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In the past, companies sought to please old customers and entice new ones by offering small holiday gifts. They gave away refrigerator magnets, calendars, and Christmas ornaments emblazoned with the company logo.过去,公司会在节日提供一些小礼品来取悦老顾客,招徕新顾客。他们会送出带有公司标志的冰箱贴、日历、以及圣诞装饰等。But in today’s geo-encoded, app-enabled world, sophisticated companies are trying something new to build trust and relationships with customers. We call them ‘benevolent apps.’ Unlike some apps that are designed to generate sales and promote special deals, benevolent apps are created to offer useful information or otherwise help with decision-making. The idea is not simply to sell products or services, but instead to build trust and relationships that eventually will lead to economic success.但如今,那些成熟老道的公司正尝试用一些新手段赢得消费者的信赖,并与他们建立情感联系。我们把它们称作“亲善应用”。与那些用来提升销量和推销打折商品的应用不同,亲善应用旨在提供实用或其他能帮助用户决策的信息。这样做并不是为了促进产品或务销售这么简单,而是为了建立信赖和联系,从而最终获得经济上的成功。One good example comes from Sea Tow Service International, a company located in Southold, New York. Sea Tow offers emergency towing and rescue services for boaters in the ed States, the Caribbean and Europe. The free Sea Tow app supports boaters’ navigation needs by offering information about local tide tables, detailed marine weather forecasts, GPS coordinates and bearing and speed.Sea Tow Service International就是一个很好的例子,这家位于纽约州绍斯霍尔德的公司,为美国、加勒比海和欧洲的船员提供紧急拖曳和救援务。他们的免费应用Sea Tow会提供当地潮汐表、详细的海洋天气预报、GPS坐标、航行方位和速度等船员定位所需的信息。A traditional marketer might argue that to the extent that Sea Tow furnishes information that can reduce accidents (thereby reducing Sea Tow calls), it is undercutting its own business. A boater, however, might be favorably disposed toward calling Sea Tow instead of its competitor, Tow Boat US, if faced with an emergency.传统的营销人员也许会认为,从某种意义上说Sea Tow提供的信息会减少事故(因此也就减少了Sea Tow收到的呼救数),这会妨碍公司本身的业务。然而,感受到这份友善的船员当面临紧急状况时,可能就会倾向于呼叫Sea Tow,而不是它的竞争对手Tow Boat US。To further study this concept, we worked with two companies—Liberty Mutual and Suruga Bank—to create two benevolent apps and then test the results.为了进一步研究这个概念,我们与利宝互助保险集团和骏河两家公司合作,创建了两个亲善应用并测试它们的效果。The Liberty Mutual app was aimed at people who were in the process of moving. The app included a digital “safe,” where they could record with text and photos their valuable-items and an inventory tool where they could record the contents of their boxes.这款利宝互助应用面向正在搬家的人群。该应用拥有一个数字“保险箱”,可以让用户用文字和照片记录自己的贵重物品;还有一个清单工具,可供用户记录箱子中的物品。Although Liberty Mutual offers auto, homeowners and personal property insurance, it does not offer moving insurance. So why did the company find the idea of creating an app to help people move appealing? Their goal was to build trust through benevolence and to improve brand image, consideration and purchase intent. On the final screen of the app, users could contact Liberty Mutual for more information on the products they offer including home, life and accident insurance. So although the app was benevolent, it had a mechanism for capturing goodwill by linking users to the company’s agents.尽管利宝互助提供汽车、房屋和个人财产保险,却并不提供搬迁保险。那么为何公司会有兴趣做一款帮人搬迁的应用呢?它的目标是通过这款亲善应用建立信赖,提高品牌形象、关注度,增强顾客的购买意愿。在应用的最后一个页面,用户可以联系利宝互助,获得更多关于该公司产品的信息,包括家庭保险、人寿保险和意外保险。所以尽管它属于亲善应用,却能建立用户和公司员工的联系,从而提高公司的商誉。The app was tested in 2010 in a comprehensive market research study of 750 consumers. Overall, respondents viewed the Liberty Mutual moving app as meaningful, believable and relevant. The favorable user experience led to positive attitude changes toward Liberty Mutual, which considers responsibility and trust to be among its key brand attributes. The company saw a significant increase in its trust rating, believability and confidence attributes.2010年,该应用经过了面向750名顾客的综合市场调研。总体来说,调查对象认为利宝互助的搬迁应用很有意义、很可靠,与他们的生活密切相关。这种良好的用户体验使得人们对该公司的态度有了正向的转变,他们觉得负责和值得信赖是该公司的品牌特质。利宝互助在信用评分、可信度和品牌信心上都有了显著提升。The second app we created was for Suruga Bank, a bank based in Shizuoka, Japan. Called, Dream Mover, it helped Japanese consumers choose new homes to purchase or rent and assisted them in understanding the financial implications of different decisions. Based on the user’s location and budget criteria, the app presented a set of home choices with details such as size, layout and proximity to public transportation. In addition to helping users screen potential places to live, the app acted as a budget-planning advisor, providing information on personal loans and mortgages as well as providing targeted advice.我们的第二个应用是为位于日本静冈市的骏河(Suruga Bank)创建的。这个应用名为Dream Mover,可以帮助日本顾客选择要购买或租赁的新房,并帮助他们弄清不同情况下涉及的财务问题。该应用能根据用户的地址和预算要求,显示一系列备选房屋,并给出大小、布局、是否便于搭乘公共交通工具等细节。此外,为了帮助用户筛选可能的居住地,Dream Mover还扮演了预算规划顾问的角色,为用户提供个人贷款和抵押信息以及其他具有针对性的建议。To assess the impact of Dream Mover, we surveyed 1,500 randomly selected respondents and found that among those who used the app, there was a measured increase in awareness, trust and positive consideration of Suruga Bank. Specifically, the bank’s ratings were significantly improved for characteristics such as being “open, honest and transparent” and offering “believable advice or information and a brand you can trust.”为了解Dream Mover的影响力,我们随机选择了1,500名受访者,发现那些用过这款应用的人对骏河的关注度、信赖度和正面印象都有提升。尤其要指出的是,骏河在“坦率、诚实和透明”等公司特色和提供“可靠的建议或信息,是一个你可以信赖的品牌”等选项的评分都有了显著提高。Our two studies show that benevolent mobile apps can positively impact a company’s brand perception, consideration and preference and therefore improve the bottom line. People using the Liberty Mutual app became significantly more inclined to prefer Liberty Mutual and switch to it for insurance versus competitors. Additionally, the brand attributes related to trust increased. In the Suruga Bank study, consideration of Suruga also rose significantly. As with the Liberty Mutual study, brand attributes related to trust rose significantly.我们的两项研究明,亲善应用可以加强人们对公司品牌的认知、关注和偏好,并由此提升公司营收。使用利宝互助应用的用户明显对利宝互助更有好感,更倾向于在保险务中选择它而不是其他竞争者。此外,用户对品牌的信赖感也有所增强。在骏河的案例中,用户对该公司的关注度同样有显著提升。而与利宝互助的案例一样,用户对骏河的信赖感也增强了。These are powerful forces that can lead to increased revenue from consumers who perceive that the brand has their interests in mind.这些亲善应用可以让顾客认为该品牌关心他们感兴趣的东西,并因此成为促进营收增长的强大力量。(财富中文网) /201412/350920

To really learn, fail — then fail again!想学到更多?那么就放肆的失败吧!On a spring morning, Hogan had given each of her students a tool kit containing a plastic foam dinner plate, a balloon, a small plastic stirrer straw, a sharp pencil and masking tape.一个春天的早上,Hogan给她的学生每人分发一个工具箱,里面包括一个塑料泡沫餐盘,一个气球,一个塑料搅拌吸管,一个削尖的铅笔和一个胶条。She instructed her young inventors to use the parts in any way they wanted to make racing cars from the foam plates. They also were charged with figuring out how to propel those cars great distances across the floor. The kit#39;s balloon would be a key component of these ;rocket; racers.她指导学生们开动脑筋使用她们想到的任何方法去利用泡沫盘制作一个赛车。并且他们还负责让小赛车在地上驱动行驶。毫无疑问,气球变成了推动赛车行驶的主要元素。Kids in many classrooms across the ed States are learning science in much the same way. Instead of explaining things to kids from the front of a classroom, teachers are beginning to instead ;guide from the side.; They are nudging kids to become Edisons - tinkerers who learn by doing.美国的小孩在科学课上几乎使用同样的方法学习,即老师先不给孩子们讲解原理,而是从侧面入手,让他们自己动手操作。这样可以培养出更多的爱迪生---一位乐于实践的思想者。A big take-home lesson from such projects is that there may be no one single right answer to a problem. There may instead be many. Along the path to discovering this, kids were being encouraged to propose theories - and then test them.这样可以带回家的实验项目是不限定正确的,因为也许有很多。在这条寻求之路上,学生们可以提出自己的理论然后进行验。Along the way, many students will fail. Often, they#39;ll fail many times. Perhaps not several thousand times (like Edison). But along the way they may just find out that by analyzing why something went horribly wrong, they#39;ve learned a lot. And they can take ownership of that learning, knowing that they earned it from hard-won experience.在这条路上,许多学生会失败,而且不止一次,当然可能不会像爱迪生那样失败上千次。但只有通过去分析错误的原因,他们才会学到更多,才能取得某个知识的拥有权,才能真正体会到通过多次试验才能得到来之不易的结果。译文属 /201506/378504

The Hangzhou Bay Bridgel杭州湾跨海大桥Hgzhou Bay Bridge (36 kilometers#39; ong) is a bridge across Hangzhou Bay off the eastern coast of China. It connects Haiyan in Jiaxing city and Cixi of Ningbo city in Zhepang Province. The bridge is the longest trans-oceanic bridge in the world, one of the masterpieces of modem architecture.杭州湾跨海大桥是一座横跨中国杭州湾海域的跨海大桥,南起宁波慈溪,北至嘉兴海盐,全长36千米。杭州湾跨海大桥是世界上最长的跨海大桥,是世界建桥史上的一项创举和奇迹。The bridge underwent various feasibility studies for a decade before it was finally approved in 2002. Construction of this bridge started on June 8, 2003. The opening ceremony was held on June 26, 2007 with great domestic media publicity, though after the opening ceremony, the bridge would only be used for test and evaluation purposes. It was opened to the public on May l, 2008. The bridge reduces the previously trip from Ningbo fo Shanghai by 120km and alleviates the congested Huhang Highway and Hangyong Highway.杭州湾跨海大桥2002年经国家计委批准立项,2003年6月8日奠基,2007年6月26日全线贯通,2008年5月1日建成通车。通车后从浙江宁波到上海的陆路距离缩短了120千米左右,大大缓解已经拥挤不堪的沪杭和杭甬高速公路的压力。The bridge has six expressway lanes in two directions. The designated speed is 100 kilometres per hour, and the designed longevity is more than 100 years. The total investment on the bridge was RMB 11. 8 billion. The bridge is shaped in an ; S; , and the length of the bridge is decorated with flashing lights of different colors so that to distract from drowsiness, and keep attention on the road instead. This is also the real reason for ;S; shape. There will be a service centre on this express-way. Mid-way through the bridge, a service island will be built for cars to turn off the road for rest, food, and a wide-range of services. The island is actually a plot- form resting on piers.大桥桥宽33米,为双向六车道。设计时速100千米,设计使用寿命100年以上,总投资1 18亿元。为兼顾杭州湾水文环境特点,“长桥卧波”的设计将大桥平面勾勒成S形曲线,优美、活泼的桥型以及桥身的不同颜色让司机和乘客在驾车、乘车时减缓倦意,感到愉悦。在离南岸约14千米处,设计有一个面积达1.2万平方米的交通务救援海上平台,同时也是一个旅游休闲观光平台。 /201603/430104

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