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甘孜州妇幼保健医院体检收费标准四川省第六医院可以做引产吗崇州市儿童医院网上预约咨询 My sister Lizzie used to say that the difference between “attractive” and “beautiful” was cheekbones. Obviously, the only people who make these sorts of pronouncements are those who have killer-cheekbones (and she does).我丽兹以前常说“迷人”与“漂亮”就在于颧骨间的差别。很显然,敢如此“大言不惭”的人只可能是那些拥有出众颧骨的美眉(她无疑就属于此类)。That aside, she may have a point. Why else would the world seem to have gone crazy trying to get them? The mania surrounding contouring — the art of highlighting and lowlighting different parts of your face to enhance the shape of certain features (the bridge of the nose, the roundness of the cheekbones, etc) — not only plagues my Instagram feed but has spawned a sub-industry of “contouring kits”.抛开个人因素,她也许言之有理。那还有什么其它理由让芸芸众生对迷人的颧骨如此痴狂?颧骨塑形之风盛行,不仅让我为此整天在Instagram上捣鼓,而且催生出“脸部塑形行头”的分产业。Kim Kardashian is largely responsible for the obsession, even though she appears to have toned it down lately, and it’s now a fixed point for every 16-year-old vlogging on YouTube. I’ve seen rectangles, triangles and circles of painstakingly painted-on foundation, powder, bronzer and highlighter, all of which remind me of my childhood painting-by — numbers kits. The results are invariably neither attractive nor beautiful; they just look odd.真人秀明星金#8226;卡戴珊(Kim Kardashian)对拥趸们的“执迷不悟”可谓难辞其咎,尽管她本人最近似乎已收敛好多,如今16岁的少女们在YouTube播影客(vlogging)早已司空见惯。我自己曾见过女士们费劲心思在脸上厚厚地涂抹粉底、粉末、古铜色及高光等妆产品——矩形、三角形以及圆形的款式应有尽有,这不由得让人想起儿时使用特定颜色填充带有编号区域的画笔盒(painting-by- numbers kits)。用妆最终捣鼓出来的模样既不迷人,也不漂亮,总之就是一个怪。Contouring first became popular in a big way in the 1970s thanks to make-up artists such as Kevyn Aucoin and Way Bandy. The latter laid down the rules in his 1977 book Defining Your Face. His “sculpture-portrait” technique involved the precision placement of shadows and highlights to create thinner noses, higher cheekbones and prettier jawlines. But while these sorts of looks were great on Jerry Hall and Marie Helvin under the bright lights of a Vogue shoot or the disco-balls of Studio 54, it was very much a look of its time. Even in its updated format, I don’t think it works now.脸部塑形盛行于上世纪70年代,这完全归功于凯文#8226;奥库安(Kevyn Aucoin)与邦迪(Way Bandy)等化妆大师。邦迪在1977年出版的专著《重整漂亮脸蛋》(Defining Your Face)中确立了脸部塑形的规则。他创造的“雕塑式脸蛋塑造技法”涉及精确布局的明暗度,打造出细长型鼻子、高高的颧骨以及更为迷人的下巴。但是,虽说《Vogue》亮光型拍摄风格以及Studio 54录音室让如此造型在杰瑞#8226;霍尔(Jerry Hall)与玛丽#8226;海尔文(Marie Helvin)等名模身上光照人,但它们基本仍属于那个时代的风格。如今即便“升级改造”,我认为也难以奏效。“Contouring is making people a lot of money,” says Rose-Marie Swift, the make-up artist behind the brand RMS Beauty, whose client Gisele Bündchen always looks fabulously chisel-boned without any help at all. “[But] in real life, it just pulls the face down, makes people look gaunt and essentially looks fake.” How fake? “I saw Jennifer Lopez the other day and when she turned to the side she looked like she had a bronze chocolate bar stuck on her face,” says Swift.“脸部塑形费用惊人,” 创建RMS Beauty品牌的妆大师罗斯#8226;玛丽-斯威芙特(Rose-Marie Swift)说,她的客户包括了超模吉赛尔#8226;邦辰(Gisele Bündchen),对方永远长着那张浑然天成的凿子形迷人脸蛋。“但在现实生活中,每当卸完妆,脸部就显得异常憔悴,前后模样大相径庭。”我问她反差有多大?斯威芙特回答说:“我有次碰见詹尼弗#8226;洛佩兹(Jennifer Lopez),对方转脸时,脸上就象贴了块古铜色的巧克力。”Clearly it’s time to stop this madness. Quit contouring. For ever. Instead, if it’s naturally enhanced cheekbones you’re after, learn to love blushing and bronzing. It’s also much simpler. To which end, here’s how to create a sculpture-portrait for 2015#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;很显然,这股脸部塑形之风如今该休矣,该是彻底终结的时候了。相反,诸位若是追求自然长成的高颧骨,不妨学着使用腮红与古铜色妆,而且这更容易实现。以下是如此塑造今年最时尚“雕塑型脸蛋”的几步高招……1. Know the result that you’re aiming for. The point of bronzer is to look like you’ve been lying in the sun and enjoying it. Swift’s tip is to brush it on lightly in horizontal strokes across the forehead, from cheek to cheek skimming the bridge of the nose, and adding a little on the jawline to balance it out. I love Chantecaille’s HD Perfecting Bronze (#163;62), which doesn’t have too much of a shimmer so you can sweep it over the sun-points of the face.1.清楚自己的终极目标。古铜色妆达到的效果就是长时间太阳浴后的肤色。斯威芙特的建议是:在整个额头处横向轻抹,还有除鼻梁之外的整个脸颊,最后在下巴处也涂抹一些,这样处理不会有啥反差。我最喜欢用香缇卡(Chantecaille)的HD Perfecting Bronze妆(售价62英镑),因为抹了它,脸部不会发亮,因此可以盖掉脸部因太阳照射后形成的斑点。2. Love your blusher — it’s your bronzer’s favourite playmate. Burberry’s Lip and Cheek Bloom (#163;24, released later this month), in creamy textured colours, is exceptionally pretty; you can dab it on your lips, too. I also really like Tom Ford’s Cream Cheek Color in Pink Sand (#163;46), which has a slightly pearlised texture for a sunshine glow. I love cream-textures but it’s worth experimenting with some of the new powder formulas, such as Nars’ Dual Intensity Blusher (#163;30), which can be applied wet for a wash-like effect, or dry. The powder, like Surratt’s powders (see 5, below), almost feels like cream, it’s that smooth.2.用好腮红————它是古铜色化妆品最好的搭档。柏利(Burberry)预定本月底推出的Lip and Cheek Bloom(售价24英镑)为乳脂质感的多色妆膏,女士们用后特别靓丽;它也可以轻轻抹在嘴唇处。我也很喜欢汤姆#8226;福特的Cream Cheek Color in Pink Sand(售价46英镑),它具有一丝珠光质感,用后脸部容光焕发。我非常喜欢用各种面霜类妆,但纳斯(Nars)双色腮红(Dual Intensity Blusher,售价30英镑)之类的新款产品也值得一试,它能干湿两用(涂抹湿款产品,如同刚出浴一般)。Surratt之类的粉末质感如同面霜,用后非常滑爽。3. Where are you putting these cheekbone-enhancers? The blusher goes on the apples of the cheeks (never lower than your nostrils, or it will start to drag your face down). The bronzer or highlighter, if used just to accent, needs to sit slightly above, in an inverted C-shape but not in under-eye territory. Both need to be blended outwards in a feathery finish. No hard lines, please.3.妆涂抹部位要一清二楚。腮红应抹在脸蛋红润处(绝不能抹鼻孔线以下的脸蛋,否则脸形会显得过长)。古铜色妆或是高光粉若只是起突出作用,应以倒C形方式抹于上半脸蛋,但绝不能抹于眼下方区域。两者需混合后向脸外侧涂抹,达到柔滑之效果。切勿生硬处理之。4. If you have a little pigmentation or look naturally tanned, avoid matt powders and choose a bronzer with a bit more metallic shimmer to accentuate the skin. This is not something I’d usually suggest for anyone over 30 but RMS Beauty’s Buriti Bronzer (#163;25) has a buriti-oil base and no glitter so it’s both kind to the skin and flattering, as is Charlotte Tilbury’s Norman Parkinson Dreamy Glow Highlighter (#163;45) compact, released in July. Not only will the Carmen Dell’Orefice imagery on the compact out-trump any other gilt-edged compact emerging from handbags in Ibiza this summer, but the shimmer is so subtle and the powder so finely milled that it suits any age.4.如果生有少许色斑或是肤色天生棕褐色,切勿使用亚光搽粉,选一款带些许金属光的古铜色妆以突出脸部肤色。但我从不向已过而立之年者推荐些此款妆,但RMS Beauty的Buriti Bronzer(售价25英镑)主要成分是布里蒂果油(buriti-oil),未添加任何亮光物质,因此既护肤、又靓丽,Charlotte Tilbury预定今年七月推出的Norman Parkinson Dreamy Glow Highlighter高光粉盒(售价45英镑)同样如此。卡门#8226;戴尔#8226;奥利菲斯(Carmen Dell’Orefice)等老超模用了该款产品后,不仅形象效果胜过Ibiza奢侈品牌集合店今夏将要推出的其它任何高档粉盒,而且这款微亮妆尤为柔和,粉末研磨得十分精细,因此适用于各个年龄段。5. Finally, if you’re unsure what colours to choose, check out the Surratt make-up counter at Liberty (currently my favourite beauty haunt). With a little help from the make-up artist, I chose my bespoke summer compact colours: a peachy-blush (1 Guimauve, #163;23); an orangey highlighter (9 Aureole, #163;23); a pale gold eyeshadow that doubles as a highlighter (Chamois, #163;16); and a brown eyeshadow (Truffe, #163;16), all of which lock into a mirror-compact and can be swapped out. It’s my summer 2015 go-anywhere compact. Go anywhere except contouring, that is.5.最后,若对颜色举棋不定,那么去Liberty百货店的Surratt化妆品专柜(它是本人最喜欢光顾的美容品专柜)。在妆大师稍微点拨之下,我挑选了由几款专用妆搭配而成的夏季粉盒:售价23英镑的桃色腮红1 Guimauve、售价23英镑的橙色高光粉9 Aureole、同时能当高光粉用的淡金黄色眼影膏(售价16英镑的Chamois)以及售价16英镑的棕色眼影膏Truffe,所有妆均装于带镜粉盒内,可以互相换着使用。这就是我随身携带的2015年夏季粉妆盒,它是本人除了脸部整形之外的全部妆行头。 /201506/380652Google is consistently rated the best place to work. So you need a degree from Harvard to get in the door, right?谷歌一直被认为是最好的工作地点,这是否意味着,只有哈佛大学毕业生才能如愿踏进谷歌大门呢?Not really, according to Laszlo Bock, Google#39;s Head of People Operations.谷歌人力运营部主管拉斯洛·克(Laszlo Bock)表示,并非如此。When the company was small, Google cared a lot about getting kids from Harvard, Stanford, and MIT. But Bock said it was the ;wrong; hiring strategy. Experience has taught him there are exceptional kids at many other places, from state schools in California to New York.在谷歌还是一个小公司的时候,曾经非常看重哈佛、斯坦福、麻省理工等名校的文凭。但克认为,这种招聘策略是错误的。经验告诉他,在一些别的地方,比如加利福尼亚或纽约的公立学校中,也会有一些天赋超常的人才。;What we find is the best people from places like that are just as good if not better as anybody you can get from any Ivy League school,; said Bock, who just authored a book titled ;Work Rules!; and stopped by CNNMoney to share his smarts.“我们从这些地方招聘的人才就算不比常春藤盟校(Ivy League school)的学生更优秀,至少也与他们一般优秀。”克刚写了一本名为《工作法则》(Work Rules!)的书,他在美国有线电视新闻网(CNN)财经频道做客时分享了他的智慧哲学。Every year, 2 million people apply to get a job at Google (GOOG). Bock himself has seen some 25,000 résumés.每年都会有两百万的人到谷歌公司求职,克本人已经看过2.5万份求职简历。So what else does Google not care about:那么谷歌招聘中不看重的还有哪些呢?Grades: Google#39;s data shows that grades predict performance for the first two years of a career, but do not matter after that.分数:谷歌数据显示,分数只能预测职业生涯最初两年的能力,除此之外,毫无意义。Brainteasers: Gone are interview questions such as: Why are manhole covers round? or How many golf balls can fit in a school bus? ;Our research tells us those questions are a waste of time,; Bock said. ;They#39;re a really coachable skill. The more you practice, you get better at it.;智力问答:谷歌不再出这样的面试题了:为什么井盖是圆的?或者是:多少个高尔夫球能装满一辆校车?克说:“我们的调查显示,这么问纯粹是浪费时间。因为这些是能够通过训练提高的技能,你练习得越多,就能答得更好。”A shoe: ;Somebody sent me a shoe once with a résumé tucked inside because they wanted to get their foot in the door.; That one didn#39;t work.一只鞋:“有人曾把简历塞在一只鞋里寄给我,意思是他们想踏进谷歌这扇门。”这样做当然没能奏效。Or a robot: Especially when it arrived broken, with exposed wires and a ;press here; button. Call in the bomb squad.一个机器人:尤其是那些寄来时已经坏了的,电线露在外面,上面还有一个“按这里”的按钮,于是我们只好给防爆小组打电话了。Here#39;s what Google does care about:以下这些才是谷歌真正看重的:Problem solvers: Your cognitive ability, or how well you solve problems.能解决问题的人:拥有认知能力或是能够排忧解难的人。Leaders: The idea is not whether you were president of the student body or vice president of the bank, rather: ;When you see a problem do you step in, help solve it,; and then critically, ;Are you willing to step out and let somebody else take over, and make room for somebody else? Are you willing to give up power?;有领导能力的人:这不是说你得是学生会主席或是副总理,而是“当你遇到问题时能不能介入,帮助解决问题”。然后是眼光要犀利,“可以退出来让别人接管吗?能够让位于别人吗?可以放弃权力吗?”Googleyness: That#39;s what Google calls its cultural fit. It#39;s not ;Are you like us?; Bock said. ;We actually look for people who are different, because diversity gives us great ideas.;具有谷歌精神(Googleyness)的人:这点被谷歌称作文化契合度。它并不是“你和我们一样吗?”克说:“事实上,我们在寻找和我们不一样的人,因为多样性能给谷歌带来卓越的想法。”What#39;s most important is that people are intellectually humble, willing to admit when they#39;re wrong, and care about the environment around them ...;because we want people who think like owners not employees,; Bock said.最重要的一点就是:理性的谦逊,愿意承认自己错了,关心周围的环境……克说:“我们想要的是那些拥有主人翁心态而不是雇员心态的人。”The least important thing? Knowing how to do the job.最不重要的一点是什么?只知道如何工作的人。;We figure if you get the first three right you#39;ll figure it out most of the time.;“我们认为一旦你具备了前三点,基本上就可以所向披靡了。” /201505/376072成都省五院专家电话

简阳市妇幼保健医院打胎流产好吗We#39;ve all been there: you hear a catchy song and for days - or even weeks - on end you just can#39;t get it out of your head.我们都遇到过这种状况:你听完一首口水歌后,连续数日甚至数周你都没办法将其摆脱掉——这首歌就是在你脑中阴魂不散。Known as an earworm or brainworm, the effect has been studied before - but its cause, and how to get rid of it, is poorly understood.这就是俗称的“耳朵虫”,先前曾经对“耳朵虫效应”进行过研究,但是“耳朵虫”的起源、如何摆脱“耳朵虫”,却一直令人费解。Now researchers say they have an answer; chewing gum after hearing a catchy song will help you think about it less often.如今研究人员宣称他们找到了:听完口水歌后嚼一嚼口香糖,你就不会那么频繁地想起这首歌。The study was carried out by scientists at the University of Reading.雷丁大学的科学家们开展了这项研究。In the research 98 volunteers were played the #39;catchy tunes#39; Play Hard by David Guetta and Payphone by Maroon 5.在研究中,科学家们给98位志愿者播放大卫·库塔的Play Hard和魔力红乐队的Payphone,这两首歌的曲调都朗朗上口。Over the next three minutes, they were then asked to hit a key every time they thought of the songs - while chewing gum, not chewing gum or tapping their finger.三分钟后,研究人员让志愿者们——不论他们是在嚼口香糖,还是不嚼口香糖,或是在轻敲手指——每次想起这两首歌就按一个键。While chewing gum, volunteers reported thinking of the song less often than when they weren#39;t chewing gum, or when they were told to tap their finger instead.据志愿者报告,他们嚼口香糖时比不嚼口香糖和敲击手指时想起歌的次数更少。And chewing gum also reduced the amount they #39;heard#39; the song in their minds by a third.嚼口香糖会使他们幻听到这两首歌的次数减少1/3。The study is the first to examine the effects of chewing gum on earworms - and it suggests it could also be used to stop other unwanted or intrusive thoughts.这是首次就嚼口香糖对耳朵虫的影响进行研究。研究指出,嚼口香糖也可以被用来阻止讨厌的念头或想法入侵。#39;Interfering with our own “inner speech” through a more sophisticated version of the gum-chewing approach may work more widely,#39; said Dr Phil Beaman, from the University#39;s School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences, who led the study.带领此一研究的是该大学临床心理学和语言科学学院的菲尔比曼士,他说:“通过和嚼口香糖类似但更复杂的方法,对于阻断#39;内心的言语#39;也许能起到更大的作用。”#39;However more research is needed to see whether this will help counter symptoms of obsessive-compulsive and similar disorders.#39;不过这种方法能否帮助对抗强迫症和类似病症,还有待进一步研究。In a previous study by the University of Reading in 2009, it was found that almost any song can become an earworm.早前在2009年雷丁大学的研究就发现,几乎任何一首歌都可能成为耳朵虫。A recent poll suggested over 90 per cent of the population experience them at least once a week with 15 per cent classifying their earworms as #39;disturbing#39;.最近的一项调查显示,超过90%的人每周至少有一次耳朵虫经历,其中15%的人认为耳朵虫让自己“困扰”。 /201505/373662四川省成都市第四医院预约电话 成都都有哪些医院

四川省成都市妇幼保健医院妇科医生 With Greece reeling over fears of default and the weeklong closure of its major banks and stock market, travelers are likely wondering how these major financial disruptions will affect their ability to use currency throughout the country. While native Greeks are currently limited to daily A.T.M. withdrawals of 60 euros per account, tourists do not face similar restrictions. (However, many A.T.M.s have been running out of money, forcing people to try other machines, which have been plagued by long lines.)眼下希腊正陷入违约恐慌,主要和股市关门已有一周,观光客们可能在想,这些剧烈的金融动荡会对他们在该国消费产生怎样的影响。目前每个希腊本国账户每天只能从ATM机提取60欧元(约合410元人民币),但游客不会受到类似的限制。(不过,许多ATM机的钱已经被取光,人们被迫要去别的机器前排长队。)Credit and debit cards issued by foreign banks are being accepted throughout the country without any additional regulations.外国核发的信用卡和借记卡可全境正常使用,没有任何额外的管制。The Ministry for Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping and Tourism, a Greek governmental department, released a statement on Monday saying, “The Ministry does not anticipate any disruptions in visitors’ everyday holiday experience, neither in the islands nor in mainland Greece, as there are adequate fuel supplies, products and services.”希腊经济、基础设施、航运和旅游部(Ministry for Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping and Tourism)在周一发布声明称,“我部不认为游客的日常度假体验会受到任何干扰,无论在岛屿还是希腊本土,燃料供应、产品和务都是充足的。”Menelaos Karvounidis, an American Express Travel destination expert who specializes in Greek tourism, said the country’s cash flow problems have not deterred tourists who are there or decreased interest in the country.从事希腊旅游研究的美国运通旅行社(American Express Travel)目的地专家梅内拉奥斯·卡沃恩尼蒂斯(Menelaos Karvounidis)说,希腊的现金流问题不会妨碍在那里的游客,也不会影响人们对这个国家的兴趣。“Things have been pretty calm and no one has canceled,” Mr. Karvounidis said. “I would recommend that people go on their trips.”“事态一直挺平静的,没人取消行程,”卡沃恩尼蒂斯说。“我的建议是大家照去不误。”Christos Stergiou, the founder of TrueGreece, a Greek luxury travel company, said that his organization is trying to provide the most updated information to travelers. He said that current visitors are “having a blast” and “have been completely unaffected by recent economic developments.”希腊豪华游公司TrueGreece创始人克里斯托斯·斯特尔吉乌(Christos Stergiou)说,他的公司会尽力把事态进展及时告知游客。他说此刻游客们“玩得很开心”,并且“完全没有受到近日经济局势的影响。”However, Mr. Stergiou still asks that travelers take some extra precautions.不过斯特尔吉乌还是建议游客们要多加小心。“When arriving in Greece, we recommend that guests have an appropriate cash balance in euros aly with them,” he said. “We recommend maintaining extra cash on reserve in addition to what you would normally expect to spend.”“我们建议客人来希腊时准备好适当的欧元现金额度,”他说。“我们建议在原计划开销的基础上,再多准备一些现金。”Mr. Stergiou also said that visitors should try to use their credit cards as their main payment method.斯特尔吉乌还说,游客应该尽量将信用卡作为主要付手段。“Most service providers should continue accepting credit cards; therefore, cash can be preserved for those that do not.”“多数务供应商会继续接受信用卡付;因此可以省下现金,在不能刷卡的地方用。”Ronnie Liadis, owner of Liadis Travel, said that despite initial concerns about accessing money, no one who booked a vacation through her company has run into any problems.里亚迪斯旅行社(Liadis Travel)所有人罗妮·里亚迪斯(Ronnie Liadis)说,大家一开始担心会取不到钱,但通过她的公司预订度假行程的客户没有遇到问题。“I have clients in Santorini, Crete and Athens, and the only issue I have heard was long lines for gasoline in Crete,” she said.“我在圣托里尼岛、克里特岛、雅典都有客户,据我所知,唯一的问题是在克里特岛加油要排长队,”她说。“This has been one of the busiest summers for tourism in Greece because of the value of the ed States dollar,” she added. “Of all my clients traveling to the country in July, August and September, none have called and said they wanted to cancel.” (The euro is currently .11 against the dollar.)“由于美元升值,今年夏天希腊旅游格外地旺,”她说。“计划7、8、9月来希腊旅游的客户里,没人打电话来取消。”(目前的汇率是1欧元兑换1.11美元。)Ms. Liadis said that while American travelers may not be sure what to expect, the country will be y for them.里亚迪斯说,也许美国游客会有点忐忑,但希腊已经做好迎接他们的准备。“The people who work in the hotels and restaurants in Greece know how important tourism is, and they’re really bending over backwards to make visitors feel welcome and protected,” she said.“在希腊的酒店和餐馆工作的人知道旅游有多重要,他们会拼尽全力招待和保护游客的,”她说。 /201507/383921成都治早泄哪家好大邑县人民医院qq多少



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