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The Surprising Truth: Doctors Are Not Washing Their HandsSince the beginning of time, or at least for a good long while, mothers have exhorted their kids to wash their hands. It’s a lesson most of us learn and carry with us into adulthood.And you’d think that some people namely, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers would heed this most basic tenet of proper hygiene most of all.Because, after all, hand washing is the most effective way of not sping germs.But according to dozens of studies, doctors are not so great when it comes to hand washing. Sure, surgeons are very careful about scrubbing up.But other docs are less vigilant about washing their hands before and after seeing patients. So over the past several years researchers have thought hard about how to get doctors to maintain better hand hygiene.One study found that placing carefully worded signs next to soap and hand sanitizer dispensers helped.Because doctors and other healthcare workers tend to believe that they won’t get sick, the study found that the most effective signs were those that emphasized the benefit for patients when doctors wash their hands.Another study found that training cameras on sinks and hand sanitizer units, and publicly reporting how often doctors and nurses washed up, significantly increased hand washing rates.It’s not clear why, exactly, doctors aren’t normally more vigilant about hand washing. But the importance of hand hygiene is clear.Sping diseases is one of the biggest problems in hospitals. And regular hand washing is one simple, if apparently difficult to enforce, solution. /201205/184072。

  • Business TCS in America From Mumbai to the Midwest商业 塔塔在美国 从孟买到美国中西部Far from home, Tata Consultancy Services strives to move upmarket塔塔咨询务公司力争向高端市场转型DRIVE up the leafy Leadership Trail in Milford, Ohio and you reach what appears from the outside to be a luxury ski lodge.行驶在俄亥俄州米尔福德的领导路上,林木繁茂,而后到了一处外观奢华,看似是滑雪场的地方。Inside, large windows with forest views are a constant reminder of the surrounding American heartland.透着森林景象的窗景无时不刻的提醒来客您正置身于美国核心腹地。This is Tata Consultancy Services new American facility, a stark contrast to TCSs colonial-era headquarters overlooking sweltering cricket pitches in Mumbai.这是塔塔咨询务中心(以下简称塔塔)的新式美版设施,与以往看似闷热的板球场的不同,塔塔自殖民时期以来在孟买设立的总部有了明显变化。Bought in 2008, the Ohio facility is a symbol of TCSs efforts to polish its brand and move to higher-margin services.此处为塔塔在俄亥俄州的分部,购置于2008年,正是该公司擦亮招牌向高利润务业进军的标志。One reason for choosing Milford, a satellite of Cincinnati, was the proximity of Midwestern clients: ten Fortune 500 companies are based in Cincinnati alone.塔塔选址在辛辛那提的卫星城米尔福德的原因之一,是其距离中西部客户的地理优势:《财富》500强企业中就有10家驻扎在辛辛那提。Another is cost: it is one of the cheapest among Americas main cities and has plenty of land on its fringes.其二是成本问题:这是美国消费最低的大城市之一,且地区有很多闲置土地。A third reason for choosing Ohio is the presence of decent universities nearby.选址的原因之三是因为附近的高等学府。TCS set up shop in Milford not only to be closer to clients but to begin in earnest to hire American graduates.塔塔设分部在此不仅是为了接近消费者,也是渴求招募到美国的毕业生。Most of TCSs new coders in Ohio are fresh from the nearby universities of Kentucky, Cincinnati, Purdue, Ohio State and others.在俄亥俄州,塔塔新进的编程人员大多都来自于附近的肯塔基大学、辛辛那提大学、印第安纳州立大学和俄亥俄州立大学等等。They are cheaper than Ivy League graduates and TCS offers them interesting work with a booming company.他们的薪水要求相较于常春藤略低,而塔塔也以日益壮大的企业背景下为他们提供感兴趣的工作。The facility has 450 employees now, nearly all American, thanks to the difficulty of getting visas for Indians, and the plan is to increase their number to 1,000.由于印度来此的签困难,该分部现有 450名员工几乎都是美国人,而公司也计划将人员扩招到1000.They are a fraction of TCSs 215,000-strong workforce but represent the bridgehead of its ambitions to go beyond being merely an outsourced back-office and coding shop and take on such consultancy giants as IBM, Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Accenture on their home turf.这只占塔塔21万5千名员工的一部分,但显示出公司争取的不只做外包后勤或解码务,而是在客场迎战一些本土的咨询业务巨头,如IBM,惠普或是埃森哲。Having pleased clients with its work for them so far, TCS should have a decent chance at getting them to buy fancier and pricier services.塔塔一直以来都能满足客户需要,但仍需要恰当的实际让客户购买更吸引人也更昂贵的业务。David Johns, chief information officer at Owens Corning, a building-materials maker, is full of praise for TCS; his company has doubled its overall spending with the firm in recent years.建筑材料生产商欧文斯科宁的信息主管,大卫?约翰对塔塔评价很高,他的公司对近年已投入双倍的钱(购买塔塔的务)。Citigroup sold its India-based business-process unit to TCS, guaranteed it 5m annually in business for several years, and then proceeded to spend more than that.花旗集团将其在印度的业务板块出售给塔塔,并保近几年间每年付款27亿5千万美元,之后会投入的更多。However, Jagdish Rao, a technology chief at Citigroup, says most of the consulting work TCS has done so far has been on systems TCS had built or implemented itself.然而,花旗集团的技术主管加迪什?饶指出,塔塔的大部分咨询业务构架于自身建立或推行的制度之上。Tom Rodenhauser of Kennedy Information, which studies the consulting industry, agrees that it has yet to make a breakthrough in high-end work.肯尼迪信息公司研究咨询业的汤姆?罗德霍萨认同这一观点,指出塔塔有待于在高端市场中寻求突破。Although TCS is ;printing money; with its outsourcing business, he ;cant say with a straight face theyre doing great at consulting—theyre giving away what other companies charge for;, as a way of selling their legacy outsourcing services.尽管塔塔在外包产业中堪称;印钞机;,他;不能确定的说咨询业务也是他们的强项-这句完全不知道怎么翻囧;Amar Naga, the boss of the Milford facility, admits that consulting proper is so far just 2.6% of TCSs revenue.米勒福德分部的老板艾玛?纳迦承认咨询业务的业绩仅占公司总收入的2.6%。But it is growing more than twice as fast as the companys overall revenues, themselves still increasing at around 25% a year.但其增长速度是总收入(每年约增长25%)的两倍。Such eye-catching growth, combined with its reputation for high-quality work, suggests clients can be convinced that TCSs consultancy work is worth paying for.如此引人注目的增长速度,连同其高质量业务的名声,意味着客户可以相信塔塔的咨询业务是值得花钱购买的。For the American rivals it is planning to take on, TCS may so far be no more than a blip on the edge of their radar screens.就其即将面临的美国竞争对手而言,塔塔不过是他们雷达侦测屏边缘的一个小点。But as it pushes up into high-value consulting, several of them—such as IBM and HP—are trying to capture more work by moving downstream into TCSs traditional outsourcing territory.然而,塔塔正向高价值咨询界推进,诸如IBM和HP这几个对手已经顺势通过介入塔塔传统外包领域来争取更多的业务。When they meet in the middle it could be quite a fight.一旦狭路相逢,大战在所难免。 /201212/213873。
  • Its Thursday, June 16th,2011. Im Wilson Tang on Cnet.com. And its time to get loaded.今天是2011年6月16日,周四。我是Cnet.com的Wilson Tang。是时间接收本周的最新资讯了。The Boy Genius report has an exclusive first look at Googles nexus flagship Android phone, which will possibly be called the Nexus4G. The Nexus4G will feature a next generation dual-core 1.2 or 1.5 gigahertz CPU. The display will be 720 PHD and as its name implies it will have a 4G LT radio, one gigabyte of ram, a one megapix of front-facing camera and a five megapix of rear camera. Finally its expected to run android 4.0, codename Ice Cream Sandwich, and it wil launch on Thanksgiving.《天才少年》对谷歌的Nexus安卓手机进行了全方位的独家报道,这款手机有可能被命名为Nexus4G。这款Nexus4G将配置双核1.2或1.5处理器,720H高清屏幕和4G LT无线网络,1g内存,1兆像素前摄像头,5兆像素后摄像头。这款手机还将运行安卓4.0系统,也叫做Ice Cream Sandwich操作系统。预计这款手机将于感恩节发售。Hulu is picking up more and more content in its quest to be the number one premium streaming vedio site. Hulu announced it has picked up the often politically incorrect animated series South Park. Hulu Plus subcribers will get access to the current season of South Park 21 days after they air. And the entire back catalogue of 15 seasons. Regular Hulu viewers will get access to the current clips of the show.Hulu网正在大量更新内容,目标成为盈利最多的视频网站。Hulu还收录了讽刺政治的系列动画片《南方公园》。Hulu Plus的用户可以在直播21天后收看当季的《南方公园》。用户还可以收看过去的15季内容。定期关注Hulu的用户还能收看本节目的节目片段。US lawmakers have announced a legislation for the first time that will require law enforcement to obtain a court warrant to get GPS data from a suspected cellphone. The Geolocation privacy and surveillance act says location data from phones, car trackers, GPS devices and laptops should be protected by the Fourth Amendment. The bill proposes that law enforcement should have probable cause before requesting GPS data.美国立法机关宣布了一项法案,执法机关需要获得法庭批准,才能从嫌疑人手机中获得GPS数据。地理定位和隐私法案规定,从手机,汽车追踪,GPS设备和笔记本电脑获取的地点数据都应该受到第四修正案的保护。这项法案提议执法机关在获取GPS数据前提供合理原因。The hacking group LulzSec has been the news a lot lately, the group has attacked numerous sites like Bethesda softwares and Nintendo, Sony, and even a FBI affiliate and the CIA. Well, now, LulzSec has opened a call-in line where people now can suggest new hacking targets. The group has actually posted a phone number, and says that as of yesterday they had 5000 missed calls and 2500 voicemails. But now they are aly redirecting calls to businesses as an old fashioned denial-of-service attack on phones.黑客组织LulzSec最近一直是新闻焦点,这一组织袭击了多家网站,例如Bethesda softwares,Nintendo,Sony,甚至是FBI的隶属机构和CIA。现在LulzSec还提供了一条热线,方便客户提出攻击对象。这一组织公布了一个电话号码,并表示仅就昨天一天他们就有5千个未接来电和2500条语音邮件。但现在该组织把这条热线重新定位于商业务,并通过电话联系提供老式的“拒绝务”攻击。Sony announced several new laptops through its VAIO C and VAIO E series. These slip new laptops come with a new-design and colours. C series laptops come with a 14 or 15 inch screen, intel core i3 and i5 processors, and AMD Radeon HD graphics. Optional features include blue-ray drives, intels WiDi technology and backlit keyboards. The E series will have a 17.3 inch form factors, well, they can also intergrate with Bravi TVs and the PS3, and now they have options for AMD processors.索尼公司宣布将推出其VAIO C和VAIO E系列的新型笔记本电脑。这几款新型笔记本电脑将采用全新设计的外形和颜色。C系列笔记本电脑配置有14或是15英寸屏幕,英特尔i3内核和i5处理器,AMD高清显卡处理器。可选择的配置包括蓝光驱动,因特尔widi无线技术和背光键盘。E系列配备有17.3英寸屏幕,融合了Bravi电视和PS3的功能,可选择的配置包括AMD处理器。The music identifying app Shazam has added a new feature called LyricPlay which will sync the song youre listening to and display the lyrics in sync. The features currently only available on paid Shazam Encore and Shazams red apps on the iPhone and Ipod touch. And the feature worth with 25000 plus songs and more. It looks like its karaoke time for sure.音乐识别应用Shazam添加了一项名为LyricPlay的新功能,这项新功能可以将用户所听歌曲与对应歌词同步。这项新功能现在只能在Shazam Encore中付费购买,或是在iPhone和iPod touch商城中购买使用。这项功能可应用于2万5千多首歌曲。用户还能用它来唱卡拉OK。Those are your headlines for today, Im Wilson Tang for Cnet.com. Youve just been loaded.以上就是今天的头条,我是Cnet.com的Wilson Tang。感谢您的收看。Hey, folks, Brian Cooley from cnet.com. Now when we check the performance a piece of tech. We check the performance of a piece of tech. If you love vedios of cars and all their high-tech and high performace glory, check out the Cnet car tech podcast, cent.com/car-tech tv.嘿,大家好,我是Cnet.com的Brian Cooley。现在当我们检验一款科技产品的功能时,我们通过使用这款产品来检查。如果你是爱车一族,关注汽车相关的科技新闻,就请登录Cnet的汽车科技视频客。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201211/210355。
  • A fanatic capital city, one of the largest the most densely populated anywhere in the world, also famous for its tireless workers for salary men.一座令人狂热的首府城市,世界上人口最为稠密的大城市之一,同时也因为男人们不知疲倦的工作而闻名全世界。And here in Tokyos A district a place thats known for corky ideas, one former salary man himself has come out with a very unique business, a co-sleeping specialty shop.这便是东京的A区,以产生各种新奇的想法而著名。曾经的男性工薪者自己开创了一个非常独特的生意,陪睡专卖店。Yes, people come here to cuddle. M tells me.是的,这位先生告诉我,人们来这里是来享受拥抱的。Before you let your mind run wild, he says, it is just cuddling, nothing more.他说,在你的乱思乱想之前,我先申请,只是拥抱,没有其他。Customers pay about forty dollars to sleep next to a girl for twenty minutes. Some customers are young men looking for simple companionship.为了睡在一个女孩身边20分钟,顾客需付大约50美元。有些年轻的男性来这儿只是为了看一看睡在一旁的陪睡女郎。21-year-old L visits the shop almost everyday. He tells me I like coming here, its unique and relaxing. I tried to stay awake, because I enjoy talking with the girls.21岁的L先生每天都是光顾这里。他告诉我,他喜欢来这儿,这里既特别又放松。我尽量不睡着,因为我喜欢和这些女孩谈话。Do you have a girl friend?你有女朋友吗?No, I dont, he says , I never have a lot chance to meet girls. So this is refreshing for me.没,我没有,他说,我没有太多机会可以认识女孩。因此这对我来说很新鲜。19 year old H is a student, she works here part-time.19岁的H陪睡女孩是个学生,在这儿兼职。She says most guys come here to relax and rest after working hard all day.她说大多数顾客来这儿只是在一天辛苦的工作之后放松一下。They clearly hit a nerve. It is about 9 Oclock on Thursday night right now. And just about every room is taken and you can see the place is not big, its about four hundred square feet in total.这是一个深入人意,抓住市场的创意。现在是周四晚上9点钟左右。但是每个房间都客满,你可以看到每间房间都不大,总共却有400平方英尺。There are add services as well, but again dont get any ideas.这里没有其他务,不要想别的!One thousand Yen about thirteen dollars, if you want to rest your head on the girls knees for three minutes, another thirteen dollars for a five-second hug.1000日元也就是13美元,如果你想把头在哪个女孩的膝盖上靠三分钟。如果想要一个五分钟的拥抱,再加13美元。M says he is surprised at all the attention his business is getting, and yes he is thinking of a possible expansion.M老板说他很吃惊他的生意越做越火,同时,他也想出了一个可能的原因。We might move to a bigger and cleaner space but maybe the simplicity is part of our charm, he adds.我们可能在走向更大更干净的空间,他补充到,但是可能简单正是我们的魅力所在。A simple idea in a stress out and sometimes lonely city.在一个充满压力,有时颇感孤独的城市的一个简单想法。201211/208602。
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