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No-one has ever before followed the whole process...从来没有人拍摄过of a Komodo dragon hunting a buffalo.科多龙猎食水牛的完整过程So, cameraman Kevin Flay and researcher Matt Swarbrick...所以摄影师凯文弗雷 和研究员麦特史瓦布里克didnt know what to expect.无法预料会发生什么事They thought it would be a physical challenge...他们知道这趟旅程可能会很辛苦but they hadnt bargained for emotional turmoil as well.但是没料到 过程竟如此惊心动魄They reached Komodo after a four day journey.他们花了四天时间 才抵达科多岛Kevin, an expert at filming reptiles, knows theyre in dragon territory.凯文是拍摄爬虫类的专家 他知道两人已踏入科多龙的领域Look how wide that is.你看,看间距有多宽Look at that. Yes.你看 -真的Their only protection is these rangers, armed with sticks.唯一能保护他们的是这些 身上配有木棍的园林管理员These big ones look really scary, actually.这些大家伙看起来非常可怕And not until you get, till they come really in close and when theyre by the camera,等到它们很靠近的时候 它们来到摄影机旁边then you tend to question your faith in our friends with the sticks.你会开始怀疑,我们拿着木棍的朋友 究竟帮不帮得上忙201307/249293

New European sanctions imposed on Ukraine欧洲对于乌克兰新一轮的制裁Following Sundays referendums in eastern Ukrainian regions, the European Union is adding more names to its blacklist. With the Ukraines crisis seeing few signs of de-escalating, European leaders are hoping this latest round of sanctions will turn up the pressure on those undermining the countrys stability.随着周日在乌克兰东部地区的公投,欧盟将更多的名字添加到了黑名单中。而乌克兰的危机也没有局势缓解的迹象,因此欧洲领导人们希望最新一轮制裁能够施压那些破坏国家稳定的人。Sundays referendum held by anti-Kiev supporters in Eastern Ukraine. Ongoing violent clashes between anti-government activists and police. Events that created a recipe for further sanctions from the European Union.周日的全民公投是由乌克兰东部反对基辅的持者们举行。反政府活动人士和警察之间的暴力冲突也在不断上演。这些事件使得欧盟将会进一步制裁。201405/296974

Whole peoples depend on them.所有人类都要依赖它们。Yet, they were reduced by half during the 20th century.然而 近半个世纪它们已经减少了。One of the reasons for the ongoing disaster is these shrimp farms installed on the mangroves rich waters.这种灾难的原因之一就是在营养丰富的红树林水域建立这些养虾场。Ventilators aerate pools full of antibiotics to prevent the asphyxiation of the shrimps, not that of the mangroves.充氧机替代了红树林。向这些含有抗生素的池中充气防止虾子窒息。Since the 1960s, deforestation has constantly gathered pace.自1960年代始 森林砍伐越来越快。Every year, 13 million hectares of tropical forest an area the size of Illinois-disappear in smoke and as lumber.每年有1300万公顷的热带森林。面积等于伊利诺斯州消失在烟雾中或是成为木材。The worlds largest rain forest, the Amazon,has aly been reduced by 20%.阿马逊是世上最大的热带雨林其面积已缩小20%。The forest gives way to cattle ranches or soybean farms.森林让路给牛场和大豆田。Ninety-five percent of these soybeans are used to feed livestock and poultry in Europe and Asia.95%的大豆。用来喂饲欧亚两洲的禽畜。And so, a forest is turned into meat.就这样森林变成了肉食。When they burn, forests and their soils release huge quantities of carbon,accounting for 20% of the greenhouse gases emitted across the globe.当它们焚烧时 森林及它们的土壤释放出大量的碳占全球释放的温室气体的20%。Deforestation is one of the principal causes of global warming.森林砍伐是全球变暖的主要原因之一。Thousands of species disappear forever.成千的物种永远消失了。With them, one of the links in a long chain of evolution snaps.因为这样 一个长长的生物进化链断开了。The intelligence of the living matter from which they came is lost forever.它们的生命物质信息也永远失落了。Barely 20 years ago, Borneo, the fourth-largest island in the world,was covered by a vast primary forest. 二十年前全球第四大岛屿婆罗洲布满了原始森林。At the current rate of deforestation,it will have totally disappeared within 10 years.以目前森林砍伐的速度,十年内它将会完全消失。Living matter bonds water, air, earth and the sun.生物把水,土,空气,阳光结合。In Borneo, this bond has been broken in what was one of the Earths greatest reservoirs of biodiversity.婆罗洲曾是全球最大生物品种的摇篮,如今这个链条断裂了。201410/338575

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