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Indian farmers hit by drought and debt displayed the skulls of fellow farmers believed to have committed suicide, and placed live rats in their mouths at a protest calling on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to save them from starvation.近日,饱受干旱和债务困扰的印度农民举行了一场抗议活动,他们将自杀农民的头骨摆在地上、嘴里咬着活老鼠,以此来呼吁总理莫迪拯救他们免于饥饿。The farmers, who travelled to the Indian capital from the southern state of Tamil Nadu, say lack of rains over the last year have led to crop failure, forcing many to take loans from banks and moneylenders to survive.这些从南部城邦泰米尔纳德邦来到印度首都的农民表示,由于去年缺乏降雨导致农作物歉收,迫使许多人为了生存,从和放债者处贷款。Some held up large white rats and placed the squirming rodents between their teeth — saying they would be forced to eat them in order to avoid starvation.一些人把巨大的白毛老鼠咬在嘴里--称他们为了避免挨饿他们将不得不吃老鼠。;These skulls are all that remains of our brothers who killed themselves because they could not repay their debts,; said P. Ayyakannu, president of South Indian Rivers Linking Farmers Association, sitting by a row of eight human skulls.南印度Rivers Linking农民协会的主席阿亚卡努坐在8个摆成一排的人类头骨旁说道:“我们的兄弟因为偿还不起债务自杀了,这些头骨是他们剩下的唯一一点东西了。”#39;It has come to the stage where hundreds of farmers are committing suicide due to the pressure of not being able to repay these loans, yet our prime minister is doing very little. We are here to demand Modi help us and write-off these debts.#39;“现在已经发展到了数百名农民由于无法偿还这些贷款而选择自杀的程度,但是我们的总理却什么也不做。我们到这里来,就是请求莫迪总理能帮助我们,并勾销这些债务。” /201704/502770。

A village at Shanghe county of Jinan, capital city of Shandong, is receiving more visitors thanks to lifelike 3D paintings on almost every household#39;s wall.在山东省会城市济南的商河县的一个村庄,几乎家家户户的墙壁上都有栩栩如生的3D绘画,因此吸引越来越多的游客造访这里。The 3D murals in Dianzizhang village feature animals, fairies and historical-themed paintings.店子张村的3D墙画上绘有动物、精灵和历史主题的图画。They have been welcomed by local residents, especially children.这些墙画受到当地居民,特别是孩子们的欢迎。With a total population of 355, Dianzizhang has 32 people living in poverty.店子张村的总人口为355人,目前有32人生活贫困。Since 2016, the local tourism authority has been putting efforts into developing the village into a rural travel destination in a bid to lift the villagers out of poverty.2016年以来,当地旅游部门努力将店子张村打造成一个乡村旅游目的地以帮助村民摆脱贫困。 /201705/508681。

When Spring Festivals rolls around, food is part of the celebration, even for citizens living on the other side of the world.当中国的春节到来之际,美食是不可缺少的,海外华人也如是,过节都要吃中国传统美食。But while ingredients are easy to transport, feelings of home aren#39;t. Nor are certain specialties that only taste their best in the place they were born.对于远在国外的游子们,虽然食物原料可以通过运输获得,但是如果食物没有做出家乡的味道,就少了家的感觉。某些特色美食只有在当地吃才别有风味。With 56 ethnic groups, eight recognized major cuisines and countless cooking styles, this of Chinese favorites could run longer than a finely pulled noodle. But these 14 dishes are almost guaranteed to waken the homesick bug in most mainland Chinese living or traveling abroad.中国有56个民族和公认的八大菜系和无数的烹饪风格,美食更是数不胜数,但大致来说以下的14道菜几乎肯定会唤醒大多数在异乡生活的中国华人的思乡之情。In no particular order, these are the real deals, hard to find at your local Chinese restaurant.以下是在美国的华人餐馆中难以找到的中国美食,排名不分先后:The most unforgettable meals in China don#39;t come from Michelin-starred restaurants.在中国最难忘的餐点,并不来自米其林星级餐厅。They#39;re eaten in the streets in noisy, crowded, pungent food quarters in the heart of cities.它坐落在嘈杂、拥挤的街头,以辛辣的食物为主。Islamic lamb kebabs with cumin, teppanyaki-style squid with five-spice sauce, gigantic ;swords; of mind-blowing spicy chicken wings, grilled fresh oysters, fried pork tenderloin slices and razzle-dazzle exhibitions of vegetables-on-sticks.这里有伊斯兰风味的孜然羊肉串,抹上五香酱的鱿鱼铁板烧,还有硕大的辣鸡翅烤串、烤生蚝、炸猪里脊肉切片,还有令人眼花缭乱的蔬菜烤串。Every bite of China#39;s street kebabs is a combination of good food and a street-side buzz unique to the country.美味的烤串很好地代表了中国独有的熙熙攘攘的街头小吃文化。Crayfish has taken China by a storm in the past decade or so.过去十年小龙虾在中国非常流行。Cities all over the country go gaga over the crustaceans, which are simmered in a broth with chili and abundant spices then served dry. From spring to early autumn, crayfish-night-outs have become a ritual for many. Groups of friends find a jam-packed stall, sit on tiny plastic stools and order a bucket or two of bright red crayfish.全国大小城市的居民都对小龙虾趋之若鹜。小龙虾和辣椒及许多香料一起慢炖,然后捞出来上桌。从春天到初秋,夜宵吃小龙虾已经成为许多人日常生活中的一部分。三五好友找到一个拥挤的大排档,坐在小小的塑料凳子上,点一两盆鲜红的小龙虾。No chopsticks needed -- digging in with the hands is preferred. The preferred beverage to go with these tasty freshwater lobsters? Ice cold Chinese beer -- Reeb, Tsingtao, Yanjing, depending on the city.饮食特点:无需用筷子,用手“挖”;首选搭配饮料:冰啤——力波,青岛,燕京,取决于你所在的城市。Outside of China, spicy Sichuan hot pot and nourishing Cantonese hot pot are well known.在中国境外,四川麻辣火锅和粤式滋补火锅是非常有名、众所周知的。But in China, a country closely linked to Mongolian nomads, heavy and hearty lamb hot pot is hugely popular, especially in the north during the bitterly cold winter.但在中国,起源于蒙古族牧民的口味重而丰盛的羊肉火锅是非常受欢迎的,尤其是在寒冷冬季的北方。Although a variety of meats, seafood and vegetables can be cooked, the star of the meal is plate after plate of wafer-thin lamb slices.羊肉火锅中可烹制各种肉类、海鲜和蔬菜,当然锅中的重头戏是一盘盘切得超薄的羊肉片。Guilin isn#39;t only famous for its heavenly landscape, but bowls of refreshing rice noodles topped with preserved long beans, peanuts, bamboo shoots and spring onions. There are noodles stalls everywhere in Guilin and surrounding areas.桂林不独以甲天下的山水而闻名,那里的米粉也很出名。桂林的米粉放了酸豆角、花生、竹笋和小葱,在桂林各处及周边地区都可以看到米粉摊。Locals like to mix the silky noodles and ingredients in a spicy and sour brine then eat them dry; or savor the whole combination in the beef stock.桂林当地人喜欢吃酸辣干拌粉,或者吃暖暖的牛肉汤粉。Different meats can be added. The most popular tend to be slices of beef and chunks of beef belly.桂林米粉可添加不同肉类,但最常加的一般是牛肉片和牛肚。Yan Du Xian is a nutritious soup known as the great comfort food of the Yangtze River Delta in early spring.腌笃鲜是一种营养丰富的汤,被称为长江三角洲地区早春最好的治愈食物。It#39;s a typical homey dish -- restaurants serve it, but the best always comes from a loving mom.这是一个典型的家常菜,虽然餐厅也有提供,但最美味的腌笃鲜都是充满爱心的妈妈做的。Seasonal delicacies, such as young bamboo shoots, chunks of pork belly, cured pork slices, firm tofu sheets and premium yellow rice wine, are put together in one clay pot for hours of simmering.腌笃鲜汇集了时令美食,有嫩嫩的竹笋、五花肉块、腌猪肉切片、冻豆腐和高档黄酒,放在一个陶罐里炖上数个小时。Xian is a taste unique to China and hard to find in Western food.腌笃鲜具有独特的中国风味,很难在西餐中找到这种味道。The flagship halal dish from China, hand-pulled noodles hail from the wild, sandy lands of northwest China.兰州拉面是中国典型的清真食物,源于荒漠漫漫的中国西北地区。Each bowl is as much handicraft as hearty meal.每碗拉面既像是一道工艺品,又满足了味觉让您饱餐一顿。In what#39;s usually a makeshift open kitchen, formidable Islamic noodle masters beat, fold and pull a flour-based dough, turning it into hair-thin noodles faster than most people can decide what to order.在中国的很多临时搭建的开放式厨房中可以看到一个令人敬畏的甩面高手,把一个面团对折又拉开,将其变成细如发丝的面条,速度极快,大多数人还没决定要点什么拉面师傅就已经把面条拉好了。A classic bowl of hand-pulled noodles comes with beef broth, slices of beef, coriander and spring onions.一碗典型的兰州拉面中有牛肉汤、牛肉片、香菜和小葱。Another popular derivation is knife-sliced noodles, or Dao Xiao Mian.另一种流行的面食是刀削面,也是非常的美味。This is an iconic snack in northern China, especially in Beijing.糖葫芦是中国北方的一个标志性的小吃,尤其是在北京。Sold by the stick, the dessert-to-go tastes great and looks greater -- bright red haws line up on a skewer in auspicious shapes, their sugary outer layers glimmering in the light.糖葫芦是论串卖的。这种甜食看上去比吃起来还要更美味,亮红色的山楂果串成一串,看上去就喜庆,外面包裹的糖衣在日光下闪闪发光。Its nearest counterpart in the West might be toffee apples (known as candy apples in North America).在西方与糖葫芦最接近的甜食可能是太妃苹果糖(在北美叫作糖果苹果) 。But haws are sourer than apples, so they offer a refreshing contrast to the sweet coating.但山楂比苹果要酸很多,这种有别于糖衣的酸味让糖葫芦更爽口。Cold northern winters ensure the sugarcoating is firm and crispy.而北方冬天的寒冷让糖衣又硬又脆。Fried, braised, streamed or grilled -- stinky tofu is delicious no matter how it#39;s prepared.无论是深炸、红烧、蒸或烧烤——臭豆腐都是好吃的。Somewhat similar to cheese, it#39;s an acquired taste or one that perhaps you have to grow up with to fully appreciate.这是需要后天培养的口味,你可能需要年纪大一点才能充分享受它的美味。这一点上臭豆腐和奶酪有点相似。Stinky tofu is most popular in Hunan Province in central China, the Yangtze River Delta region (especially Shaoxing) and Taiwan.臭豆腐是最流行的地区是湖南省、长江三角洲地区(特别是绍兴)和台湾。Recipes vary from region to region, but the basic method is to let bean curd ferment in a special brine then deep-fry it.臭豆腐的配方根据不同地区而异,但是基本的做法是让豆腐在一个特制的卤水里发酵,然后将其油炸。It can be eaten with chili sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil or kimchi. Despite its underwhelming appearance and sharp smell, stinky tofu has a pleasant texture -- crispy on the outside, tender inside.臭豆腐可以拌辣椒酱、酱油、香油或泡菜吃。尽管它的外观不起眼,味道呛鼻,但臭豆腐的口感却很好——外焦里嫩。For Shanghainese, autumn isn#39;t complete without a steamed, roe-laden hairy crab. Every year the city hosts an influx of serious epicures from around the Sinoshpere who come to taste its legendary food signature.对于上海人来说,如果没有黄多膏满的清蒸大闸蟹作伴,那么这个秋天是不完整的。每一年都有来自世界各地的华人圈美食家到上海来品尝这道美味佳肴。Raised on crab farms in the Yangtze River estuary, the gray-shelled freshwater crab waves its big hairy claws in family kitchens, respectable restaurants and luxury hotels in September and October.大闸蟹一般在长江口的河蟹养殖场养殖,每年的九月和十月是大闸蟹被端上家庭餐桌、高级餐厅和豪华酒店的时节。Local mothers buy them from wet markets, steam them and eat them with gingery vinegar.上海本地的妈妈们从生鲜市场购买大闸蟹,清蒸后拌上姜味醋吃,这样的美味是无法形容的。Specialty restaurants like Wang Bao He create expansive crab banquets out of the seasonal delicacy -- fried crab roe, crab roe tofu, steamed crab meatballs, crab meat dumplings and other inventive dishes might all be featured.在一些上海特色餐厅,如王宝和大酒店,会推出许多时令螃蟹宴——炒蟹黄,蟹黄豆腐,清蒸蟹肉丸子,蟹粉小笼包和其他各种创新菜肴。The traditional beverage to drink with a steamed hairy crab is warm yellow rice wine.吃清蒸大闸蟹的传统绝配是温热的黄酒。Peking roast duck is only one of many outstanding duck dishes in China.北京烤鸭只是中国的众多鸭子名菜之一。For true fans of fowl, however, the city to be is actually Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu Province.但说到喜欢吃家禽类(特别是鸭)的“粉丝”,这个城市是非江苏省的南京市莫属。Nanjing residents love eating duck, from salted duck to pancakes made with duck grease to duck-blood soup.南京市民爱吃鸭子,无论是盐水鸭、鸭油烧饼还是鸭血汤。In a bowl of duck-bone stock, duck blood is presented in beancurd-like cubes together with vermicelli, fried firm bean curd and bits of duck organs, such as liver and gizzard.鸭血粉丝的汤是用鸭骨头熬出来的,鸭血像豆腐一样一块一块的,还有炸过的冻豆腐和一些鸭子的内脏,如鸭肝、鸭胗等。Harbin red sausage is a hugely popular cold cut in China.哈尔滨红肠在中国是一个非常受欢迎的冷切菜。People get it from delicatessens and eat it on its own as a snack, with b as a picnic food or cook it with vegetables (especially cabbage).人们从熟食店买到它,可以作为小吃单独食用,也可以夹在面包中作为野餐便当,或者和蔬菜(尤其是圆白菜)一起炒。Although traditional sausages in China are wind-dried and much sweeter than their Western counterparts, Harbin red sausages are smoked and have evolved from Lithuanian sausages.尽管中国传统香肠(腊肠)是风干的,比西方的香肠甜得多,但是从立陶宛香肠演变而来的哈尔滨红肠采用的是烟熏制法。The texture is more tender than salami, firmer than an American hotdog and drier than cooked British sausages.哈尔滨红肠口感比意大利蒜味腊肠嫩,比美国热硬,比熟英国香肠干。Street vendors in China use all sorts of curious appliances to make great foods.中国的街头小贩们用各种奇妙的器具做出美味的食物。For this ever-popular autumn snack, chefs fry chestnuts (which are cut open) in an enormous wok filled with black sand and granulated sugar.糖炒栗子作为秋季零食一直以来都很受欢迎。师傅把开口的栗子放到一口巨大的锅里与黑砂和砂糖一起翻炒。When properly done, they#39;re soft, sweet and extremely fragrant.会炒的师傅们炒出来的栗子是又软又甜、香飘四溢的。Although chestnuts can be found all over the world, the best ones for this popular snack come from the regions around Beijing, especially the Fangshan area.虽然栗子在世界各地都有,但是最正宗的糖炒栗子来自北京周边地区,尤其是房山。Kermit might not like to hear this, but frogs are a delicacy in China, especially bullfrogs.青蛙卡米特也许不想知道这个,但是青蛙在中国可是美食,尤其是牛蛙。There are a variety of ways to cook bullfrogs in different parts of the country, but shui zhu -- a cooking technique from Sichuan cuisine -- has gained widesp popularity.中国不同地区都有各自烹调牛蛙的方式,不过川菜中的水煮牛蛙是最广受欢迎的。Pre-fried bullfrogs are poached in oil packed with strong spices, such as chili peppers and flower peppers, then served in a larger bowl and garnished with fresh coriander.将牛蛙先煸一下,然后放入热油中煮,加入辛辣的调味品,如辣椒和花椒,然后用大碗盛出,洒上新鲜的香菜。Often, the oil is still bubbling while being served.通常情况下,刚上桌的水煮牛蛙的热油还冒着泡。It#39;s an unbeatable sharing dish for a big group. It#39;s most satisfying with a bowl of white rice.这是一个集体共享的绝佳食物,配上白米饭最好吃。In China, chicken meat attached to the bones is considered the most flavorful.在中国,带骨头的鸡肉被认为是最美味的。That#39;s why the majority of chicken dishes in China are served with the bones.这就是为什么大多数的鸡肉菜肴在中国是带着骨头上桌的。This dish is typical. Spring chickens are boiled till tender, then chopped up and served with a dipping sauce.这道白斩鸡就是一个典型。将童子鸡煮到肉嫩,剁碎后蘸酱吃。The chunky meat is nice, but the tastiest bits are actually the bones, which locals love to suck. They#39;re even yummier with the magic of the sweet, sour and gingery sauce.一块块的鸡肉固然好吃,但是最美味的部分其实是鸡骨头,当地人最喜欢嘬鸡骨头。白斩鸡蘸上甜甜酸酸的姜味酱料吃起来更加美味。 /201701/489794。