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亚洲大学排行榜:中国顶尖大学排名提升! --01 3::37 来源:   China has overtaken Japan as Asia’s number one nation producing top universities.  中国已经超过日本,成为亚洲顶尖大学最多的国家  While Japan’s University of Tokyo is the highest-placed institution in the Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings , the country has lost ground overall, with the balance of power now tilting towards mainland China.  虽然《年泰晤士高等教育亚洲大学排名中,东京大学依然高居榜首,但日本在整体上失去了优势,天平正在向中国大陆倾斜  Japan has 19 universities in the prestigious top 0, down from last year and in , and of those have slipped down the list, by an average of 5.8 places.  在前0名中,日本大学占了19所,比起去年的所和年的所有所下降其中,所大学排名平均下降了5.8位  By contrast, mainland China now has 1 representatives, up from 18 last year and in , and many of these are rising up the table, including Peking University (fourth) and Tsinghua University (fifth), which have both moved up a place. Wuhan University has also climbed an impressive places to joint 9th.  与之相反,中国在前0名中从前年的所以及去年的18所上升到今年的1所,其中许多大学的排名有所上升,其中排名第四的北大和排名第五的清华均上升一位武汉大学排名并列第9,上升了位,令人印象深刻  China’s special administrative regions are also perming well, with all six of Hong Kong’s ranked universities in the top 50, while Macau has made its debut in the table with the University of Macau entering in joint 0th place.  中国的特别行政区同样表现优秀香港的全部六所大学均进入前50,而的高校也首次出现在名单中——大学并列第0位  The shift in power towards China takes place against a backdrop of investment in research and development while Japan wrestles with cuts as a result of its crippling level of public debt.  由于高额的公共债务,日本正疲于应付研究和开发经费的削减在此背景下,中国的高校开始崛起  Gerard Postiglione, director of the Wah Ching Centre of Research on Education in China at the University of Hong Kong, said that Japan’s declining permance is due to a combination of “a lot of inbreeding” at its universities (graduates teaching at the same university at which they studied); research funding being concentrated at its top-tier institutions; and fewer promotion opporties young academics.  香港大学华正中国教育研究中心主任白杰瑞指出,日本大学的表现下降是由于以下因素共同造成的:学术近亲繁殖(毕业生在母校任教);研究经费被顶尖大学垄断;年轻学者缺乏晋升机会  “[China] started from scratch and rose quickly from the 1990s when they didn’t have world-class universities, whereas Japan was aly at a pretty high level, so its productivity has levelled off a few years,” he said.  他说:“1990年以来,中国从零开始并取得飞速发展当时,中国没有世界级大学,而日本已经处于相当高的水平,日本的生产力在若干年里止步不前”  Simon Marginson, professor of international higher education at the UCL Institute of Education, agreed that higher education in Japan is “now largely standing still”.  伦敦大学学院教育系的国际高等教育教授西蒙·马金森赞同日本的高等教育“目前很大程度上停滞不前”  “Japan is careful to maintain the leading edge of its very top universities such as Tokyo and Kyoto, but has been less committed than has China to pumping more investment into the universities on the next level,” he said.  他表示:“日本小心的维持东大、京大等顶尖大学的领先位置,但和中国相比,对给予其它等级大学更多投资方面做得不够”青岛做无痛人流手术哪个医院较好简单三步教你秒变演讲达人 --01 :1:35 来源:chinadaily Image credit: Jason Wen | FlickrCan you remember the first time you spoke in front of a group? My own "first" happened in front of 30 people. My hands were shaking, my legs trembling. “G-g-g-g-good morning everyone. Today I will talk about…”你还记得第一次在人群面前讲话的情景吗?我的“第一次”是在30个人面前讲话双手颤抖,两腿哆嗦“大家早……早上好,今天我要讲的是……”After that failure, I did whatever it took to overcome my fear of public speaking. I books on presentations.I watched TED talks. I worked with public speaking coaches.那次丢脸的经历后,我用尽一切办法克演讲的恐惧我阅读有关演讲的书籍,看TED演讲,向演讲老师学习Fast-ward a few months, to when I spoke in front of 0 people. I was still nervous about public speaking but I knew the audience wanted me to succeed. So, instead of focusing on my own fears, I focused on serving my audience. And in that way I became a confident speaker.几个月很快过去了,又到了面对0人演讲的时刻这次我仍然很紧张,但我明白观众希望我成功所以,我并没有将焦点放在自身的恐惧上,而是将注意力集中在为观众务上这种方法使我成为一名自信的演讲者I've since discovered three simple steps to becoming a confident speaker, and created the Expressive Leader System. I teach these steps to thousands of business leaders, helping them to speak with confidence and make a bigger impact.从那以后,我发现只需简单三步就可以成为自信的演讲者,并自创了一套“表现型领导体系”我把这些方法教给成千上万的企业领导,帮助他们自信演讲,获得更大的影响Apply these three simple steps so you too will become a confident speaker:如果你也想成为自信演讲达人,不妨试试下面这三步1. Prepare.1. 充分准备讲稿While preparing my speech, I was at a loss about what I should say. Hall of Fame speaker Patricia Fripp later asked me, “If you could have one sentence instead of the entire talk, what would you say?”有一次在准备演讲稿时,我无从下手名人堂演讲大师派翠西亚·傅立普之后问我:“如果你只能说一句话而不是完整的演讲,你会说什么?”My message was, “Go your dreams and never give up.” Using that as a guide, I came up with personal stories that people could relate to. In just minutes, I wrote an entire memorable speech.我的是:“追求梦想,永不放弃”把这句话作为演讲纲领,我想到了许多能与观众产生共鸣的个人轶事仅仅几分钟,我就写出了一整篇令人难忘的演讲稿The takeaway: Create a clear overall message so you know exactly what to say.秘诀:要有一条清晰的主线,这样才会知道自己要说什么. Practice, with a coach.. 找专业教练帮你练习Practice doesn’t always make perfect. But practice augmented by coaching will help you greatly improve. I wanted to have a powerful voice, so I worked with celebrity voice coach Roger Love. He has a track record of having worked with successful entrepreneurs, including Tony Robbins and Suze Orman.熟练并不总能生巧但辅以教练指导的练习就能帮我们大幅提升演讲技能我想拥有强有力的嗓音,所以我找到了专门给名人提供发音指导的罗杰·洛夫他口碑不错,与许多成功的企业家合作过,比如托尼·罗宾斯和苏斯·欧曼So, with Love's help, I learned to do voice exercises bee speaking, to warm up my voice. The more I practiced, the more confident I became. I now have a powerful voice.就这样,在洛夫的帮助下,我学会了在演讲之前做发声练习,预热嗓子练习得越多,我就变得越自信现在,我的嗓音已经很有力量了The takeaway: If you want to practice public speaking more effectively, get coaching.秘诀:如果你想更高效的练习演讲,请找一个教练帮你3. Perm.3. 增强表现力Confident speakers are permers. They express ideas effectively and confidently.自信的演讲者都是表演家他们能有效并自信地表达自己的观点I once had to speak in front of a group of CEOs over age 50. I worried that they might say, “You're too young. You're not qualified to speak here.” And then I remembered what Richard Branson had taught me: “Picture you're talking to friends in the living room.”有一次,我为一众50多岁的CEO做演讲我曾担心他们可能会说,“你太年轻了,你没有资格在这演讲”但我又想起了理查德·布兰森说过的话:“想象你和朋友在客厅聊天时的情景”I arrived at the venue early. I talked to audience members: “Hi, I'm Jonathan, it's good to meet you.” Once I was on stage, people no longer thought of me as a stranger. I was a friend.我早早来到了会议地点,在台下和观众闲聊:“嗨,我是乔纳森,很高兴见到你们”这样一来,当我站上讲台时,观众就不再把我当成陌生人看待,我已经成为他们的朋友了After the talk, people said, “Jonathan, I liked your talk. Can you be my public speaking coach?”演讲结束后,他们都说:“乔纳森,我很喜欢你的演讲你愿意当我的演讲教练吗?”The takeaway: Picture yourself talking to friends in your living room, so you will be more relaxed and in control.秘诀:想象自己正和朋友在客厅闲聊,会让你放轻松、把握好节奏How do any of us become confident speakers? Prepare, practice, perm.想成为自信的演讲达人?充分准备,反复练习,表现自己Vocabularyat a loss: 不知所措,茫然track record: 过去的成绩或成就,业绩记录英文来源:entrepreneur.com译者:心若水(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning平度市红十会医院在线咨询亲情真的可以靠“探亲法”强制获得吗? -- :38:5 来源: 楼梯很陡,很陡从过道走下来,也要颤颤巍巍、小心翼翼还要护好自己的头,不撞上墙 Two floors up, you emerge into a small room with a big hospital bed, and in it is Yao Jainguo’s mother in law. She’s in her early 80s. She’s been confined to this space more than years after a nasty fall.二楼,一个窄间,姚江国(音)的岳母躺在一张大大的病号床上她今年80多岁了在一个烦人的秋后,她搬进了这里,自那以后已过了多年Mr Yao and his wife care her 7. One does the night shift, the other the day. They have help from a volunteer group who visit, and there is some government assistance too.老姚和他的妻子日夜不停、轮流照顾这位老人,一个白天来,一个晚上来经常还会有一个志愿者团队来拜访这位老人,老姚他们也得了不少帮助,当地政府也协助他们一起来赡养老人But it is them - and the porter they hire - that carry her down the steep stairs a few times a year a trip somewhere nice in Shanghai.但是还是要靠老姚他们(或者他们雇的人)来把老太太搬下楼来,一年里有那么几次到上海风光还不错的地方转转逛逛The Shanghai government fears that level of commitment is fading.上海政府担心儿女们逐渐地不再赡养老人It fears the demise of the proud Chinese tradition of filial piety. It fears that a richer generation of children, whose lives are dominated more by their work, will be less inclined to look after their ageing parents.他们担心令中国人引以为傲的传统孝道会逐渐消亡他们担心更加富裕了的子孙一代将更加不愿意照顾他们年迈的父母,因为他们的生活都被工作所主导了Shanghai is a vast metropolis. Among its million people is the highest proportion of pensioners of any city in China.上海是一个超级大城市,拥有00万人口但与此同时,和全国其他城市相比,上海市领取退休金的老人的比例也最高Officials here think part of the answer is to ce people to care.一些上海政府官员认为,也许可以用强制子女探望父母的办法,来解决目前这一难题It’s introduced a punishment that strikes at the heart of every Chinese consumer - their credit score.上海市政府引入了一项惩罚机制,直击中国消费者的内心--他们的信用评分It’s a tool the state uses to deal with a range of wrongdoing: even traffic offences can lead to a worsening credit score.中国使用这一手段来处置一系列不法行为:甚至交通违法也会导致信用评分下降New rules implemented this month extend a law which gave elderly parents the right to sue their neglectful children in the courts. Shanghai now has the power to punish the worst offenders by downgrading their credit score.年,上海市曾出台一项规定,允许父母起诉疏于探望的子女,而从本月开始实施的这项新规就是在年规定上的扩大通过下调信用评分,上海现在有能力来处罚最恶劣的罪犯"If the behaviour is harming old people, if it goes past the legal threshold, and if the old people sue and complain about it, then the behaviour will be punished under the law," said Ying Zhigao from the city’s Bureau of Civil Affairs.上海市民政局应志高(音)表示说:“如果子女的行为危害到老人,如果子女的行为没有履行法律规定的义务,如果老人抱怨子女的行为或者要求打官司,那么子女就会因自己的行为而依法受到处罚”He said this wasn’t a measure aimed at dealing with the ticking time bomb of social care provision in a country where the population is ageing fast.应志高表示,在目前中国老龄化人口快速增加的情况下,这一举措并不能解决日益尖锐的社会关爱问题"We are building on a very strong Chinese tradition of respecting and caring old people" he said.他说道:“我们的工作有一个强而有力的中国传统做基础,人们尊敬、关爱老年人”But there is the issue of who will pay.但是问题是,谁来为此买单呢?An ageing population is an issue that much of the world is trying to grapple with. But China has a unique contributory factor: the one-child policy.人口老龄化是世界上许多国家都在试图解决的一个问题但是中国的情况也许更严重,因为他们面临一个独一无二的因素:独生子女政策The decades old restriction, which has just been removed, means there are fewer children to do the caring.这一维持了几十年的旧制度(不久前才废除)使得能够赡养老人的子女更少了Ju Higun was quick to show us the black and white photograph of his son inside the folder where he keeps all his government documents.车海刚(音)向我们展示了他儿子的黑白照片,他把这些照片都保存得很好,和他的政府文件放在一起The couple see their son once or twice a month. The expansion of Shanghai’s metro network has made it easier he says.老车两口子每个月能见到他们的儿子一两次他说,上海地铁线路扩张使得他们团聚更方便了His son also sends money. Mr Ju whips out an envelope and fans out the handful of red 0 yuan ($; pound ) notes inside. It goes under the pillow in an instant.老车的儿子也会给他们寄钱来老车掏出一个信封,从里面倒出一把红灿灿的百元大钞(约合美元,英镑)随后,他又马上把钱藏在了枕头下面Does he miss his boy? Yes he does.他想儿子吗?是的,他想He said he wishes they lived together, as three generations of some Chinese families still do, so they could care each other, like families in this country used to.老车说他希望他们可以住在一起,像其他那些三代同堂的中国家庭一样那么他们就可以互相关心、照顾,就像中国的家庭以前那样女神竟是糙汉!男扮女装结婚无一人识破 -- :5: 来源: 一名男子靠扮女装在多名男子间周旋、骗取钱财,甚至还和“男朋友”结过婚 A cross-dressing man in China managed to trick eleven men into dating him bee running away and taking cash gifts.中国一名男子通过男扮女装的方法成功地骗过了名男子,和他们约会,骗取钱财后便跑路The 7-year-old, known as Miao Songtao, dressed as a woman and met men online bee defrauding them in various means, reports the People’s Daily Online.据《人民日报网络版报道,7岁的苗松涛(音)把自己打扮成女人模样,先和男人网聊,随后便用各种手段骗取钱财The man’s deception was brought to light after another man claimed he was dating the same woman who later disappeared with a large chunk of his cash.之前一名男子向警方报案,称一名和其交往的女子(和此前一桩案件中当事人同名)卷走了他的部分钱财,随后苗松涛的诈骗案才浮出了水面According to the report, the conman managed to trick men into believing he was their girlfriend in an attempt to defraud them in just the space of one year.据新闻报道,为诈骗钱财,苗松涛将自己打扮成女人模样,成功地使那些男人相信他就是自己的“女朋友”,而在短短一年时间内,就有人上当受骗In one extreme case, he even married his unsuspecting boyfriend who me met in an online chat room in under the alias Miao Xiaomin.还有一个更极端的例子,年苗松涛化名苗小敏在一个网络聊天室里结识了一名男子,随后他竟然和这名毫不知情的男子结婚了Miao dated a man surnamed Wang several months until Wang’s family arranged a wedding in October last year involving a costly ceremony and grand feast.当时苗松涛和这名王姓男子交往了数月,去年月份王家举办了一场婚礼,安排了一场昂贵的仪式和盛大的宴席But to his shock, Wang’s new wife disappeared just three days later taking wedding gifts and other items from the family home.但是令人始料不及的是,仅仅三天过后王先生的“妻子”就人间蒸发了,还带走了宾客们赠送的新婚礼物和夫家其他一些东西His family were concerned that she had left following a minor accident between the couple and so never inmed police.夫家以为是“小俩口”有什么矛盾,所以“女方”才离家出走的,也一直没有报警However suspicion was aroused when a man from a nearby city reported to police that he met a girl online claiming to be Miao Xiaomin. He said that the girl had used various methods to get around 31,000 yuan (pound 3,37) out of him.但是随后邻近城市一名男子向警方报案,这才引起怀疑,该名男子称其在网上遇到一名自称是苗小敏的人该名男子称,这名女子用各种手段一共从他手中取得了300元(约合337英镑)Police arrested who they thought was Miao Xiaomin and discovered the man’s secrets.警方逮捕了苗小敏,发现他竟然是一个男人He was possessing an identity card 7-year-old Miao Songtao.据身份显示,他今年7岁,名为苗松涛They searched Miao’s house and discovered skirts, wigs, high heeled shoes and even women’s underwear.警方搜索了苗松涛的住处,发现了裙子、假发、高跟鞋等物品,甚至还有女性内衣即墨人民医院人流价格是多少

青岛做一个全身检查需要多少钱青岛海慈打胎妇科整形宫颈糜烂小女孩因妈妈生弟弟患上“同胞竞争障碍” -- ::7 来源:chinadaily 浙江湖州一个岁的小女孩原本活泼可爱,成绩优异,但是,在妈妈生了弟弟以后,却经常抱怨头痛,吃不下饭想吐,人也变得孤僻了父母带到医院一查,拍各种片子都是正常的,最后医生诊断这名小女孩患上了“同胞竞争障碍”请看相关报道:Suspecting the daughter may have caught encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain with similar symptoms, the worried parents then brought her to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine treatment. Medical checks excluded encephalitis and doctors finally determined the girl's symptoms are the result of a sibling rivalry disorder.因为怀疑女儿患上了脑炎(脑炎的症状与之相似),忧心忡忡的父母将女儿带到浙江大学医学院附属第二医院治疗医学检查排除了脑炎的可能性,医生最终诊断小女孩的症状是“同胞竞争障碍”引起的“同胞竞争障碍”英文表达是sibling rivalry disorder,所谓同胞竞争障碍,是指通常在年龄稍小的弟弟出生之后,发生的某种程度的情感紊乱(emotional disturbance)程度轻重和表现形式个体存在很大差异,还可能出现焦虑,抑郁等精神症状这个岁小女孩出现头痛、呕吐和精神萎靡(suffered from headaches, vomiting and low spirits)等症状,是典型的“同胞竞争障碍”的症状据报道,这个小女孩原本活泼可爱(happy and active),成绩优异(enjoyed good academic scores),在班里还是班长(class monitor),但是因为父母有了二宝之后,对她的关注少了,忽略了她的情感需求,导致她患上了同胞竞争障碍专家建议打算生二胎的父母要注意大宝的心理,不要高估了孩子的心理承受能力(中国日报网英语点津 陈丹妮)强强联合?丰田投资优步uber --5 ::0 来源: 近日,丰田宣布同优步建立合作伙伴关系,正式涉足专车市场此前苹果向滴滴投资了亿美元,通用、大众亦纷纷针锋相对,掀起了新一轮投资潮Carmakers Toyota and Volkswagen have struck separate partnerships with rideshare companies Uber and Gett.汽车制造商丰田公司和大众公司宣布分别与专车应用优步和Gett达成合作伙伴关系The Japanese company will invest an unspecified amount in Uber and offer new leasing options its drivers.目前丰田具体的投资额尚不清楚,而驾驶丰田汽车的优步司机可选择执行新的租赁合约Toyota said the two companies would share also knowledge and speed up their research efts in areas such as driverless cars.丰田公司表示两家公司将分享彼此的信息和技术,加快对包括无人驾驶汽车在内的科技领域的研究步伐Volkswagen announced an investment in Gett, an Israel-based rideshare operator.大众公司则宣布对总部位于以色列的专车应用Gett进行投资Toyota said that as patterns of car usage continued to change, it wanted the collaboration to be about more than simply providing vehicles but to also collaborate on technology such as in-car apps.丰田公司认为 ,汽车出行模式在不断发生着变化,两家公司的合作不应局限于提供交通工具,还应在车载应用领域有所建树Gett chief executive Shahar Waiser also stressed that the partnership with VW would involve technology and innovation.Gett首席执行官Shahar Waiser强调,公司和大众的合作将涉及到技术与创新VW said: ;The ride-hailing market represents the greatest market potential in on-demand mobility, while creating the technological platm developing tomorrowrsquo;s mobility business models.;大众公司的发言人表示:;专车市场代表着移动需求市场的巨大潜力,派生出致力于发展未来移动需求商业模式的技术平台;Uberrsquo;s deal with Toyota follows Applersquo;s bn investment in Chinese ride-hailing service Didi Chuxing. That has been regarded in some quarters as a political move by the US technology giant to bolster its presence in the crucial Chinese market.优步和丰田达成合作之前,苹果刚刚向滴滴出行注资了亿美元在一些业界人士看来,这是苹果为在重要的中国专车市场上提升地位的政策性举措Apple is also believed to be developing a car.据悉苹果正在研发无人驾驶汽车In March, General Motors invested 0m in US Uber rival Lyft to help develop an on-demand network of self-driving cars.通用电气于三月份向优步的竞争对手Lyft投资了5亿美元,以助其发展自动驾驶汽车的移动需求网络The partnership will also create a joint car rental service drivers to increase the number of vehicles available through Lyft.二者间的合作将建立起联合汽车租赁系统,增加Lyft平台上可供出租的的汽车数量青岛流产得多少钱水獭潜水帮捡手机 感觉自己萌萌哒(图) -- ::5 来源:   A member of staff at an animal sanctuary who dropped a mobile phone into a pool had it retrieved by an otter.  英国一个动物收容所的工作人员不慎把iPhone掉进水池后,萌萌的水獭帮她捡了上来  Jenny Lewis feared the iPhone would be lost good after it fell into the water, until Starsky the Asian short-clawed otter dived into action. He swam down to the bottom of his tank bee hauling the handset to the surface between his paws.  把手机掉进水里的是珍妮·刘易斯,她以为自己手机就这样玩完了,可没想到,这只名叫“史塔斯基”的亚洲小爪水獭却潜入水底,用前肢把手机夹上了岸  Starsky gave it back to its animal care assistant owner, at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, in Gweek, near Helston.  史塔斯基把手机还给了它的饲养员这只萌萌的水獭来自英国赫尔斯顿附近格威克的康沃尔海豹收容所  The attraction tweeted: "#phonegate – catastrophic loss of phone #Gweek Starsky the otter."  这条消息被发上推特,并以“手机门—手机的巨大损失”以及“格威克水獭--史塔斯基”为话题,吸引了很多网友  Starsky's usual tricks include climbing up the mesh sides of his enclosure – although he's too afraid to come down by himself.  史塔斯基平时还喜欢爬围栏,但总是因为太害怕自己总会再乖乖地爬下来青岛流产中心

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