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武义县儿童医院门诊部营业时间金东区雕眉粉黛眉海藻眉飘眉哪家便宜价格Global warming is having an impact on human and natural systems world-wide, scientists warned in a report Monday, calling for swift action to mitigate the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on the planet. 科学家们周一在一份报告里警告说,全球变暖正对人类和全球自然系统产生影响。他们呼吁迅速采取行动,缓解温室气体排放对地球的影响。The report, released by the ed Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, is the second portion of a four-part report, and follows the September release of the first portion, which focused on scientific evidence for global warming.上述报告由联合国政府间气候变化专门委员会(ed Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change,简称IPCC)发布,是一个由四部分组成的报告的第二部分,其中专注全球变暖科学依据的第一部分已在去年9月发布。#39;What happens in terms of impact of climate change in different parts of the world will be determined to a large extent (by how much) we are prepared and able to mitigate the emissions of greenhouse gasses,#39; IPCC Chairman Rajendra K. Pachauri said. IPCC主席帕乔里(Rajendra K. Pachauri)说:气候变化对世界各地产生怎样的影响,很大程度上将由我们准备且能够减少多少温室气体排放决定。The report said that besides an increase in global average temperature, climate change was having a widesp impact on everything from water resources to food production and weather patterns. 报告说,除全球平均气温增加以外,气候变化还对从水资源到食品生产及天气模式等一切事物产生广泛影响。It said that without action to address the problem, by the year 2100, hundreds of millions of people could be affected by coastal flooding and displaced due to land loss. 报告说,如不对这一问题采取任何行动,到2100年,受海岸洪灾和土地流失影响而背井离乡者可能会达到数亿人。#39;Impacts from recent extreme climatic events, such as heat waves, droughts, floods, and wildfires, show significant vulnerability and exposure of some ecosystems and many human systems to climate variability,#39; the report warned. 报告警告说,热浪、干旱、洪灾和森林大火等近期极端气候事件的影响显示出,一些生态系统和很多人类系统都非常容易受到气候变异的影响。The report said climate change may affect the reliability of pipelines and electricity grids, as well as tourism resorts, especially ski and beach resorts. 报告说,气候变化可能影响到管道、电网和旅游度假区的可靠性,特别是滑雪和海边度假地的可靠性。It also said climate change had the largest impact on people who are socially and economically marginalized. 报告还称,对于在社会上和经济上被边缘化的人来说,气候变化对他们的影响最大。#39;Climate change will exacerbate poverty in low and lower-middle income countries, including high mountain states, countries at risk from sea-level rise, and countries with indigenous peoples, and create new poverty pockets in upper-middle to high-income countries in which inequality is increasing,#39; it said. 报告称,气候变化将加剧中低收入国家的贫困状况,其中包括高山国家、因海平面的上升而面临危险的国家以及拥有原住民的国家,还将在贫富差距日益增大的中高收入国家产生新的贫困人口。But funding needed to offset the impact of climate change is lacking, the report warned, saying developing countries would need between billion to 0 billion a year to implement needed measures. And efforts to reduce the effects of climate change would only have a marginal effect on reducing poverty unless #39;structural inequalities are addressed and needs for equity among poor and non-poor people are met.#39; 但报告警告说,缺乏抵消气候变化影响所需的资金。报告说,发展中国家每年需要700亿至1,000亿美元实施必要的措施。此外,各种减少气候变化影响的措施对减贫只会产生微乎其微的效果,除非结构性贫富差距得以消除,贫困人口和非贫困人口要求平等的诉求得到满足。The report was the culmination of efforts by hundreds of scientists, and portrays a sobering picture of what civilization may face in the coming decades, and emphasized that climate change is happening now. 这份报告是数百名科学家汗水的结晶,它描绘出一幅令人深思的图景,显示出未来几十年人类文明可能面临的问题,它还强调气候变化正在发生。#39;Present-day choices thus affect the risks of climate change throughout the 21st century,#39; it said. 报告说,今日的选择因此会影响整个21世纪的气候变化风险。Economically, the report said a global temperature rise of 2.5 degrees celcius above preindustrial levels could lead to global economic losses between 0.2% and 2.0% of income. By the end of the century, it said climate change could reduce labor productivity by 11%-27% in humid, tropical areas. 报告说,就经济方面而言,如果全球气温较工业时代之前的水平上升2.5摄氏度,则可能使全球经济收入损失0.2%至2.0%。报告说,到本世纪结束,气候变化可能使潮湿、热带地区劳动生产率降低11%-27%。The IPCC#39;s credibility has come under scrutiny since a 2007 report that contained errors about the pace of the melting of Himalayan glaciers. 2007年,IPCC发布了一份报告,报告中有关喜马拉雅冰川消融的速度有误,此后IPCC的信誉一直受到质疑。 /201404/283466金华丽都整形医院网上预约咨询 As a terrifying outbreak of Ebola virus sps across west Africa, the world is beginning to wake up to the threat of a public health disaster in the region – and possibly more widely – but efforts to contain the epidemic require much more local co-ordination and global support. With more than 1,100 cases and 660 deaths reported so far, this is not only the largest Ebola epidemic to date but also the first to threaten urban west Africa, where populations are larger and more mobile than in the relatively isolated central parts of the continent affected previously.随着可怕的埃拉病毒在西非各地不断蔓延,世界开始对西非(抑或更广泛地区)爆发一场公共健康灾难的威胁警觉起来,但遏制疫情需要当地更多的合作和全球的持。迄今报道的感染人数超过1100人,死亡人数为660人,这不仅是历史上最严重的埃拉疫情,而且还是该病毒首次威胁城镇化率更高的西非地区——与此前爆发疫情的相对封闭的中非地区相比,西非人口更多,而且流动性也更强。Ebola’s scary reputation is based on its lethality – the virus kills about 60 per cent of those it infects – and the lack of any effective treatment beyond making sure that patients are kept fully hydrated. But it is not as contagious as some other germs such as influenza that can sp considerable distances through the air. People catch Ebola by physical contact with an infected person or animal; scientists believe fruit bats, often eaten as bushmeat in Africa, are a reservoir of infection.埃拉病毒的可怕名声源于其致死率(约为60%),而且除了确保病人充分补水以外,目前还无其他有效的治疗方案。但它的传染性不如流感等其他病毒,后者可以通过空气传播至相当远的地方。埃拉病毒通过与受感染患者或动物的物理接触传染。科学家相信,在非洲常被当作野生动物食用的果蝠是埃拉病毒的宿主。Sophisticated healthcare, with quick diagnosis of suspected cases followed by barrier nursing and medical care, could halt the epidemic. The challenge is to provide that – or something closer to it than exists in much of west Africa today – in a region where the public health infrastructure is generally poor.成熟的医疗卫生,加上对疑似病例的快速诊断,再加上隔离看护和治疗,可能阻止疫情的传播。挑战在于,一个公共卫生基础设施普遍匮乏的地区很难提供这些务。西非大部分地区的医疗水平与之相距太大。The World Health Organisation is aly co-ordinating regional action with west African governments, and the medical assistance body Médecins Sans Frontières is active in the fight against Ebola, alongside some smaller western health charities. But they need more help from governments and agencies in the developed world, such as the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.世界卫生组织(WHO)已在与西非各国政府协调地区行动,医疗援助机构“无国界医生组织”(Medecins Sans Frontieres)与一些较小的西方医疗慈善机构一起,也积极参与到抗击埃拉病毒的行动中。但它们需要来自发达世界的政府和机构——比如美国疾病控制与预防中心(US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention)——的更多帮助。The first requirement is for better and faster diagnosis so that doctors can tell as quickly as possible whether someone is infected with Ebola, which resembles many other illnesses in its early symptoms. Because samples from suspected Ebola patients are an extreme biohazard risk, they must be handled in high-containment testing facilities, which are in short supply in west Africa.第一个需求是更快更好的诊断,让医生可以尽快确诊某人是否感染埃拉病毒。感染该病毒的初期症状与其他许多疾病类似。由于从疑似感染埃拉病毒患者提取的样本的生物危害风险极大,因此必须在高防护的检测中心检测这些样本,但这些设施在西非供应不足。Then patients must be treated in complete isolation by staff wearing full protective clothing (masks, gloves, gowns and goggles), with all equipment sterilised and patients kept away from friends and family. The World Medical Association warned yesterday that serious shortages of protective equipment were putting the lives of doctors and nurses at risk in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone; indeed several health workers, including two Americans, have aly been infected. Health workers fighting bravely in the front line against Ebola deserve all the technical help they can get.接下来病人必须接受完全隔离治疗,由穿着全套防护(面罩、手套、长袍和护目镜)的医疗人员护理,对所有设备消毒,禁止病人与朋友和家人接触。世界医学会(World Medical Association)昨日警告称,防护装备严重短缺正让几内亚、利比里亚和塞拉利昂的医生和护士的生命处于危险当中;实际上,包括两名美国人在内的多名医护人员已经受到感染。勇敢地战斗在抗击埃拉病毒第一线的医护人员,理应获得他们能够获得的所有技术援助。While equipping and protecting staff properly is a matter of money and logistics, unhelpful social and cultural attitudes in west Africa will be harder to tackle – and will need assistance from local religious and political leaders.为医护人员提供合适的装备和保护是资金和后勤的问题,而更大的问题在于西非的社会和文化态度,它们对于抗击疫情毫无帮助,这将需要当地宗教和政治领导人出手干预。Many people in the region are suspicious of western healthcare and would rather take care of infected family members in the community than send them to an isolation hospital which they see as a place to die. Traditional death rituals, such as washing the body before a funeral, must also be suspended for Ebola victims.该地区的许多人不相信西方的医疗保健,宁愿在社区里照顾受感染的家人,也不愿送到被他们视为死亡之地的隔离医院。因感染埃拉病毒而死亡的患者也不应举行传统的死亡仪式,比如在葬礼前清洗尸体。While Ebola is primarily a health issue, it could quickly become an economic crisis, too, for the region. Travel restrictions are appearing; yesterday Liberia closed most of its border crossings in an effort to halve the sp of the disease and Arik Air, a leading Nigerian airline, stopped flying from Liberia and Sierra Leone. The threat to international business and investment in west Africa should add weight to the humanitarian arguments for more decisive action against Ebola.尽管埃拉病毒主要是一个健康问题,但它可能很快演变为该地区的经济危机。已经出现了一些旅游禁令;昨日利比里亚关闭了大多数边界通道,以努力阻止埃拉病毒的传播,尼日利亚主要航空公司Arik Air停飞了从利比里亚和塞拉利昂出发的航班。不论是出于人道主义,还是考虑到埃拉对西非国际企业和投资造成的威胁,各方都应对埃拉病毒采取更果断的行动。 /201407/316554金华市哪家割双眼皮比较好

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金华中心整形医院祛眼袋手术多少钱MOSCOW — With the latest round of sanctions against Russia, the ed States Treasury Department said it had “increased the cost of economic isolation for key Russian firms,” like the state oil company Rosneft and the banking arm of the natural gas giant Gazprom.莫斯科——随着针对俄罗斯的最新一轮制裁出炉,美国财政部表示,此举已“提高了俄罗斯关键企业经济孤立的代价”。这些企业包括:国有油企俄罗斯石油公司(Rosneft,简称俄油),以及天然气巨头俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司(Gazprom,简称俄气)旗下的。The isolation, though, does not extend to the companies’ growing reliance on Chinese lending, a trend in the Russian natural resources industry that will blunt the effect of sanctions aimed at the finances of Russian oil companies.不过,这种孤立并未触及这些企业对中国贷款越来越深的依赖。在俄罗斯自然资源行业中出现的这一趋势,将削弱针对该国油气企业融资能力的制裁的效力。Energy companies form the backbone of the Russian economy. If oil and gas are taken together, they export more energy than Saudi Arabia, and that money props up the military of President Vladimir V. Putin. Rosneft is the world’s largest publicly traded oil company, pumping about 4.1 million barrels daily.能源企业构成了俄罗斯经济的中流砥柱。该国油气合计的能源出口量超越了沙特阿拉伯,而由此带来的收入撑了总统弗拉基米尔·V·普京(Vladimir V. Putin)的军力。俄油是世界上最大的上市油企,日产量约为410万桶。Given the gigantic outlays for drilling wells and building pipelines in the Siberian wilderness, such companies rely deeply on cheap sources of capital. The Chinese have been willing to oblige.考虑到在西伯利亚荒野之中钻井及铺设管线的巨额成本,这些企业严重依赖廉价的资金来源。在这方面,中国人一直乐于配合。“We absolutely don’t expect any impact on the operations or finances of Rosneft or Novatek,” another Russian energy company hit with sanctions on Wednesday, said Pavel Kushnir, an oil and gas analyst at Deutsche Bank in Russia.德意志(Deutsche Bank)驻俄罗斯油气分析师帕维尔·库什尼尔(Pavel Kushnir)表示,“我们认为,俄油或诺瓦泰克(Novatek)的运营和融资绝不会受到任何影响。”诺瓦泰克是周三列入制裁名单的又一家俄罗斯能源企业。“There is a possibility the Chinese banks will try to increase the cost of financing to take advantage of the situation, but this is just speculation,” he said. “I think it will have no impact.”“有一种可能性是,中国的会利用当前局势来试图抬升融资成本,不过这只是猜测而已,”他说。“我想,不会有任何影响。”The sanctions were so narrowly focused that some financial analysts in Moscow saw them as largely symbolic. The broader significance, they say, was mostly an implied threat of broader measures to come, should the crisis drag on.制裁措施针对的范畴十分有限,因此莫斯科的一些分析人士认为,它们在很大程度上是象征性的。他们表示,更大的意义基本在于,发出隐含的威胁信号:倘若危机拖延下去,更多制裁将接踵而至。“What is most important is the sentiment,” said Vladimir Tikhomirov, chief economist with S Financial Group, a Moscow brokerage firm. “If the situation doesn’t improve around Ukraine, which doesn’t seem very likely, there could be another sanction. That will affect risk premium around all new debt issues.”“最重要的是市场情绪,”莫斯科经纪公司S金融集团(S Financial Group)的首席经济师弗拉基米尔·蒂霍米罗夫(Vladimir Tikhomirov)说。“如果乌克兰局势没有改善——似乎不太可能——就还会有新的制裁。那样就会影响到与所有新债务问题有关的风险溢价。”The third round of sanctions did cross a new line by focusing on large publicly traded enterprises in major sectors of the Russian economy. The latest measures prohibit American banks and investors from proffering loans with a maturation of more than 90 days to four Russian companies — Rosneft, Novatek, Gazprombank and VEB, the state foreign trade bank.第三轮制裁的确有所突破,针对的是俄罗斯主要经济部门的大型上市企业。这些最新的制裁措施规定,禁止美国及投资者向四家俄罗斯公司提供期限超过90天的贷款。这四家企业分别是:俄油、诺瓦泰克、俄罗斯天然气工业(Gazprombank),以及该国的对外经贸——开发与外经(VEB)。The move weighed broadly on Russian stocks. Shares in Rosneft were down 4.3 percent. The Russian Micex, which had climbed back from its losses after the first round of sanctions in March, was off 2.6 percent.此举重创了俄罗斯股市。俄油的股价下跌了4.3%。俄罗斯Micex指数本已从首轮制裁后的低谷恢复元气,但此次下挫了2.6%。And the fallout could prove substantial for some on the new list. Among the eight military industrial companies banned from doing business with Americans was the Kalashnikov Concern, the maker of AK assault rifles and their civilian variants, called Saigas, which are popular in the ed States. In recent years, about 30 percent of the factory’s output has been sold in the ed States, the world’s largest civilian gun market.对新制裁名单上的一些公司而言,后果可能会相当严重。在禁止与美国进行业务来往的八家军工企业中,就有卡拉什尼科夫集团(Kalashnikov Concern)。该公司是AK突击步及其民用版本赛加(Saiga)的生产商。后者在美国市场上颇受欢迎。近些年来,公司产量的30%左右销往美国这一世界第一大的民用市场。The Kalashnikov factory’s parent company, Rostec, issued a statement lamenting the sanctions’ “negative effect on cooperation between a number of Russian and American companies, and threat to tear apart the common trust.”卡拉什尼科夫集团的母公司俄罗斯技术集团公司(Rostec)发表声明,抱怨制裁“对多家俄罗斯与美国企业之间的合作造成负面影响,并可能撕裂双方的互信”。While the latest sanctions are not likely to inflict deep pain, Rosneft and other Russian energy companies may have to get more creative about their financing needs. China, for one, has proved a good source of funds in the past.尽管最新一轮的制裁不太可能造成巨大的痛苦,但俄油等俄罗斯能源企业或许不得不在满足自身的融资需求上更富创意。比如,中国过去已明是个不错的资金来源地。Rosneft has repeatedly turned to Chinese lending during periods of tension with the West including taking a billion loan from the Chinese in 2005 to buy Yukos assets. At the end of the first quarter this year, Rosneft reported billion in commercial debt owed to mostly Western banks and billion in funds received as prepayment for future oil deliveries, of which analysts estimate about billion is Chinese financing.在与西方关系紧张的时期,俄油曾反复转向中国借贷。比如2005年,俄油从中国贷款60亿美元(当时约合490亿元人民币),来收购尤科斯石油公司(Yukos)的资产。今年第一季度末,俄油通报欠有410亿美元(约合2540亿元人民币)的商业债务,债主多数为西方,另有250亿美元为石油预付款。分析人士估计,其中约有200亿美元是来自中国的融资。Rosneft has not disclosed details of the Chinese prepayment agreement, or its upper limit. But Mr. Kushnir, the Deutsche Bank analyst, noted that last fall Rosneft retired some Western bank debt with prepayment funds most likely from Chinese sources, suggesting the terms are at least competitive with commercial loans.俄油没有披露与中国之间的预付款协议的细节,或是其金额上限。不过,德意志的分析师库什尼指出,去年秋季,俄油用预付款偿还了欠西方的部分债务,而这些预付款很可能来自中国。这表明,预付款的条件至少与商贷差不多优惠。During a state visit of Mr. Putin to China in May, Novatek, the other energy company placed under sanctions on Wednesday, secured Chinese financing to build a liquefied natural gas plant at Sabetta on the Yamal Peninsula in the Arctic Ocean, intended to supply Asian markets by crossing thawing Arctic shipping lanes. During that visit, Gazprom also negotiated a prepayment for future sales to China.普京今年5月对中国进行了国事访问,期间诺瓦泰克与中方达成协议,将利用其资金在北冰洋亚马尔半岛的萨贝尔港建造一座液化天然气工厂。这座工厂意在利用北冰洋逐渐融化的货运航线来向亚洲市场供气。本周三,诺瓦泰克成为被列入制裁名单的又一家能源企业。在普京的那次访问期间,俄气也与中国谈成了一项未来供气的预付款协议。If sanctions widen, though, Rosneft and others may find their position more challenging.然而,假如制裁进一步扩大,俄油等企业或许会发现自身的处境愈发艰难。Rosneft, Mr. Tikhomirov said, will inevitably pay higher rates if European banks follow the cue from the ed States and the company is eventually cut off from the dollar bond market, the most liquid globally.蒂霍米罗夫认为,倘若欧洲的按美国的指示行事,俄油又最终被全球流动性最强的美元债券市场排除在外,它就不可避免地要付出更高的利息。That could complicate a number of Rosneft’s major projects in the works, like plans to drill in the Arctic, and to buy Morgan Stanley’s oil unit. “It will have to manage its balance by either cutting costs, or deciding not to pursue projects,” Mr. Tikhomirov said.那样的话,可能会让俄油正在进行的多个大型项目复杂化,包括在北冰洋钻探和收购根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)石油部门的计划。“俄油将不得不保障自身的收平衡,要么削减成本,要么做出停止项目的决定,”蒂霍米罗夫说。 /201407/313183 The fast-food chain Burger King will largely discontinue its so-called Satisfries after the low-calorie french-fry alternative failed to win over consumers.低卡路里炸薯条迟迟未能赢得消费者的芳心,快餐连锁店汉堡王(Burger King)因此将大规模停售低脂薯条(Satisfries)。Poor sales for the crinkle-cut variety, which promised 40% less fat and 30% fewer calories than their classic cousins, did them in, according to a Bloomberg report. About two-thirds of the company’s stores in the U.S. and Canada are aly phasing out the product.据彭社(Bloomberg)报道,低迷的销量是这款食品被放弃的主要原因。低脂薯条是波纹薯条的一种,但其所含脂肪比经典款低40%,卡路里也减少了30%。在美国和加拿大,汉堡王有三分之二的门店正在逐步停止销售这款产品。Satisfries were launched with much fanfare in September as a way to boost the company’s sales and attract diners who preferred to eat healthier options. The company characterized it as “one of the biggest fast food launches,” a particularly bold claim as peers like McDonald’s and Wendy’s fiercely compete by rolling out new twists on classic products such as burgers with jalapeno peppers or pretzel buns. (The chains are also competing in less savory ways.)去年九月份,为了刺激销售和吸引更注重健康饮食的消费者,汉堡王大张旗鼓推出了低脂薯条。公司将其描述为“规模最大的快餐产品上市”,这是非常大胆的言论,因为竞争对手麦当劳(McDonald’s)和温蒂汉堡(Wendy’s)也纷纷在经典食品上推出新花样,例如加入墨西哥辣椒的汉堡和贝索餐包等。(这些连锁店也在用好吃之外的方式竞争。)The fry saga is hardly over for the company, though. On Tuesday, the company announced the revival of its Chicken Fries, which first launched in 2005.但汉堡王的薯条冒险远未结束。周二,汉堡王宣布重新推出“炸鸡条”(Chicken Fries),该产品曾于2005年首次上市。 /201408/323638金华脱腿毛一般多少钱浙江金华市激光治疗红血丝价格




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