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金华丽都整形美容医院腋下脱毛好吗浦江县去痘医院哪家好Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said Thursday he agreed to extend a cease-fire deal with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in hopes of reviving a failed peace accord.哥伦比亚总统桑托斯星期四说,他同意延长与哥伦比亚革命武装力量的停火协议,希望挽回遭遇挫败的和平协议。The original cease-fire agreement between the Colombian government and the FARC was due to expire at the end of October, but will now extend through the end of the year.双方最初的停火协议将在10月到期,现在要延长到年底。Voters narrowly rejected the deal with 50.2 against, or by a margin of just 54,000 votes. The result came as a shock to Colombian leaders as public opinion polls leading up to the vote forecast the referendum would pass by a two-to-one margin.哥伦比亚选民50.2%的反对票,即仅五万四千张选票的微弱优势推翻了和平协议。这个结果令哥伦比亚领导人感到意外,因为投票前的民调显示,公投将以二比一的优势通过。Santos is engaged in ongoing negotiations with FARC representatives and opposition politicians to strike a new peace deal, though expectations for a deal remain low because FARC leaders refuse to budge on the aly-signed peace accord and opponents say the rebels need to accept tougher terms.桑托斯总统正设法与哥伦比亚革命武装力量代表和反对派政界领袖商谈新的和平协议,但人们对新协议的期待不高,因为哥伦比亚革命武装力量不愿意在原来的协议基础上让步,而反对派则表示,哥伦比亚革命武装力量需要接受更为苛刻的条件。Many ;no; voters were genuinely offended that nearly all FARC rebels will avoid prison time for crimes allegedly committed during the uprising and get various financial support from the government.在全民公决中投反对票的民众对协议感到不满,因为几乎所有哥伦比亚革命武装力量成员都不用为据信在反叛行动中犯下的罪行承担牢狱之苦,而且还能得到政府的各种经济资助。 /201610/471544磐安县文眉雾化眉雾眉漂唇多少钱 Tens of thousands of dogs are set to be killed and eaten at this year#39;s Yulin Dog Meat Festival held in southern China in June 2016. Despite protests to boycott the annual event by human rights activists, up to 15,000 animals are expected to be slaughtered during the summer solstice event.玉林位于中国西部,2016年6月,成千上万只将在玉林肉节上被杀死并且被吃掉。尽管有爱人士通过人权活动来对这一年度节日联合抵制,在这一夏至节日中,多达1万5000只动物预计将被屠宰。The Yulin Dog Meat Festival, otherwise known as the Lychee and Dog Meat Festival, is an annual event during which dogs and cats are sold and slaughtered for their meat. It takes place on 20 June in Yulin, a city in China Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The tradition reportedly began in the 1990s, but the festival is thought to have begun in 2010 to mark the astronomical midsummer.玉林肉节,也被称为荔枝肉节,是一个年度节日。在这一节日期间,和猫会被出售,宰杀然后吃肉。节日时间为6月20日(每年夏至,今年为21日),地点为在中国广西壮族自治区的一个叫玉林的地方。据报道,这一传统始于1990年,但这个节日被认为从2010年已成为夏至的标志。 According to Chinese lore, eating dog meat is believed to ward off the heat of summer and bring good luck and health.根据中国传说,吃肉可以抵御炎热夏天,带来好运和健康。 While Westerners often react in outrage to the idea of eating man#39;s best friend, the Chinese tradition of eating dog meat dates back to around 500 years.然而西方人往往极度反对吃人类最好的朋友,中国吃肉的传统可以追溯到大约500年前。 /201606/450385义乌市打botox要多少钱

浙江省金华市妇幼保健是公还是私Jeremy White, a graphics editor at The Times, analyzed satellite data to determine three communities where the desert seemed to be encroaching. 时报的图片编辑杰里米#8226;怀特(Jeremy White)分析了卫星数据,以确定三个似乎正在被腾格里沙漠侵蚀的社区。Our challenge was to find a story there. 我们的挑战是在那里找到一个故事。Was desertification impacting people in these locations? If so, how?沙漠化是否正在影响这些地方的人?如果是,又是怎么影响的?What Edward, the writer on the piece, and I found was eye-opening: stories of people having to change their livelihoods, of farmers trying to supplement lost incomes by catering more to tourists, of families resettling and sending their children to cities in hopes that they would succeed in a new industry.撰写文章的黄安伟和我发现的情况令人目瞪口呆:从人们不得不改变生计,到农民试图通过迎合游客来冲抵收入的减少,再到举家搬迁并送孩子进城,希望他们能在新的行业里成功,这些都是我们看到的故事。One of the ways to capture the extent of the change — and the emotional heft of these stories — was to rise above the desert with a drone.变化的幅度之大,是这些故事令人心情沉重的地方,要捕捉到这一点,其中一个办法就是利用无人机俯瞰这片沙漠。Our replacement car eventually arrives, 我们换的车终于来了。and a new death metal song crackles out of the speakers. 喇叭里传出的是另一首死亡金属歌曲。Unfortunately, we’ve missed the light for the evening; we’ll have to try again at sunrise — which means sleeping among the dunes.遗憾的是,我们错过了傍晚的光线,将不得不在日出时再试,这意味着我们要在沙丘过夜。That light is stunning the next morning as we bounce back across the sand, and I finally have time to film what I need for the story.第二天早上,当我们在沙漠中重新振作起来时,光线非常好。我终于有时间拍摄这个故事需要的素材了。Then, by what seems like a miracle, we notice a 4G cellular signal, 然后,像是奇迹似的,我们注意到了一个4G手机信号。so I tether our drone to Facebook Live and share the flying experience with our ers (a task made ever more difficult by the fact that Facebook is blocked in China).于是,我把无人机和Facebook Live绑定,和我们的读者分享这次飞行经历(Facebook在中国遭到屏蔽这个事实,让这件事变得更加困难。Up next? We’re off to another part of China for the next story in the series — and for many more challenging modes of transportation.接下来呢?我们出发前往中国另一个地方,寻找这个系列的下一个故事,并体验很多更具挑战性的交通方式。 /201610/474626金华中心医院光子嫩肤多少钱 China on last Tuesday launched a campaign to address the practice of hospital appointment scalping and online cappers.上周二,我国发起了一项整治;号贩子;和;网络医托;的专项行动。From now to the end of the year, police will inspect major hospitals and their surroundings. Doctors are not allowed to add more appointments and all appointments must be strictly managed, according to the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC), one of the departments taking part in the campaign.据国家卫计委介绍,到今年年底,警方将对各重点医院及周边进行巡查;医生不得加号,严格管理所有挂号。包括国家卫计委在内,此次专项行动共有八个部门参与。The Cyberspace Administration of China, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Public Security, and State Administration for Industry and Commerce are all also involved in the campaign.国家互联网信息办公室、工业科技信息部、国家公安部、国家工商行政管理总局都会参与到此次行动当中。Other departments include the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Logistic Support Department of the Central Military Commission.其他的部门还包括国家中医药、中央军事委员会后勤保障部等。Medical advertisements will be regulated, a joint statement by departments involved in the campaign said, and online medical advertisements must be approved by the health authority.八部门联合发布的通知称,将规范医疗广告,网络医疗广告必须经过卫生计生行政部门批准。Proven hospital appointment scalpers will be added to a database and this will be linked to their social credit history.经实的;号贩子;将被加入黑名单,并纳入社会信用体系。In a longer term, health system reform should be deepened, medical resource distributions be optimized and medical advertising be standardized, according to the statement.根据该声明,从长远来看,医疗卫生系统改革会进一步深化,医疗资源分布将进行优化,医疗广告也将实现标准化。 /201605/442884金华中心医院双眼皮多少钱

浙江金华市中心医院官网About 500,000 solar panels were installed daily last year as a record-shattering surge in green energy saw renewables overtake coal as the world’s biggest source of power capacity.去年,全球每天安装约50万块太阳能电池板——本轮创纪录的绿色能源热潮使可再生能源超越煤炭,成为全球发电装机容量最大来源。Two wind turbines went up every hour in countries such as China, according to International Energy Agency officials who have sharply upgraded their forecasts of how fast renewable energy sources will grow.已大幅上调可再生能源增速预测的国际能源署(IEA)官员表示,在中国等国,每小时就有两台风力发电机安装到位。“We are witnessing a transformation of global power markets led by renewables,” said Fatih Birol, executive director of the global energy advisory agency.这家全球能源顾问机构的执行主任法提赫.比罗尔(Fatih Birol)说:“我们正在见一场由可再生能源引领的全球电力市场变革。”Part of the growth was caused by falls in the cost of solar and onshore wind power that Mr Birol said would have been “unthinkable” only five years ago.当前增长的部分原因是太阳能和陆上风力发电成本下降,比罗尔称,这在短短五年前还是“难以想象的”。Although coal and other fossil fuels remain the largest source of electricity generation, many conventional power utilities and energy groups have been confounded by the speed at which renewables have grown and the rapid drop in costs for the technologies.虽然煤炭及其他化石燃料仍贡献最大的发电量,但许多传统供电企业和能源集团对可再生能源的增长速度及其成本的快速下降感到措手不及。Average global generation costs for new onshore wind farms fell by an estimated 30 per cent between 2010 and 2015 while those for big solar panel plants fell by an even steeper two-thirds, an IEA report published yesterday showed.国际能源署昨日发布的一份报告显示,2010至2015年间,新建陆上风电场的全球平均发电成本下降了约30%,而大型太阳能发电场的成本降幅甚至更大,达到三分之二。The Paris-based agency thinks costs are likely to fall further over the next five years, by 15 per cent on average for wind and by a quarter for solar power.总部位于巴黎的该机构认为,未来五年,可再生能源的发电成本很可能进一步下降:风力发电平均下降15%,太阳能发电下降25%。It said an unprecedented 153 gigawatts of green electricity was installed last year, mostly wind and solar projects — more than Canada’s total capacity.该机构称,去年绿色电力新增装机容量(主要是风能和太阳能项目)达到了空前的1530亿瓦特,比加拿大的总装机容量还高。It was also more than the amount of conventional fossil fuel or nuclear power added in 2015, leading renewables to surpass coal’s cumulative share of global power capacity — though not electricity generation.该数字还超过了2015年化石燃料或核能的新增装机容量,使可再生能源超过了煤炭在全球装机容量(尽管不是发电量)中的累计占比。A power plant’s capacity is the maximum amount of electricity it can potentially produce. The amount of energy a plant actually generates varies according to how long it produces power over a period of time. Because a wind or solar farm cannot generate constantly like coal, it will produce less energy over the course of a year even though it may have the same or higher level of capacity.电厂的装机容量是其能够产出的最大数量的电能。电厂的实际发电量根据其在一段时间内发电时间长短而变化。由于风力或太阳能发电场无法像煤炭那样不间断地产生电力,因此,虽然它们可能拥有与煤炭相同或更高的装机容量,但在一年内的发电量还是少于煤炭。Coal plants supplied close to 39 per cent of the world’s power in 2015, while renewables, including older hydropower dams, accounted for 23 per cent.2015年,燃煤电厂提供了全球近39%的电力,而可再生能源(包括历史较久的水电)占23%。But the IEA expects renewables’ share to rise to 28 per cent by 2021, when it predicts they will supply the equivalent of all the electricity generated now in the US and EU combined.但国际能源署预计,到2021年,可再生能源的占比将上升至28%,届时将提供相当于现在美国和欧盟总发电量的电力。It revised five-year forecasts to show renewables’ capacity growing 13 per cent more than estimates made just last year, mostly due to strong policy backing in the US, China, India and Mexico.该机构修正了其五年期预测——可再生能源装机容量增长比去年的估算高出13%,这主要归功于美国、中国、印度以及墨西哥强有力的政策持。 /201610/474140 When Toyota launched a quirky Twitter campaign depicting the car parts of its new Prius hybrid using anime girls earlier this year, the digital advertising impact was instant. 丰田(Toyota)今年早些时候在Twitter上发布一个古怪的广告——用动漫少女描绘其新款普锐斯(Prius)混合动力车的部件,该数字广告的影响立竿见影。The oddity and boldness attracted young Japanese users of social media that had not been effectively targeted by Toyota’s traditional, celebrity-heavy TV commercials. 这种怪异和大胆吸引了日本年轻的社交媒体用户,而他们正是丰田传统上依赖名人效应的电视广告从未有效触及过的群体。As with almost all of Toyota’s ads, the campaign’s creator was Dentsu.和丰田几乎所有广告一样,这则广告的设计公司是电通(Dentsu)。The Prius tweets were not part of the overcharging scandal that shook Japan’s most powerful advertising agency last week. 普锐斯在Twitter上的广告与最近撼动这家日本最强大的广告公司的收费过高丑闻无关。But it was not coincidental that Toyota was the company that discovered the irregularities.但是丰田发现电通的违规行为并非巧合。The revelation followed a meticulous analysis of digital ad impact by a company grappling to connect with a home market that has shown declining interest in owning cars. 正在艰难试图与表现出购车意愿下滑的本土市场沟通的丰田,对数字广告的影响进行了细致分析,结果发现上述问题。The analysis was disappointing, prompting the automaker to question if whether Dentsu was placing the digital ads properly.分析结果令人失望,使得这家汽车制造商质疑电通是否妥善投放了数字广告。Since that first complaint from Toyota in July, Dentsu has identified 633 suspected cases of overcharging, amounting to at least .3m and affecting 111 clients. 自从丰田于7月提交首份投诉以来,电通确认了633例疑似收费过高的情况,涉及金额至少230万美元,影响111家客户。Among them were 14 incidents where ads were not placed at all and other cases of incorrect placement periods and falsified reporting of ad performance.其中有14例的广告根本没有投放,其他情况涉及不正确的投放时间和广告效果报告作假。The scandal involves performance-based ads — a popular tool that allows advertisers to target specific types of consumers and pay fees depending on how much business was generated. 此次丑闻涉及基于效果的广告——这是一种较为流行的广告类型,可以让广告商针对特定类型消费者,并根据商业效果付费用。These ads were supposed to offer advertisers greater transparency and make it easier to measure effectiveness. 这些广告本应该为广告商提供更高的透明度,并且更容易衡量广告效果。In practice, companies have struggled to judge whether these ads on websites and mobile devices have the desired impact.但在实践中,公司很难判断这些在网站和移动设备上投放的广告是否产生了预期效果。The story is not uniquely Japanese. 这种情况不只出现在日本。The Dentsu discovery came days after Facebook admitted a mistake in measuring the time users spent viewing ads on its social network.在电通事件曝出前数日,Facebook承认在测算用户在其社交网站上观看视频广告的时间上存在错误。The US ad industry is addressing concerns that ad agencies had been accepting cash rebates from media companies without informing their clients. 美国广告业正在应对广告公司在不通知客户的情况下收取媒体公司现金回扣的问题。There are also cases of online advertising slots that are never seen by consumers due to fraud.同时还存在在线广告根本没有被消费者看到的欺诈行为。But in Japan, concerns about opaqueness are heightened by the close ties among ad agencies, TV broadcasters and other media companies, which makes price negotiations less transparent.但是在日本,人们对于广告业不透明的担忧因广告公司、电视广播公司和其他媒体公司之间的紧密联系而加剧,这种格局使得价格谈判更加不透明。Dentsu controls one-quarter of Japan’s annual bn advertising market, and its domination of lucrative sponsorship slots such as the Olympics has made it difficult for dissatisfied clients to publicly voice their concerns.日本广告市场的规模达到每年610亿美元,而电通控制着其中的四分之一。同时,它主导着奥运会等利润丰厚的赞助时段,这使得对其不满的客户很难公开表示担忧。That puts the onus on companies to toughen their scrutiny of agency management of digital ads, says Yumi Tanaka, JPMorgan analyst. 根大通(JPMorgan)的分析师田中由美(Yumi Tanaka)称,该问题促使企业加强审查代理商对数字广告的管理。Dentsu has promised that a more independent division inside the company will monitor the performance data of digital ads in question. 电通承诺,公司内部一个比较独立的部门将监测受到质疑的数字广告的效果数据。But that still lacks third-party verification, which may prompt clients to pressure Dentsu to disclose more real-time data rather than a summary version.但这仍然缺乏第三方核实,可能会促使客户施压电通公开更多实时数据而不是简单的总结性数据。It remains unclear whether the discrepancies in online ads were restricted to Dentsu or whether they plague the broader Japanese market. 尚不清楚在线广告的问题仅限于电通还是影响了整个日本市场。Shinsuke Iwasa, Mizuho analyst, warns that rivals should not treat it as a Dentsu only problem, citing the complexity of the performance-based ads. 瑞穗(Mizuho)分析师岩佐新助(Shinsuke Iwasa)警告称,竞争对手不应该把它当做唯独电通存在的问题,并指出了效果广告的复杂性。Dentsu has blamed lack of personnel and pressure to meet client demand for this new online advertising. 电通将问题归咎于缺乏人力,同时受到满足客户对这种新型在线广告需求的压力。Performance ads posted 22 per cent year-on-year growth in 2015 versus a 0.3 increase for Japan’s total ad spending.2015年,效果广告出同比增长了22%,而日本整体广告出仅增长了0.3%。For now, the amount of overcharging is unlikely to have any significant impact on Dentsu’s earnings. 目前,收费过高的问题不太可能会对电通的盈利产生显著影响。Its chief financial officer has stressed that none of its clients have cut ties with the company, saying such outright rejections don’t normally happen in Japan.电通首席财务官强调没有任何一家客户切断了与电通的联系,称诸如此类的绝交在日本并不常见。Regardless of financial fallout, analysts and companies hope that Dentsu will pursue international standards of transparency with the rigour it has shown in its ambitions to expand globally. 不管在财务上会带来多大影响,分析师和其他公司希望电通可以严格追求国际上对透明度的标准,正如它在全球扩张的野心中展现的严谨态度一样。In addition to the £3.2bn acquisition of the UK’s Aegis in 2013, the agency has bought six companies in US, France, India, Australia and Brazil for undisclosed prices in September alone.除了2013年以32亿英镑收购英国安吉斯(Aegis)外,电通还在今年9月以未公开价格收购了分别位于美国、法国、印度、澳大利亚和巴西的6家公司。The reputational damage from the revelations should not be underestimated. 此次事件对电通的声誉造成的损害不应该被低估。As a Dentsu client said: It’s not the sums involved, but a question of credibility.正如电通一家客户所言:这与涉及金额无关,而是信誉问题。 /201609/468969金华市丽都下午几点上班金华妇幼医院QQ号



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