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CNN Interview with Osama Bin Laden's son Omar Bin LadenCNN Interview with Osama Bin Laden's son Omar Bin LadenTo make the point, Omar and his wife Zaina are organizing a horse race later this year,hoping to cross Northern Africa with a message of peace. But finding sponsors is difficult when your last name is Bin Laden. Zaina: “It would have probably been easier to do a race without having Omar's name but then the race would be just a race . It wouldn’t be a race for peace.”It is a big unknown: Can this son rebrand a name his father has made synonymous with terror. Newswoman: Aneesh Raman is joining us now live from Cairo. Aneesh, fascinating story. I do wonder, though, why doesn’t he think his father as a terrorist. Aneesh: Yeah, I pushed him on that height, how can you condemn someone’s tactics and not condemn the man. Omar says ‘Look, it’s a false title back when Osama Bin Laden was fighting the Soviets. At that time many in the West regarded him as a hero. Of course 911 changed that--undoubtedly perhaps forever, linking the Bin Laden name with mass murder. He also, Omar said that the key issue here is that the religious clerics around his father continued to give him the religious justification to kill civilians. Omar says he does not believe Islam allowed that. And what needs to happen is that clerics and also Arab leaders througout the Middle East need to stand up forcefully condemn what Osama Bin Laden is doing and forcefully say this is not Islam Height. Newswoman: Yeah absolutely, we know his father though Osama Bin Laden as you just mentioned does have some support. Does Omar have supporters in what he is trying to do?”Aneesh: Yeah it was funny we asked him and his wife what life is like and perhaps the most engaging response is when they talked about how difficult it is to make friends. And at first people get to know him and then people disappear for a period of time out of fear or even associate him with the Bin Laden , then, er eventually some come back. I think he has some support. He is trying to introduce himself as different from his father.I asked him as well that does he feel himself at danger or at risk of Al-Qaeda turning on him as a traitor. He said “look, you know if I am to die that’s up to God. I can’t do anything. He is very sort of shy, as we hear his father as well as in person. He was very laid back. His English, he just picked up in a-year-and-a-half conversation with his wife. So there is only so much he could fully communicate. But you got a sense that he is stuck, it was literally defined by his father, trying to change that identity, trying to be someone different. But part of a lineage that highly likely for generations to come perhaps who knows how many will never be separated from Osama Bin Laden. Newswoman: Boy, it was a certainly fascinating story. I appreciate it. CNN's Aneesh Raman joining us live from Cairo, Egypt. Thanks so much Aneesh.02/62898D: Today, its time once again for another Gross Fact of the Month.今天再来谈下另一个令人厌烦的话题。Y: Uh oh! I hope no ones eating!我希望没人在吃饭。D: Okay, y? In a recent study of people passing through major U.S. airports, it turned out that about thirty percent werent washing their hands after using the bathroom.准备好了吗?最近对经由美国主要机场的人群的调查显示,大概百分之三十的人上厕所后不洗手。Y: Phew! that wasnt nearly as gross as I thought it would be.那没有我想象中的那样令人讨厌。D: Well, think of the consequences. These people who dont wash their hands dont just keep them in their pockets. They walk around shaking other peoples hands, holding babies, and handling food and doorknobs.[qh]想下结果吧。不洗手的人们不会只把手放在口袋里,他们四处走也会和别人握手,抱小孩,拿吃的,并接触门把手。Y: Okay, so that it a little gross.喔,那有点恶心。D: So basically, these folks are running around exposing the fastidious hand washers among us to infections that can range from the pesky common cold to SARS, which can be fatal. After all, many infections are transmitted through hand-to-hand contact.根本上来说,这些人使那些仔细洗手的人会接触到各种疾病,从普通的流行感冒到致命的SARS。毕竟许多接触是通过握手来传播的。Y: I see what youre getting at.我明白你所说的了。D: Whats interesting is that people tend to exaggerate when theyre asked about hand-washing. In surveys, ninety-five percent of people claim to wash their hands every time, when the actual observed percentage is much lower. So think about the fact that only around seventy-five percent of people claim to wash their hands after sneezing or coughing!有意思的是人们倾向于夸大洗手的次数。在调查中,95%的人声称他们每次都洗手,而实际观察到的比率要远低于这个百分比。想想打喷嚏和咳嗽后有75%的人声称会洗手的事实。Y: The actual numbers there are much lower too, huh?实际数字要比那低得多,对吧?D: Probably. On the bright side, since the SARS outbreak in Toronto, hand-washing rates at the airport have been near to one hundred percent. So all it takes to get people scrubbing diligently is a major epidemic.很可能。好的方面是,自从SARS在Toronto爆发后,在机场洗手的比率接近百分百。所以所需要做的就是让勤洗手成为一种习惯。Y: You call that a bright side?你将那称为好的方面?D: Well, the other alternative is education on the importance of washing hands. Now all we need is a catchy slogan.另一方面也要教育人们洗手的重要性,我们现在需要的就是容易记住的口号。consequence n.结果doorknob n. 门把fastidious a.难取悦的,挑剔的pesky adj. 讨厌的epidemic n.盛行catchy adj. 易记住的201111/16

Earthquake fears on the west coast西海岸担心地震影响 Fingers crossed老天保佑A row over a rickety viaduct一场关于山区高速路的争吵AFTERSHOCKS from Japan rattled America's west coast last week, as consumers in California rushed to buy iodine tablets they do not need and politicians in Seattle bickered about a quake-damaged highway many want to demolish.上周,日本地震的后续灾变震动了美国西海岸地区,加州消费者疯狂购买并非急需的碘片。西雅图的官员为地震受损的高速公路争吵,其中大部分需要拆除。Scientists say there is no chance that dangerous radiation will cross the Pacific. So the run on potassium iodide pills, which can block the absorption of radioactive iodine, made little sense. Californian health authorities warned residents not to compound their anxiety by eating the pills, which can cause intestinal distress and severe rashes.专家指出,危害性放射物质不会横跨太平洋,从而影响西岸地区。因此疯购碘片并认为其能减少辐射伤害的想法是错误的。加州卫生部告知居民,不要因为恐惧胡乱食用碘片,否者易患肠道疾病和严重皮疹。In Seattle, meanwhile, the Japanese quake reminded residents that the Pacific north-west is primed for a comparable catastrophe-and is far less prepared than Japan to cope with it. The Cascadia subduction zone, just 50 miles off the coast and stretching from northern California to southern British Columbia, is accumulating stresses that could unleash an earthquake of magnitude 9.0 and generate its own tsunami. The last 'big one'off the coast of Oregon and Washington is believed to have occurred in 1700, and some recent studies suggest that the chance of another occurring within the next 50 years is about one in three.同时,日本地震令美国西北部,太平洋沿岸的西雅图居民,准备迎接一场大灾难的到来,他们的准备活动可并不比日本差。距离海岸50英里的卡斯卡地亚俯冲带,从加州北部延伸至英属哥伦比亚南部,预计可以缓冲9级地震及其造成的海啸。俄勒冈州和华盛顿州海岸,最近的一次大地震发生在1700年。近期的研究表明,未来50年里,新地震发生的概率只有1/3。The pre-eminent symbol of poor earthquake preparedness in the region is Seattle's Alaskan Way Viaduct. It is a grubby-looking, double-decked elevated highway that was built in the 1950s and carries about 110,000 vehicles a day along the city's waterfront. A magnitude-6.8 quake damaged and temporarily closed it in 2001. State experts have since estimated that the odds of an earthquake bringing it down are one in ten over the next decade.该地区对抗震最弱的环节是西雅图至阿拉斯加的高架桥。这条高速路肮脏污浊,双层高架,建于20世纪50年代,建在海岸边,每天通行量约为11万车次,。2001年一场6.8级地震令其受损并短时停运,美国专家已研究明,未来十年,这条高速路若地震毁坏的可能性为1/10。Concern about thousands of commuters being crushed between slabs of falling concrete has pushed the city, state and federal governments to approve a plan that would replace the viaduct with a tunnel. But fear of downtown gridlock is pushing back the closure and demolition of the viaduct until at least 2016, when the tunnel is supposed to be y.考虑到地震可能造成成千上万的市民被压在混凝土之下,市、省及联邦政府决定实行新计划:将高架桥改为隧道。但是,现阶段的城市交通大堵塞,道路供不应求,可能使高架桥才能关闭和拆除延迟到2016年。届时,隧道才能全部修建完毕。Having seen the devastation in Japan, Seattle's mayor, Mike McGinn, said on March 14th that the city needs to rethink. He called for the viaduct to be closed next year. He was immediately accused of fear-mongering, not to mention endangering local commerce. And state officials responded by saying that while the highway is vulnerable to an earthquake, the risk is no greater than before Japan's disaster. They said they were simply trying to balance safety with protecting the economy. To that end, they temporarily closed the viaduct last weekend to install new gates that automatically block access one minute after a quake is detected.见识了日本地震灾难,西雅图市长,麦克麦凯金恩于14号称,本市应该重新考虑,并且呼吁明年就关闭高架桥。很快,他被指散播恐慌性言论,更别提此举对本地经济的影响。本州官员回应到,这条高速路很容易受地震影响,其危险性不亚于之前的日本,他们称他们将尽可能找到安全和经济的平衡点。上周此高速被短暂关闭,为安装新入口装置——当地震发生后一分钟,通道口将自动关闭。201104/132373

Former U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush are joining with President Barack Obama to aid the earthquake-stricken people of Haiti. The two former presidents returned to the White House to discuss what they and the American people can do to help.美国前总统克林顿和布什与美国现总统奥巴马一起为遭受地震灾难的海地民众提供援助。这两位前总统回到白宫,讨论他们与美国人民能如何帮助海地灾民。President Obama says the Haitian earthquake relief effort will not be measured in days or weeks, but in months and even years. 奥巴马总统说,海地地震救援工作不是一朝一夕或者几星期的事情,而是成年累月的工作。Mr. Obama stood between his two predecessors Saturday and said they have answered his call to coordinate efforts to involve more Americans in helping Haiti recover and rebuild.奥巴马星期六站在两位前总统中间时表示,他俩响应他的呼吁,为使更多美国人帮助海地克灾难,从事重建进行协调。"Presidents Bush and Clinton will help the American people to do their part, because responding to a disaster must be the work of all of us. Indeed, those wrenching scenes of devastation remind us not only of our common humanity, but also of our common responsibilities," he said.奥巴马说:“布什总统和克林顿总统将帮助美国人民发挥自己的作用,因为对一场灾害作出反应务必是我们所有人的共同使命。的确,那些令人痛苦的灾难景象唤起了我们共有的人道主义精神,也唤醒我们的共同责任感。”The president says by coming together, Mr. Bush, a Republican, and Mr. Clinton, a Democrat, send an unmistakable message that the U.S. stands united with the people of Haiti.奥巴马总统说,布什是一位共和党人,克林顿是民主党人,他们在一起共同努力发出了一个不容置疑的信息,那就是美国和海地人民团结一心。201001/94895

  At the ASEAN Defense Ministers meeting in Hanoi, Chinese Minister of Defense Liang Guanglie invited his U.S. counterpart Defense Secretary Robert Gates to visit China, in what seems like an easing of military tensions in the region.Diplomacy appears to be making some progress in reducing tensions at the ASEAN Plus Eight defense ministers' meeting. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations invited the ed States, China, Japan, Russia and other regional powers to address security issues in the Pacific.在东盟加八国国防部长的会议上,外交举措似乎为缓解紧张关系起到一定作用。东南亚国家联盟邀请美国、中国、日本、俄罗斯以及其他区域内大国一同商讨太平洋地区的安全问题。China resumes military relationsBy inviting Defense Secretary Robert Gates to visit next year, China is resuming high-level military relations with the ed States. Earlier in the year, China suspended military contacts because of U.S. planned arms sales to Taiwan.中国邀请美国国防部长盖茨于明年访问中国,这将恢复中美两国的高层军事交流。今年早些时候,中国由于美国对台军售而终止了与美国的军事接触。The Chinese Defense Minister also said talks with Japan's defense officials were positive. Tensions between the two countries have increased after a Chinese fishing boat collided with Japanese coast guard patrol ships in waters claimed by both sides.中国国防部长梁光烈还说,与日本防卫省官员的会谈是有建设性的。中日两国的紧张关系有所升级,原因是一艘中国渔船与日本海上保安厅巡逻船相撞,事发地点位于有争议的钓鱼岛水域。U.S. support for Southeast AsiaEarlier in the day, speaking to members of the military and students at the Vietnam National University in Hanoi, Secretary Gates sent a message to reassure Southeast Asia.星期一早些时候,盖茨在河内的越南国立大学对军官和学生们发表讲话时,对东南亚地区再度做出保。"I think all Asia can be confident that the U.S. intends to remain engaged in Asia as we have been for so many scores of years before and that we intend to be an active party, not only in economic and political matters but also in defense and security matters," Gates said.盖茨说:“我想整个亚洲都应当有信心,美国有意与亚洲继续保持接触,就像我们数十年来一直做的那样,我们也有意作为一个积极的参与者,不仅仅在经济和政治事务上,也包括国防和安全事务。”The ed States is concerned territorial disputes over small island chains in the region could hurt access to one of the world's busiest sea lanes.美国担心,由于对东南亚地区一些群岛的领土问题存在争议,这可能会影响到这里世界上最繁忙的海上通道之一。Beijing says its claims over the Spratly and Paracel islands are a "core national interest." Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei and Malaysia also claim all or part of the islands. Although largely uninhabited, the islands are believed to sit atop vast reserves of oil and natural gas.北京表示,中国对南沙群岛和西沙群岛拥有的主权涉及“核心利益”。台湾、越南、菲律宾、文莱和马来西亚也都声称拥有这些岛屿的全部或部分主权。201010/115466

  Rice to New York for Gaza Diplomacy赖斯展开外交努力以解决加沙危机 U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is joining U.N. Security Council and bilateral diplomacy on the Gaza crisis in New York. The ed States is seeking a deal on Gaza that would end Hamas rocket fire into Israel, halt arms smuggling to the militant group, and reopen Gaza crossing points for aid and trade. 美国国务卿赖斯为解决加沙危机在纽约参与联合国安理会和双边外交活动。美国谋求的加沙协议目的在于结束哈马斯对以色列发射火箭,制止向这个激进组织走私武器,并为救援和贸易重新开放加沙过境点。Rice is holding meetings in New York with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, as well as Arab and European foreign ministers in advance of a late-afternoon Security Council meeting on the Gaza crisis. 在联合国安理会星期二傍晚将举行加沙危机讨论之前,赖斯在纽约同巴勒斯坦权力机构主席阿巴斯、阿拉伯和欧盟国家的外长举行会谈。But State Department officials are cautioning against expectations of an early cease-fire resolution from the Security Council, and say Rice's principal focus is on the bilateral contacts, which will continue Wednesday. 但是国务院官员警告说,不要指望安理会能很快做出一项停火决议。他们说,赖斯关注的重点是双边接触。双边活动将于星期三继续进行。The Bush administration has come under criticism for resisting Arab-backed calls in the Security Council for an immediate end to hostilities. U.S. officials say drafts submitted thus far have failed to address the Hamas rocket fire on Israel that provoked the crisis, and have not included terms that would assure that a truce would be durable. 布什政府抵制安理会有关立即结束敌对状态的呼吁,这是阿拉伯国家持的。美国政府由于这一立场而受到批评。美国官员说,迄今为止提交的草案没有提到如何解决哈马斯对以色列发射火箭弹的问题,这是挑起这场危机的起因。草案也没有包括确保停火能够持久的条款。State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack said the ed States would like an immediate cease-fire provided it has a reasonable chance to succeed long-term. 国务院发言人麦科马克说,美国希望立即实现停火,但是必须有适当的机会能够持久。"We would like an immediate cease-fire, absolutely," McCormack said. "Look, nobody wants to see violence. We would like to see the violence end today, but we also want to see it end in a way that is sustainable and durable, so that you do not have my successor up here three months, four months, six months from now talking about the same thing."  他说:“我们当然希望立即停火。没有人希望看到暴力。我们希望暴力能在今天结束,但是我们也希望暴力能以一种持续和持久的方式结束,这样接替我的发言人才不会在三个月、四个月、六个月以后再来谈同样的问题。”The State Department said Monday that Rice, who has been conducting telephone diplomacy on Gaza, is pursuing a three-pronged accord to end Hamas rocket fire, close the tunnels from Egypt through which the militant group has been receiving weapons, and reopen Gaza crossing points so that the economy of the coastal strip can return to normal. 国务院星期一说,赖斯一直在就加沙危机进行电话外交。赖斯目前正谋求一项三管齐下的协议:结束哈马斯的火箭发射,关闭哈马斯经由埃及获得武器的通道,重新开放加沙过境点,以便沿海地区加沙的经济能回归正常。Officials say such a crossings accord would be based on the movement and access deal Rice brokered between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in 2005, but was never fully implemented. That accord provided for a European Union monitoring presence at the crossings, which U.S. officials say could be augmented by personnel from other countries. 有关官员说,这样的一个过境协议将基于赖斯2005年在以色列和巴勒斯坦权力机构之间进行斡旋而达成的人员流动和过境协议。但是那项协议从未得到全面实施。该协议授权欧盟在过境点进行监督。美国官员说,这可以由其它国家的人员参加来加以扩大。The deal Rice is seeking would not necessarily unfold under U.N. auspices. She is meeting in New York with, among others, Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan, whose government has offered to provide observers, and with British Foreign Secretary David Miliband and French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner. 赖斯推动的协议可能不会以联合国的名义提出。赖斯目前正在纽约会晤土耳其外长巴巴詹。土耳其政府主动提出要提供观察员。赖斯还会见了英国外交大臣米利班德和法国外长库什内。McCormack said Rice spoke by telephone Monday with Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman. Egypt mediated the previous Gaza truce which Hamas refused to renew last month and would be a key to enforcement of any new effort to curb arms traffic to Hamas. 麦科马克说,赖斯星期一打电话给埃及情报局长苏莱曼。埃及斡旋了以前的加沙停火协议。但是哈马斯上个月拒绝延长这一协议。该协议将是加强遏制武器偷运到哈马斯的任何最新努力的关键。Rice also called President-elect Barack Obama on Monday to brief him on Gaza diplomacy. 赖斯星期一还打电话给当选总统奥巴马,向他汇报有关加沙的外交活动。A senior official who spoke to reporters said concerned parties, including Arab states are "starting to coalesce" around the three-part strategy Rice is pursuing, but in his words "are not there yet by any stretch" of the imagination. 一位高级官员对记者说,包括阿拉伯国家在内的有关各方“开始凝聚”在赖斯推动的三方战略周围。但是,用他的话说,“目前还远远没有到能够达成协议的时候”。01/60590。

  Australia Debates Revamping Controversial Citizenship Tests澳大利亚修改入籍考试注重新国民权利义务Australia is revising controversial citizenship tests, to make sure applicants are more aware of their rights and responsibilities rather than examine their general knowledge about sports and culture.澳大利亚将修改引起争议的公民入籍考试,以确保申请入籍者更多地了解他们的权利和责任,而不是仅仅考查他们对体育和文化的一般知识。The government wants to make the tests more helpful for prospective citizens settling in to life in their adopted country.澳大利亚政府希望公民入籍考试能更有助于新公民把生活融入他们的新国家。In the new version of the test, to be rolled out October 19, there will more questions about gender equality, compulsory voting and the Australian legal system.今年10月19号开始实行的新入籍考试将包括更多有关性别平等、投票义务以及澳大利亚法制系统的问题。In unveiling the test this week, Immigration Minister Chris Evans, who was born in Britain, says the amendments will help immigrants better understand their responsibilities to the community.本星期宣布新入籍考试的澳大利亚移民部长埃文斯在英国出生。他说,有关修改将帮助移民更好的理解他们对社区负有的责任。Evans and many immigrant activists think questions on the current test about famous sports personalities and explorers are irrelevant.埃文斯和很多移民权益活动人士认为,目前入籍考试中有关知名体育界人士和探险者的那些问题无关紧要,没有意义。The country on Thursday celebrated Citizenship Day and to mark the occasion 4,000 people were sworn in as new Australians.星期四是澳大利亚的公民日,当天有4千人宣誓成为澳大利亚公民。Among them was China-born opera singer Sharon Zai, who gave up her Chinese citizenship to become an Australian."I would love to have both but because I have been in Australia for six years and I feel very, very involved with this Australian life and I love to live here forever," she said.Critics say the citizenship tests are a waste of money, do nothing to help newcomers integrate into society and discriminate against those from a non-English speaking background.批评人士说,公民入籍考试是浪费钱,丝毫不能帮助新移民融入社会,并且歧视那些母语不是英语的移民。Migrants must pass the test to gain citizenship. 所有移民必须通过入籍考试才能获得澳大利亚国籍。Under the proposed changes, those taking the test will have to answer 20 multiple-choice questions in English and the passing grade will rise from 60 percent to 75.根据新提出的修改,入籍考试参加者将要回答20道英文的多项选择题,及格分数从60分改为75分。The tests were introduced in 2007 and were intended to enhance social cohesion. Recent studies have found that some prospective citizens had been deterred from applying for citizenship, wrongly fearing they would be deported if they failed the test.现行的入籍考试于2007年开始实行,目的是促进社会和谐。最近的研究显示,一些有意入籍的移民不敢提出申请,错误地担心如果通不过考试就会被遣返。Applicants can take the exam as many times as they like until they pass.澳大利亚对移民参加入籍考试没有次数限制,可以多次参加考试,之至最后入籍。09/84771

  The Irish government may be heading towards collapse after agreeing to a bailout from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund. Prime Minister Brian Cowen said he will call an election for early next year, but some politicians in Ireland say that's not soon enough.随着爱尔兰同意接受欧盟和国际货币基金组织的援助计划,该国政府可能正在走向崩溃。爱尔兰总理考恩说,他将提议明年年初举行选举,但爱尔兰的一些政客说,选举的时间还不够早。Ireland's Prime Minister Brian Cowen is facing outrage over how he has handled Ireland's economic and banking crisis. On Sunday his government requested international funding set to be worth around 0 billion to steer Ireland clear from economic collapse.爱尔兰总理考恩面临着反对派对他在爱尔兰经济和危机中处理方式的不满。星期天,他的政府要求获得大约1千亿美元的国际救援资金,以将爱尔兰从经济崩溃的边缘拉回来。Budget reductions are tied to the bailout. This week Mr. Cowen's government is to publish a four-year plan that will cut around billion from the country's deficit. And early next month the 2011 budget is to be unveiled. 削减预算是接受援救计划的必要条件。这个星期,考恩政府将发表一份4年计划,将爱尔兰的预算赤字减少大约200亿美元。下个月初,2011年的预算将揭晓。The junior party in Mr. Cowen's coalition government said it will withdraw its support for the government once that budget is passed. 在考恩联合政府中一个较小的政党说,一旦这份预算案获得通过,它就不再持考恩政府了。Mr. Cowen said he will not call an election until Ireland's finances are in order. 考恩说,在爱尔兰财政状况稳定之前,不会举行选举。"We believe that there is a clear duty on all members of Dail Eiereann [Irish parliament] to facilitate the passage of these measures in the uniquely serious circumstances in which we find ourselves," said Cowen. "The political and financial stability of the state requires no less. It is my intention at the conclusion of this budgetary process, with the enactment of the necessary legislation in the new year."他说:“我们相信,爱尔兰下议院的所有议员都有明确的责任,在我们发现情况特别严重的时候,协助这些措施获得通过。保持爱尔兰的政治和财政稳定至少需要这样做。这是我在这次预算制定过程中结论性的意向,我们将在新的一年中颁布必要的法规。”201011/119035Harris on Ellen Show Neil Patrick Harris (Barney in 'How I Met Your Mother') is doing amazing magic trick on EllenNeil Patrick Harris. Hi.All right. Um, so and now, cos you do magic, and now you are doing mind stuff?Well, you know, I’ve been on the show before and you always asked me to do some sort of fun trick for you.Erm, I like them.I juggled swords once. (Yes.) I chopped my own head off once. (Yes, we got lots of stories about that.) Sorry, kids. What we did, so, look at that. (Yeah) There’s (an) actual picture of it. (Yeah) That’s the before. Don’t show the after.The after, we actually get people going "I can’t believe you cut his head off". People really tell we cut his head off.Magic is hilarious. So I thought I would do some mental magic, stuff that’s safe. But I’ve been working on, you know, "the amazing crescan", they always think and can do things with their minds, kind of like Heroes. And sooooo, I started practicing with like a spoon. (Enhr.) You can actually watch very closely, y?I don’t fall for that one.You don’t fall for that one. Now I tell you why, because this spoon has a hinge, see?That’s right. I don’t fall for that one.Not the best but... There’s actually, I actually have a better one. Now, this is a good stuff.All right.I packed a Light Lunch, get it? No, this is a light bulb. (Yes. I did.) Just a regular light bulb we could see. (Yes.) You wanna touch it? (Yes.) See it’s real. Nothing’s crazy about it. (OK.)All right, you get your eyes shot on this.What? How did you do that? How did you do that? It’s freaking me out.The illuminated light bulb trick.Yes. the amazing crescan: 出自John MacArthur的一本书《Charismatic Chaos》light lunch: a Channel 4 lunch-time comedy chatshow broadcast between March 1997 and February 199803/65691Matt Damon is the sexiest man aliveJulie Jordan tells TODAY's Ann Curry why 'People' magazine picked the 'Bourne' hottie for this year's sexiest man.Well it's always a nice surprise when you are standing in line at a grocery store and you spot People magazine's annual 'Sexiest Man Alive' issue. Especially, if you happen to be the 'Sexiest Man Alive', of course, you don't have that experience, but Julie Jordon is People magazine's special correspondent and she's here to reveal this year's 'Sexiest Man Alive'. Julie! Good morning! Good morning! How many years have you been doing this? Many! And it's always fun. Many, many, many? 22 years! It's always good! And you've got to tell us this morning who's gonna be on the cover. Yes! Finally, Matt Damon for the weekend. Wow! Yeah! Right! The cam(paign), the campaign worked.You know, you know women had campaigned. Did he campaign for it? Well, you know. Brad and Matt have always said that he is deserving. And this is a guy who actually said that he didn't want to be the sexiest man because he considers himself, you know, a suburban house-dad. So we enlisted the help of friends like Ben Affleck, George Clooney. George said that he and Brad have actually worked with Matt on his walk and his posture. And that's why, that's why Damon will be a very good topic here.Oh, those guys! That's good. I didn't think he had a bad walk. In fact, somebody wrote a letter on his behalf, didn't that? Actually Matt wrote a letter, yeah! He wrote a letter. Yeah! And it was just so great. And it only showed why we chose him, so with his permission, we will print it in the issue and it's pretty fantastic. I say, and I think he says that you've made an aging suburban dad the ego boost of a lifetime, part of the letter. Exactly, (.......), so... Oh, I mean, Come on. The guys are really the born trilogy. I mean, he's hot. He's....This...And this is his year. I mean, in love with wife and in love with kid. Why it takes so long? Well, you know, we just, we, we wanted it like the, the campaign going and make sure that um, all the ers were as excited as we were. And yeah, this is just fun for him. It's fun for all of the families and friends, and it is a good story. Alright!When will it get out on People magazine?(when does it hit newsstands?)On newsstands tomorrow. Ok. You've heard it here first. Julie Jordon. Thanks so much! Thank you! Thank you guys.A lucky job you've got. Ah Yeah. . . . . my pleasure!Okay. Anyway...03/63672

  It's been protected from human impact since 1909. With three million acres, nearly a half million under water, Superior National Forest is largely unspoiled. But now the survival of this national treasure rest with those who would see some of it burned. When a massive windstorm flattened nearly a half million acres of trees in July of 1999, the Forest Service knew a major wildfire was inevitable. They refer to this area simply as ‘the blowdown’, over 700 square miles of kindling just waiting for a spark. "Yeah, we are kind of wondering why that hasn't happened, um, when it's twice as dry, twice as warm and windy and there is lightning out there. But, er, so far we just haven't had lightning in a good patch of timber to burn." On this day," just to let you know the Magnetic Rock burn is a goal." The Forest Service will strike the match. "The weather forecast for today is favorable". But not before checking that conditions are just right. "Pretty consistent, mainly southwest to leave at 14:50." Gusts of wind more than 15 miles per hour in the wrong direction could be disastrous. And if things go wrong, if the fire gets out of control, it would be burn boss Tim Norman who's responsible. "Yeah, Tim, we're y to launch the torch of fuel". It will come from above. The helicopter disappearing over this ridge will drop a flaming gel on the forest floor. The natural fuel there does the rest. For hours, wave after wave of air assaults rein fire from above. This is the time when all that planning to keep homeowners safe is put to the test. "Before the burn, during the burn and after the burn, we're trying to look at it as many angles as we can, we're trying (to) outguess what could possibly happen and conduct it safely." In the end, a plan with promise gave way to some disappointment. No safety problems, but the Forest Service had hoped to burn 1300 acres, shifting winds and problems with the flaming gel limited the burn to just 200. But that is still a significant amount of forest to burn. "How long will this area take to green up?" "Oh, it'll be green by next spring". This area now creates a much needed buffer between the blowdown and hundreds of homes and businesses on the edge of the wilderness .Burning the forest to keep a future wildfire in check. It's a huge job that's only just begun.1. Superior National Forest: n.Superior National Forest is a national forest of the ed States located in the Arrowhead Region of the state of Minnesota between the U.S.-Canadian border and the north shore of Lake Superior. The area is part of the greater Boundary Waters region along the border of Minnesota and the Canadian province of Ontario, a historic and important thoroughfare in the fur trading and exploring days of British North America. 2. kindling: n.Kindling is small pieces of dry wood and other materials that you use to start a fire. 3. gel: n.A colloid in which the disperse phase has combined with the dispersion medium to produce a semisolid material, such as a jelly. 4. in check: idiom.Restrained from moving or acting; under control.200811/54793Int'l Red Cross Decries Gaza Humanitarian Crisis红十字会:加沙面临全面人道危机 The International Committee of the Red Cross said Gaza is suffering what it calls a full-blown humanitarian crisis. It said the death toll and number of injured is rising, the infrastructure of the Palestinian territory is shattered and civilians lack essential supplies. 红十字国际委员会说,加沙目前陷入全面的人道主义危机。红十字会说,加沙的死伤人数还在上升,这块巴勒斯坦领土的基础设施受到破坏,平民百姓缺少必须的生活用品。The International Committee of the Red Cross said up to 600 people have been killed and about 3,000 injured since Israel began its military offensive in Gaza.  红十字国际委员会说,以色列对加沙开始军事进攻以来,已经有多达600人丧生,大约3000人受伤。The Head of ICRC Operations, Pierre Kraehenbuehl, called it a full blown humanitarian crisis. He said the situation for civilians has become intolerable. 红十字国际委员会行动部主任皮埃尔.克雷恩布尔认为,加沙目前进入全面的人道主义危机。他说,平民百姓的处境已经到了不能容忍的地步。"The main message coming out of Gaza this morning is one of fear and frustration. People are scared, parents for the safety of their children and the population at large being caught up in fighting. This past night was described to us over the phone this morning as being the most frightening of all to date," he said.  克雷恩布尔说:“今天早上来自加沙的消息充满了恐惧和绝望。人们非常害怕,家长担心他们孩子的安全,整个加沙人民都被卷入这场战争之中。今天早上我们从电话中得知,过去的这个夜晚是迄今最令人胆颤心惊的。”The ICRC said people are trapped and unable to flee to areas of safety. The Swiss humanitarian organization is appealing to Israel and Hamas fighters to refrain from targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure. It said it is critical that civilians are kept out of the line of fire. 红十字国际委员会说,人们被困在加沙,无法逃到安全区域。这个在瑞士的人道主义组织呼吁以色列和哈马斯武装人员尽量不要打击平民和民用基础设施。该组织说,让平民远离战火至关重要。Kraehenbuehl said a distinction must be made between civilians and combatants. He said direct and indiscriminate attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure, such as homes, hospitals and water-power supplies, are prohibited under international humanitarian law. 克雷恩布尔说,必须分清楚哪些是平民,哪些是战斗人员。他说,对平民百姓和住宅、医院及水电供应设施等民用设施不分青红皂白的直接攻击是国际人道主义法律所禁止的。He said the Red Cross is gravely concerned by the growing number of civilian deaths and injuries. He said the growing number of civilian infrastructure that is being damaged and destroyed, including hospitals, also is alarming. 克雷恩布尔说,红十字会对平民伤亡人数的日益增加表示严重关切。他说,医院等民用基础设施遭到损毁的数量不断上升也非常令人震惊。"In every situation of armed conflict, the issue of access to medical care is a crucial one. In Gaza, this access has been worsening by the day. Many people in Gaza currently do not get the emergency medical care that they need. Some are even dying because ambulances cannot reach them in time, which is frankly appalling," he said.  克雷恩布尔说:“在武装冲突的每一种情况中,能否得到医疗救治的问题,至关重要。在加沙,平民百姓得到救治的可能性每况愈下。加沙许多人目前无法得到所需的急救。由于救护车无法及时接到伤病人员,致使有些人生命垂危。这种现状的确骇人听闻。”Kraehenbuehl said the Israeli authorities are allowing the Red Cross to bring medical supplies, including blood, into Gaza. He said the agency also has brought in tetanus vaccines, which are potentially life saving for wounded patients.  克雷恩布尔表示,以色列当局允许红十字会向加沙运送血液等医疗救治所需的物品。他说,该机构还给加沙带去了破伤风疫苗,这种疫苗可以挽救伤员的生命。He said a team of Red Cross war surgeons has been allowed to enter Gaza to assist doctors treating the wounded at the main Shifa hospital. 克雷恩布尔说,红十字会一个战地外科医生小组已经获准进入加沙,为在希法总医院救治伤员的医生提供帮助。01/60591

  bad girls good Showbiz Tonight's AJ Hammer and Brooke Anderson reveal the ways some of Hollywood's most notorious woman are becoming good girls.Hello, there, I’m Watt Anderson and welcome to the showbiz tonight’s potcast. Now this is where we go inside Hollywood figure story. Right now bad girl gone good. Paris could learn a lesson or two from her frenemy Nichole Richey. She recently told People Magazine that motherhood has changed her life for the better saying,” Now that I look back on it, I was a different person last year than I’m now.” And listen sometimes I will be here and I'll think to myself I used to be fun, What if I’m not fun anymore? I have all those feelings but you know what, I am who I am and I’m still fun, just not in that way. Well, it's good to see this bad girl turned good. And She is not the only one. Think about all the bad girls out there in Hollywood who turned their life around for the good. I’m talking Madonna,Angelina Jolie,Mary J. Blige, Fergie. So how bad did they get before they turned it around and how did they do it? Showbiz tonight’s AJ Hammer investigate bad girls gone good. They wrote a book on being naughty, sexy, talented women who pushed the limits of being bad in their youth, but matured into some of the most respected women in Hollywood. Marie J blige had one of the most extraordinary and public transformations from bad girl to good. “That’s a celebration of the growth that I've made the growth that all my fans and all of us who have you know have made together.” She’s the Grammy Award-winning, reigning queen of hip-hop and soul. But this diva battled a hard-core addiction to drug and alcohol . “She’s talked with me once about it .She would just like guzzle gin as soon as she came off stage, you know, she was smoking weed um, we, she’s doing coke…” Her transformation came when she met her current husband Kendu Isaacs. She tells Showbiz tonight he saved her life. “My husband definitely came into my life and help me out, you know, save me.” Even better, Blige turned her heartache into another reason she's so beloved. “She, you know, sort of like worked all this into her art, the sort of. The turning point song for her was really a moving ballad called No More Drama.” (Music) “Here’s J's spiritual journey in her life is reflected in her music and I think the audience responds to that as much as they responds to her voice.” Another of showbiz tonight’s favorite bad girls gone good. (Music) Fergie, who battled a serious Crystal Meth addiction before she made it big in Black Eyed Pea. “Well, the funny thing with Fergie is a little different, because most of her bad girls stuff was before she was really in the public eye. I mean she was a child star,er,I mean, stars overstated” Yeah,that might be overstating it. Fergie was a regular on that old 80’s kids show “kids-incorporated”. It was later when she was in her first real girl group Wild Orchids that things got interesting. “She started you know like taking a lot of ecstasy. She was going out to the clubs all the time and she got seriously addicted to Crystal Meth” She says kicking the habit was the hardest boyfriend she ever had to break up with. “She’s been through some hard times. But you know she’s perhaps had the sort of wild, raunchy past. But, you know, she is like a little more in control now.”02/61793

  Celebrations in honour of the dead take place in July and August in Japan. Prayers are set and graves are tended during the festival of O-Bon. In Tokushima city around 100 thousand costumed people dance in the streets."This is an incredible scale, there's this whole river, thing going on, there's three blocks on either side of the river. It’s the biggest I've ever seen."There are a number of different theories explaining the origins of Tokushima’ s Awa Odori(阿波踊り) or "our dance festival". But some see it as a form of the wider Japanese custom of Bon Odori (盆踊) or Bon-dance. "Awa Odori began around 450 years ago. It was originally a regional custom performed decent spirits back to the realms of the dead after their brief stay in the living world during the O-Bon season. Now participation isn't limited to the people of Tokushima city or Tokushima prefecture. It has grown into a festival that attracts people from all over Japan."Awa is the former name of the Tokushima prefecture and the dance festival is thought to have gained its local character in 1587 when the feudal lord handed out sake to celebrate the completion of his newly-built castle. Legend says the citizens became so drunk they started to dance with abandon in an unsteady gate. One of Tokushima's most famous dance teams is called the Ahou Ren."The lyrics of one of the festival songs says fool's dance and fool's watch. If both are fools you might as well dance. So I think that this is where our Ren gets its name."For the most part, women wear traditional straw hat, known as amigasa (編み笠) that is shaped like a half moon. A colorful yukada (浴衣)and wooden sandals known as gata(木屐)."Men should dance in a very masculine way. Women should dance in a feminine and graceful way."Onna Odori (女踊り), the female dance style, is distinguished by its upright stance and physical discipline and it's intended to an embodiment of feminine grace and beauty. By contrast, Otoko Odori(男踊り), the male dance style, is distinguished by a lower stance and more fluid vigorous movements and resemble the moves of a drunken fool. "It's extremely fun, you know, Japanese are not known for this spontaneity, but you see people very spontaneous and people are approaching you in the street and asking you where you are from and getting to know you, which is extremely welcoming to visitors."200812/58995。

  EU Wants Sronger Measures to Fix Greek Economy欧盟要求希腊强力解决经济问题EU Commissioner Oliver Rehn is in Athens to discuss Greek proposals to straighten out its government finances.欧盟经济事务专员奥利·雷恩(Oliver Rehn)抵达雅典,计划讨论希腊政府提出的债务清理建议。The European Union has urged Greece to implement greater austerity measures immediately to tackle a debt crisis that has shaken the entire bloc.欧盟敦促希腊政府立即采取更加严厉的措施,处理债务危机,这场危机让整个欧盟集团受到强烈震动。EU Finance Commissioner Olli Rehn made the call after a first round of talks with Greek officials amid growing market expectations of a trade-off between new deficit cutting steps and practical EU support for Greek borrowing.欧盟经济事务专员奥利·雷恩同希腊官员举行首轮磋商后呼吁希腊政府立即采取上述措施。与此同时,越来越多的市场人士预期,欧盟要希腊政府采取新举措,削减财政赤字,同时也会向希腊提供实际的贷款援助。The strength of the European currency has been under pressure since Greece's financial problems were revealed, with concern the problem could sp to other euro-zone countries.希腊的财政困境暴露之后,欧元地位一直面临着压力,人们担心希腊债务危机会波及欧元区其他成员国。Last week, the Greek Prime Minister called for more solidarity from the European Union over his country's debt crisis and announced plans to visit Germany, whose backing is vital for EU financial aid.上星期,希腊总理呼吁欧盟能就希腊债务危机问题同希腊政府增加协作。他同时宣布访问德国,欧盟是否能对希腊提供财政援助,德国的态度十分关键。Greek newspapers have spent the past week speculating on what further hardships citizens will face, including pension cuts, salary freezes and the prospect of job cuts.希腊报纸上星期纷纷揣测,希腊民众面临的困境可能还会增加,其中可能包括削减退休金、冻结工资和解雇员工等。201003/97561

  Palestinians Breach Egypt Border as Israel Bombs Tunnels巴勒斯坦手与埃及安全部队冲突  Israel's deadly air offensive in the Gaza Strip has sparked clashes between Palestinian gunmen and Egyptian security forces. Nearly 300 Palestinians, most of them armed militants, have been killed since Israel launched the offensive on Saturday. 以色列对加沙地带的致命空中打击导致巴勒斯坦人手和埃及安全部队之间冲突。自从以色列星期六发动攻击以来,已经有300多名巴勒斯坦人被打死,其中多数是武装分子。Hundreds of Palestinians breached the Gaza border fence in four places and poured into Egypt on Sunday. Egyptian police opened fire, prompting gun battles with Palestinian militants. Several hours later, Egyptian officials said border guards restored order. 星期天,数百名巴勒斯坦人在4个地方破坏了加沙边界隔离墙,涌入埃及。埃及警察开,引发了与巴勒斯坦武装分子之间的战。几个小时后,埃及官员表示边防人员恢复了那里的秩序。The breach followed Israel's bombing of 40 tunnels in Gaza used by the ruling Islamic militant group Hamas to smuggle weapons and supplies across Egypt's Sinai Peninsula.  在隔离墙被破坏之前,以色列轰炸了加沙地带的40个地道。这些地道是控制那个地区的伊斯兰激进组织哈马斯用来从埃及西奈半岛偷运武器和物资的。Israeli spokesman Mark Regev says that stopping the flow of weapons to Hamas is a strategic objective. "Unfortunately, we're seeing smuggling across the border from Sinai into Gaza of both explosives and weaponry and know-how. And that's a threat to our country," he said. 以色列发言人马克.雷格夫说,阻止武器流入哈马斯手中是以色列的一个战略目的:“遗憾的是,我们看到从西奈穿过边境被偷运到加沙的既有爆炸物和武器,也有武器技术。这对我们的国家形成了威胁。”The unrest along the border worries the pro-western Egyptian government, says Israeli analyst Jonathan Spyer. "Egypt is immensely concerned about what's going on in Gaza because, of course, Hamas is the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Muslim Brotherhood is the main domestic opposition to the regime in Egypt," he said. 以色列分析人士乔纳森.斯拜尔说,边境地区发生的骚乱让亲西方的埃及政府感到担心:“埃及非常担心加沙的局势,因为哈马斯是穆斯林兄弟会在巴勒斯坦的分,而穆斯林兄弟会在埃及是现政权在国内的主要对手。”The breach was reminiscent of events in January, when hundreds-of-thousands of Palestinians broke through the Gaza border fence and poured into Egypt. They stocked up on food and supplies in defiance of a crippling Israeli blockade. Egypt has fortified the border since then because it sees a flood of Palestinians into its territory as a threat to national security. 对隔离墙的破坏使人想起1月份发生的情况,当时,数十万巴勒斯坦人冲破加沙边界隔离墙,涌进埃及。他们冲破脆弱的以色列封锁,储备食品和物资。从那以后,埃及加强了边境保护,因为它将巴勒斯坦人涌入看作是对国家安全的威胁。200812/60030


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