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Walpole sat at the controlling centre of a vast empire of patronage.沃波尔奉谕旨坐镇于帝国的权利中心The jobs at his disposal conferred honour as well as cash on the holder他所分派的职位不仅位高权重 且油水十足and they were dangled on a string by the great political puppeteer.而他任用的官员一举一动都由他幕后操控In retrospect, we can see that Walpole built Britain#39;s, in fact the world#39;s,回顾历史 我们不难发现 沃波尔建立了全英 乃至世界first modern party political machine.首个现代政党体制He had placemen in parliament primed to vote as he directed.他操控议员按照他的意志投票He had George I and then George II eating out of the palm of his hand.并将乔治一世和之后的乔治二世 玩弄于股掌之间And in case anyone was tempted to flirt with the Opposition,为防止有人与在野党相勾结he had the kind of information that could make life really difficult for them.他搜集了众多 对在野党不利的情报In short, Walpole had the goods.总之 沃波尔权倾朝野 风光无限The goods, in fact, in every sense of the word.他的风光实际上涵盖了各个方面For as well as looking after the country#39;s interest,最大化国家利益的同时Walpole made sure he looked after his own.沃波尔也努力扩充自己的财富Just how much of a fortune he made for himself其敛财数额之巨is spectacularly on view here at his country house in Norfolk, Houghton Hall.仅从他位于诺福克的霍顿府邸就可见一斑Houghton was the Whig Xanadu, the last word in opulence.霍顿府邸是辉格党的圣地 堂皇富丽Anything that riches could buy, Walpole bought.只要钱能买到的 沃波尔都会买Marble, mahogany, figured damask,shimmering silks and satins, classical sculpture,大理石 红木 花纹锦缎 绚丽丝绸 传世雕像glorious Renaissance and Baroque art,all shipped to his East Anglian pleasure dome.甚至文艺复兴的杰作 巴洛克时期的珍品 都被珍藏于他的东盎格鲁圆顶珍宝室中 /201705/510067新英语900句视频版 第19课:我需要一份工作 文本如下:LAURA: Hi, Bill.嗨, 比尔你好.BILL: Hi, Laura. How are you today?嗨, 罗拉. 你今天怎么样?LAURA: Awful. I resigned.糟透了! 我辞职了.BILL: You resigned? Why?你辞职了? 为什么?BILL: You liked the job, didn#39;t you?你不是蛮喜欢那份工作吗?LAURA: Yes and no. I never liked my boss. You know that.喜欢也不喜欢. 我始终都不喜欢我的老板, 这个你是知道的.BILL: Yes. But it was an interesting job, wasn#39;t it?对, 可是那份工作不是蛮有趣的吗?LAURA: Yes.是的.LAURA: We handled all the advertising and promotion for the Fair.我们负责万会所有的广告与宣传促销.BILL: Well, what are you going to do now?那么, 你现在打算怎么样.LAURA: Find another job. Do you need a secretary?找新工作. 你需不需要一个秘书?LAURA: I type sixty words a minute.我一分钟可以打六十个字.BILL: No, not today. But did you look in the newspaper?今天不需要. 不过你可曾在报纸上找过?LAURA: Yes. Nobody needs a secretary this week.找过了, 这个礼拜那里都不缺秘书.BILL: What about the employment office here at the Fair?万会的人事处如何呢?BILL: Did you check with them?你到那边问过没有?LAURA: No, I didn#39;t.没有, 我没有.BILL: Why not?为什么不去呢?LAURA: Because they aren#39;t going to help me.因为他们不会帮助我的.LAURA: I resigned from a good job!我已经辞掉一份很好的工作!BILL: Maybe you#39;re wrong.也许你错了.LAURA: Oh, Bill. You need recommendations to get a good job. Mr. Crawford isn#39;t going to give me a recommendation.噢, 比尔, 要找一份好工作, 非有以前雇主的推荐不可. 郭佛先生不会帮我写推荐函的.BILL: Look.我跟你讲,BILL: Mr. Crawford is difficult to work for, right?替郭佛先生作事很艰难, 你说是不是?LAURA: Right.是.BILL: Well, maybe the employment office knows it, too.也许人事处里也知道这个情形.LAURA: Is that possible?有那个可能吗?BILL: Of course, it#39;s possible! Maybe you#39;re his seventh secretary in two years!当然有可能! 说不定你是他两年来第七任秘书!LAURA: Maybe. Thanks, Bill.也许吧. 谢谢你, 比尔.BILL: Don#39;t mention it. Good luck.不足挂齿, 祝你成功!MRS.CRAWFORD: Hi, dear. How was your day?嗨, 亲爱的, 你回来啦! 今天过得好吗?MR.CRAWFORD: Oh, the same.噢, 老样子.MRS.CRAWFORD: How#39;s your secretary? Does she come in on time now?你那个秘书怎么样? 她最近准时上班吗?MR.CRAWFORD: Yes... well, in fact, she resigned today.是的... 嗯, 事实上, 她今天已辞职了.MRS.CRAWFORD: Laura? Resigned? Why?罗拉? 辞职了? 为什么?MR.CRAWFORD: I don#39;t know. Maybe because I criticized her typing.我不知道. 也许是因为我批评她打字技术不好.MRS.CRAWFORD: She#39;s a good typist, isn#39;t she?她是一位好打字员, 对不对?MR.CRAWFORD: Yes, usually.是, 通常是打得不错.MRS.CRAWFORD: Well?怎么讲?MR.CRAWFORD: ;Usually; isn#39;t ;always.;;通常; 是不等于 ;经常; 的.MRS.CRAWFORD: You are too critical, dear.你太挑剔了, 亲爱的!MR.CRAWFORD: Please. It#39;s my business.拜托, 那是我的事情.MRS.CRAWFORD: Don#39;t talk to me that way. And don#39;t forget, it was my father#39;s business. You#39;re too critical of everything and everyone; of me, of the boys...不要这样对我说话,你也不要忘了,公司本来是我爸爸的.你对每一个人,每一件事物都太挑剔, 包括我, 我们的儿子...MR.CRAWFORD: Jane, please, don#39;t bother me.珍, 我求你不要烦我.MRS.CRAWFORD: Look, Gary, I live here, too. They are my sons, too.贾瑞你听我讲, 这个家也是我的, 儿子也是我的...MR.CRAWFORD: I#39;m tired, and I don#39;t want to talk about it.我很累, 我不想讨论这些. /200809/47384TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201609/463941Garbage from the beach will enable me to collect it.从海滩捡来的垃圾可用来收集淡水What you got to do is put a knot in that end to hold it in there,只要在那一端打个结 把绳子固定and then just make a big cluster of knots on this end.然后在这一端打一个大结And what you want is just to be able to squeeze it into the funnel right there,接着 把这个结挤一挤 塞到塑料瓶里面and then what#39;s gonna happen is that the water is gonna drip off the seep, down the line,and then into the bottle.等着瞧吧 水会慢慢地渗出来 再顺着绳子 滴到瓶子里And it#39;s not gonna be fast, but, you know, over a day,that#39;s gonna fill up.这过程会比较缓慢 但最多一天 瓶子就会装满And that actually, you see that starting to work aly.实际上 可以看到已经开始收集水了See where it#39;s just going darker at the top,and that#39;s slowly seeping its way down the line.绳子上端有水渗入 所以颜色变深了 水会慢慢地沿着绳子渗透下来Adults need three liters of fluid a day.成人每天需要3升淡水Drink less, and your health can deteriorate,with it your ability to think straight and make rational decisions.饮水不足会使人健康状况恶化 变得思维混乱 难以作出理智的决定Along the seas here are just teeming,teeming with fishes.这片海域生活着 不计其数的鱼类If you can get them, it#39;s good protein.I#39;m gonna try my hand at a bit of spear-fishing.如果你能抓到 那是极好的蛋白质来源 我要试着做一个鱼叉I#39;ve got this booby skull that I found, and all I need do is fix that to the end.刚才捡到了这个鲣鸟的头骨 我要做的就是 把它安在这头It makes a good, natural three-pronged spear.Platted banana husk makes excellent cordage.就成了一把浑然天成的 三股鱼叉 可以用芭蕉树皮编出坚韧的绳索Once you#39;re done, lash it all together.Then you got a nice three-pronged spear there.编完后 把它们捆在一起 就得到一把尖锐的三股鱼叉And it#39;s actually how the birds themselves hunt.They dive, spear the fish,and pull them out.而且这正是鲣鸟捕猎的方式 它们一头扎入水中 刺向鱼儿 把鱼从水里揪出来It#39;s good enought for them,good enough for me. Let#39;s give it a go.既然海鸟能这样捕食 我也可以 试试吧 Article/201606/451021Every minute of the fly plan has to be checked and double-checked.飞行计划需再三确认A second helicopter with the camera draw board will be flying in close formation.另一架装载着摄影器材的直升机 将以密集队形随行It#39;s important of the speed on that,cause I can#39;t...I can#39;t shoot it till it#39;s up.至关重要的是飞行速度 否则我无法仰拍You see that, then you go up there to show me that with it.Yeah, I got you.你往上爬升后 我才好取景 我明白了Once it reach the drop sight, I#39;ll rapple for that breen chopper.抵达投落区后 我就从那架褐绿色直升机上垂降而下It would be down to me,but without careful planning, it could all go wrong.成败在于我的行动 但如果没有谨慎的安排 危险时刻存在I always said to the guys,look, you gotta get it right every single time,you don#39;t even get it wrong once.我常对他们说 我们必须做到万无一失 任何错误都难以承受So we need to really look out for each other,and make sure above,together with safe.我们必须时刻相互照应 最重要的 是大家的安全Once the polit set that plane,it#39;s time to go.飞行员一发动直升机 就该出发了I#39;m being dropped deep into the wilderness by the Alaska air national guard.阿拉斯加空军正要把我 送入这片荒蛮之地you don#39;t want to get lost down here,but if you do, these are the guys who will be looking to get you out.你肯定不想在这迷路 但万一如此 救你出来的就是这帮弟兄We#39;re in position, and 80 feet up.The only way is down.我们到达指定位置 离地80英尺 唯一的办法就是绳降Helicopter rappel is always full of risk,cause you got rotors,uh...rope...and people that could get caught up.直升机绳降 总是危险重重 因为有旋翼 绳子和人都可能被卷进去This Pave Hawk is a combat chopper,so it#39;s a ideal platform for a rapid insertion.这架铺路鹰机是战斗用机 是极其理想的速降平台The Pave Hawk helicopter is a fully kitted out black hawk helicopter.铺路鹰是顶级装备的黑鹰直升机It#39;s the military helicopter you see in used,它隶属于军方and looked up in a different line that you gotta need come back one day.你抬头一看 会觉得像是要上战场一般 Article/201610/472151

You asked for it. So in this American English pronunciation ,你们要求过这个,所以,在这个美式英语发音视频里,we#39;re going to do a Ben Franklin exercise where we take real American English conversation我们会选取一个真实的美式英语对话,把它做成一个本·富兰克林练习,and analyze the American accent to improve listening comprehension and pronunciation skills.然后分析美式发音,提高听力理解和发音技巧。First, let#39;s listen to the whole conversation.首先,我们来听一下整个对话。HaQuyen, this is Tom. Hi. Hi. Nice to meet you. How are you? Nice to meet you, too.HaQuyen,这是Tom。 你好。 你好。 见到你很高兴。 你好吗?见到你我也很高兴。Have you guys met before? Um...你们之前见过吗? 呃......I don#39;t think so. No, not, not in person. But you#39;ve told me about him.我想应该没有。 没有,没有见过真人。但是你跟我说过他。Okay. It seems like you have because I#39;ve known both of you for so long, but... Yeah.好吧。看起来你们好像见过,因为我已经认识你们两个很久了,但是...... 是啊。Never overlapped. Yeah, well, it#39;s about time!从没有过交集。 是啊,不过,现在是时候认识了!Now for the analysis.现在开始分析。HaQuyen, this is Tom.HaQuyen,这是Tom。Did you notice how the second syllable of ;HaQuyen; and the syllable ;Tom; were the most stressed?你注意到了吗?“HaQuyen”的第二个音节和“Tom”这个音节是最重的。They had that up down shape. Especially ;Tom;, which came down in pitch at the end of the sentence.它们都有先升后降的形状。尤其是“Tom”,它的音调在句尾降了下来。HaQuyen, this is Tom.HaQuyen,这是Tom。We want this shape in our stressed syllables. The two words ;this is; were flatter and quicker.我们在重读音节里会有这样的形状。而“this is”这两个单词就更平,更快。HaQuyen, this is Tom. (loop two times) Hi. Hi.HaQuyen,这是Tom。(循环两次) 你好。 你好。Both words, ;hi, hi, hi;, had that up down shape. ;Hi. Hi.;这两个“hi”都有先升后降的形状,“hi, hi, hi”, 你好。 你好。Hi. Hi. (loop three times) Nice to meet you.你好。 你好。(循环三次) 见到你很高兴。These two phrases happened at the same time.这两句话是同时说出来的。HaQuyen said, ;Nice to meet you.; What#39;s the most stressed word there? Nice to meet you. (loop two times)HaQuyen说,“Nice to meet you.”这里最重的单词是哪个呢?Nice to meet you. (循环两次);Meet;. ;Nice; also had some stress, a little longer. ;Nice to meet you.;是“Meet”。“Nice”也有一些重音,稍微长一点。“Nice to meet you.”The word ;to; was reduced. Rather than the OO vowel, we have the schwa. ;Nice to, to, to.;单词“to”被略读了。我们把它读成了弱读音,而不是OO元音。“Nice to, to, to.”Nice to meet you. (loop two times)见到你很高兴。(循环两次);Nice to meet you.; What did you notice about the pronunciation of this T?见到你很高兴。你注意到这个T的发音了吗?Nice to meet you. (loop two times)见到你很高兴。(循环两次)It was a Stop T. ;Meet you.; There was no release of the T sound.这是个顿音T。“Meet you.”T音没有被发出来。Nice to meet you. (loop two times)见到你很高兴。(循环两次)Tom#39;s phrase, ;How are you? How are you?;Tom的句子, 你好吗? 你好吗?How are you? (loop two times)你好吗?(循环两次)He stressed the word ;are;. ;How are you?;他重读了单词“are”。“How are you?”How are you? (loop two times)你好吗?(循环两次)You#39;ll also hear this with the word ;you; stressed. ;How are you?;你还会听到单词“you”被重读。“How are you?”How are you? Nice to meet you, too.你好吗?见到你我也很高兴。Tom really stressed the word ;too;.Tom还重读了单词“too”。Nice to meet you, too. (loop two times)见到你我也很高兴。(循环两次)It was the loudest and clearest of the sentence.它是句中音最重最清晰的单词。Nice to meet you, too. (loop two times)见到你我也很高兴。(循环两次)He, like HaQuyen, also reduced the word ;to; to the schwa. ;To, nice to, nice to meet you.;他像HaQuyen一样也把单词“to”略读成了弱读音。“To, nice to, nice to meet you.”Nice to meet you, too. (loop two times)见到你我也很高兴。(循环两次)Also, again like HaQuyen, he made a Stop T here. He did not release the T sound. ;Meet you.;像HaQuyen一样,他这里也把T读成了顿音。他没有把T音发出来。“Meet you.”Nice to meet you, too. (loop two times) Have you guys met before?见到你我也很高兴。(循环两次)你们之前见过吗?I put a little break here, between ;guys; and ;met;, while I thought about what I was going to say.在“guys”和“met”之间,我停顿了一下,想了想我要说什么。Have you guys met before?你们之前见过吗?Did you notice my pronunciation of T? A Stop T.你注意到我发的T音了吗?是个顿音T。Met before?见过吗?We tend to make T#39;s Stop T#39;s when the next word begins with a consonant.当后面的单词以辅音开头时,我们会把T发成顿音T。Or, when the word is at the end of a thought or sentence.或者,当这个单词是在一句话或一个观点的结尾时,我们也会把它发成顿音T。Met before? (loop two times) Have you guys met before?见过吗? (循环两次) 你们之前见过吗?What do you notice about the intonation of the sentence? How does it end?你注意到这句话的语调了吗?它是怎样结尾的?Have you guys met before?你们之前见过吗?;Before?; It goes up in pitch.“Before?” 它的语调上升。Have you guys met before?你们之前见过吗?That#39;s because this is a yes/no question. A question that can be answered with yes or no goes up in pitch at the end.这是因为它是一个简单疑问句。简单疑问句的语调在句尾要上升。Other questions, and statements, go down in pitch.其他的问句和陈述句语调要下降。I don#39;t think so.我想应该没有。;I don#39;t think so, I don#39;t think so.; Again, there was a clear stop in sound here. ;I don#39;t think so.;我想应该没有。我想应该没有。这里又有一个很明显的顿音。“I don’t think so.”I don#39;t thinks so. (loop two times)我想应该没有。(循环两次);I don#39;t think so.; The words were not connected. ;I don#39;t, I don#39;t, I don#39;t think. I don#39;t think so.;我想应该没有。单词之间没有连接。“I don’t, I don’t, I don’t think. I don’t think so.”;Think; was the most stressed word there. ;I don#39;t think so.;“Think”是这里最重的单词。我想应该没有。Feel your energy go towards it and then away from it in the sentence. ;I don#39;t think so.;你的能量要用到这个单词上,然后在句子中慢慢减弱。“I don’t think so.”I don#39;t think so. No, not, not in person.我想应该没有。 没有,没有见过真人。The first ;not; was a Stop T, as HaQuyen did not continue. ;Not, not. Not in person.;第一个“not”是一个顿音T,因为HaQuyen没有继续发音。 没有,没有见过真人。The second T, though, was a Flap T because it links two vowels together. The AH vowel, and the IH as in SIT vowel.而第二个“not”则是一个浊音T,因为它连接了两个元音。AH元音和SIT里的IH元音。Most Americans will make the T between vowels a Flap T, which sounds like a D between vowels. ;Not in (loop three times). Not in person.;大多数美国人会把元音之间的T发成浊音T,它听起来就像元音之间的D音。“Not in (循环三次). Not in person.”Not in person. (loop two times)没有见过真人。(循环两次);Person; is a two syllable word. Which syllable is stressed?“Person”是一个双音节词,哪个音节被重读了呢?Not in person. (loop two times)没有见过真人。(循环两次)The first syllable. ;PER son.;重读的是第一个音节。“PER son.”The second syllable doesn#39;t really have a vowel in it. It#39;s the schwa sound.第二个音节里其实并没有元音,它是一个弱读音。But when the schwa is followed by N, you don#39;t need to try to make a separate vowel, ; son, son, person, person.;但当弱读音后面是N的话,你就不用再去发一个单独的元音了。“ son, son, person, person.”Not in person, (loop two times) but you#39;ve told me about him.没有见过真人。(循环两次)但是你跟我说过他。How is the T pronounced in ;but;?“but”里的T音是怎样发音的呢?But you#39;ve told me about him. (loop two times)但是你跟我说过他。(循环两次)It#39;s a Stop T, ;but you#39;ve, but you#39;ve;. What#39;s the most stressed, the most clear word in this phrase?它是一个顿音T,“but you’ve, but you’ve”。这句话里音最重,最清晰的单词是哪个呢?But you#39;ve told me about him. (loop two times)但是你跟我说过他。(循环两次)It#39;s the verb ;told;. ;But you#39;ve told me about him.; The sentence peaks with that word.是动词“told”。“But you’ve told me about him.”这句话的高潮在这个单词这里。但是你跟我说过他。(loop two times)但是你跟我说过他。(循环两次)HaQuyen dropped the H in ;him;.HaQuyen把“him”里的H省略了。We do this often with the words ;him;, ;he;, ;his;, ;her;, for example. Also, ;have; and ;had;.我们通常会在单词“him”, “he”, “his”, “her”里这样做,还有“have”和“had”。But you#39;ve told me about him. (loop two times)但是你跟我说过他。(循环两次)Now the T comes between two vowels. What#39;s that going to be?现在T出现在了元音之间,要怎么做呢?A Flap T. ;About him, about him.; Just flap the tongue on the roof of the mouth.它要变成浊音T。“About him, about him.”用舌头拍打上颚。But you#39;ve told me about him. (loop two times) Okay.但是你跟我说过他。(循环两次)好吧。I didn#39;t really pronounce the OH diphthong here, it was more like a schwa, ;okay, okay.;我并没有把复合元音OH发出来,它更像一个弱读音,“okay, okay.”; Kay; had the shape of a stressed syllable. ;Okay.;“ Kay”具有重读音节的形状。“Okay.”Okay. (loop two times) It seems like you have...好吧。(循环两次) It seems like you have...In the first part of this sentence, what is the most clear, the most stressed syllable?在这句话的第一部分里,音最清晰,最重的音节是哪个呢?It seems like you have (loop two times)看起来你们好像见过(循环两次)It#39;s the word ;seems;. ;It seems like you have.; (loop two times)是单词“seems”。看起来你们好像见过(循环两次)It seems like you have (loop two times) because I#39;ve known both of you for so long, but.看起来你们好像见过 (循环两次)因为我已经认识你们两个很久了,但是......What about in the second half of the sentence. What#39;s the most stressed syllable?那么在这句话的第二部分里,最重的音节是哪个呢?because I#39;ve known both of you for so long, but. (loop two times)因为我已经认识你们两个很久了,但是......(循环两次);Known.; ;Because I#39;ve known both of you for so long.; ;Long; is also stressed, it#39;s also a longer word.是单词“Known”。因为我已经认识你们两个很久了“Long”也是重读单词,音也更长一些。because I#39;ve known both of you for so long, but. (loop two times)因为我已经认识你们两个很久了,但是......(循环两次)Even though this sentence is very fast, it still has longer stressed words, ;seems;, ;known;, ;long;.即使这句话非常快,它还是有音更长的重读单词,“seems”, “known”, “long”。It#39;s important to keep your stressed words longer, even when you#39;re speaking quickly. This is what#39;s clear to Americans.即使你说话很快,也要把重读单词读得更长一些,这一点很重要,对于美国人来说也很明显。because I#39;ve known both of you for so long, but. (loop two times)因为我已经认识你们两个很久了,但是......(循环两次)The less important words, the function words, will be less clear and very fast. And sometimes, we#39;ll change the sounds.次要的单词,虚词,它们会不那么清晰,也会更快。有时,我们会改变它们的发音。For example, in the word ;for;. That was pronounced with the schwa, ;for, for, for;. It#39;s very fast.比如单词“for”。它被读成了弱读音,“for, for, for”,非常快。For so long, (loop two times) but.For so long, (循环两次) but.How did I pronounce the T in ;but;?我是怎样发“but”里的T音的呢?For so long, but. (loop two times)For so long, but.(循环两次)It was the end of my thought, it was a Stop T. ;But, but.; I stopped the air.它位于我观点的结尾,是一个顿音T。“But, but.”我停顿了一下。For so long, but. (loop two times) Yeah.很久了,但是......(循环两次) 是啊。Tom#39;s interjection, ;yeah; : stressed. Up down shape. ;Yeah, yeah, yeah.;Tom的插入语,“yeah”:重读,先升后降的形状。“Yeah, yeah, yeah.”Yeah. (loop two times) Never overlapped.是啊。(循环两次) 从没有过交集。Can you tell which is the stressed syllable in ;never;? Which is longer?你能分辨出“never”里面哪个是重读音节吗?哪个音更长?Never overlapped. (loop two times)从没有过交集。(循环两次)It#39;s the first syllable. ;Ne ver.; What about in the next word?是第一个音节。“Ne ver.”那么下一个词呢?Never overlapped. (loop two times)从没有过交集。(循环两次)Again, it#39;s the first syllable. ;O verlapped. Never overlapped. Uh uh. Never overlapped.;也是第一个音节。“O verlapped. Never overlapped. Uh uh. Never overlapped.”Never overlapped. (loop two times)从没有过交集。(循环两次)Notice the –ed ending here is pronounced as a T, an unvoiced sound. That#39;s because the sound before, P, was also unvoiced. ;Overlapped, overlapped.;注意这里的 ed结尾读成T,不发音。这是因为前面的P也是不发音的。“Overlapped, overlapped.”Never overlapped. (loop two times) Yeah, well, it#39;s about time.从没有过交集。(循环两次) 是啊,不过,现在是时候认识了!Did you notice that Tom didn#39;t really make a vowel here. ;Tsabout, tsabout.; He connected the TS sound into the next sound.你注意到了吗?Tom在这里并没有发出元音。“Tsabout, tsabout.”他把TS音与后面的音连了起来。Well, it#39;s about time. (loop two times)不过,现在是时候认识了!(循环两次)How is this T pronounced?这个T是怎么发音的呢?Well, it#39;s about time. (loop two times)不过,现在是时候认识了!(循环两次)A Stop T, because the next sound is a consonant.它是一个顿音T,因为后面的音是辅音。Well, it#39;s about time.不过,现在是时候认识了!Let#39;s listen again, following along with our marked up text.让我们跟着我们做过标记的文本再听一遍。You#39;ll hear two different speeds, regular pace, and slowed down.你会听到两种速度,常速和慢速。HaQuyen, this is Tom. Hi. Hi. Nice to meet you. How are you? Nice to meet you, too.HaQuyen,这是Tom。 你好。 你好。 见到你很高兴。 你好吗?见到你我也很高兴。Have you guys met before? Um...你们之前见过吗? 呃......I don#39;t think so. No, not, not in person. But you#39;ve told me about him.我想应该没有。 没有,没有见过真人。但是你跟我说过他。Okay. It seems like you have because I#39;ve known both of you for so long, but... Yeah.好吧。看起来你们好像见过,因为我已经认识你们两个很久了,但是...... 是啊。Never overlapped. Yeah, well, it#39;s about time!从没有过交集。 是啊,不过,现在是时候认识了!HaQuyen, this is Tom. Hi. Hi. Nice to meet you. How are you? Nice to meet you, too.HaQuyen,这是Tom。 你好。 你好。 见到你很高兴。 你好吗?见到你我也很高兴。Have you guys met before? Um...你们之前见过吗? 呃......I don#39;t think so. No, not, not in person. But you#39;ve told me about him.我想应该没有。 没有,没有见过真人。但是你跟我说过他。Okay. It seems like you have because I#39;ve known both of you for so long, but... Yeah.好吧。看起来你们好像见过,因为我已经认识你们两个很久了,但是...... 是啊。Never overlapped. Yeah, well, it#39;s about time!从没有过交集。 是啊,不过,现在是时候认识了!We#39;ll listen one last time. This time, you#39;ll repeat.我们来最后听一遍,这次,你来重复。You#39;ll hear each sentence or sentence fragment three times.每句话或句子片段听三遍。Repeat exactly as you hear it, paying attention to intonation, sounds, and stress.根据你听到的内容来重复,注意语调,发音和重音。HaQuyen, this is Tom. (loop three times)HaQuyen,这是Tom。(循环三次)Hi. Hi. (loop three times)你好。 你好。(循环三次)Nice to meet you. How are you? (loop three times)见到你很高兴。 你好吗?(循环三次)Nice to meet you, too. (loop three times)见到你我也很高兴。(循环三次)Have you guys met before? (loop three times)你们之前见过吗?(循环三次)Um... I don#39;t think so. (loop three times)呃......我想应该没有。(循环三次)No, not, not in person. (loop three times)没有,没有见过真人。(循环三次)But you#39;ve told me about him. (loop three times)但是你跟我说过他。(循环三次)Okay. (loop three times)好吧。(循环三次)It seems like you have (loop three times)看起来你们好像见过(循环三次)because I#39;ve known both of you (loop three times)因为我已经认识你们两个(循环三次)for so long, but... (loop three times)很久了,但是......(循环三次)Yeah. (loop three times)是啊。(循环三次)Never overlapped. (loop three times)从没有过交集。(循环三次)Yeah, well, it#39;s about time! (loop three times)是啊,不过,现在是时候认识了!(循环三次)Now the conversation, one more time.现在再来听一遍对话。HaQuyen, this is Tom. Hi. Hi. Nice to meet you. How are you? Nice to meet you, too.HaQuyen,这是Tom。 你好。 你好。 见到你很高兴。 你好吗?见到你我也很高兴。Have you guys met before? Um...你们之前见过吗? 呃......I don#39;t think so. No, not, not in person. But you#39;ve told me about him. Okay. It seems like you have because I#39;ve known both of you for so long, but... Yeah.我想应该没有。 没有,没有见过真人。但是你跟我说过他。 好吧。看起来你们好像见过,因为我已经认识你们两个很久了,但是...... 是啊。Never overlapped. Yeah, well, it#39;s about time!从没有过交集。 是啊,不过,现在是时候认识了!Great job. If you liked this , be sure to sign up for my mailing list for a free weekly newsletter with pronunciation s sent straight to your inbox.做得好。如果你喜欢这个视频的话,一定要报名我的邮件列表,这样你的邮箱就可以每周收到免费的发音视频。Also, I#39;m happy to tell you my book American English Pronunciation is available for purchase.还有,很高兴告诉你我的美式英语发音书已经开售了。If you want an organized, step by step resource to build your American accent, click here to get the book, or see the description below. I think you#39;re going to love it.如果你想要系统的,按部就班的资源来练习你的美式发音,点击这里来买书,或者阅读下面的介绍。我觉得你会喜欢的。That#39;s it, and thanks so much for using Rachel#39;s English.这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachel#39;s English。 Article/201706/513773

栏目简介:The recent soft opening of the Shanghai Disney Resort has raised some complaints about issues such as the cost of food inside the park. Today, a group of government officials and Disney executives held a press conference to address some of those concerns. Sun Caiqin has more... Article/201704/499915

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