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长春大学第二医院看乳腺检查多少钱长春打胎手术多少钱Muriel James amp; Dorothy JongewardEach human being is born as something new, something that never existed before. Each is born with the capacity to win at life. Each person has a unique way of seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and thinking. Each has his or her own unique potentials(1) —capabilities and limitations. Each can be a significant, thinking, aware, and creative being — productive person, a winner.The word “winner” and “loser” have many meanings. When we refer to a person as a winner, we do not mean one who makes someone else lose. To us, a winner is one who responds authentically by being credible, trustworthy, responsive, and genuine, both as an individual and as a member of a society.Winners do not dedicate their lives to a concept of what they imagine they should be; rather, they are themselves and as such do not use their energy putting on a performance, maintaining pretence and manipulating others. They are aware that there is a difference between being loving and acting loving, between being stupid and acting stupid, between being knowledgeable and acting knowledgeable. Winners do not need to hide behind a mask.Winners are not afraid to do their own thinking and to use their own knowledge. They can separate facts from opinions and don’t pretend to have all the answers. They listen to others, evaluate what they say, but come to their own conclusions. Although winners can admire and respect other people, they are not totally defined, demolished(2), bound, or awed by them.Winners do not play “helpless”, nor do they play the blaming game. Instead, they assume responsibility for their own lives. They don’t give others a false authority over them. Winners are their own bosses and know it.A winner’s timing is right. Winners respond appropriately to the situation. Their responses are related to the message sent and preserve the significance, worth, well-being, and dignity of the people involved. Winners know that for everything there is a season and for every activity a time.Although winners can freely enjoy themselves, they can also postpone enjoyment, can discipline themselves in the present to enhance their enjoyment in the future. Winners are not afraid to go after what he wants, but they do so in proper ways. Winners do not get their security by controlling others. They do not set themselves up to lose.A winner cares about the world and its peoples. A winner is not isolated from the general problems of society, but is concerned, compassionate(3), and committed to improving the quality of life. Even in the face of national and international adversity, a winner’s self-image is not one of a powerless individual. A winner works to make the world a better place.注释(1) potential [pE5tenF(E)l] n.潜能,潜力(2) demolish [di5mCliF] vt.驳斥,推翻(观点)(3) compassionate [kEm5pAFEnit] adj.富于同情心的,热忱的人皆生而为新,为前所未有之存在;人皆生而能赢。人皆有其特立独行之方式去审视、聆听、触摸、品味及思考,因而都具备独特潜质——能力和局限。人皆能举足轻重,思虑明达,洞察秋毫,富有创意,成就功业。“成者”与“败者”含义颇多。谈及成者我们并非指令他人失意之人。对我们而言,成者必为人守信,值得信赖,有求必应,态度诚恳,或为个人、或为社会一员皆能以真诚回应他人。成者行事并不拘泥于某种信条,即便是他们认为应为其奉献一生的理念;而是本色行事,所以并不把精力用来表演,保持伪装或操控他人。他们明了爱与装爱、愚蠢与装傻、学与卖弄之间迥然有别。成者无须藏于面具之后。成者敢于利用所学,独立思考,区分事实与观点,且并不佯装通晓所有。他们倾听、权衡他人意见,但能得出自己的结论。尽管他们尊重、敬佩他人,但并不为他人所局限、所推翻、所束缚,也不对他人敬若神灵。成者既不佯装“无助”,亦不抱怨他人。相反,他们对人生总是独担责任,也不以权威姿态凌驾他人之上。他们主宰自己,而且能意识到这点。成者善于审时度势,随机应变。他们对所接受的信息做出回应,维护当事人的利益、康乐和尊严。成者深知成一事要看好时节,行一事要把握时机。尽管成者可以自由享乐,但他更知如何推迟享乐,适时自律,以期将来乐趣更盛。成者并不忌惮追求所想,但取之有道,也并不靠控制他人而获取安然之感。他们总是使自己立于不败。成者心忧天下,并不孤立于尘世弊病之外,而是置身事内,满腔热忱,致力于改善民生。即使面对民族、国家之危亡,成者亦非无力回天之个体。他总是努力令世界更好。 Article/200802/26359长春省妇幼保健医院在哪个区 今天学习的是吃货必备的美食形容词。Foodie吃货Yummy好吃,非正式用语,形容食物很美味可口Exquisite“精美的,精致的”特别指食物口感细腻,独特,高雅上乘Delishdelicious的非正式简写形式Luscious鲜美可口,形容食物或者饮品醇厚,可口,也可以指水果甘甜多汁。想知道卡卡老师的发音秘诀?关注微信公众号Kakaketang_Jessica /201704/502231Our story today is called "A Girl for Walter". It was written by Theodore Jacobs, here is Shep O'Neal with the story.We never knew what Walter was. But we called him, ur, idiot. We called him that without knowing if he really was as foolish and stupid as an idiot.Walter worked for a food store. He carried food to the homes that ordered it on the telephone. When we saw Walt coming down the street, pushing his four-wheel wagon filled with food, we knew we would have fun. We stopped playing our games and followed him. We always saw him coming. He wore the same clothes every day, a brown hat, green shirt opened at the neck and a pair of gray pants. We recognized the way he walked too, long slow steps with stiff legs. We followed him down the street, trying to walk as he did. Often we would try to pull his hat off and say how funny he looked. Walter did not seem to be troubled by our words except when we talked about girls. When one of us asked him how his love life was or said. "Hey, Walt, I hear a beautiful woman is looking for you." He would get very angry. He would push his food wagon with one hand and try to capture one of us with the other. If he caught one, he held him close to his face and shouted in a loud voice "I am going to get a girl, I am going to get a girl." Sometimes he would say it again and again even when we get tired of making fun of him. He would walk down the street shouting to himself: "I am going to get a girl." Walter did not bring food to our house. Mother was afraid of him. She went to a different store and bought the food home herself. When grandmother came to live with us, this changed. Grandmother liked all sorts of people. She was interested in people no one else loved. During her life she had made friends with men who drank too much, women who ate too much and people who were just very lonely. Grandmother worked with church groups for many years but finally stopped. I think she could not work with them because she did not agree that it was right to try to change a person. Grandmother liked people for what they were. If she knew a man who drank too much, she would not tell him to stop drinking. She would tell him how to drink and still be a gentleman. Once she wrote a book on ten different ways to drink and still act as if you had not had a drink. The important thing to grandmother was that things were done well in the right way and with control.When grandmother learned about Walter, she told my mother she wanted Walt to bring the food to the house. Mother of course was strongly against it. She thought all sorts of strange things would happen. She did not trust Walt. But grandmother simply said "Oh, pooh! you are 42 years old, Sara." And then she telephoned the people at the food store and told them to let Walter bring the food. Walter and grandmother became friends. The first time he came to the house, he told grandmother he was going to get a girl. Grandmother seemed pleased and told him how nice it would be. She said the trouble with young man today is that they do not know how to win a girl's heart. "You must be an artist." She said. Walter just stood there and listened. Grandmother then told him how her husband won her heart. She told him about her marriage and the great love there was between them. As he listened, Walter made funny faces and moved his mouth from one side of his face to the other. When she finished her story, she asked Walter where he met his young ladies. Walter did not say anything. "I can understand how difficult it is for young people to meet these days." Then she said in a low voice, "If you meet a nice young lady, Walt, do you know how to act? " "What? No, I don't." Walter said. "Well, you should." Grandmother said. And she told him how.Walter and grandmother became very close. Every time he came with food, she had a talk y for him. It was funny to me, but to Walter and grandmother it was very serious. Later she began to books to Walter, a little from a book each time he came. The first book was called how to dress when you go out with a girl. The next book told how a young man should act when he meets the girl's mother and father.Walter seemed to enjoy the ings at least he listened. He would stand next to the wall and wrinkle his nose. If grandmother expected more from Walter, she never showed it. She continued ing to him. As time passed, Walter listened harder than before. He never took his eyes off grandmother as she . When she smiled he smiled too. When she was serious Walter became serious. She about the problems of early friendship, how to become better friends and how to decide if your girl is the right one to marry. Grandmother was almost finished ing one day when Walter stopped her. "Know something, Mrs. Gorman? I have a girl." "How wonderful!" Grandmother answered. "I really do, a girl like you always talking." Isn't that wonderful? Where did you meet her? " "A friend helped me." "Isn't that exciting? Tell me about her. Is she nice?" "I like her very much." "Well, she must be. What is her name?" "I forgot. Betti something. I told her my name was Walter." " Were you kind to her and a gentleman?" "All the time I told her nice things." "I am proud of you, Walter. Is she pretty?" Walter did not answer. He told again how he met her. It seemed to me that he had to say a thing more than once or no one would believe him. "She must be nice." grandmother said, "I hope you comb your hair and wear a coat when you see her. And you must promise me that you will always be a gentleman." After that grandmother how to choose the right wedding ring, and how to be prepared for marriage. She seemed to be in a hurry as if Walter might get married before she had finished his education.Nothing mother said helped. Grandmother continued to teach Walter. The next book she to Walter was how to love your wife. Soon after grandmother finished ing it, she died, just like that. It was difficult to believe. It was only after I saw them lower her body and covered it that I knew she would not come back.The morning after she died, Walter came with food. Mother went to the door. "Mrs. Gorman is dead." She told Walter. "She died last night." Walter did not move at first. He did not seem to understand or he thought she was lying. He then tried to enter but mother shut the door a little. "Can't you understand she is dead? No one is here. She died last night. Please do not come here again." Walter just stood there, his face white. Mother closed the door on him. She telephoned the food store and told them not to send Walter any more.I did not see Walter again for a long time. I had forgotten all about him and the days grandmother had to him. Then one day I saw him. He looked different. He was wearing a suit of clothes, the coat was old and the trousers had been worn many times. He wore a white shirt and a necktie. I waited until he walked up to me and I walked along with him. "Hello, Walter, do you remember me?" He turned quickly toward me then smiled as he recognized my face. "Oh, sure, hiya, how are you?" "I am fine, Walter. How are you doing?" "Thank you, O.K. How are you doing?" "Fine". We walked a few steps in silence. Suddenly I had the odd feeling that grandmother was still alive, and that Walter was still coming to the house. Without thinking, I asked, "How is your girl, Walter?" Suddenly he was on me holding and tearing my shirt. He pulled me close to him and shouted, "She is still alive. She is still alive." His cry was loud and real. He pushed me away from him and I fell to the ground. He ran down the street. As I got up, I could still hear him crying until his voice was lost among the sounds of playing boys. Article/200801/23626松原妇女医院生孩子价格

吉林省白求恩医科大学一院中药科推特明星:Paris Hilton 帕丽斯·希尔顿推特原文:Cleaning Time #TheSimpleLife推特译文:打扫时间 #TheSimpleLife推特点拨:1) 连结是帕丽斯希尔顿演出美国实境节目「拜金女新体验」的片段。这个节目是以让帕丽斯希尔顿和女演员妮可里奇能够体验平民生活为主题的实境秀,是在2003年到2007年播放的节目,最近有传闻这个节目将再製作全新一季。2) ”cleaning”表示「打扫、清洁」的意思。3) ”#TheSimpleLife”是”The Simple Life”的推特标籤,指节目「拜金女新体验」。 /201706/513446南关区中医院网上预约挂号 今日短语in case万一,假如例句:A: Why did you bring your umbrella?你干嘛带雨伞来?B: In case it rains, I#39;m prepared.万一下雨,我好有准备啊。 /201606/448839长春哪个做人流便宜

吉林省长春市第三医院口碑怎么样今日短语cause and effect有因果关系的例句:Don#39;t confuse cause and effect. You are learning a language because you want something else.别困惑于因果的关系。你正在学习一种语言因为你想要一些别的东西。 /201511/407766 Welcome to English in a Minute!欢迎来到《一分钟英语》栏目!If you have trouble with a friend or co-worker, maybe you should do this: Clear The Air.如果你和朋友或同事之间出现了纠纷,你可能需要这样做:消除误会I#39;m afraid I must#39;ve done something to hurt Mary#39;s feelings.我恐怕一定是做了一些事情,伤害到了玛丽的感受。She has been so unfriendly recently to me.她最近对我很不友好。I told her I want to clear the air, but she turned and walked away from me.我告诉过她我想要消除误会,可是她却扭头从我旁边走开了。At my office there have been so many rumors, the boss called a meeting to clear the air.我办公室也有过许多谣言,老板会召集会议来消除误会。Clear the air. This idiom comes from the fact that, when there is smoke or fog in the air, it is difficult to see.消除误会。这个习语源于这样一个事实,当空气中烟雾弥漫时,是很难看到东西的。Sometimes when people are angry, or dislike someone, they hide the reasons for those feelings.有时候,当人们非常生气,或讨厌某个人时,他们会隐藏这些情感的原因。Clearing the air means that they bring those issues out in the open to work through them.消除误会指他们开诚布公说出问题以解决这些问题。This can apply to both personal and work situations.这个短语可以用在个人情况和工作情景中。And that#39;s English in a Minute!以上就是本期的《一分钟英语》! /201701/488119磐石妇幼保健院可以做人流吗农安县第一人民中医院地址电话



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