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Londons mayor Boris Johnson says, after the elapsing of the past fewdays, he doubts if therere anyBritainswho want to ditch the Queen and turn the country into a republic. I spoke toMayor Boris Johnson during the celebrations at Trafalgar Square. Well, we obviously alsohave to turn our attention to the London Olympics.伦敦市市长鲍里斯#8226;约翰逊怀疑,经过这几天,不会有任何英国人会舍弃女王,只要共和。本人与市长先生在特拉法加广场举行庆祝仪式期间进行了交谈。很明显,我们也得将注意力放在伦敦奥林匹克运动上。Mr. Mayor, thank you for this,市长先生,感谢您为此做出的一切。Well, my pleasure, but were all reallytoenails next to Her Majesty the Queen. This event is a massive opportunity Ithink for people of London to say thank you to her for 60 years of incredibleservice to this country. And I think its been quite remarkable how united thecountry has been in getting that over to her这是我的荣幸,不过我们每个英国人确实与女王密切相关。我认为,伦敦市民们可值此盛会之机向我们的女王60年来为国家所做的一切表示感谢。What has been so interesting is the way inwhich the four days have all been very different and sent very differentmessages right the way through to this morning at St. Pauls Cathedral. 非常有意思的是,这四天里,直至今天早晨的圣#8226;保罗大教堂,每天的庆祝仪式全然不同,风格迥异。Yes, it was a great service this morning atSt. Pauls, Ithink the concert last night was fantastic, for the real stunt thing that Ithink for me was that incredible flotilla, that sort of jolly version of ? thatwe put on, a real, a real...是的,今天早晨在圣#8226;保罗大教堂举办的仪式非常盛大。我认为昨天的音乐会精至极,对我来说,我认为那是货真价实的绝技表演,那舰队简直不可思议,那是一种滑稽版的表演吗?我们的确被吸收住了,的确…I stood there for 4 hours我站在那里,看了整整4个小时。Actually balmy British event, but I thinkit was successful and never mind the rain, I mean it was a great, greatsuccess.实际上,这次温和的,让人心旷神怡的英国式盛会,我认为非常成功,人们一点也不介意下雨,我的意思是,这是一次举办非常成功,非常成功之盛会。And as for the Queen, here she is, her homeis in London, London is where its based, also the countryand The Commonwealth, and the city has come together spectacularly.并且对于女王来说,她的家就在伦敦,伦敦是她的家,也是整个国家,整个英联邦的基地所在,此时此刻,人们在这座城市极其壮观地聚集在了一起。Yes, I mean if the Queen is the star, London is the, you know,the No.2 player in this sort of thing. Londonhas put on, I think, a fantastic performance, everything has worked well. Thetransport system performed very well, and thats a good omen for me, youknow-not counting my chick, thats a good omen for me in the run-up to theOlympic Games.是的,我的意思是,如果女王是名星,那么,你知道,伦敦就是位居第二的玩家。我认为,伦敦展示了超乎想象的精表演,每一件事都做得非常之好。交通系统非常通畅,这对我来说是个好兆头,这可不是杞人忧天,对将要进行的奥林匹克盛会来说,这真是一个好消息。Lets talk about the Olympics briefly,because this is the run-up also important, now youve really ...让我们简短地谈下奥林匹克吧,因为这次助跑也很重要,目前,你们的确…Some people would say this is important.有些人会说这非常重要。Alright, but now were going fullhelter-skelter to the Olympics, are we y?当然,但是我们即将仓促举办奥林区克盛会,我们准备好了吗?We are, and as people may know around theworld, we put a huge amount of investment into Londons transport networks,upgraded the tube, built new lines, the Stratford site can be fantastic, thepeople will find wonderful bike-hire scheme and they get new buses on thestreets, so我们准备好了,正如全世界的人们所知,我们在伦敦的交通网络上投资了巨资,升级了管道系统,建设了新路线,并且斯特拉特福德网站非常棒,人们将在那儿发现自行车租赁务,并且他们也可以直接在大街上乘坐崭新的公交车。Any idea to get out of the airpot? 有什么针对机场的好办法吗?And as you know those are commitments tomaking sure that nobody waits more than 45 minutes, getting through, over anaverage rate of 25 minutes to get from the plane through to the other side, sowere working very hard to make the peoples arrival as comfortable as you.正如你所知,我们做出了承诺,不会让任何人的等待时间超过45分钟,并且通过机场的手续时间,即从走下飞机一直到离开机场,平均为25分钟,我们正致力于让人们的抵达尽可能地舒适、方便。201209/201190

If youve been outside before a rainfall in the spring, you might have noticed a particularly fresh or sweet smell that seeps into the air a few minutes before the first drops begin to fall. If youre familiar with this smell, its a great way to predict when the rain is about to start. What, exactly, makes the air smell like rain?如果在春雨降临之前呆在外面,那么你可能会注意到:在第一滴雨落下之前的几分钟里,空气中弥漫着一股特别的清香。如果你对这种味道很熟悉,那么你就能很好地预测什么时候开始下雨。到底是什么让空气充满雨的味道呢?A lot of stories and folk tales have arisen to explain this odor. Long ago, people used to believe that rain clouds picked up sweet smells from Heaven, and the rain carried these angelic odors to Earth. A more up-to-date–but equally incorrect–version of this folktale is that the smell comes from ozone, carried from the upper atmosphere by the falling rain.许多故事和民间传说纷纷出现,试图解说这种气味的由来。很久以前,人们以为是乌云吸收了天上的甜蜜气味,然后由雨点将这种天使的气味带到人间。还有另一个最新但同样错误的故事版本,说这种气味来自于臭氧,下雨时将臭氧从高空带到地面。In fact, that fresh smell isnt coming down from the sky at all. Its coming up, from the ground beneath your feet. As a spring rain approaches, the humidity level at the ground tends to increase. Moist air is much better than dry air at transmitting smells–this is why you might use warm, steaming water to carry the smell from dried potpourri into the air of your house.实际上这种清新的味道根本不是来自于天上。它来自于你脚下的泥土。当春雨来临之际,地面的湿度水平会上升。潮湿的空气比干燥的空气传播气味的效果更好,这就是为什么你会选择用温暖的水蒸气将干燥的花香扩散至整个屋子。As the humidity rises, the moist air carries the fresh smell of oils, secreted by grass and other ground plants, up to your nose. It also carries the odors of ground dwelling bacteria and fungi. These smells are always in the air immediately above the ground, as you can test for yourself by sticking your nose into your lawn and breathing deeply. When a rainstorm approaches and the humidity climbs, the odor rises up from its earthly embrace and you say–it smells like rain!随着湿气加重,潮湿的空气将草或者其它植物分泌的芳香的精油输送入你的鼻子。同时也带给你寄居地表的细菌和真菌的味道。这些气味就停留在地表上方的空气,你可以亲自测试一下:将鼻子紧贴草丛,深深地呼吸。当暴雨来临时湿度增加,气味就挣脱了尘世的拥抱,这时你可以说——这闻起来像雨。原文译文属!201208/194185

The next two weeks will be critical for the EUs future with Germany taking a pivotal role and heres why: Germany may be the euro zones economic power houses, pockets are deep. But they are fraying. Germanys central bank,the Bundesbank, is aly on the hook for at least 800 billion dollars of peripheral country debt. And thats about a quarter of German GDP. This cant just be about Germany bank-rolling bailouts. Everyone is saying they need a deeper, more intergrated EU. Everyone of course, except for European politicians.接下来的两周,对欧盟的未来至关重要。德国在欧盟担任了关键的角色,理由很充分:德国或许是欧元区的经济发动机,德国人民荷包里有钱,但也正在缩水。德国中央已经陷入至少8000亿美元的国债危机,相当于德国1/4的GDP。这不能仅仅是德国经济救助的问题。人人都说他们需要一个更加完整,协调性更好的欧盟!当然欧洲的政客除外。 Now the marriage analogy here might be cliche but it so aptly describes the EU: married, in name only. They have yet to consummate this thing. Now what would that take will first, politically, they would have to take a big step to smooth out the economic bumps in weaker countries like Greece, Spain and Portugal.现今,也许拿婚姻来譬喻欧盟已是老生常谈,但也确切地描述了欧盟的现状:结婚了,不过只是名义上的。他们还没有完善这个体系。现在欧盟首当其冲的任务是,在政治上迈出一大步来缓解经济弱国(如希腊,西班牙和葡萄牙)的危机。They are nursing recessions, high unemployment, and some are now suggesting that austerity has actually been self-defeating and responsible for triggering those recessions. Now that would mean committing to a more federal system, that in an orderly way makes transfer payments, a lot of those transfer payments coming from countries like Germany, those transfer payments going from strong countries to weaker ones whenever necessary. This may seem like Germany is committing to the footing the bill, with absolutely no payback, but the risk of contagion is real and here is why this is just one measure: if Spanish banks fail, German Banks remain the most exposed. I mean look at this: Germany taking on 10%. The pressure for Germany and others to fully commit to Europe in every way is strong and blunt, and many like hedge fund billionaire George Soros are saying: Look . This is the warning,you have little time and little room for debate now.这三国是经济萧条,高失业率的温床,一些成员国认为厉行紧缩政策只会弄巧成拙,会引发经济萧条。那意味着一国对多国负责,只是一种旧的转移付方式。许多转移付的资金都来自德国这样的国家,一旦有需要,资金则由强国转到弱国。看起来德国似乎是在争付账单,却永远得不到回报。但事态蔓延扩散至多国的风险是存在的,这就是为什么只有一个解决方案:如果西班牙倒闭,德国则是最大的受害者。我的意思是:德国的损失占总体10%。德国和其他国家面临的来自欧洲的压力很大,也很直接。正如对冲基金亿万富翁乔治·索罗斯说道:“看。这就是警告,你没有时间,没有余地去争论。” Paula, CNN, London.宝拉,CNN,伦敦。本文译文属201206/187793One of the hottest products is Tabeo. This is a Toys RUs designed kids tablet.圣诞节购物最热闹商品之一便是Tabeo儿童平板电脑, 是玩具反斗城公司专为小孩子们设计的一种玩具。Even the kids want a tablet?小孩子也需要平板电脑?Even the kids want it. Its android tablet, wifi, the great the thing most kids use it for is playing apps like angry birds or cut the rope. And parents love it because then they dont have to give their kids an iPad and they can play with this or dolls Monster High. Its one of the hottest lines. Lego is doing fantastic. Across the board, its gotta be the hottest toy brand in the world right now.连小孩子们也想要呢!他们也想要安卓无线上网电脑,他们主要用这个好东西来玩“愤怒的小鸟”或“割绳子”之类的游戏应用软件。孩子们的父母也喜爱这个东西,因为他们不必给孩子们苹果平板电脑,而孩子们可以自己也可以玩Tabeo或玩“怪兽高校”玩具娃娃。它是一款最热款玩具。乐高积木Lego太了不起了,现在是全世界最热销的玩具品牌。These are not inexpensive toys, even that theyre sturdier.这些玩具不贵,而且更坚固。If compared by something like this, does that cut down on what else theyre able to buy?如果与同类商品相比较,这一款的价格比人们可能买的其他款都低吗?Toys RUs is a holiday store. Its a Christmas store. So we are the place that parents typically come or grandparents choose to buy that big gift.RUs玩具是一家假日商店,更是一家圣诞节商店。通常,父母或祖父母假日会选择来我们这里购买“大礼”。You mentioned discounting. Is that gonna be really important for this Christmas season?你提到了打折。这对圣诞购物季确实非常重要吗?I do believe this year the consumer wants a great deal. And we are going to give it to them. On Black Friday, we have over 200 doll busters. Thats up from 150 last year. Our ad is 4 pages longer, full of more and more and more great deals on products. And we are gonna keep ading all day, all weekend, all season. More and more and more great deals. This year we also introduced price match. You know. Because we know consumers care a lot about price. And so, if by any miracle you should find something less expensive while our competitors will match that price too.我确信今年的顾客会大量采购,并且已经为他们备足了货物。我们在黑色周五销售了200多套大玩具,比去年增加了150套。我们的产品目录增加了4页,产品琳琅满目、大量备货。目前我们还准备在周末及圣诞期间全天增加备货。将售出大量商品。今年我们还引入了价格匹配方案。大家知道,顾客们非常在意价格。通过价格比较,消费者如果能够找到同类商品价格更低的商家,我们将为消费者补上差价。How much of the mix is between brick-and-mortar and online now?目前现场销售和网上销售的比例如何?Well its about 90% in the stores and 10% online. But I have to tell you that I believe in the future, well see that 100% of our sales will be internet affected. By that I mean the customer does not distinguish any more between their digital world and their physical world. They relate to a great brand like Toys RUs. They wanna do business with Toys RUs. So they might start on their cellphone, for example, to see we have a product, then go to the store and pick that up.商店销售大约占90% ,而网上大约占10%。但是必须承认,我相信将来,我们的销售将百分之百的受到网络的影响。我的意思是说,顾客们将无法区分数字世界和现实世界。顾客的世界将和有RUs玩具等大品牌有关,他们想在RUs玩具购买东西。因此,例如他们可能首先通过手机看看我们是否有某款商品,然后去商店购买。Where is the consumer in terms of their ability to spend? Is it gonna be a better spending season?顾客的购买力水平如何?今年是更好的圣诞购物季吗? We know the economy is a little tough but we are still very optimistic. Weve seen that in good times and bad. The last thing parents got back on is that Christmas present for their child and even in debts or a recession. In 2008 or , we still saw growth in our sales of Toys RUs. So we expect that, when Christmas comes, they are gonna wanna buy that great Christmas present for their child.大家知道,目前经济形势有些严峻,但我们仍然保持乐观。我们发现,无论经济情况如何,父母们都会为孩子在圣诞准备礼物,哪怕处在债务累累或不断下滑的经济状况中。例如,在2008年及年,RUs的销售均有所增长。因此我们期待,今年圣诞节来临时,他们一定会为孩子买圣诞大礼物! 201212/212986

Good News: Hot Chocolate Is Good for Your Heart!巧克力热饮有益心脏Drinking green tea all the time may get a little boring,but its helping me stay healthy. Antioxidants fight cancer and heart disease. I heard that fruit juices like cranberry juice also contain a lot of antioxidants.But I dont like cranberry juice.一直喝绿茶可能会让人觉得厌烦,但是它能帮助我保持健康。抗氧化剂能对抗癌症和心脏病。我听说果汁像红莓汁也含有丰富的抗氧化剂。可我不喜欢红莓汁。Fruits and vegetables in general are a great source of antioxidants, but if youre not in the mood for fruits and vegetables, what about drinking some hot cocoa?水果和蔬菜通常都含有大量的抗氧化剂,但是,如果你不喜欢水果或蔬菜的话,来杯巧克力热饮怎么样?Hot cocoa contains 2-3 times the amount of antioxidants that green tea does, and twice as much as red wine. You can, of course, get the antioxidant benefits of cocoa in other forms too, such as in candy bars and other desserts.热可可饮料所含抗氧化剂是绿茶的2-3倍,同时是红酒的2倍。当然没你也可以以其他方式获得可可中的抗氧化剂,比如可可糖和其他一些甜点。But your average cup of cocoa contains a lot less saturated fat than a regular chocolate bar. And you can cut down fat and sugar more by using skim milk and an artificial sweetener.一杯可可饮料所含的饱和脂肪要比巧克力少得多。并且可以使用脱脂奶和人工甜味剂减少脂肪和糖。Whats more, though you could drink your cocoa cold, researchers recommend hot cocoa because the heat tends to trigger more antioxidants than cold cocoa.更重要的是,尽管你可以喝冷的可可饮料,但研究人员还是建议喝热饮。因为热度能够产生更多的抗氧化剂。 /201211/210348Submission? A proposal for an orderly EuroZone exit; The prize £390,000 dollars. And today turns out we have a winner.The Wolfson Economics Prize has been awarded to Roger Bootle and his team fromCapital Economics, thats a UK research consultancy, for their submission. 提交书?一份井然有序退出欧盟的提议;奖金为390,000美元。今天公布了赢家。沃尔芬森经济奖号授予了罗杰;布托尔及其团队凯投宏观所提交的研究报告,这是一家英国经济咨询机构。Now after the Nobel Prize for Economics,what all we might hear is the second biggest cash prize awarded for this field.Roger Bootles proposal is called ;Leaving the Euro: A Practical Guide.;He told us how it might work and why he thinks that a real Euro Zone exit ismore likely now than its ever been.目前,在大家所听说的经济学家奖项中,沃尔芬森经济学奖号称是奖金额仅次于诺贝尔奖的经济学家奖项。罗杰;布托尔的提议名为《离开欧盟:一份实用手册》。他告诉我们,退出欧盟的方法,并且他认为此时,以往任何时候都更可能发生退出欧盟的情况。Well, I think the crisis has been buildingup gradually but continually, every so often you get an attempt to fix it orsomething, thats for traders, of fixing of it. And then it proves to beinadequate, which is just another one of those faces. I think the backgroundcrisis is actually intensifying, probably a breakup I would have mentioned: Isit anything more likely now than it was a few months ago? 我认为这一危机是逐渐累积的,但是也是连续的。经常地,你尝试地做一些修改或者为贸易者来说的一些修改。不过,这样的修修补补最后被明是不够的,只不是同一修改的不同表现而已。我认为这一危机的背景确实业已强化,或者是我提到过的另一个词,已被破坏:难道此时不比几个月前更可能发生些什么吗?Our plan envisages a country preparing insecret, a small group of officials. And then, enacting that plan very quickly,essentially overnight, announcing to the populous that domestic monetaryamounts have beenredenominated into a new currency,lets call it the drachma, at one for one. So a given amount in Euros becomesthe same amount in drachmas. Meanwhile, on the exchanges, on the foreignexchanges, the drachma depreciates sharply. Perhaps it would be one up to 1.7,2 to 1, we dont know. Thats not a problem. That is the essence of thesolution.我们预想:一个国家的一小组官员悄然着手准备,然后,极其快速地实施这一退出计划,比较理想的是在一夜之间,向公众宣布,国内货币额已经开始采取一种新的货币形式,让我们先举例称之为德国克马。因此给定的欧元货币额,此时为相同数量的德国克马货币额。同时,兑换时,及进行外汇兑换时,德国克马急剧贬值。可能会是1至1.7,2比1,我们无法得知。不过,那不是问题,反而是问题解决的根本之所在。The country then redenominates all itsdebts, its domestic debt, into this currency. It establishes a newpolicyregime, bans wageindexation, establishes tightcontrols on fiscal policy. And then lies back and hopes, I think correctly,that before very long, that much lower exchange rate will bring renewedeconomic growth.这个国家然后以这一货币形式重新表现了所有负债,国内负债。此时,它建立一种新的政策体制,禁止工资指数化,并对财政政策建立严格控制。到那时,该国可以休息一下,展开期待,我认为很可能地,经历很长的一段时间,极低的外汇汇率将重新带来经济增长。201209/201819

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