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济南长清区看妇科价格济南市市中医医院是几甲Welcome to English in a Minute.欢迎来到《一分钟英语》栏目。Today#39;s episode won#39;t cost you anything! Freebie.今天这集是免费的!免费赠品Let#39;s see what this one is about.让我们一起来看看今天要学的内容是什么。Anna, I LOVE my job!安娜,我爱我的工作!Oh yeah?! Why is that?是吗?为什么呢?I get so many freebies from the bands I write about: CDs, T-shirts, water bottles... even tickets to see them perform!我从我写到的乐队那里获得了许多免费赠品:唱片、水杯,甚至还拿到了看他们演出的票!Wow! The only freebie I ever got from my job was this bottle of spray cleaner.哇塞!我从工作中获得的唯一赠品就是这瓶喷射清洁剂。A freebie is something that is given for free.;freebie;指免费获得的东西。In our example, Jonathan gets free products from the music groups he writes about.今天的例子中,乔纳森从他写到的乐团那里获得了免费品。Businesses often give out ;freebies; to advertise their products.公司通常会为了宣传自身产品而发放免费赠品。You can use this expression in any situation where someone receives something for free.你可以在任何情况下使用这个短语,如果某人收到了免费的东西。And that#39;s English in a Minute!以上就是今天的《一分钟英语》栏目! /201703/497194济南山大医院几级 每日一句口语:Life is always so we covered all over with cuts and bruises, but later, the injured area will become the strong place. 生活总是让我们遍体鳞伤,但到后来,那些受伤的地方一定会变成我们最强壮的地方。【知识点讲解】bruise n.瘀青;擦伤;挫伤例句:She is lucky to get off with just a few bruise.她幸免于难,只是有几处擦伤。 /201607/454010每日一句口语:If you don#39;t walk out, you will think that this is the whole world.如果你不出去走走,你会以为这就是全世界。【知识点讲解】walk out 罢工; 突然离开; 出走; 退场例句:Mr. Mason walked out during the performance. 梅森先生在演出时退场。 /201704/503981济南空军456医院阴道紧缩

济南五院无痛人流好吗The name Genghis Khan probably makes many people think of conquering warriors on horseback leaving burning cities and piles of dead bodies behind them. While there is no doubt that Genghis Khan was the leader of a highly efficient killing machine, there was much more to him than military skill. He was also a talented politician with excellent diplomatic abilities. In the 1160s, the tribes of the Central Asian steppes were almost constantly at war with one another. In the middle of the chaos, one of the tribal leaders had a son named Temujin. When the boy was nine years old, his father was poisoned by enemies. The tribe then abandoned the family, leaving them to survive by eating rats and insects. Despite his difficult childhood, Temujin grew up strong enough to claim his hereditary position as tribal leader. He became adept at forming alliances, as well as fighting battles. By 1206, all the Mongol tribes were y to recognize him as supreme leader. They gave him the title Genghis Khan, which means "emperor of all emperors." Having united the tribes of Central Asia, Genghis Khan turned his attention elsewhere. His ambition was world conquest, and he advanced at an astonishing rate. He invaded northern China and captured Peking, but was unable to subdue the whole country. Instead, he turned westwards. By the time of his death in 1227, he had created an empire that stretched from the Pacific coast to the Caspian Sea. The Mongols were superb horsemen who won their victories with a technique of pretending to retreat, then launching a surprise attack. Their discipline and organization made them extremely effective fighters. They were expert archers and could maintain total control of their horses while keeping both hands free for fighting. Genghis Khan's armies were divided into tightly organized units which were directed by an efficient signaling system using black flags. Their favorite tactic in open battle involved provoking an attack, and scattering as the enemy came forward. The Mongols would harass the enemy from the sides until the latter were exhausted, then close in for the kill. After capturing a city, Mongol armies would test the sincerity of the inhabitants' surrender. They would pretend to go away, leaving behind a small number of representatives. If these were killed, the Mongols would return to murder the entire population. They seldom took prisoners. Despite his ruthless methods, Genghis Khan was not an impulsive killer. He avoided battle if diplomacy would work, and he was skilled at using spies to help achieve his aims. He also maintained the tradition of choosing leaders in a mass meeting, and people under his rule were able to advance by ability rather than noble birth. For the citizens of modern-day Mongolia, Genghis Khan is a folk hero and a symbol of their emerging democracy. A main street in the capital of Ulan Bator has been named after him, and his image is on a banknote. He even has a brand of vodka named after him, not an unusual memorial for one of history's greatest conquerors. Perhaps Genghis Khan would appreciate this more than his traditional reputation as a ruthless killer. Article/200802/26618济南中心医院四维彩超预约 济南哪家医院做钼靶好

济南中医院能用医保卡吗视频文本如下:Welcome to English in a Minute.欢迎来到《一分钟英语》。Removing a pea or nut from its pod is called shelling.把豆子或果核从豆荚里拿出来就叫做剥壳。But what does it mean to do this?那么它是什么意思呢?To Shell Out交钱Did you see that diamond ring on Marcy#39;s finger?!你看到马茜手上的那颗钻戒了吗?I did! How much did Dave shell out for that?看到了!戴维花了多少钱买那个呀?I heard it was ,000!我听说是一万美元!Whoa! I don#39;t think ANYTHING that is just going to sit on my hand is worth shelling out ,000.哇哦!我觉得我手上戴的任何东西都不会价值一万美元。To ;shell out; means to spend money. It is mostly used when the amount of money involved seems too high for what you bought.;shell out;的意思就是花钱。这个表达通常是在说你买的东西价格过高的时候使用。In our example, Jonathan thinks Dave spent too much money for a piece of jewelry.在我们的例子中,乔纳森认为戴维为买一颗钻戒花了太多钱。And that#39;s English in a Minute!以上就是《一分钟英语》!译文属仅供交流与学习, /201707/516143 释义:hold sth against somebody 怀恨在心为那些小心眼的人准备的短语。过去对方犯下了某种过错,却始终无法原谅对方,耿耿于怀时可以用到的表达。主要用 hold it ( that ) against somebody 的形式。例句:I won#39;t hold it against you.我不会埋怨你的。I don#39;t think you should hold that against him.不要在意他的话。I said I didn#39;t hold it against her.我说过我对她没有感情。She won#39;t hold it against you. After all, you#39;re her daughter.她不会埋怨你的,毕竟你是她女儿。对话:A: I heard that your mom wrecked your car.听说你妈砸了你的车。B: She did, but I don#39;t hold it against her.是啊,不过我不埋怨她。 /201703/499820山东附属医院线路济南的妇科医院哪家较正规




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