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华西医科大学附属第三医院割包皮四川省生殖做无痛人流多少钱四川省妇幼保健医院是那里人开的 More than 300 kindergartens, primary and middle schools in Tianjin Binhai New Area, including 16 affected by the huge blasts on Aug 12, began the new semester on Monday.周一,天津滨海新区300多所幼儿园,小学以及中学,包括8月12号被大爆炸影响的16所学校迎来了新学期。School buildings damaged by the blasts have been repaired, and the environment is safe for students and teachers, according to monitoring data, said Fang Hua, an official at the area#39;s education department.新区教育局的一位官员芳华说,学校被爆炸损毁的建筑已经修复,根据监测数据,环境对于孩子和老师来说也很安全。As of Monday afternoon, the blasts that rocked a warehouse storing hazardous chemicals had claimed 158 lives, including 94 firefighters, and left 15 missing.截止周一下午,由于引燃储存危险化学制品仓库而导致的爆炸已经造成158人死亡,包括94名消防员,另有15名人员失踪。A total of 356 people are still hospitalized and four are in critical condition. About 160 students have changed schools temporarily or permanently due to the disaster#39;s impact on their families.共计356人仍住院接受治疗,其中四人情况严重。有大约160名的学生基于灾难对自己家庭的影响,暂时或者永久转学。Zhang Jingyu, a fourth-grader at Tianjin TEDA Maple Leaf International School, said: ;I was a bit worried about the impact on our campus. But when I saw my classmates and teachers again and found the classrooms were perfect, I felt pretty good.;张晶宇是天津泰达枫叶国际学校四年级的一名学生,他说道:“我有点担心遭难给学校带来的影响。但我再次看到我的老师和同学,并且发现教室很完美的时候,我感觉很棒。”The school, which is about 2 kilometers from the warehouse, had about 2,300 square meters of window glass affected by the explosion, according to Principal Liu Changyong.这所学校距离爆炸仓库2公里远,据校长说,大概有2300平方米的玻璃窗户被爆炸损毁。In addition to replacing the broken windows and cleaning the campus, an environmental monitoring vehicle has been stationed on campus, and results are being released twice a day.除了替换破碎的玻璃,清理校园以后,学校还安置了一台电动环境监控器,每隔两天进行一次监测。Wang Sining, head of Tianjin TEDA Maple Leaf International Kindergarten, said, ;If the children talk about the explosions, our teachers have been trained to encourage them to voice their feelings.;天津泰达枫叶国际幼儿园园长王思宁说:“如果学生谈到爆炸,我们已经培训过老师,让他们鼓励学生说出自己内心的感受。”Two of the three main containers at the blast zone had been cleaned by Sunday, according to the Tianjin Information Office.天津市信息化办公室称,爆炸区内三个主要容器的两个已经在周日被清理。On Sunday, the Housing Management Department in Tianjin Binhai New Area announced a plan to handle apartments damaged at seven residential compounds near the blast scene.周日,天津滨海新区房管局宣布了处理距离爆炸区较近的七个居民区中被损毁房屋的计划。Under the plan, the apartments will be sold to an association of State-owned property developers that was formed after the accident to deal with the issue. The price will be the higher of the purchasing and market prices before the accident.根据计划,这些公寓将被出售给国有房地产开发商联盟,该联盟是在灾后形成以处理此次问题的。在事故以前,价格将要高于市场价格和购买价格。The apartments can be repaired by the government for free. For residential compounds still being built, apartment owners can either cancel the deal or proceed with it.公寓将被政府免费维修。对于居民区在建房屋而言,公寓所有者可以选择取消购买或者继续购买。Extra compensation will be granted by the local government to all affected households, whatever their choice.当地政府将为受爆炸影响的所有家庭提供额外的抚慰金,无论他们是否要求。 /201509/396876铁道第二勘察设计院医院有泌尿科吗

凉山州男科医生LONDON — The Church of England overturned centuries of tradition on Monday with a final vote allowing women to become bishops, with the first appointments possible by Christmas.伦敦——英格兰国教会(Church of England)周一通过最终投票,推翻了一个有着几百年历史的传统,允许女性担任主教。首批女主教的任命可能会在圣诞节前。Approval of the historic change, which was first agreed to in July, was announced after a largely symbolic show of hands at the General Synod, the lawmaking body of the Church of England. The British Parliament supported the measure last month.英格兰国教会的立法机构总议会(General Synod)在进行了很大程度上是象征性的举手表决后,宣布通过了这一具有历史意义的变革。这项变革是在7月达成一致的。上月,英国议会对这一举措表示持。“Today we can begin to embrace a new way of being the church and moving forward together,” the archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev. Justin Welby, said after the vote.“今天,我们将迎来一种新的教会模式,并携手前行,”坎特伯雷大主教贾斯汀·韦尔比(Justin Welby)在投票结束后说。Two decades after the first female priest was ordained, the issue of women taking senior roles in the church hierarchy remains divisive. As recently as 2012, the proposal had been defeated by six votes.在首位女性被任命为牧师20年后,女性在教会层级中担任高级职务这个问题,依然存在分歧。就在2012年,这一提议还因反对方多出六票而未能通过。But Archbishop Welby, the spiritual leader of the church and the global Anglican Communion, who supported the vote from the start, had warned fellow church leaders this year that the public would find the exclusion of women “almost incomprehensible.”英格兰国教会和全球圣公宗(Anglican Communion)的精神领袖韦尔比大主教从一开始就持该提议。他今年告诫教会的其他领袖,民众会认为将女性排除在外“几乎无法理解”。On Monday, however, he acknowledged that a split in the worldwide Anglican community was now a serious possibility. “Without prayer and repentance, it is hard to see how we can avoid some serious fractures,” he said.然而,韦尔比大主教周一承认,全球圣公宗现在很有可能会发生分裂。“如果不祈祷和悔过,很难看清我们如何才能避免一些严重的分裂,”他说。The change involves the addition of a sentence to Canon 33, stating: “A man or a woman may be consecrated to the office of bishop.”这一改变将让第33条教规新增一句话,注明:“男女皆可被任命为主教。”Half a dozen British dioceses may soon appoint new bishops, including Oxford, Gloucester and Newcastle. Southwell and Nottingham are reportedly aly considering applications from women, with a first appointment might be made before the year’s end. Last month, the church floated the idea that affirmative action could be used to ordain underrepresented female bishops.包括牛津、格洛斯特和纽卡斯尔在内的六个主教教区可能很快就会任命新主教。据报道,绍斯韦尔和诺丁汉已在考虑来自女性的申请。首位女主教的任命或许会在年底之前进行。上月,教会提出了一个观点,即可以采取积极行动,任命未被充分代表的女性为主教。One faction within the Church of England that opposes women as bishops is a conservative evangelical group called Reform. Arguing that “the divine order of male headship” makes it “inappropriate” for women to lead dioceses, Reform claims that at least a quarter of the church will find this incompatible with their beliefs.英格兰国教会内部反对女性担任主教的派别之一,是一个保守的福音派团体,被称作改革宗(Reform)。该团体称,“男性占领导地位的神圣旨意”决定了女性“不宜”领导主教教区,并表示至少四分之一的教众会觉得此举有违他们的信仰。But Monday’s vote was welcomed by longstanding campaigners like the Very Rev. Jane Hedges, the first female dean of Norwich, who called it “very exciting and good news for the church and our mission to the world.” Dean Hedges said she had not expected to see this change in her professional life.但周一的投票,得到了教长简·赫奇斯(Jane Hedges)等长期活动人士的欢迎。作为诺威奇的首任女教长,赫奇斯称此事“对教会和我们向全世界布道来说,都是非常激动人心的好消息”。赫奇斯教长称没想到会在职业生涯期间目睹这一变化。Archbishop Welby predicted after Monday’s vote that half the Church of England’s bishops could be women within a decade, which would mean that about 50 dioceses could be led by women.韦尔比大主教在周一的投票后预测,十年之内,英格兰国教会一半的主教职务将由女性担任,也就是说,可能会有大约50个主教教区由女性领导。Hilary Cotton, the chairwoman of Women and the Church, or Watch, told the B that she hoped the change occurred quickly.女性与教会(Women and the Church,简称Watch)组织的主席希拉里·科顿(Hilary Cotton)告诉B,她希望这一改变能尽快成为现实。“It is not just about having women wearing purple,” she said. “It is about changing the culture of the church to be more equal.”“此事涉及的,不仅是女性能否穿上紫色主教,”她说,“还涉及改变教会文化,让它更加平等。” /201411/343582成都市妇保医院医生名单 A staggering 8m tonnes of plastic waste are entering the world’s oceans every year, or the equivalent to five grocery bags filled with plastic for every foot of coastline in the world, according to the first scientific assessment of the problem.根据对海上塑料垃圾问题的首次科学评估,全球每年流入海洋的塑料垃圾达到令人震惊的800万吨,相当于全球每英尺海岸线都流入5只塞满塑料的食品袋。The joint US-Australian study, released at the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting in San Jose, analysed waste production data from 192 countries to conclude that between 4.8m and 12.7m tonnes of “mismanaged plastic” entered the oceans in 2010; 8m tonnes is the central estimate.这一由美国和澳大利亚联合开展的研究,是在美国科学促进会(American Association for the Advancement of Science)圣何塞年度会议上公布的。该报告根据来自192个国家的垃圾产出数据,经分析得出,2010年流入海洋的“不受管理的塑料垃圾”在480万吨到1270万吨之间,800万吨的数据是上述区间取中位数得出的估计结果。Plastic in the oceans is becoming a serious ecological problem for marine life, as well as an ugly pollutant washed up on beaches and floating on the open seas.塑料垃圾不但是海岸上及海面上影响观感的废弃污染物,对于海洋生物来说,它们正成为严重的生态问题。Large pieces such as intact plastic bags are a hazard for animals from turtles to dolphins, which can become entangled or swallow them with fatal results. More insidious is the weathering of plastic debris into tiny particles that can be ingested even by microscopic invertebrates.对于从海龟到海豚在内的海洋生物,完整的塑料袋等大块塑料垃圾是一大威胁。它们可能会被这些塑料袋缠住或将其吞噬,从而导致致命后果。此外,更不易被人察觉的是,这些塑料废品被分解成微小颗粒后,甚至会被微观层面的无脊椎生物吞噬。The study, which also appears in the journal Science, lists the world’s 20 biggest national sources of mismanaged plastic waste. The top 19 are all middle and low income countries, with the US in 20th position.这份研究报告也发表在学术杂志《科学》(Science)上,该报告列举了全球20个最大的塑料垃圾来源国。其中,前19位都是中低收入国家,第20位则是美国。The worst offenders are in Asia, with China responsible for 28 per cent of all mismanaged waste, followed by Indonesia with 10 per cent.问题最严重的是亚洲国家。其中,来自中国的废品占了所有废品的28%,印尼以10%的比例落于其后。The amount of plastic going into the oceans is increasing fast, keeping pace with global plastic production, said the study leader Jenna Jambeck of the University of Georgia.这项研究的带头人、美国佐治亚大学(University of Georgia)的詹娜#8226;简贝克表示,流入海洋的塑料垃圾总量正在迅速增长,速度正在赶上全球的塑料生产量。“In 2025 the annual input would be about twice the 2010 input or 10 bags full per foot of coastline,” she said. “The cumulative input in 2025 would be nearly 20 times our 2010 estimate: 100 bags of plastic per foot of coastline in the world.”她说:“2025年,每年流入海洋的塑料垃圾将是2010年的两倍,差不多相当于每英尺海岸线上流入10袋塑料垃圾。到2025年,累计塑料垃圾流入量将是我们2010年估值的20倍,相当于全球每英尺海岸线上放100袋塑料垃圾。”Developed nations have the infrastructure to dispose properly of the vast majority of their plastic or recycle it. Poorer countries do not. Altogether about 3 per cent of the world’s total plastic waste ends up in the oceans through littering or dumping.发达国家拥有相关的基础设施,能够处理绝大部分塑料垃圾,或将其回收利用。相比之下,较贫穷的国家则没有这种条件。总的说来,全球全部塑料垃圾中,约有3%会由于乱扔乱倒,最终流入海洋。A huge investment will be needed to save the oceans and their inhabitants from choking on human plastic debris.要想拯救海洋,防止海洋生物不会因人造塑料废品而导致窒息,必须投入巨额资金。“Solutions will require a combination of local and global efforts,” said Prof Jambeck. “A shift in how we manage waste could provide jobs and opportunities for economic innovation — and it could improve the living conditions and health of millions of people.”简贝克教授表示:“解决这个问题,需要全球和各地共同努力。改变废品管理方式可能会创造就业,还可能为经济创新创造机遇。这么做还有助于改善数百万人的生存条件和健康水平。” /201502/360134四川成都市有那几家正规的男科医院

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