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Hello everybody, so its been a while since Ive posted大家好,我已经有段时间没更新了and if you follow me on my social media,如果你有一直关注我的社交媒体you will know that Ive been in New Zealand for a while.你就知道这一阵子我去新西兰了But as of yesterday, or I think the day before( Too jetlagged to remember lol )就在昨天,或者前天(因为时差不是很确定lol))Im officially back in Japan now.总之,现在我已经回日本了So, Im gonna to set it off by showing you guys how you can get from Narita Airport to Toyko Station, the cheapest way.这次,我将给大家介绍如何从成田机场去东京站最划算And hopefully this helps some of you guys out there但愿这个视频能帮到你们中who are coming to Tokyo and hopefully save you some money.即将来东京的人,但愿能帮你省点钱So after youve got your luggage and hopefully passed the customs,当你拿到了行李,顺利地过了海关there should be a place that sells train and bus tickets near arrivals.到港处附近会有卖火车票和巴士票的地方Now there are lots of ways you can get from Narita Airport to Tokyo.从成田机场去东京有很多种方式But in my opinion, I find taking the bus the easiest and also the cheapest.但在我看来,坐巴士是最简单也是最便宜的However if you do have the JR pass,但是,如果你有铁路周游券的话then taking the Narita Express would be the best option for you since it is included in the pass.最好乘座成田特快,因为它会经过东京But today I would just be focusing on taking the bus.但今天我只说坐巴士There are a few bus companies which run from Narita to Tokyo Station,这儿有一些从成田机场去东京站的客运公司but my recommendation will be to take the Keisei Bus.但我推荐乘京成巴士Its 1000 yen when you buy the counter or if you book online before you ride,在柜台买票的话是1000日元,如果乘车前在网上订票its only 900 yen and it secures your seat.则只要900日元,还有座位The bus comes around every 20 minutes.京成巴士大概20分钟1班It also stops at all three terminals of the Narita Airport.并且在成田机场的3个航站楼都有停靠Now after youve got your ticket, you go to the bus stop.买好票后,就去站台等If youre tripling of others, it may help to go early to secure seat with each other.如果你是和大家一起的,最好早点去占座位After when the bus arrives, the bus driver will take your luggage and store in the bus.公交到站后,司机会帮你把行李存放好在车内Then youre off on a ride just a little over 60 minutes of Tokyo Station.60分钟多点儿就能到东京So, for a 1000 yen on list, you dont have to worry about changing the trains也就是说,花1000日元你就能免去换乘的烦恼and you can just sit back enjoy the view of Tokyo.坐享东京的风景201707/517022。

The aboriginals talk about these tasting like salty oysters.土著觉得它们有与盐水牡蛎并称的美味I say thats a compliment to the worm.他们可真能拍马屁In the thick mangrove, with few visual references,finding a bearing is difficult.在厚密的红树林中 少有可视的参照物 使得辨认方向难上加难Use a long, straight stick like this.找一根像这样又长又直的杆子Gonna help us keep on our direction and stop us going round and round in circles.它能帮助我们朝正确的方向前进 避免不停兜圈子Jam it through in a straight line.将它沿一条直线放置And then however I weave my way to it,然后不论我如何迂回绕路过去as long as I weave my way back to the end of the stick,pick it up, I know Im gonna be on line.只要能绕到杆子的另一端 然后捡起杆子 我就不会走歪Also, people tend to have a dominant foot,Whether its left or right.而且 人们往往都有优势足 有可能是左脚也有可能是右脚When theyre in terrain thats really confusing to stay on course,当人们身陷 方向难辨的环境中时theyll tend to veer towards that dominant foot行走的路线便会朝优势足那边偏移and just end up going round and round in these slow circles.最后 他们只是在慢慢兜着圈子Finally, I emerge from the mangrove into a clearing.终于 我从红树林钻了出来 进入一片空地Theres footprints ahead, and theyre not crocodile.前面有些脚印 不是鳄鱼These are human. Look.Lets go. Follow them.Hey! Wait up!是人类 瞧 出发 跟着脚印走 喂 等等My Arnhem land encounter is over,an ancient place where aboriginal hunters have survived in harmony with nature for over 40,000 years.我的阿纳姆地探险结束了 在这片古老的大地上 土著猎人和自然和谐相处了4万余年Its an extraordinary place,and its been an extraordinary experience.这是片神奇的大地 也留下了我的一段神奇经历201701/489298。

You couldnt take me to a fine restaurant.I know.你不能带我吃太好的。So you dont care about food? -No.你不在意这儿的食物?-不在意。Really? -Oh, no, no.真的么?-不,真的不在意。Do you listen to music?你听音乐么?I used to go to concerts here, in the churches and the opera.我以前会来这儿的教堂听一些音乐会或是歌剧。But that stopped years ago.Theres no time. -Yeah, sure.Right.但是我已经很久都不这样做了。完全没有这个时间。-哦,是的。嗯。I mean, if Im lucky I get to church on Sunday.还好我每周日都去教堂。Thats where I hear the music.我就是在那儿听的音乐。Really? You go to church to hear the music?是么?你去教堂听音乐?Do you go to church? -Yeah.你经常去教堂?-是的。Every Sunday? -Yeah.每周日都去?-嗯。Really?真的么?Its no big deal.这没什么…I go and repent.我去教堂忏悔啊。And you see all the paparazzi going crazy? -Oh, yeah.你看那些记者和仔队多疯狂。-哦,是啊。Over Catherine Denueve.他们在追凯瑟琳·德纳芙。I can hear people say, ;Hes gotta be the dumbest one in the crowd.He didnt bother photographing her. ;或许有人会说我很愚蠢。我居然不跑过去拍她。Well, she wasnt wearing anything interesting.实话说…她传的一点都不好看。Im interested in clothes.我只对好看的衣感兴趣。And even if I knew them, knew who they were, and usually I dont, I dont go to the movies much and Ive never owned television.很多时候我根本都不知道这些明星是谁,就算我知道他们是谁我也不在意,我很少去看电影我家里都没有电视。201609/460800。

It was when Murray marched south and wallace moved north to meet here on the Forth at Stirling当默里向南进军时 华莱士引军北上 他们在弗斯河畔的斯特林会师the key to Scotland that a chaotic wildfire uprising turned into a major military compaign.成为苏格兰战争的关键 它使得凌乱的星星之火 汇成了燎原的烈焰On the eve of the battle of Stirling Bridge,Wallace told the English We are not here to make peace,在斯特林桥之战前夜 华莱士传信给英国人 我们不是为和平而来but to do battle and to liberate our kingdom.而是要为王国的自由 浴血奋战The Scots gathered on the Abbey Craig Bridge.苏格兰士兵聚集在艾比科莱克桥Below, a narrow wooden bridge led to the castle and to the English脚下是一座狭窄的木桥 通向城堡和里面的英国人Wallace allowed about half of them to cross the fragile structure,enough for his forces to deal with.大约一半的人马被华莱士派去 穿越这脆弱的建筑 他觉得这些兵力足够了And so they did, rushing down from their perch, through the woods,and into the English ranks.他们没让人失望 从高处直冲下来 穿过树林 直抵英格兰军队驻扎地Wallace, on foot, with a great sharp sword,goes amongst the very thickest of his foes.华莱士 手提锋利的宝剑 徒步冲锋陷阵 奋勇杀敌The Scots vanquished the savage English,whom they put into mourning for death.苏格兰战士击溃了野蛮的英国人 他们在哀嚎中死去Some had their throats cut by swords,others were taken prisoners, others drowned.利剑刺穿了他们的喉咙 有些人做了俘虏 剩下的则被溺死One, the hated English taxman Cressingham, was skinned,His fat body made into a belt for Wallaces victorious sword.一个招致民愤的英国税官克莱斯汉姆被剥皮 他的臭皮囊被制成剑带 佩在华莱士的胜利之剑上 /201610/474376。

栏目简介:Yesterday was the 43rd World Environment Day, a day designated by the ed Nations for raising awareness and taking action on increasingly urgent environmental issues. To mark the day, a group of young local musicians held a charity concert to support a tree planting project in Inner Mongolia. Huang Yue has more...201707/515529。

Young entrepreneur Henry Ford has created a new kind of car.青年企业家亨利·福特创造了一种新型汽车But in order to sell it he needs to get permission from the association of licensed automobile manufacturers, also known as ALAM.但是要出售的话 他需要获得授权汽车制造商协会的许可 协会简称ALAMALAM owns the patent on the automobile giving them complete control over who can manufacture and sell cars.ALAM拥有汽车专利 对谁能生产和销售汽车拥有完全控制权They are, in a sense, a giant car monopoly and Fords future now rests in their hands.从某种意义上说 他们是一个汽车巨头垄断 福特的未来就掌握在他们手中Thank you Mr. Ford. Well be in touch.谢谢你 福特先生 我们会联系你的Thank you, gentleman.谢谢你 先生Ford is hopeful hell be approved by ALAM, allowing him to start his own business and to pursue his dream for the future of the car industry.福特希望他会获得ALAM的批准 这样他就可以开始自己的事业 追求他对未来汽车行业的梦想When Ford entered the automobile business people didnt drive their own cars, they had drivers. And so cars were seen as this luxury item.福特开始进入汽车行业时 人们不是自己开车 而是请司机开 所以汽车被看作是奢侈品Fords insight was that cars could be an every day item. They could be very utilitarian so that it was within the reach of ordinary people.福特意料到汽车会是件日常用品 实用性会很强 普通人都能拥有Ford has spent years developing his car for the common man.福特已经花费数年时间开发普通人能用的汽车He builds his first model at the age of 33 and calls it the quadricyle.他在33岁的时候制造出了第一个车型 他称之为四轮车But the vehicle is expensive to produce and prone to breaking down.但这种车型生产费用高而且容易坏Fords second attempt-- Model A--is much more suited to the needs of modern America.福特第二次尝试的结果 A型车 更适合现代美国的需要But he cant begin selling it without permission from ALAM.但是没有ALAM的许可 他无法开展销售201607/454432。

In our mention aly early this week Mexico has passed the ed States恩 这周早些时候我提到过这件事了 墨西哥已经超越美国for the title of fatters major country in the world成为了世界上肥胖人数最多的国家they are officially fatter than we are.他们比我们胖了I never thought this thing will coming Americans at now even too lazy to get fat.我从没想过这种事会发生 美国人 现在都懒得长胖了And thats sad. But I thought it this was making an interesting indication真是悲哀啊 但是我想 这会是个很有趣的尝试of our audience participation segment pedestrian question让观众参与进这个路人问答的环节when we went out onto Hollywood Boulevard today.我们去了好莱坞卡德大道And we ask a wide range people the following question are you fat?我们问了很多人 一个这样的问题 你胖吗Now the way this work is pedestrian will say their name and where they from.现在是这样 被采访者会说出自己的名字和来自哪里And we will all try to guess if they think they are fat. OK?我们就要猜猜看他是不是觉得自己胖 好吧Thats triky.Because you have to get inside a persons brain. All right还挺难的 因为你得看透别人脑子里的想法 对吧Lets meet our first pedestrian. Whats your name and where are you from?我们来看看第一位被采访者 你叫什么名字 来自哪里呢Im Hussein.Im from Las Vegas. And are you fat? Yeah.侯赛 我来自 你胖吗 恩Is Hussein fat? Yes... And he will be happy to hear that. Yes,I am.那么侯赛 胖吗 胖…… 好吧 他听到会很高兴的 是的 我胖Think yes. Name one person that is fatter than you.是的 说出一个比你还胖的人Er.Itll be my sister. OK.Thats all right呃 那就是我了 好吧 好吧Next up. Im Jordan. From Minnesota. Are you fat? Ah.Thats.下一个 乔丹 来自明尼苏达 你胖吗 好的 那么Is Jordan fat? No One yes, the rest no. No.乔丹胖吗 不胖 有一个人说胖 其他的都说不胖 不胖What about now? No. What about now? No. Give them time.现在呢 不胖 那现在呢 不胖 慢慢问 你最后总会得到想要的的Next. Jim Karen. Im from New Brown Fels, San Antonio. Are you fat?下一个 吉米 凯伦 我来自圣安东尼奥的新布朗菲尔斯 你胖吗Ah,is Jim fat? No. Yes. Thats hard to tell for.好的 吉米胖吗 不胖 胖 这个好难猜Dont know. OK. Lets find out. NO Why not? Ah. Because Im tall.我也不知道 那么 我们一起看看吧 不胖 为什么呢 因为我很高Yeah, Because tall enough He cant be some fatter. All right. And we go.对啊 你要是够高 你就胖不了了 好的 继续吧Arroyo. From Alabama. Are you fat? But he doesnt look fat at all.阿罗约 来自阿拉巴马州 你胖吗 他看起来一点都不胖啊Lets find out. Ah, Im kind of. It should be some.我们来看看结果吧 我其实有点点发福I have to go back to the gym. Are you Mexican? No, Im not Mexican.我得回去好好健身了 你是墨西哥人吗 不 我TMD才不是墨西哥人呢But.My name is Arroyo. Is that what you ask me there? Yeah.不过 我的名字叫阿罗约 你是因为我的名字才这样问我的吗 嗯哼Damn.Oh,I am not Mexican. Im black.我去 我不是墨西哥人 我是黑人Oh,I aly now have see. Hes right.He is right.哦 现在我知道你是黑人了 他说的对 他是对的Im Robbie Myers. Im from Eastern Canada. Are you fat? Hum. Is this guy fat?我叫罗比 麦耶 我来自加拿大东部 你胖吗 恩 这个人胖吗No. NO Are you scared for? Lets find out. No. Why not?不胖 不胖 怎么 怕他啊 咱们来看看吧 不胖 为什么呢Because I eat healthily. Because, Because I,it doesnt show. Because I more than 210 cm tall.因为我饮食健康 因为 因为我胖的看不出来 而且我身高接近2米1So that I doesnt show fat. Hum. He is tall. Uh huh? All right. And one more.所以胖也看不出来 恩 他很高 是吧 好的 再来一个Hi. My name is Aisawa. Im from Ilanlo, Georgia. Are you fat?你好 我叫艾泽 我来自乔治亚州的伊兰洛 你胖吗Is he,is he is fat? No. Wow. Lets see what he thinks.他胖吗 他胖不胖 不胖 好 来看看他怎么说的No, I gotta little good meat to lose. But, Im not fat. Thank you.不胖 虽然我要再瘦一点 会更好看 但是 我并不胖 谢谢你She gotta going home, fellows. I wish see the camera right there.来看看她啊 朋友们 我希望你们吧镜头对着这里Come and stand, do like me. Do like me. Turn your left. Look at that. No.来跟我站一起 跟我做 转身 快来看啊不要Even Ben Laden get to resurrect. Right. White girl back blank.本拉登都要复活了 白人子正点啊OK. Were done. Let the table has turned. Thank you.好了 我们拍完了 反客为主了哦 订阅吉米鸡毛秀201707/515954。

At dawn, the first adult midges start to break out.黎明时分,第一只成蚊破蛹而出Soon, millions upon millions of newly-hatched lake flies are taking to the wing.不久,成百上千万只新羽化的幽蚊全都扇动着翅膀飞到空中Early explorers told tales of lakes that smoked as if on fire.早期探险家看到这种湖面上“冒烟”的情景,还以为是湖底着了火But these spiralling columns, hundreds of metres high, are mating flies.这些高达数百米的螺旋型“烟”柱,其实是正在交配的幽蚊0nce the flies have mated, they will all drop to the water surface, release their eggs and die.幽蚊完成交配之后,便会一起落到水面,产下卵,然后死去Malawi may look like an inland sea, but its dwarfed by the worlds largest lake.马拉维湖看起来像大海一样辽阔,但它远比不上世界上最大的湖泊。Baikal in eastern Siberia.东西伯利亚的贝加尔湖Four hundred miles long and over a mile deep,贝加尔湖长400英里,深度超过1英里,Baikal contains one-fifth of all the fresh water found in our planets lakes and rivers.其中的淡水储量占到了全球江河湖泊淡水总量的1/5For five months of the year, its sealed by an ice sheet over a metre thick.每年中总有5个月,湖面被1米厚的冰层覆盖。201705/511907。