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长春哪个医院可以流产长春有哪些医院妇科比较好A: 欢迎大家来到这期的美语训练班! 我是杨琳!B: 我是Mike! 杨琳,赶快来告诉大家今天都要学什么?A: 没问题! 今天我们要一起来聊聊换工作需要考虑些什么,看看怎么表达如释重负,还要告诉你怎么说毫不示弱!!B: Making a career change is always a hard decision. There’s so much to think about, how much you can improve, is there room for promotion… the company’s culture plays a big part as well.A: Yeah, the mere thought of writing a resume and updating a cover letter gives me a headache. I just feel lucky to have a job that I enjoy!B: I second that!A: 好了,咱们言归正传,赶快先来进入第一个单元,Learn a word!Learn A Word 1662 caregiver今天我们要学的词是 caregiver, caregiver is spelled c-a-r-e-g-i-v-e-r, caregiver. Caregiver 看护,照料别人的人。统计数字显示,An estimated 42 million people, about 30% of the US adult population, are caregivers for family members. 美国大约有4200万人有家人需要照料,大约相当于美国成年人口的30%。皮尤研究中心的一项调查发现,Family caregivers are much more likely to go online in search of health information than other groups. 家里有人需要照顾的人群,比其他人上网查找健康信息的比例要高出很多。Caregivers top Internet searches include dementia, Alzheimers disease, and long-term care for the elderly or disabled. 需要照顾别人的人上网搜索最多的包括痴呆,早老性痴呆,以及如何长期照料老年人和残疾人。好的,今天我们学习的词是 caregiver, caregiver, caregiver...A: Caregiver 这个词也可以表示替人照顾小孩的人。B: Yep, in my family I’ve always been the free caregiver! I help my sister look after her 2-year-old daughter all the time. Not that I mind, my niece is the cutest little girl in the world!A: 呦!看不出来你还挺有爱心的嘛!不过就你这动手能力,别把人家小孩摔了…B: What? I’m not bragging, ask around! I’m a baby-sitting expert.A: 哈哈,不信, 换成我,我一定不放心。B: Hey! At least I give as good as I get.A: 好, 你刚好提到了一个很特别的说法,give as good as one get, 咱们一起来听听今天的words and idioms, 学学这个习惯用语的用法!Words and Idioms 810 Give As Good As One Gets美国习惯用语第八百一十讲。我是杨晨。我是 Douglas Johnson。我星期五要跟一个老朋友出去吃饭。她现在是一家电视台的老总。第一次见她的人都会问,这么一个身材瘦小,讲话轻声细语的亚洲女子,怎么能在竞争如此激烈的领域里出人头地呢?如果你了解她的性格,就不难理解了。今天我们要介绍给大家的习惯用语,形容她真是恰如其分:M: Give as good as one gets. Give-as-good-as-one-gets. Give as good as one gets.Give as good as one gets 这个习惯用语的意思是毫不示弱地加以反击。你现在明白了吧,我那个朋友绝对不会受人欺负,因此才能在圈子里闯荡出一番天地。She gives as good as she gets.大家肯定都听说过希拉里?克林顿。她是美国前总统比尔?克林顿的夫人,后来当选纽约州参议员,再后来又成了美国民主党的总统参选人。我们一起来听听下面这个政治问题分析员是如何评价希拉里的。M: ;Polls show that most Americans believe Senator Hillary Clinton is tough enough to be President of the ed States. Thats because she has handled herself well against continuous political attacks by her opponents and is seen as a strong negotiator. She always GIVES AS GOOD AS SHE GETS.;这位员说,民意调查显示,大多数美国人都相信,希拉里?克林顿参议员很强悍,可以胜任美国总统,因为面对政治对手接连不断的政治攻击,她都能妥善处理,而且被认为是一个很能干的谈判者。她面对挑战,丝毫也不示弱。话虽如此,但是美国要加入女性元首的行列,恐怕时机尚未成熟。大家恐怕还记得,早在上个世纪八十年代,英国就出现了女首相撒切尔夫人,在男性占据统治地位的政界,她毫不示弱。She used to give as good as she got. 也因此获得了铁娘子的称号。让我们再听一遍上面那段话。M: ;Polls show that most Americans believe Senator Hillary Clinton is tough enough to be President of the ed States. Thats because she has handled herself well against continuous political attacks by her opponents and is seen as a strong negotiator. She always GIVES AS GOOD AS SHE GETS.;要取得成功,往往需要不屈不挠的气概。让我们听听下面这个排球队的经历。M: ;In our first season, a lot of sports columnists doubted that our volleyball team would be any match against our fierce competitors. But we showed them that we were y to take on any challenge. Game after game, we proved that we could fight back. We GAVE AS GOOD AS WE GOT. And now were the league champions.;这个人说,第一个赛季,很多体育专栏作家都怀疑我们不是其他人的对手。但是我们以实际行动告诉他们,我们做好了迎接任何挑战的准备。每场比赛都明,我们会毫不示弱地加以还击。如今,我们终于赢得了联盟的冠军头衔。我可知道被人小看的滋味。上大学的时候,我加入了刚成立的辩论队。大家都觉得我们的对手经验丰富,因此我们不堪一击。不过,虽然我们缺少经验,但是并不必缺少决心和毅力。没过多久,我们就开始反击了。We were giving as good as we were getting. 最后,我们竟然获得了第二名。让我们再听一下上面的例句。M: ;In our first season, a lot of sports columnists doubted that our volleyball team would be any match against our fierce competitors. But we showed them that we were y to take on any challenge. Game after game, we proved that we could fight back. We GAVE AS GOOD AS WE GOT. And now were the league champions.;Give as good as one gets 这个习惯用语的准确用法的历史并不久远,只有几十年。如今,大家既然已经知道 Give as good as one gets 的意思了,就可以尝试着把它用在日常对话中。没准什么时候你会遇到个英语不错的人,如果他故意向你炫耀的话,你也可以不甘示弱地露上一手。You can give as good as you get.好的,这次美国习惯用语就到此结束。M: Until next time.下次节目再见。M: This has been Words and Idioms.A: I’m going home in 3 days! There’s going to be tons of delicious food and lots of family time. I cannot wait. 归心似箭啊。B: I envy you so much! Do you have any plans for your vacation?A: 哈哈,not exactly. Probably treat myself to all the 北京烤鸭,鱼香肉丝,松鼠鱼,等等等等…哦,还有你最爱的串儿!B: grrrr, I am so jealous of your life right now…you know my love for 串儿 is unconditional!A: 没关系,我帮你把你那份也吃了!哈哈…好了好了,你提到了一个词儿,unconditional, 咱们来学学这个词儿怎么用!Learn A Word 1663 unconditional今天我们要学的词是 unconditional, unconditional is spelled u-n-c-o-n-d-i-t-i-o-n-a-l, unconditional. Unconditional 无条件的。The U.S. Senate passed a resolution calling for Cubas immediate and unconditional release of Alan Gross, who was sentenced to 15 years in prison. 美国国会参议院通过决议,要求古巴政府立即无条件释放被判入狱15年的艾伦.格罗斯。1970年,佛罗里达州一个16岁的女孩因为药物反应进入昏迷状态,一直没有醒来。42年间,她的家人一直陪伴在她身边,直到她上星期去世。This is undoubtedly a true testimony of unconditional love. 这无疑是无条件爱的真实体现。好的,今天我们学习的词是 unconditional, unconditional, unconditional...A: Unconditional love! 无条件的爱!又让我想起了我爸妈,they have always given me unconditional love. No matter what I do or wherever I am, I know they will support me.B: Yeah. We are both lucky we are from healthy, loving families.Speaking of which, have you finish shopping for your trip?A: 哎呀,亲戚太多了!我买都买不过来!不过呢,幸好我妈妈决定不回她老家了,so I’m off the hook for now!B: Good for you! Do you want to consider using the rest of your budget to get a gift for me?A: Ha,no gift, but how about hot chocolate on me today!B: I’ll take what I can get! Also, off the hook is a great idiom, lets listen to another words and idioms and check it out!Words and Idioms 811 Off the Hook美国习惯用语第811讲。我是杨晨。我是 Douglas Johnson。很多人擅长在大庭广众之下讲话,比如说婚礼或是生日宴会等场合。我可不行,还没说话,脸先红了。不久前,我的一个小师结婚,让我发表贺词,害得我好几天没睡好觉。后来她终于同意,让我帮忙安排婚礼,不用讲话了,真让我如释重负。在英语里,我们说这叫 off the hook.M: Off the hook. Off is spelled o-f-f. Off. Hook is spelled h-o-o-k. Hook. Off the hook.Hook 是钩子的意思。off the hook 脱钩,其实就是脱身,或是摆脱责任的意思。这回你明白了吧,不用在小师的婚礼上讲话让我如释重负就可以说,I am off the hook. Off the hook 这个习惯用语也可以用在非常严肃的场合下。在下面这个例子中,一名警察告诉刑警队长说,一名涉案嫌疑人已经不再是调查对象了,让我们听听他是怎么说的。M: ;We have confirmed that the man was two thousand miles away in Los Angeles at the time of the murder, sir. So as far as were concerned, he is OFF THE HOOK, and no further investigation is required.;这个警察说,我们已经实,谋杀案案发的时候,此人正在两千英里以外的洛杉矶市,所以对于我们来说,他不可能参与此案。不再需要对他进行调查了。不过有时候,警察也会故意放虎归山,为的是让犯罪嫌疑人自以为脱身了,off the hook。往往是在这种时候,犯罪嫌疑人非常容易露出马脚,让警察找到线索。好的,让我们再来听听上面那段话。M: ;We have confirmed that the man was two thousand miles away in Los Angeles at the time of the murder, sir. So as far as were concerned, he is OFF THE HOOK, and no further investigation is required.;我先生星期六本来要加班,所以没办法跟我们一起去爬山。谁知星期五的时候,客户突然打电话通知他,要将星期六的电话会议改为下星期。My husband is off the hook. 我先生因此脱身了。不难想象,off the hook 这个习惯用语是从钓鱼来的,最早的时候是指一条本来已经咬钩的鱼又脱了钩,重获自由,后来到十九世纪中叶,才引伸为摆脱困境和摆脱责任。在下面这个例子中,一位商界领袖对市长颇有微词。他觉得,当地经济搞不好,做市长的不能一味把责任推到联邦政府的身上,自己也应该承担一些责任。让我们听听他是怎么说的。M: I agree with the mayor that many of our problems can be blamed on the policies of the federal government, but I also think that the mayor has to take some of the blame himself. Theres no way he should be let OFF THE HOOK so easily.这个人说,我同意市长的看法,我们遇到的很多问题确实要归咎于联邦政府的政策,不过我觉得,市长也应该承担一部分责任,绝不能让他这么轻松地推卸责任。这让我想起了英语里的一种说法,叫 success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan。意思是“事成都来居功,事败无人关怀。”看来确实是这个道理。好的,让我们再听一下上面的例句。M: I agree with the mayor that many of our problems can be blamed on the policies of the federal government, but I also think that the mayor has to take some of the blame himself. Theres no way he should be let OFF THE HOOK so easily.我的小孩现在上高中,家里告诉他,周末出去玩一定要在晚上十点以前回家,但是他经常过点。他父亲上星期郑重警告他,If you are caught coming in late again, you wont get off the hook so easily anymore. 如果我们再发现你晚回来,绝不会轻易放过你!我帮同事 Jenny 的女儿介绍了一份工作,她今天要在家请我吃饭。Of course, I wont let her off the hook. 因为 Jenny 做得一手正宗川菜。好的,这次[美国习惯用语]就到此结束。M: Until next time.下次节目再见。M: This has been Words and Idioms.A: So Mike, are you y to take over my workload when I’m on vacation? I need to warn you, there’s a lot to get done…B: Guess what? I’m off the hook! It turns out we will have an intern and she’ll be handling most of your workload!A: 哎呦!你怎么这么幸运呢!不过现在办公室里实习生真多呀!B: Yeah. In today’s economy, a good job is hard to find. Lots of people take on internships hoping they will turn into full-time jobs later.A: 找工作真不容易!想起以前我上学找工作的时候就焦头烂额的!在今天的Business Etiquette里,Lisa跟同事Emily就谈起了找工作的话题,咱们一起来听听吧!礼节美语 Looking for a Change IEmily问同事Lisa要不要一起吃饭。Emily: Hey Lisa...want to grab lunch with me?Lisa: Sure, Emily. We havent done that in a while.E: Yeah...actually, we havent hung out at all recently. You seem sort of under the weather. Is there something going on?L: Well, keep this under your hat, but I think Im going to quit after New Year.Emily问Lisa要不要一起吃饭,她在这里用的动词是 grab, g-r-a-b, grab, grab lunch 是一种口语里常用的说法,意思是随便买点午饭吃,也可以说 to grab something to eat. 听上去,Lisa跟Emily很久没一起吃饭聊天了,we havent hung out at all recently. to hang out 意思是跟朋友待在一起,Emily还说Lisa看上去sort of under the weather似乎有点不舒,问她怎么回事。Lisa告诉Emily, 自己新年过后可能要辞职,但要Emily暂时保密,keep this under your hat. To keep something under ones hat 意思是保守秘密,不要告诉别人。Emily听到这个消息感到很突然。E: Quit this company? Oh...wow.L: I know I should be pretty happy here, but Im not finding the kind of job satisfaction I need. Im a good graphic designer...E: One of the best in the company.L: Thats kind of you to say. But...the stuff we do here hasnt really challenged me very much at all.E: Oh, I get it. Simply put: youre bored, huh?L: Thats one way of putting it. For me, a job needs to stimulate my brain, otherwise it becomes a daily drudgery.Lisa是公司里最好的图像设计师之一, 目前这份工作对她没有挑战性,simply put 简单地说,她觉得现在的工作很无聊。put, p-u-t, put 在这里意思是说出来,表达出来,上面两人的对话里还有 thats one way of putting it. 也是同样用法,意思是“可以这么说”。Lisa说,她需要一份能让她兴奋起来的工作,否则的话,工作就变成了a daily drudgery, drudgery is spelled d-r-u-d-g-e-r-y, drudgery, drudgery 意思是无聊乏味的工作。L: Another thing is that I dont feel there is a decent chance of promotion. Ive been here for three years and Im doing the exact same thing at the exact same salary.E: Thats true...salaries have been frozen for a while and I hear next year its the same story.L: Im finding that I spend a lot of time at work just sitting at my cubicle daydreaming or wasting time. I cans sleep on Sunday nights because I know I have to go back to work the next day.E: Wow...it sounds like youre suffering from serious job dissatisfaction. I guess you really do need a change.Lisa还说,想辞职的另外一个原因是觉得没有升职的机会,There isnt a decent chance of promotion. Emily 表示赞成,因为工资已经有一段时间没涨了,而且她听说,next year its the same story. 明年也是一样。Lisa说,有时候上班就是在自己的小隔间 cubicle 里发愣,浪费时间,星期天晚上一想到第二天早上还要去上班,就睡不着觉。看来,Lisa真是得换份工作了。A: Lisa最近有些under the weather, 看起来不舒,不高兴,原来是因为她厌倦了现在的工作,觉得工作是a daily drudgery, 无聊乏味,而且there’s no decent chance of promotion,没有升职的空间。B: Yeah, no one wants a boring job. I think a company’s culture is extremely important. You want to be in a company where the management team is open to new ideas and changes.A: Exactly. You want to go to places like google or facebook! I hear their employee satisfaction is very high, partly because they don’t have to follow corporate bureaucratic procedures.B: Yep. But again, good jobs are hard to find! Lets continue and see what advice Emily has for Lisa!礼节美语 Looking for a Change IILisa告诉同事Emily新年过后准备辞职,因为她觉得眼下的工作很无聊,没有升职的机会,她还说:Lisa: The other problem is that I think the company is really set in its ways.Emily: What do you mean?L: In other words, I think management is resistant to change. Ive given great proposals to my section chief and Ive even sent emails with ideas on how to streamline operations to the big boss, but the reaction is always the same.E: What do they say when you offer suggestions?L: Usually something like: ;Well take a look and get back to you.; But thats the last Ill ever hear from them.Lisa 还觉得公司运作墨守成规,set in ones ways 是指生活方式或做事方法一成不变,类似的说法还有 stuck in a rut, rut is spelled r-u-t, rut 是指车轱辘留下的印儿,to stuck in a rut 陷在车轱辘印里,也是墨守成规,一成不变的意思。Lisa 说自己向部门经理和公司老板提出过很多好建议,但都没有得到重视。得到的回答一般都是:Well take a look and get back to you. 我们看一下再答复你,然后就再也没有任何消息了。E: So, do you have any job prospects lined up?L: Ive been sending out resumes and Ive gotten a couple of bites.E: I see....so youve pretty much made up your mind to quit then?L: I think so. Ill miss seeing you everyday.E: Ill miss you, too. Can I make a suggestion?L: Sure!E: Dont burn any bridges when you make your move.L: What do you mean?Emily问她工作找得怎么样了,Do you have any job prospects lined up? Lisa说自己发了一些简历,已经有一些公司对她表示有兴趣了,Ive gotten a couple of bite. bite, b-i-t-e, bite 在这里是上钩的意思,意思是她的简历已经引起了一些公司的兴趣。看起来Lisa去意已定,Emily好心地建议Lisa, Dont burn any bridges. 辞职的时候不要把事做绝,最后给自己留条后路。Emily进一步解释说:E: I mean, dont tell the boss you hate your job or him. Simply inform them that you plan to resign from your position and do your best to train your replacement. That way, this company can remain a back-up option for you.L: You make a good point. Ill try to be as professional about this as possible. Thanks Emily! Talking to you makes me feel much better.E: Sure! Now lets eat!Emily劝Lisa不要burn any bridges 断了自己的后路,不用告诉老板对公司有多不满意,而且还要 do your best to train your replacement 尽力把交接工作做好,这里所说的replacement 指的是接替Lisa工作的那个人。Emily说,这样的话,现在的公司还能是Lisa的候补选项 back-up option. Lisa觉得Emily这番话很有道理,并保自己在处理这件事的时候,Ill try to be as professional as possible. 这里的professional是专业的,as professional as possible意思是尽可能按照职场的惯例去做。A: Wow, I feel so lucky to work on such a creative, open-minded, and smart team!B: For once and only once, we agree on something!A: 哈哈!好了同学们,这次节目时间就到这里了。B: Tune in next time for American English Mosaic!A: See you next time! /201501/349491长春第一医院做人流 萧华,我刚才见到我一个几十年没见的高中同学。几十年不见,你还认得他吗?认还是认得的。这位同学当年是个书呆子,大家都笑他。可是前几年他发明了一个电脑软件,一下子就成了百万富翁。美国人有一个习惯用语是形容这种情况的:laugh all the way to the bank。Laugh是笑,bank是, to laugh all the way to the bank,按字面来解释就是一路笑着去。但是,这个习惯用语的真正含义是,一个人一开始被别人看不起,可是后来正是这个人发了财,飞黄腾达,十分得意。我们来听一个例句。有个年轻人决定把钱投资在一部电影上,家里人都笑他傻。结果呢?我们来听听他是怎么说的。例句-1:My brothers laughed at me for investing in a movie called The Matrix. They said I would lose all my money while they got rich in real estate. Well, let me tell you, The Matrix turned out to be a huge success! Now Im the one whos laughing all the way to the bank.这个年轻人说:我几个哥哥都笑话我把钱投资在The Matrix这部电影上。他们说,我的钱会赔光的,而他们的房地产投资一定会发财。我告诉你,结果这部电影一举成功,现在发财得意的是我,而不是他们。说来也是,当初谁也不知道这部电影的卖座率会如何。可是它居然一炮打响。这年轻人当时可能也只是孤注一掷吧?******萧华,你知道to laugh all the way to the bank这个习惯用语的出处吗?Laugh all the way to the bank是20世纪六十年代开始流行的,所以是一个比较现代的说法。你知道吗,另外还有一个说法,那就是:cry all the way to the bank--哭着去。我知道。但是不管是cry,或是laugh,这两种说法的意思是一样的。对,只是说cry all the way to the bank是具有讽刺性的,而laugh all the way to the bank是直接了当的,也是大家普遍使用的。我们再来听一个例子。在美国有不少理财公司,这些公司的专业人员专门给人们提供投资的建议。我们来听听一个投资者是怎么说的。例句-2:I lost a lot of money due to their investment advice. The stocks they recommended were disastrous. But, what do they care? They still collect their fees. Theyre laughing all the way to the bank!这个人说:由于他们的投资建议,我损失了很多钱。他们推荐的股票一败涂地。可他们才不管呢,照样收费,他们现在肯定很得意呢。******股票经纪人的收入是有保的,因为他们是靠收费,投资者就不同了,全靠股市行情。说到靠不靠得上,美国人常用的一个习惯用语就是:to bank on something. Bank一般是指,但是这里说的bank是用作动词。To bank on something,意思是依赖,依靠或指望。一个妻子经常受丈夫虐待。这个妻子的弟弟非常不满。他抱怨说:例句-3:I hate how he is treating my sister. He came home drunk again last night and started swearing at her. Then this morning he acted so sweet and apologetic, but you can bank on him doing the same thing all over again.这个弟弟说:他那么对待我让我非常痛恨。昨晚他回家的时候又喝醉了,然后就骂我。可今天早晨,他又表现得很殷勤,表示道歉,可是你敢肯定他一定会故技重演的。******To bank on something这个习惯用语是19世纪后期开始出现的。 为什么用bank这个词呢?因为把钱存在里通常是比较可靠的。所以,如果我们说you can bank on it,那就是说,那是可靠的,有指望的。下面我们再来听一个例句。有个人对邮局的快递务非常满意,他正在向他的朋友推荐。他说:例句-4:Dont worry about a thing. Theyll get it to Beijing on time and in one piece. Ive used them many times before and Ive never had a problem. You can bank on them doing a good job.这个人说:别担心,他们会把东西完整无损地按时送到北京的。我多次使用过他们的务,从来没有出现过问题。你可以肯定他们会做得很好的。 /201501/352018惯用口语句子:Im happy. I feel happy.我很高兴/幸福。Im feeling good. Im feeling fine.我的心情很愉快。Nothing could make me happier. Nothing would please me more.没有比这更让我高兴的了。Im on cloud nine.我过得非常幸福。Im in seventh heaven,我沉浸于快乐之中。cloud nine“极乐心境,狂喜状态”seventh heaven“极乐状态,最高幸福”Im high on life.我生活得很快乐。Im happy as can be.我很快乐。Im overjoyed that she accepted my proposal.她接受了我的求婚,我太高兴了。overjoyed a. 狂喜的,极高兴的proposal n. 求婚Ive never been so happy before.我从没有这么幸福过。This is the happiest moment in my life.这是我一生中最幸福的时刻了。I couldnt be happier.我不可能比现在更幸福了。Im walking on air.我感到非常快乐。walk on air“非常快乐、高兴”I really enjoyed myself on this trip. I had a great time on this trip.这次旅行我玩得很愉快。enjoy oneselfhave a good/great time“玩得很愉快”Im on top of the world. Im sitting on top of the world.我心满意足。I dont have a care in the world. I havent a care.我什么烦恼忧愁都没有。Its great to be alive! It feels good just to be alive!生活多美好啊!What a great day!这日子多好啊!Lifes been good to me.生活对我来说一直都是美好的。alive a. 活着的My minds at ease.我的心情很舒畅。Im at peace.我活得很安逸。at ease“舒适,放松,安逸” /201504/372753吉林妇幼保健怎么样

长春打胎去哪儿Feifeis unusually quiet today — maybe its got something to do with the cat that Rob has brought into the office? But what has the cats tongue got to do with it — or is there just some confusion about another English expression?菲菲今天异常安静,这是不是和罗布带进办公室的那只猫有关?但是猫的舌头和那有什么关系,还是混淆了另一个英语表达方式?Rob: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak. Im Rob, and joining me is Feifei.罗布:大家好,欢迎收听地道英语节目。我是罗布,今天和我一起主持节目的是菲菲。Feifei: Hello. (sneezes)菲菲:大家好。(打喷嚏)Rob: Bless you!罗布:上帝保佑你!Feifei: (sneezes)菲菲:(打喷嚏)Rob: Are you ok? Have you got a cold?罗布:你还好吗?你感冒了吗?Feifei: No, not a cold. Somethings making me sneeze. Errr... Rob, is that a cat on your lap?!菲菲:没有,不是感冒。是有什么东西让我打喷嚏了。额……罗布,你膝盖上那是只猫吗?Rob: Yes. Meet Tiddles. I decided to bring him to the office because he gets lonely at home on his own... dont you Tiddley-widdly? Its a good idea, dont you think? Feifei? Youve gone all quiet — youve usually got something to say. Feifei?罗布:对。这是小不点儿。因为它自己在家太孤单了,我决定把它带到办公室来……是不是啊,小不点儿?这是个好主意,菲菲,你说是吧?你一直都很安静,平时你是会说些什么的。Feifei: (sneezes)菲菲:(打喷嚏)Rob: Can you speak? Cat got your tongue?罗布:你能说话吗?你没话要说吗?Feifei: No! Your cat has not got my tongue — or anything else — Im allergic to cats.菲菲:没有!你的猫没有吃了我的舌头,也没有叼走其他东西,我只是对猫过敏。Rob: Oh dear Feifei — but saying cat got your tongue? means youre very quiet or youve got nothing to say.罗布:哦,菲菲,cat got your tongue这个短语的意思是“你非常安静”或是“你没什么可说的”。Feifei: Really?! Well lets hear some examples of this phrase...菲菲:真的吗?!我们来听几个例句。Examples例句Whats the matter? Cat got your tongue? I did say wed use up all our money on the car!怎么了?你没什么可说的吗?我刚刚说我们用所有的钱买了这辆车!A: Has the cat got your tongue? You usually go on about how amazing your boyfriend is.A:你怎么不说话?你平常会一直说你的男朋友有多棒。B: We split up.B:我们分手了。Feifei: So cat got your tongue? is an informal question you might say to someone who isnt saying much. [sneezes]菲菲:所以说这个表达方式是一种非正式的询问,你可以对那些话不多的人说这句话。(打喷嚏)Rob: Oh I get it now. You werent saying much because you were too busy sneezing!罗布:哦,现在我知道了。你刚刚没说太多话是因为你一直在忙着打喷嚏!Feifei: No Rob. I was angry because you know I am allergic to cats — dont you remember me saying that I cant be in the same room as one? Rob? Rob! Whats wrong? Cat got your tongue now?菲菲:不是,罗布。我非常生气,因为你知道我对猫过敏,你不记得我说过我不能和猫待在一间房间里吗?罗布?罗布!你怎么了?你现在怎么不说话了?Rob: It appears Tiddles needed the toile... but its too late now. Im all wet!罗布:看起来小不点儿需要去厕所……好吧,现在为时已晚了。我身上全湿了!Feifei: Oh Rob. You stink! Im off. Bye.菲菲:哦,罗布。你好臭啊!我要走了。再见。 译文属 /201611/478232双阳区妇女儿童医院在哪里 Todd: So, Marion, what are you going to do for dinner tonight?托德:玛里昂,你今天晚上打算吃什么?Marion: I think Ill go home, see whats in my fridge and in my cupboard and cook something up. Im not sure what yet.玛里昂:我想我会回家看看我的冰箱和橱柜里有什么,然后做些东西吃。现在我还不确定。Todd: Ah, youre gonna cook?托德:你要做饭吃吗?Marion: Yeah, of course.玛里昂:对啊,当然了。Todd: Actually, I almost never cook. I cook maybe once or twice a year.托德:实际上我几乎不做饭吃。我可能一年会做个一两次。Marion: Really? (Yeah) Well, what do you do then? What do you eat?玛里昂:真的吗?(对)那你都吃什么?Todd: Oh, I always eat out. I buy my dinner every night. I think its just better.托德:我一直出去吃饭。我每天晚上会买晚饭吃。我觉得这样更好。Marion: Oh, my God! Every night?玛里昂:哦,我的天哪!每天晚上?Todd: Every night.托德:对,每天晚上。Marion: How is it better, Todd? I dont understand.玛里昂:托德,这样怎么会更好?我不明白。Todd: Well, I mean, I know its a waste of money, but it, I look at it, it just saves me a lot of time (Right, OK) so I dont have to go buy the food, store the food, and prepare the food, and cook the food, then clean up afterwards.托德:我的意思是,我知道这有点浪费钱,可是这为我节省了很多时间,(好)这样我不用购买食物、储存食物、准备食物、烹饪食物,之后也不用进行清理工作。Marion: Yeah, I dont like that part so much.玛里昂:是,我也不太喜欢这个部分。Todd: Right. When you just eat out, you know, its quick and easy. It saves you time.托德:对啊,出去吃饭又快又简单。能节省很多时间。Marion: Yeah, hmm, I think though, I can see what youre saying about the time factor but for me sometimes cooking is a way of almost relieving stress, you know, or if Im thinking about the day thats gone by and maybe something has stressed me out, Ill just go to the kitchen, and as long as Im on my own, cause I like to cook on my own, I dont have to talk to anybody, and I can think about things that are going on and while Im chopping the onions, you know, or opening tins or whatever Im doing, its just a time for me where I dont have to think about anything else, really apart from the food Im preparing and then if something floats into my mind, I can kind of deal with it at the same time. I find it quite relaxing.玛里昂:是没错,我能理解你说的节省时间的观点,可是对我来说烹饪是一种缓解压力的方法,如果我觉得哪天我过得很有压力,那我就会去厨房做饭,前提是我是一个人,因为我喜欢自己一个人做饭,这样不用和别人说话,我可以想一些事情,对我来说,切洋葱、开罐头或是做其他事情的时候,我除了我在准备的食物不用想任何事情,如果有些事情闯入我的脑海,那我也可以同时处理。我觉得这样非常放松。Todd: Actually, I can see that. Actually, I run every night (Oh, yeah) you know, I love jogging and I usually jog for about an hour, and so when I come home, Im sweaty, I need to take a shower, and I just dont have time them to use more time to cook cause I get home late from work so I just buy my food on the way home from my run to save time.托德:我明白。实际上我每天晚上都跑步(是啊)你知道,我喜欢慢跑,我通常会慢跑一个小时,我回家的时候满身是汗,我需要洗个澡,所以我没有多余的时间做饭,因为我每天下班很晚,我只能在回家的路上买晚饭吃,这样我才能省出跑步的时间。Marion: That surprises me actually because I know you, you run so youre really into your fitness but do you not consider the health factor about buying food all the time because its always processed food, you know.玛里昂:实际上这令我很惊讶,因为我知道你每天跑步,你喜欢健身,可是你在外面买饭吃的时候难道没有考虑过健康问题吗?你知道,那都是些加工食品。Todd: Yeah, thats true. Well, I try to go to the deli in the supermarket (Oh, OK) and you know, they always have nice people behind the counter, often some sweet old lady or something and shes made some nice salad, or some dish, and I always figure, she can make it better than me.托德:没错。我一般会去超市的熟食区,你知道那里的销售人员通常是温暖的老妇人,她通常会做好吃的沙拉或其他食物,她认为她做得比我好吃。Marion: Right, probably.玛里昂:也许吧。Todd: And when I buy it Im providing a job for somebody else, right, so theres a lot of good benefits by doing this system. Plus its very social, right, because I live alone so I talk to the person at the counter, and I get variety every night.托德:在我买食物的同时我也为他人提供了工作,这样做有很多好处。而且这也是一种社交,因为我一个人住,这样我就可以和熟食柜台的人说话,每晚都会接触不同的人。Marion: Yeah, thats true though but if you went to the kitchen, and the place where you stay and you cook that would be very social as well, dont you think?玛里昂:这话没错,不过如果你在厨房做饭,同样也可以是种社交,你不这么认为吗?Todd: Yeah, but I live alone. Who would I talk to?托德:可是我一个人住。我要和谁说话呢?Marion: The other people in your communal kitchen. Dont you have a big communal kitchen?玛里昂:公用厨房里的其他人。你那里没有公用厨房吗?Todd: No, no, no. I live alone. (Ah) I used to, I used to share a kitchen, but now I live alone.托德:没有,没有。我一个人生活。(哦)以前我和别人共用一个厨房,不过现在我自己住。Marion: OK, so then, I can understand the social aspect. I really enjoy going out for dinner actually with my friends. I really enjoy that part, but if its just me, I kind of feel, I think in Japan its easy to go into a restaurant on your own, but in Ireland I would feel very strange and awkward if I went to a restaurant on my own. Id feel like people are looking at me and saying, ;Oh, shes got no friends.;玛里昂:那我就能理解你说的社交了。其实我很喜欢和朋友们一起出去吃晚餐。我很喜欢,不过如果只有我一个人,我觉得在日本自己去餐厅吃饭很容易,可是在爱尔兰如果我一个人去餐厅吃饭,我会觉得这非常奇怪而且很尴尬。我觉得旁边的人都会看我,而且会说:哦,她没有朋友。Todd: Ah, man, I do it all the time. (Yeah) and I have no friends.托德:天哪,我一直都是一个人去餐厅。(是啊)我没有朋友。Marion: Thats not true.玛里昂:这可不是实话。 译文属 /201503/365122长春双阳区不孕不育科

四平儿童医院引产多少钱16. Asking about the Swimming Pool 16.询问游泳池A: Can you tell me where the pool is?A:你能告诉我游泳池在哪吗?B: Its right outside the automatic sliding doors to your left.B:就在你左边自动滑动门的外边。A: Is it open 24 hours?A:它是24小时营业吗?B: No. The pool is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.B:不是。游泳池从上午7点到晚上10点开放。A: Where can I get towels for the pool?A:我在哪里可以拿到毛巾?B: There are wicker baskets by the pool with fresh towels.B:池边的柳条篮子有干净的毛巾。A: Is the pool heated?A:池加热吗?B: We keep the pool heated to 80 degrees.B:我们保持游泳池加热到80度。A: How deep is the pool?A:池子有多深?B: The pool is 3 feet on one end and goes up to 12 feet at the other end.B:池的一端有3英尺高,另一端上升到12英尺高。A: How often do they clean the pool?A:他们多久清洗一次游泳池?B: Its cleaned every day before it opens. B:每天打开之前打扫。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201603/433766 讲解文本:live from paycheck to paycheck 月光族,形容盼着下一张工资单过日子I dont want to live from paycheck to paycheck. I have to do something.我不想做月光族了,我必须有所改变。A lot of young people in this city are living from paycheck to paycheck.这个城市中很多年轻人都是月光族。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201707/516141朝阳区中医医院怎样预约长春无痛人流医院新闻源



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