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长春省人民医院做人流好吗长岭县妇幼保健医院看不孕医生So what have you done to save the world today? Used a bit less water? Perhaps. Recycled a bit more rubbish? Of course, as More4 News viewers, you are clearly caring and intelligent consumers. But there aren't many tax incentives coaxing people towards those greener choices, helping to stop the damage we do to the world around us. The latest thinking is that perhaps the taxman should reward green choices and punish environmentally damaging ones. Roz Upton looks at how it might work. We use them without a second thought, power showers, disposable batteries, ordinary light bulbs. But our consumer-led society is damaging the environment. Domestic households account for half / the UK's water consumption, almost 1/3 of greenhouse gas emissions and 10% of waste. Now a report commissioned by Green Alliance recommends inefficiency charges on products that are more damaging to the environment than greener alternatives, the aim to discourage consumers from buying them. Guy Thompson: First, that is the deliberate ploys, is to make people realize, to hit people in the pockets, and to reflect the environmental impact of a particular, particularly inefficient or wastful product. Despite the report author's holding back on recommending a levy of taxation, householders are upset at the very thought of it. An unidentified woman: If they are living on the fixed income, they certainly don't want more increases. An unidentified man: We have enough taxes, as it is. Um, I'd rather see we get rid of inefficient products, and have the efficient ones. An unidentified man: Anything that can be publicized that makes the awareness more, is good, but I don't think taxing something is necessarily giving ur, positive signals, I think in fact it gives a negative signal. So-called "green taxes" are not without precedent. In Ireland, the tax on plastic bags introduced 3 years ago has cut their use by more than 90%. Some green measures can have undesirable side effects. Take taxing plastic bags for example, it may drastically cut their distribution; but some people use them to put rubbish in, and without them, more people are likely to buy bin liners, and they're made of tougher plastic, which uses more energy in the recycling process. Of course a tax on some brands of dustbin liners might encourage people to opt for eco-friendly varieties, but in isolation, these kind of levies will make little impact. Some report sources at the Policy Studies Institute are also advocating penalizing people who don't sort their rubbish for recycling. They're suggesting national water metering to reward those who use less, and reduction in council tax for householders who insulate their homes to conserve energy. Until now, most green taxes in the UK have been named businesses. Paul Ekins: No one likes taxes, and householders vote whereas businesses don't, uh, a householder has been quite effective in, uh, through various consumer councils in voicing their concerns. Economists warn any new measures must be carefully adopted to avoid creating unnecessary bureaucracy. Stephen Smith: I think there's a great danger, for we overcomplicate the tax system, these, a lot of little taxes on products that people believe are environmentally disreputable can make, do a lot of damage to the efficiency of revenue collection to be very ineffective, very costly to run, and may not achieve much environmental benefit. Punitive taxes may be unwelcome, but with sea levels rising, and scientists predicting that global temperatures will increase by up to 6 degrees celsius in the next century, drastic changes to our domestic habits are inevitable if we aren't to protect the Earth we live in. And this is the latest bright idea on how to initiate that change. Roz Upton's there on the rising seas, and perhaps rising taxes. . . 200805/39223绿园区治疗痛经哪家医院最好的 5 签订合同3句英文任你选Shall we sign the contract now?我们现在签约好吗?If everything is satisfactory, we can sign the contract.如果事事都令人满意,我们可以正式签约了。Well send the contract to your hotel for signature tomorrow morning.明早我们将把合同送到您下榻的饭店让您签字。半个句型要记牢sign the contract (签订合同)Tip:签合同是用动词sign,而不是write和draw。 /201604/434115US Recognizes Kosovo, Reaffirms Friendship With Serbia美国和欧洲几盟国承认科索沃独立The ed States joined major European allies in recognizing the independence of Kosovo from Serbia. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said recognition is the only viable option to promote stability in the region. 美国和欧洲主要盟国一起承认科索沃从塞尔维亚独立,美国国务卿赖斯说,承认科索沃独立是促进地区稳定的唯一可行选择。U.S. recognition of Kosovo came as no surprise, since the Bush administration strongly supported last year's plan of U.N. envoy Martti Ahtisaari to give the breakaway Serbian province internationally-supervised independence. 美国承认科索沃并不出人意料,因为布什政府坚决持联合国特使阿赫蒂萨里去年提出的计划,让脱离塞尔维亚的科索沃省在国际监督下独立。In a written statement that followed recognition announcements by several U.S. European allies, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said independence is the only viable option for stability, given the region's turbulent history. 在几个欧洲盟国宣布承认科索沃独立后,美国国务卿赖斯在一份书面声明中说,从这个地区动荡历史来看,独立是实现稳定的唯一可行选择。Rice rejected the notion advanced by Russia and others that Kosovo independence will spur other secessionist movements, saying it cannot be seen as a precedent elsewhere. 俄罗斯等国说,科索沃独立将激励其他分离主义运动,赖斯反驳说,不能把科索沃独立看成是为其他地方开辟了先例。She said the unusual combination of factors in Kosovo's recent history, including ethnic-cleansing against its ethnic-Albanian majority, are not found elsewhere and make it a special case.  赖斯说,科索沃近代史上独特的综合因素,包括对在科索沃占多数的阿尔巴尼亚族裔的种族清洗,并没有发生在其他地方,这是一个特殊例子。At the same time, Rice reaffirmed U.S. friendship with Serbia and urged Belgrade - which bitterly opposed independence - to work with the ed States and its EU partners on shared goals including the protection of Kosovo's Serb minority. 与此同时,赖斯重申了美国对塞尔维亚的友谊,她敦促坚决反对科索沃独立的贝尔格莱德和美国以及欧盟夥伴国合作,实现保护科索沃塞族少数民族等共同目标。[In Belgrade, Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica told parliament the U.S. continues a policy of using force against his country, and ordered the ambassador, Ivan Bujacic, to return home.]In a telephone conference call with reporters, Under-Secretary of State for Political Affairs Nicholas Burns stressed the U.S. interest in good relations with Serbia and in helping Belgrade - a diplomatic outcast since the 1990's Balkans conflict - find a future with Europe: 美国国务院负责政治事务的国务次卿伯恩斯强调,美国愿意和塞尔维亚保持友好关系,并且愿意帮助贝尔格莱德在欧洲找到前途。自从1990年代巴尔干冲突以来,贝尔格莱德遭到外交排斥。伯恩斯说: "We see Serbia as part of Europe and we know that the Balkans is the last part of Europe that has not received the benefits of the end of the Cold War, economic or political," said Nicholas Burns. "Yugoslavia had to break up, and it did, and this is the last vestige of the former Yugoslavia - the fact that Kosovo has now become free and independent. Now we hope the Serb people, the Kosovars, the Bosnians, the Montenegrins, the Croatians, Albanians, Macedonians - all of them - can look towards a future in Europe, and that is with the EU and NATO." “我们把塞尔维亚看成是欧洲的一部分,我们知道巴尔干地区是在冷战结束后没有得到经济或是政治好处的最后一个欧洲地区。南斯拉夫不得不分裂,后来分裂了。而科索沃宣布独立使得南斯拉夫解体彻底完成。现在我们希望塞尔维亚人、科索沃人、波斯尼亚人、黑山人、克罗地亚人、阿尔巴尼亚人和马其顿人,所有的人一起展望在欧洲的未来,也就是加入欧盟和北约。” Burns said Rice, in Africa with President Bush, telephoned Serbian President Boris Tadic to stress that theme Sunday and also talked to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, whose government has called Kosovo's independence move illegal. 伯恩斯说,正和布什总统在非洲访问的赖斯国务卿星期天打电话给塞尔维亚总统塔迪奇,强调了这个主题,赖斯还和俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫通了话。俄罗斯政府称科索沃独立是非法行动。The under-secretary said the Bush administration has been deferential to Russia and delayed recognizing Kosovo to allow for more negotiations between Serbia and the Kosovars co-chaired by Moscow, the ed States, and European Union, the so-called Troika. 伯恩斯国务次卿说,布什政府尊重俄罗斯的意见,曾经推迟承认科索沃的独立,以便让塞尔维亚和科索沃之间进行更多的谈判。这些谈判由莫斯科、美国和欧盟联合主持,被称作是三驾马车。He said when those talks failed late last year, it was time to move ahead on recognition, but he expects no fundamental rift with Moscow that will harm other areas of U.S.-Russian cooperation: 伯恩斯说,去年谈判失败后,就应该承认科索沃独立,可是他不希望和莫斯科有根本上的分歧,以免影响美俄在其他领域的合作。"For countries to say somehow this [recognition] is a shock, or that this is not a correct step politically or legally, we just fundamentally disagree with that point," said Burns. "So I do not expect any kind of crisis with Russia over this. We expect the Russians to be supportive of stability in the region. And I think that all of us are going to be requesting that people remain calm, and that the Kosovar authorities be allowed to establish this government and to move forward." 他说:“有些国家说,承认科索沃独立令人震惊,或者不是正确的政治和法律步骤,我们根本不同意这种观点。我不希望和俄罗斯在这个问题上产生危机,我们希望俄罗斯人持那个地区的稳定。我认为,我们要求大家保持冷静,让科索沃当局成立政府,向前迈进。” Burns stressed that the 17,000 - member NATO force in Kosovo, which includes 1,600 U.S. troops, will remain indefinitely along with European Union police to assure security and protect the interests of the ethnic-Serbs. 伯恩斯强调,由1万7千人组成的北约驻科索沃部队,其中包括1600名美国军人,要无限期地留在那里,和欧盟警察一起确保该地区安全以及保护塞尔维亚少数民族的利益。He said the ed States and European partners are planning a donor's conference for Kosovo in the coming months to support the newly-independent government and that it can expect 5 million in bilateral U.S. aid for 2008, a four-fold increase over last year.  伯恩斯说,美国和欧盟夥伴国正计划组织捐赠会议,在今后几个月里为新独立的科索沃政府提供持,预计2008年科索沃将得到美国3亿3千5百万美元的援助,比去年的援助增加4倍。200802/27460长春无痛人流要到哪里做比较好

九台区中心医院社保卡My father had been poisoned by a rival tribe. My mother told me my father's enemies were forever the enemies of my own heart. From that day, I would never be a child again. As the eldest son, Temujin(铁木真) grew up to lead what was little more than an extended family. And on the steppes, a small tribe was weak and vulnerable. To survive, Temujin knew he must forge links with other tribes and there was only one way he could do that. Her name was Borte(孛儿帖). There were only two things to know about the marriage. She was a woman of beauty, and the sable fur (黑貂裘) they gave us was worth a thousand of the swiftest horses. The great tribes of Mongolia were locked in a spiral of murderous vendettas. There was only one law on the steppes. If a man wanted something, he took it. Now Temujin had something another man wanted. The Merkit(蔑儿乞惕) tribe had feuded with Temujin's father. Now Temujin himself was in danger. And especially vulnerable was his new wife. The Secret History (蒙古秘史) recalls what Temujin, the man who would one day be Genghis Khan, did next.They're taking my wife. I knew what I had to do. What Temujin had to do was to escape. Only a fool fights a battle he knows he cannot win. Wife stealing was common on the steppes. Borte knew she had no choice but to submit. I had just one friend that I could trust, Jamuqa(扎木合). As children, we have sworn a vow of anda(安答,意为义兄弟). It was the most sacred vow of all. We were blood brothers, a bond that joined our lives as one. With my sworn brother, Jamuqa, my power had been increased by Heaven and Earth.extended family: social unit consisting of parents and their children along with other relatives sable: small carnivorous mammal native to northern Europe and Asia (hunted for its dark brown valuable soft fur)vendetta: an often prolonged series of retaliatory, vengeful, or hostile acts or exchange of such acts200809/49234长春治疗不孕不育医院 Oprah: We are talking with Dr. Robin Smith and women who have been conned by the men they fell in love with. And you just said it, you attract this narcissist, because you have a..Guest: I think I can be considered a dependent person at times. Oprah: A dependent person now? Guest: Yeah. And you know when, after this happened I asked myself what the lesson was. And the first lesson I think is, you need to learn that you can do everything that you wanna do by yourself. You don't need someone else to give that to you. And I kept saying but I don't wanna do it by myself. You know, and as the months went by, I started realizing that I am a strong person, and I am a good person, and I will be Ok without him.Oprah: You don't wanna... But see now, that's so interesting. Dr. Robin: It is. That is powerful.Oprah: That's so interesting. I think that is really...That's growth for you.Guest: Yeah.Oprah: That is growth for you. I am glad I didn't have that Cinderella thing. Guest: You didn't. No?Oprah: No. I might have had something else, but I didn't, I didn't have that. This is so funny 'cuz the other day I had this great pocket book that I just bought 'n' Stedman was looking at it. And I was saying gee that pocket book cost... He was saying how much does this thing cost. It cost a lot of money which I am not going to say what it cost but...er, and so Stedman said, "I can't believe you spent that much money on a pocket book. And I said: "and aren't you glad I didn't have to ask you for it?"(audience laughing and applauding)Oprah: You know what I'm saying? Yeah!Oprah: And, and he said, "And aren't you glad cause I would have said 'no'." Let's stop talking about that pocket book. But you know, I..I was...I realize this too in this conversation. I realize that in all my relationships I have always, you know, been the kind of woman who, even though I was like waiting on him to call, you know, who took care of myself and the very idea like of asking,' Could I have money to buy something' would make me sick. Guest: Say I know I can do stuff by myself but I, you know, at the time. I've grown since, but I would almost prefer to have somebody...Oprah: You would?Guest: I would've. YeahOprah: To take care of you?Guest: I am learning not to be in that position, but...Dr. Robin: But it makes so much sense because again that is one fantasy (yeah) that many women are raised with which is that somebody else will take care of us.Oprah: How many people wouldn't have that and want it? OK. Now they are not gonna say it. Dr. Robin: Ooh, no, no, no...Oprah: No, really, but how many of you want...you...Woman in the audience: First of all, if anything were to happen, I wanna have what I have. Oprah: Me too.I don't want anybody coming back and taking it away from me or holding it over my head. So I've always been the opposite. I mean, I am ... I am generally hard on a man. You're gonna have to live up to my standard to make me happy.(audience laughing) You know. But...(applause) ( Have mercy!) I would like to ask a question especially of the doctor and Oprah. "How do ...because I have so many friends who are desperate for relationships, desperate to get married, desperate for a man, um, how do I help them understand they need to give up the dream?Oprah: You know, I think that is a great question and a whole damn show.Hah...(inaudible) Part of the issue is though a lot of your, those friends you are talking about are empty. And so they may have full lives, they could be professionals, they could be good moms, but if they are raised to still feel like the only way I have value is if a man...Oprah: But you were saying earlier in the show about being alone means that I am not really complete. Dr. Robin: Yes, and, do you know what, I had someone say to me, more than one person, but one person-an incredibly accomplished woman, say to me that she would rather be divorced than to be single, because at least being divorced meant somebody chose me.Oprah: Are your friends, do your friends, and I am sure you have friends who are..what..working in, have really full lives.Woman in the audience:Exactly, you know what is really interesting.. Oprah: A busy life does not mean you have a full one though.Woman: I have a relationship with a man at work who's, who's a best friend. And he's had relationships with at least twenty some women in the company. Sometimes if there are twelve people in the department, he's probably had a relationship with 10 women in that same department. They all seem to be, you know, they don't know, they all seem to think they are the number one and the only one in his life. And he is just...has this cycling path.Oprah: until they hear you on the show telling them..(audience laughing)Oprah: Do you have this issue? Do...Are man... do you find that man are intimidated by you? Are you in a current relationship? Woman: Yeah.. definitely.. As a matter of fact, people wonder how my husband is married to me. My husband is wonderful. And they...He is such a different person than I am. They wonder how can you tolerate her. You know. Not that I'm that difficult, but I do have certain standards and it's primarily because my mother was always so nice that I saw people take advantage of my mother. So, you know. I remember literally the day when I stood in her doorway watching her and I said when I grow up no one is ever going to treat me like that.Oprah: I had the same thing because I grew up with my mother and my cousin Alice here who raised me..(introducing her cousin)my cousin Alice. And...(applause) Interestingly enough though.. My, my cousin Alice who will cry at the drop of a hat, but I would say this they did the best that they could. But my mother and my cousin Alice, I remember my cousin, we were very poor. And my cousin Alice was dating this guy. We didn't have any food. And she was going with, don't start crying Alice, it's ok. Look at her, She's gonna start crying now. Dating this guy and we didn't have any food. And I was like why are you with this guy and she says because baby, I'm gonna cry, he can get us groceries. And so I said "I will not be the kind of woman that has to grow up and date a man who...because I need groceries.Yeah..And so, in that way my cousin Alice and my mother were role models for me... because I will never wanna to be dependent on a man for groceries or a pocket book. Hah....What you mean... 200809/47650吉林大学第一附属医院有药流吗

长春吉大二院哪个医生好探索世界奥秘之Supermassive Black Holes(超大质量黑洞) 15In January 2000, John Dubinski set out to calculate the final fate of our galaxy, the Milky Way, and that of our nearest neighbor, Andromeda. The Andromeda galaxy is actually falling towards the Milky Way, which means there probably have some close encounter at some point in the future. At the moment, Andromeda is moving towards us at 400,000 kilometers per hour and scientists think one day it will hit us. So Dubinski decided to work out what will happen to us in three billion years when the two galaxies finally collide. After a long and complex calculation, the result was a vivid picture of the impending collision. A detailed prediction of how the Milky Way will end. The clouds of gas hit each other at these huge velocities, hundreds of kilometers per second, and that basically creates great shockwaves which move through the gas and heat it to great temperature. At the heart of this maelstrom, the boiling gases hurl towards the two converging black holes. This kick-starts a violent dual feeding frenzy as the two monsters spiral towards each other. And eventually those two independent black holes with their accretion discs will spiral together and merge themselves and form an even more massive black hole. Two possible fates await us. If we are on one side of the galaxy when this clash happens, we could be thrown out into the emptiness of space- if we are lucky. The second possibility is that we're on the other side of the galaxy at the time of the collision in which case we could be thrown right into the center of this chaos. In the active center of the merging galaxy, the huge feeding black hole will trigger a giant stellar explosions and supernovae. This is bad news for Earth. There could be a horrible catastrophe. The wave of radiation from the blast wave of the supernova would hit the atmosphere and boil it off in an instant. So the atmosphere would be gone, the seas would boil off into space and the Earth would be toast.200808/46262 长春治妇科病哪家妇科医院好长春妇保医院怎么样



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