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雅安市做体检多少钱成都妇保医院做孕检多少钱(Baby, you're lonely...)I don't see how these clips have made the point, really, er, Cathryn Michon is a relationship expert for our sister Website iVillage.com. Cathryn, good morning. Good to have you here. Good morning.Again, I feel like I have to point out that I am the emissary er.. the good guys.Yes, in the dictionary under good guys, (You know what I'm saying? Yeah, I'm aware, I'm not good.) you are a man, yes. All right, so why is it that, that so many women are actually attracted to, to the bad guys, the bad boys out there?Well, that's, that's a very good question, because the first kind of Mr. Wrong is Mr. Wrong for everyone. Alright, Er, he...The blankety Mr. Wrong, (the blankety, Scot Peterson wrong, right, you know...) easily identifiable. It's got Peterson.Wrong. You are right.Hey, that guy gets hundreds of love letters (Right) sent to him in prison, OK.So what is that about?That is about being addicted to thrills. You know. I mean, er, there are Websites on the Internet that will hook you up with a convicted prisoner, sort of like Match.com or something, you know.But beyond this Scot Peterson, there is just, there is the idea about certain guys who you know are wrong for you,(Yes) it seem.....yeah, I want that guy. Yeah, and I, and, and I'm sorry to say to the woman who's attracted to that guy you are Ms. Wrong. Ok?Right. Maybe these are women who have a problem with commitment, you ever think about that?That is right. So, they, so instead they go for a guy who's aly committed. You know, I mean that's crazy.All right. You could actually tell, I mean, how, how do women know these from the get-go. How can they, you know, going into any dating? Let's say... this is how I avoid Mr. Wrong altogether.Yeah, well, the, the general kind of Mr. Wrong is,is really the second type, which is, you know, Mr. I-can-fix-him. (right) I can fix him. You can't fix him. OK, I mean if his mummy told him he was the most important person in the world you are not gonna talk him out of that .OK. One, one of the women on iVillage wrote in and said he picked me up for an 8 P.M. date at 1 A.M. (ha-ha.) That's wrong; you just have to follow your instincts. You know.....All right, well, let's go to some of these. 'Cause you've actually broken the standard in pretty methodical way to help women go through it.(yeah)So, first, Mr. Wrong for everybody.Mr.bad, bad wrong. You know it. Let it go. (Yeah,just clearly, clearly wrong.)The next one I-can-fix-him, but this is interesting because this is kind of a challenge but it's also you know,coming into a preconceived idea what you actually want. Yes, see, women will get this resume in their mind. They are like: I want a guy who is six-foot- tall and crazy about bowling. (Right) But the problem with that is then you end up missing the guy who is five-eleven and crazy about you. (Right, right.) So you can't... Mr. Right doesn't necessarily look like how you imagine him.What about... What...you, the next one you talk about is the guy who comes on a little bit too strong. Yes, (And what do you mean here?) and this one is very compelling. Mr. Comes on Strong. Because he never lasts long. You know... I mean he is the greatest boyfriend in the world to all of the 50 women that he dated this year. You know. I mean this is the guy who looks at women the way a cheetah looks at a herd of water buffalo. Do you know? It's just caught them from the herd and takes them one by one.But is it also possible that he's coming on too strong that he, that he wants to commit more quickly than you do?You know not my experience (not exactly example, you're talking about...) not exactly, I mean generally Mr. Comes on Strong is too good to be true. (It’s conquest, It's...) probably too good to be true.All right, So you talk about learning, learning lessons from past mistakes, (yeah) and actually learning them what you should do. (That's right.) too many that we are not doing.Right, because you're going to date Mr. Wrongs. It can not be avoided. So you gotta learn the right lesson, like if you date a chronic gambler who loves kittens, don't be all...I hate guys who love kittens. I mean that is not the lesson. You know get the right lesson, for now you're set.OK, now we,we talk about the idea of not being flexible, not having especially that you're getting olderYeah, yeah, (you don't wanna have the guy on paper that you want) you've got issues we've all come to our bars from the previous segments, so you know, give up the paper...Right, right, well, I'm sorry,do you think I have issues?No, not you. (I have issues.) No, no, everyone but you. No.I don't have issues. No, you know what I mean, I mean personally, I mean everyone we've all got this. OK. I just thought I'm a little offensive this way. Also what you say, you say very lovable a little bit in terms of what you're looking for. Cause you might be surprised. Yeah, here is the thing. If you wanna find Mr. Right, you've gotta look in the right place like bars for example are great places to meet alcoholics. (Right). Right? So if you're meeting guy who over drinks. So Mr. Wrong gets a straight. You know, if you,if you want a church going-guy. Here is the tip, go to a church. (Right)You know, if you want a hunky firefighter, follow the smoke. (You are right.) Where there's smoke, there's firefighter. All right, well, actually is so our sister website, we talk about iVillage.com has a quiz that you can take to see if you are dating Mr. Wrong .Ah, which I think is very funny, including...(very simple)If you plan a birthday celebration for you that doesn't include you. Follow the Mr. RightThat's the tips.That is another red flag.Alright, Cathryn Michon thanks so much, helpful advice. And if you wanna check more on dating Mr. Wrong, you can take an online quiz that we just talked about at iVillage.com200810/52023四川省成都市第一人民医院正规吗 14第十四单元Conversation 1会话 1A:Its so earlier this morning,Mr. Li! You just came back yesterday, you should have rest much more.A:李先生今天这么早啊!你昨天才刚回来,你应该多多休息。B:Id like to have rest,but I have many things to do.B:我也想休息,但还有很多事情等着我去做。A:How about this post-trip?A:这次业务旅行怎么样?B:Its very good,and the result isnt too bad.B:很好,而且效果还不错。A:Really?A:是吗?B:Of course. I will write a report about this post-trip,and then youd better type it at the moment,OK?B:那当然,我一会儿就要写一份这次出差的报告,然后你 马上给我打出来,行吗?A:OK,Its no problem.A:行,肯定没问题。B:Miss Liu. Are you typing my report?B:刘,你是在打我的那份报告吗?A:Yes,what can I do for you?A:是的,有什么问题吗?B:Nothing. I just tell you take care of it when you type. Especially the address and telephone number of those new guests. You should make sure that its no mistaken.B:我只是想嘱咐你打的时候一定要细心,特别是那些新 客户的地址和电话。确保它们不能出错。A:OK,please dont worry about it. You should set your mind at rest.A:不用担心,你就放心好了。Oh I know you are great secretary.B:哈 我知道你是一个好秘书。A:Thanks your flatter.A:多谢夸奖。Conversation 2会话 2A:Mr. Li,the report has been finished.A:李先生,报告已经打完了。B:So fast! Thank you.B:这么快,谢谢!A:Youre welcome. This is my duty. Anything else?A:不客气,这是我应该做的,还有其他事吗?B:Yes, youd print out the address and telephone number of those guests from your computer,and then send those materials to each business worker.B:有,你把刚才录人电脑里的新客户的地址和电话都打 出来,然后把这些资料分别发给业务员们。A:OK,Ill do it right now.A:好的,我马上做。B:By the way,to tell them try to persuade those new guests to cooperate with us. Because I found a biggest opponent from this post-trip.B:顺便告诉业务员们一定要尽最大的努力说这些新客 户和我们合作。因为这次出差,我发现了一个最大的竞争对手。A:Yes,l get It.A:好的,我明白。B:OK,Its no anything. Do what you should do.B:好了,没其他事了,去做你的事吧。 /201605/441158大邑县妇幼保健院属于专科医院吗

达州市中心医院医院账单Istanbul Hit by Deadly Bombings土耳其连环爆炸十七亡百多人受伤  On Sunday night at least 17 people were killed and over 150 injured in two deadly bombings in Turkey's largest city Istanbul. The attacks took place in a residential district of western Istanbul. The bombings occurred as Turkey is in the midst of a political crisis involving the the ruling AKP Party. 土耳其最大城市伊斯坦布尔星期天晚间发生两起致命爆炸案,造成至少17人死亡,150多人受伤。袭击发生在伊斯坦布尔西部一个居民区。连环爆炸案发生之际,正值土耳其爆发一场跟执政党正义与发展党相关的政治危机。The attack started around 10:00 p.m. local time, when a small explosion occurred in the Gungoren district of Istanbul. The area was packed with people taking a traditional late evening walk after a hot summer day. The explosion saw people rush to help the injured. According to eyewitnesses there was then a second much more powerful explosion causing death and destruction on a massive scale, as one witness explains.  炸弹袭击是当地时间晚上10点左右发生的,当时在伊斯坦布尔贡高伦区发生了一次小规模爆炸。在炎热夏日的夜晚,街上挤满了习惯在晚间散步的人群。爆炸发生后,人们赶到现场帮助受伤的人。一名目击者说,就在那个时候,第二枚威力更大的炸弹爆炸,造成大规模的人员伤亡和破坏。"I saw lots of dead people , and lots of injured people , that was terrible," said the witness. "I can't say anything just bodies all around and injured people. that was terrible." 目击者说:“我看到很多死人,很多受伤的人。真是可怕。我看到周围全是死尸和受伤的人,很恐怖。”Local hospitals were overwhelmed with the casualties and an urgent appeal has been put out for blood donors. Many of those injured are in critical condition. Turkey's President Abdullah Gul condemned the attack saying no goals can be achieved by terrorism and these attacks show how inhumane the instigators are.  当地医院挤满了受伤的人,医院紧急呼吁人们献血,很多伤者伤势严重。土耳其总统居尔谴责这次袭击,他说,靠恐怖主义手段是无法达到任何目标的,这些袭击显示,凶手是多么的没有人性。According to local TV reports, ing security officers, the bombings have the hallmark of the Kurdish separatist group the PKK. The same source also said security forces had been bracing themselves for a bombing campaign by the separatists. Two years ago a splinter group of the PKK known as the Kurdistan freedom falcons or Tak was responsible for a series of fatal bombings in Istanbul and some of Turkey's main tourist resorts. 据当地电视台援引保安官员的话说,连环爆炸案带有库尔德分离主义组织库尔德工人党制造的爆炸案的特点。同一消息来源还表示,安全部队已经加强戒备,防止库尔德分离分子发动炸弹袭击。两年前,库尔德工人党的一个分库尔德自由之鹰组织在伊斯坦布尔和土耳其的一些主要旅游区制造了一系列致命爆炸案。The PKK, which has been fighting the Turkish state for Kurdish autonomy in the southeast for more than 20 years, has been under intense pressure in the last few months from the Turkish army. On Sunday Turkish jets struck numerous rebel targets in northern Iraq. Dozens of rebels have also been killed in Turkey in recent weeks. 在土耳其东南为争取库尔德族自治而斗争了20多年的库尔德工人党,最近几个月受到土耳其军队的强大压力。这个星期天,土耳其战机轰炸了伊拉克北部的几个反叛份子目标。在最近几个星期,有几十名反叛份子在土耳其被打死。But the PKK is not the only group under suspicion, radical Islamic and far left organizations have also carried out bombings in recent years. The Minister of Interior Besir Atalay, speaking at the scene, said the government wouldn't bow to terrorism. 但是库尔德工人党不是唯一受到怀疑的组织,激进伊斯兰和极左组织最近几年也从事了几起爆炸事件。土耳其内政部长阿特雷在现场说,土耳其政府不会向恐怖主义屈。"We have lost many of our citizens today but our fight against this merciless terrorism will continue," he said. "No one can intimidate us. We are determined to bring all those responsible to justice."  他说:“我们今天失去了许多公民,但是我们同冷血的恐怖主义份子的战斗会继续下去。没有人能够胁迫我们。我们决心将所有有关罪犯绳之以法。”Security forces are now under intense pressure to find the bombers. The attacks will inevitably fuel rising political tensions in the country. Turkey's constitutional court on Monday starts deliberating a case calling for the closure of the ruling, Islamic-rooted, Justice and Development Party or AKP. The party is accused of undermining the secular state. A verdict is expected in three to 10 days. 安全部队现在受到强大压力去找寻炸弹杀手。这些攻击无疑会助长土耳其的政治紧张。土耳其宪法法庭星期一开始考虑一项动议,要求关闭土耳其执政党根植于伊斯兰的“正义发展党”。这个党被控损害土耳其的世俗性质。对于这项动议的裁决预定在3到10天内做出。200807/45039四川成都妇保医院男科 Scripts:The race for the high-end consumer is on. BMW is putting in in the high gear on the green. CN auto reporter Phil LeBeau has this tough assignment once again this morning. Ah, I didn't even think about that, Dr. Phil, go forward, Dr. Phil. Joe, anytime you can spend the morning at Cog Hill, watch the sun rise like this, pretty good gey. I'm here with Tom Purves, the president of BWM North America the man who is in charge of BMW in North America. We are gonna talk about the BMW championship in a little bit and the reason that we are here. But first, I wanna ask you about auto sales, August numbers are gonna be reported later today, and you have the first numbers from BMW, and you had a blockbuster month. Tell me about that. Yes we did,I mean we had over 26,000 BMWs sold and this is about 18% better than last year which for us is preciously great, we are delighted. And we had extremely good sales of our Mini brand as well, over 4000 vehicles so it's been a record August for us.So you were looking at sales being up roughly 20% year over year, year to date coming in to August you're up roughly 8 %, you've heard the same commentary out there that consumers are pulling back, people are not going out and buying new cars and trucks. Yet you are not seeing that, why?Well, first of all, I think anybody who has got great new products is doing well in what is essentially a flat market. we are seeing some delinquencies with our financial service's company, ah, slightly up on last year. But I really do believe that the package that we are offering the consumers the moment is remarkable. We are one of the, we are the only brand that has full maintenance included in the price of the car. And I think we are the smart buy at the moment.You're up, Mercedes is up, Lexus is up, are the luxury brands ,are you insulated from what you are seeing in the economy right now in terms of people saying it is not the right time to buy a new model?Classically, the luxury brands have some insulation and you see a turndown in the higher volume products before you do in the luxury market. so I've, some extent, been expecting to see a reduction in demand and I am delighted in the fact that we are not seeing it at BMW at least not as August 2007. And you told me that back in March of last year when you started to see the data about housing turning down you expected ultimately to see a slowdown,and yet we are only seeing that with mass brands at this point. Yes,and classically, property foretells the story for the car business. On the other hand, what we are seeing with property is that it is in sectors, in locations, is not totally all across the markets, and we have some very very strong markets where we are just seeing business continue. I know Joe Kearney has a question for you,Tom. Joe, go ahead.I do, and it's a long term question, Phil and Mr. Purves you think BMW, you think performance. you think you are gonna go here to here with some power and with some speed. Long term you think carbon footprints, you think Prius, you think hybrid. Does BMW have to reposition itself with the, with... since that riding is on the loaf and it's not going to be all about performance down the road. No, I don't believe so, I mean we've taken this whole business of sustainability very seriously for many many years now. No a car company has done more to improve the fuel efficiency of its product range of last ten years, and BMW in fact, we just won an accolade last week on that very subject. One of the reason we had such a good Auguest we had a great new BMW 3 series with a 2.8 litre, 3 and half litre engines, brand-new engines. They not only produce more power but they are actually more fuel- efficient at the same time. So I believe that together with work we are doing to introduce diesels into the ed States next year. We have hybrid technology coming along and here at Cog Hill we have four of our hydrogen part 7 series which are really the cars of the future. We are in pretty good shape. So long as we deliver to the customer better fuel- efficiency as well as better performance , and BMW is a clever buy. Alright, um, If you heard where the Nicholson's playing next week?No, You knew the question was coming. I knew the question was coming I'm sure Phil will do the right thing and when I speak to the commissioner later today. I'm sure I am gonna hear some good news. (Tom Purves, the...) Sounds like he's gonna play.I hope so.The president of BWM North America Tom, thank you very much for joining us today on Squawk Box. BMW championship kicks off, tees off I should say Thursday. They've aly got some good news with auto sales for August and certainly they're gonna enjoy that here. Guys?Back to you. All right.Notes:tee off: to get startedon the loaf: in a situation of straying or wabbling200807/43997成都人民医院男科常规检查费用

江油市人民医院人流手术多少钱Georgian Crisis 'Decisive Moment' in Russia-West Ties格俄冲突导致俄罗斯与西方摊牌?  Georgia is emerging battered but defiant from its recent military confrontation with Russia. Russian troops still control significantly more Georgian territory than they did a month ago and no one can answer the key question: How can the occupiers be forced to leave? But Georgian officials are openly gleeful over Moscow's diplomatic isolation, as its friends decline to join the Kremlin in recognizing the independence of two breakaway Georgian regions. Georgians are beginning to see a silver lining in the clouds of war that still hang over their tiny but strategically-located nation. 尽管格鲁吉亚在最近跟俄罗斯的军事对峙中饱受创伤,但是仍然没有低头。俄罗斯军队控制的格鲁吉亚领土大大超过一个月以前俄军控制的格鲁吉亚领土,而且谁都不知道如何迫使占领者离开格鲁吉亚。不过,格鲁吉亚官员对莫斯科在外交上的孤立公开表示高兴,因为俄罗斯的友好国家拒绝跟克里姆林宫一道承认格鲁吉亚两个分离地区的独立。格鲁吉亚人开始看到,这个地处战略要地的小国上空虽然战争的硝烟弥漫,但仍有一丝光明。Georgia's fate is still a very big question mark. Russia has issued a blunt challenge to the West to stay out of its Caucasus backyard. And there are serious doubts that Europe and the ed States have the political will to make the Russians go home. 格鲁吉亚的命运仍然前途未卜。俄罗斯直截了当地向西方发难,要它们远离俄罗斯的高加索后院。而且人们严重怀疑欧洲和美国是否有政治意愿让俄罗斯人撤回俄罗斯。The former president of Georgia's parliament, Nino Burjanadze, who now is a strong government critic, maintains it was a mistake to challenge Russia's provocative military actions in the breakaway South Ossetia region in early August. "I think we aly lost the war, and I'm afraid there is no military solution of this situation," he said. 对政府持强烈批评立场的格鲁吉亚前议长布里扬纳吉强调,8月初在争取独立的南奥塞梯地区对俄罗斯发起挑衅性的军事行动是错误的。布里扬纳吉说:“我认为我们已经输了这场战争,恐怕通过军事途径解决不了目前的局势。”But Burjanadze says Russia has also emerged a loser. "When I said we Georgians are not winners in this conflict, it does not mean Russia has won," he said. "Russia showed once again its real face, that it preferred to be the gendarme in international relations and not to be a distinguished member of the international community that will be respected." 不过,布里扬纳吉同时认为俄罗斯也失败了。布里扬纳吉说:“我说我们格鲁吉亚人在这场冲突中不是赢家,并不等于说俄罗斯赢了。俄罗斯再次让人们看到它的真面目,那就是,它渴望在国际关系中充当警察,而不想成为国际社会中受到尊重的杰出一员。”President Mikheil Saakashvili's political rivals say he will have a lot of explaining to do if and when the crisis subsides. In the short term, almost all agree that the Kremlin's intense dislike for Mr. Saakashvili has made his position at home more secure.  格鲁吉亚总统萨卡什维利的政治对手认为,如果这场危机得以平息,在这场危机平息以后,萨卡什维利要对很多问题说清楚。从短期来看,几乎所有的人都认为,克里姆林宫对萨卡什维利的极度厌恶让他在国内的地位更加稳固。But in the longer term, political analyst Archil Gegeshidze says Russia will surely succeed in creating internal political instability in Georgia. 不过从长期来看,政治分析人士格格什吉认为,俄罗斯肯定会成功地在格鲁吉亚国内制造政治动荡。"In due course, I expect there will be some new waves of mass protests here in the country," he said. "To what extent this government will be able to survive those protests remains to be seen. But it is obvious there will be some internal political instability." 格格什吉说:“我预计不久以后,格鲁吉亚会爆发新的抗议浪潮。格鲁吉亚政府在多大程度上能够平息那些抗议,还有待观察。不过很明显,格鲁吉亚国内将会发生政治动荡。”Nonetheless, Georgians are increasingly hopeful that the final outcome of their confrontation with Russia will be to their advantage. For one thing, Western countries that until recently had all but forgotten the Caucasus are again recognizing Georgia's critical strategic importance.  尽管如此,还是有越来越多的格鲁吉亚人认为,他们跟俄罗斯的对峙最终会对他们有利。首先,直到最近几乎遗忘了这个高加索国家的西方国家才再次认识到格鲁吉亚的战略地位极为重要。The European Union is holding a summit to discuss how to respond to Russia's intervention. The ed States has poured tens of millions of dollars of humanitarian assistance and uncounted military aid into Georgia, and it has sent several senior officials to Tbilisi, including Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Democratic Party vice presidential candidate Joe Biden. Vice President Dick Cheney is expected to arrive next week. 欧盟正在召开成员国首脑会议,讨论如何应对俄罗斯的这场干预。美国已经向格鲁吉亚投入数千万美元人道主义援助和数目不详的军事援助,并派出几位高级官员访问第比利斯,包括国务卿赖斯和民主党副总统候选人拜登。美国副总统切尼预计下星期访问第比利斯。Georgia's minister for European integration, David Darchiashvili, says the crisis has prompted the government to accelerate its move to embrace, and be embraced by, western institutions. 格鲁吉亚欧洲一体化事务部部长戴维.达齐阿什维利认为,目前的危机促使政府加快接受西方制度以及被西方制度所接受。"Until recently the top priority was NATO integration," he said. The EU is not as high a priority. But now what has happened, since the EU is playing the very important role, Europe's weight will increase in Georgia, and Georgia will be heading toward European integration more seriously." 达齐阿什维利说:“直到最近,格鲁吉亚的首要任务是加入北约军事一体化。加入欧盟还不是首要任务。可是现在的情况是,鉴于欧盟正在发挥非常重要的作用,欧洲的份量在格鲁吉亚将会增加,因此格鲁吉亚会更加严肃地对待逐渐融入欧洲大家庭这件事。”Darchiashvili says the government is becoming increasingly confident that it did the right thing in confronting Russia, and that it will be able to defend itself against domestic critics. 达齐阿什维利表示,格鲁吉亚越来越坚信,跟俄罗斯对峙做得对,并且也坚信能够战胜来自国内的指责。"I am y to answer any questions," he said. "I do not see any major breach from our side, the principles we stayed for years. We do not want to confront Russia with it's huge resources, but it's Russia that wants to reconquer Georgia. So we should not defend ourselves?" 达齐阿什维利说:“我准备回答任何问题。我认为,在我们一方,我们多年来遵循的原则没有任何重大漏洞。我们不希望跟有丰富资源的俄罗斯冲突,是俄罗斯想重新征格鲁吉亚。因此我们不应该自卫吗?”Officials here have hardly been able to contain their glee at the diplomatic rebuff Russia has suffered, as close friends such as Belarus, Cuba and Venezuela have shied away from endorsing Moscow's recognition of independence for the breakaway Georgian territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. 对于俄罗斯受到的外交挫折,格鲁吉亚官员难以抑制他们的兴奋。白俄罗斯、古巴和委内瑞拉等俄罗斯的友好国家都拒绝跟莫斯科一道承认格鲁吉亚分离地区阿布哈兹和南奥塞梯的独立。National Security Director Alexander Lumaya says this kind of international response could force Moscow to think twice about its actions. 格鲁吉亚国家安全主任亚历山大.卢马亚认为,国际社会这样的反应可以迫使莫斯科对其所做所为三思而行。"Russia found itself close to complete international isolation," he said. "It's not something they feel comfortable with. So the path of development of this situation and whether they will apply this invasion pattern to other countries in the neighborhood would depend on how strongly the international community would pursue the line it has taken." 卢马亚说:“俄罗斯发现自己快要完全受到国际社会的孤立。这种事不会让它们感到舒。因此,局势的发展,以及俄罗斯是否会把对格鲁吉亚的入侵方式用于其它邻国,将取决于国际社会是否更加坚决地坚持目前的立场。”A big test comes on Monday when European Union leaders are scheduled to launch what is expected to be a full-scale review of relations with Russia. While news reports from Paris indicate there will be no decision on sanctions, the meeting is giving Georgians hope that the Kremlin will be made to answer for its invasion. 星期一,欧盟领导人计划开始对欧盟跟俄罗斯关系进行一次全面审查,届时将是一次重大考验。尽管来自巴黎的消息显示,这次会议不过做出制裁俄罗斯的决定,但是这次会议给了格鲁吉亚希望,克里姆林宫必须对入侵格鲁吉亚做出解释。Analyst Archil Gegeshidze sees Russia's move in Georgia as payback to the West for the Kremlin's perceived humiliation on issues such as Western recognition of Kosovo's independence, and expanding the NATO alliance up to the Russian border. 政治分析人士格格什吉认为,俄罗斯在格鲁吉亚的行动是它对西方国家在一些问题上让俄罗斯蒙羞的报复,比如西方国家承认科索沃独立,把北约势力范围扩大到俄罗斯边界等。Gegeshidze calls this a "moment of truth". 格格什吉把这称为“摊牌时刻”。"This is a very decisive moment. Either Russia succeeds and the West fails, or West succeeds and Russia fails," he said. 格格什吉说:“这是非常关键的时刻。不是俄罗斯成功,西方失败;就是西方成功,俄罗斯失败。”Georgians say if Europe and the ed States can muster the political will to stand up to Russia, and if Georgia is soon invited to begin the process of joining NATO, and if sufficient aid arrives to start the process of rebuilding, the outcome of the current crisis could be decidedly positive. 格鲁吉亚表示,如果欧盟和美国能聚集起政治意愿跟俄罗斯对抗,如果格鲁吉亚很快被邀请启动加入北约的程序,如果格鲁吉亚能得到充足的援助开始重建家园,这场危机就会有具有决定性的积极的结果。But some analysts say those are some big 'ifs.' 不过一些分析人士认为,这些仅仅是“假设而已”。200808/47011 Despite its enormous size the Airbus A380 still manages to look graceful. The double-decker plane which can carry more than 550 passengers dwarfs all other commercial aircraft. Later today a prototype will land for the first time in the UK. En route it will fly over airbus factories. Wings are produced here in North Wales and travel by land, river and sea for assembly in France. It will be very interesting to see the flyover. And I think the whole world of course is looking forward to it, to be honest. And we've seen the wing go down the river. It will be nice to see it coming back on the fuselage. Until now the Boeing 747 Jumbo was the world's biggest passenger plane, but no longer. The A380 is as high as an 8-storey building, take-off thrust from the plane's four engines is the equivalent of 2,500 family cars, and without seats, the A380 can contain 10 squash courts. But the European aircraft will soon have an American rival, Boeing's 787 Dream liner. It's smaller, can fly further, and isn't restricted to large airports. It's a new generation of aircraft that represents extraordinary technological breakthrough, reduced fuel emissions by about 20%, er, much better conditions inside the aircraft and offering both the airlines and the passengers much greater flexibility in their long-haul journeys. The bigger A380 may offer shops, a casino or even a gym. But when it comes to holidaymakers or business people, it's good-value seats which will win the airline battle. People like to fly in a new aircraft. They maybe like to fly when it's very large 'cause it is going to have a novelty factor. At the end of the day, people just wanna get to where they wanna get to and airlines wanna carry them at a price which they make money. Critics of the new aircraft including environmentalist. It might be more fuel efficient per passenger than other jets, but the benefits we'll get from the Airbus are a drop in the ocean compared to the huge climate emissions from aviation. Aviation is the fastest growing source of climate-change/ gases both in Britain and worldwide and the Airbus 380 is not going to solve that problem. Singapore Airlines will get the first A380 by the end of the year. It may be over budget and behind schedule but fasten your seatbelts because the new king of the skies is on its way.200805/39349自贡做产检哪家医院最好的成都市第十人民医院传染病医院看产科需要多少钱



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