,the periods of daylight and the night are equal in length.春分和秋分昼夜平分。The period of daylight is the longest at “summer solstice” and the shortest at “winter solstice”(northern hemisphere).夏至昼最长(北半球,下同),冬至昼最短。These were the earliest solar terms determined in ancient time.春分、秋分、夏至和冬至是古人最初确立的节气。Then it came the four solar terms “spring commences”,“summer commences”,“autumn commences” and “winter commences”.其后加入的是立春、立夏、立秋和立冬。Other solar terms were named later according to the weather and agricultural activities prevalent at the respective times of the seasons. The “24 solar terms” reflects to some extent the climate over central China in ancient time.至于其他的节气,便以该段季节常见的天气现象或农业活动而命名,这些节气从某种程度上反映了古代中原地区的气候。Each lunar month in the Agricultural Calendar contains a major solar term. A lunar month that does not include a major solar term is taken as the leap month of the preceding month.农历规定每一个月必定要有一个中气,没有中气的月份,便成为前一个月的闰月。In 19 tropical years there will be 228 major solar terms and 235 synodic months. So 7 lunar months will not contain major solar terms and they are classified as leap months.原来19个“回归年”共有228个中气和235个“朔望月”,即有7个月没有中气,这些没有中气的月便正好成为闰月。 /201508/393327。

Shocking or no big deal? A woman breastfeeding her 3-year-old son is the cover photo of this week#39;s Time magazine for a story on ;attachment parenting,; and reactions ranged from applause to cringing to shrugs.感到震惊还是觉得没什么大不了?本周《时代》杂志的封面照片是一位正在给3岁的儿子喂母乳的女性,讲述了有关“亲密育儿法”的故事。封面引发强烈反响,有人击掌叫好,也有人极为反感。The photo showed Jamie Lynne Grumet, 26, a stay-at-home mom in Los Angeles who says her mother breastfed her until she was 6 years old. She told the magazine in an interview that she#39;s given up reasoning with strangers who see her son nursing and threaten ;to call social services on me or that it#39;s child molestation.;封面照上的人物是26岁的杰米-林恩-格鲁梅特,她住在洛杉矶,是一位全职妈妈。她说自己吃母乳吃到六岁。她告诉该杂志,有些陌生人看到她母乳喂养,还威胁“向社会福利机构举报”,说这是“儿童性骚扰”,但她已经懒得做出解释。;People have to realize this is biologically normal,; she said, adding, ;The more people see it, the more it#39;ll become normal in our culture. That#39;s what I#39;m hoping. I want people to see it.;她说:“人们应该认识到,这是生理上的正常现象。这种现象越常见,在我们的文化中就越正常。这正是我所希望的,我希望人们看到它。”Some questioned why the magazine used the photo of Grumet, a slim blonde pretty enough to be a model, to illustrate a story about a style of childrearing that#39;s been around for a generation. The issue includes a profile of the attachment parenting guru, Dr. Bill Sears, who wrote one of the movement#39;s bibles, ;The Baby Book,; 20 years ago.有些人质疑为什么杂志使用格鲁梅特的照片来诠释这种已经持续了一个世代的育儿方式,因为她是个苗条的金发美女,足以成为模特。这期杂志还介绍了“亲密育儿法”的大师比尔-西尔斯士。他在20年前出版了论述这种育儿方式的权威著作《亲密育儿百科》。Mika Brzezisnki, co-host of MSN#39;s weekday morning program ;Morning Joe,; suggested on the air that the cover was needlessly sensational: ;I#39;ll tell you why it bothers me — because it#39;s a profile of Bill Sears!;美国全国广播公司工作日早间节目《早安,乔伊》的搭档主持米卡#8226;布热津斯基在广播中宣称这种封面是没有意义的煽情。她说:“我会告诉你们为什么我讨厌它,因为这是在说比尔-西尔斯!”On Twitter, the cover inspired X-rated jokes along with concerns that the child might be teased when he#39;s older. But on many message boards, there was debate about whether it#39;s OK to breastfeed beyond babyhood.有人在推特上也拿这期封面开起了限制级玩笑,也有人担心封面上的儿童长大后会因此被嘲笑。婴儿期过后是否还可以哺乳的问题在众多留言板上激起热议。Bobbi Miller, a mother of six who lives in Arkansas, expressed disapproval in a tweet and said in a phone interview, ;Even a cow knows when to wean their child.; Of the cover, she said: ;Why would this even be out there? It#39;s ludicrous. It#39;s almost on the verge of voyeurism.;阿肯色州一位六岁孩子的母亲鲍比-米勒在推特上表达了反对意见,她在电话采访中说:“哪怕是母牛都知道什么时候该断奶了。”谈到封面时,她说:“为什么还会刊登这种照片?这太荒唐了,和性骚扰差不多。”But Bettina Forbes, co-founder of an organization called Best for Babes that promotes breastfeeding and supports women who want to nurse their children beyond babyhood, said she hopes the cover ;will make mainstream America less squeamish; about women breastfeeding children of any age. ;It#39;s high time we talk about these things,; she said.但贝蒂娜-福布斯说,她希望这期封面会让主流的美国大众对母亲给多大的孩子母乳喂养不要太“神经质”。她说:“是时候我们该讨论讨论这些事情了。”她是促进母乳喂养的组织“为了孩子好”的创办人之一,该组织持那些在婴儿期后仍给孩子母乳喂养的女性。Reaction to the cover underscored a cultural rift between traditional childrearing and what some have deemed ;extreme parenting.; The attachment philosophy encourages mothers to respond to their babies#39; every cry and form close bonds with near-constant physical contact through ;co-sleeping; (letting them sleep in the bed with parents rather than in cribs) and ;baby-wearing; (carrying them on slings instead of pushing them in strollers).对封面的反应让人们看到了传统育儿方式和有些人眼中的“极端育儿法”之间的文化裂痕。亲密育儿法鼓励母亲们对宝宝的每次哭喊都做出回应,通过频繁的亲密身体接触建立亲子关系,比如让孩子和父母“同睡”在一张床上,而不是睡在婴儿床里,或者用婴儿背带抱孩子,而不是用婴儿车推着他们。 /201205/181810。