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Classic game shows; the sister cities program; beyond a reasonable doubt; infinite versus permanent versus eternal; ward versus wardsWords:game showclassicon the airto make a comebackcontestantshowcasedealnewlywedto make whoopeesister citytieswastebeyond a reasonable doubtinfinitepermanenteternalwardwards 6本资料是由经华英语(englishexpress.cn)授权发布! http:[00:.61]English Express[00:.5]Taekwondo[00:1.]跆拳道[00:39.77]Taekwondo is a traditional Korean martial art,[00:.83]meaning "the way of kicking and striking".[00:51.0]martial[00:5.38]战争的, 军事的, 尚武的[00:55.]柔道、空手道、拳术[00:58.89]martial art[01:.]In taekwondo,[01:.]both the hands and feet are used to overcome an opponent,[01:.69]but the trademark is a combination of kick movements. [01:.3]opponent[01:36.75]敌对的,对立的[01:39.01]敌军[01:0.00]opponent armies[01:1.9]overcome an opponent[01:3.53]opponent[01:5.8]对手[01:6.89]overcome[01:7.66]征[01:9.3]They overcame the enemy after a long battle.[01:5.]经过一场漫长的战斗,他们击败了敌人[01:55.86]overcome an opponent[01:56.90]战胜对手[01:58.93]beat an opponent[:.7]knockout[:.91]击倒对手获胜[:.]打倒[:.6]knockdown[:9.5]sudden death[:30.]突然死亡法[:.]trademark[:36.86]商标[:37.8]registered trademarks[:39.36]注册商标[:0.1]imitate a trademark[:1.79]冒牌[:.78]combined trademark[:3.89]联合商标[:5.68]trademark of the sport[:50.00]trademark[:51.35]显著的标志[:58.5]trademark of the sport[:00.8]这一运动的显著特点[:.73]Its origins are not well known [:.9]but three possibilities are often considered. [:.6]One traces taekwondo [:5.89]to Korea’s three-kingdom era when Silla Dynasty warriors,[:9.8]the Hwarang, began to develop a martial art, tae kyon .[:3.]warrior[:.]战士, 勇士, 武士[:7.75]勇武的民族[:8.57]a warrior nation[:55.7]Others believe that taekwondo began as a m of Chinese boxing,[:59.37]which was established at the Shaolin Temple in 5 [:.71]by Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism.[:.]boxing[:18.18]拳术[:18.85]Bodhidharma[:19.91]菩提达[:35.]A third possibility is that [:36.91]taekwondo developed from Japanese or Okinawan karate.[:5.18]karate[:5.85]空手道[:58.51]It is now assumed that [:59.7]taekwondo probably developed from other Asian martial arts [:.87]combined with traditional Korean techniques of kickboxing. [:3.]martial[:3.90]战争的[:.81]martial art[:5.70]武术[:6.59]opponent[:7.7]对手[:.1]overcome an opponent[:9.33]战胜敌人[:30.87]trademark[:3.18]显著的标志[:33.65]warrior[:.]战士, 勇士, 武士[:36.61]boxing[:37.7]拳术[:38.18]karate[:39.19]空手道[:5.9]Taekwondo is a traditional Korean martial art,[:8.86]meaning "the way of kicking and striking[:5.3]in taekwondo,[:5.59]both the hands and feet are used to overcome an opponent,[:59.53]but the trademark is a combination of kick movements.[:.31]Its origins are not well known [:.8]but three possibilities are often considered.[:.91]One traces taekwondo [:.]to Korea’s three-kingdom era when Silla Dynasty warriors, [:18.]the Hwarang, began to develop a martial art, tae kyon ("foot-hand").[:5.]Others believe that taekwondo began as a m of Chinese boxing,[:30.90]which was established at the Shaolin Temple in 5 by Bodhidharma, [:38.]the founder of Zen Buddhism.[:0.53]A third possibility is that [:.9]taekwondo developed from Japanese or Okinawan karate. [:9.]It is now assumed that [:50.63]taekwondo probably developed from other Asian martial arts [:55.]combined with traditional Korean techniques of kickboxing. 631

#6579;Part . Opting a slower pace of life in the 1st century.A. Keywords. life, fast, slow down.Vocabulary. embrace, drench.Now listen to the first part of a report on how some people opt a slower pace of life in the 1st century. Read the outline first, while listening focus on some supporting details. Then answer the questions.As you may have noticed life is fast-paced.We travel on bullet trains and jets. News comes to us at the speed of light.And with cell phones and the Internet and of course, fast food, most people rush through their days, trying to do more in less and less time.But not everyone. Some people are trying to slow down, and instead of racing through life, actually experience it.Journalist Carl Honore admits that not long ago his life was a breathless race with time.;In the old days, when I was a speedaholic, if you like, my whole life was just a long list of things to do.To finish all those tasks, day after day, Mr Honore says he became obsessed with saving time whenever he could... a minute here, a few seconds there.He says people usually dont realize that their whole life has turned into an exercise in hurry up until they get a wake up call... and something stops them in their tracks.Mr Honore wake up call came three years ago when he began ing bedtime stories to his 3-year-old son.Id go into his room at the end of the night and I just couldnt slow down.Id be speed ing The Cat in the Hat, which is ridiculous. I heard about a series called one-minute bedtime story, which is a horrible idea, but in my first reaction was, What a great idea, I must get some.And that when I caught myself, and I just thought ;No, this has gone too far.;To improve the quality of life, Mr Honore says, people need to embrace what he calls ;the philosophy of slow;.;I think that one of the cultural assumptions we make nowadays is that slow is bad and that slowing down means being lazy, or unproductive or giving up.But the opposite is true. Now more than ever in this high-tech 7 technology drenched society, we need moments if slowness.When you work more slowly, you actually work better, your productivity goes up.So you know, sometimes you have to go fast at work. People need to do things at the right speed.They need to re-learn the lost art of shifting gears. 503

Faith轻松电台:I Wish 真心地祝愿Hi, Welcome to Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax, I’m Faith. This radio program has been running a couple of months, owing to your constant care and support, tunately, it’s rising. Today, just right here, I’m presenting all my wishes to my audience that has been always supportive to me and my program.I wish you the ability to develop the light that is within you, to strengthen your spiritual faith, to help your faith in yourself to grow and thrive. You have the gift of self-sufficiency, and the possibility of growing into a person who is strong and able. But may you not grow toostrong, though, so that you reject the help and love and caring of others who wish to be there you. Balance your strength with your needs and the needs of others to be helpful and to show their caring.I wish you light in your darkest hours. When life seems to be confusing or empty, and when your path seems to be hidden in the shadows of pain, doubt, despair, or unrest, may you find the light inside of you that will help you to see things as they truly are, every night comes to an end, every storm runs its course, and light and peace always return to us.I wish you the power of a perspective that allows you to see the beauty of the darkness, no matter how threatening your current situation, or how uneasy you may feel. There always is light us to access, whether it be the light of God or the light of a close friend, or even the light within ourselves that is the power and the strength with which we've all been blessed to one extent or another.This is Faith from Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax; I do wish you true happiness every day. 3


  (He is the son of a terrorist. He says he wants his father to stop the violence. CNN's Aneesh Raman interviewed Omar Bin Laden.At first glance, twenty-six-year-old Omar seems the image of a modern Middle-East. He drives a jeep, has dlocks and his wife is a British national. You'll never guess this is Osama Bin Laden's son.)Interviewer: What age did you start training with Al-Qaeda?Omar:I started training maybe in fourteen.(As a child, Omar was a soldier in his father's army, training in Afghanistan like so many others. But by 00, Omar felt Al-Qaeda was heading a fight he didn't want any part of.)Omar: After a few years, we started the war, the fight becoming bigger and bigger and I see a lot things being bigger and my eyes are open on all, a lot things and I think what if I go outside and see how the life outside.(It was a decision Omar says his father accepted.)Omar:He told me if this is your...your what? [your choice, your decision] yeah, your decision. What I can tell you. I like you to be with me, but if you, this is your decision.(So father and son went their separate ways, but Omar there was no running from the Bin Laden name, not after September , 01.)Interviewer: Where were you when 9. happened? How did you first learn about it?Omar: I am in Saudi Arabia.Interviewer: Did you immediately think your father was behind it when you saw the news?Omar: Yeah, maybe. Interviewer: And what went through your mind?Omar: The same, I'm younger, I don't know what I felt how I will have to feel. [he was only eighteen, nineteen] Sure when I see something get killed ,I feel sad.(Seven years later, his father is now the world's most wanted man.)Interviewer: Are you in touch with your father at all right now?Omar: Sure not.Inerviewer:Do you have any idea where he is?Omar: No.Inmtervierer:Do you think that he will ever get caught?Omar: I don't think so.(The reason Omar says wherever Osama is, the people around him will never turn.)Omar: The people there is different from here. The people there is, has freedom between them and the God. They can do anything by God permission. They didn't care about the government..(As Omar, he's caught between love of a father,)Interviewer: Do you think that your father is a terrorist?Omar: You know I don't think my father is a terrorist.(and the hatred of tactics that kill innocent civilians.)Omar: I like to say to my father, try to find another way to help or to find your God. And this is bomb, or this is weapons. He's not good to use it anybody.【生词注释】dlocks n.长发绺train v.训练in touch with 和某人接触hatred n. 憎恨innocent adj. 无辜的 77。


  scheme计划,random任意的,strike up开始(谈话),reprimand训斥Was He Fired?A co-worker had a unique scheme to meet women. He’d call a random number. If a man picked up, he apologized dialing the “wrong” number. But when a woman answered, he’d strike up a conversation. One day, the department manager overheard him bragging how he averaged two dates a week from this ploy. Was he fired? Did he receive a reprimand? No, he was named Director of Telemarketing.他被开除了吗?一个同事对付女人有一套他随意打一个电话号码,如果是男人接电话,他就道歉说打错了但如果是女人接电话,他就会搭上话有一天,部门经理听见他吹嘘说,他用这套办法平均每星期约会两个女人他被开除了吗?他收到训诫了吗?没有他被任命为电话销售部主任了1.scheme计划. a scheme the term’s work学期工作安排也有“诡计”的意思:That so-called sale is a scheme to swindle the consumer.那场所谓的大贱卖其实只是个欺诈消费者的骗局.random任意的/胡乱的random killings胡乱杀戮;random bullets乱飞的流弹;a random talk漫谈Ask some random students to join in a discussion.任选几名学生一起参加讨论3.strike up开始(谈话)strike up a friendship开始建立友谊 A military band struck up a funeral dirge.军乐队奏起葬礼哀乐.brag吹嘘(及物/不及物)He bragged about his new car.他吹嘘自己的新车That is nothing to brag about.那没有什么可夸耀的也可以作名词,是“大话”的意思:His brag was tiresome to listen to.他的自吹自擂听得人厌烦5.ploy计策/手段a delaying ploy拖延之计;a bargaining ploy讨价还价的手段;a propaganda ploy宣传挤俩This is a ploy to gain publicity his new book.这是为他的新作求名的手段在口语里,还有“忙碌的活动”的意思:Angling is his latest ploy.他最近忙着钓鱼6.reprimand训斥The boy got a new reprimand from his teacher.那个男学生又收到老师一顿训斥We can’t let his behaviour go without reprimand.我们不能让他任意胡来而不加谴责 9Irma:Do you really think well be rescued? It been six hours and Im losing hope. 伊尔玛:你觉得我们还能获救吗?都6个小时了,我已经不抱希望了Bert:It hard to say. Im sure search and rescue teams are looking us as we speak. 伯特:这很难说我相信搜索救援队在我们说话时正在努力寻找Irma:But what if they dont come in time? 伊尔玛:但是,如果他们没及时赶来会怎样?We didnt bring any provisions and were almost out of water. 我们没有带任何食物和必需品,而且我们几近脱水的边缘Bert:Youre afraid of starvation and dying of thirst? 伯特:你担心饥饿难耐死亡?I think wed die from hypothermia or exposure to the elements first. 我认为我们会首先死于体温过低或曝晒Irma:Thanks. I hadnt thought of that until you mentioned it. 伊尔玛:谢谢你不提我根本就不会想到Hey, I think that the sound of a helicopter. 嘿,我好像听到了直升机的声音Bert:Youre hearing things. That not a helicopter. 伯特:你出现幻听了根本没直升机Irma:I think I hear search and rescue dogs. I think theyre onto our scent! 伊尔玛:我想听到搜救犬的吠声我想是它们闻到了我们的气味!Bert:I think youre starting to hallucinate. I dont hear anything. 伯特:我觉得你已经开始产生幻觉我什么也没听到Irma:Cant you just humor me? Im trying to keep hope alive. 伊尔玛:你就不能依着我吗?我想一直抱有获救的希望Bert:Oh, sure. Hey, I think I hear something. 伯特:哦,当然嘿,我想我听见了什么Irma:You do? 伊尔玛:你听到了?Bert:Yeah, it Santa Claus on his sleigh.伯特:是的,圣诞老人乘着雪橇来救我们了 563I can see…我能明白…Yeah, that more like camel whose girl?是的,那女孩看起来更像骆驼吗?Now, it must be amazing going out with a Spice Girl,现在, 和一个辣出去肯定令人吃惊,but in an ideal world and no disrespect to your bitch,但是在一个理想的世界,这不是对你女朋友的不尊重,wouldnt…, in an ideal world, wouldnt you rather be with Baby?No.不会是…,在一个理想的世界,你不愿意和女朋友一起吗?不会的So how many the Spice Girls turn you down bee you went thorough… you went serious first, what?之前有多少辣对你失望,你就彻底…开始慎重,什么?No, it just…Now, does you go to watch him play football?不,这只是…现在,你会去看他踢足球吗?Yeah I do. Whenever I can, coz Brooklyn wants going to watch him, so, as much as we can.是的,我会去每当我可以的时候都会去,因为布鲁克林想去看他,所以,我们会尽自己所能Me heard there is an insulting song that they sing about you. As you heard it, what is the words?我听见他们唱一首侮辱你的歌你听见后有什么要说的吗?That what they say.那是他们对自己说的而已注:听力文本来源于普特 79

  Part . Public Transportation.A. Keywords. electric streetcars, up, cost, environmentally friendly, human desire.Vocabulary. clang, rattle, crisscrossing, ridership, feasibility, pine , jangle, prestige, soothing, serenity.A1. Listen to a report about the revival of streetcars. Supply the missing inmation.In 1888, Boston, Massachusetts, became the first American city to replace horse-drawn trolleys with electric streetcars.Streetcars, which look similar to train passenger coaches, clanged their bells, rattled around corners, and carried almost billion riders at their height in 19.Old photos show overhead wires crisscrossing almost every US city.Then streetcar ridership declined steadily as American took to automobiles and commies replaced trolleys with buses. But now it seems cities cant lay streetcars tracks fast enough.So why is the number of US cities running streetcars and other light rail systems now up to 19? Why are 3 other cities building or drawing plans light rail lines?Dan Tangherlini is acting director of Washington D.C. Transportation Department.Many cities are beginning to re-evaluate that decision to move away from streetcars.We look at current bus ridership numbers, and many of the routes that have the highest bus ridership were some of our most popular streetcar routes.So there goes the notion that the buses are providing increased flexibility, at least on those roads.And so maybe there is something between the very expensive subway systems which cost between 0 and 0 million dollars a mile, and the bus route. And that what were beginning to ask.Streetcar lines cost less than million dollars a mile to build.Washington is the latest city to announce it is studying the feasibility of bringing back streetcars, even though it aly enjoys a fast-moving regional subway system called Metro that runs through several parts of the city,Across country in Washington D.C, Bill Lind works a conservative think tank called the Free Congress Foundation.The organization has printed several studies supporting light rail transit, including streetcars.The old rationale getting rid of the streetcars is that they get in the way of the automobiles.But what we found is that the automobile, generally with one person per car, is probably the least efficient way to use the limited amount of space you have on urban streets.If youve got 50 people on board a streetcar, youre doing a lot better job of making use of the street space you have.Even if Washington transit department gets the green light to bring back streetcars, it likely to be at least ten years bee Mr Lind and his neighbor will be riding them.The city has to secure federal funding a large chunk of the work.Citizens who say they pine the old trolleys may lose their nostalgia when they realize the cars will be jangling past their windows or slowing their automobile rides across town.But across America, streetcars and light rail trains are curiosities no longer.Theyre a prestige item, tangible proof that a city is environmentally friendly on the move and in touch with the human desire, in the midst of today bustle and speed, a streetcar soothing touch of serenity. 89

  Angie: These things are always soooo boring. Heard any gossip? Anybody making the big bucks?Ed: Rich struck it rich in advertising. And he and Cath got married and just had a child.Angie: That no news. Those two were high school sweethearts anyway.Ed: Teresa Jones got a boob job.Angie: Uh, I can see that. And Erica Falls has lost a lot of weight.Ed: Ive got something. You saw Taylor Smith? Looks terrible, doesnt he? I heard he...参考译文:安姬:这些活动老是无聊毙了有听到什么八卦吗?有谁赚大钱吗?艾德:瑞奇搞广告发了财而且他跟凯西结婚,刚生了一个小孩安姬:那不是新闻啦反正那两人在高中就是一对了艾德:泰瑞莎琼斯去隆胸安姬:嗯,看得出来还有艾芮卡佛斯瘦了很多艾德:我有新消息妳有看到泰勒史密斯吧?看起来糟透了,不是吗?我听说他……重点词汇:overhear (v.)偶然听到,无意中听到A: Did you overhear what she just said?你刚刚在旁边有听到她说什么吗?B: Yeah! That lady is crazy!有啊!那女人疯了!make the big bucks发大财,赚大钱I thought I would be making the big bucks by ty, but I was wrong.我还以为我四十岁前会赚大钱,但我错了gossip (n.)闲话,流言蜚语I never believe gossip I hear about other people.我从不相信从别人那听来的八卦strike it rich获得意外的大成功、大财富We struck it rich when we discovered a new Super Model.我们挖掘到一个新的超级模特儿后,就赚翻了sweetheart (n.)情人,恋人high school sweetheart是「高中班对」A: You didnt have to buy me this ring, sweetheart.亲爱的,你实在不必买这只戒指给我啊B: Anything you.我愿意为你买任何东西get a...job动(某部位)整形手术boob (n.)(俚)乳房I got a nose job because my mother thought it would change my luck.我动了一个鼻子整形手术,因为我妈说可以改我的运 6550

  Lorna:It great to be alive, isnt it?洛娜:活着真棒,是不是?Deangelo:What are you so happy about?迪安杰罗:什么让你那么高兴?Lorna:Im just happy to come to work.洛娜:我只是对来上班感到高兴Deangelo:What?!迪安杰罗:什么? !Lorna:Ive come to realize that this is more than a job.洛娜:我意识到这不仅仅是一份工作It a vocation. Im doing valuable work that Im well suited .这是一种职业我在做的是适合我的有价值的工作Deangelo:Are you on something?迪安杰罗:你感悟到了什么?Lorna:Im high on life and my newfound sense of purpose.洛娜:我对生活充满希望而且我发现了新的使命感I realize that Im doing this job because I have a calling and this is what Im meant to do.我意识到之所以我会做这份工作是因为我得到了召唤,而且这正是我应该做的Deangelo:Im serious. Are you coming down with something?迪安杰罗:我是认真的你决定了吗?Lorna:Of course not.洛娜:当然不是Yesterday, it occurred to me the legacy Ill be leaving behind after my life work is done.昨天,我突然想到自己一生的工作完成后留下的遗产Deangelo:Life work?迪安杰罗:一生的工作?Lorna:Yes, Ill be remembered in posterity as someone who made a difference.洛娜:是的,我会被后人铭记,因为有人做出了改变Deangelo:You do remember what you do a living, right?迪安杰罗:你还记得你以什么为生,对吧?Lorna:I provide salve to people who need it.洛娜:我为需要的人提供慰藉I give succor to those in need.我为需要的人提供帮助Deangelo:You serve drinks in a bar.迪安杰罗:你在酒吧提供饮料Lorna:I provide a shoulder to cry on, a calm voice in a crazy world.洛娜:我提供的是一个可以依靠的肩膀,一个疯狂世界中的一种平静声音Deangelo:Talk about delusions of grandeur!迪安杰罗:你真是妄自尊大自以为是!译文属 90。


  听笑话学英语:The Bait 把诱饵扔回海里A man and his wife were on a holiday.Theywent a sail. Untunately the wife fell overboard and was drowned. The man asked the pier-master to let him know if her body was found. Two weeks later he received a wire saying: "Body recovered yesterday covered with crabs. Send instructions." The man sent a wire back saying, "Sell crabs, send the money; reset bait."一个男人和妻子去度假他们乘风出海,不幸的是妻子掉入海中淹死了这个男人叫码头的负责人在妻子的尸体找到后通知他一声二个星期后,他接到了一份电报:“尸体已于昨日找到,上边爬满了螃蟹请指示”男人回电报说:“卖掉螃蟹,收入汇过来;诱饵扔回海里” 1


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