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泉州人流后多久来月经福建妇幼保健院门诊洞洞鞋的危害:容易患上肌腱炎 -- :8:5 来源: 进入夏天,人们穿衣越来越清凉,穿着拖鞋、凉鞋和洞洞鞋的人也越来越多可一些专家表示,长时间穿洞洞鞋恐怕对健康有害! Most people have a love-hate relationship with Crocs. The rubbery slip-ons first hit the market in as boat shoes by a maker in Boulder, Colo. Since then, the company has expanded to include more than 300 different styles, including boots, ballet flats, wedges, and loafers.许多人对洞洞鞋可谓又爱又恨年科罗拉多州尔德的一家制鞋商推出了洞洞鞋,从此一发不可收拾,如今该公司旗下的洞洞鞋已有包括靴式,芭蕾舞平底鞋式,坡跟鞋式和罗浮鞋式在内的300多个样式But many have been left wondering whether the spongy shoes are really good their feet.许多人都心存疑虑:穿着这海绵式的鞋对脚是好是坏?“Untunately, Crocs are not suitable all-day use,” Megan Leahy, DPM, a Chicago-based podiatrist with the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute, tells the Huffington Post. “These shoes do not adequately secure the heel. When the heel is unstable, toes tend to grip, which can lead to tendinitis, worsening of toe demities, nail problems, corns, and calluses. The same thing can happen with flip-flops or any backless shoes as the heel is not secured.”足科医师Megan 任职于位于芝加哥的伊利诺伊骨科关节研究所他在接受《赫芬顿邮报采访时表示“洞洞鞋无法保护脚后跟如果脚后跟踩不稳,脚趾就不得不因发力而弯曲,长此以往会使人患上肌腱炎,加重脚趾畸形,脚趾甲也会出现问题,脚掌上会长鸡眼,磨出茧子穿人字拖或者任何没有足跟保护的鞋都会出现上述问题”But what if you get the ones with the back strap like Mario Batali’s?那么有后带设计的 Mario Batali牌洞洞鞋呢?Still no good, says Alex Kor, DPM, president of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine.美国足科运动医学学会会长足科医学士Alex Kor给出了否定的According to Kor, the problem lies in the flexible shank of the shoe — the portion between the heel and toe.Kor表示真正的问题出在洞洞鞋的前帮部分,即穿鞋人脚趾与脚后跟之间的部分“Patients are more likely to have foot pain if their shoes bend in the shank,” Kor tellsHuffington Post. “I see patients who come into my office complaining of arch or heel pain, and they are wearing Crocs.”“如果脚趾弯曲,患者会感到脚痛”Kor告诉《赫芬顿邮报“和我说足弓或者脚后跟疼的患者都穿着洞洞鞋”While both Leahy and Kor are quick to dismiss the all-day wear of Crocs, they do admit that they’re OK the short term.Leathy和Kor不建议人们长时间穿洞洞鞋,但短时间穿不会有大问题“OK to use trips to the beach or the pool, but [they] should not be used long walks,” Leahy says.Leahy说:“在沙滩或者游泳池穿上一阵没什么问题,但不应该穿着洞洞鞋长时间走路”惠安市中医院预约 朝鲜进行导弹试验,半天之内发射两次 -- 1:56:57 来源: (CNN)据韩国和美国官方消息称,朝鲜于周三早晨在其东部海岸发射了两枚导弹 (CNN)North Korea fired two missiles Wednesday morning from its eastern coast, according to South Korean and U.S. officials.(CNN)据韩国和美国官方消息称,朝鲜于周三早晨在其东部海岸发射了两枚导弹Both are believed to be Musudan intermediate-range missiles, fired from the North Korean port city of Wonsan, said Commander Dave Benham, spokesman the U.S. Pacific Command.据美国太平洋司令部发言人戴夫?贝纳姆指挥官说,这两枚导弹都是舞水端中程导弹,从朝鲜港口城市元山发射"According to the U.N. Security Council resolution, any launches that involve ballistic missile technology are a violation of the treaty and we think this is clearly a provocation towards us," South Korea’s Unification Ministry spokesman Jeong Joon Hee said at a regularly-scheduled press briefing.韩国统一部发言人郑俊熙在定期举行的新闻发布会上说:“根据联合国安理会决议,任何弹道导弹发射都是违背协议内容的,我们认为朝鲜此举明显是对我们的挑衅”The first missile flew 93 miles (0 km), and is considered a failed launch, according to a South Korean military official.根据韩国军方官方监测,第一颗导弹飞行了93英里(0公里),可以说是一次失败的发射The second missile traveled 9 miles (00 km) and the data is still being analyzed by the South Korean military, the official told CNN.韩国军方告诉CNN记者,第二颗导弹飞行了9英里(00公里),韩国军方还在分析这一组数据North Korea has made at least four previous attempts this year to test this type of missile.朝鲜今年至少已经进行了四次试验,来测试这一型号的导弹Both missiles were tracked over the Sea of Japan, also known as the East Sea, "where initial indications are they fell," Benham said. Benham said the missile launches did not pose a threat to North America.这两颗导弹均出现在日本海上空,也就称为中国东海贝纳姆说:“这里就是导弹预计会坠落的地方”贝纳姆说导弹发射并不对北美造成威胁Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that his country could "never give" the test, which he stressed was in violation of U.N. resolutions.日本首相安倍晋三说他们国家“绝对不会原谅”这次试验,他强调这是违背安理会决议的行为"We can never give this and lodged a firm protest," he told reporters from Kumamoto, southern Japan.“我们绝对不会原谅(这次试验)并会进行强烈的抗议”他告诉来自日本南部的熊本市的记者"We would like to continue taking a close coordination with the U.S. and South Korea and working on North Korea (at) the ed Nations, so that North Korea would not conduct such an action again."“我们会继续和美国韩国密切合作,一同在联合国解决朝鲜问题,这样朝鲜就不会再做出这样的举动了”Japan’s defense minister Gen Nakatani told reporters that the first missile launch did not affect the country’s security, but he also called immediate meetings to take all possible measures to protect Japan. He made the comments bee the second missile launch.日本防卫大臣中谷元告诉记者,第一颗导弹不会影响到日本安全,但是他还是马上召集了紧急会议,采取所有可能的措施来保护日本这些话都是在第二颗导弹发射之前说的The first missile launch occurred at 5:58 a.m. local time and the South Korean military presumed that one had been a failure, according to a spokesperson from the country’s Joint Chiefs of Staff.根据韩国的参谋长联席会议发言人所说,第一次导弹发射发生在当地时间清晨5:58,韩国军方预测这一次发射会失败About two hours later, North Korea fired the second missile at 8: a.m. local time, according to the spokesperson. He said further analysis is being conducted.发言人表示,大约两个小时以后,朝鲜于8:发射了第二颗导弹他说进一步的分析正在进行The U.S. State Department condemned the recent missile tests in a statement: "We are aware of reports that the DPRK fired two ballistic missiles. We are monitoring and continuing to assess the situation in close coordination with our regional allies and partners."美国国务院在声明中谴责这一次导弹试验,说道:“我们已经得到了报告称朝鲜发射了两枚弹道导弹我们正在检测并继续评估目前的情势,我们也会继续同我们的敌方同盟以及合作伙伴保持密切的合作关系”The ed States advised North Korea to stop its ballistic missile tests and said it only strengthened the international commy’s resolve to press ward with U.N. sanctions. The ed States said it would also defend its allies, South Korea and Japan, and called its commitment to them "ironclad."美国勒令朝鲜停止进行弹道导弹测试,并说这只会加强国际社会对于联合国实施制裁的持美国表示会保护盟国韩国和日本,并表示该承诺牢不可破"We remain prepared to defend ourselves and our allies from any attack or provocation," according to U.S. State Department spokesperson John Kirby.美国国务院发言人约翰?柯比表示,“我们会时刻准备着保护我们自己以及我们的盟国不受到任何攻击以及挑衅”信不信:无聊大会受热捧 -- :53:51 来源:chinadaily Most conferences tend to be boring, although not intentionally so. But there is one event that is deliberately dedicated to all things dull and tedious – the 'Boring Conference' hosted every year at London. Believe it or not, it's a sell-out event where attendees are treated to talks on all sorts of boring things like paper bags, toilet roll quality control, lamp posts, and bricks.大多数会议往往都很无聊,尽管这并不是组织者的本意但是有人故意组织一场会议,说的都是全然无趣又乏味的事物,那就是每年在伦敦举办的“无聊大会”信不信由你,这个活动非常卖座,与会者能听到的就是关于各种各样无聊事情的讲话,比如纸袋、卷筒卫生纸的质量控制、灯柱,和砖块How did such a thing as a Boring Conference come to exist, you ask? Well, it all started in , when the man in charge of organizing an event called the Interesting Conference canceled the whole thing, saying that he was too busy. James Ward, an English book author and marketer, replied to the announcement, saying that he liked boring things and that they should be celebrated too. His social media post got a lot of people interested in a possible event about boring things and he started getting questions about where to buy tickets it. That year, Ward organized the world's first Boring Conference.你要问了,像“无聊会议”这样的活动是怎么发展起来的呢?是这样的,它起步于年,当时负责组织一个叫做“趣味大会”的人说他太忙了,就取消了那次活动詹姆斯?沃德是一位英文图书作者兼营销人员,他在社交媒体上发帖回应这一声明说,他喜欢无聊的事,无聊的事也应该庆祝他的帖子引发了许多人对这个可能会存在的关于无聊事情的活动的兴趣,于是人们开始问他在哪里能买到这种活动的票那一年,沃德组织了世界上第一场“无聊大会”This year's Boring Conference, held at London's Conway Hall on 7 May, was the sixth consecutive event in the last six years and all 5 tickets were sold out in just a few days. Ward always opens up the event himself, because he likes to "set the bar low". If people start with poor expectations, then the show can only improve, he says. Last year, he spoke about postcard photos of the old Post Office Tower.今年的无聊大会于5月7日在伦敦康威会堂举办,这是过去六年来连续举办的第六次活动,一共5张票,短短几天就卖光了沃德总是第一个讲话,因为他想把“目标设低”他说如果人们一开始就不抱什么期望的话,演出就只会越来越好去年他讲的是明信片上老邮政大楼的照片According to the event's website, "The Boring Conference is a one-day celebration of the mundane, the ordinary, the obvious and the overlooked; subjects often considered trivial and pointless, but when examined more closely reveal themselves to be deeply fascinating."根据此活动的网站,“无聊大会为期一天,是一场庆祝平凡普通、显而易见却又容易被忽略的事物的活动;那些经常被视作微不足道、毫无意义的事物,一旦更仔细地审视它们,就会发现其中深藏的魅力”Past topics of discussion at the Boring Conference have included – sneezing, IBM tills, toast, vending machine sounds, barcodes, the Shipping ecast and other such topics of no interest to anyone. This year's event had speakers cover similar snoozeworthy subjects – such as the domestic inkjet printers of 1999, German film titles, cooking elaborate meals with hotel room equipment, and the similarities between the world’s national anthems – in -minute slots.无聊大会过去讨论的话题包括打喷嚏、IBM收款机、烤面包、自动售货机的声音、条形码、海上天气预报,还有其它类似的没人感兴趣的话题今年的大会有位演讲者,话题也同样让人听了打瞌睡——比如说1999年的家用喷墨式打印机、德国电影的名字、怎么用旅馆房间里的设备做出精致菜肴、还有世界各国国歌的相似性,每个人的发言时间为分钟If you're wondering about the purpose of such a pointless conference, Ward says that it's meant to be "a one-day celebration of the mundane, the ordinary, the obvious and the overlooked." He adds that the topics covered may be considered "trivial and pointless, but when you look at them more closely, they reveal themselves to be actually deeply fascinating." So it's actually only the topics that are boring – the speakers are expected to find a way to make their talks interesting.如果你想知道举办这种没有意义的大会目的何在,沃德说“这一天是为了庆祝平凡普通、显而易见却又容易被忽视的事物”他补充说,人们可能认为涉及的话题“琐碎无味,但当你更细致地审视它们,就会发现它们深藏的魅力”,事实上只有话题是无聊的——人们期待着演讲者能够找到方法,让他们的讲话变得有趣"The basic idea is that the theme needs to be boring, but the content shouldn't be," explained Ward, who works in marketing and has also written a book called Adventures in Stationery: A Journey Through Your Pencil Case. "There has to be something in the topic that a speaker with a real enthusiasm it can bring out and make interesting. In fact most things, if you look at them in enough detail, can become fascinating. There's almost always something there."“基本理念就是,主题是应该是无聊的,但内容不无聊,”沃德解释道,他在营销领域工作,还写了一本书,叫做《在文具中冒险:铅笔盒之旅“话题中必须有演讲者真正热爱的东西,这样才可以把它挖掘出来,使它变得有趣事实上大多数东西,只要你足够细致地观察它们,都会变得迷人几乎总会有迷人的地方”So in the past, a talk about electric hand dryers has been made interesting with a story about "a man so fascinated by them that he had installed a Dyson Airblade in his house." And a speaker scheduled to talk about the relative weights and densities of different kinds of metals enthralled the audience by rollerblading around the hall the entire time. It's no wonder that the Boring Conference is sold out every year, then!所以之前关于干手机的演讲就因为一个故事而变得非常有趣——“一个男人对干手机非常着迷,于是就在家里装了一台戴森Airblade干手机”还有一个演讲者,本来计划讲不同金属的相对重量和密度,可他全程都在大厅里溜旱冰,观众们都被他迷住了怪不得无聊大会每年都这么卖座!Vocabularymundane: 世俗的,平凡的enthrall: 使着迷英文来源:odditycentral译者:实习生孙美真审校#38;编辑:丹妮新泉州新阳光妇科医院营业时间

泉州好的打胎医院中国61岁奶奶生下一个健康男孩 -- :30: 来源: 中国一位61岁的老人怀39周,成功生下一名健康的男婴 A Chinese pensioner has successfully given birth to a boy at the age of 61.中国一位老人在61岁的高龄还成功地生下了一名男孩The baby, weighing ,930 grams (1 ounces), was born at 39 weeks during a C-section in eastern China’s Zhejiang Province on June 7, reported People’s Daily Online.据《人民日报报道,6月7日在浙江省,一名老人怀39周后剖腹产下一名男童,婴儿重930克(约合1盎司)The mother, surnamed Zhang, decided to try another baby after her only child died of illness, leaving her heart-broken.孩子的母亲姓张,她第一个孩子因病而死,伤心欲绝的她决定再生一个The news emerged two months after an Indian pensioner, Daljinder Kaur, gave birth to her first baby at the age of 70 in the state of Haryana, northern India.在这一新闻之前,还有一名印度北方哈里亚纳邦的老人Daljinder Kaur,她以70岁的高龄生下了第一个孩子Zhang was devastated after her daughter passed away aged 30, according to Chinese media.据中国媒体报道,在女儿(30岁)死去后,张奶奶非常伤心The pensioner longed a new family and her 66-year-old husband supported her idea of having another baby.这位老人渴望一个新家,而且她66岁的老伴儿持她再要一个孩子的想法After seeking doctor’s advice from different hospitals, the 61-year-old was successfully conceived last November through IVF treatment.张奶奶寻求了多家医院医生的建议,最终在去年月的时候,61岁的她通过体外受精成功受Upon hearing the good news, Zhang went to the Women’s Hospital of Zhejiang University in Hangzhou to prepare her labour.一听到这个好消息,张奶奶便住进了浙大妇女医院,准备生子When Zhang showed up her antenatal appointment the first time, the doctors and nurses thought she was accompanying her daughter or daughter-in-law.当张奶奶第一次去产检时,医生和护士们以为她是陪自己的女儿或者孙女来做产检的They were later stunned to discover Zhang was the mother.当后来发现张奶奶才是怀的母亲时,他们都惊呆了Doctor He Jing, a supervisor at the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, said: ’She is the oldest expectant mother our hospital has received since its founding.妇产科主管何静(音)医生说道:“她是我们医院开业以来接待过的年纪最大的准妈妈”’I’ve permed many C-sections over the years, and she is the first patient who is older than me.’“这些年里我做了许多剖腹产手术,她是第一个比我的年龄还要大的人”Due to Zhang’s age, pregnancy was a challenge.由于张奶奶年事已高,妊娠是一个不小的挑战The mother was hospitalised twice due to bleeding, the first time at weeks and the second time at 33 weeks.张奶奶曾因出血两度入院,第一次是在怀周的时候,第二次是在33周的时候She also experienced complications in the heart, lungs and kidneys as the organs were weakening at her age.由于年老器官衰竭,张奶奶还经历了心脏、肺部和肾脏等器官的并发症On June 3, five departments at the hospital joined ces to plan the C-section operation.6月3日,这家医院五部门联手计划剖腹产手术Four days later, Zhang successfully gave birth to a healthy boy with the help of doctors from the departments of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Anaesthesia, Intensive Care , General Medicine and Neonatal.四天之后,张奶奶成功地产下了一名健康的男童此次剖腹产手术由来自妇产科、麻醉科、ICU加护病房、一般内科和新生儿科五部门的医生联合进行Zhang is currently recovering in the hospital and is in a stable condition.张奶奶目前正在这家医院里康复,情况稳定She told a reporter emotionally: ’Doctor He is the savior of me and my son.’她情绪激动地对记者说道:“何医生是我和儿子的救命恩人”China operated a mandatory one-child policy more than 30 years between 1980 and .在1980年到年的三十多年间,中国强制执行了独生子女政策It’s becoming a social issue aging parents in the country to cope with life when their only child passes away.老人“失独”后如何应付生活已经越来越成为了一个社会问题This is because Chinese pensioners rely heavily on their children to support them both mentally and financially. Many think raising a child is the only way them to have a stable retirement.这是因为中国的老人在心理和经济上都严重依赖他们子女的持许多人都认为养育一个孩子是使得自己老有所依的唯一方法Currently, there are about 660,000 such families in China, with 1 per cent of them living in rural areas, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.据中国国家统计局的数据显示,目前中国有大约66万个这样的家庭,其中1%居住在农村These families receive a monthly subsidiary of up to 0 Yuan (39 pound) from the government.这些家庭每月从政府那里领取0元(约合39英镑)的补助China abolished the mandatory one-child policy on January 1, .年1月1日,中国取消了强制性独生子女政策石狮输卵管再通术多少钱 澳洲干旱 蟒蛇钻进马桶寻水 --19 :51: 来源: 澳洲干旱 蟒蛇钻进马桶寻水Thirsty snakes slither into Australian toilets as dry season bitesThirsty snakes are moving into northQueenslandhomes with two pythons recently found in toilets.口渴难耐的蟒蛇正溜进澳大利亚昆士兰(Queensland)北部的民宅近日,先后有两条蟒蛇在当地民宅的马桶里出现Snake catcher Elliot Budd spent minutes removing a .-metre carpet python from a Townsville U-bend on the weekend, a week after he released a three-metre beauty found coiled in a toilet by tradesmen.上周末,捕蛇手埃利奥特?巴德(Elliot Budd)花了分钟,将一条.米长的地毯蟒从汤斯维尔(Townsville)的一个马桶U型管中移出一周之前,他刚刚移出了另一条3米长的蟒蛇,技工发现它时它在马桶里盘成了一圈All but the second snake"s head andcmof its body was inside the toilet piping.第二条蛇除了头部和厘米的身体露了出来,其余部分都在厕所的管道里Budd could not unbolt the toilet and said tugging at the creature would have caused it injury.巴德无法打开马桶的阀门,他说,把蛇硬拉出来可能会令它受伤"Its head was just sitting there looking right at you," he said.他说:“它的头就定在那儿直直地看着你”"After about minutes of just holding him, he just came out by himself."“我托着它大概分钟后,它就自己爬出来了”Budd said he had never pulled a snake from a toilet bee the first Townsville incident but he"s recently removed snakes from pools, kitchens, offices and gardens.巴德说,在汤斯维尔的第一宗案例出现之前,他从没从马桶里把蛇拉出来过但最近,他在池塘、厨房、办公室和花园都捉过蛇JamesCookUniversityreptile expert Professor Lin Schwarzkopf said it wasn't usual snakes to go into toilets.詹姆士库克大学(James Cook University)的爬行动物专家林?施瓦茨科夫(Lin Schwarzkopf)教授表示,蛇爬进厕所并不常见She said they liked moist places with objects to hide under but had become more bold in the search water during a dry breeding season.她说,蛇喜欢潮湿且有遮蔽物的地方,但在干旱的繁殖季,它们为了寻找水源变得更加大胆了"They can fit in under doors," she said. "There's not much you can do."“它们能从门缝钻进去,”教授称,“对此你基本上无计可施”Schwarzkopf said dripping taps, pipes and sprinklers could attract snakes, which posed little danger as long as an experienced removalist was called.施瓦茨科夫说,漏水的水龙头、水管和喷洒器都能吸引蛇前来,只要请来有经验的捕蛇手将它们移走就没有什么危险Vocabularyslither:(蛇等) 蜿蜒地滑行python:蟒蛇coil:盘绕,盘成圈unbolt:打开tug:猛拉,拽reptile:爬行动物sprinkler:喷洒装置英文来源:卫报译者:洪宣审校编辑:刘明泉州治疗生殖疱疹哪家医院有效果

泉州哪家医院作人流好《权力的游戏到底好看在哪? --7 3:50: 来源:i1st 导读:如果有一部美剧,它的回归会让其他美剧自动下降一颗星,那非《权力的游戏莫属也许你没看过《权力的游戏,但一定对它的火爆程度有所耳闻在这场你争我夺的游戏里,没有绝对的好人和坏人,宏大的叙事,虽然是虚幻世界却让你感觉莫名的真实,就是让人忍不住一直看下去~A fantasy novel can be a ticket to a land of magic. The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien takes us to Middle-earth to witness a battle of good and evil with dwarves, elves and wizards. And A Song of Ice and Fire, a series of novels by US author George R.R. Martin, invites us to another fictional world where powerful families compete to win the most important throne of all.奇幻小说就像一张通向魔法世界的门票J?R?R?托尔金的《指环王让我们目睹了矮人族、精灵族和巫师之间善与恶的战争美国作家乔治?R?R?马丁的系列小说《冰与火之歌则邀我们进入了另外一个虚构世界,这里的大家族互相争夺,都想得到至高无上的王权Today, most people know Martin’s work by the name of the first book, Game of Thrones, since it is also the name of the famous TV series. Now, with its sixth TV season beginning on April , many of us are still wondering what has made Martin’s fictional world so popular.自《权力的游戏成为知名电视剧的名字,大多数人通过它——也是马丁第一本书的名字知道了马丁的作品月日该剧第六季回归,可还是有很多人想知道,为什么马丁虚构的世界会如此受欢迎Unlike many writers who try to copy Tolkien or J.K. Rowling, Martin has something original to say and an original way in which to say it.和那些想要模仿托尔金和J?K?罗琳的作家不同,马丁有自己原创的故事要说,他也有自己讲故事的独特方式The basic structure of the Ice and Fire books is familiar enough. In his made-up world, the action takes place on the continents of Westeros and Essos. There is a war between a number of powerful families control of Westeros. The basic idea is made more complicated by supernatural “Others”.《冰与火之歌的基本脉络大家一定都很熟悉了在他的虚构世界里,故事发生在维斯特洛和厄索斯大陆为了争夺维斯特洛的控制权,当地的大家族彼此征战由于引入了超自然的“异族”,故事的基本设定变得更加复杂One character in particular has drawn ers’ attention: Daenerys Targaryen. The daughter of a mer king, she can control dragons and wants to sit on the “Iron Throne”.其中有一个角色尤其吸引读者——丹妮莉丝.坦格利安她是前朝君主的女儿,能控制龙,想坐上“铁王座”None of this is very original in itself. It is Martin’s writing that makes the story special. His characters are complex. He says that he wishes to have “good and bad, noble and selfish well-mixed” in them. This makes his stories more morally nuanced than that of J.R.R. Tolkein.其实这些情节本身都不新鲜,正是马丁的写作让这个故事不同一般他笔下的人物十分复杂他说曾说过希望这些人物“融合了善与恶、高尚与利己”这让他的故事在道德观上和J?R?R?托尔金的作品略有差别Tolkien’s world is one of heroes and villains, in which good always wins in the end. In Martin’s world, we are not sure of that. Indeed, we aren’t even sure who is good and who is evil.托尔金的世界里善恶分明,正义最后总是胜利的一方而在马丁的世界里,我们甚至分不清孰善孰恶Many fantasy writers pack their tales full of supernatural and science fiction elements. There is magic in Martin’s books too, but he doesn’t use it too much. In fact, his stories have more in common with historical fiction than fantasy, and his characters seem as if they were based on actual historical emperors, kings and queens.许多奇幻小说家会在自己的故事里塞满超自然和科幻元素马丁的作品里也会有魔法,但是只占很少的比重实际上,他的故事更类似于一部历史小说而非奇幻小说,他笔下的人物读起来就像是根据历史上真实的君王、国王和皇后改编而来It is Martin’s complex characters and suspenseful plots that have left ers and TV viewers unsure but desperate to find out what happens next in the battle the Iron Throne.正是马丁创造的复杂人物和摄人心魄的情节让读者和电视剧观众无法预测,却又急切想知道下一场铁王座争夺战里会发生什么 袋熊界剩男欲借约会app脱单 -- :: 来源: 袋熊界剩男欲借约会app脱单World’s oldest wombat in captivity joins Tinder to find soulmate bee 30th birthdaySwipe right rodent romance.向右滑动手机屏幕,寻找一场属于啮齿类动物的爱情The world's oldest wombat in captivity is looking love and has joined Tinder to find it, caretakers at his Australia wildlife park home said.澳大利亚一家野生动物园圈养着世界上最年长的袋熊,据它的饲养员介绍,这只袋熊已经加入了交友软件Tinder,渴望找到真爱Patrick the Wombat, a local celebrity at Ballarat Wildlife Park who is turning 30 this weekend, is celebrating his big birthday by scouring the dating app a soulmate.巴拉瑞特野生动物园(Ballarat Wildlife Park)的明星、袋熊帕特里克(Patrick)将要在本周末迎来30岁的生日,而他庆生的方式则是充分挖掘这款约会应用的资源,寻找自己的灵魂伴侣"He"s on Tinder and hoping to attract a similar female," park owner Julia Leonard told The Sydney Morning Herald.动物园的主人茱莉娅·伦纳德(Julia Leonard)告诉《悉尼先驱晨报(The Sydney Morning Herald)说:“帕特里克已经加入Tinder,希望能找到一个志趣相投的雌性”"He's after someone who enjoys late night, especially dusk and dawn, can dig a good hole and enjoys feeding him carrots,” she added.她补充道:“他正在寻找一个享受深夜时光(尤其是黄昏和黎明),擅长挖洞并且喜欢喂他吃胡萝卜的异性”The camera-loving critter hasn't been able to land Mrs. Right — despite several attempts — because he's too laid back, Leonard said.这个喜欢上镜的小动物试了好几次,但都没能追到意中人伦纳德说这是因为它太好脾气了"The male wombat has to be very aggressive towards the female, and Patrick just isn"t a very aggressive wombat," she told A Australia. "So he chooses to be single."她告诉澳大利亚广播公司(A Australia):“雄性袋熊在面对雌性时需要表现得十分凶猛好斗,而帕特里克没那么有攻击性,他选择单身”"Relationships are a bit complex when you're a wombat," Leonard added.她补充道:“袋熊之间的男女关系有一些复杂”Possible matches can meet the 88-pound, buck-toothed bachelor at his birthday bash at the park Sunday.潜在的伴侣可以在本周日动物园举行的生日宴会上跟这位体重88磅(约合0公斤)、长着小龅牙的单身汉见面The pampered bare-nosed wombat, who was named the third best city mascot in the world by CNN in , can often be seen being wheelbarrowed around by park staff.人们常常可以看见这只养尊处优的裸鼻袋熊被动物园工作人员用手推车推着四处转悠它还在年美国有线电视新闻网(CNN)的世界最佳城市吉祥物评选中获得了第三名But there may be stiff competition: More than 33,000 people like his Facebook page.不过想跟帕特里克成功“牵手”可能要面临激烈的竞争:有超过33000人赞了他的脸书主页Vocabularyrodent:啮齿动物wombat:袋熊captivity:圈养scour:搜索critter:生物buck-toothed:长着小龅牙的pampered:被细心照顾的,被溺爱的wheelbarrow:用手推车运送英文来源:纽约每日新闻译者:黄心喻泉州哪家医院治疗外阴肿痛好石狮孕前检测多少钱



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