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  • US Says North Korea 'Getting Closer' to Restarting Nuclear Plant美促北韩贯彻六方协议停止核项目   The ed States said Friday North Korea is continuing to take steps to reverse the shutdown of its Yongbyon reactor complex. The State Department urged North Korea to remain in compliance with the six-party accord, under which is to scrap its nuclear program in exchange for aid and diplomatic benefits. 美国星期五表示,北韩正在继续采取措施重新启动已经关闭的宁边反应堆设施。美国国务院敦促北韩坚持贯彻六方协议,停止核项目,以换取经济援助和外交利益。Officials here acknowledge that North Korea is taking tangible actions to back up its threat to restart the Yongbyon reactor, but they say the facility is not yet back in operation and are urging Pyongyang to desist. 美国国务院官员获悉北韩正在采取切实行动,以显示重新恢复宁边反应堆的决心,不过美国官员认为,宁边核设施还没有恢复运转,美国官员因此敦促平壤打消这个念头。North Korea said early this month it was taking steps to restart the reactor - source of the plutonium for its small nuclear weapons stockpile - because the ed States has failed to remove it from its list of state sponsors of terrorism. 北韩这个月早些时候表示,正在采取措施恢复宁边核反应堆的运转,这个反应堆生产的金属钸是北韩小型核武器库的原材料,北韩之所以要重新启动这个核反应堆,是因为美国没有将北韩从持恐怖主义国家名单上除名。President Bush has informed Congress of his intention to "de-list" North Korea but the administration says removal is dependent on Pyongyang's provision of a verification plan for the declaration of nuclear assets it made in June. 美国总统布什已经告知美国国会,他打算把北韩从这个名单上删除,但是美国政府表示,这要取决于平壤提出的核实方案条款是否可行。这项核实方案是为了核实北韩今年6月提交的核项目清单。North Korea Friday said it no longer wants or expects to be taken off the list and is making what were termed "thorough preparations" to restore its nuclear facilities. 北韩星期五表示,已经不再需要或者不再指望从持恐怖主义的名单上除名,北韩还说,正在做好“充分准备”重新启动宁边核设施。The ed States, which has monitors at Yongbyon, said two weeks ago North Korea was observed moving equipment out of storage at Yongbyon. Briefing reporters Friday, State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack said the activity has moved to a second stage, of actual preparations to reverse the reactor shutdown. 美国在宁边核设施派有监督人员。美国两个星期之前说,监督人员观察到北韩把设备从宁边仓库里往外搬移。美国国务院发言人麦科马克星期五向记者通报情况时说,这一行动已经发展到第二阶段,也就是为重新启动这座关闭的核反应堆进行实际的准备工作。"They continue to move to the right - getting closer and closer to that point where they are to the point of operationalizing Yongbyon again," McCormack said. "They haven't gotten to that point, and we would urge them not to get to that point. As always, throughout this process they have a choice - they can go down the pathway of having a different kind of relationship with the rest of the world, receiving the benefits of that relationship, or they can keep themselves isolated [and] move the process backwards." 麦科马克说:“他们继续向右侧移动,也就是越来越接近他们可以再次运转宁边核反应堆的位置。和往常一样,他们在整个非核化过程中都可以选择,就是说,他们可以跟世界其它国家有一种跟现在不同的关系,并从这样的关系中获益;也可以继续受到孤立,让非核化过程倒退。”North Korea's increasingly tough line in recent weeks coincides with press reports that North Korean leader Kim Jong Il may have suffered a stroke. 北韩最近几个星期表现出越来越强硬的立场,与此同时,有报道说,北韩领导人金正日可能曾经中风。Spokesman McCormack said he would "not discount" the reports of the North Korean leader's illness, but would not elaborate.  美国国务院发言人麦科马克说,对北韩领导人得病的消息,他“不会不信”,但他不愿对此详细说明。He also said while the ed States has been in recent diplomatic contact with North Korea, he said it has yet to see "any outputs" from Pyongyang for the past month or so - suggesting an absence of decision-making. 麦科马克还说,尽管美国最近一直跟北韩有外交接触,但是他说过去一个月左右美国还没有得到平壤方面的“任何反应”,显示平壤没有任何决策行动。Some analysts have suggested North Korea may have decided to stall the six-party process until a new U.S. administration takes office next January. 一些分析人士认为,北韩可能决定在美国新一届政府明年一月上台之前,让六方会谈进程陷入停滞状态。McCormack said he would not presume to offer Pyongyang political advice, but that the likelihood is that the benefits North Korea would accrue from disarming would not be different or better under the next U.S. president. 麦科马克说,他不想冒昧地向平壤提出政治建议,但是如果认为下一届美国总统会给北韩的非核化带来的好处会跟现在不一样,或者更好,这种情况不太可能出现。 North Korea shut down and was in the process of disabling the reactor complex in exchange for energy aid from the other parties. Submitting a verification plan was to open the way to the next phase of the accord, which would include among other things the lifting of terrorism-related sanctions and a phased normalization of relations with the ed States.Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is expected to discuss the stalled process next week at the ed Nations with Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi of China, the chair of the six-party talks.200809/49438。
  • Female Anchor: Earlier this year, a CDC study suggested that the people who were a little bit overweight might be healthier than normal weight individuals. That would be great if it was true. But many experts said no such luck. Dr. Jonathan Waitman is a clinical nutrition specialist with Weill-Cornell Medical Center's Comprehensive Weight Control Program, well, that's a malform(malformation) , huh, huh, huh……Dr. Waitman, good morning.Dr. Jonathan Waitman: Hi.Female Anchor: What was your reaction when you first heard that?Dr. Jonathan Waitman:Well, my reaction was what would happen if the study came out that says smoking half a pack of the cigarettes was actually good for you. That would be a wrong message to send, and it would contradict all the other data that we have. So you have to look very closely at that study that came out, and when you look at it, you'll find that it's very flawed.Female Anchor: Because we know that increased weight carries with that a host of problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, certain types of cancer, heart disease, (right)and with women in particular, there're some some very, ur, ur, specific concerns, breast cancer.Dr. Jonathan Waitman: Right! And endometrial cancer. Both occurred at higher rates in people who have excess weight.Female Anchor: So you start, let's start this by giving a very rough outline of what a woman should weigh. And you say for every, for five feet you give them 100 pounds, and every inch after that, you get another five pounds.Dr. Jonathan Waitman: Right! And this is for ideal body weight, and what people have to remember is that this doesn't take into account muscle, and it doesn't differentiate muscle from fat tissue.Female Anchor: Because muscle weighs more than fat?Dr. Jonathan Waitman: Right! So anyone who has, let's say 160 pounds, and they're five feet five or something like that. If they're extremely muscular, that might be a healthy weight for them, but if they have a lot of fat tissue, they do need to look into weight loss.Female Anchor: One of the things I have heard a lot is something called body mass index, (ur, huh) what is that?Dr. Jonathan Waitman: Body mass index is also a function of your height and your weight, and it doesn't take into account different body types also.Female Anchor: And one of the things that people assume is that if you're overweight, that's just unsightly, and that really isn't, that's not all... , that is metabolically active. What do you mean by that?Dr. Jonathan Waitman: I try when I talk to people about their weight, I try to concentrate on getting them to a healthier weight, it's not getting them back into their tuxedo they wore when they were in high school, or their wedding gown, but getting to a healthier weight and reducing their risks for diabetes, and cancer, and heart disease,really the biggest killers in our society.Female Anchor: And sometimes that can be just, just a way loss of maybe ten or fifteen pounds.Dr. Jonathan Waitman: Right! And people forget that, and they concentrate on getting to their goal weight, or their ideal body weight. But what's more important is losing five to ten percent of your body weight, someone who loses 7% of the body weight can reduce the risk of diabetes by almost 60%.Female Anchor: Ok, I wanna go back to this metabolically active, because in particular, with particular concentration on women, fat produces estrogen, right?Dr. Jonathan Waitman: Right!Female Anchor: And so what happens with estrogen?Dr. Jonathan Waitman: Well, we think that's why people who are, women who are overweight have increased risk for breast cancer.Female Anchor: So, and so this fat isn't just sitting around you, it's kind of like an organ.Dr. Jonathan Waitman: It's actually, it's an endocrine organ, producing hormones, and promoting inflammation also that we think contributes to the metabolic syndrome, diabetes and heart disease.Female Anchor: For women who are approaching menopause, so, is that a more difficult task to get that weight off, and because you're getting closer to menopause is more important than to get it off, because it might have come off after the menopause.Dr. Jonathan Waitman: It's absolutely important at any point of time to try to get the weight off, and it is more difficult as women approach menopause, so if you start earlier and get the weight off earlier, you're gonna have less work later on.Female Anchor: Why is that?Dr. Jonathan Waitman: Well, we think it's because metabolism slows down, and their hormone are on changes, / obviously it takes place from a menopause.Female Anchor: Ultimately this is about a good health, we wanna it, live the rest of our lives in good health(Absolutely.), and we don't wanna be in the hospital a lot or the injure that what have you, and there are other factors that / keep in mind, when you're looking at your overall health: No.1 diet, physical activity, waist circumference, so, what is that? We want to be less than 35 inches?Dr. Jonathan Waitman: Right! 35 inches for women.Female Anchor: Why?Dr. Jonathan Waitman: And the reason why is because the fat that accumulates around the abdomen, which is also called visceral adiposity is the worst fat for you, it's metabolically active, it promotes inflammation, and it's associated with heart disease and diabetes, so it's the weight around the belly that's really the worst for you.Female Anchor: Yeah! That when you take on that abdomen shape.Dr. Jonathan Waitman: The good news is when you lose five or ten percent of you body weight, a lot of that weight comes from that area,disproportionally.Female Anchor: What do we need to do? I mean, is it a continuous struggle for the rest of our lives? And what do you say the women who've been battling their weight for their entire life?Dr. Jonathan Waitman: I say this is a life style issue. And you can't think of it as a dieting that sticks up, sticks with us for two weeks, and you can't think of it as going to the gym once a week for a month or two, you have to change your life style, you have to incorporate physical activity into your daily activities, take stairs, do things like that, and you have to make choices everyday, if you reduce your calories everyday by about a hundred calories, you can lose ten pounds over the course of a year.Female Anchor: Yeah! And it's slow and steady.Dr. Jonathan Waitman: Small changes can make a huge difference.Female Anchor: Dr. Jonathon Waitman, thanks.200807/43688。
  • No Sign of Survivors in DRC Aid Plane Crash人道救援飞机刚果坠毁似无人生还  The ed Nations reports a humanitarian aid flight carrying 15 passengers and two crew crashed in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, 15 kilometers northwest of the airstrip at Bukavu in South Kivu Monday afternoon. The U.S.-based group that operates the craft says there appears to be no survivors, but U.N. officials say they are still unable to confirm this. 联合国说,一架载有15名乘客和两名机组人员的人道主义救援飞机星期一下午在刚果民主共和国东部坠毁,在刚果东部出事地点位于南基伍省布卡武镇一条临时飞机跑道西北部15公里处。负责这架飞机运作的美国团体说,看来机上所有人员都已经遇难,但是联合国有关官员说,他们目前还不能确认这一点。The plane crashed on a ridge in eastern Congo while on its way from Kisangani to Bukavu, on Congo's eastern border with Rwanda.  这架飞机是从基桑加尼飞往位于刚果东部同卢旺达交界处的布卡武的,飞机在刚果东部的一个山脉上坠毁。A U.N. spokeswoman, Elizabeth Byrs, says a search and rescue mission arrived in the area Tuesday morning. She says the reasons for the crash are still under investigation. But, the cause was probably due to bad weather. 联合国发言人比尔斯说,搜寻和救援小组星期二早上已经抵达出事地区。她说,事故原因还在调查之中,不过可能是恶劣的天气造成了飞机失事。"It is also a very dangerous region because the fog and mist can fall suddenly and weather conditions are sometimes very bad in this forest and mountainous area," she said.  她说:“这是一个非常危险的地区,因为森林和山区会突然有雾,有时天气状况非常糟糕。”The Air Serv International plane is operated by a group based in Warrenton, Virginia. The plane was being flown by a commercial South African company, Cem Air.  负责这架飞机的运作的是美国弗吉尼亚州沃伦顿的国际空中务公司。驾驶飞机的是南非的商务航空租赁公司Cem Air。Byrs says the plane was on a regular twice-weekly flight, carrying humanitarian workers to the region. 比尔斯说,这架飞机每周定期飞行两次,出事时飞机上乘坐着前往这一地区的人道救援工作者。"It is not for profit," she said. "It is a humanitarian flight and the organizations in the field use this kind of flight to transport the staff or to fly some assistance... In fact they transport the staff from one place to another and they can carry limited relief assistance, but it is more transporting the humanitarian workers."  她说:“这次飞行不是为了谋利。这是一次人道救援飞行,进行救援工作的组织使用这种飞机运送工作人员或者救援物资。它们把工作人员从一个地方运送到另一个地方,这些工作人员携带有限的救援物资,所以飞机主要是用来运送救援人员的。”Most aid agencies avoid traveling on commercial flights in the region because of their poor safety records. In April, a Congolese aircraft crashed near Goma killing nearly 50 people and injuring more than 100. 大部分援助机构不愿意乘坐当地的商用飞机,因为这些飞机的安全记录比较糟糕。今年4月,一架刚果飞机在戈马附近坠毁,导致近50人死亡,100多人受伤。The civil war in Eastern Congo officially ended five years ago. But, fighting between rebel and militia groups and government forces continues. The humanitarian toll has been enormous.  按照官方的说法,刚果东部的内战在五年前就结束了。但是,反政府武装、激进组织和政府军之间的交战还在继续,这给这一地区带来了严重的人员伤亡。The U.N. and other aid agencies say nearly 5.5 million people in eastern Congo have died, mostly from war-related hunger and disease. 联合国和其它救援机构说,刚果东部已经有近550万人死亡,大部分人死于同战争有关的饥饿和疾病。200809/47295。
  • That is strange – we all seem to be losing our pens.奇怪了,我们的笔好像都没了。Here, use this old pencil.先用这杆旧铅笔吧。Thanks.谢谢。Anna. Are you happy complaining officially about Rachel?安娜,你乐意这样正式地投诉瑞秋吗?Not really but what else can I do?不愿意,但我又能怎么做呢?Shes been spoiling all the work Ive been doing.她搞砸了我做的所有工作。Yes she has.确实。OK, well tell Paul the facts and tell him you want action.告诉保罗这件事并告诉他你的行动。OK.Right, here goes.好的,就这样。Come in.请进。Hi Paul. I really need to speak to you about Rachel.嗨,保罗,我有必要和你谈谈瑞秋。She really is messing things up…Paul? Paul?她搞糟了一切,保罗?保罗?Sorry, just counting my biscuits.不好意思,我在数饼干。What were you saying? Rachel?你刚才说什么?瑞秋?Great girl, isnt she?很棒的女孩,不是吗?No shes not.不,她不是。Paul, shes aly sent out the wrong order and now shes upset our new client.保罗,她已经把错误的订单发出去了,现在她又惹恼了我们的新客户。 /201705/508483。
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